Flattery got Tim nowhere but jail.
Bust by Don Pedro @ 12/25/2007 12:34 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Tim, 35
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit JonPharaoh93, a 13 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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Tim here found me in a chat room during the Highland Heights, Kentucky sting. He pays the young kid so many compliments that the sweetness of it all gave me a damn cavity.

4/6/2007 11:01:39 PM:

Me= {JonPharaoh93} <-> {tim46107} Profile='sup boyz m|35|' FROM=Indianapolis START PRIVATE CHAT

4/6/2007 11:01:39 PM: {tim46107}hi
4/6/2007 11:01:48 PM: {tim46107}like the pic cute guy (Already starting with the flattery...)
4/6/2007 11:01:52 PM: {tim46107}you busy
4/6/2007 11:03:43 PM: {JonPharaoh93}yo
4/6/2007 11:03:45 PM: {JonPharaoh93}no sorry
4/6/2007 11:03:46 PM: {JonPharaoh93}sup
4/6/2007 11:03:49 PM: {JonPharaoh93}13 m cincy area u
4/6/2007 11:04:02 PM: {tim46107}thats cool
4/6/2007 11:04:09 PM: {JonPharaoh93}asl?
4/6/2007 11:04:09PM: {tim46107}im in dayton area
4/6/2007 11:04:19 PM: {JonPharaoh93}o ok sweet
4/6/2007 11:04:25 PM: {tim46107}im 35
4/6/2007 11:04:34 PM: {tim46107}age difrence ok (Not really, Tim.)
4/6/2007 11:04:42 PM: {JonPharaoh93}sure
4/6/2007 11:04:54 PM: {tim46107}om not looking for hookups (No, you're just looking for an underage kid to molest, apparently.)
4/6/2007 11:04:57 PM: {JonPharaoh93}we can be friends
4/6/2007 11:05:00 PM: {JonPharaoh93}me neitire
4/6/2007 11:05:10 PM: {tim46107}frends hopfully find an awsome bf
4/6/2007 11:05:16 PM: {JonPharaoh93}me 2
4/6/2007 11:05:22 PM: {JonPharaoh93}one that wont make me be out tho
4/6/2007 11:05:22 PM: {tim46107}thats cool
4/6/2007 11:05:42 PM: {JonPharaoh93}i cant be out my mom woul dkill me an id be calld a fag at school
4/6/2007 11:05:44 PM: {JonPharaoh93}u kno?
4/6/2007 11:05:45 PM: {tim46107}im not out eather
4/6/2007 11:05:58 PM: {JonPharaoh93}o so u kno
4/6/2007 11:06:06 PM: {tim46107}know what you mean there
4/6/2007 11:06:14 PM: {tim46107}yea i do
4/6/2007 11:06:17 PM: {JonPharaoh93}yeah
4/6/2007 11:06:22 PM: {tim46107}btw im tim
4/6/2007 11:06:31 PM: {JonPharaoh93}I am Jon
4/6/2007 11:06:38 PM: {tim46107}you seem like a really sweet guy
4/6/2007 11:06:48 PM: {tim46107}nice to meet you jon
4/6/2007 11:06:52 PM: {JonPharaoh93}thanx! i try
4/6/2007 11:06:53 PM: {JonPharaoh93}u do to
4/6/2007 11:06:56 PM: {JonPharaoh93}real
4/6/2007 11:06:57 PM: {JonPharaoh93}not fake
4/6/2007 11:07:12 PM: {tim46107}thanks no in not just myself
4/6/2007 11:07:17 PM: {tim46107}u do too
4/6/2007 11:07:21 PM: {tim46107}thats def a +
4/6/2007 11:07:26 PM: {JonPharaoh93}hellz ya
4/6/2007 11:07:52 PM: {tim46107}yea for sure
4/6/2007 11:08:08 PM: {tim46107}you live in cincy or kentucky jon
4/6/2007 11:08:10 PM: {JonPharaoh93}have u ever had a bf bfore?
4/6/2007 11:08:12 PM: {JonPharaoh93}KY
4/6/2007 11:08:18 PM: {tim46107}cool
4/6/2007 11:08:30 PM: {tim46107}yea i have for 3 years
4/6/2007 11:08:35 PM: {JonPharaoh93}o wow!!
4/6/2007 11:08:42 PM: {tim46107}he moved to flordia with some girl
4/6/2007 11:08:54 PM: {JonPharaoh93}damn
4/6/2007 11:08:55 PM: {JonPharaoh93}that sux
4/6/2007 11:09:07 PM: {tim46107}only one i ever hade
4/6/2007 11:09:18 PM: {tim46107}yea it does
4/6/2007 11:09:23 PM: {JonPharaoh93}so he was bi
4/6/2007 11:09:27 PM: {tim46107}oh well
4/6/2007 11:09:35 PM: {tim46107}yea i guess so
4/6/2007 11:09:41 PM: {JonPharaoh93}he still with her?
4/6/2007 11:09:49 PM: {tim46107}im not i like guys much better
4/6/2007 11:10:04 PM: {tim46107}yea he is we still talk
4/6/2007 11:10:19 PM: {JonPharaoh93}well i spose thats good
4/6/2007 11:10:34 PM: {tim46107}damn jon you sure are a really cute guy (Again with the flattery.)
4/6/2007 11:10:38 PM: {JonPharaoh93}heh thanx
4/6/2007 11:10:51 PM: {tim46107}i guess i need to find a new bf though (Yeah..subtle.)
4/6/2007 11:10:57 PM: {tim46107}yw
4/6/2007 11:10:57 PM: {JonPharaoh93}yeah i hear u
4/6/2007 11:11:33 PM: {tim46107}i would like to be frends with you if u want to (Obviously you wanted more than that. Jackass.)
4/6/2007 11:11:48 PM: {JonPharaoh93}ya thatz fine
4/6/2007 11:11:59 PM: {tim46107}cool cool
4/6/2007 11:12:03 PM: {JonPharaoh93}sweet :)
4/6/2007 11:12:17 PM: {tim46107}you been with a guy before (And into the sexual history we go..)
4/6/2007 11:12:31 PM: {JonPharaoh93}kinda
4/6/2007 11:12:54 PM: {tim46107}kinda lol what that mean
4/6/2007 11:13:09 PM: {JonPharaoh93}well we didnt like go all the way
4/6/2007 11:13:27 PM: {tim46107}how old was he
4/6/2007 11:13:44 PM: {JonPharaoh93}like 14 or 15 i think
4/6/2007 11:13:57 PM: {tim46107}thats cool
4/6/2007 11:14:15 PM: {tim46107}what u guys do
4/6/2007 11:16:34 PM: {tim46107}what you doing for easter
4/6/2007 11:16:53 PM: {JonPharaoh93}goin to my grandmas
4/6/2007 11:16:59 PM: {JonPharaoh93}yay
4/6/2007 11:17:15 PM: {tim46107}cool cool
4/6/2007 11:17:38 PM: {JonPharaoh93}yep
4/6/2007 11:17:44 PM: {JonPharaoh93}hopefully i dont gotta og to church
4/6/2007 11:17:48 PM: {JonPharaoh93}but i bet i have to
4/6/2007 11:18:00 PM: {tim46107}yea thats ok though
4/6/2007 11:18:07 PM: {tim46107}im catholic too
4/6/2007 11:18:08 PM: {tim46107}lol
4/6/2007 11:18:22 PM: {JonPharaoh93}haha im sorry
4/6/2007 11:18:33 PM: {JonPharaoh93}my gramma is super megacatholic woman
4/6/2007 11:19:25 PM: {tim46107}yea same here
4/6/2007 11:19:30 PM: {JonPharaoh93}LOL
4/6/2007 11:19:33 PM: {JonPharaoh93}so u kno how it goez
4/6/2007 11:19:58 PM: {tim46107}oh yea i sure do
4/6/2007 11:20:47 PM: {JonPharaoh93}:p
4/6/2007 11:21:25 PM: {tim46107}yup :)
4/6/2007 11:22:31 PM: {tim46107}damn wish i was younger i would like to date you (Slowly but surely, the true intensions of Tim begin to show themselves...)
4/6/2007 11:23:27 PM: {JonPharaoh93}really?
4/6/2007 11:24:10 PM: {tim46107}yea really
4/6/2007 11:24:18 PM: {JonPharaoh93}:( that sux
4/6/2007 11:24:32 PM: {JonPharaoh93}o well i geuss its life
4/6/2007 11:24:36 PM: {tim46107}what sucks
4/6/2007 11:24:59 PM: {tim46107}what you mean Jon
4/6/2007 11:25:00 PM: {JonPharaoh93}that u wish u were younge rlol
4/6/2007 11:25:22 PM: {tim46107}just to be your bf
4/6/2007 11:25:26 PM: {JonPharaoh93}not like i could have a bf newayz, i couldnt let my mom or gramma find out
4/6/2007 11:25:33 PM: {tim46107}bit its cool
4/6/2007 11:25:52 PM: {JonPharaoh93}that would rule ot have a bf
4/6/2007 11:25:59 PM: {tim46107}i would not let that happen
4/6/2007 11:26:19 PM: {JonPharaoh93}let whut happen?
4/6/2007 11:26:26 PM: {tim46107}yea sure would to have a guy like you sweet :)
4/6/2007 11:27:12 PM: {JonPharaoh93}awwe
4/6/2007 11:27:20 PM: {tim46107}i would not let your family find out :) (Right, but I'm sure that's not for young Jon's sake...)
4/6/2007 11:27:21 PM: {JonPharaoh93}thas like the nicest thing anyone said to me :)
4/6/2007 11:27:39 PM: {tim46107}aww you are a sweet guy
4/6/2007 11:27:40 PM: {JonPharaoh93}no they sure cant find out lol
4/6/2007 11:27:44 PM: {JonPharaoh93}u r 2
4/6/2007 11:28:28 PM: {JonPharaoh93}:)
4/6/2007 11:28:57 PM: {tim46107}:)
4/6/2007 11:30:08 PM: {tim46107}damn i want to go out with you (Whoa chill Tim! Settle. I guess you were lying when you said you wanted to just be friends, huh.)
4/6/2007 11:30:15 PM: {JonPharaoh93}4 real?
4/6/2007 11:30:25 PM: {tim46107}yea 4real
4/6/2007 11:30:30 PM: {JonPharaoh93}wow
4/6/2007 11:30:37 PM: {tim46107}why that
4/6/2007 11:30:47 PM: {JonPharaoh93}i aint used to havin guys like me!
4/6/2007 11:31:06 PM: {tim46107}why that
4/6/2007 11:31:09 PM: {JonPharaoh93}i dnno
4/6/2007 11:31:24 PM: {tim46107}u are a cute sweet guy
4/6/2007 11:31:29 PM: {JonPharaoh93}lots dont like that i gotta keep been gay a secret from my mom
4/6/2007 11:31:48 PM: {JonPharaoh93}if u say so lol i dont think so well i think im sweet
4/6/2007 11:31:57 PM: {JonPharaoh93}but cute? there r lots more cute then me
4/6/2007 11:32:09 PM: {tim46107}oh well dont u worry about what others think
4/6/2007 11:32:21 PM: {JonPharaoh93}ya i try not to but its tuff
4/6/2007 11:32:26 PM: {tim46107}my mom dosent know eather and never will (Something tells me she knows now...What a horrible way to find out, too.)
4/6/2007 11:32:42 PM: {JonPharaoh93}kewl
4/6/2007 11:32:44 PM: {JonPharaoh93}brb 1 min
4/6/2007 11:32:46 PM: {tim46107}yea i know it is
