Patrick wanted little Katie for Christmas - wearing nothing but a red bow
Bust by Retired Contributor @ 10/16/2013 2:38 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Patrick Reid Conroy , 35
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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit prcvegas10, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:22:03 PM): hi, how are you doing?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:21:04 PM): hey :) asl please?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:22:47 PM): I'm Patrick 35/m/las vegas
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:21:37 PM): well hey patrick :) i'm Katie, 13, utah
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:23:25 PM): nice to meet you katie
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:22:09 PM): lolz thanx - same here! Did you have a fun day?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:23:59 PM): yea, just was a relaxing day and yours?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:22:56 PM): it was ok i guess - kinda boring, lol. I was just in school.
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:23:16 PM): Got to hang out with my friends after though whch was fun
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:23:22 PM): ah thats good
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:23:34 PM): yeah :)
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:23:51 PM): was it a guy friend or girl friend?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:24:03 PM): girls - there was like 3 of us
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:24:22 PM): ah thats good
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:24:51 PM): yeah, we had fun, my one friend just bought these cute new jeans so we was all like trying them on lolz
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:25:06 PM): lol oh yea
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:25:30 PM): yeah lolz, i wanna get a pair for me too
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:25:34 PM): and some cute new winter boots
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:25:46 PM): but i gotta babysit some more though before i can get those
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:25:56 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:26:37 PM): yup but christmas is coming too so hopefully santa will bring me some cashito lol
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:26:50 PM): well maybe
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:27:03 PM): well of course! lolz.... i'm a good gurl
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:27:11 PM): of course :D
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:27:58 PM): ya..... lolz...... i'm not really good all the time, but we won't tell lolz
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:28:15 PM): well thats ok none of us are good all the time lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:28:36 PM): nope lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:28:48 PM): so did you have your dinner yet?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:29:08 PM): yea and you?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:29:48 PM): no not yet. I just got in from my friends place and i thought dinner would be ready but i think mom must have gone to the neighbor ladys house
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:30:00 PM): ah ok
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:30:18 PM): so what did you eat? anythin yummy?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:30:35 PM): just a subway sandwich
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:30:51 PM): oh well they're yummy.. i love their meatball marina ones
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:31:00 PM): yea those are good too
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:31:11 PM): which one did you hav?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:31:27 PM): the tuna
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:31:36 PM): so you're kinda stinky right now lolz
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:31:44 PM): lol nah
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:31:46 PM): just teasing ya ;)
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:31:57 PM): are you sure? coz you probably got like tuna breath or something
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:32:11 PM): no I don't lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:32:27 PM): k... lick the back of your hand then smell it!
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:32:34 PM): kinda gross huh lolz
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:32:36 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:32:55 PM): so have you ever like been to utah?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:33:18 PM): once a few years ago
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:33:25 PM): its kinda boring huh lolz
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:33:34 PM): Las Vegas sounds way more cool
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:33:54 PM): lol yea a lot more to do here lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:34:23 PM): i've been there a couple times and it was fun. We went school shopping ther this summer. it was like soooooooo hot
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:34:42 PM): lol yea does get pretty hot here during the summer
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:34:55 PM): it was well fun tho
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:35:31 PM): thats good
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:35:32 PM): so what you doin tonight?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:35:42 PM): not much just relaxing and yourself?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:36:05 PM): not much. i got homework to do and i gotta a take a shower then read some of my book
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:36:09 PM): kinda boring night i guess lol
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:36:16 PM): lol yea
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:36:34 PM): well its ok, its all part of school lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:37:05 PM): yeah huh. schools ok but i just get kinda bored there. i cant wait til i can finish and go travel to really cool places
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:37:23 PM): well I'm sure you will
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:37:48 PM): yeah - Dad thinks i should go into like the army or something but i dunno what i'd do
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:38:00 PM): thats like forever away though anyways
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:38:21 PM): yea it is
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:38:34 PM): so its like thanksgiving next week and I get 4 days off school - yay!!!
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:38:39 PM): 4 days i can sleep in lolz
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:38:48 PM): lol thats good
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:38:50 PM): :D
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:38:59 PM): yeah, i'm well excited.
