Lawrence Jay Frank wants to abduct a 14 year old child, keep her hidden and rape her repeatedly.
Bust by Silver Jordan @ 4/5/2016 7:52 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Lawrence Jay Frank, 45
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Location: Montgomery, AL, Alabama
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit dont_hay_me, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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March 21, 2008

soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:43:03 PM): hey where in bama?
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:45:26 PM): hi 14 f demopolis u?
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:45:46 PM): you have pic?
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:46:32 PM): ya i have lots
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:46:35 PM): how old r u?
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:47:30 PM): 32 lets see what you have
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:49:09 PM): hold on im lookin
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:49:42PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:52:58 PM): you like older guys to make you hot and cum?
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:54:25 PM): um i dunno
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:54:51 PM): u have a pic?
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:55:06 PM): would you want to meet?
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:55:18 PM): u mean 4 realz?
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:55:24 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:55:35 PM): i dunno i never met any1 from online b4
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:55:49 PM): can i c ur pic?
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:56:57 PM): yd u close it?
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:57:19 PM): hello?
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:57:24 PM): sorry
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:57:32 PM): sorry 4 what?
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:57:44 PM): for clsoing accidentlaly
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:57:48 PM): oh
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:57:51 PM): do u have a pic?
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:58:00 PM): no I don't sorry
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:58:09 PM): what do u look like?
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:58:26 PM): 5 10 175
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:59:11 PM): what color hair eyes?
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 9:59:29 PM): green eyes brown hair
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 9:59:41 PM): omg my eyes r green 2 lol
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 10:00:09 PM): im hayley btw
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 10:00:11 PM): funy huh
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 10:00:19 PM): nice to meet you Jake
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 10:00:26 PM): nice 2 meet u 2
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 10:00:59 PM): you too
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 10:01:22 PM): thx
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 10:01:28 PM): do u chat alot?
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 10:01:36 PM): not really no
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 10:03:11 PM): gotta go for now stay sweet ok?
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 10:03:19 PM): k can i add u?
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 10:03:21 PM): u seem kinda kewl
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 10:03:36 PM): just not onmuch would be a waste
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 10:03:45 PM): whatever
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 10:04:00 PM): just beinghonest may ot be on for weeks has been weeks snce on last
dont_hay_me (03/21/08 10:04:15 PM): dont matter 2 me im on all the time lol
soulkeepndaddy (03/21/08 10:04:25 PM): I hear ya
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:18:29 PM): I see you are on again would you like man to eat your sweet pussy?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:19:14 PM): do i kno u?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:19:42 PM): we chated the otehr day you sent me some pics do you want to know what it feels like to have an awesome orgasm?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:20:01 PM): i dunno wahts thats like and i dont remember talkin 2 u
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:20:05 PM): whats ur asl?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:20:21 PM): 30 male near Montgomery
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:20:31 PM): im 14 f demopolis
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:20:35 PM): that is what i awnt to show you
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:20:39 PM): want
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:20:57 PM): make you feel so good you will want to run away and be with me forever
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:21:11 PM): how u gonna show me that?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:21:49 PM): by being with you kisisng you licking your pussy till you cum then sticking my cock in you
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:22:22 PM): u just messin around w me or serious?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:22:41 PM): very serious if you want to
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:22:59 PM): lolz mayb wahts ur name anyway?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:23:07 PM): Jake
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:23:13 PM): im hayley
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:23:23 PM): pretty name
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:23:29 PM): thx
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:23:36 PM): tell me what you want baby
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:23:58 PM): i dunno lol
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:24:17 PM): I can make you feel so good you cant beleive it
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:24:23 PM): u gotta pic?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:24:40 PM): no but it wil be all you think about once you let me
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:24:53 PM): lol
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:24:59 PM): what do u look like then r u cute?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:25:14 PM): yes cute by most standards
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:25:39 PM): do you want to feel a man eat your sweet pussy?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:25:48 PM): feel his cock inside of you
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:26:00 PM): i never did the 1st part of that b4 is it fun?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:26:22 PM): yes you will love it
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:26:39 PM): lol my friend tole me that 1
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:26:42 PM): 2 i mean
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:27:02 PM): have you had cock in you?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:27:07 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:27:16 PM): do you like to fuck?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:27:33 PM): it was ok i only did that like 2x
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:27:36 PM): 1st time it hurt
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:27:47 PM): it will get betert and better each time
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:27:53 PM): really?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:27:57 PM): yes
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:28:05 PM): we would do it every day
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:28:21 PM): lol
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:28:30 PM): you would want to trust me
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:28:45 PM): y do i wanna trust u? i dont even kno u
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:29:11 PM): after I eat yopur pussy you won't want to leave my side
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:29:33 PM): what if i dont like it?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:29:49 PM): baby youa re going to love it
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:30:08 PM): u really think so?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:30:13 PM): I know so
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:30:21 PM): you will go nuts i am that good
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:30:28 PM): ohh
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:31:27 PM): question is can you handle feling that good?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:31:39 PM): i guess i dunno lol
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:31:57 PM): you will fall in love with the way i tret you
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:32:00 PM): treat
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:32:11 PM): how do u kno that? lol
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:32:25 PM): because youa re a sweet girl who wantsa sweet guy
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:32:35 PM): ya my xbf was a jerk
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:32:58 PM): I am really sweet and will treat you right
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:33:10 PM): you will want to make babies with me
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:33:31 PM): my mom would effin kill me if i got preg
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:33:43 PM): you wouldn't be with her anymore you would be with me
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:33:57 PM): you want to do it don't you?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:34:06 PM): i dunno u mean like 4ever?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:34:15 PM): yes
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:34:29 PM): be loved forever
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:35:23 PM): like ur jus messin w me rite?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:35:36 PM): no baby tell me you want that
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:36:06 PM): well mayb it sounds kinda nice but i dont really kno u how do i kno ur not goin 2 like hurt me or anything?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:36:13 PM): no more school just love
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:36:29 PM): becuase i wnt your love eceryday I could never hurt you
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:36:36 PM): i hate school
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:36:51 PM): want to be my forever lover?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:37:12 PM): mayb can we talk more 1st so i kno ur 4 realz
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:37:18 PM): sure
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:37:30 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:37:33 PM): you have webcam or dig cam?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:37:45 PM): no moms a bitch bout me havin a cam
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:38:03 PM): ready to leave her huh?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:38:33 PM): i dunno i wouldnt have 2 follow her stupid rules then tho
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:38:44 PM): thats right
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:39:01 PM): just have lots of good sex with me
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:39:02 PM): u wouldnt make me go 2 school?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:39:06 PM): no
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:39:20 PM): would u let me play video games? mom thinks there bad but i really wanna wii
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:39:34 PM): if you do what i say sex wise yes
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:39:44 PM): well like what would i have 2 do?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:40:04 PM): kiss me let me eat you let me fuck you you suck my cock all godo stuff i promise
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:40:10 PM): good
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:40:54 PM): what if i dont like somethin?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:41:00 PM): like what?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:41:05 PM): you wil love it all
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:41:14 PM): well i dunno
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:41:20 PM): if you let me show you how you will love all of it
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:41:42 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:41:56 PM): you have any special pics of you?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:42:07 PM): i have alotta pics
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:42:14 PM): let me see them all
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:42:21 PM): k hold on i find em
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:42:24 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:46:31 PM): I love your hair
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:46:31 PM): how many pics u want lol im prolly borin u
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:46:38 PM): thx
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:46:43 PM): keep going baby
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:48:28 PM): you look awesome
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:48:37 PM): wish i could c how u look
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:49:02 PM): ARE YOU WNTING TO FEEL ME KISS YOU AND BE SWEET TO YOU?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:49:14 PM): sounds nice
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:49:21 PM): do u gotta cam?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:49:29 PM): NO SORRY
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:49:36 PM): oh :(
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:50:00 PM): you want to blow off schol and have me come get you this week?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:50:23 PM): u really would?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:50:27 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:50:51 PM): but if i do im never coming home again like ever?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:51:05 PM): if you will stay with me
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:51:48 PM): can i think bout it a little bit?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:51:54 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:51:58 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:52:04 PM): you have more pics?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:52:09 PM): from disney
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:52:16 PM): let me see
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:52:19 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:54:00 PM): have any pics of you your mom doesnt know about?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:54:09 PM): she dont kno bout any of these
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:54:19 PM): clara took em and sent them in email 2 me
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:54:29 PM): im not sposed 2 have pics on here ha ha
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:54:45 PM): you have any others f you?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:54:55 PM): thats all
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:55:05 PM): clara mite have more she didnt send me yet
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:55:52 PM): well you are beautiful
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:56:01 PM): aww thx
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:56:28 PM): I gotta go sweety
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:56:33 PM): already?
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:56:36 PM): you do too school tomorrow right?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:56:43 PM): ya it sucks
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:56:50 PM): I know but not forever
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:57:09 PM): can u get me a pic next time we talk? i wanna c how u look
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:57:14 PM): so we wil chat more ok?
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:57:24 PM): ya that would b kewl
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:57:31 PM): ok take care stay sweet
dont_hay_me (03/26/08 11:57:41 PM): nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (03/26/08 11:57:43 PM): bye
dont_hay_me (03/27/08 10:03:20 PM): hi jake
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:05:56 PM): been thinking of me gettng you?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:06:08 PM): hi ya
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:06:13 PM): hi
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:06:14 PM): u werent online tho
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:06:46 PM): so is it something you wnt?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:07:06 PM): ya i like talkin 2 u
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:07:22 PM): I mean to meet me and make love to me
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:07:54 PM): ohh well ya i think so
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:08:13 PM): wanna sneak out one night?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:08:53 PM): i guess so but i kinda wanna kno u some more on here u kno im a little nervous
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:09:39 PM): is ok I can wait and be patient sweety
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:10:03 PM): ok i thought u would b mad at me
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:10:15 PM): not even close
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:10:22 PM): kewl
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:10:45 PM): im kinda in a bad mood 2nite sorry
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:10:52 PM): why
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:11:09 PM): mom says we hafta move
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:11:16 PM): 2 where?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:11:47 PM): shes not sure yet but she said shes been looking at places
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:12:03 PM): far or close?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:12:21 PM): she said still in bama so i guess close
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:12:33 PM): she have betetr job or what?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:12:41 PM): she wants 2 buy a house
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:13:01 PM): prolly not far what does she do for iving
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:13:10 PM): she takes xrays
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:13:29 PM): decent money
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:13:48 PM): im kinda pissed bout it i hope i dont hafta change schools
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:14:04 PM): might get to give up school with me
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:14:28 PM): ya ur serious u wont make me go 2 school?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:14:38 PM): if you make love to me al of the time
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:14:48 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:15:26 PM): deal
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:15:36 PM): ya
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:15:46 PM): do u work?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:15:52 PM): think you could sneak out for a couple of hours and try me out?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:15:55 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:16:23 PM): ya mayb when moms workin
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:16:27 PM): what do u do?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:16:56 PM): asst manager store
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:17:12 PM): kewl kinda like the boss?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:17:20 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:17:45 PM): do u like it?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:17:49 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:18:09 PM): they should pay kids 2 go 2 school i mite like it more lol
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:18:24 PM): lol
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:18:58 PM): what hours mom work?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:19:10 PM): it changes all the time shes on days rite now
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:19:25 PM): able to act liek going to schoola nd blow off?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:19:54 PM): when shes on days she drives me 2 claras and her mom takes me
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:20:18 PM): can u cut class early?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:20:21 PM): she thinks i wont wake up 4 the bus
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:20:46 PM): prolly
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:21:13 PM): riday?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:21:18 PM): friday
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:21:49 PM): i wanna kno u some more 1st k?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:21:52 PM): like on here
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:22:08 PM): we can jusy kiss if you want
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:22:31 PM): its kewl i just never met any1 online b4 u kno
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:22:46 PM): it is ok
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:23:10 PM): i kno u prolly think im like a dork or something
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:23:17 PM): nope
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:23:25 PM): its really kewl talkin 2 u i just wanna b sure ur kewl 1st
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:23:40 PM): no prob
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:23:56 PM): ur not mad?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:24:01 PM): nope
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:24:27 PM): thx its so kewl u understand not like my mom w moving
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:24:42 PM): is ok sweety
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:25:03 PM): thx
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:25:25 PM): welcome
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:26:26 PM): ur really nice
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:26:38 PM): more than you know
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:27:11 PM): no i feel like a tard
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:27:26 PM): now i mean
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:27:35 PM): why?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:28:06 PM): cause ur really nice and im just kinda nervous i guess
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:28:22 PM): is ok
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:30:03 PM): what r u doin?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:30:06 PM): u busy?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:30:22 PM): wtching puppy
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:30:30 PM): awww
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:30:40 PM): what kinda puppy do u have?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:30:47 PM): he chews alot
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:30:52 PM): lol
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:30:55 PM): lap spaniel mix
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:31:08 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:31:38 PM): will be big
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:32:01 PM): thats kewl tho i dont like those little tiny dogs peeps put in there purse lol
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:32:20 PM): will be 60-90 pounds
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:32:38 PM): lol hes gonna b way 2 big 4 a purse ha ha
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:32:52 PM): will carry purse
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:33:06 PM): lolz
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:33:13 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:33:44 PM): whats his name?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:34:09 PM): King
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:34:36 PM): cute
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:34:45 PM): he can be
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:34:57 PM): mom wont let me get a puppy
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:35:35 PM): you can pkay with mine
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:35:46 PM): kewl
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:35:57 PM): she says im not repsonsible
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:36:40 PM): is ok as long as u take care of me
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:37:08 PM): lol
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:37:23 PM): you want to huh?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:37:33 PM): i think so
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:37:41 PM): cool
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:39:23 PM): so think about friday
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:39:30 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:53:09 PM): mayb when mom goes 2 sleep we can talk on the phone
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:53:43 PM): would you liek that when does she go to sleep?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:53:55 PM): i dunno when shes tired i guess ha ha
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:54:38 PM): not allowed to haev frieds call?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:54:49 PM): not this late
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:55:02 PM): when you get hoem froms chool?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:55:22 PM): ya if shes not here
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:55:32 PM): tomorrow?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:56:16 PM): i dunno depends if shes here or if she goes somewhere after work
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:56:32 PM): pop online if she is gone
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:56:38 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:56:39 PM): right away
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:57:37 PM): want to hear your sweet voice
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:57:56 PM): kewl would b nice 2 hear ur voice 2
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:58:16 PM): cool so as soon as u get home which is when?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:59:07 PM): i 4got im going 2 claras after school 2morow :(
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:59:20 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 10:59:28 PM): wednesday?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 10:59:48 PM): whenver ur on and shes not home or sleepin i can call
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:00:33 PM): would be better if I call you so it can't be traced
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:00:58 PM): i gotta calling card from my gramma so in case mom checks the bill or anything
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:01:33 PM): still traceable from that end I have a scrambler andcard
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:02:05 PM): oh whats a scrambler?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:02:29 PM): device used to keep calls from being caller ided
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:03:48 PM): oh but that still not gonna work if shes sleepin it will wake her up and if shes not home she forwards it 2 her cell in case work calls
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:04:09 PM): not if you pick up first ring
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:05:04 PM): ya mayb but i dont wanna get caught or shes gonna bitch
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:05:52 PM): I wouldn't let you be caught
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:06:29 PM): id b grounded 4ever
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:06:59 PM): not if I came to get you
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:07:19 PM): well if im grounded and cant get out
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:07:40 PM): when she isn't home she couldn't stop you
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:07:47 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:08:05 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:14:35 PM): can i ask u somethin dumb?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:14:47 PM): sure
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:15:04 PM): how do u kno ur gonna like me 4 realz?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:15:29 PM): can tell once we talk
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:17:04 PM): how can u tell?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:17:12 PM): tone of voice
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:17:19 PM): oh lolz
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:27:31 PM): what if u dont like my voice? ha ha
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:27:47 PM): what if I love it
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:27:58 PM): i dunno
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:28:05 PM): see?
