I'm sure he wishes he'd stayed in Texas.
Bust by Wendy @ 9/29/2006 4:44 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Jeff, 27
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Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit sadie_the_smarty, a 15 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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singletxguyforfun(12:21:07 AM): hello gorgeous
sadie_the_smarty (12:21:17 AM): sup?
sadie_the_smarty (12:21:22 AM): asl?
singletxguyforfun(12:21:27 AM): 21 m ohio (That's funny, Jeff. For a 15 year-old girl, you're 21. For the Darke County Sheriff's Office, you're 27. Imagine that.)
singletxguyforfun(12:21:28 AM): you
sadie_the_smarty (12:21:34 AM): 15 f oh (Bombs away!)
singletxguyforfun(12:21:43 AM): do you like older guys (Missed. Dammit.)
sadie_the_smarty (12:22:09 AM): yeah if they're cute.
sadie_the_smarty (12:22:12 AM): you got a pic?
singletxguyforfun(12:22:20 AM): yeah
singletxguyforfun(12:23:46 AM): wht do you think
sadie_the_smarty (12:24:32 AM): cute (Yeah, the pics he showed me were REAL cute, pics of a much younger, much different muscular body. Pics that weren't even HIS. )
sadie_the_smarty (12:24:33 AM): :)
singletxguyforfun(12:25:00 AM): would you like to get me naked (Sure, but I won't say what with.)
sadie_the_smarty (12:25:10 AM): you mean for real?
singletxguyforfun(12:25:20 AM): yea (Thanks for removing all doubt, Jeffers.)
sadie_the_smarty (12:25:57 AM): yeah it could be fun.
singletxguyforfun(12:26:13 AM): what would you do if you got me naked (Singe my eyelids shut. Try to find a happy place. Stuff like that. )
sadie_the_smarty (12:26:30 AM): stare at you lol....i don't know what would you want me to do?
singletxguyforfun(12:26:48 AM): suck or ride me (The direct approach makes my job SO much easier.)
sadie_the_smarty (12:27:30 AM): yeah
singletxguyforfun(12:27:44 AM): would you ride or suck me (Sorry, wasn't paying attention, you just asked if I'd let you rape me? Sure, why not. )
sadie_the_smarty (12:27:55 AM): yeah
singletxguyforfun(12:28:05 AM): you a virgin
sadie_the_smarty (12:28:14 AM): no i had a bf before
sadie_the_smarty (12:28:30 AM): hey i need to go to sleep cause i'm really tired but will you add me and i can talk to you tomorrow? (By that point, yeah, I actually was pretty tired. A whole day of chatting with assholes like Jeff here tends to do that. )
singletxguyforfun(12:28:45 AM): you going to sleep naked (Parting is obviously such sweet sorrow. Ugh. )
sadie_the_smarty (12:29:20 AM): did you just try to add me?
sadie_the_smarty (12:29:25 AM): under some wally name?
singletxguyforfun(12:29:38 AM): yes
sadie_the_smarty (12:29:48 AM): you said you were 17 before?
singletxguyforfun(12:30:20 AM): no
singletxguyforfun(12:31:00 AM): do you sleep naked
sadie_the_smarty (12:31:14 AM): i remember you said you were 17
singletxguyforfun(12:31:20 AM): no i am 21 ( Actually, add 10 to the former and we'll be closer to the truth, pal. )
sadie_the_smarty (12:31:53 AM): yeah sometimes i sleep naked.
singletxguyforfun(12:32:12 AM): do you swallow cum (Thanks for the horrific image right before I slept, bitchfist. )
sadie_the_smarty (12:33:28 AM): anyhow i need to go to sleep, but i'll talk to you tomorrow
singletxguyforfun(12:33:37 AM): goodnight
sadie_the_smarty (12:33:41 AM): 'night

Later that same day:

singletxguyforfun(11:06:41 AM): hello
sadie_the_smarty (11:07:03 AM): hey
singletxguyforfun(11:07:09 AM): how are you doing
sadie_the_smarty (11:07:23 AM): just woke up and already bored
singletxguyforfun(11:07:33 AM): why were are freinds
sadie_the_smarty (11:07:53 AM): i don't think they can come over whenever my mom's not in town
singletxguyforfun(11:08:07 AM): you can always suck my dick (Oh, Jeff. That's EXACTLY what I wanted to do on a Saturday morning at 15 years-old. My friends often called me up, asking if I felt like window shopping at the mall or catching a matinee. What did I do? \"Oh, sorry guys, I'd really love to, but I've got *dick* to suck this afternoon. Maybe next weekend!\" Fucking cretin. )
sadie_the_smarty (11:08:29 AM): you're not for real, are you? (Just felt the need to ask, in case anyone still has their doubts!)