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:39:06 PM): i hate getting up early
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:39:10 PM): lol yea
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:39:13 PM): me too
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:39:25 PM): so what do u like to do?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:39:29 PM): like for fun n stuff
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:41:13 PM): well, I like to hang out with friends, meeting new people, going out on the town, traveling when I can, enjoy most types music and movies, hiking, camping, the outdoors, and usually up for just about anything
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:41:31 PM): lol - wow, thats like a lot of stuff, that's really cool
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:41:40 PM): you sound really fun :)
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:41:48 PM): thanks :D
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:41:54 PM): lolz yw :)
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:42:14 PM): so i'm gonna have to go in a minute coz i just heard mom come in downstairs
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:42:22 PM): can i add you so we can chat again?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:42:28 PM): yea would like that
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:42:38 PM): k, hang on :)
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:43:01 PM): so did it like work?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:43:05 PM): yes
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:43:18 PM): yay lol
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:43:31 PM): so do you have a computer in your room?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:43:53 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:43:58 PM): i got dads old one
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:44:10 PM): its not the best but its ok for homework and chat n stuff
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:44:16 PM): ah thats good, well once your done with your parents maybe we can chat more :D
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:44:23 PM): thats good
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:44:49 PM): sure, id like that, i might not be able to tonight though coz moms home but like a couple times a week they both work late
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:45:01 PM): ah ok
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:45:04 PM): i dont wanna get in trouble for being on here ya know lol
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:45:16 PM): lol yea I can understand
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:45:16 PM): i'll get my butt spanked
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:45:41 PM): I'm sure it would be better if it was by a boy instead of your parentslol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:46:03 PM): lol, well itd still hurt
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:46:23 PM): lol well a little not much lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:46:35 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:46:51 PM): so you have a bf?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:46:59 PM): boyfriend or best friend? lol
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:47:24 PM): well boyfriend but not sure if your aloud to have one yet lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:47:50 PM): yeah i'm kinda not allowd to have one that mom and dad know about lolz. i gotta be 16 to date they said
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:48:05 PM): ah ok lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:48:47 PM): yeah they like making rules n stuff
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:49:05 PM): well they need to their parents lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:49:15 PM): yeah i guess, whatever... lol
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:49:26 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:50:01 PM): so what do you wanna chat about? coz i figure i'll just keep chatting til mom yells at me for dinner
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:50:33 PM): well whats on your mind tonight?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:51:00 PM): i dunno.... pre-algebra i guess lolz.... and those cute new jeans i tried on today lolz
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:51:16 PM): I'm sure they looked sexy huh lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:51:45 PM): lol i dunno, they fit real well. see thats the cool thing about my frriend, shes the same size as me, so i can like borrow her stuff lol
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:51:58 PM): thats cool
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:52:22 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:52:30 PM): its like i got 2 closets ya know lol
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:52:34 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:53:01 PM): so what kinda music do you like to listen to?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:53:39 PM): pretty much listen to most kinda from classic rock to r&b and hip hop and some country, jazz
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:53:41 PM): and you?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:54:16 PM): kewl. i like lots of stuff too - i like the Top 40 stuff best though, but i'll listen to whateva
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:54:26 PM): i like to dance
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:54:27 PM): do u?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:54:45 PM): thats good, I do too
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:55:08 PM): kewl. i LOVE to dance. I like turn the music up real loud when i'm home alone and dance in the kitchen lolz
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:55:21 PM): oh yea lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:55:28 PM): yeah, its fun :)
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:55:55 PM): thats good
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:56:07 PM): yup lol
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:56:12 PM): so what tv do you watch?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:56:30 PM): little of everything from the history channel to sci fi
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:56:49 PM): kewl. Do you like two and a half men? that was on last night, it was so funny
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:57:02 PM): yea I do
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:57:32 PM): i think itd be fun to live in a house like charleys, like on the beach, thatd be real cool
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:57:41 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:57:48 PM): i could swim every day after school then
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:57:55 PM): :D
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:57:56 PM): i wanna learn to surf some day too
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:58:08 PM): its fun I use to boogie board
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:58:12 PM): do you like the beach?
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:58:22 PM): oh how kewl! did you like live near the ocean?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:58:24 PM): yea love it
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:58:30 PM): yea use to
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:58:44 PM): awwww how fun, wish i did. utah weather like really sux mud
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:58:49 PM): its so cold here right now
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:59:06 PM): yea
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:59:13 PM): oh hey, moms calling so i gotta run
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:59:23 PM): or she'll be up here trying to see what i'm doing
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:59:30 PM): ok talk to you later
katierella1013 (11/16/10 8:59:32 PM): when are you like online?
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 8:59:51 PM): most of the time, if I'm on then I'll show up as being on
katierella1013 (11/16/10 9:00:13 PM): kewl. i'll look for you again soon. have a fun night patrick. talk 2 u soon :)
katierella1013 (11/16/10 9:00:34 PM): :-h
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 9:00:40 PM): ok talk to you soon
katierella1013 (11/16/10 9:00:44 PM): byeeeeee
prcvegas10 (11/16/10 9:00:50 PM): bye bye
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:16:50 PM): hi katie how are you doing?
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:18:08 PM): awwwww hey you!
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:18:17 PM): hey you too lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:18:27 PM): im doing good today thanks - n u?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:18:35 PM): thats good, doing pretty good here
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:18:46 PM): we are having the suckiest weather ever!