4/6/2007 11:32:51 PM: {tim46107}ok kool
4/6/2007 11:32:54 PM: {tim46107}ill be here
4/6/2007 11:37:23 PM: {JonPharaoh93}ok
4/6/2007 11:37:25 PM: {JonPharaoh93}im bak
4/6/2007 11:37:26 PM: {JonPharaoh93}sorry bout that
4/6/2007 11:37:34 PM: {tim46107}well good
4/6/2007 11:37:42 PM: {tim46107}where u go
4/6/2007 11:37:50 PM: {JonPharaoh93}bathroom lol
4/6/2007 11:37:54 PM: {JonPharaoh93}happy u ask?
4/6/2007 11:38:00 PM: {tim46107}kool
4/6/2007 11:38:03 PM: {tim46107}lol
4/6/2007 11:38:44 PM: {JonPharaoh93}yep yep
4/6/2007 11:38:46 PM: {tim46107}so can i take you to see a movie or somthing
4/6/2007 11:38:51 PM: {JonPharaoh93}so ur mom would freak if she kno u were gay?
4/6/2007 11:39:23 PM: {tim46107}yea she sure would
4/6/2007 11:39:51 PM: {JonPharaoh93}like kill you freak?
4/6/2007 11:39:54 PM: {JonPharaoh93}i think mine mite
4/6/2007 11:40:02 PM: {JonPharaoh93}shed be to embarrsed by me
4/6/2007 11:40:41 PM: {tim46107}no brobally disown me
4/6/2007 11:41:04 PM: {JonPharaoh93}o well id for sure get that
4/6/2007 11:41:30 PM: {tim46107}yea you could live with me though :) (I bet you'd like that.)
4/6/2007 11:41:39 PM: {JonPharaoh93}really?
4/6/2007 11:41:48 PM: {tim46107}yea really
4/6/2007 11:42:04 PM: {JonPharaoh93}wow thats rlly nice to kno
4/6/2007 11:42:13 PM: {tim46107}i would love to find a guy like you
4/6/2007 11:42:25 PM: {JonPharaoh93}whuts so special bout me?
4/6/2007 11:43:10 PM: {tim46107}dont know u just seem to be a really sweet guy honest outgoing
4/6/2007 11:43:18 PM: {JonPharaoh93}:)
4/6/2007 11:43:19 PM: {tim46107}im just really attracted to you (Groom groom groom...)
4/6/2007 11:43:20 PM: {JonPharaoh93}ure so nice
4/6/2007 11:43:31 PM: {JonPharaoh93}really? wow
4/6/2007 11:43:43 PM: {JonPharaoh93}i don thin i ever had anyone be attacted to me be4
4/6/2007 11:43:50 PM: {tim46107}most on here just looking for sex :(
4/6/2007 11:43:54 PM: {tim46107}i hate that
4/6/2007 11:44:01 PM: {JonPharaoh93}omg 4 real
4/6/2007 11:44:19 PM: {tim46107}what!
4/6/2007 11:44:34 PM: {JonPharaoh93}no im sayin 4 real as in i know ure right
4/6/2007 11:44:49 PM: {tim46107}yea
4/6/2007 11:44:59 PM: {JonPharaoh93}oh ok :)
4/6/2007 11:45:02 PM: {JonPharaoh93}hehe
4/6/2007 11:45:05 PM: {JonPharaoh93}u make me smile
4/6/2007 11:45:19 PM: {tim46107}well good same here
4/6/2007 11:45:24 PM: {JonPharaoh93}:-D
4/6/2007 11:45:26 PM: {tim46107}thats a + for sure
4/6/2007 11:45:29 PM: {JonPharaoh93}fo sho
4/6/2007 11:45:56 PM: {tim46107}i sure do like you so far
4/6/2007 11:46:20 PM: {JonPharaoh93}I like u to
4/6/2007 11:46:22 PM: {JonPharaoh93}thats good rite!
4/6/2007 11:46:27 PM: {tim46107}im a very honest carring guy noo bullshit here jon
4/6/2007 11:46:42 PM: {JonPharaoh93}me 2 i hate gamez
4/6/2007 11:46:46 PM: {tim46107}yea sure it is
4/6/2007 11:46:49 PM: {JonPharaoh93}girls like to play gamez
4/6/2007 11:46:53 PM: {JonPharaoh93}thats why i hate them
4/6/2007 11:47:10 PM: {tim46107}yea know what u mean but so do guyz
4/6/2007 11:47:16 PM: {JonPharaoh93}yea
4/6/2007 11:47:22 PM: {JonPharaoh93}but guyz r alot hotter lol
4/6/2007 11:48:01 PM: {tim46107}yea i think so too
4/6/2007 11:48:17 PM: {tim46107}well u sure are :)
4/6/2007 11:48:35 PM: {JonPharaoh93}hehe there u go again (Enough with the flattery, geez.)
4/6/2007 11:48:37 PM: {JonPharaoh93}:)
4/6/2007 11:48:41 PM: {JonPharaoh93}makin me smile
4/6/2007 11:49:01 PM: {tim46107}aww well good
4/6/2007 11:49:34 PM: {tim46107}what else you want to know about me jon
4/6/2007 11:49:50 PM: {JonPharaoh93}uhm...what do u like doin for fun?
4/6/2007 11:50:40 PM: {tim46107}rollercosters boating waterski 4+4 trucks music
4/6/2007 11:51:08 PM: {JonPharaoh93}sweet
4/6/2007 11:51:09 PM: {tim46107}what about you
4/6/2007 11:51:11 PM: {JonPharaoh93}i luv outdoors stuff
4/6/2007 11:51:19 PM: {tim46107}yea same here
4/6/2007 11:51:25 PM: {JonPharaoh93}i like soccer vollyeball sports outdoors rollerbladin chilin wi friends havin a good time
4/6/2007 11:51:39 PM: {tim46107}cool
4/6/2007 11:52:05 PM: {tim46107}you go to kings island much
4/6/2007 11:52:21 PM: {JonPharaoh93}no since my grampa died i dont do much of anything outside
4/6/2007 11:52:38 PM: {tim46107}sorry
4/6/2007 11:52:43 PM: {JonPharaoh93}soaky
4/6/2007 11:52:58 PM: {tim46107}:(
4/6/2007 11:53:27 PM: {tim46107}when you go back to school
4/6/2007 11:53:32 PM: {JonPharaoh93}monday :(
4/6/2007 11:53:41 PM: {tim46107}bummer
4/6/2007 11:54:05 PM: {JonPharaoh93}i kno
4/6/2007 11:54:09 PM: {JonPharaoh93}i have a report to write to
4/6/2007 11:54:27 PM: {tim46107}i really sure would like to meet you if u are intrested (And he wants to meet. Surprise surprise.)
4/6/2007 11:54:45 PM: {tim46107}i hated school
4/6/2007 11:55:02 PM: {JonPharaoh93}meet me? ya that could be kewl but like when?
4/6/2007 11:55:27 PM: {tim46107}dont know you tell me
4/6/2007 11:55:38 PM: {tim46107}and yea meet you
4/6/2007 11:55:52 PM: {tim46107}i like you alot so far
4/6/2007 11:56:00 PM: {JonPharaoh93}i dunno it mite be tuff like i cant drive and i also cant get busted
4/6/2007 11:56:33 PM: {tim46107}yea well i drive and i wouldnot let u get busted
4/6/2007 11:56:38 PM: {JonPharaoh93}ok
4/6/2007 11:57:26 PM: {tim46107}i would just like to take you to a movie or somthing
4/6/2007 11:57:48 PM: {tim46107}really whatever u would like to do would be cool (It's always what the kid would like. Somehow that makes it okay?)
4/6/2007 11:57:54 PM: {JonPharaoh93}ok
4/6/2007 11:58:11 PM: {tim46107}see if we really like eachother go from there would be cool
4/6/2007 11:58:21 PM: {JonPharaoh93}okay well i kno i already like u lol
4/6/2007 11:58:36 PM: {tim46107}yea same here
4/6/2007 11:58:41 PM: {JonPharaoh93}my mom n gramma were goin to cleveland this next weeekend to gambe i kno
4/6/2007 11:59:03 PM: {tim46107}well get to know eachother better anyway
4/6/2007 11:59:18 PM: {JonPharaoh93}tru
4/6/2007 11:59:39 PM: {tim46107}thats cool so what are you going to do then
4/6/2007 11:59:47 PM: {JonPharaoh93}heh i usually never think bout meetin anyone from here u hear about stalkers n shyt but u seem diffrnt
4/7/2007 12:00:35 AM: {tim46107}yea i know what u mean im no stalker or syco i promise you that (Yeah, that's debatable. Wanting to meet a young kid seems pretty 'syco' to me.)
4/7/2007 12:01:12 AM: {JonPharaoh93}me either
4/7/2007 12:01:15 AM: {JonPharaoh93}i promise
4/7/2007 12:01:42 AM: {tim46107}cool yea i can tell that u arenot
4/7/2007 12:01:51 AM: {JonPharaoh93}kewl
4/7/2007 12:02:13 AM: {tim46107}yea
4/7/2007 12:02:48 AM: {JonPharaoh93}:)
4/7/2007 12:02:50 AM: {JonPharaoh93}damn
4/7/2007 12:02:53 AM: {JonPharaoh93}im glad i met u
4/7/2007 12:03:16 AM: {tim46107}yea if u would like to next weekend i sure would
4/7/2007 12:03:25 AM: {tim46107}yea same here jon
4/7/2007 12:03:32 AM: {tim46107}i am to
4/7/2007 12:03:51 AM: {JonPharaoh93}ya we can do that i think it should be ok
4/7/2007 12:03:58 AM: {JonPharaoh93}ill let u kno if it aint believe me!!
4/7/2007 12:04:13 AM: {tim46107}thats kool
4/7/2007 12:04:50 AM: {tim46107}i would never do anything to hurt you
4/7/2007 12:04:50 AM: {JonPharaoh93}:)
4/7/2007 12:04:53 AM: {JonPharaoh93}i kno
4/7/2007 12:05:07 AM: {tim46107}i like you alot so far
4/7/2007 12:05:12 AM: {tim46107}sweet :)
4/7/2007 12:05:27 AM: {JonPharaoh93}me to Tim
4/7/2007 12:05:52 AM: {tim46107}well good
4/7/2007 12:05:57 AM: {JonPharaoh93}Good
4/7/2007 12:06:12 AM: {JonPharaoh93}hey do u have an AOL name? or yahoo?
4/7/2007 12:06:22 AM: {tim46107}yahoo
4/7/2007 12:06:32 AM: {tim46107}tim46107
4/7/2007 12:06:40 AM: {JonPharaoh93}oh ok
4/7/2007 12:06:43 AM: {JonPharaoh93}uhm
4/7/2007 12:06:48 AM: {JonPharaoh93}ggeez i haven t use mine in ages
4/7/2007 12:07:07 AM: {JonPharaoh93}i dont remember whut it was lol
4/7/2007 12:07:30 AM: {tim46107}yea its kool
4/7/2007 12:07:38 AM: {tim46107}lol
4/7/2007 12:07:56 AM: {tim46107}you want to add me i just loged on
4/7/2007 12:08:28 AM: {tim46107}yea just for you :)
4/7/2007 12:08:30 AM: {tim46107}lol
4/7/2007 12:10:17 AM: {JonPharaoh93}sweet!
4/7/2007 12:10:23 AM: {JonPharaoh93}ok i made a name
4/7/2007 12:10:25 AM: {JonPharaoh93}just 4 u :)
4/7/2007 12:11:04 AM: {tim46107}you just hit me up right
4/7/2007 12:11:08 AM: {JonPharaoh93}yup
4/7/2007 12:11:12 AM: {JonPharaoh93}JonPharaoh93

(Here we switch to Yahoo IM.)