singletxguyforfun(11:08:37 AM): if you want to i would let you (Joy!)
sadie_the_smarty (11:09:06 AM): yeah but i don't have the car
singletxguyforfun(11:09:20 AM): i could always pick you up and you do it in the car (And you could always play leapfrog on the edge of a skyscraper.)
sadie_the_smarty (11:09:58 AM): my house is empty til sunday
singletxguyforfun(11:10:10 AM): so i could just come over
sadie_the_smarty (11:10:41 AM): yeah if you want
singletxguyforfun(11:10:55 AM): what would we do if i come over
sadie_the_smarty (11:11:32 AM): well that's what you said you wanted to do
singletxguyforfun(11:11:50 AM): what you would suck me off
sadie_the_smarty (11:13:12 AM): yeah
singletxguyforfun(11:13:16 AM): is your pussy tight (Ugh.)
sadie_the_smarty (11:13:40 AM): i think it is
singletxguyforfun(11:13:54 AM): would you like me to eat you
sadie_the_smarty (11:14:36 AM): yeah....hey this is gonna sound stupid but what's your name even? i didn't even like ask you lol. (Getting a word in edgewise in the midst of such captivating dialogue is a mighty task for a 15 year-old.)
singletxguyforfun(11:14:49 AM): jeff
singletxguyforfun(11:15:04 AM): what is yours
sadie_the_smarty (11:15:29 AM): sadie
singletxguyforfun(11:15:44 AM): do you like to be eaten
sadie_the_smarty (11:15:53 AM): yeah
sadie_the_smarty (11:16:03 AM): what part of ohio are you in?
singletxguyforfun(11:16:08 AM): cincy
singletxguyforfun(11:16:09 AM): you
sadie_the_smarty (11:16:37 AM): greenville
singletxguyforfun(11:16:51 AM): you are close
singletxguyforfun(11:17:03 AM): would you answer the door naked (I'm sure the rest of the neighbourhood wants some kid porn!)
sadie_the_smarty (11:17:51 AM): it's cooooold
sadie_the_smarty (11:17:56 AM): i don't want to get sick
sadie_the_smarty (11:18:07 AM): but you could come in and surprise me in my room.
singletxguyforfun(11:18:17 AM): what do you mean
sadie_the_smarty (11:19:03 AM): i can leave the door open and you can come in and surprise me. if i answer the door naked i'll get a cold and that would suck.
singletxguyforfun(11:19:26 AM): oh so you would be in your room naked waiting on me (No. Not really.)
sadie_the_smarty (11:19:36 AM): yup. :)
singletxguyforfun(11:20:30 AM): with your legs spread (Yeah, no.)
sadie_the_smarty (11:20:42 AM): yup
singletxguyforfun(11:20:52 AM): so i could start licking you
sadie_the_smarty (11:21:57 AM): yup :)
singletxguyforfun(11:22:04 AM): is your pussy bald (The old standard, straight from The Groomer's Interview Guidebook.)
sadie_the_smarty (11:22:58 AM): no but there's not much hair
singletxguyforfun(11:23:11 AM): would you let me fill your pussy
sadie_the_smarty (11:23:24 AM): fill how? (Tell me it's not. . .)
singletxguyforfun(11:23:38 AM): with my cum (Yeah. It is. Puke.)
sadie_the_smarty (11:24:05 AM): i don't know, condoms are best to use cause i don't have the pill
singletxguyforfun(11:24:23 AM): ok do you have some
sadie_the_smarty (11:25:04 AM): no
sadie_the_smarty (11:25:15 AM): if my mom found me with rubbers she'd freak
singletxguyforfun(11:25:25 AM): ok so i will bring some (Of COURSE you will. And later, you'll say you NEVER intended to have sex with me, too.)
singletxguyforfun(11:25:34 AM): what do you have on right now
sadie_the_smarty (11:25:52 AM): my pj's....i still need to go get a shower
singletxguyforfun(11:26:05 AM): what are your pjs
sadie_the_smarty (11:26:58 AM): pajamas
singletxguyforfun(11:27:10 AM): what just a shirt
sadie_the_smarty (11:27:23 AM): pj pants and a tank top
singletxguyforfun(11:27:32 AM): panties and bra
sadie_the_smarty (11:27:39 AM): yeah
singletxguyforfun(11:27:46 AM): do you want me to come up and eat you
sadie_the_smarty (11:27:58 AM): yeah, do you still want to come?
singletxguyforfun(11:28:04 AM): yea
sadie_the_smarty (11:28:46 AM): how long would it take you if you left right now?