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:18:55 PM): its really windy and has been raining tons
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:18:57 PM): oh yea
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:19:02 PM): thats not good
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:19:14 PM): starting to spinkle a little here as well
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:19:18 PM): yeah not really huh coz i still gotta walk my dog :(
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:19:25 PM): huh oh
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:19:40 PM): yeah we got back a bit ago though but i got kinda wet and now i stink like wet dog
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:19:43 PM): blah lol
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:19:53 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:20:09 PM): so what you been doing since we last chatted? anyting fun?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:20:28 PM): not to much here
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:20:42 PM): work and home lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:21:01 PM): awww well something musta been fun?
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:21:07 PM): isn't your work fun?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:21:13 PM): yea it is lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:21:30 PM): i cant wait to work, i bet its way more fun than school
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:21:48 PM): lol yea and you make money too lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:21:58 PM): yeah huh... and no homework! lol
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:22:02 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:22:07 PM): so what you doing today?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:22:15 PM): not much just relaxing now
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:22:20 PM): kewl, me too
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:22:21 PM): :)
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:22:24 PM): :D
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:22:31 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:22:48 PM): i went shopping with mom today coz its grammys birthday tomorrow
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:22:55 PM): ah thats good
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:23:03 PM): yeah - we never agree on stuff to buy though
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:23:09 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:23:20 PM): i thought we shud get gramy an ipod or something but mom ended up with like candles and bath stuff
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:23:43 PM): which is cool i gues, but i thought an ipond was way more fun and that way i could borrow it ;)
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:23:44 PM): yea, well she may not know how to use a ipod either lol
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:23:52 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:24:09 PM): lol, i dunno, my grammy is kinda cool, shes way more tech-savy than my ,mom and dad
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:24:16 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:24:36 PM): so i only have like 3 more days at school then i get 4 off for thanksgiving yay!
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:24:44 PM): well thats good
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:24:50 PM): yea, cant wait
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:24:56 PM): yea I'm sure lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:24:58 PM): i love thanksgiving food mmmmmmmm
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:25:03 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:25:08 PM): whats your favorutite kinda pie?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:25:28 PM): mud pie
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:25:33 PM): lol - mud pie?????
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:25:41 PM): you mean the kind you make like outside whe you're a kid? lol
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:25:53 PM): lol no
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:25:59 PM): its a ice cream type of pie
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:26:14 PM): ooooh i getcha, like chocolate fudge or something?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:26:21 PM): yea
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:26:39 PM): mmmm yum thats cool, that sounds kinda good, I don't know that i've ever had a mud pie
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:26:57 PM): you reminded me of last year's summer fair thing in my town when we did the mud slide thing
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:26:57 PM): maybe not
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:27:00 PM): it was soooo col
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:27:09 PM): yea its kinda like that
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:27:22 PM): lol, like what?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:27:34 PM): the mud slide thing
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:28:12 PM): errrrr ok lol coz we had like a large hole in the ground they had dug with a big digger thing and then they filled it with water til it got all slippy and slimy then everyone just piled in and threw mud and stuff, it was sooooooo crazy
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:28:33 PM): ah ok lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:28:44 PM): I like the sound of your mud pie though
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:28:55 PM): mmmm now you have me wanting some chocolat! lol
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:29:02 PM): lol huh oh
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:29:17 PM): so you seen any movies lately?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:29:32 PM): no not really though the new harry potter sounds like a good one
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:29:49 PM): ooooh yeah it does. I think its pg13 right?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:29:57 PM): think so
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:30:14 PM): kewl, mom usually makes us go to a movie on thanksgiving so perhaps i'll see if we can go see that one, that would be cool
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:30:26 PM): yea that would be good
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:30:34 PM): do you like harry potter? have you read the books?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:31:08 PM): yea I like the movies but haven't read the booksd
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:31:11 PM): books
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:32:34 PM): brb going to get something to eat real quick
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:32:41 PM): brb going to get something to eat real quick
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:36:01 PM): hey sorry - i got dumped
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:37:26 PM): u there? :)
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:43:08 PM): yea I'm here, just put a frozen pizza in the oven
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:43:24 PM): oh yum! what flavor?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:43:34 PM): pepporoni
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:43:59 PM): mmmm my favourite. I like lotsa cheese though
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:43:59 PM): mmmm my favourite. I like lotsa cheese though
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:44:06 PM): well thats good :D
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:44:33 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:44:54 PM): brb soon, just going to go keep a eye on it for a bit ok?
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:45:01 PM): sure :)
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:45:04 PM): :D
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:45:11 PM): save me a piece ;)
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:56:45 PM): ok back :d
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:56:53 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:57:01 PM): i gotta run for a bit and eat my dinner though.
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:57:06 PM): will u be online in a bit?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:57:11 PM): yea should be
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:57:17 PM): kewl, can we chat later?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:57:36 PM): yea would like that
katierella1013 (11/20/10 7:57:46 PM): kewl, bye sweety, see u soon :)
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 7:57:52 PM): ok :D
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:00:18 PM): hey, im back :)
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:00:30 PM): :d
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:00:35 PM): she's back :d
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:00:59 PM): yay!!