jonpharaoh93 (12:11:33 AM): Howdy
tim46107 (12:11:41 AM): hey
jonpharaoh93 (12:12:12 AM): Ok i didnt wannahave to remember my old password n login
jonpharaoh93 (12:12:14 AM): this was easier lol
jonpharaoh93 (12:12:20 AM): i like this name bettr neways
tim46107 (12:12:38 AM): kool i like it too
jonpharaoh93 (12:12:51 AM): actual smileys :)
jonpharaoh93 (12:12:53 AM): :-D
jonpharaoh93 (12:12:57 AM): O:-)
tim46107 (12:13:13 AM): lol silly guy
tim46107 (12:13:41 AM): :-P
jonpharaoh93 (12:13:49 AM): :-p
tim46107 (12:14:41 AM): i wish i lived next door to you (Wouldn't that be convenient...)
jonpharaoh93 (12:15:03 AM): 4 real
jonpharaoh93 (12:15:09 AM): how far away ru?
tim46107 (12:15:27 AM): where in ky are you
jonpharaoh93 (12:15:51 AM): Im rite across teh river from Cincy
jonpharaoh93 (12:15:53 AM): where RU ?
tim46107 (12:16:04 AM): dayton now
jonpharaoh93 (12:16:13 AM): oh ok
tim46107 (12:16:21 AM): i live in dayton and indianapolis
jonpharaoh93 (12:16:27 AM): u got 2 cribs?
tim46107 (12:16:31 AM): not bad at all
jonpharaoh93 (12:16:40 AM): naw nether place is far
tim46107 (12:16:42 AM): yea for now
jonpharaoh93 (12:16:52 AM): why u got 2 ?
tim46107 (12:17:00 AM): im thinking about moving to cincy
jonpharaoh93 (12:17:09 AM): O I C
tim46107 (12:17:09 AM): work
jonpharaoh93 (12:17:14 AM): fun whut u do?
tim46107 (12:17:31 AM): commercial electrician
jonpharaoh93 (12:17:36 AM): ZAAP!
jonpharaoh93 (12:17:39 AM): LOL
jonpharaoh93 (12:17:42 AM): srry
tim46107 (12:17:42 AM): lokl
jonpharaoh93 (12:17:44 AM): n ot funny
jonpharaoh93 (12:17:46 AM): u could die
tim46107 (12:17:59 AM): no i laughed
jonpharaoh93 (12:18:00 AM): LOOKOUT!!!!
jonpharaoh93 (12:18:08 AM): lol ok ill stop
tim46107 (12:18:22 AM): i like you
jonpharaoh93 (12:18:29 AM): lol i like u to
tim46107 (12:18:54 AM): ok so tell me somthing
jonpharaoh93 (12:19:11 AM): whut
tim46107 (12:19:55 AM): so we go out next weekend and end up really liking eachother alot where do we go from there
tim46107 (12:20:14 AM): you know what i mean
tim46107 (12:20:28 AM): i like you alot now (Geez Tim, could you be exhibiting any more classic predatory behavior? It's like he's done this before...)
jonpharaoh93 (12:20:30 AM): uhmm
jonpharaoh93 (12:20:40 AM): i dunno like what u think?
jonpharaoh93 (12:20:43 AM): i mean
jonpharaoh93 (12:20:47 AM): im down for whutevers fun
tim46107 (12:20:59 AM): thats cool
tim46107 (12:21:17 AM): i mean fall in love with you (*GAG*)
jonpharaoh93 (12:21:27 AM): :) rlly?
tim46107 (12:21:50 AM): frends are great im down for that
tim46107 (12:22:13 AM): even dating you i could handle that to
jonpharaoh93 (12:22:14 AM): well i like u to tim alot
jonpharaoh93 (12:22:29 AM): so u think we could be bfs?
tim46107 (12:22:46 AM): u never know
tim46107 (12:22:50 AM): what u think
jonpharaoh93 (12:23:10 AM): i like u an u say u like me
jonpharaoh93 (12:23:31 AM): an i kinda do want a bf but i dont want one that ll make me be out
tim46107 (12:23:35 AM): yea i really do
jonpharaoh93 (12:23:35 AM): whichu wont
tim46107 (12:23:55 AM): no thats for sure
jonpharaoh93 (12:24:11 AM): so why not?
tim46107 (12:24:14 AM): but the age difrence (It doesn't seem to have bothered you so far...)
jonpharaoh93 (12:24:19 AM): oh
jonpharaoh93 (12:24:22 AM): okaay
tim46107 (12:24:50 AM): i really dont care i dont care about age its the guy im intrested in (...and the truth comes out. He probably prefers the age I'm at.)
jonpharaoh93 (12:25:13 AM): i forgottn bout that 13 and 35 it ain t that much look at anna nichole and tehold man she married lol
jonpharaoh93 (12:25:33 AM): like i dnot care u dont even look ur age
tim46107 (12:25:48 AM): thats cool then
jonpharaoh93 (12:26:00 AM): kewl
tim46107 (12:26:10 AM): yea
tim46107 (12:26:40 AM): and as far as you being my bf well lets hang out and go from there
jonpharaoh93 (12:27:04 AM): k
jonpharaoh93 (12:27:06 AM): sounds good
tim46107 (12:27:14 AM): yea i do want a bf and you seem like the kinda guy im would fall for
jonpharaoh93 (12:27:17 AM): if thats what u wanna do that what we wanna od
jonpharaoh93 (12:27:28 AM): awesom
jonpharaoh93 (12:27:37 AM): :)
tim46107 (12:28:15 AM): yea i really would like to get to know you better for sure
jonpharaoh93 (12:28:27 AM): me 2
tim46107 (12:28:33 AM): and if we fall for eachother then awsome
jonpharaoh93 (12:28:36 AM): kewl
jonpharaoh93 (12:28:41 AM): we can talk online rite?
tim46107 (12:28:55 AM): i would do anything for you
jonpharaoh93 (12:29:01 AM): :) awwwe
jonpharaoh93 (12:29:03 AM): wow
tim46107 (12:29:10 AM): hell ye we can why not
jonpharaoh93 (12:29:12 AM): noones ever been this nice to me
tim46107 (12:29:38 AM): aww just wait jon
jonpharaoh93 (12:29:47 AM): what for whut
tim46107 (12:30:10 AM): no bdy ever been this nice to you before
tim46107 (12:30:19 AM): hell we just meet
tim46107 (12:30:29 AM): and we havent really meet yet
tim46107 (12:30:31 AM): :)
jonpharaoh93 (12:30:43 AM): :)
jonpharaoh93 (12:30:44 AM): dammmn
jonpharaoh93 (12:30:45 AM): hehehe
jonpharaoh93 (12:30:47 AM): :-D
jonpharaoh93 (12:30:52 AM): u makinme smile stop that
jonpharaoh93 (12:30:52 AM): lol
tim46107 (12:31:08 AM): lol ok then
tim46107 (12:31:18 AM): im just telling you how i feel
jonpharaoh93 (12:31:34 AM): its nice 2 hear
tim46107 (12:31:49 AM): thats cool
tim46107 (12:31:54 AM): i guess
jonpharaoh93 (12:32:07 AM): lol u guess?
tim46107 (12:32:26 AM): i have never meet a guy on here like you bfore
jonpharaoh93 (12:32:42 AM): hows that
tim46107 (12:32:59 AM): dont know like i said
tim46107 (12:33:10 AM): seem like a awsome guy
tim46107 (12:33:18 AM): ok dont smile lol
jonpharaoh93 (12:33:23 AM): :)
jonpharaoh93 (12:34:03 AM): i am smilin
jonpharaoh93 (12:34:09 AM): hey ill brb in a few mins i have 2 wash my face (Translation: I need a break from your nauseating grooming.)
tim46107 (12:34:11 AM): are your parent divorsed
jonpharaoh93 (12:34:12 AM): or im gunna break all out
jonpharaoh93 (12:34:24 AM): Yea they divorce whne i was 2
tim46107 (12:34:28 AM): kool
tim46107 (12:34:44 AM): sorry
jonpharaoh93 (12:37:31 AM): IM hungry Tim
jonpharaoh93 (12:37:34 AM): whuts there 2 eat
tim46107 (12:38:13 AM): humm
tim46107 (12:38:20 AM): pizza
jonpharaoh93 (12:38:23 AM): hmm
jonpharaoh93 (12:38:28 AM): i dont wannat urn on the oven tho
tim46107 (12:38:40 AM): cerial
tim46107 (12:38:58 AM): im hungry too
jonpharaoh93 (12:39:06 AM): i kno
jonpharaoh93 (12:39:10 AM): im gunna make a ham sammich
jonpharaoh93 (12:39:11 AM): ill brb again
jonpharaoh93 (12:39:12 AM): sorry
tim46107 (12:39:20 AM): its ok
jonpharaoh93 (12:39:52 AM): u gunna leave soon or will u be here
tim46107 (12:42:41 AM): ill be here
tim46107 (12:50:11 AM): hope its good
tim46107 (12:50:19 AM): :D
tim46107 (01:01:40 AM): im bored
tim46107 (01:01:52 AM): linda lonley
tim46107 (01:02:06 AM): wish you were here
jonpharaoh93 (01:09:48 AM): sorry
jonpharaoh93 (01:09:49 AM): !!!
tim46107 (01:10:04 AM): sorry why sorry
jonpharaoh93 (01:10:11 AM): my mom wanted to talk to me
tim46107 (01:10:20 AM): about
jonpharaoh93 (01:10:31 AM): stuff
jonpharaoh93 (01:10:36 AM): next weekend
jonpharaoh93 (01:10:37 AM): etc
tim46107 (01:10:49 AM): its cool
tim46107 (01:11:01 AM): so what about next weekend
jonpharaoh93 (01:11:08 AM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:11:18 AM): how their trusting me to have no parties and be responsible
jonpharaoh93 (01:11:20 AM): LOL
tim46107 (01:11:34 AM): thats cool
jonpharaoh93 (01:11:50 AM): sammich was good tho
tim46107 (01:12:08 AM): cool i hade a salid lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:12:20 AM): well aint u mr healthy lol
tim46107 (01:12:33 AM): yea right
jonpharaoh93 (01:13:19 AM): was it good?
tim46107 (01:13:27 AM): well next weekend might be on then hu
tim46107 (01:13:54 AM): was ok ham would of been better
jonpharaoh93 (01:14:07 AM): tru
jonpharaoh93 (01:14:08 AM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:14:30 AM): it was good
tim46107 (01:14:37 AM): i bet
tim46107 (01:15:33 AM): so you want to do somthing nxt weekend then
jonpharaoh93 (01:15:54 AM): yea lol prolly
tim46107 (01:16:03 AM): cool
tim46107 (01:16:09 AM): i do
jonpharaoh93 (01:16:27 AM): u do?
jonpharaoh93 (01:16:35 AM): whatd ya have in mind?
tim46107 (01:16:43 AM): want to hang out with you
tim46107 (01:17:03 AM): whatever u want to
tim46107 (01:17:53 AM): wt u have in mind jon (Ugh...always place the burden on the kid. Like that makes it all okay...)
jonpharaoh93 (01:18:19 AM): i ask u first
tim46107 (01:19:02 AM): movie dinner
tim46107 (01:19:08 AM): go from there (Ahhh...the infamous 'go from there'...)
jonpharaoh93 (01:19:27 AM): oh
jonpharaoh93 (01:19:45 AM): ok i spose we could make bettr plans closer 2 the weekend to
tim46107 (01:20:02 AM): im sure we are going to like eachother so whatever happens cool (Translation: I'm sure we'll be having sex.)
tim46107 (01:20:13 AM): yea
jonpharaoh93 (01:20:51 AM): rite
tim46107 (01:21:18 AM): what u doing tomarrow
jonpharaoh93 (01:21:34 AM): i dunno
jonpharaoh93 (01:21:35 AM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:21:44 AM): i have a report to write sometime this weekend
tim46107 (01:21:58 AM): about what
jonpharaoh93 (01:22:21 AM): New Zealand :(
tim46107 (01:22:38 AM): u probally get str8 a s right
jonpharaoh93 (01:22:49 AM): mostly
tim46107 (01:23:15 AM): yea u seem like a really smart guy
jonpharaoh93 (01:23:36 AM): lol thanx!
jonpharaoh93 (01:23:41 AM): i try
tim46107 (01:24:00 AM): well good
tim46107 (01:24:26 AM): what u want to do when u get out of school u know yet
jonpharaoh93 (01:24:37 AM): i wanna be a TV meteorologist
tim46107 (01:24:48 AM): wow sweet
jonpharaoh93 (01:25:11 AM): yea :)
jonpharaoh93 (01:25:15 AM): i love the weather
tim46107 (01:25:38 AM): cool i hate the weather here
tim46107 (01:25:39 AM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:25:43 AM): LOL yeaaa
jonpharaoh93 (01:25:49 AM): could be worst
tim46107 (01:26:08 AM): coulsd be warm though
jonpharaoh93 (01:26:34 AM): yea well global warmin will take care of that lol
tim46107 (01:27:03 AM): yea for sure it will and everything else to
jonpharaoh93 (01:27:18 AM): :-p
tim46107 (01:27:52 AM): will you be on here tomarrow afternoon
jonpharaoh93 (01:28:13 AM): yeah
jonpharaoh93 (01:28:16 AM): I should be
tim46107 (01:28:20 AM): im getting tired
jonpharaoh93 (01:28:26 AM): awwwwe okay
jonpharaoh93 (01:28:26 AM): :)
jonpharaoh93 (01:28:30 AM): actually me2
tim46107 (01:28:34 AM): can i reach you on yahoo
jonpharaoh93 (01:28:38 AM): i just didnt wanna be the 1st to say it :)
jonpharaoh93 (01:28:41 AM): yea of course
tim46107 (01:28:59 AM): na its cool
jonpharaoh93 (01:29:13 AM): k
tim46107 (01:29:17 AM): hey i sure do like you jon
tim46107 (01:29:32 AM): im def. intrested
tim46107 (01:29:47 AM): seem like a awsom guy
jonpharaoh93 (01:30:06 AM): u to man
jonpharaoh93 (01:30:14 AM): im rlly glad that we met tonite
tim46107 (01:30:25 AM): same here
jonpharaoh93 (01:31:04 AM): well tim
jonpharaoh93 (01:31:09 AM): i hope u sleep good
jonpharaoh93 (01:31:15 AM): >:D<
tim46107 (01:31:23 AM): yea now ill be thinking of you all week (Sick.)
tim46107 (01:31:35 AM): you to good night
jonpharaoh93 (01:31:41 AM): well we can talk
tim46107 (01:31:53 AM): i sure hope so
tim46107 (01:32:16 AM): ill be bussy on sunday but sun night ill be free
jonpharaoh93 (01:32:22 AM): alrite
tim46107 (01:32:26 AM): and 2marrow i will
tim46107 (01:32:48 AM): you sleep well 2
jonpharaoh93 (01:32:51 AM): kewl
tim46107 (01:32:55 AM): night jon
jonpharaoh93 (01:32:56 AM): gnite Tim
tim46107 (01:33:05 AM): tty soon :)