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:28:12 PM): ya
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:28:29 PM): did u find a pic yet?
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:28:46 PM): no
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:28:52 PM): :(
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:33:33 PM): ok gotta go sweety
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:33:48 PM): aww ok im tired anyway
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:33:56 PM): night baby
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:34:04 PM): nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (03/31/08 11:34:23 PM): night baby
dont_hay_me (03/31/08 11:34:34 PM): nite :)
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:32:09 PM): Hi sweety
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:32:16 PM): hi jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:32:32 PM): you gonna be home froms chool tomorow alone?
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:32:53 PM): no not 2morow
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:33:13 PM): what about during the weekend?
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:33:50 PM): i dunno yet thats a couple days away lol
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:34:09 PM): moms talkin bout me goin 2 grams this weekend
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:34:24 PM): where is grams house?
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:34:28 PM): hartford
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:34:53 PM): I don't even know whre that is would you be able to sneak out of there at night?
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:35:18 PM): mayb let me find out if im goin there 1st
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:35:43 PM): well if you are and I can get tehr I wouldlvoe to come meet you
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:36:05 PM): how u gonna do that if u dont know where it even is lol
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:36:14 PM): its near enterprise
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:36:29 PM): enterpirsie that is south of montogmery?
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:36:41 PM): ya i think so
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:36:54 PM): the are three enterprises in bama
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:37:04 PM): near dothan
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:37:09 PM): u kno where that is?
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:37:33 PM): yes
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:38:19 PM): thatis almost in fla
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:38:33 PM): do you know your ggrams address?
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:38:59 PM): no id have 2 ask mom
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:39:16 PM): what is your grams name?
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:39:40 PM): and her phonenumber I will see if I can findher that way
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:39:41 PM): margaret
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:39:45 PM): last nake too
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:39:48 PM): name
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:40:03 PM): peters
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:40:48 PM): im not givin u her number jeez id b dead if u called there
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:41:10 PM): I am not going to call I sweer
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:41:18 PM): I am going ot try to find her address that is all
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:41:20 PM): bsides id have 2 walk somewhere and meet u
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:41:27 PM): I know but I would need to be close
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:41:37 PM): ya let me find out if im even goin 1st
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:41:43 PM): I swear i won't call I wouldn't get you in trouble
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:41:55 PM): ya well i dont feel like gettin grounded
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:42:03 PM): that is why I wouldn't call
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:42:31 PM): I just want to be bale to find you sweety
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:42:44 PM): let me find out if im goin there 4 sure ok?
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:42:48 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:42:54 PM): ill ask mom 2morow and let u kno
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:43:01 PM): ok sweety I have to go for now
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:43:10 PM): awww already u just got here
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:43:20 PM): really tired baby have to get up early sorry
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:43:28 PM): ok :(
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:43:40 PM): thanks baby I will make up for it if we meet
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:43:49 PM): how u gonna do that?
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:43:58 PM): why don't you think of a way?
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:44:11 PM): well i dunno lol
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:44:21 PM): you have time think of what you wouldlike
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:44:28 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:44:29 PM): don't answer now
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:44:37 PM): nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:44:39 PM): but I gotta go baby
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:44:43 PM): night bay
soulkeepndaddy (04/02/08 10:44:45 PM): baby
dont_hay_me (04/02/08 10:44:50 PM): nite
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:47:54 PM): hey where at?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:48:08 PM): im home rite now and really not happy
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:48:30 PM): what wrong baby
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:49:22 PM): mom took the weekend off work 2 start packin i guess were movin in with gram til she finds a house there :(
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:49:48 PM): so she is moving down that way?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:50:00 PM): ya she wants 2 b closer 2 gram
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:50:09 PM): awful big move she have job there?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:50:19 PM): i wanna stay here w my friends tho so im pissed and sad i dunno
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:50:48 PM): well could alwaus live with me
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:51:18 PM): ya mayb its not like im gonna get 2 c my friends anyway
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:51:34 PM): ill have a new school and everything and i heard her talkin on the phone
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:51:40 PM): but I would keep youhappy and make you feel good every day
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:51:45 PM): and no school
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:51:45 PM): she knew bout this a long time and never ever told me!!!!!!
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:52:13 PM): ya i kno u told me that
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:53:17 PM): well do you want that
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:53:29 PM): ur not kiddin rite?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:53:39 PM): or want to try it at least
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:53:48 PM): as long as you are for real
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:54:01 PM): im not fake i hate fake peeps
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:56:20 PM): u still here?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:56:25 PM): yeah
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:56:30 PM): yahoo crashed
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:56:33 PM): sorry
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 9:56:33 PM): I asked are you for real
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:58:56 PM): yahoo sucks
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 9:59:18 PM): u got booted 2 i think
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:00:30 PM): tell mw your concerns wants and what you will not stand for
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:00:43 PM): you a smoker or non?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:00:53 PM): non
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:00:54 PM): do u?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:01:03 PM): nope hate it
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:01:18 PM): me 2
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:01:29 PM): I relly love to kiss a wholelot
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:01:42 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:01:46 PM): and lots more
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:01:56 PM): like what?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:02:04 PM): I lvoe to eat a womans pussy til she cums
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:02:17 PM): wow really?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:02:23 PM): allof the time
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:02:40 PM): i thought boys think thats gross
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:02:53 PM): baby you let me and i will never stop day afert day
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:03:15 PM): kewl i heard thats fun
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:04:11 PM): and I would want you to lick and suck on me as well
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:04:34 PM): if u want me 2 i would
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:04:44 PM): and we would make as many babies as youwant
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:04:54 PM): like when im older u mean?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:05:05 PM): or now if you wanted
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:05:11 PM): whatever youw ant
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:05:20 PM): as long as you want me
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:05:32 PM): i like kids and babys r really cute i jus dont kno if i want any rite now
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:05:43 PM): I will wait as long as ou want
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:05:57 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:06:08 PM): but when you let me do the things I want to do you willwant it all of the time
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:06:26 PM): how do u kno?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:06:33 PM): I am that good I know
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:06:39 PM): lolz
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:07:12 PM): sweety you laugh but I ahve blown amny women's minds with how good I am
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:07:37 PM): well i dont kno a real lot bout this kinda stuff
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:08:13 PM): I wil go slow and make it nice
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:08:30 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:08:52 PM): so when you want it to happen?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:09:28 PM): i dunno gonna hafta b after i go 2 grams cuz moms off all weekend and makin me help her pack
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:10:00 PM): ok well you will have to let me know exactly where she lives so I can find you nearby
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:10:30 PM): ok when i get there ill see whats close
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:10:43 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:11:16 PM): im prolly gonna have a couple days off school 2
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:11:25 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:11:33 PM): til she gets me registerd
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:11:38 PM): just let me know
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:11:47 PM): i will
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:11:55 PM): stay sweet
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:12:02 PM): r u leavin?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:12:07 PM): no
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:12:18 PM): oh it was like u were sayin bye lol
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:12:43 PM): do u have a nice house?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:13:03 PM): live in apt for now
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:13:11 PM): oh ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:13:30 PM): just for now
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:13:35 PM): do u have any video games?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:13:44 PM): have a wii
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:13:48 PM): omg u do?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:13:52 PM): and computer games
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:14:10 PM): wii is so kewl i wanted 1 of those really bad
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:14:25 PM): well if you are here you have one
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:14:33 PM): :) sweet
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:15:09 PM): can b if you are here
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:15:16 PM): ya sounds it
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:15:33 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:16:53 PM): what else u have?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:17:06 PM): as far as?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:17:14 PM): like a ipod?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:17:43 PM): naw but if you want stuff just have to ask and be real sweet to me
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:17:57 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:18:05 PM): im not mean anyway
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:18:15 PM): well sometimes when im mad like bout movin
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:18:30 PM): well I would keep you as happy as I could
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:18:40 PM): u r so nice
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:18:49 PM): if you only knew
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:19:03 PM): y do u say that?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:19:41 PM): because I am nicer in person
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:19:48 PM): awww
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:20:00 PM): well u already cheered me up
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:20:27 PM): wait till I kiss you and hold you and touch you and lick you all over
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:20:49 PM): u sure ur gonna like me enough 2 do all that stuf?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:21:34 PM): yuuuuuuuup
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:21:40 PM): as longas you want it you got it
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:22:22 PM): i kinda feel dumb cuz u kno so much and i dont like mayb u wont like me
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:22:58 PM): sweety as long as you are honest with me
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:23:06 PM): and you want to be loved
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:23:13 PM): and you want to love
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:23:27 PM): sounds nice and im not a lyer
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:23:34 PM): and want to be cared for like I can
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:23:54 PM): and like the htought of being touched sweetly every day fr hours
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:23:57 PM): thought
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:24:09 PM): sounds kinda nice
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:24:12 PM): brought to orgasm time after time
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:24:34 PM): told how beautiful you are every day
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:24:36 PM): i dont think that ever hapened
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:24:44 PM): it will with me
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:24:54 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:25:12 PM): I wil go slow and never stop until you feel so good you want to explode
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:25:19 PM): omg
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:25:31 PM): once you feel that god and know i want to do that
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:25:37 PM): you will need it everday
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:25:44 PM): good
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:25:55 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:26:28 PM): have you ever touched yourself gently?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:26:48 PM): i kinda tried it but it seemed wrong 2 do that urself
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:26:56 PM): are you in your room?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:27:00 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:27:06 PM): close door and lock it
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:27:26 PM): no moms still awake she will wonder whats up
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:27:36 PM): tell you what
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:27:40 PM): what?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:27:42 PM): you gonna stay up late tonight?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:27:50 PM): im gonna try
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:28:09 PM): what if i come back on later when she is asleep and we chat nicely and I will make you cum
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:28:24 PM): what time u coming back?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:28:35 PM): you tell me when you sure she will be asleep
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:29:04 PM): i dunno cuz shes off work and shes cleaning and fillin up boxes and stuff already
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:29:20 PM): I try back at 11?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:29:57 PM): k but im kinda scared ill get caught i dont wanna get in trouble
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:30:10 PM): I won't let you I promise ok?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:30:21 PM): we will work it out
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:30:38 PM): i really didnt like that by myself
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:30:54 PM): when you do it becaue I ask you it will be different
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:31:23 PM): still think its weird by myself
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:31:34 PM): you won't be by yourself it will be as if i am there
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:31:43 PM): you will see
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:31:46 PM): not really cuz ur not here
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:31:56 PM): sweety have a lil faith
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:32:10 PM): or i could just come get you
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:32:31 PM): u mean 2nite?
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:32:34 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:32:46 PM): theres no way i can get out now w her home
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:32:51 PM): :(
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:33:01 PM): ok then we will chat later and see if she is still up ok?
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:33:06 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:33:13 PM): sweet girl talk to you at 11
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:33:35 PM): bye for now
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 10:33:39 PM): k nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 10:33:44 PM): night sweety
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 11:33:52 PM): :( moms makin me get off the comp 2 help her ill try 2 get back on but i dunno when
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 11:33:56 PM): sorry
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 11:34:00 PM): is ok sweety
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 11:34:10 PM): oh i didnt kno u were still here
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 11:34:19 PM): but i still gotta go :(
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 11:34:19 PM): palying game but stll here
soulkeepndaddy (04/04/08 11:34:23 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 11:34:40 PM): cya later if ur still on and i can come back
dont_hay_me (04/04/08 11:34:44 PM): bye
dont_hay_me (04/06/08 2:36:03 PM): hi jake r u online?
dont_hay_me (04/06/08 2:36:18 PM): :(
soulkeepndaddy (04/06/08 3:54:46 PM): am now baby you ok?
dont_hay_me (04/08/08 9:33:46 PM): hi jake
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:00:38 PM): :(
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:19:22 PM): hey sweety how are yu?
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:19:36 PM): hi jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:19:56 PM): what is going on darlin?
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:20:10 PM): nothing really
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:20:15 PM): what bout w u?
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:20:44 PM): in a bit of pain hurt my self and trying to manage with medicine
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:21:03 PM): omg what happend?
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:22:17 PM): I hurt myself coupl weeks ago and it still isn't right but i saw doc todyand got medicine so hopefully will be beter soon
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:22:28 PM): what did u do?