singletxguyforfun(11:28:55 AM): maybe an hour
sadie_the_smarty (11:29:31 AM): cool that's perfect cause i'm just about to go shower and get ready, can you leave right now?
singletxguyforfun(11:29:50 AM): i dont know
singletxguyforfun(11:30:04 AM): what do you have to do to get ready (Oh, you know - put on my face. Slip into something comfortable. Alert the cavalry.)
sadie_the_smarty (11:30:25 AM): take a shower dry my hair put on a little makeup (So I lied!)
sadie_the_smarty (11:30:35 AM): probably straigten the house a little
singletxguyforfun(11:30:47 AM): but stay naked
sadie_the_smarty (11:30:54 AM): okay
singletxguyforfun(11:31:11 AM): take everything off right now (I'll tell the Darke County SO of your request.)
sadie_the_smarty (11:31:31 AM): well yeah duh, i got to go get in the shower - do you want my addy and go ahead and come over?
singletxguyforfun(11:32:06 AM): tomorrow afternoon would be better
sadie_the_smarty (11:32:31 AM): my mom's coming back on sunday at some time
singletxguyforfun(11:32:53 AM): i could not stay long if i came today (Oh, Jeffy, you won't be staying very long no matter WHAT day you show up. )
sadie_the_smarty (11:33:03 AM): that's okay
singletxguyforfun(11:34:04 AM): what is ok
sadie_the_smarty (11:34:25 AM): i mean it would be cooler if you could stay for longer but it can be today or not at all because my mom's coming back so....
singletxguyforfun(11:34:43 AM): how about tonight then
singletxguyforfun(11:35:09 AM): i could come up at like midnight
sadie_the_smarty (11:35:17 AM): that's late
singletxguyforfun(11:35:38 AM): i know but i have plans at 3 today
sadie_the_smarty (11:36:38 AM): i got to be up early tomorrow....maybe it's just not such a hot idea i don't know
singletxguyforfun(11:36:54 AM): can you any other day
sadie_the_smarty (11:37:05 AM): uh no, mom's not gonna be out of town
singletxguyforfun(11:37:36 AM): so cant we meet somewhere and get a hotel room
sadie_the_smarty (11:38:14 AM): i don't drive without someone with me while my mom's in town....i only got a permit
sadie_the_smarty (11:38:24 AM): and she always wants to know where i'm going (And always ask, parents. ALWAYS ask.)
singletxguyforfun(11:38:45 AM): i coudl only do it tonight
singletxguyforfun(11:39:32 AM): how early do you got to get up
sadie_the_smarty (11:40:10 AM): 7 am....i've got to clean up the house and get everything ready for my mom so she doesn't thorw a fit when she gets home
singletxguyforfun(11:41:00 AM): ok so tap a nap or two today and i can come over at midnight stay an hour or two then leave
sadie_the_smarty (11:42:09 AM): okay fine midnight.....what kind of car will you be in?
singletxguyforfun(11:42:19 AM): red grand am
sadie_the_smarty (11:43:40 AM): okay well park at the end and walk up so my neighbours don't see, sometimes they stay up late on weekends, and come around the side on the left driveway to the side door, that's the one i'm leaving open k?
sadie_the_smarty (11:44:28 AM): is that cool?
singletxguyforfun(11:44:37 AM): ok then just walk in
sadie_the_smarty (11:45:08 AM): yup it'll be unlocked....i just don't want to leave the front door wide open just in case so come to the left side
sadie_the_smarty (11:45:16 AM): oh wait i didn't you my addy
sadie_the_smarty (11:45:24 AM): give you
sadie_the_smarty (11:45:54 AM): *bust address*
singletxguyforfun(11:46:52 AM): where will your room be (Nowhere near where YOUR room's going to be, Jeff-Jeff.)
sadie_the_smarty (11:47:07 AM): upstairs
sadie_the_smarty (11:47:17 AM): it will be the only door open
singletxguyforfun(11:47:25 AM): ok
sadie_the_smarty (11:48:39 AM): why did you do photo share?
singletxguyforfun(11:49:01 AM): that is my face
sadie_the_smarty (11:49:48 AM): ohh....look diffrent from last night (As in, not the same person at all)
sadie_the_smarty (11:49:55 AM): but still cute
singletxguyforfun(11:50:15 AM): i didnt show my face last night
sadie_the_smarty (11:50:31 AM): you sent like a bunch of these little pics and one of them had a face
singletxguyforfun(11:50:43 AM): not a full face
sadie_the_smarty (11:51:05 AM): oh well they were small so i couldn't really tell but you're cute so it don't matter
singletxguyforfun(11:51:24 AM): just wanted you to see what i looked like before tonight (No worries, J. I did. And so did a few million others.)