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:01:03 PM): dinner kinda sucked though lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:01:08 PM): how was your pizza?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:01:25 PM): it was good
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:01:33 PM): kewl, did you save me a slice?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:01:51 PM): sure I did lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:02:26 PM): thanks lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:02:31 PM): I had leftovers
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:02:39 PM): well thats good lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:03:06 PM): it was ok, some shrimp pasta thing mom made a couple days ago
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:03:39 PM): ah ok
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:04:05 PM): yeah, not my favourite. but ok lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:04:17 PM): so what u gonna do for th rest of the night? i dont much like the winter nights when its dark real early
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:04:58 PM): well nothing planned for tonight, yea I don't like how it gets dark early either
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:05:44 PM): im probly gonna make a bubble bath and try to finish my book
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:05:58 PM): ah sounds nice ;;)
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:06:26 PM): yeah, mom has one of the big tubs with the jets and she has some nice bubble bath - coconut flavor mmmm
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:06:29 PM): it makes good bubbles
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:06:47 PM): thats good :d
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:07:04 PM): and I'm sure if you sit just right then can mae you feel real good huh ;;)
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:07:08 PM): make
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:07:54 PM): lol?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:08:29 PM): just teasing cause if the jet hits you down there can make you feel good lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:08:47 PM): lol ive never done that
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:08:54 PM): lol oh yea
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:09:42 PM): yeah its a really big tub so i just like sink down and let the bubbles get really big - the jets make a lot of bubbles!
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:10:04 PM): well thats good
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:11:02 PM): maybe its big enough then for 2 :D
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:11:14 PM): lol yeah it is i guess
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:11:22 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:11:28 PM): do u like baths?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:11:55 PM): yea I do and showers as well
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:12:19 PM): yeah i have a shower before school but baths are my favourite
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:12:25 PM): especially in winter when its like real cold outside
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:12:33 PM): yea :D
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:13:16 PM): so u watchin tv or something tonight?
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:13:19 PM): do u like ncis?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:13:34 PM): yea I enjoy ncis
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:13:48 PM): aww cool me too
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:13:54 PM): :D
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:13:58 PM): i thought of u coz this week was the one in las vegas
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:14:04 PM): did u see the one with the cat and the parrot?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:14:05 PM): oh yea
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:14:13 PM): no missed that one
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:14:37 PM): awww that sux. it was really funny. u should try and watch it online if u can. it was good
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:14:45 PM): i dont like the blood and stuff much but i like the show
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:14:52 PM): yea
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:15:11 PM): does stuff like that really happen in las vegas?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:15:47 PM): well there is a lot of bad things that can happen here, but its the same for any major city
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:16:10 PM): yeah i guess. we hear about bad stuff in salt lake city a lot but my town is really small so not much happens here
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:16:29 PM): yea
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:17:04 PM): so what else do u wanna chat about?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:17:32 PM): well pretty open, I know last time you had questions about adult things lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:17:44 PM): errr i did? lol
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:18:00 PM): think so lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:18:10 PM): i dont remember
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:18:17 PM): its ok lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:18:29 PM): ok lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:18:38 PM): so whats like your most favourite thing to do ever
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:19:26 PM): well not sure, so many things I enjoy to do lol
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:19:53 PM): well do enjoy traveling when ever I can
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:20:04 PM): wheres like the best place you've been?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:20:33 PM): well really liked going to yellowstone national park
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:20:57 PM): really? i went there once, it was soooo cool
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:21:04 PM): thts the one in california right?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:21:25 PM): that yosemite national park in california
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:21:36 PM): thats also a nice place to go to
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:21:46 PM): oh ok then coz i always get that one mixed up with the one near utah
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:21:54 PM): lol
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:22:00 PM): i like national parks theyre kinda cool places
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:22:05 PM): have u been to zion?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:22:19 PM): yea its also a nice place as well
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:23:09 PM): I hiked the angels landing this summer with my aunt, omg thats like a really long way!
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:23:21 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:23:28 PM): hav u done it?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:23:47 PM): not yet, but have heard of the trail
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:24:16 PM): oh its sooooo cool. it tok us forever but its a cool hike. it was sooooo big at the top, like u could see forever, it was neat
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:24:47 PM): well thats good :d
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:24:59 PM): yeah i was kinda scared id fall off lol
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:25:05 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:25:11 PM): we laid on our tummys and looked over the edge - well cool!