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:22:50 PM): like how did u get hurt i mean
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:23:46 PM): working in very cramped locationhandling heavy pipes and starined my neck which is causing a nerbes to be pinched real bad
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:23:53 PM): nerves
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:24:06 PM): :( sorry
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:24:14 PM): i hope u feel better soon
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:24:28 PM): me tooo thank you
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:24:36 PM): yw
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:25:03 PM): does it hurt alot?
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:25:28 PM): at certain times yes like right ow it hurts right in my shoulder blade
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:25:44 PM): that sucks
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:26:04 PM): I will surive but you are right it does
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:26:16 PM): maybe you cna atle care of me one day
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:26:23 PM): can take care
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:26:33 PM): aww ya that mite b kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:26:39 PM): the way I will take care of you
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:26:42 PM): i dunno how 2 fix that tho
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:27:04 PM): well where the muslces ar tight apllying pressure like in a back rub
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:27:15 PM): oh ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:27:20 PM): just being sweet and caring helps aot
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:27:36 PM): ur so nice i wish u felt better
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:27:57 PM): I do talking with you
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:28:11 PM): awww
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:28:22 PM): but sitting here huts so I am going to lay back down tonight ok?
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:28:55 PM): awww ok i hope u feel better soon
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:29:03 PM): me too and I wnt to see you soon as well
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:29:13 PM): want me 2 call u and we can talk on the phone while u rest?
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:30:09 PM): that is very sweet but no baby I have been thinkng and we need to be careful if we wnt this t work we can't talk on the phone that is traced too esily if you relly want to be with me
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:30:28 PM): that sucks
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:31:04 PM): well if you want this for real until you decide to have me pick you up this is how it has to be
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:31:38 PM): i guess ur prolly rite but it would b nice 2 talk 2 u 4 realz
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:31:52 PM): I know baby I wouldlove to hear your sweet voice
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:32:00 PM): aww thx
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:32:13 PM): one day we will hear each other everyday
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:32:30 PM): :)
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:33:02 PM): anyway let me go lay downand i will talk to you soon
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:33:11 PM): ok hope u feel better
soulkeepndaddy (04/09/08 10:33:30 PM): thank you baby
dont_hay_me (04/09/08 10:33:41 PM): yw
dont_hay_me (04/13/08 10:50:29 PM): u here?
soulkeepndaddy (04/14/08 4:41:22 AM): are you ok sweety?
dont_hay_me (04/16/08 10:44:52 PM): im ok gram is like a hawk so i gotta b careful on here
dont_hay_me (04/16/08 10:45:07 PM): miss talkin 2 u tho
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:25:55 PM): hi baby
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:26:01 PM): hi jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:26:06 PM): how ya been?
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:26:11 PM): horible
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:26:16 PM): what's wrong?
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:26:27 PM): i hate it here my new school sucks
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:26:32 PM): i hate bein the new kid
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:26:43 PM): you want me to come get you?
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:27:08 PM): that would b kewl but theres no way i can get out 2nite
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:27:22 PM): why is that?
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:27:33 PM): moms here and she grounded me
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:27:45 PM): grounded you fr what?
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:27:55 PM): cause i was mean 2 my gram
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:28:07 PM): shes like always going thru my stuff and im sick of it
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:28:39 PM): so i told her not 2 go thru my things anymore and what if i went in her room and went thru her stuff
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:28:56 PM): well i kinda yelled at her i guess but gawd like y she gotta b so nosy
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:29:05 PM): so your mom didn't get a new house she moved in with your gram?
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:29:29 PM): ya she didnt get a house yet shes still lookin 4 a job here
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:29:52 PM): thats weird that she would move under those circumstances
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:30:06 PM): shes goin 2 get the rest of our stuff next weekend tho and sending me 2 my crazy aunts house
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:30:37 PM): well cuz gram cant take care of herself she started a fire in the kitchen cuz she tried 2 cook w plastic bowls
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:30:52 PM): so gram is going senile huh
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:30:53 PM): demensha mom called it
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:31:00 PM): demntia
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:31:05 PM): dementia
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:31:19 PM): ya that lol sorry i didnt kno how 2 spell it
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:31:44 PM): gram will have to go in a home for the elderly she may have alzheimers
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:32:02 PM): people with alzheimers often get nasty at times
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:32:07 PM): thats like really bad then rite?
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:32:21 PM): ya shes mean 2 me alot and goes thru all my stuff
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:32:22 PM): eventually it will kill a person
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:32:42 PM): it isn't her fault it is the sickness I know it is rough but try to understand
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:32:46 PM): like wtf is she lookin 4?
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:33:00 PM): she doesn't even know it isn't re3ally her
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:33:11 PM): I know it is hard to comprehend
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:33:16 PM): well its not rite 2 do that
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:33:25 PM): she doesn't know right from wrong
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:33:33 PM): she is worse than a 2 year old
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:33:37 PM): y r u sticking up 4 her?
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:33:51 PM): nobody understands
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:33:56 PM): just telling you what dementia and alzheimers is like so you understand
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:34:05 PM): not sticking up for her at all
soulkeepndaddy (04/18/08 9:34:16 PM): she needs to be in a home for the elerly so they can care for her
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:34:46 PM): well then mom should put her there and stop makin us move
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:34:58 PM): i dont want 2 go 2 my aunts either shes nuts and she hates me
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:35:42 PM): but i have 2 go there thurs and stay until sunday cuz mom has 2 have all r stuff out of the old house
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:36:37 PM): and it really sucks cuz some1 from school finaly asked me 2 hang out and now i cant
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:37:30 PM): did u leave?
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:37:41 PM): :(
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:39:12 PM): at least aunt barb lets me do whatever i want just so im not in her way
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:41:39 PM): r u here?
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 9:44:19 PM): great now im the crazy 1 talkin 2 myself :(
dont_hay_me (04/18/08 11:35:39 PM): i was hopin u came back online
dont_hay_me (04/19/08 10:46:22 PM): hi?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 5:27:52 PM): just got home from work sweety
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:46:14 PM): hey baby you ready for me to come get you?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:46:28 PM): ya i hate it here
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:46:36 PM): ok give me teh address
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:46:39 PM): the
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:47:11 PM): i cant leave from here its 2 hard 2 get out w gram and mom maybe when i go 2 my aunts on thurs
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:47:23 PM): ok her address?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:47:37 PM): i dunno it its in ozark tho ill get it 4 u b4 then
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:47:57 PM): ok sweety you ready to be my lover and make babies with me?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:48:18 PM): u said u would wait 4 the babys rite i dunno if i want them rite now but someday
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:48:26 PM): sure can wait
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:48:31 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:48:50 PM): but you will do all thi things I want you to do right?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:49:03 PM): i guess so what do u want me 2 do?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:49:23 PM): let me kiss you suck your tits eat your pussy till you cum hard have you suck my cock
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:49:38 PM): make love to you over and over
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:49:51 PM): u promise u wont hurt me tho rite?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:50:24 PM): never ever hurt you
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:50:28 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:50:47 PM): is ozark far from u?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:51:01 PM): have to check
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:51:42 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:52:19 PM): im goin there on thurs and b there a couple days
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:52:39 PM): Thurs night would be best time for me to get you
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:52:58 PM): ok like what time?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:53:03 PM): takes about 2 hours fo me to get there
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:53:11 PM): just so i can make plans 2 get out
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:53:12 PM): you tell me whne you think you could sneak out or be out
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:53:42 PM): ok let me find out
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:54:11 PM): my aunt really dosent care what i do i can prolly tell her im stayin over my friend krissys house that lives there
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:54:31 PM): that will work how early do you think you could be out?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:54:32 PM): she would b glad 4 me 2 go anyway she hates me
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:55:06 PM): prolly dont matter what time u wanna come?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:55:16 PM): if you are good to me and love me I will love you forever
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:55:30 PM): awww i would never b mean 2 u ur so nice 2 me
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:55:46 PM): im sorry i was in a really bad mood last time we talked
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:55:59 PM): is ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:56:12 PM): what time would be best for you to be out for me to come get you
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:56:50 PM): can't be any place too public that might have video cameras
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:56:57 PM): prolly dont matter 2 much ill just check w my aunt 2 make sure she doesnt have anything planned i hafta do
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:57:09 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:57:29 PM): are you excited for a night of slow hot sex?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:58:06 PM): sounds fun i hope u like me when u c me 4 realz u kno im worryed if u dont like me now
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:58:26 PM): why would you worry about that?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:58:54 PM): i dunno i worry lots i guess
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 9:59:30 PM): well do you want to snuggle be touched be kissed be made to feel sexy and loved all of the time?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 9:59:51 PM): ya that sounds kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:00:05 PM): then you have nothing to worry about
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:00:15 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:01:01 PM): cool
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:01:20 PM): you have a skirt you can wear for me when I pick you up?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:01:48 PM): ya i guess whats ur fav color?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:02:10 PM): that doesn't matter just want you to wear one with a t shirt no bra no undies
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:02:23 PM): I want to touch you right away
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:03:01 PM): thats kinda weird i never really went anywere in public w out wearing bran and pantys lol
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:03:23 PM): you won't be out in public long you will be with me touching each other as we drive back
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:03:44 PM): k what kinda car u got so i kno its u anyway?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:04:17 PM): I have to be careful in case anyway intercepts this, i will have a spcial code I say to you ok?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:04:44 PM): well i dont even have ur pic so how will i kno its u or not?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:05:09 PM): I wil know you and I will come up to you
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:05:36 PM): will call you sweet girl ok?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:05:54 PM): you don't want to be yanked back to your mom's do you?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:05:56 PM): ok well can u just tell me what color car?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:06:02 PM): omg no
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:06:39 PM): no sweety we have to be careful
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:06:47 PM): please trust me
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:07:03 PM): i do trust u but i think u dont trust me u dont even let me c a pic
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:07:24 PM): just be sure to be where we agree it is a long drive for me to go and you not be there
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:07:39 PM): i will b i promise
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:07:43 PM): sweety think about if someone else is able to read this
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:08:05 PM): my mom doesnt kno my passwords and i know how 2 delete it im not that dumb
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:08:22 PM): one of the things you have to do before you go is format your computer erase everything
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:08:34 PM): it isn't your mom you need to worry about
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:08:47 PM): i dont save my chats
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:09:05 PM): sweety even though you don't save it it is written deep on your hard rive
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:09:09 PM): drive
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:09:16 PM): oh
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:09:35 PM): so i dunno what 2 do then
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:09:50 PM): as far as what?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:10:25 PM): i dont save my chats so i dunno what u mean format my comp
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:10:52 PM): format is setting up hard drive to take all new data it is a complete erase
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:11:00 PM): nothing will be on
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:11:13 PM): you can do that then reinstall windows if you have a windows disk
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:11:50 PM): i dunno what u mean
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:12:09 PM): cant i just delete yahoo messenger?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:12:51 PM): no sweety that won't do it
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:13:06 PM): i dont kno then
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:13:07 PM): it isn't hard I will give you step by step before we meet
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:13:11 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:13:26 PM): which os do you have xp or vista
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:13:31 PM): xp
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:13:35 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:13:47 PM): do you have a widows setup disk?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:13:58 PM): i dont kno
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:14:06 PM): this is my moms old comp she has her own laptop
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:14:21 PM): so she gave me this one
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:14:24 PM): or a diskthat came with compuer to reinstall setup?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:14:39 PM): I can tell you what to do it is ok
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:14:41 PM): ill have 2 look around mayb i dunno
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:14:56 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:15:21 PM): I am going to let you grow you hair all the way to the floor
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:15:30 PM): have you ever shaved around your pussy?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:15:46 PM): like the whole thing?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:15:49 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:16:00 PM): no just in summer a little bit near my bathing suit
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:16:15 PM): I want you to shave the whole thing by tommorrow
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:16:27 PM): you will see why as i eat you and lick the skin around your pussy
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:16:36 PM): you will love it
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:16:45 PM): do u get razor burn there that would hurt
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:17:08 PM): omg what if i cut it by acident
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:17:08 PM): use hto wash cloth new razr sahving cream and shave in the right direction you shopuld be ok
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:17:49 PM): k i guess ill try it if thats what u want
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:18:02 PM): you will ove it you will see
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:18:05 PM): love it
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:18:08 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:19:15 PM): cool
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:19:30 PM): can i ask u somethin dumb?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:19:41 PM): ok sweety I have to go have some things to do before bed will talk with you tonorrow ok?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:19:45 PM): go ahead ask
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:20:15 PM): ur really gonna b there rite? u wont tell me anything and i hope ur serios
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:20:29 PM): very serious
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:20:37 PM): k me 2
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:20:39 PM): are you serious?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:20:42 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:20:47 PM): can you get me a special pic of you?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:20:56 PM): like what?
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:21:00 PM): no clothes
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:21:25 PM): i dont have a digi my friend clara took my pics 4 me and shes in demopolis :(
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:21:43 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:21:53 PM): but you would do it for me wouldn't you?