sadie_the_smarty (11:51:53 AM): you seem cool....i mean you're not a ax murderer or any thing are you?
sadie_the_smarty (11:51:54 AM): lol
singletxguyforfun(11:52:00 AM): no (Just a child molestor.)
singletxguyforfun(11:52:11 AM): you going to be naked when i show up
sadie_the_smarty (11:52:16 AM): yup
sadie_the_smarty (11:52:42 AM): but are you gonna be here right at midnite cause if i'm naked too long it's gonna get cold
singletxguyforfun(11:52:45 AM): legs spread and i will eat you right away
singletxguyforfun(11:53:07 AM): i wil try i dont know about traffic or wheather
sadie_the_smarty (11:54:48 AM): i think it should be okay said her flight should not have any probs coming in
singletxguyforfun(11:55:05 AM): then i should be if i can find it
sadie_the_smarty (11:55:40 AM): my house has a pow mia flag out in front
sadie_the_smarty (11:55:53 AM): when you turn onto my street its right on the corner on the right
singletxguyforfun(11:56:52 AM): do i park on the street
sadie_the_smarty (11:57:04 AM): yeah past the weelbarrow
sadie_the_smarty (11:57:22 AM): and go up and in on the left cause i'm not leavin the front door open
singletxguyforfun(11:57:53 AM): ok
singletxguyforfun(11:58:21 AM): and if you are laying there naked i will eat you out first thing
sadie_the_smarty (11:59:09 AM): okay i will be
singletxguyforfun(11:59:20 AM): ok
singletxguyforfun(11:59:33 AM): hugs and kisses
singletxguyforfun(11:59:42 AM): oh you are not a cop are you (No, \"Wait, maybe this is wrong\" or \"You know, I might be destroying a young girl's life.\" Just, \"Are you a cop?\" Lovely.)
sadie_the_smarty (12:00:49 PM): haha no
singletxguyforfun(12:01:03 PM): ok just checking
sadie_the_smarty (12:01:26 PM): do you have a cell i can call to make sure you're coming?
sadie_the_smarty (12:02:31 PM): if not that's ok
singletxguyforfun(12:02:44 PM): no i dont
singletxguyforfun(12:02:48 PM): but i promise i am
sadie_the_smarty (12:03:46 PM): you want me to call your house or whatever so you can hear me? just so you know i'm not some fat old cop lol (No offense to fat old cops.)
singletxguyforfun(12:04:05 PM): i trust you
singletxguyforfun(12:04:13 PM): just like you trust me (About as far as I could chuck you, Jeff.)
sadie_the_smarty (12:04:18 PM): ok
singletxguyforfun(12:05:30 PM): do you get cold easy
sadie_the_smarty (12:06:00 PM): kinda
singletxguyforfun(12:06:09 PM): that is cool
singletxguyforfun(12:06:25 PM): is the light going to be on in your room
sadie_the_smarty (12:07:24 PM): i don't know yet i might leave it on or i might just light some candles
singletxguyforfun(12:07:34 PM): ok
singletxguyforfun(12:07:40 PM): but i will be able to see you
sadie_the_smarty (12:07:52 PM): yeah
singletxguyforfun(12:08:08 PM): ok cool
sadie_the_smarty (12:08:13 PM): yup
singletxguyforfun(12:08:30 PM): do you do anal
sadie_the_smarty (12:08:41 PM): never have before
singletxguyforfun(12:08:46 PM): do you like it
sadie_the_smarty (12:08:55 PM): i don't know never done it
singletxguyforfun(12:09:05 PM): oh we could try
sadie_the_smarty (12:09:23 PM): yeah....does it hurt though?
singletxguyforfun(12:09:31 PM): dont know
singletxguyforfun(12:10:49 PM): what are you thinkinb about
sadie_the_smarty (12:11:11 PM): having fun tonight ;)
singletxguyforfun(12:12:04 PM): are you horny (Furthest thing from it, actually.)
sadie_the_smarty (12:12:31 PM): kinda a little, will be more later on
sadie_the_smarty (12:12:41 PM): but hey i need to go get a shower cause i feel yucky (More like ten of them. With bleach.)
singletxguyforfun(12:13:18 PM): ok
singletxguyforfun(12:13:22 PM): see you tonight
sadie_the_smarty (12:13:39 PM): okay :*
singletxguyforfun(12:13:52 PM): i will wait till i can give you a real one
sadie_the_smarty (12:14:00 PM): hehe ok

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