tim46107 (11:05:09 AM): i just wanted to say hi :)

jonpharaoh93 (09:59:36 PM): THanx for the away msg :)

jonpharaoh93 (10:15:36 PM): U there Tim?

tim46107 (10:33:26 PM): hey its cool i was just thinking of you :)
(When I didn't answer him right away on Yahoo, he tries me on So we switch from Yahoo to
4/7/2007 10:37:43 PM:
Me = {JonPharaoh93} <->{tim46107} Profile='sup boyz m|35|' FROM=Cincinnati START PRIVATE CHAT
4/7/2007 10:37:43 PM: {tim46107}hi jon
4/7/2007 10:37:49 PM: {JonPharaoh93}hey tim whassup
4/7/2007 10:37:49 PM: {tim46107}you there
(...back to yahoo...)
jonpharaoh93 (10:38:09 PM): howdy lets talk here
(...then to
4/7/2007 10:38:17 PM:
Me = {JonPharaoh93} <->{tim46107} Profile='sup boyz m|35|' FROM=Cincinnati START PRIVATE CHAT
4/7/2007 10:38:17 PM: {tim46107}not much i just sent you another message

(...and finally, back to Yahoo. Whew! What a pain in the ass.)
tim46107 (10:38:25 PM): ok lets
tim46107 (10:38:27 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (10:38:29 PM): I saw
jonpharaoh93 (10:38:30 PM): hi!
tim46107 (10:38:35 PM): how you day go
jonpharaoh93 (10:38:39 PM): eeh, borring
jonpharaoh93 (10:38:40 PM): urs?
tim46107 (10:38:56 PM): same havent felt to well
tim46107 (10:39:03 PM): slept most of it
jonpharaoh93 (10:39:35 PM): o rlly
tim46107 (10:39:37 PM): what you been doing
jonpharaoh93 (10:39:39 PM): :( im sorry to ehar that
jonpharaoh93 (10:39:40 PM): hear
jonpharaoh93 (10:39:42 PM): what u got a cold?
tim46107 (10:39:46 PM): yea rly
tim46107 (10:39:47 PM): lol
tim46107 (10:40:02 PM): dont know head ache all day
tim46107 (10:40:16 PM): u get your hw done
jonpharaoh93 (10:40:24 PM): no not rlly :(
jonpharaoh93 (10:40:30 PM): just did some research
tim46107 (10:40:45 PM): u have all day tmarrow lol
jonpharaoh93 (10:41:25 PM): yea thats what i figgured
tim46107 (10:41:29 PM): i have been thinking of you of and on all day :) (Sick.)
tim46107 (10:42:43 PM): so what you doing
jonpharaoh93 (10:42:52 PM): i been thinkin bout u to
jonpharaoh93 (10:42:55 PM): what were u htinkin about?
tim46107 (10:43:30 PM): just how much i like you i guess
tim46107 (10:43:36 PM): how about you
jonpharaoh93 (10:44:12 PM): same :)
tim46107 (10:44:24 PM): thats cool
tim46107 (10:44:45 PM): you seem like you are a sencere guy
jonpharaoh93 (10:44:53 PM): u 2
jonpharaoh93 (10:45:01 PM): i try to be u kno
tim46107 (10:45:02 PM): thanks i am
jonpharaoh93 (10:45:06 PM): i dont like playin w peoplez
tim46107 (10:45:14 PM): me neither
jonpharaoh93 (10:45:39 PM): good :)
jonpharaoh93 (10:46:13 PM): so ya i guess theyre gambing trip is a go for sure
tim46107 (10:46:50 PM): cool cool
tim46107 (10:47:17 PM): yea i really look foward to spend some time with you
tim46107 (10:47:45 PM): i just found the happy tree frends how corney
jonpharaoh93 (10:47:46 PM): awesom me to
tim46107 (10:47:46 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (10:47:54 PM): the whut?
tim46107 (10:48:12 PM): audibles on here (Nooooooo! Not the audibles!!! Fucking hell.)
jonpharaoh93 (10:48:36 PM): ohhh no!
jonpharaoh93 (10:48:38 PM): LOL
jonpharaoh93 (10:48:46 PM): aack!
jonpharaoh93 (10:48:55 PM): must turn down sound!
jonpharaoh93 (10:48:58 PM): LOL
jonpharaoh93 (10:49:01 PM): goof ball (Fuck wad.)
tim46107 (10:49:22 PM): i like this best
tim46107 (10:49:46 PM): silly hu lol
tim46107 (10:50:14 PM): so what you doing jon
jonpharaoh93 (10:50:22 PM): Me ? nuttin much
jonpharaoh93 (10:50:23 PM): just talkin to u
jonpharaoh93 (10:50:36 PM): lookn at some webpages
tim46107 (10:50:39 PM): thats cool what u want to talk about
jonpharaoh93 (10:50:48 PM): thinkin bout takin a shower
jonpharaoh93 (10:50:50 PM): i dunno
jonpharaoh93 (10:50:52 PM): pick sumthin
tim46107 (10:51:11 PM): humm shower with you :)
jonpharaoh93 (10:51:18 PM): u need a shower too?
tim46107 (10:51:29 PM): na
jonpharaoh93 (10:51:41 PM): ooh well i gotta tell u sumthin
jonpharaoh93 (10:51:50 PM): i dont shower with any clothes on
tim46107 (10:52:00 PM): just would want to with you haha
tim46107 (10:52:07 PM): me neither
tim46107 (10:52:09 PM): ha
jonpharaoh93 (10:52:16 PM): ohh lol so u wanna be with me naked?
jonpharaoh93 (10:52:21 PM): LOL
tim46107 (10:52:34 PM): yea maybe
tim46107 (10:52:40 PM): do you?
jonpharaoh93 (10:52:46 PM): sounds like fun :)
jonpharaoh93 (10:52:57 PM): so yea
tim46107 (10:53:02 PM): yea it does
jonpharaoh93 (10:53:18 PM): hehe so is that whut u were thinkin about today then?
jonpharaoh93 (10:53:24 PM): showerin w me? :-D
tim46107 (10:53:40 PM): to be honest no
jonpharaoh93 (10:53:48 PM): oh
tim46107 (10:54:02 PM): but i sure think u are a hot guy though
jonpharaoh93 (10:54:19 PM): liar!
jonpharaoh93 (10:54:27 PM): i aint hot
tim46107 (10:54:35 PM): are too
jonpharaoh93 (10:54:56 PM): well im not gunna argue w u
tim46107 (10:55:17 PM): well good im not going to lie to guy eather
jonpharaoh93 (10:55:32 PM): well thats good
jonpharaoh93 (10:55:42 PM): when i was waitin for u earlier some guy told me i was ugly
jonpharaoh93 (10:55:49 PM): i told him he look like somethin i scrape off my shoe
jonpharaoh93 (10:55:50 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (10:56:00 PM): actlly im gunna close now ure the one i wuz waitin for
tim46107 (10:56:07 PM): you are not
tim46107 (10:56:33 PM): cool i was hoping to find you
tim46107 (10:56:49 PM): i tried here first then went there
tim46107 (10:56:58 PM): i hate
jonpharaoh93 (10:57:21 PM): well i dunno wheer else to find gya people
tim46107 (10:57:32 PM): have you seen the audibles on here
jonpharaoh93 (10:57:37 PM): yup
tim46107 (10:57:51 PM): lil i never seen themn before
jonpharaoh93 (10:57:59 PM): lol
tim46107 (10:58:06 PM): yea i know guys are hard to find
jonpharaoh93 (10:58:29 PM): i dunno i found u prtty easy
tim46107 (10:58:50 PM): tell u the truth i dont want to talk to anyone else but u
tim46107 (10:59:01 PM): wht u mean by that
jonpharaoh93 (10:59:03 PM): awwe me eithre
jonpharaoh93 (10:59:19 PM): u say guys r hard to find
jonpharaoh93 (10:59:40 PM): i say that u just came 2 me, it was easy :)
tim46107 (10:59:57 PM): yea i did seems like all just tooking for sex
jonpharaoh93 (11:00:13 PM): ya no kiddin
tim46107 (11:00:37 PM): i bet you get hit all the time for that though
jonpharaoh93 (11:00:39 PM): who wants 2 have sex w someone they dont even kno?
jonpharaoh93 (11:00:59 PM): well i iggy them if thats how they start out
tim46107 (11:01:00 PM): yea i know
tim46107 (11:01:21 PM): cool that says alot about u
jonpharaoh93 (11:01:50 PM): that im not a slut? lol
tim46107 (11:02:23 PM): thats awsome i would not be intrested in u if u were
jonpharaoh93 (11:02:58 PM): kewl
tim46107 (11:03:30 PM): the audibles are triped out
jonpharaoh93 (11:03:36 PM): LOL yeah
jonpharaoh93 (11:03:46 PM): send me one :)
jonpharaoh93 (11:04:37 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:04:45 PM): u think im sexy?
tim46107 (11:04:56 PM): yea i do
jonpharaoh93 (11:05:03 PM): haha yea it is gettin hot in here
jonpharaoh93 (11:05:13 PM): :\">
tim46107 (11:05:14 PM): yea it is
tim46107 (11:06:14 PM): funny
jonpharaoh93 (11:06:14 PM): EEeeewww
jonpharaoh93 (11:06:18 PM): pick ur nose
jonpharaoh93 (11:06:19 PM): gross
jonpharaoh93 (11:06:21 PM): LOL
tim46107 (11:07:01 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:07:02 PM): LOL
jonpharaoh93 (11:07:08 PM): mean!
tim46107 (11:07:23 PM): nothing by it
jonpharaoh93 (11:07:26 PM): i kno
jonpharaoh93 (11:07:29 PM): im just messin w u
jonpharaoh93 (11:07:35 PM): just like ure messin w me
tim46107 (11:07:37 PM): i knw
jonpharaoh93 (11:07:40 PM): im very hard 2 offend
tim46107 (11:07:52 PM): well good
jonpharaoh93 (11:08:13 PM): and since i consider u a friend we can joke
jonpharaoh93 (11:08:16 PM): rite?
tim46107 (11:08:19 PM): i still cannot beleive someone said u were ugly
jonpharaoh93 (11:08:30 PM): well I can but he was no person 2 be talkin
jonpharaoh93 (11:08:38 PM): his thing said 29 and if he was 29 then im 2
tim46107 (11:08:41 PM): why because you wouldnot have sex with him
jonpharaoh93 (11:08:51 PM): LOL wel he dids tart out saying \"top or bottom\"
jonpharaoh93 (11:09:21 PM): whatever exactly that means i kno it sabout sex
tim46107 (11:09:33 PM): shit really
tim46107 (11:09:47 PM): u know what that means dont u
jonpharaoh93 (11:09:54 PM): no not exactly
tim46107 (11:10:19 PM): u like to get it in the ass or give it
jonpharaoh93 (11:10:23 PM): O I C
tim46107 (11:10:25 PM): now u know
jonpharaoh93 (11:10:27 PM): well thanx
jonpharaoh93 (11:10:46 PM): no hi hello but that..geez
tim46107 (11:11:08 PM): hu lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:11:16 PM): hu
jonpharaoh93 (11:11:16 PM): ?
tim46107 (11:11:37 PM): no hi hello ?
tim46107 (11:11:39 PM): hu?
tim46107 (11:11:41 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:11:52 PM): ohh lod
jonpharaoh93 (11:11:53 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:12:19 PM): hahah damn that scare the shitt outta me
jonpharaoh93 (11:12:25 PM): i had turned my volume up loud
jonpharaoh93 (11:12:36 PM): that one was lOUD
tim46107 (11:12:38 PM): sorry
jonpharaoh93 (11:12:43 PM): LOL its ok i laughed
tim46107 (11:12:55 PM): u make me laugh
jonpharaoh93 (11:12:55 PM): just wasnt xpectin it
jonpharaoh93 (11:13:03 PM): u to
tim46107 (11:13:37 PM): that one sucks
jonpharaoh93 (11:13:40 PM): eeh
jonpharaoh93 (11:14:03 PM): find a good one :)
jonpharaoh93 (11:14:12 PM): LOL hes gay
tim46107 (11:14:20 PM): u think