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:22:04 PM): if u promised not 2 show any1
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:22:12 PM): would only be for me forever
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:22:31 PM): i would 4 u if i could
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:22:47 PM): I believe you
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:23:09 PM): :)
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:23:10 PM): ok baby got to go for now
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:23:12 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:23:14 PM): nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/20/08 10:23:19 PM): night sweety
dont_hay_me (04/20/08 10:23:23 PM): >:D<
dont_hay_me (04/23/08 9:23:50 PM): jake? u online?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 12:05:28 PM): you need to give me an address and a time after 9 30 pm for me to pick you up
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:10:54 PM): hi 930 is like way 2 late i thought u ment like 4 or 5 i dont think i can get out that late and u werent online so i thought u were just playin me
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:11:27 PM): not playng sweety are you home alone?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:11:37 PM): no
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:11:43 PM): im at my aunts
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:11:49 PM): doesn't she work?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:12:05 PM): no
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:12:11 PM): so she is real old then?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:12:20 PM): no shes disable
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:12:40 PM): can you pretend to go to school tomorrow and instead i pick you up?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:13:09 PM): im not goin 2 school im in ozark im not at grams in hartford
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:13:24 PM): ok can you get out in the morning early?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:13:35 PM): like waht time?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:13:48 PM): you name a time and place you would like me to pick you up
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:14:26 PM): hold on lemme find out
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:14:30 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:16:15 PM): ya i can get out
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:16:24 PM): 2morow
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:16:57 PM): shes goin w her friend shoppin an 4 lunch
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:17:45 PM): so how ealry can you get out?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:18:11 PM): like 10?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:18:24 PM): i dont like wakin up 2 early if i dont hafta lol
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:18:26 PM): ok and where will I meet you?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:19:23 PM): theres a surgery center i can walk 2 it has a big parkin lot and theres not alot of peeps there
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:19:37 PM): name of it street it is on?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:19:52 PM): its on *Edit* an *Edit* road
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:20:28 PM): like on the corner theres a light there an u turn on *Edit* rd and its like rite there
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:20:45 PM): well not really a corner but like where the roads meet
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:20:56 PM): in ozark right/?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:20:59 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:21:08 PM): let me take a look hold on
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:21:26 PM): its name is *edit* surgery center i think
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:21:54 PM): ok hol don
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:22:05 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:22:37 PM): theres like nothin else around it
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:23:16 PM): coming down *edit* I woulds turn left onto *Edit* road?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:23:33 PM): ya
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:23:49 PM): its rite after the turn u can see it
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:23:50 PM): is it right near airport?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:24:31 PM): its rite at the intersecton
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:24:42 PM): what will you wear for me tomorrow?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:24:47 PM): where in parking lot will you be?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:25:06 PM): airports not near there
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:25:32 PM): I see blackwell field
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:25:47 PM): the parkin lot on the back of the buildin
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:25:52 PM): might be military air field
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:26:06 PM): so the small parking lot behind?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:26:25 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:26:45 PM): what will you be wearing for me and what street will you use to walk to med ceter?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:27:11 PM): *Edit* rd
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:27:27 PM): i dunno yet what u want me 2 wear
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:27:37 PM): what street will you take to get to *Edit* road?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:27:53 PM): skirt and shirt no bra no panties
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:28:21 PM): i dont want u near my aunts house if her neighbors c ill b dead
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:28:36 PM): I won't be I want to make sure I am going to right place I promise
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:29:15 PM): its *Edit*
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:29:23 PM): u turn left at the light
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:30:00 PM): if I were to be late which I doubt I will how long would you wait for me?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:30:24 PM): well im not waitin all day jeez
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:30:30 PM): how late u gonna b?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:30:32 PM): I mean 5 minutes ten what?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:30:41 PM): I don't think I will be late ata ll
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:30:52 PM): how long would you want me to wait for you if you are late?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:30:56 PM): like 15
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:31:16 PM): so if you are not walking in the lot by 10 15 you aren't coming is that abput right?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:31:19 PM): i mean if i had ur cell id call u w my callin card but ur bein all weird bout that
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:31:35 PM): ill b there on time
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:31:36 PM): just beng careful sweety you don't want to be dragged back do you?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:31:46 PM): no
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:31:53 PM): but i could call from a payphone or somethin
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:31:56 PM): just 2 c if ur lost
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:31:58 PM): don't bring a bag or anything ok?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:32:04 PM): I won't get lost trust me on that
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:32:07 PM): nothin?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:32:26 PM): just as if you were going for a walk unless you are telling your aunt youa re going to a friends and staying the night
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:32:34 PM): can i bring my mp3?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:32:38 PM): sure
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:32:44 PM): what r u gonna wear?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:32:51 PM): shorts and t shirt
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:33:00 PM): what color shirt?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:33:15 PM): im gonna wear my jean skirt and a blue shirt i think
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:33:26 PM): sweety you will know it is me when I come up to you and tell you what a pretty young lady you are
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:33:31 PM): I will use those exact words
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:33:38 PM): what a pretty young lady you are
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:33:59 PM): i know but im a little nervous i wanna b sure its u i dont wanna just walk up 2 a stranger
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:34:11 PM): I will walk up to you do not worry ok?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:34:40 PM): if you are there in skirt and no bra I will walk up to you and tell you what a pretty young lady you are
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:34:41 PM): well can u tell me how u look?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:34:46 PM): 5 9
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:34:51 PM): brown hair some grey
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:34:55 PM): hazle eyes
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:35:26 PM): u got gotee or mustash or anything?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:35:29 PM): no
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:35:34 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:35:57 PM): send me some of your pics again I want to see you sweety
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:36:09 PM): ur gonna get me lunch and stuff rite and clothes?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:36:14 PM): of course
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:36:45 PM): how bout somethin 2 drunk?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:36:49 PM): drink
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:36:54 PM): anything you want
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:37:08 PM): wine coolers?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:37:14 PM): once we get out of town yes
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:37:35 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:37:43 PM): send me pics sweety
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:37:56 PM): ther on my comp at home
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:38:00 PM): o ok
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:38:10 PM): look on my myspace theres sum there
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:38:14 PM): tell me what you want to happne as we drive back
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:38:23 PM): what is your myspace?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:38:30 PM): myspace
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:38:42 PM): what is the url of your myspace?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:38:54 PM): hold on ill get it
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:38:57 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:40:09 PM): *Edit Link*
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:42:00 PM): tell me what you want to happen as we drive back
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:42:18 PM): well i was hopin i could drink so im not so nervous lolz
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:42:25 PM): ok after that
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:42:57 PM): dont matter 2 me really it will b kewl jus bein w u finaly
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:43:17 PM): will you lean over put your head in my lap and take my cock in your mouth and love it real slow?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:43:34 PM): u want me 2 do that while ur drivin?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:43:37 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:43:57 PM): if u promis not 2 get in an acident and kill me lol
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:44:03 PM): o I wll be ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:44:10 PM): will you swallow when i cum in your mouth?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:44:21 PM): ewww
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:44:29 PM): you willlearn to love it f you love me
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:44:51 PM): will you ask me to finger you until you cum for me?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:45:10 PM): ya if u want he he
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:45:34 PM): talk about how bad you want me to make love to you?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:45:34 PM): i dont think that ever happend b4 tho
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:45:47 PM): it will with me
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:45:58 PM): kewl sounds fun
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:46:56 PM): ok so 10 oclock ok?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:46:59 PM): im so excited this is gonna b so much kewer
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:47:03 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:47:07 PM): ok I will be ther
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:47:08 PM): u kno where it is now?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:47:10 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:47:11 PM): me 2
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:47:19 PM): ok I have to go for now but I willbe there
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:47:28 PM): i will b 2 promis
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:47:30 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:47:47 PM): u gonna b online 2nite?
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:47:56 PM): might be sweety
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:48:03 PM): but I really have to go bye sweety
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:48:11 PM): k cya 2morow :)
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 4:48:17 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 4:48:31 PM): bye jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 11:29:08 PM): Hey so you swear you will be ther right?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:29:17 PM): omg ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 11:29:23 PM): no matter what right?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:29:29 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 11:29:41 PM): gas costs alot of money and is long drive
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:29:51 PM): i promis
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 11:30:03 PM): ok go to bed so you get up in time ok?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:30:08 PM): i hate living w gram it sucks i have no friends anymore
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:30:22 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 11:30:31 PM): ok sweety se you in the morning
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:30:36 PM): i cant wait
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 11:30:45 PM): if for some reason you can't make it let me kniw before 8 am
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:31:00 PM): ok but i can make it
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 11:31:09 PM): all right se you soon go to bed sweety
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:31:13 PM): u leave me an offline if u cant k?
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:31:17 PM): ill check wen i wake up
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 11:31:20 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:31:28 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/24/08 11:31:32 PM): nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/24/08 11:31:43 PM): night sweety
dont_hay_me (04/25/08 8:52:57 AM): hi jake everythings kewl my aunt is gettin ready 2 go w her friend cya at 10
soulkeepndaddy (04/25/08 1:01:44 PM): I just got back. I didn't see you but I saw undercover law enforcement and within a mile 4 readied police cars, so I guess that is that
dont_hay_me (04/25/08 1:08:21 PM): liar
dont_hay_me (04/25/08 1:09:05 PM): ur nothin but a liar an a player
dont_hay_me (04/25/08 1:09:47 PM): u made me promis and trust u but then u jus like playin games w my head like wtf
soulkeepndaddy (04/25/08 2:41:20 PM): no I WAS there but so were the cops I am not stupid
dont_hay_me (04/25/08 3:10:40 PM): if u were there u woulda saw me and i wouldnt of been standin there like a jerk waitin 4 u 2 show up
soulkeepndaddy (04/25/08 6:41:58 PM): I was there from ten till till ten after prhaps I was wigged out by all of the undercover cops and regular cops just a few blocks away waiting in their cars I didn't think you would want to be involved in anything like that I am sorry
dont_hay_me (04/25/08 9:11:45 PM): well i dont kno y u didnt c me if u were really there i didnt c no cops when i walked there and i waited a long time 4 u
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 1:38:58 PM): u here?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:10:24 PM): am now they were undrecovers cops near the med center and reg cops about 4 blcks away
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:11:10 PM): so how would they kno whats up anyway
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:11:18 PM): I am not acuss=sing you but did you tell anyone about us?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:11:24 PM): no
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:11:44 PM): then somehow they are monitoring your or my ims
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:12:11 PM): omg nobody even knows i chat on here cept 2 my friends irl
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:12:22 PM): trust me there is nothing I would rather have had than you in my arms doing things I want
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:12:32 PM): all weekend
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:12:52 PM): mayb some1 else was in trouble 4 somethin
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:13:01 PM): maybe it was a cooincendience maybe they weren't ther for us
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:13:26 PM): ya prolly but its like u stood me up
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:13:57 PM): you know if I came and got you you could never talk to any of your friends on computer or anything you could never visit and log onto your myspace
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:14:10 PM): sweety i was there
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:14:21 PM): ya rite
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:14:33 PM): took me am hour and 45 minutes
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:15:09 PM): whatever
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:15:46 PM): you don' have t believe me I understand your point of view but I don't want to get in trouble and would have hated to see you dragged back and in trouble as well
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:16:14 PM): I do care about what happens t you
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:16:17 PM): how would nebody kno that u werent jus pickin me up
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:16:28 PM): i think ur jus a player or ur like crazy wtf
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:16:49 PM): I am as real as they come
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:17:19 PM): well if u were real i wouldnt hafta go back 2 hartford in a little while and school 2morow
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:17:47 PM): if you saw what I saw you would have bolted also
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:17:57 PM): Looked too much like a set up
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:18:03 PM): if ur tellin the truth
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:18:32 PM): how do i kno ur not lyin 2 me all this time u wont even let me c ur pic or let me call u
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:18:47 PM): i trusted u totally and look what happend
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:18:51 PM): I told you I would call you
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:18:57 PM): anytime you want
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:19:20 PM): ya but they will hear the phone ring
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:20:24 PM): say it was a worng number
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:20:30 PM): i thought this was gonna b so kewl u kno
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:20:47 PM): if i do that then i cant really talk 2 u neway jeez
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:20:57 PM): you can hear that I am real
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:21:22 PM): if u were real u wud of been there if u really wanted 2 b w me like u said
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:21:24 PM): I get to hear your voice
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:21:30 PM): I was there
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:21:36 PM): i didnt c u
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:21:44 PM): i waited like 30 mins
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:21:59 PM): in case u got lost
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:22:05 PM): I am sorry I really am
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:22:21 PM): those cops all over teh palce scared me
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:22:32 PM): i didnt c any at all
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:22:59 PM): I told you the ones in and near the parking lot were undercover just dirvers sitting in there cars for o reason didn't you notice that?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:23:11 PM): no
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:23:25 PM): one acted like the was laying back taking a snooze
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:23:30 PM): the otehr was reading a amp
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:23:33 PM): map
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:23:56 PM): i didnt c that
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:24:09 PM): mayb they were sleepin or readin maps peeps do that all the time
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:24:14 PM): you weren't watching for that sort of thing eitehr were you?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:24:26 PM): no not rely
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:24:30 PM): really
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:24:30 PM): two people doing that at the same time in same parking lot?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:24:54 PM): only person i saw in the parkin lot was some black guy like he was waitin 4 sum1
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:25:21 PM): that wasnt u was it?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:25:31 PM): no sweety I am white baby
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:25:36 PM): ya me 2
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:25:54 PM): if we try this again and I am willing
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:26:02 PM): gonna have to be less public place
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:26:17 PM): how do i kno u will b there
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:26:33 PM): i dont even kno when im going back 2 my aunts again
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:26:33 PM): i spent 65 dollars in gas to do this last time
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:27:02 PM): I would go to were you are living at if you can pretend to go to school and let me pick you up instead
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:27:40 PM): i dunno if i skip school an u dont show up ill get in alot of trouble
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:27:54 PM): you will be skipping school for the rest fo your life
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:28:05 PM): ya if u dont get all scared and chiken out
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:28:10 PM): you will be kissed and sucked and licked and fucked instead
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:28:55 PM): but if u c a cop drive by or somethin ur gonna jus leave again and then ill b in trouble
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:29:08 PM): if ther is just one no
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:29:31 PM): if you see cop just keep walking and when he is out of sight I woudl pick you up
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:30:06 PM): i dont kno what undercover cops look like so how would i kno its not really sum1 just lost readin a map jeez
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:30:22 PM): how do u kno it was a cop 4 realz?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:30:25 PM): I was tlaing about a regualr cop
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:30:29 PM): talking
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:30:42 PM): if we get a chance to talk opn phone
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:30:53 PM): I will use specila set up I have that can't be traced
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:30:59 PM): and you can tell me where
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:31:22 PM): youhave caller id wher you are right now?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:31:31 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:31:43 PM): good let me call you and show you it won't show up and can't be traced
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:31:53 PM): no my aunts like rite here
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:32:04 PM): just a wrong number won't keep yu but a second
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:32:10 PM): she is disabled right?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:32:23 PM): ya thats what she says 2 get her checks
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:32:34 PM): i dont think thers nothin wrong w her tho
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:32:36 PM): what tme are you going back?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:32:50 PM): mom said around 330
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:33:13 PM): wanna go for walk until she gets there and never come back?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:33:36 PM): ur 2 far away 2 get here by then
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:33:53 PM): you will have to be a bit farther from her house so she doens't see you and I WILL COME