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:25:32 PM): sounds like it
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:25:40 PM): yeah :) u like hiking?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:25:48 PM): yea I do and camping as well
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:26:06 PM): aww thats cool. theres lots of really neat places to camp in utah. we have pretty mountains
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:26:33 PM): yea there are a lot of places to go camping and hiking
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:26:52 PM): thats what sux about winter coz u cant do that kinda stuff
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:27:07 PM): yea
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:27:08 PM): I don't much like winter in case you hadn't guessed lol
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:27:19 PM): lol kinda figured
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:27:23 PM): lol :)
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:27:33 PM): do u get snow where u live?
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:27:46 PM): yea we get some here
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:27:55 PM): cool. do u like it?
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:28:28 PM): brb k
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:28:38 PM): yea I do
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:28:39 PM): ok
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:30:07 PM): brb as well
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:31:26 PM): ok i back, i got my bath started runninng water :)
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:35:57 PM): boo..... :-*
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:48:03 PM): where'd u go?
katierella1013 (11/20/10 9:48:55 PM): ok night sweety - im gonna go enjoy my bath :)
prcvegas10 (11/20/10 9:50:24 PM): sorry had someone at the door, talk to you soon
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:15:02 PM): boo! lol
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:14:55 PM): lol boo
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:15:55 PM): lol... hey you ;) how are you doin today?
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:16:13 PM): good and you?
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:16:18 PM): totally awesome!
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:16:33 PM): I didn't have school today... i totally spaced until last night lol when mom reminded me
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:17:08 PM): lol well thats good
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:17:38 PM): yeah, it was fun. i got to go out and play in the snow. it is so cold here
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:18:10 PM): yea its getting pretty cold here too, suppost to get down to 30 tonight here
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:18:27 PM): lol - thats not cold! lol.
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:18:42 PM): dad made me wear my snow coat today - it only got to like 31
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:18:58 PM): well then colder there lol
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:19:04 PM): good to wear a jacket lol
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:19:15 PM): yeah, i got kinda warm when we were playing though
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:19:28 PM): yea well better than being cold and getting a cold lol
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:20:05 PM): yeah, i only came in about a bit ago and my face and hands are burning now, i got so cold
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:20:35 PM): lol yea
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:20:55 PM): well hate to do this, but have to head out to the market for a bit to get food
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:21:13 PM): lol, thats cool. moms making me go to walmart with her in a bit anyways
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:21:22 PM): have a totally awesome thanksgiving :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:21:32 PM): eat lots of yummy food, k lol
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:21:33 PM): thanks you too
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:21:38 PM): oh I will lol
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:21:42 PM): talk soon :)
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:21:45 PM): i hope anyways lol
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:21:52 PM): we will :D
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:21:59 PM): awesome
katierella1013 (11/24/10 6:22:06 PM): byeeeeeeee :-*
prcvegas10 (11/24/10 6:22:11 PM): bye bye for now
katierella1013 (11/29/10 6:33:00 PM): hey u :-)
katierella1013 (12/02/10 7:55:04 PM): hey you :) Sorry I havent been on much lately... i kinda got in trouble and had my computer privelges taken away, but anyway, though id say hi. katie :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:19:50 PM): hey! :)
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:20:43 PM): hey there :D
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:21:18 PM): how are you doing?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:20:44 PM): im doing real good now that ur here :) i missed talking to u :)
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:20:56 PM): awww thanks :d
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:22:23 PM): so what are you up to?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:23:55 PM): not much.. just homework n stuff
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:24:12 PM): aww sounds like fun lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:24:18 PM): yeah, not really lol
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:24:26 PM): yea thought so lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:25:15 PM): so what u been doing anyways?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:25:27 PM): work work work lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:26:04 PM): awwww u hav? what do u do?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:26:12 PM): work in retail
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:26:22 PM): cool :)
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:27:18 PM): :D
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:28:13 PM): so whats on your mind? ;;)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:28:58 PM): i dunno.... what about you? coz we can chat about whatever you want
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:29:02 PM): u choose
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:29:13 PM): huh oh lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:29:20 PM): lol.... what?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:29:26 PM): just teasing lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:30:04 PM): lolz.... ur cute
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:30:13 PM): so tell me whats on ur mind...