tim46107 (11:14:31 PM): i hate guys that act like that
jonpharaoh93 (11:14:35 PM): me 2 mana
jonpharaoh93 (11:14:36 PM): man
jonpharaoh93 (11:14:43 PM): hehehehe
jonpharaoh93 (11:14:52 PM): nice lips
tim46107 (11:14:55 PM): here u go
jonpharaoh93 (11:15:10 PM): LOL
tim46107 (11:16:22 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:16:26 PM): eeew lol
tim46107 (11:16:36 PM): yea
tim46107 (11:16:42 PM): funny funny
jonpharaoh93 (11:16:45 PM): yep yep
tim46107 (11:16:56 PM): u need a shower that bad
jonpharaoh93 (11:17:08 PM): well yea i havent had one yet today but now that ure online i canwait
tim46107 (11:17:41 PM): dot head
jonpharaoh93 (11:17:51 PM): LOL jk its funny
tim46107 (11:18:47 PM): u like that one
jonpharaoh93 (11:18:50 PM): yeah
jonpharaoh93 (11:18:51 PM): lol
tim46107 (11:19:02 PM): damn im bored
jonpharaoh93 (11:19:19 PM): i can tell
jonpharaoh93 (11:19:19 PM): lol
tim46107 (11:19:22 PM): its cool u are here though
jonpharaoh93 (11:19:46 PM): well i must be boring
jonpharaoh93 (11:19:48 PM): since ure bored
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:30 PM): hey
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:33 PM): ill brb in a few mins
tim46107 (11:20:23 PM): i could talk to u alll day
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:54 PM): ive gotta wash my face at least or illl break out bad
tim46107 (11:21:09 PM): ok ok u do that
jonpharaoh93 (11:21:14 PM): im sorry
jonpharaoh93 (11:21:16 PM): but ill brb
tim46107 (11:21:21 PM): im going to get a drink
jonpharaoh93 (11:21:24 PM): k
tim46107 (11:26:07 PM): im back
jonpharaoh93 (11:28:28 PM): k back
jonpharaoh93 (11:28:33 PM): whatd ya get to drink?
tim46107 (11:28:46 PM): orangd juice
jonpharaoh93 (11:28:50 PM): ok kewl
jonpharaoh93 (11:28:56 PM): i got myself a hotdog and chocolate milk
tim46107 (11:29:09 PM): sounds good
tim46107 (11:29:43 PM): so what u want to do next weekend
jonpharaoh93 (11:29:49 PM): i dunno
jonpharaoh93 (11:29:52 PM): u have anything in mind/
tim46107 (11:30:12 PM): na i dont know whats around u
jonpharaoh93 (11:30:27 PM): oh
tim46107 (11:31:04 PM): u have anything in mind
jonpharaoh93 (11:31:27 PM): well what do u like doin?
tim46107 (11:31:29 PM): how much time u will ahve
tim46107 (11:31:47 PM): probally anything with you
jonpharaoh93 (11:31:58 PM): ya thats the othr thing i dunno how long i can leave the house wout gettin in trouble
jonpharaoh93 (11:32:01 PM): we could mebbie hit the mall
tim46107 (11:32:19 PM): thats cool
jonpharaoh93 (11:32:23 PM): even tho im broke lol
tim46107 (11:32:34 PM): i dont want u to get in trouble
tim46107 (11:32:47 PM): its ok i have money
jonpharaoh93 (11:32:50 PM): we could go bowling too?
jonpharaoh93 (11:32:52 PM): i dunno
tim46107 (11:33:11 PM): would be fun i hevent in years
jonpharaoh93 (11:33:12 PM): the bowlin place is kinda close to my house
jonpharaoh93 (11:33:18 PM): lol u any good?
jonpharaoh93 (11:33:20 PM): im not rlly
tim46107 (11:33:39 PM): can we hang out at your house
tim46107 (11:33:44 PM): no not at all
jonpharaoh93 (11:33:51 PM): ok we can do that
tim46107 (11:34:02 PM): u like pool
jonpharaoh93 (11:34:13 PM): not rlly lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:34:17 PM): im not good at it
tim46107 (11:34:20 PM): i wish we could go swyming
jonpharaoh93 (11:34:48 PM): ya swimmin rulez
tim46107 (11:34:58 PM): yea it does
tim46107 (11:35:24 PM): wish kings island was open i would love to go there with u
jonpharaoh93 (11:35:45 PM): when does it open?
tim46107 (11:36:00 PM): not sure soon though
jonpharaoh93 (11:36:22 PM): sweet
tim46107 (11:36:39 PM): how is the hot dog
jonpharaoh93 (11:36:55 PM): gone
tim46107 (11:37:04 PM): lol i figured that
jonpharaoh93 (11:37:10 PM): :)
tim46107 (11:37:27 PM): u have any pets
jonpharaoh93 (11:37:52 PM): no :(
jonpharaoh93 (11:37:54 PM): i want one
jonpharaoh93 (11:38:05 PM): do u?
tim46107 (11:38:13 PM): i have a dog
jonpharaoh93 (11:38:18 PM): i want a doggie
tim46107 (11:38:34 PM): chocolite lab she is a great dog (I feel sorry for these guys' pets...)
jonpharaoh93 (11:38:44 PM): awww whuts her name?
tim46107 (11:38:56 PM): dutchas
jonpharaoh93 (11:39:04 PM): HOw old is she?
tim46107 (11:39:20 PM): 1yr 2 mnhs
jonpharaoh93 (11:39:28 PM): cute
tim46107 (11:40:14 PM): yea she is
jonpharaoh93 (11:40:20 PM): she ur baby?
tim46107 (11:40:30 PM): yea
tim46107 (11:40:44 PM): untill i find a bf lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:41:34 PM): LOL
jonpharaoh93 (11:41:44 PM): then shell get jealous n mad!!!
jonpharaoh93 (11:41:52 PM): she mite eat ur bf
tim46107 (11:41:56 PM): oh well
tim46107 (11:42:02 PM): no way
jonpharaoh93 (11:42:10 PM): well u never kno
tim46107 (11:42:31 PM): she is to lovable dog
jonpharaoh93 (11:42:48 PM): o ok
jonpharaoh93 (11:42:50 PM): thats good :)
tim46107 (11:43:10 PM): yea she likes everybody
jonpharaoh93 (11:43:43 PM): sweet
jonpharaoh93 (11:44:00 PM): :)
tim46107 (11:44:07 PM): you excited for tomarrow
jonpharaoh93 (11:44:18 PM): no not rlly
jonpharaoh93 (11:44:18 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:44:35 PM): i wonder if my moms goin to hide a basket for me
tim46107 (11:44:46 PM): aww lol
tim46107 (11:44:55 PM): i bet she will
jonpharaoh93 (11:45:09 PM): i dunno maybe
jonpharaoh93 (11:45:11 PM): she did last yr
tim46107 (11:45:23 PM): cool cool
tim46107 (11:45:26 PM): mine too
jonpharaoh93 (11:45:28 PM): even tho she kno i kno it aint realy
jonpharaoh93 (11:45:33 PM): urs did?
tim46107 (11:45:39 PM): yea lol
tim46107 (11:45:58 PM): i hope u dont think it is real
jonpharaoh93 (11:46:27 PM): ;)
jonpharaoh93 (11:46:29 PM): whut u talkin bout
tim46107 (11:46:38 PM): easter bunny
tim46107 (11:46:48 PM): lol
tim46107 (11:47:22 PM): so why arenot you out with your frends tonight
jonpharaoh93 (11:47:38 PM): uhm
jonpharaoh93 (11:47:39 PM): well
jonpharaoh93 (11:47:44 PM): i cant drive nowhere for 1
tim46107 (11:47:56 PM): and
tim46107 (11:48:49 PM): u watching tv
jonpharaoh93 (11:49:09 PM): yeah
jonpharaoh93 (11:49:18 PM): why arent u out?
tim46107 (11:49:19 PM): same here
tim46107 (11:49:57 PM): dont feel well and dot have many frends around anymore
jonpharaoh93 (11:50:06 PM): no? that sux why ?
tim46107 (11:50:31 PM): most have moved away or got married
jonpharaoh93 (11:51:05 PM): o i c
jonpharaoh93 (11:51:24 PM): plus ure sick
tim46107 (11:51:33 PM): lol im sure i could find a hookup but thats not me
tim46107 (11:51:38 PM): :)
jonpharaoh93 (11:51:47 PM): lol well thats good to here
tim46107 (11:52:04 PM): yea i dont do that eather
jonpharaoh93 (11:52:47 PM): damn
jonpharaoh93 (11:52:49 PM): i got a headache now
tim46107 (11:53:13 PM): aww sorry
tim46107 (11:53:23 PM): hope i didnot give it to you
jonpharaoh93 (11:53:38 PM): no not u
tim46107 (11:53:58 PM): ak cool
jonpharaoh93 (11:54:10 PM): i like u
jonpharaoh93 (11:54:11 PM): :)
tim46107 (11:54:19 PM): yea i tooc a coupla tylenol 30 min ago
tim46107 (11:54:33 PM): i sure like you to
tim46107 (11:54:44 PM): :\">
jonpharaoh93 (11:54:57 PM): :)
jonpharaoh93 (11:55:06 PM): tylenol good idea
tim46107 (11:55:21 PM): yea its working
jonpharaoh93 (11:55:50 PM): sweet
jonpharaoh93 (11:55:53 PM): so do u walk ur dog?
jonpharaoh93 (11:55:57 PM): an play with her?
tim46107 (11:56:07 PM): every day
tim46107 (11:56:37 PM): i walk her 2 times a day lol well she walkes me
jonpharaoh93 (11:56:53 PM): she a big doggie?
tim46107 (11:57:16 PM): she normally sleeps with me unless my nephew is staying with me
jonpharaoh93 (11:57:28 PM): oh then she sleep w ur nephew/ (Oh PLEASE say it's the DOG that is sleeping with your nephew..please please please.)
tim46107 (11:57:44 PM): yea she is a good size probally 50lb
tim46107 (11:58:00 PM): yea when he is here she will (Whew.)
jonpharaoh93 (11:58:10 PM): awww and she leave u all alone?
tim46107 (11:58:24 PM): yea :(
jonpharaoh93 (11:58:34 PM): sux for u but nice of u to share
tim46107 (11:58:46 PM): lol yeas
tim46107 (11:59:33 PM): what u watching
tim46107 (11:59:38 PM): on tv
jonpharaoh93 (11:59:54 PM): SNL
(Day changes to 4/8)
jonpharaoh93 (12:00:00 AM): u?
tim46107 (12:00:14 AM): dont rember the name
tim46107 (12:00:19 AM): tnt
jonpharaoh93 (12:00:28 AM): Saturday Nite Live
jonpharaoh93 (12:00:32 AM): whats on TNT?
tim46107 (12:00:36 AM): tom hanks an a island
jonpharaoh93 (12:00:53 AM): ohhhh i watch that last nite
jonpharaoh93 (12:00:57 AM): Cast Away (I did watch it too, it was the only thing I could find worth watching on the hotel's TV.)
tim46107 (12:00:57 AM): u know what it is
tim46107 (12:01:05 AM): yea
jonpharaoh93 (12:01:11 AM): WILSON!!
tim46107 (12:01:19 AM): wilson wilson
jonpharaoh93 (12:02:17 AM): :)
tim46107 (12:02:55 AM): so you type but dont say anything lol
jonpharaoh93 (12:03:27 AM): ?? im not typing
tim46107 (12:03:38 AM): oh
jonpharaoh93 (12:03:47 AM): hey ill brb mom wants sumthin
tim46107 (12:04:10 AM): k
jonpharaoh93 (12:09:29 AM): ok
jonpharaoh93 (12:09:35 AM): i grabbd a tylenol to while i wa sthere
tim46107 (12:10:08 AM): well good
jonpharaoh93 (12:10:12 AM): yes
tim46107 (12:10:34 AM): do you have a cam
jonpharaoh93 (12:10:40 AM): no srry i do not
jonpharaoh93 (12:10:45 AM): i wish tho
jonpharaoh93 (12:10:51 AM): do u?
tim46107 (12:10:56 AM): yea me 2
tim46107 (12:11:13 AM): yea but its broken
jonpharaoh93 (12:11:17 AM): oh that sux
jonpharaoh93 (12:11:24 AM): how did it break?
tim46107 (12:11:54 AM): dont know cheap really poor resilution