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:34:13 PM): will bring wne cooler
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:34:19 PM): u dont think there gonna go lookin 4 me?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:34:58 PM): won't matter you will be far enough away by the time they strt looking they won't do it right away you need to walka s far as you can and tell me where you are walking so I can find you
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:35:16 PM): bu it has to be up 231 or something, some direction your mom would think of
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:35:21 PM): i dont come here alot i dunno alot of places
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:35:23 PM): ouldn't think of
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:35:40 PM): I mean just walk up the road for a spell and i will get you as soon as i can
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:35:55 PM): you have to keep walking so they don't find you
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:36:04 PM): how would u find me?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:36:20 PM): how many pretty gals like you are going to be walking up 231 on sunday evening?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:36:39 PM): by themselves
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:36:41 PM): what if they call cops 2 look 4 me or somethin?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:36:55 PM): by that time you will be on your way back with me
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:37:10 PM): they won't call cops for at leat and hour
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:37:23 PM): and they cops won't look because of your age for a couple of hours
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:37:26 PM): u said it takes longer then that 2 get here
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:37:51 PM): like I said the cops won't even begin to look until 5 30
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:37:57 PM): tales 1 45 to get there
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:38:08 PM): that would be 445
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:38:11 PM): but how u gonna kno where im at?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:38:33 PM): if you stick to 231 north and walk up the side of the road facing traffic
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:38:44 PM): I will pull over and ask if your feet hurt
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:38:51 PM): that is your signal
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:39:25 PM): what if u dont show up?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:39:49 PM): sweety I plan on you dong things to me on the way back and me touching you al over you think I am going to miss out on that?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:40:30 PM): what if u dont c me
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:40:39 PM): if you stick to road how can i miss?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:41:01 PM): but what if moms lookin 4 me
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:41:08 PM): and she sees me
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:41:25 PM): im scared
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:41:27 PM): she wont know to go straght up 231 she would think you are in one of the neighborhoods
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:41:45 PM): the other day was perfect cuz my aunt was goin out nobody would have lookd 4 me 4 hours
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:42:09 PM): you dont know how heartbroken I was I thought you had set me up really
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:42:18 PM): with al those cops there
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:42:29 PM): I felt betrayed
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:42:37 PM): i was really mad at u
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:42:43 PM): and kinda sad 2
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:42:55 PM): I don't balme you but look at it from my point of view
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:43:10 PM): are youhungry to be a love slave?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:43:10 PM): y only think bout u what bout me just waitin there jeez
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:43:20 PM): I do feel bad for you
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:43:28 PM): whats a love slave?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:43:44 PM): a gla who all she does is keep her self pretty and do what her man says
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:44:01 PM): oh
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:44:06 PM): did you shave your pussy?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:44:08 PM): do i get 2 play video games sumtimes?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:44:13 PM): all the time
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:44:26 PM): ya i did cuz u wanted me 2
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:44:33 PM): how does it feel?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:44:40 PM): weird
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:44:49 PM): where is your aunt now?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:45:00 PM): on the phone i think w my mom
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:45:06 PM): canshe see you?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:45:18 PM): kinda if she wantd 2
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:45:24 PM): what are you wearig?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:45:35 PM): shorts an a tshirt
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:45:41 PM): shorts tight?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:45:48 PM): jean shorts
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:46:00 PM): pink tshirt
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:46:05 PM): I want you to rub at your pussy through your shorts when she isn't looking
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:46:20 PM): thik of me licking you there
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:46:41 PM): omg if she sees me ill get in trouble
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:46:56 PM): she can't see below with you at desk can she?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:47:20 PM): its like a metal desk theres nothin underneath it but the legs
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:47:25 PM): so ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:47:35 PM): you wanna just go for walk and have me pick you p?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:47:51 PM): im nervous
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:48:00 PM): hold on mom wants 2 talk 2 me
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:48:01 PM): I understand don't say yes if you aren't sire
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:48:04 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:52:49 PM): omg this sucks
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:53:04 PM): u here?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:53:21 PM): jake?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:54:18 PM): hey i gotta stay here til tues nite
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:54:37 PM): mom doesnt have everythin out of r old house yet
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:56:20 PM):
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:56:35 PM): yeah here
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:56:43 PM): lol thought u left
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:56:46 PM): so what do ou want to do
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:57:12 PM): aunts makin me go 2 the grocery store w her so i can carry all her bags since im stayin longer
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:57:57 PM): so me get you tonight or tomorrow afternoon?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:58:25 PM): i dunno or mayb tues
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:58:42 PM): ok tuesday is fine but find a less conspicuous place ok
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 3:59:13 PM): ok well i dunno like where?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 3:59:26 PM): name some palces you can get to easily
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 4:00:13 PM): i dunno let me c what i c on the way 2 the grocery store
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 4:00:21 PM): that will work sweety
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 4:00:27 PM): ok i gotta go ttyl k?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 4:00:27 PM): get names of streets ok?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 4:00:31 PM): ok sweety
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 4:00:37 PM): ok or i can look em up when i get back
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 4:00:42 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 4:00:48 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 4:00:48 PM): bye
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 4:00:51 PM): bye
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:42:38 PM): jake?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:42:49 PM): hey
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:42:59 PM): hi how come ur always invisible?
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:43:00 PM): lol
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:43:37 PM): i never kno when ur online
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:44:07 PM): going to bed soon very tired
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:44:18 PM): oh
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:45:03 PM): worked hard all weekend
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:45:18 PM): do u gotta work on tues?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:46:10 PM): yes but I can be there by 3
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:46:42 PM): thats kewl my aunts gonna b gone she has an appt at uab on tues so shes gonna b gone most of the day
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:47:02 PM): so figure out where
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:47:44 PM): well she lives on *Edit* and since u kno where that is how bout u jus turn on the road an ill walk down the street u can jus pull over like u said 2day
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:48:06 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:48:46 PM): sounds good be sure to be on side of road that I will be on so you can jump right in
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:49:10 PM): ok ur gonna turn left on *Edit* rt jus like going to the sugery center
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:49:18 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:49:21 PM): her house is after that tho so ill jus walk
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:49:52 PM): ok sweety
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:49:54 PM): ill walk like away from the med center so ill stay on roy parker til u c me
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:50:02 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:50:29 PM): u better let me kno if ur not gonna b there
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:50:42 PM): I really will be there
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:50:53 PM): wine coler and all
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:50:56 PM): moms not coming til like 5 or 6 so we have alot of time
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:51:03 PM): ya kewl can u get berry 1s? there my fav
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:51:26 PM): I have fuzzy navel and if you are good to me on the way back Iwill get more
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:51:33 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:52:59 PM): cool
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:53:18 PM): ya i hope so i dont wanna get stood up again
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:53:49 PM): I will make it up to you I promise if you are sweet to me
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:54:07 PM): u dont think im sweet?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:54:37 PM): I do but I want you super sweet to me when I pick youup
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:54:59 PM): i will b but im gonna b really mad if u ditch me again
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:55:10 PM): won't happen
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:55:16 PM): promis?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:55:22 PM): I promise
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:55:30 PM): k kewl
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:58:04 PM): u fallin asleep chattin?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:59:00 PM): I am rea;l;y tired
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:59:06 PM): awww im sorry
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 9:59:14 PM): i just like talkin 2 u
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 9:59:57 PM): me too
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:00:29 PM): ya but its not much fun when ur not typin back lol
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:01:16 PM): welll soon we will be talking next to each otehr in bed
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:01:27 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:02:16 PM): it will be
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:02:48 PM): i think so 2
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:03:11 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:04:15 PM): watcha doin?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:04:27 PM): stroking my cock thinking of you
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:04:33 PM): omg 4 realz?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:04:39 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:05:20 PM): lolz
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:05:31 PM): soon you can do that for me
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:05:38 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:05:51 PM): kiss it and lick it
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:06:20 PM): ya ur gonna tell me rite like what u want and stuff?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:06:33 PM): yes fr sure
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:06:39 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:07:15 PM): thats kewl cuz im kinda worried u wont like me 4 realz still
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:07:30 PM): just stay sweet
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:08:06 PM): i will long as u dont change ur mind and make me go 2 school or back home
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:08:41 PM): hell no
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:08:53 PM): kewl then were kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:10:01 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:14:12 PM): what time u stayin up til?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:14:25 PM): going to bed now baby
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:14:33 PM): good night
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:14:41 PM): have to be up at 3
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:14:42 PM): aww k u gonna b on 2omorow?
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:14:46 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:14:47 PM): omg thats early
dont_hay_me (04/27/08 10:14:58 PM): k nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/27/08 10:15:42 PM): night baby
dont_hay_me (04/28/08 8:35:45 PM): jake?
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:22:09 AM): im tired and goin 2 bed r u stil coming 2morow or what?
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:10:27 PM): jake?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:41:10 PM): you on now?
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:41:16 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:41:32 PM): tell me if you understand what your life will be like if I come get you
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:41:50 PM): huh?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:42:08 PM): you understand that noone can see you during daylight hours
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:42:20 PM): I can sneak you out once in a while to go to mal or something
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:42:27 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:42:36 PM): but you can't go to walmart or anything since they will be looking for you
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:42:47 PM): so like i just get 2 sit at ur house all day an play vid games?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:43:07 PM): you have to do whatever I say you can't argue because what I say may be the difference between you getting caught or not
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:43:23 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:43:45 PM): you will belong to me and do what I say I will never ever hurt you
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:44:04 PM): i trust u jeez i wouldnt do this if i didnt
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:44:17 PM): what are you wraring for me now?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:44:26 PM): wearing
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:44:43 PM): i have on sweats rite now im gonna go take a shower an get dressed tho
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:44:52 PM): what will you wear for me?
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:45:07 PM): skirt u said rite?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:45:10 PM): yes
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:45:45 PM): if you ever change your mind you have to rpomise to let me take you back the way I say ok?
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:46:02 PM): k like how?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:46:18 PM): in other words you may never contact anyone by phone or computer
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:46:31 PM): can not visit your myspace page nor set up a new one
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:46:54 PM): never?
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:47:12 PM): whatever u say tho its kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:47:59 PM): ok 145 you leave house ok?
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:48:12 PM): u said 3?
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:48:17 PM): now 2?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:48:26 PM): no today would be 1 45
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:48:36 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:48:46 PM): ur def coming this time?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:48:51 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:49:05 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:49:08 PM): what r u wearin?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:49:16 PM): delete all of yahoo
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:49:28 PM): i always do
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:49:49 PM): even messenger have to remove it
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:50:04 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:50:18 PM): ok 2 hours from now
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:50:19 PM): like uninstall u mean?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:50:23 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:50:25 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:50:35 PM): what time u leavin?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:51:00 PM): when I drive by I will ask if your feet are tired
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:51:09 PM): in about 5 minutes
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:51:10 PM): like how far should i walk?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:51:44 PM): on the side of road that cars driving away from med center
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:51:55 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:52:14 PM): walk till I pull up and ask about your feet ok?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:52:21 PM): shouldn't be long
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:52:23 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:52:26 PM): few blocks at most
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:52:34 PM): what r u gonna wear?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:52:37 PM): shorts
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:52:48 PM): something you can get into easily
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:52:54 PM): lolz
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:52:55 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:53:11 PM): ok leaving now unistall get your shower and leave exactly at 1 45 ok?
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:53:18 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:53:22 PM): see you then
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:53:26 PM): bye
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:53:33 PM): kewl u make sure u pick me up this time!
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:53:40 PM): I will
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:53:41 PM): i dont wanna go back
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:53:44 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:53:51 PM): k cya soon
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:53:58 PM): ok dlete all and unistall really
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:54:07 PM): i will i kno how 2 do that
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:54:10 PM): ok bye
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:54:19 PM): i just gotta install it agian 4 my aunt tho a new 1 so she dont kno
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:54:34 PM): you don't have me loadsed as a freind do you
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:54:50 PM): i wont on the new 1
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:54:58 PM): remove me now then uninstall
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:55:01 PM): bye
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:55:04 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:55:07 PM): bye
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:55:11 PM): bye
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:56:24 PM): ur off the list now im gonna uninstall cya soon jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 1:23:35 PM): you stil there?
soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 1:25:06 PM): I hope you read this before you go. Iam so sorry. I just got called into work . there was a mjor accident and I have to investigate. I just got the call. I ran back so I could send youthis I was on my way gassed up and everything. I will make this up to you someday soon I promise. i am so freaking sorry it hurts
dont_hay_me (04/29/08 4:35:28 PM): wtf
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 10:57:26 PM): hey
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:08:22 PM): Hello
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:08:37 PM): hey
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:09:24 PM): How are you?
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:09:30 PM): pissed
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:09:39 PM): still
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:10:22 PM): u lie and u break promises
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:10:34 PM): I can not help there was a mjor accident at work I am sorry
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:10:36 PM): but u want me 2 trust u
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:10:52 PM): so u cant say no u had plans
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:11:04 PM): i guess im not that important
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:11:14 PM): no not when it is an emergency and I ma essentially the one in charge no
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:11:45 PM): whatever how do i kno ur not lying?
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:12:14 PM): I guess until we memet neither of us will know the pure truth
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:12:32 PM): u mean if u show up sometime
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:13:26 PM): It isn't like you live right around the corner, it isn't as if I haven't been there once and all things i didn't like
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:13:39 PM): thats not my fault
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:13:55 PM): i did everythin u told me 2 do
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:14:09 PM): u dont do what u say u will
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:14:19 PM): I never said you didn't
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:14:34 PM): I have not blamed you for anything
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:15:03 PM): no u just disapoint me
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:15:58 PM): I am sorry
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:17:51 PM): u said that the last time
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:18:27 PM): perhaps we need to not rush into this build it inot something
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:19:06 PM): so u changed ur mind bout me u mean
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:19:33 PM): nope but we need a better plan so you can see that I am not lying
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:19:54 PM): well if u say ur gonna b somewhere and then r there id kno u werent lying
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:21:02 PM): there are other wyas to prove beofre I make a trip again and I was 20 minutes down the road when I got the phone call from work I was on my way
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:21:32 PM): prove how?
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:22:43 PM): for one let me call you
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:23:18 PM): ya when nobodys hear 2 hear the phone i would cept u wont let me call u and nobody would hear that
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:23:37 PM): you have to understand I am tryong to be careful
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:23:46 PM): i got a callin card jeez
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:23:52 PM): you seem to think it is no big deal that I help you run away
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:24:13 PM): so
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:24:46 PM): it is a lifetime condition and if we get caught you go back and where do you think I go?