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:30:25 PM): well thank you, thank you very much :D
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:31:00 PM): well honestly been having intimate things on my mind the last few days lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:31:17 PM): oh... lol... like wot?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:31:28 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:31:52 PM): well its been so long since I have been with someone that its just naturally thinking about things lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:32:47 PM): awwww really?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:32:53 PM): so like tell me what you've been thinking about
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:33:14 PM): you really want to here? llol
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:33:16 PM): hear
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:33:21 PM): yeah :)
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:33:50 PM): well my thing I enjoy is giving orally
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:33:59 PM): what?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:34:03 PM): lolz
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:34:06 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:34:23 PM): I'm sure you know about that lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:34:40 PM): mmmmm well.... i dunno exactly... lolz
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:34:45 PM): probly but im not sure
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:35:07 PM): lol ok so you probably have heard about it, maybe not fully understand about it lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:36:06 PM): i dunno, i bet i have.... i think i know what ur saying... r u really thinking about that?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:36:39 PM): yea performing oral sex, yea its been on my mind lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:36:55 PM): for realz?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:37:02 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:37:08 PM): u like that?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:37:22 PM): yea enjoy doing it on a woman
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:38:13 PM): u do? lol... iv never done that before
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:38:22 PM): well its ok lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:38:41 PM): my friend has like done stuff with her bf and said its cool and i guess im kinda curious about it
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:38:55 PM): well its ok to be curious about things
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:39:06 PM): lolz... yeah i guess
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:39:19 PM): i dont hav a bf though and i guess you need one to do stuff like that huh
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:39:51 PM): well for a lot but there is always masturbation to kinda learn about things
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:40:11 PM): yeah i guess, iv never done that either
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:40:29 PM): well its a normal thing to do, a lot of people do that
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:41:27 PM): I sometimes do that myself
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:41:50 PM): u do? do u like to do it?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:42:06 PM): sometimes I enjoy it, but prefer the real thing lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:43:12 PM): the real thing?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:43:35 PM): well having sex with someone
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:44:06 PM): oooohhh ok lolz
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:44:11 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:44:27 PM): so what kind of things have you been curious about?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:45:11 PM): i dunno, lots of stuff i guess
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:45:42 PM): my friend jazz has a bf n shes always doin stuff with him. she tells me stuff, n like, iv never done it with anyone before
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:46:10 PM): well its ok, what kind of things does she talk to you about that you might be interested in trying?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:46:28 PM): cause there is a lot that can be done between 2 people
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:46:31 PM): just like things u do if u hav a bf, i dunno, lots of stuff
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:46:44 PM): lol ok
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:47:15 PM): so like, what do u like to do?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:47:40 PM): well there are a lot of different positions that people can do, there is also oral sex that a guy can do on a girl and girl can do on a guy, then there is also anal sex that some people enjoy as well
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:48:04 PM): ooooohhh wow, lolz... i never heard of that last one
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:48:35 PM): yea, most guys enjoy it just because its so tight and some girls enjoy it as well
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:48:47 PM): well I should say guys enjoy giving anally lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:49:02 PM): oh lolz... so like do u like to do that?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:49:19 PM): yea I do it sometimes if the person enjoys it or curious in trying it
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:50:13 PM): usually takes a couple times for someone to really enjoy it, just because like with you, you will be very tight back there
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:50:40 PM): oh... like u'd wanna do that with me?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:51:01 PM): well only if that would be something you would be interested in trying
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:51:38 PM): i dunno, would u really wanna?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:51:56 PM): well I wouldn't mind trying it with you
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:52:20 PM): could just put a little in and if you don't like it then would stop
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:52:20 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:53:07 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:53:14 PM): so u at home now?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:53:24 PM): yea I am
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:53:40 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:53:54 PM): cool, me too
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:54:02 PM): thats good ;;)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:54:28 PM): so liek i havnt seen any pics of u.. i wanna see what u look like..
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:54:39 PM): ok no problem
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:55:25 PM): do you want to do photoshare?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:55:52 PM): oh sry.. yeah.... my dog just came in my room n was sniffing my dirty laundry lolz
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:56:02 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:56:26 PM): well there might be a scent from you that he likes lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:56:42 PM): lolz... maybe, he likes to run off with my socks n underwear lolz
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:56:49 PM): ooooohhhhh there u r ;)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:56:52 PM): ur cute :)
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:57:09 PM): well from your underwear, its probably the smell of your crotch he likes lol
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:57:12 PM): thanks :D
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:57:27 PM): oooohhhh lolz... maybe
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:57:40 PM): hinestly i like the smell too lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:57:51 PM): not of my panties! lol
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:58:05 PM): well of the crotch lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:58:23 PM): lolz... oh ok
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:58:53 PM): do have one other picture but its of me down there and its naughty lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:59:09 PM): oooohhh lolz... u do? like u really hav pics like that?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:59:25 PM): yea I do, but just one lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 7:59:36 PM): lolz... wow... iv never seen a pic like that bfor!
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:59:42 PM): really
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 7:59:56 PM): would you like to see it?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:00:08 PM): u want me to?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:00:32 PM): well might be good for you to see what a guy looks like down there, if you want too
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:01:03 PM): if u want to send it to me :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:01:38 PM): ooooooooooohhhhhh wow, its like so big!