jonpharaoh93 (12:12:01 AM): i c
tim46107 (12:13:22 AM): u going away tomarrow
jonpharaoh93 (12:14:00 AM): yea i think were goin to my grammas place for teh day
tim46107 (12:14:12 AM): cool
tim46107 (12:14:26 AM): u live in a house or apt
jonpharaoh93 (12:14:33 AM): house
jonpharaoh93 (12:14:37 AM): house w my mom
tim46107 (12:14:56 AM): cool
jonpharaoh93 (12:15:46 AM): yup yup
jonpharaoh93 (12:15:51 AM): u got a house?
tim46107 (12:16:06 AM): are you aloud to go anywhere next weekend or u aspost to stay home
tim46107 (12:16:13 AM): i have a condo
jonpharaoh93 (12:16:19 AM): i suppose to stay home
jonpharaoh93 (12:16:22 AM): thats rite u said that
tim46107 (12:16:57 AM): i dont want u to get in trouble (Aww how thoughtful. Only you're just worried about your own ass.)
jonpharaoh93 (12:17:05 AM): me eithr lol
jonpharaoh93 (12:17:18 AM): i could mebbie leave for a few hrs or sumthin
jonpharaoh93 (12:17:22 AM): but not for like overnite
tim46107 (12:17:54 AM): can i stay with you lol
jonpharaoh93 (12:18:13 AM): if u want to
jonpharaoh93 (12:18:17 AM): that would b nice
tim46107 (12:18:48 AM): yea would like that if u would
jonpharaoh93 (12:19:00 AM): defnately
jonpharaoh93 (12:19:04 AM): tho wouldnt ur doggie miss u?
tim46107 (12:19:45 AM): ill have billy watch her
jonpharaoh93 (12:19:56 AM): whos billy?
tim46107 (12:20:11 AM): nephew
jonpharaoh93 (12:20:23 AM): o ok
jonpharaoh93 (12:20:29 AM): he live close to u?
tim46107 (12:20:40 AM): yea
jonpharaoh93 (12:20:55 AM): kewl :)
jonpharaoh93 (12:20:58 AM): how old is he/
jonpharaoh93 (12:20:59 AM): ?
tim46107 (12:21:11 AM): 18
jonpharaoh93 (12:21:32 AM): oh kewl so he can drive
tim46107 (12:21:40 AM): yea
jonpharaoh93 (12:22:53 AM): :)
tim46107 (12:22:59 AM): so what u doing now
jonpharaoh93 (12:23:28 AM): Me? nuttin much i was just readin a websit and watchin TV
tim46107 (12:23:58 AM): cool whats the website
jonpharaoh93 (12:24:31 AM): theesmokinggun
jonpharaoh93 (12:24:36 AM):
jonpharaoh93 (12:26:05 AM): what R U Doin?
tim46107 (12:26:07 AM): cool cool
tim46107 (12:26:26 AM): nothing laying in bed
jonpharaoh93 (12:26:48 AM): how can u lay in bed n be on the computer?
tim46107 (12:27:10 AM): i have a comp in my bedroom
jonpharaoh93 (12:27:24 AM): O IC
jonpharaoh93 (12:27:29 AM): thats gotta b nice
jonpharaoh93 (12:27:38 AM): myne is in my room i just cant be in my bed
tim46107 (12:28:24 AM): i have it next to my bed
jonpharaoh93 (12:28:42 AM): why do ur text keep changin colors?
jonpharaoh93 (12:28:43 AM): lol
tim46107 (12:28:52 AM): bored
tim46107 (12:28:53 AM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (12:29:00 AM): pretty rainbow lol
tim46107 (12:29:10 AM): thanks
tim46107 (12:29:13 AM): haha
jonpharaoh93 (12:29:29 AM): no prob
tim46107 (12:29:37 AM): ur silly
jonpharaoh93 (12:29:40 AM): :-p
jonpharaoh93 (12:29:45 AM): thanx?
tim46107 (12:29:56 AM): yw
jonpharaoh93 (12:30:04 AM): so is there anythin u wanna do next weekend when u come?
tim46107 (12:30:20 AM): yea be with you
jonpharaoh93 (12:30:28 AM): well beside that :-p
tim46107 (12:30:43 AM): dont matter
jonpharaoh93 (12:31:05 AM): well i just dont wanna be bored lol
tim46107 (12:31:27 AM): yea we wont
jonpharaoh93 (12:31:41 AM): ok well how do u kno?
tim46107 (12:32:05 AM): just dont think so
jonpharaoh93 (12:32:13 AM): ok if u say so
jonpharaoh93 (12:32:22 AM): i trust ya :)
tim46107 (12:33:03 AM): even just hanging with yiu is cool we can watch tv whatever
jonpharaoh93 (12:33:11 AM): ok
jonpharaoh93 (12:33:16 AM): u got ne movies?
tim46107 (12:33:31 AM): yea what u like
jonpharaoh93 (12:33:47 AM): i duno most type what do u have?
tim46107 (12:33:55 AM): alot
tim46107 (12:34:42 AM): u like horror action war
tim46107 (12:34:44 AM): ?
jonpharaoh93 (12:34:46 AM): yea!
jonpharaoh93 (12:34:49 AM): i like horror
jonpharaoh93 (12:34:51 AM): action
jonpharaoh93 (12:34:52 AM): war
jonpharaoh93 (12:34:54 AM): :)
tim46107 (12:35:09 AM): ok kool i have
tim46107 (12:35:29 AM): u have dvd right
jonpharaoh93 (12:35:33 AM): yep
tim46107 (12:35:39 AM): lol k
jonpharaoh93 (12:35:43 AM): lol thats all i have i dont have the other
jonpharaoh93 (12:35:45 AM): the tape
jonpharaoh93 (12:35:53 AM): least i dont think i do
jonpharaoh93 (12:36:03 AM): i mite have tape lol but i use the DVD only
tim46107 (12:36:12 AM): vhs
tim46107 (12:36:16 AM): lol
tim46107 (12:36:48 AM): what kinda musuc u like
jonpharaoh93 (12:36:59 AM): i like prtty much whatever
jonpharaoh93 (12:37:04 AM): im not a huge country fan tho
tim46107 (12:37:32 AM): i figured u for that being from KY lol
jonpharaoh93 (12:37:59 AM): yeh
jonpharaoh93 (12:38:03 AM): i kno im a lil odd i guess
tim46107 (12:38:10 AM): you have a accent
jonpharaoh93 (12:38:15 AM): no not rlly
jonpharaoh93 (12:38:20 AM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (12:38:34 AM): mymom n gramma dont have 1 eithr they aint from here
jonpharaoh93 (12:38:37 AM): originally
tim46107 (12:38:54 AM): i loke it if u do
tim46107 (12:39:07 AM): like*
jonpharaoh93 (12:39:09 AM): u loke?
jonpharaoh93 (12:39:12 AM): ohh lol like
tim46107 (12:39:13 AM): its cool
jonpharaoh93 (12:39:14 AM): u like accents?
tim46107 (12:39:25 AM): yea sothern
jonpharaoh93 (12:39:33 AM): ahh
jonpharaoh93 (12:39:46 AM): well yea i dont rlly have one sry
tim46107 (12:40:12 AM): its ok im sure ill like u anyway lol
jonpharaoh93 (12:40:43 AM): whut u like bout accents? lol
tim46107 (12:40:43 AM): well i already do like you what am i talking about
jonpharaoh93 (12:40:53 AM): lol yah whut u talkin bout :-p
jonpharaoh93 (12:40:54 AM): lol
tim46107 (12:41:10 AM): think there cute thats all
jonpharaoh93 (12:41:32 AM): o okay
tim46107 (12:41:58 AM): you have a myspace site
jonpharaoh93 (12:42:23 AM): nope
jonpharaoh93 (12:42:36 AM): im anti myspace lol
tim46107 (12:42:55 AM): well good
tim46107 (12:43:02 AM): lol why that
jonpharaoh93 (12:43:12 AM): i dunno like everyone has one
jonpharaoh93 (12:43:22 AM): i dont feel like havin to keep it up n stuff
jonpharaoh93 (12:43:26 AM): do u ahve one?
jonpharaoh93 (12:43:41 AM): if u do thats alrite i just dont want one
tim46107 (12:44:14 AM): no im the same way
jonpharaoh93 (12:44:23 AM): kewl :)
jonpharaoh93 (12:44:31 AM): see i kno there was a resason i like u
tim46107 (12:44:45 AM): yea me2
tim46107 (12:44:58 AM): we sure are alike hu (Yeah, that's your plan anyways.)
jonpharaoh93 (12:45:10 AM): yah
jonpharaoh93 (12:45:24 AM): :)
jonpharaoh93 (12:45:28 AM): its kewl
jonpharaoh93 (12:45:36 AM): i like u
tim46107 (12:45:39 AM): yea it is
jonpharaoh93 (12:45:53 AM): i like u alot i hope thats ok
tim46107 (12:46:09 AM): yea it is
tim46107 (12:46:17 AM): and same here
jonpharaoh93 (12:46:25 AM): kewl
tim46107 (12:46:59 AM): :-P
jonpharaoh93 (12:47:17 AM): :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p
jonpharaoh93 (12:47:52 AM): heheh
tim46107 (12:48:52 AM): you tired jon
jonpharaoh93 (12:48:59 AM): yeaaa a lil bit
jonpharaoh93 (12:49:06 AM): but i wanna talk to u summore
tim46107 (12:49:21 AM): cool same here
jonpharaoh93 (12:49:26 AM): hmm
jonpharaoh93 (12:49:38 AM): mebbie u think we should go to bed soon n talk tomarrow?
jonpharaoh93 (12:49:44 AM): well whut are u dion tomarrow?
jonpharaoh93 (12:49:55 AM): i wont be back till l8r
tim46107 (12:49:56 AM): going to parents
tim46107 (12:50:12 AM): i wont be home till late i think
jonpharaoh93 (12:50:12 AM): oh that should be fun :)
jonpharaoh93 (12:50:22 AM): ya same w me
tim46107 (12:50:44 AM): what time u go to bed if u have school
jonpharaoh93 (12:51:01 AM): uhhh usually like 10 or 11
jonpharaoh93 (12:51:11 AM): whut bout u?
jonpharaoh93 (12:51:14 AM): when u usually go to bed
tim46107 (12:51:27 AM): baut the same time
jonpharaoh93 (12:51:48 AM): o ok kewl
jonpharaoh93 (12:51:52 AM): whut time u gott aget up?
tim46107 (12:52:01 AM): 6am
tim46107 (12:52:18 AM): get off work at 4 or 5
tim46107 (12:52:30 AM): ill be in indy all next week
jonpharaoh93 (12:52:43 AM): damn!
jonpharaoh93 (12:52:45 AM): whys that?
tim46107 (12:52:51 AM): work
jonpharaoh93 (12:53:30 AM): ick
jonpharaoh93 (12:53:34 AM): :-p
tim46107 (12:53:40 AM): when your mom leaving friday or saturday
jonpharaoh93 (12:53:43 AM): tho i spose u gotta make teh money
tim46107 (12:53:54 AM): yea sure do
jonpharaoh93 (12:54:09 AM): shez leavin thurs
jonpharaoh93 (12:54:19 AM): comin back Sun
jonpharaoh93 (12:54:32 AM): but wha time Thurs? I have no idea
jonpharaoh93 (12:54:36 AM): prolly afernnoon time
tim46107 (12:54:46 AM): wow cool
tim46107 (12:55:11 AM): ill come over after work friday if u want
jonpharaoh93 (12:55:33 AM): o ok
jonpharaoh93 (12:55:41 AM): when u get done w work?
tim46107 (12:55:41 AM): or whenever u want me to
jonpharaoh93 (12:56:14 AM): sure i mean i got nuttin else goin on :-p
tim46107 (12:56:18 AM): ill get off early friday around 1 or 2
jonpharaoh93 (12:56:27 AM): o ok
jonpharaoh93 (12:56:37 AM): an indy is whut like 2 hrs away?
tim46107 (12:56:46 AM): yea
jonpharaoh93 (12:57:08 AM): k
jonpharaoh93 (12:57:37 AM): :)
jonpharaoh93 (12:57:40 AM): sweet
jonpharaoh93 (12:57:56 AM): im kinda xcited i aint gunna lie
tim46107 (12:58:07 AM): same here
jonpharaoh93 (12:58:33 AM): oh ya?
tim46107 (12:58:49 AM): yea im looking foward to meeting you
jonpharaoh93 (12:59:26 AM): me 2 :)
tim46107 (12:59:36 AM): im glad we meet on here
jonpharaoh93 (12:59:55 AM): me 2
jonpharaoh93 (12:59:57 AM): very glad
tim46107 (01:00:07 AM): :)