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:25:12 PM): were not gonna get caught jeez nobody knows i talk 2 u
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:25:45 PM): Let me ask you something
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:25:49 PM): what?
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:26:26 PM): how comfortable are you livinmg wit and giving yourslef to an older man you have nefer seen?
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:26:53 PM): i wouldnt go w u if i didnt like u
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:27:30 PM): so see I could ahve gone all the way down there and you said no
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:27:44 PM): no i ment that diferent
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:27:56 PM): i ment i wouldnt even say id meet u i was gonna go if u came
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:28:49 PM): what if you find me real ugly ( I am not but what if you think I am?)
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:29:21 PM): i dunno r u really ugly? is that y u didnt come?
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:29:39 PM): no I am not I am just saying what if
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:30:09 PM): i alredy like u i dont think that wud change just cuz of how u look
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:30:41 PM): well when summer comes around and you are out of school we will work something out you will see that isn't far away
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:31:41 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:32:07 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:32:16 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:33:01 PM): ok sweety
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:33:58 PM): i gues so but if u dont show up again im gonna b really mad
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:35:59 PM): I know we will plan something that won't fail
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:36:20 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:38:06 PM): ok sweety I hav to go early morning for me
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:38:14 PM): k
dont_hay_me (04/30/08 11:38:17 PM): nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (04/30/08 11:38:24 PM): night sweety
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 10:57:57 PM): jake?
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:25:41 PM): Hey how are you?
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:25:53 PM): k i guess u?
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:26:16 PM): not too bad so what is the plan for you when school lets out?
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:26:30 PM): i dunno yet
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:26:42 PM): well when you do know let me know
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:27:04 PM): k
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:27:10 PM): whatcha doin?
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:27:44 PM): going to bed soon have an early morning on sundasy why can i call you now?
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:28:14 PM): no not when theres sum1 here i told u that i wish u could tho
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:28:51 PM): I know sweety
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:29:10 PM): sorry i just dont wanna get caught talkin 2 u
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:29:19 PM): if they here it ring
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:29:37 PM): when you hear my voice you will know I am for real that is why I want to call you
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:29:54 PM): then y dont u just let me call from my callin card?
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:30:29 PM): you think you won't get caught if you do that ?
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:30:56 PM): ya cuz they wont hear it ring and if i hear some1 get up i can just hang up u kno
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:31:51 PM): you want to try now?
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:32:16 PM): let me go check an c if they r asleep brb
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:32:24 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:35:56 PM): k there sleepin im findin my calling card brb again
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:40:48 PM): k found it sorry it wasnt where i thought it was
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:41:11 PM): is ok no talking about me coming to pick you up ok?
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:41:18 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:41:45 PM): *Edit Phone Number*
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:48:01 PM): sorry mom got up 2 pee lol
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:48:09 PM): i like ur voice tho
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:48:11 PM): is ok sweety
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:48:24 PM): hey let me see your pcs again
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:48:30 PM): k
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:50:02 PM): omg what 1s i have tons of em
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:50:14 PM): alllof them
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:50:20 PM): and eventually i want specialones
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:52:04 PM): I so love your straight hair
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:52:17 PM): i like it better strait 2
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:52:25 PM): it takes longer 2 do it like that tho
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:52:36 PM): eventually it will grow all the way to the floor I lvoe it that much
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:53:53 PM): you need to borrow a friends digital camera
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:54:09 PM): i dont have any friends here yet it sucks
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:54:24 PM): you are pretty shouldn't take long
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:56:00 PM): thx
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:56:20 PM): wouldn't be ahard tolove you forever
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:56:40 PM): aww u rely like me that much?
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:57:06 PM): did i sho u the 1s of me an lily yet she sent them 2 me not 2 long ago
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:57:23 PM): no show me that one
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:57:46 PM): theres a couple hold on im lookin i put them somewhere else on here
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:57:51 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:59:06 PM): you are way too cute for words
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:59:17 PM): aww thx
soulkeepndaddy (05/03/08 11:59:33 PM): welcome
dont_hay_me (05/03/08 11:59:47 PM): i wish i could c a pic of u tho
soulkeepndaddy (05/04/08 12:00:36 AM): so when do youthink you can call next?
dont_hay_me (05/04/08 12:00:55 AM): i dunno im kinda nervous cuz mom got up rite now
dont_hay_me (05/04/08 12:01:03 AM): mayb when shes not home i can again
soulkeepndaddy (05/04/08 12:01:20 AM): that would be good I have to get some sleep anwyay you have an awesome voice
dont_hay_me (05/04/08 12:01:27 AM): thx so do u
soulkeepndaddy (05/04/08 12:01:55 AM): ok sweety we will chat and talk again soon ok?
dont_hay_me (05/04/08 12:02:00 AM): ya im tired 2
dont_hay_me (05/04/08 12:02:02 AM): nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (05/04/08 12:02:06 AM): stay sweet
dont_hay_me (05/04/08 12:02:09 AM): u 2
soulkeepndaddy (05/04/08 12:02:13 AM): mmm
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:18:33 PM): u on?
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:51:37 PM): hey baby
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:51:42 PM): mom asleep yet?
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:52:00 PM): shes in her room but grams awake
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:52:17 PM): gram near your room?
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:52:34 PM): not rite this minute
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:52:53 PM): call me and tell me what youwnt me to do to youonce I come get you
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:53:09 PM): i cant call u rite now she will hear me
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:53:15 PM): ok sweety
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:53:25 PM): i wish i could
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:53:31 PM): you klnow I love your sweet voice
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:53:59 PM): aww thx i like ur voice 2 u sound really nice
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:54:16 PM): I can't wait to hear it whisper into my ear how you love me want me and need me
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:54:37 PM): lolz
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:55:14 PM): I can't wait to stroke your beautiful hair as your head is in my lap and you take me in your mouth
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:55:36 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:56:06 PM): I know you want toknow what it is like for me to cum in yourmouth and you to swallow my hot cum
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:56:36 PM): is it gross 2 swallow it?
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:56:53 PM): when you love someone it is a great way to show how much you care
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:57:04 PM): and it is veryhot for a woman to swallow a man's cum
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:57:36 PM): oh i stil think that part sounds a little gross tho
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:57:38 PM): r u mad?
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:57:40 PM): trust me if you are really into it it will be easy for you to do
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:57:51 PM): mad why?
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:58:08 PM): cause i think that sounds kinda gross
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:58:40 PM): no you will see it is cool and when you and I are making love it wll come natural
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:58:53 PM): it will be somehting youwant to do
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:58:58 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 10:59:21 PM): especally after you feel how I eat your sweet pussy
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 10:59:45 PM): that sounds fun
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:00:05 PM): it is more than fu baby
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:00:22 PM): dont type grams comin brb
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:01:57 PM): k shes gone
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:02:02 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:02:05 PM): sorry
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:02:16 PM): is ok
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:02:20 PM): i made the window small and didnt want it 2 pop up while she was in here
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:02:54 PM): is ok I understand
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:03:08 PM): shes always checkin up on me i hate it
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:03:23 PM): I know
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:03:56 PM): i wish she would just trust me u kno?
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:04:22 PM): well her mind is messed up
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:04:43 PM): ya whatever i think its workin just fine cept she 4gets stuff
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:04:50 PM): shes still a snoop tho
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:05:07 PM): I hear ya
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:05:23 PM): what did u do 2day?
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:05:29 PM): anythin fun?
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:05:36 PM): nope work work work
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:05:47 PM): what do u do?
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:06:27 PM): assistant manager for iindustrial cleaning
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:06:41 PM): oh i think u tole me that b4
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:06:43 PM): sorry i 4got
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:06:52 PM): is ok
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:07:06 PM): do u hafta work on weekends?
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:07:28 PM): all day sunday saturday is day with my son
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:07:51 PM): i didnt kno u had a kid
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:08:05 PM): I only see him once a week
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:08:15 PM): oh
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:08:19 PM): how old?
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:09:00 PM): he is 10
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:09:09 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:10:05 PM): ok baby I have to hit up up early tomorrow
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:10:13 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:10:18 PM): :(
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:10:20 PM): have sweet dreams
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:10:23 PM): u 2
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:10:33 PM): let me know your summer schedule as soon as you know what it is
dont_hay_me (05/05/08 11:10:44 PM): k nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (05/05/08 11:10:48 PM): night baby
dont_hay_me (05/07/08 10:23:11 PM): u online?
dont_hay_me (05/08/08 9:51:00 PM): jake?
soulkeepndaddy (05/08/08 11:41:27 PM): Hey baby
dont_hay_me (05/11/08 2:06:26 PM): jake?
dont_hay_me (05/12/08 11:05:25 PM): r u mad at me?
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:11:05 PM): :(
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:11:15 PM): what's wrong baby
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:11:36 PM): oh i thought u were mad at me
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:11:43 PM): no sweety
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:12:04 PM): ur not online anymore
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:12:29 PM): been working alot I wake up hard in the mornings thinking of you
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:13:04 PM): lol
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:13:08 PM): i miss talkin 2 u
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:13:10 PM): I am serious
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:13:21 PM): i beleve u
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:14:01 PM): I want you to cal me and tell me how badly you want me to eat you and how you want to suck my cock
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:14:13 PM): how you want me in you very day
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:14:17 PM): i cant call u rite now :(
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:14:19 PM): every
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:14:25 PM): I know I mean when you can
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:14:25 PM): can i call u anytime i want?
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:14:46 PM): sure
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:14:58 PM): like if i get a chance an no1s not home can i call if ur not online?
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:15:13 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:15:32 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:15:46 PM): so do I have to wait til you are out of school to come get you?
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:16:06 PM): i dunno
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:16:27 PM): its easier 2 get at my aunts an im goin there 4 the summer
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:16:37 PM): ok cool
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:17:16 PM): ya
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:17:41 PM): r u gonna have 2 work this much when im there?
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:17:43 PM): so what have you been up to?
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:18:03 PM): nothin just gettin ready 4 finals
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:18:13 PM): well eventually I won't getting a promotion soon and if you re hungry for me to come home to you I will play with you for hours and hours
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:18:32 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:19:16 PM): I think you are way to cute
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:19:26 PM): gonna be easy to make love to you
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:19:47 PM): awww
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:20:04 PM): i cant beleve i thought u were mad at me now sorry
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:20:13 PM): is ok sweety
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:20:53 PM): i feel bad tho
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:21:08 PM): wll you can make it up to me when I pick you up
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:21:11 PM): i hope u get ur promo that wud b kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:21:31 PM): yes it will be
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:21:49 PM): wat u gonna tell ur son bout me?
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:22:26 PM): that is just it until he is older youhave to behidden from him ,rough sotry cause if his mom ever finds out I won't get to see him
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:23:11 PM): so were am i gonna go?
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:23:29 PM): you will stay right here he is only her for a few hours you can just sleep while he is here
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:23:45 PM): what if i hafta pee or somethin?
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:23:57 PM): we will work it out
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:24:02 PM): k
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:24:45 PM): i promis ill b rely quiet
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:24:57 PM): I am not worried about you sweety
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:25:06 PM): k
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:25:48 PM): u just been busy workin?
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:25:53 PM): yes sweety
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:26:07 PM): that sucks
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:26:31 PM): well have to pay bills
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:26:42 PM): i guess
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:26:57 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:27:39 PM): i still missd talkin 2 u
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:27:47 PM): i wish i could call u
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:28:10 PM): you can
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:28:21 PM): no gram an mom r awake
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:28:43 PM): I mean in general
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:28:52 PM): ohhh ya lol
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:29:02 PM): duh
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:29:06 PM): is ok
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:29:26 PM): is that ur cell digits or ur house?
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:29:46 PM): house
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:30:02 PM): k
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:30:22 PM): i didnt kno if i could leave a messg if u didnt answer
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:30:31 PM): you can
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:30:43 PM): but what if ur sons there?
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:31:02 PM): he is here on saturdays
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:31:14 PM): oh so just dont call then lol
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:31:33 PM): right
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:31:37 PM): kewl
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:32:45 PM): u busy?
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:33:09 PM): no why?
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:33:19 PM): ur not talkin 2 much
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:33:31 PM): gettin tired baby
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:33:37 PM): awww
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:34:02 PM): is ok
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:34:30 PM): i guess i just hope u get ur promo so u wont b so tired
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:34:53 PM): would be nice
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:34:59 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:35:31 PM): yup
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:37:10 PM): ok sweety gonna ht the hay baby
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:37:17 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:37:26 PM): nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:37:30 PM): stay sweet
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:37:34 PM): night my baby
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:37:38 PM): i will u 2
soulkeepndaddy (05/13/08 10:38:44 PM): ok sweety
dont_hay_me (05/13/08 10:38:50 PM): nite :)
dont_hay_me (05/16/08 9:51:53 PM): jake?
soulkeepndaddy (05/17/08 4:23:02 AM): you on now it is 3 30 I just go tin from work baby
dont_hay_me (05/17/08 7:57:57 PM): s soulkeepndaddy
dont_hay_me (05/17/08 7:58:03 PM): jake?
dont_hay_me (05/17/08 7:58:08 PM): u here
dont_hay_me (05/17/08 8:18:21 PM): bbl
soulkeepndaddy (05/17/08 9:02:51 PM): hey
soulkeepndaddy (05/17/08 9:04:02 PM): I love hearing your voice on my message system next time tell me all the things you want me to do to you and all the htings you want to do with me
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:29:46 PM): lol i dunno what 2 say i feel like a dork leavin messages
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:30:08 PM): pretend you are talking to me and tell me all you want me to do and all you want me to do to you
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:30:42 PM): hi i didnt kno u were on lol
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:30:56 PM): just got here
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:31:00 PM): me 2
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:31:11 PM): I miss you
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:31:16 PM): aww i miss u 2
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:31:58 PM): I really want to kiss you deeply and suck on your beautiful breasts and eat you till you moan
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:32:07 PM): he he
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:32:28 PM): drink every drop of juice that flows out of your sweet pussy
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:32:51 PM): u rely like doin that?