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:01:50 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:01:55 PM): :">
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:02:13 PM): thats what your friend plays with on her bf :D
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:02:25 PM): though his may not be as big lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:02:32 PM): oh i dunno lolz
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:02:55 PM): though with you it will take a little time for me to be able to get it in lol
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:03:46 PM): oh wow... so like you'd really wanna do that with me?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:04:06 PM): well I would be willing if its something you wanted to try
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:04:27 PM): maybe.. i dunno..... that pic looks real big :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:04:58 PM): lolz
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:05:09 PM): well what you can do is try sitting on it and take your time with it
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:05:20 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:05:30 PM): but like u liv in vegas n thats like far away
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:05:48 PM): yea, but could always find a way to come to you
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:06:09 PM): awww ud really do that?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:06:21 PM): yea I would, would you like that?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:06:42 PM): that'd be sooooo cool, but only if like u'd wanna do that?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:06:59 PM): yea I would
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:07:08 PM): awwww :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:07:13 PM): ur so sweet
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:07:25 PM): thanks
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:07:34 PM): would you like to try oral sex as well?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:07:40 PM): i dunno, it might be fun
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:08:34 PM): oh hey sweety... i gotta run k.. moms calling me for dinner
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:08:42 PM): ok
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:08:47 PM): n like she'll come up here looking for me if i dont go, n i dont want that lolz
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:08:56 PM): will u be on like on the weeken?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:09:02 PM): yea I will be
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:09:09 PM): cool, can we chat more then?
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:09:20 PM): coz like i really like u
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:09:23 PM): yea would like that and feel free to ask anything
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:09:26 PM): ur so cool to talk to :)
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:09:35 PM): well I really like you too
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:09:40 PM): awww thx :)
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:09:46 PM): your welcome
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:10:13 PM): im gonna try n get some more pics off dads camera - do u hav like an emal address or something?
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:11:45 PM): yea, you can send them to feel free to take any kind you want ;;)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:11:15 PM): lolz like what? coz i just got pics of me
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:11:46 PM): well any kind is fine with me, maybe will be nice to see you the same as you sawe me too ;;)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:12:00 PM): k... :)
katierella1013 (12/03/10 8:12:09 PM): i really gotta run k.. byeeeeeee xoxox
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:12:14 PM): bye bye
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:12:26 PM): :-*
prcvegas10 (12/03/10 8:12:33 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:11:54 PM): hey sweety :)
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:12:10 PM): howdy :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:12:13 PM): lolz.... u havin agood day?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:12:34 PM): yea having a descent day and you?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:13:00 PM): yeah s'ok.. I got to miss church this morning so that was cool lolz
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:13:23 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:13:29 PM): yeah ;_
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:13:30 PM): ;)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:13:33 PM): so what u been doing?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:13:37 PM): I missed talking with you
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:14:26 PM): well missed talking to you too. Well not to much today just relaxiong
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:14:51 PM): awww well thats cool
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:15:08 PM): so like what do u do when you relax?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:15:16 PM): nothing lol
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:15:25 PM): oooohhhh ok lolz
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:15:34 PM): i didnt know if like u watched tv or somethin
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:15:59 PM): well usually watch tv, but just sometimes enjoy being lazy lol'
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:16:47 PM): thats cool
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:16:50 PM): so guess what?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:17:05 PM): what?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:17:18 PM): its 20 days til chrismast!!!
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:17:25 PM): :d
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:17:29 PM): what are you gonna ask santa for?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:17:38 PM): maybe for you :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:17:45 PM): awwww really? well like how lolz
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:18:08 PM): in just a bow :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:18:11 PM): coz i probly wont fit in ur stocking lolz
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:18:26 PM): oooohhhh lolz.... just a bow?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:18:39 PM): just a bow :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:18:49 PM): lolz.... ok then lolz
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:18:54 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:19:39 PM): but like what u gonna do with me in just a bow lol coz its not like we could go to the movies or anything lolz
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:20:11 PM): well we can go right to the bedroom and put a movie on there ;;)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:20:24 PM): oooohh lolz thats cool. what movies u like?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:20:38 PM): most kinds and you?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:21:58 PM): anything really - i dont much like scary ones ya know. i like funny movies
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:22:08 PM): well thats good
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:22:54 PM): so do you gotta do like lots of shopping n stuff for christmas?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:23:09 PM): well still have some to do
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:23:46 PM): thats cool. i was supposed to help mom write christmas cards today but i didnt get mine done yet
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:23:52 PM): like the ones we hav to mail off
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:24:01 PM): yea
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:24:14 PM): welI I'm sure you will get them done
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:24:40 PM): yeah i dunno - i still hav homework to do n then like at 4 we hav to go to my aunts coz shes having cake n ice cream for my cousins birthday
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:24:56 PM): ah well thats cool
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:25:28 PM): yeah, they always have like the really nice icream too lolz
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:25:35 PM): so what u been doing this weekend? did u hav to work?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:25:44 PM): no was off this weekend
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:25:54 PM): cool :)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:26:39 PM): does ur work hav like a christmas party or something u can go to?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:26:48 PM): yea usually they do
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:27:19 PM): is it fun?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:27:32 PM): yea it is I usually enjoy them
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:28:06 PM): :) i cant wait til im old enough to go to grownup parties n stuff
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:28:35 PM): yea :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:28:54 PM): theres like real pretty dresses n things for the older girls
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:29:09 PM): well I'm sure there are some for you too ;;)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:29:24 PM): yeah but i dont hav a party dress
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:29:38 PM): well maybe one of these days :d
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:29:45 PM): lolz.. yeah
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:30:04 PM): I'm sure you will sexy in one as well ;;)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:30:11 PM): lolz - ya think?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:30:28 PM): yea I do
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:30:29 PM): theres like nowhere round here to buy one. all my town has is walmart lolz
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:30:43 PM): lol well its ok
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:31:33 PM): well I'm sure you will also get the sexy underwear too :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:32:50 PM): lolz.... i guess.. like what undeerwear?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:33:11 PM): well like thongs or ones with lace :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:33:26 PM): oooohhh lolz - do u like girls in underwear like that?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:33:41 PM): yea :d what do you think about those kind?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:34:11 PM): well i thikn they're kind of cool i guess, i dunno, iv never had underwar like that
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:34:27 PM): ah ok lol
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:35:05 PM): so like what colors do u like ?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:35:35 PM): black, blue, purple, red :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:35:50 PM): lolz...