jonpharaoh93 (01:00:15 AM): i dont even have 2 try n meet someone else
tim46107 (01:00:36 AM): cool me eather
jonpharaoh93 (01:01:02 AM): :)
tim46107 (01:01:33 AM): i will probally want to spend all weekend with you
jonpharaoh93 (01:02:00 AM): o ok
tim46107 (01:02:44 AM): if thats cool with you
jonpharaoh93 (01:03:04 AM): yea its kewl
jonpharaoh93 (01:03:18 AM): i just wanna be not bored n have fun
tim46107 (01:03:38 AM): yea me2
jonpharaoh93 (01:03:45 AM): kewl
jonpharaoh93 (01:04:26 AM): can i ask u sumthin?
tim46107 (01:04:37 AM): sure u can
jonpharaoh93 (01:04:40 AM): ok
jonpharaoh93 (01:04:53 AM): when u stay here where did u wanna sleep?
tim46107 (01:05:16 AM): with you (Yeaaaah that's what I thought.)
jonpharaoh93 (01:05:26 AM): o ok
jonpharaoh93 (01:05:33 AM): kewl :)
tim46107 (01:05:52 AM): u ok with that
jonpharaoh93 (01:05:59 AM): yea sounds fun
tim46107 (01:06:32 AM): irf u dont want me to its ok
jonpharaoh93 (01:06:42 AM): but y wouldnt i want u to?
jonpharaoh93 (01:06:56 AM): unless u dont wanna
tim46107 (01:07:09 AM): i wnwa for sure
jonpharaoh93 (01:07:22 AM): k
jonpharaoh93 (01:07:31 AM): an what did u wanna do? (I already know the answer, but let's spell it out, shall we?)
tim46107 (01:07:57 AM): humm u mean l;ike sex (It means whatever you think it means. And apprently he thinks it means sex.)
jonpharaoh93 (01:08:22 AM): well if were gunna be in the same bed 2gethr
tim46107 (01:08:56 AM): i like to cuddle make out
jonpharaoh93 (01:09:07 AM): ok that sounds fun
jonpharaoh93 (01:09:09 AM): ive done that be4
jonpharaoh93 (01:09:25 AM): :)
tim46107 (01:09:33 AM): i like to give head (Okay then.)
jonpharaoh93 (01:09:41 AM): oh ya?
jonpharaoh93 (01:09:47 AM): i never done that be4
tim46107 (01:09:49 AM): what u want to do
jonpharaoh93 (01:10:03 AM): im down for whatever as long as its fun :)
jonpharaoh93 (01:10:25 AM): I think im like the last guy ever in my school to not have gotten head yet
jonpharaoh93 (01:10:35 AM): they all say how great it is
tim46107 (01:11:05 AM): i was just going to ask u if u have before
tim46107 (01:11:36 AM): yea its cool ull like it lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:11:37 AM): no never
jonpharaoh93 (01:11:43 AM): i will?
jonpharaoh93 (01:11:56 AM): everyone sez its great
tim46107 (01:12:03 AM): i hope so
tim46107 (01:12:17 AM): u jack off alot
jonpharaoh93 (01:12:22 AM): ill probbaly never get it tho
jonpharaoh93 (01:12:25 AM): i dunno whats alot?
tim46107 (01:12:50 AM): probally never get what?
jonpharaoh93 (01:12:57 AM): never get head
tim46107 (01:13:10 AM): why u say that
jonpharaoh93 (01:13:18 AM): i dunno
jonpharaoh93 (01:13:34 AM): cause its been this long an i never gotten it yet when eveyone else has
tim46107 (01:14:03 AM): thats ok good thing
jonpharaoh93 (01:14:20 AM): good thing? hows that?
tim46107 (01:14:33 AM): just cuz
jonpharaoh93 (01:14:37 AM): oh
jonpharaoh93 (01:14:42 AM): ok if u say so lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:14:59 AM): i would like to try it
jonpharaoh93 (01:15:07 AM): 2 b honest w u
tim46107 (01:15:08 AM): i will if u want me to (Again, he thinks it's okay if he turns it on the kid. Only, it's not. At all.)
jonpharaoh93 (01:15:36 AM): yea if ure ok with it? that would b awesome :)
tim46107 (01:16:11 AM): sure as much as u want :)
jonpharaoh93 (01:16:19 AM): sweet!!
jonpharaoh93 (01:16:43 AM): so like does that mean well be bfs?
tim46107 (01:17:30 AM): humm well we will se as much as i like you now and we have never meet yet
jonpharaoh93 (01:17:44 AM): ya thats tru...
jonpharaoh93 (01:17:47 AM): ure rite
jonpharaoh93 (01:18:10 AM): i do like u alot
tim46107 (01:18:29 AM): how often do you jack off
tim46107 (01:18:43 AM): i like you alot too
jonpharaoh93 (01:18:47 AM): like 2 or 3x
jonpharaoh93 (01:18:54 AM): a day
jonpharaoh93 (01:18:58 AM): is that alot?
tim46107 (01:19:07 AM): same here
jonpharaoh93 (01:19:18 AM): kewl
jonpharaoh93 (01:19:20 AM): :)
tim46107 (01:19:38 AM): u got me hard now jon (Ick.)
tim46107 (01:19:42 AM): dman
tim46107 (01:19:43 AM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:19:51 AM): !!! im sorry
jonpharaoh93 (01:19:52 AM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:19:58 AM): howd i do that?
jonpharaoh93 (01:20:03 AM): :)
tim46107 (01:20:21 AM): lol thinking talking about u
jonpharaoh93 (01:20:37 AM): thinkin bout next weekend? lol
tim46107 (01:21:02 AM): yea and how much i like you
jonpharaoh93 (01:21:09 AM): awesom
jonpharaoh93 (01:21:11 AM): wow
jonpharaoh93 (01:21:19 AM): i cant belief that someone actually likes me!
tim46107 (01:21:51 AM): i just want you to make sure you really want to (Yeah, because you don't want to get your ass in trouble.)
tim46107 (01:22:01 AM): why u say that
jonpharaoh93 (01:22:13 AM): ure so sweet n thoghtful
tim46107 (01:22:15 AM): yea i do really
tim46107 (01:23:09 AM): i bet there is alot of girls after you in school
jonpharaoh93 (01:23:27 AM): uhm not rlly well a few
jonpharaoh93 (01:23:37 AM): i dont rlly pay attenton to them tho
tim46107 (01:24:06 AM): is there any gay guys in your school
jonpharaoh93 (01:24:26 AM): well their r soem that people call fag n stuff but noone whos like out
tim46107 (01:25:02 AM): its cool
jonpharaoh93 (01:25:22 AM): their r a few i think they r
tim46107 (01:25:33 AM): i couldnot handle being called that in school
jonpharaoh93 (01:26:00 AM): no way man it would suck
jonpharaoh93 (01:26:06 AM): thats y i cant be out
tim46107 (01:26:20 AM): yea same here
jonpharaoh93 (01:26:47 AM): yep
jonpharaoh93 (01:27:30 AM): :)
jonpharaoh93 (01:27:53 AM): did u fall alseep?
tim46107 (01:28:00 AM): no lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:28:07 AM): o ok lol just chekcin
tim46107 (01:28:34 AM): truthfully im thinking about jacking off
jonpharaoh93 (01:28:49 AM): OMG wow
tim46107 (01:29:08 AM): why
jonpharaoh93 (01:29:43 AM): why whut?
jonpharaoh93 (01:29:58 AM): who where why lol
tim46107 (01:30:03 AM): u said omg wow
jonpharaoh93 (01:30:22 AM): oh lol sorry
jonpharaoh93 (01:30:43 AM): i wish i could im 2 scarred my mom would walk in lol
tim46107 (01:30:51 AM): dont be sorry
tim46107 (01:31:21 AM): has she ever cought u before
jonpharaoh93 (01:31:25 AM): yes
jonpharaoh93 (01:31:30 AM): it was so mbararsing
tim46107 (01:31:42 AM): what she say
jonpharaoh93 (01:32:11 AM): she said OH MY GOD! n screammed
jonpharaoh93 (01:32:20 AM): and said i should nt do that
tim46107 (01:33:00 AM): why there is nothing wrong with doing that
jonpharaoh93 (01:33:06 AM): i dunno
jonpharaoh93 (01:33:11 AM): then she told my gramma bout it too
jonpharaoh93 (01:33:21 AM): my gramma looked mad at me
jonpharaoh93 (01:33:33 AM): said i shouldnt do that god doesnt like it
tim46107 (01:33:49 AM): aww
jonpharaoh93 (01:34:19 AM): yea
jonpharaoh93 (01:34:26 AM): ur mom ever bust u?
tim46107 (01:34:35 AM): no
jonpharaoh93 (01:35:07 AM): lucky
tim46107 (01:35:28 AM): when i was in hs i hade a frend spend the night and he cought me
jonpharaoh93 (01:38:01 AM): oh ya??
jonpharaoh93 (01:38:03 AM): what happen then?
tim46107 (01:39:24 AM): nm just made fun for about 1 min
jonpharaoh93 (01:39:30 AM): oh LOL
jonpharaoh93 (01:39:40 AM): like he did it too?
jonpharaoh93 (01:40:35 AM): or no
tim46107 (01:40:54 AM): hea about an hour after
tim46107 (01:40:55 AM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:41:04 AM): did u bust him then?
tim46107 (01:41:23 AM): we were in bunk beds
jonpharaoh93 (01:41:28 AM): o i c
jonpharaoh93 (01:41:43 AM): hehe
tim46107 (01:41:52 AM): yea lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:42:15 AM): thats kewl
jonpharaoh93 (01:42:20 AM): how old were u
tim46107 (01:42:31 AM): 13 14
jonpharaoh93 (01:42:40 AM): oh so my age
jonpharaoh93 (01:42:46 AM): kewl :)
tim46107 (01:42:49 AM): yea
jonpharaoh93 (01:43:13 AM): yea
jonpharaoh93 (01:43:22 AM): im i borring u?
tim46107 (01:43:33 AM): no not at all
tim46107 (01:43:46 AM): just took a leak
jonpharaoh93 (01:43:49 AM): o ok
jonpharaoh93 (01:43:55 AM): lol hope everything came out ok
tim46107 (01:43:57 AM): why u ask
tim46107 (01:44:04 AM): lo yea
tim46107 (01:44:28 AM): im just getting tired
jonpharaoh93 (01:44:36 AM): yeah
jonpharaoh93 (01:44:41 AM): i gotta be honest i am to
jonpharaoh93 (01:44:53 AM): should we mebbie call it a day n tlak toomarrow again?
tim46107 (01:44:54 AM): yea
jonpharaoh93 (01:45:01 AM): ookay
jonpharaoh93 (01:45:10 AM): hey mebbie we could talk on the phone one of these days?
jonpharaoh93 (01:45:24 AM): if u wanna
tim46107 (01:45:41 AM): kool if not tomarrow then tomarrow night
jonpharaoh93 (01:45:45 AM): awesom
tim46107 (01:45:54 AM): hell yea i want to
jonpharaoh93 (01:45:59 AM): sweet :)
jonpharaoh93 (01:46:04 AM): ok Tim
jonpharaoh93 (01:46:09 AM): u have an awesom
jonpharaoh93 (01:46:10 AM): nite
tim46107 (01:46:19 AM): jon u2
jonpharaoh93 (01:46:23 AM): *HUGZ*
jonpharaoh93 (01:46:26 AM): *MUAH*
tim46107 (01:46:27 AM): gnite
jonpharaoh93 (01:46:29 AM): gnite
tim46107 (01:46:29 AM): aww
jonpharaoh93 (01:46:37 AM): cuddle w ur doggie
tim46107 (01:46:42 AM): :-*
jonpharaoh93 (01:46:43 AM): ill cuddle w..
jonpharaoh93 (01:46:44 AM): myself
tim46107 (01:46:58 AM): aww
tim46107 (01:47:14 AM): yea she is at my side lol
jonpharaoh93 (01:47:18 AM): LOL
jonpharaoh93 (01:47:22 AM): ok Jon u have a great nite
jonpharaoh93 (01:47:27 AM): talk to u tomarrow
tim46107 (01:47:38 AM): k gnight
jonpharaoh93 (01:47:39 AM): :X
tim46107 (01:48:01 AM): by till then