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:32:59 PM): o baby if you only knew
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:33:05 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:33:27 PM): i promise you when youa re with me ai wil eat you ever day more than once
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:33:35 PM): wow
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:33:45 PM): I will make you cum ahrd each time
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:34:07 PM): i dunno what thats like yet
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:34:25 PM): baby you will get addicted to it it feels that good
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:34:41 PM): i guess thats not bad then rite?
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:35:03 PM): no it is very very good
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:35:07 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:35:33 PM): so when can you call again?
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:35:47 PM): i dunno i will tho when i can
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:35:57 PM): I can't wait to hear you talk about that
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:36:23 PM): im not sure what 2 say tho
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:36:38 PM): tel me you can't wait for me to eat you and kiss you and suck on you
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:37:15 PM): ya that will b kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:37:19 PM): that you need to feel me inside of you
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:37:33 PM): that you can't wait to love my cock with your mouth
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:37:47 PM): lolz
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:37:58 PM): you do feel that way right?
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:38:02 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:38:11 PM): then just tel me on the phone
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:38:25 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:38:46 PM): very sweet of you baby
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:39:02 PM): I rpomise you will feel so loved
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:39:09 PM): i kno
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:39:51 PM): u stil feel like that 2 rite?
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:39:57 PM): yes my baby
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:40:01 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:40:08 PM): tell me how you wnt to show me your love
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:40:23 PM): how ever u want me 2
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:40:37 PM): I wnt you to show me how you wnt to show me however you feel
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:41:05 PM): i will wen i c u i jus never rely talkd like that b4 u kno?
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:41:27 PM): come on now the boys have to find you way too hot and have to hit on you
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:41:28 PM): seems werd sayin things u do
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:42:00 PM): not alot of them rely they just act all werd and talk bout themselfs ALOT
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:42:24 PM): sweety you are soo cute I find that hard to believe
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:42:35 PM): aww thx
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:42:46 PM): we will make some beautful babies
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:43:01 PM): ya cept i dunno wat u look like yet :(
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:43:11 PM): wel when do you get out f school?
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:43:35 PM): im goin 2 my aunts after memorial day im not sure what day mom is bringin me yet
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:43:59 PM): shes takin me ther 4 the summer cuz shes puttin my gramma in a nursin home an sellin her house
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:44:20 PM): she didnt like it when gram started goin thru her stuf
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:44:23 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:45:08 PM): an shes havin ministroks whatever they r
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:45:35 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:46:27 PM): brb moms yellin
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:46:31 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:48:17 PM): i gotta go mom wants me 2 clean my room an the bathroom
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:48:21 PM): u gonna b on later?
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:48:32 PM): prolly baby
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:48:40 PM): k talk 2 u later
dont_hay_me (05/18/08 2:48:43 PM): bye jake
soulkeepndaddy (05/18/08 2:48:53 PM): bye bAby
dont_hay_me (05/20/08 8:39:10 PM): jake?
soulkeepndaddy (05/20/08 10:36:13 PM): hi baby
dont_hay_me (05/21/08 9:11:07 PM): jake u on?
soulkeepndaddy (05/21/08 11:56:44 PM): baby, I work till at least 9 each night usually later for now
soulkeepndaddy (05/21/08 11:57:41 PM): call me when you can and tell me all you want me to do to you and all you want to do with me
dont_hay_me (05/22/08 9:31:19 PM): jake?
dont_hay_me (05/22/08 9:31:59 PM): sorry i wasnt able 2 call yet i will when i can but i kinda dont kno what 2 say bout that stuff lol
dont_hay_me (05/22/08 9:33:30 PM): ill try 2 get back online later i have finals all this week so i been busy studyin and not online 2 much
dont_hay_me (05/23/08 8:39:22 PM): jake? u here?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 4:18:07 AM): baby I work late remember??
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:28:36 PM): ya i kno but do u work late every single day?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:28:45 PM): m-f
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:28:51 PM): can you call me?
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:28:52 PM): hi jake
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:28:56 PM): no i wish i could
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:29:28 PM): me too
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:29:46 PM): do u have mon off from work?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:30:06 PM): first job but not second sweety
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:30:16 PM): u have 2 jobs?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:30:35 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:30:45 PM): did u get ur promo?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:30:58 PM): won't now till July some time I think
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:31:05 PM): oh
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:31:13 PM): whats ur other job?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:31:25 PM): pizza delvery
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:31:31 PM): omg i luv pizza
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:32:05 PM): cool
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:32:11 PM): do u like it?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:32:34 PM): I eat it every day now
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:32:45 PM): thats kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:33:04 PM): yeah I think so
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:33:08 PM): me 2
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:33:29 PM): tell me what you want me to do to you when I come get you
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:33:48 PM): lol whatever u want me 2 do
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:34:45 PM): everything but I want to hear from you what you want
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:34:54 PM): i just want u 2 like me
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:35:13 PM): o sweety how in the world could any guy not like you?
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:35:38 PM): i dunno im just kinda nervous if u dont like me that u will make me go home or leave me somewhere
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:36:06 PM): swetheart you tel me what you want to happne if this wouldn't work out
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:36:36 PM): i dunno i kinda want it 2 work out
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:36:47 PM): but when u say like u did just did that makes me nervous
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:37:13 PM): I am more owrried you will get tored of me sweety
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:37:24 PM): what?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:37:36 PM): I am more worried you will not like or get tired of me
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:37:44 PM): i alredy like u
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:38:01 PM): I knwo but it will be different when we are togetehr day after day
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:38:13 PM): i dont think so
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:38:34 PM): well I hope not but have to be carful ya know
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:38:54 PM): ya i guess
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:39:10 PM): trust me I wake up hard each day thinking of you
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:39:20 PM): rely?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:39:23 PM): yes
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:39:34 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:39:55 PM): I will kiss you and eat you and make you cum eery day
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:40:07 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:40:22 PM): yes it is here with me
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:40:46 PM): my lips and ahrd cock are wating for you right now
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:40:48 PM): kewl i cant wait i jus hope u rely like me enuf
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:41:13 PM): I wnt to hear you moan as i make love to you
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:41:32 PM): lolz
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:41:44 PM): you lagh wit till I kiss you and eat you
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:42:04 PM): im not tryin 2 laugh it jus sounds funny sayin it lol
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:42:20 PM): baby you will be a whole new perosn once I make you cum daily
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:42:29 PM): y?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:42:41 PM): if you think you like me now you will need me then
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:43:03 PM): an u like me that much?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:43:15 PM): yes baby
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:43:19 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:44:02 PM): are you excited to show me that you will do anything for me on the drive back?
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:44:36 PM): ya u will tell me what 2 do rite? so i make u happy
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:44:46 PM): yes sweety
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:44:50 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:45:32 PM): you are going to be a very pretty pregnant young lady in a few years
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:45:48 PM): lol
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:45:54 PM): i wont stay fat rite?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:46:10 PM): no sweet pregannt isn't fat unless you eat wrong
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:46:21 PM): oh
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:47:24 PM): are you rady t raise a few sweet girls in a few years?
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:47:47 PM): i guess when im a little older it would b kewl
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:47:58 PM): how u kno they would b girls?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:48:20 PM): I know how to make sure they are boys or girls
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:48:28 PM): how?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:48:56 PM): that is a secret i will keep till you are in my arms
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:49:14 PM): k
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:49:28 PM): what if ur rong?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:49:42 PM): I know what i am talking about and lil boys are cool also
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:49:54 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:50:12 PM): i can't wait to drink the milk out of your tits
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:50:18 PM): what?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:50:56 PM): I can't wait to drink the milk from your tits afetr you have baby
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:51:33 PM): oh that sounds kinda yuky
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:51:44 PM): no baby very very hot
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:52:25 PM): u dont think so?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:53:11 PM): I think it is awesome
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:53:27 PM): oh
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:54:32 PM): anyway baby got to go to bed swety
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:54:38 PM): awwww
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:54:40 PM): alredy?
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:54:49 PM): up at 1 45 am baby
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:54:56 PM): omg thats early
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:55:39 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (05/24/08 9:56:06 PM): k nite jake
soulkeepndaddy (05/24/08 9:56:20 PM): night sweety
dont_hay_me (05/26/08 10:01:17 PM): jake?
dont_hay_me (05/26/08 10:01:36 PM): u on?
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 4:55:18 AM): sorry baby working
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 4:55:31 AM): will be on Tuesday night around 9 30 ok?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:18:54 PM): kewl im here when u r
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:28:36 PM): any chance you can call me and i can hear your sexy voice tell me the things you wnt me to do to you and what you want me to do to you?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:28:53 PM): i cant rite now :(
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:28:58 PM): how about later?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:29:02 PM): mayb
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:29:07 PM): i will if i can
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:29:19 PM): i would sure love to ehar your sweet voice I really like the way you sound
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:29:25 PM): aww thx
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:29:37 PM): makes me wnt to kiss you alll over
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:29:44 PM): lol
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:29:47 PM): i like ur voice 2
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:30:20 PM): I can wait to stroke your beautiful haair as you take my cock in your mouth and show me howmuch you love to feel itin there
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:30:33 PM): he he
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:30:51 PM): and as you do that use my fingers to stroke your wet pussy
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:31:13 PM): and when you need it real bad me eat your sweet pussy till you moan
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:31:25 PM): sounds fun
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:31:39 PM): then slowly stick my cock in you and take you deep over and over
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:31:55 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:32:11 PM): make you my love slave forever
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:32:26 PM): lol
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:32:36 PM): how does that sound to you really?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:32:55 PM): sounds good
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:32:57 PM): knowing I will keep you in orgasm every day
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:32:58 PM): i like u
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:33:09 PM): and you will make me lil girls year after year
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:33:29 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:33:38 PM): you will be their special mommy and teach them to love me with all of their hearts
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:33:53 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:35:03 PM): do you like th thought of lil girsl runing around trying to get he attention of thier daddy?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:35:14 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:35:21 PM): but you will always be my very special girl forever
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:35:30 PM): awww
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:35:38 PM): school out for you yet?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:36:09 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:36:17 PM): when do you go to your aunts?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:36:31 PM): over the weekend i dunno what day yet
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:36:58 PM): I might come get you on a friday night or saturday once you are there how free are you to come and go as you please?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:37:54 PM): depends what my aunts doin but alot more then i am at grams
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:38:15 PM): ok we will work something out
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:38:19 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:38:42 PM): it will be
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:38:56 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:39:05 PM): yup
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:39:43 PM): r u stil gonna have 2 work alot?
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:40:10 PM): eventually no but for now yes
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:40:23 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:42:05 PM): so what have you been up to?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:42:17 PM): nothin
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:42:24 PM): just bored rely
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:43:00 PM): you ned to touch yourself when no one is looking and keep yourself hotfor me
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:43:33 PM): lol seems like grams always watchin
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:43:43 PM): everything!
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:44:01 PM): i sware she never sleeps
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:44:14 PM): hmm that bites
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:44:32 PM): i kno
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:44:50 PM): soon you won't have to worry about that
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:45:44 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:46:03 PM): yuo
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:46:09 PM): huh?
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:46:24 PM): supposed to be yup
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:46:48 PM): sposed 2 b what?
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:47:09 PM): yup not yuo
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:47:24 PM): im confused
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:47:54 PM): you typed huh? to my mistype
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:48:07 PM): ya i didnt kno what u were typin
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:48:33 PM): yes was mistype
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:48:36 PM): oh
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:49:17 PM): r u busy?
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:49:20 PM): no why?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:49:38 PM): i dunno jus seemd lik e u r
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:49:47 PM): nope just typiong back to you sweety
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:49:52 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:49:56 PM): cooking a bit but not having to stay over the stove
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:50:01 PM): oh
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:50:04 PM): what r u makin?
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:50:25 PM): chicken/turkey soup
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:50:36 PM): i dont like soup
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:50:50 PM): probabaly never had good homemade soup
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:50:55 PM): do you like noodles?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:51:01 PM): spagetti
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:51:05 PM): potatos carrots?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:51:16 PM): only raw carrots i dont like em cooked
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:51:39 PM): ok no carrots like meat like chockne or turley right?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:51:52 PM): ya
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:51:59 PM): cheesburgers
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:52:03 PM): so you would like soup if no carrots
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:52:22 PM): i dunno i dont like it watery like that
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:52:25 PM): its weird
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:52:35 PM): I make it thick almost like gravy
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:52:52 PM): oh i like gravy mayb that would b better
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:53:11 PM): i like pizza an ice cream alot tho lol
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:53:23 PM): no problem there
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:53:37 PM): kewl
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:53:52 PM): spagetti is good 2
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:53:56 PM): u like that?
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:54:24 PM): YES
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:54:28 PM): me 2
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:54:38 PM): i dont like veggies 2 much tho
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:54:57 PM): unless there raw they get yuky when u cook them
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:55:00 PM): deends on how they are cooked I can make most veggies aste good
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:55:18 PM): perhaps you like your barley cooked so they still have some cruch huh?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:55:30 PM): i dont think i ever ate that
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:55:49 PM): well wait till I cook for youthen
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:56:02 PM): i like fruit tho
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:56:08 PM): like peaches alot
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:56:46 PM): cool
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:56:48 PM): an strawberrys
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:57:58 PM): Ilike strwabeerys like on strawberry short cake but not my favorite fruit
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:58:23 PM): i like thm both ways
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:58:31 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 9:58:43 PM): brb let me check my siup
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 9:58:47 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:00:21 PM): so what did you have for dinner tonight?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:00:39 PM): chiken an baked potatos
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:00:54 PM): chicken cooked how
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:01:01 PM): on the grill
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:01:05 PM): bbq
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:02:01 PM): mom made peas 2 but i didnt eat those
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:02:01 PM): cool
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:02:11 PM): canned peas?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:02:16 PM): frozen
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:02:52 PM): well considering peas and potatos are both starches you don' need both
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:03:29 PM): brocolli or green beans would have been better
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:03:58 PM): yuk and yuk
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:04:03 PM): you can have broc raw and did in ranch
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:04:09 PM): dip
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:04:15 PM): ya that would b ok
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:04:29 PM): i jus dont like them mushy
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:04:40 PM): green beans lightly friied and still crunchy
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:04:56 PM): i dunno bout that
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:05:23 PM): well we will try different things
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:05:33 PM): make it work
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:05:38 PM): k
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:05:47 PM): pizza an ice cream works
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:05:48 PM): lol
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:06:17 PM): not the best for you every day you don't want to get fat do you?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:06:26 PM): no
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:06:50 PM): then pizza and ice cream in moderation
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:07:02 PM): unless you exercise like crazy
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:07:32 PM): lol
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:08:26 PM): just the way it works sweety
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:08:35 PM): i guess
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:09:19 PM): well in a couple of years when you make me lil girls and you try to loose weight from pregnancy you will see
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:09:58 PM): ya i dont wanna b fat
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:10:28 PM): I won't let you get that ay
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:10:42 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:11:38 PM): so what kind of video games do you like to play?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:12:05 PM): i dont rely have any mom thinks they r bad but i like playin wii when i used 2 go 2 claras house
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:12:19 PM): whic games on wii?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:12:28 PM): i only have a gameboy here
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:13:18 PM): which wii games d you like?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:14:01 PM): her bros had the sports package that was fun but i rely liked the mario game they had
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:14:07 PM): im tryin 2 remember the name of it
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:14:33 PM): ok I will brb ok?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:14:40 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:19:43 PM): back
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:19:48 PM): kewl
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:20:07 PM): listen if you cnc all me tonight it is ok it you wake me upas long as I get to hear your sexy voice
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:20:25 PM): if you can would you tell me the things I want to hear?