jonpharaoh93 (12:55:31 AM): Well Tim i gotta to bed school in the mornin i waited for u tho i hope u had a happy easter

tim46107 (11:13:20 PM): hi easter was good hope yours was to sorry been busy hope to talk to you tomarrow
jonpharaoh93 (11:13:26 PM): hey!
tim46107 (11:13:32 PM): hey
jonpharaoh93 (11:13:33 PM): hor r u
jonpharaoh93 (11:13:37 PM): u have 2 go?
tim46107 (11:13:45 PM): no
tim46107 (11:14:03 PM): i didnot think you were on here
jonpharaoh93 (11:14:07 PM): oh
jonpharaoh93 (11:14:12 PM): yea i keep gettin booted on n off
tim46107 (11:14:13 PM): what you upto
tim46107 (11:14:26 PM): its cool
jonpharaoh93 (11:14:32 PM): im not up to much
jonpharaoh93 (11:14:38 PM): juser wonderin where uve been lol
tim46107 (11:14:57 PM): been around asorry
jonpharaoh93 (11:15:07 PM): o
jonpharaoh93 (11:15:12 PM): i figure u dindt like me anymor
jonpharaoh93 (11:15:17 PM): or sumthin
tim46107 (11:15:22 PM): aww why u say that
jonpharaoh93 (11:15:31 PM): i dunno u just like disappear
jonpharaoh93 (11:16:05 PM): no hi hello no email nuttin
tim46107 (11:16:10 PM): na just shit going on know whaT I MEAN
jonpharaoh93 (11:16:10 PM): just POOF no more Tim
jonpharaoh93 (11:16:16 PM): yeaaaaaa i do
jonpharaoh93 (11:16:24 PM): sokay
jonpharaoh93 (11:16:27 PM): ure on now
tim46107 (11:16:33 PM): yea
tim46107 (11:17:22 PM): how the week going
jonpharaoh93 (11:17:29 PM): eh crappy i have a test tomororw
tim46107 (11:17:48 PM): bummer
tim46107 (11:17:49 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:17:59 PM): yup
jonpharaoh93 (11:18:09 PM): its math too
jonpharaoh93 (11:18:10 PM): math blows
tim46107 (11:19:08 PM): kea i know
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:09 PM): so kewl
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:13 PM): ure alive n stuff :)
tim46107 (11:20:13 PM): so what else is up
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:19 PM): not much
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:22 PM): kinda xcited
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:23 PM): hehehe
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:29 PM): momz leavvvvin!!
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:30 PM): w00t
tim46107 (11:20:34 PM): cking email
tim46107 (11:20:48 PM): thats cool
jonpharaoh93 (11:20:56 PM): yea bud
tim46107 (11:20:57 PM): u excites
jonpharaoh93 (11:21:13 PM): 'uhh yea i just said i was
jonpharaoh93 (11:21:22 PM): dork :-p
tim46107 (11:21:22 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:21:24 PM): pay attn
tim46107 (11:21:29 PM): i know
jonpharaoh93 (11:21:31 PM): there wil be a test at t he end of the day
tim46107 (11:21:44 PM): ill fail
tim46107 (11:21:45 PM): lol
tim46107 (11:22:13 PM): jon u have any pics u can send me
jonpharaoh93 (11:22:28 PM): i have one pic of me
jonpharaoh93 (11:22:32 PM): that i scan in computer class
jonpharaoh93 (11:22:37 PM): didnt u see it already tho?
tim46107 (11:23:02 PM): yea u have anymore
jonpharaoh93 (11:23:07 PM): no sorry
tim46107 (11:23:31 PM): bummer just curious
tim46107 (11:24:16 PM): hey its cool
tim46107 (11:25:15 PM): so what u doing
jonpharaoh93 (11:25:26 PM): brb
tim46107 (11:25:32 PM): ok
jonpharaoh93 (11:30:38 PM): hi
tim46107 (11:30:48 PM): where u go
jonpharaoh93 (11:31:00 PM): get food
jonpharaoh93 (11:31:04 PM): im hungry
tim46107 (11:31:05 PM): lol
jonpharaoh93 (11:31:30 PM): why
tim46107 (11:31:47 PM): why whyy whay
tim46107 (11:31:55 PM): what*
jonpharaoh93 (11:31:59 PM): yes why
tim46107 (11:32:14 PM): why what
tim46107 (11:32:16 PM): lol
tim46107 (11:32:17 PM): hu
tim46107 (11:33:00 PM): im tired
jonpharaoh93 (11:33:26 PM): me to
tim46107 (11:33:44 PM): yup
jonpharaoh93 (11:33:58 PM): yup
tim46107 (11:34:00 PM): will you be around tomarrow
jonpharaoh93 (11:34:03 PM): yup
jonpharaoh93 (11:34:04 PM): u?
tim46107 (11:34:12 PM): yea should be
jonpharaoh93 (11:34:17 PM): ok
jonpharaoh93 (11:34:20 PM): lets talk
tim46107 (11:34:24 PM): talk on the phone
jonpharaoh93 (11:34:37 PM): sure i think i mite b able to
tim46107 (11:34:49 PM): when'
jonpharaoh93 (11:35:20 PM): mebbie around this time
jonpharaoh93 (11:35:28 PM): i dunno depends on my mom
tim46107 (11:35:36 PM): cool
tim46107 (11:35:59 PM): maybe thurday
jonpharaoh93 (11:36:08 PM): kewl
tim46107 (11:36:21 PM): that be better
jonpharaoh93 (11:36:26 PM): maybe
jonpharaoh93 (11:36:30 PM): depends like i say :)
jonpharaoh93 (11:36:39 PM): well figgure sumthin oout tho
jonpharaoh93 (11:36:53 PM): ok?
tim46107 (11:36:57 PM): ok kool
tim46107 (11:37:03 PM): im off to bed
jonpharaoh93 (11:37:05 PM): sweet ok
jonpharaoh93 (11:37:07 PM): gnite Tim!!!!!
jonpharaoh93 (11:37:09 PM): ttyl
tim46107 (11:37:14 PM): later

tim46107 (11:30:24 PM): hey

jonpharaoh93 (04:15:22 AM): OMFG whut a shitty nite to have my internet break down :(
tim46107 (01:51:19 PM): yea been there

jonpharaoh93 (02:47:15 PM): dammit i just missed U again!!

jonpharaoh93 (07:49:48 PM): Hey so we don tmiss eachother again my number is
jonpharaoh93 (07:49:59 PM): **EDIT**
jonpharaoh93 (07:50:11 PM): gimme a call if u wanna tonite


jonpharaoh93 (02:42:26 AM): Ok tim I should be home from school around 2 so call me then k?
jonpharaoh93 (02:42:30 AM): sweet :)

tim46107 (04:03:51 PM): k im leaving in a few
jonpharaoh93 (04:04:03 PM): alrite Tim sweet cu then :)
tim46107 (04:04:16 PM): k tty later

You know the drill by now. Tim showed, got arrested. Natch.

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

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