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:20:36 PM): i dont kno what 2 say
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:20:42 PM): i feel kinda dum
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:20:53 PM): just tell me you can wait to suck my cock and feel me cum in you rmouth
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:21:09 PM): that you can't wait for me to eat your pussy and get you so wet you can't stand it
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:21:23 PM): if any1 ever heard me say somethin like that do u kno how much truble i will b in?
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:21:32 PM): that you can't wait to feel my cock in your pussy cause you need me to make love to you
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:21:41 PM): so talk quiet and just tell me
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:21:55 PM): im jus worryd
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:21:58 PM): u kno i want what u want
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:22:00 PM): you would never be in trouble with me
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:22:09 PM): I want to hear your sweet sexy voice tell me
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:23:13 PM): i will wen im w u im just scared 2 do it on the phone
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:23:56 PM): if i get caught talkin i can say it was a friend or somethin dum or rong number but if i get caught sayin that stuff ill b killd
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:25:54 PM): you won't get caught and it would make me so happy to hear you say that
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:26:24 PM): if i can k?
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:26:57 PM): fair enough baby I am ging to hot the hay
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:27:11 PM): me 2 i think i kinda have a headake
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:27:48 PM): aww so sorry take an aspirin or excedrin
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:28:02 PM): think we have advil ill hafta look 4 it
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:28:27 PM): ok baby takle care
dont_hay_me (05/27/08 10:28:35 PM): u 2 jake nite
soulkeepndaddy (05/27/08 10:28:16 PM): night baby
dont_hay_me (05/31/08 1:04:01 PM): jake u here?
dont_hay_me (05/31/08 1:04:45 PM): i cant stay on im grounded again but im goin 2 my aunts 2morow so i will b able 2 chat more then.
dont_hay_me (06/02/08 11:13:15 PM): jake?
dont_hay_me (06/02/08 11:13:35 PM): sorry i was out w my aunt all day 2day and most of the nite ill b on 2morow tho
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 5:08:27 AM): ok sweety I am ready to get you soon
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 10:43:16 PM): jake?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 10:44:00 PM): ugh my aunt was on her comp most of the nite an i think ur prolly sleepin alredy
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:02:16 PM): nope I am here now
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:02:22 PM): hi
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:02:32 PM): hey she asleep yet?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:02:40 PM): no
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:02:53 PM): but at least shes off the comp jeez
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:03:01 PM): i thought she was gonna b on it all nite
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:03:08 PM): if I send you something in the mail do you think you can get it without her knowing about it?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:03:19 PM): email?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:03:22 PM): are you using her comp or yours?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:03:27 PM): no regular mail
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:03:38 PM): oh ya she would def get it she doesnt work
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:03:44 PM): o ok
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:03:51 PM): what were u gonna send me?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:03:57 PM): a cam for computer
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:04:10 PM): that would b really kewl
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:04:41 PM): if i came down on a saturday just to meet you so you are sure things are cool would that be ok with you?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:05:15 PM): moms been planning 2 come her on weekends 2 c me so i dunno if i can get away
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:05:21 PM): durin the week i can
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:06:00 PM): during week would have to be tuesday or wednesday and would be tight time wise but I would do it for you
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:06:14 PM): for exampke tomorrow
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:06:52 PM): ur coming 2morow?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:07:01 PM): I can f you are sure you can get out to meet
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:07:09 PM): what time?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:07:17 PM): hmm around 12 30
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:07:35 PM): ya that should b ok i think
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:07:58 PM): what is your zip coce there do you know?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:08:34 PM): my aunts im not sure
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:08:54 PM): ok would you meet me even if it was raining?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:09:16 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:10:33 PM): is there an easier or better place to meet otehr than where we tried alst time?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:11:11 PM): i can walk on *Edit* road or 2 the med center
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:11:32 PM): theres not much thats close that isnt real public
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:11:32 PM): whre on *Edit* road would you like me to pick you up?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:11:49 PM): ill walk like i did last time until u get there
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:12:12 PM): which road would you come from to get to *Edit* road?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:12:44 PM): or does she live on *Edit*?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:12:53 PM): she lives on *Edit*
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:13:06 PM): you know ther is a est *Edit* also right?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:13:10 PM): west
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:13:32 PM): no i always just called it *Edit*
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:13:55 PM): if u turn onto it from the med center ill walk that way same as u will come or i can walk towards u its up 2 u
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:14:43 PM): how far do you live from the train tracks that cross *Edit*?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:15:21 PM): i dunno i dont live here its my aunts house
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:17:07 PM): I know baby just making sure you spend the least amount of time on the orad it will be hot
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:17:20 PM): I care about you
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:17:34 PM): aww i kno ill b ok tho
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:17:49 PM): will u b able 2 chk on here b4 u come like if my aunt wont let me go out or no?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:17:55 PM): do you know the street address to your aunt's house do not worry will not pick you up near there
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:18:12 PM): if I do I would be able to get there for another hour
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:18:13 PM): no i would have 2 ask her
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:18:18 PM): I wouldn
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:18:21 PM): t
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:18:45 PM): no chnace you can just be out three for sur at 12 30 with no excuses/
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:19:06 PM): ya ok
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:19:19 PM): what is your aun't s street address?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:19:42 PM): i dunno i would have 2 ask her
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:19:50 PM): hmm
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:22:38 PM): want me 2 ask her?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:22:49 PM): no baby that would be too obvious
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:22:53 PM): oh
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:23:43 PM): the name of the medical center again?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:24:50 PM): comp froz u still here?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:25:00 PM): yes
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:25:06 PM): name of med center again?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:25:08 PM): *Edit*
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:25:16 PM): its a surgery place
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:25:24 PM): not the hosp
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:25:28 PM): yeah i am looking at it that is pretty far from *Edit*
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:26:01 PM): it is on union avenue
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:26:19 PM): no its on *Edit* rd an *Edit* at the light
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:27:03 PM): maybe this is how we got confused before
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:27:09 PM): mayb
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:27:22 PM): *Edit* is on union a good ways from *Edit*
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:27:30 PM): thats the hosp
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:27:37 PM): at *Edit* and *Edit*
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:27:40 PM): this is the outpatient thing
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:27:59 PM): ya its at *Edit* and *Edit*
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:28:13 PM): *Edit* is called *Edit* rd at *Edit*
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:28:14 PM): its rite there u cant miss it
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:28:28 PM): oh i didnt kno that
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:28:39 PM): I looked up *Edit*med center and it is on *Edit* ave
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:29:01 PM): the surgery center is rite at the light
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:29:14 PM): ok hold on
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:29:16 PM): i dunno what ur lookin at
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:29:24 PM): but its wrong
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:29:25 PM): *Edit*to *Edit*
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:29:32 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:29:39 PM): turn left on *Edit*
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:29:44 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:29:58 PM): med center on left as you turn onto *Edit*?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:30:01 PM): and the enter 2 the med center is rite there
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:30:09 PM): right
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:30:18 PM): corredct or on the right?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:30:23 PM): right
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:31:02 PM): I see buildong on left as you turn onto *Edit*,
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:31:51 PM): i dont kno y u cant c it it has a rely big parking lot
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:31:53 PM): where *Edit* comes togethr with another road I see a big center
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:32:00 PM): on the right
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:32:27 PM): the enterence is rite after u turn on the road its a really big parking lot
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:32:53 PM): this is why we didn't meet I was at wrong palce
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:33:03 PM): oh
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:33:04 PM): I am soprry
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:33:13 PM): maybe my map is old
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:33:14 PM): its ok
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:33:32 PM): how far would you say you live from *Edit*??
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:33:50 PM): minutes wwalking
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:34:09 PM): my aunt lives on *Edit*
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:34:31 PM): I know what part sweety close to 231 on the otehr side of 231 or what?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:34:55 PM): no if i left her house and walked 2 the med center i would b walking towards u
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:35:04 PM): shes close 2 231
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:35:10 PM): so you live past the med center
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:35:25 PM): from the way ur coming yes
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:35:32 PM): no
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:35:38 PM): im confused
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:35:39 PM): so I would pass med center then get to her house corect?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:35:44 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:35:47 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:36:09 PM): so the med cneter must not be *Edit* since dale is further away
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:36:23 PM): thats the big hosp thats far away
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:36:29 PM): not the surgery center
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:36:37 PM): y wont u belive me
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:36:40 PM): sweety I looked up *Edit* and it pt me far away from where i am looking now
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:36:49 PM): ya the big hosp is far away
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:36:52 PM): I beleive you I am just tryong to make sure we meet
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:36:56 PM): 2 far for me 2 walk
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:37:08 PM): I don't want you to walk to that other palce
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:37:23 PM): you have computer try this
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:37:33 PM): open another window
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:37:42 PM): internet window
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:37:53 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:38:00 PM): then typ ein mapquest
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:38:30 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:38:47 PM): the fill in city and state ozark and al
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:39:14 PM): ok?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:39:28 PM): its loading
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:39:33 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:39:38 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:39:51 PM): then get map or get directions
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:40:13 PM): should be get map
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:40:15 PM): there already a map there
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:40:22 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:40:43 PM): use your curser to center the map on *Edit* and *Edit*
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:41:14 PM): ok?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:41:31 PM): how do i get there?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:41:41 PM): the map just has a star w ozark on it
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:41:45 PM): what streets do u see?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:42:00 PM): none
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:42:07 PM): i just c ozard w a star near it
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:42:15 PM): zoom in with the bar on the left until you are on the third button from the top
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:42:32 PM): hit plus sign
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:42:44 PM): oh ok
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:43:07 PM): got it?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:43:13 PM): i dont even c 231 on here
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:43:29 PM): or *Edit*
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:43:35 PM): what do you see?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:43:40 PM): i c andrews is the big street on here
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:43:48 PM): hold on
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:44:22 PM): ok got it
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:44:49 PM): move your cursor to the left side of map and click till map moves
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:45:03 PM): andrews hits 231
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:45:05 PM): ohhh kewl
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:45:22 PM): got it?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:46:04 PM): ya i found *Edit*but not 231 yet
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:46:06 PM): hold on
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:46:09 PM): ok
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:46:27 PM): ok i found it
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:46:42 PM): ok centered on *Edit* and *Edit*?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:46:47 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:47:06 PM): on third buttn from top on zoom bar?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:47:22 PM): thats were its alredy at
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:47:25 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:47:45 PM): see the wors aerial image upper right of map?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:47:49 PM): word
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:48:09 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:48:17 PM): click on it
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:48:51 PM): wow thats kewl
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:48:54 PM): still on throd button from top right itmight shift you off that
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:49:05 PM): no its still on it
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:49:16 PM): ok now look, do you see med center?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:49:36 PM): no
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:49:42 PM): but its there 4 realz
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:49:45 PM): ok then it isnew
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:49:49 PM): its ok
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:49:57 PM): k
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:50:23 PM): u cant miss it when u get there the parking lot is really big
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:50:29 PM): so is the med center close enough or you want me to pick you up on rd?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:50:45 PM): doesnt matter the med center is close
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:50:57 PM): like 10 mins 4 me 2 get there
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:51:02 PM): ok leave house at 12 30
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:51:12 PM): k
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:51:18 PM): an ur gonna pick me up at the med center?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:51:28 PM): will meet you on rd or in med center
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:51:42 PM): wherever I see you first
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:51:47 PM): ok
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:52:01 PM): what you goona wear for me?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:52:30 PM): its gonna b hot so i dunno
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:52:36 PM): u still want me 2 wear a skirt?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:52:46 PM): walk facing traffic so I can pull up to you
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:52:52 PM): if you can
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:52:55 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:53:20 PM): we will talk tomorrow ok no pressure
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:53:33 PM): what?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:53:48 PM): no need to be nervous
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:54:01 PM): im not
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:54:08 PM): we are meeting tomorrow only
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:54:17 PM): unless you beg me to take you
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:54:27 PM): and I mean beg
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:54:45 PM): its kewl ill b there ur the 1 that dont show up
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:55:00 PM): not me
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:55:00 PM): I will be ther for sure now that I have the right place
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:55:07 PM): k
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:55:21 PM): you can't blame me can you?
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:55:39 PM): I was at other med center
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:55:50 PM): ya i kno u told me
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:55:56 PM): its kewl tho
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:56:06 PM): ok tomorrow 12 30 rain or shine
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:56:13 PM): ya
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:56:24 PM): I will be there ok?
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:56:28 PM): ya me 2
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:56:34 PM): this is so kewl finaly
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:56:43 PM): ok got to go to bed
dont_hay_me (06/03/08 11:56:51 PM): k nite jake c u 2morow
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:56:56 PM): ok sweety
soulkeepndaddy (06/03/08 11:56:58 PM): night
dont_hay_me (06/04/08 11:49:28 AM): i cant wait 2 c u later :)

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