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:36:01 PM): u like a lot huh! lolz
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:36:06 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:36:39 PM): so i cant remember if i asked u but do u got like a myspace or somethin?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:36:46 PM): or FB
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:36:54 PM): no I don't :(
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:37:06 PM): awwwwwww
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:37:15 PM): i gota myspace but im so bad at using it lolz
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:37:24 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:38:00 PM): so what are u doing tnoight?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:38:08 PM): not sure yet and you?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:38:19 PM): thats right the b-day party lol
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:38:23 PM): yeah
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:38:38 PM): its like a family party
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:38:57 PM): itll be fun tho
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:38:57 PM): thats good
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:39:16 PM): i dont know what im gonna wear yat though
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:39:30 PM): probly just jeans n a tee
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:39:42 PM): sounds nice to me :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:39:46 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:40:43 PM): did u get a christmas tree yt?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:41:18 PM): yea got your picture :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:41:28 PM): AWWWW u did?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:41:34 PM): lolz, what did u think?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:41:34 PM): yes and thank you :d
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:41:40 PM): very nice :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:41:45 PM): lolz, awwww thx
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:41:54 PM): your welcome :d
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:42:05 PM): so u got any more pics u can send me?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:42:19 PM): not yet sorry, but hopefully soon :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:42:45 PM): awww cool :)
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:42:54 PM): and what kind would you like to see :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:43:07 PM): lolz - i duno, whatever u want to send me ;)
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:43:32 PM): lol ok, well would you like nude or regular?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:43:42 PM): lolz.... surprise me ;)
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:43:49 PM): lol ok
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:45:19 PM): thought about us playing around together last night lol
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:45:27 PM): awwww u did? like what were we doing?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:45:30 PM): :)
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:46:16 PM): well you stroking me down there and trying oral sex, and also me doing oral sex on you as well ;;)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:47:16 PM): awwww u really thought about doing stuff like that with me?
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:47:26 PM): yea I did
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:47:37 PM): awwww :)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:47:51 PM): cos u know like iv never done that before with anyone coz like i dont have a bf
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:48:12 PM): yea I know, thought thought about teaching you about it :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:49:03 PM): wud u really do that?
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:49:07 PM): like teach me
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:49:17 PM): yea would love too
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:49:27 PM): its not hard to do anything like that ;;)
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:50:24 PM): might be kinda fun, i dunno lolz
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:50:40 PM): i dont know what itd feel like
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:50:52 PM): well the basic things like oral i know you will love
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:51:34 PM): well the next time you are in bed or in the shower you should try to touch yourself down there so you can see what it would kinda feel like
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:51:56 PM): i guesss, i dunno.... kinda sounds like itd be more fun if i had a bf to do it with..
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:52:08 PM): yea it would be lol
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:53:31 PM): ur so cool to talk to :)
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:53:43 PM): thanks :D
katierella1013 (12/05/10 5:54:07 PM): lolz yw :)
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:54:18 PM): :-*
prcvegas10 (12/05/10 5:57:16 PM): brb
katierella1013 (12/05/10 6:02:42 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:39:41 PM): hey patrick :)
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:39:52 PM): hi, sorry about the other day
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:40:23 PM): lolz... u cool.... we talking now :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:40:28 PM): so what u been doing?
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:40:39 PM): was ur day fun?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:40:58 PM): yea it was fun :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:41:17 PM): awww cool. what did u do?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:41:43 PM): went out on the town :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:41:59 PM): wow! lucky you.. where did u go?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:42:30 PM): no where really, just went ou and walked around and window shoped lol
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:42:51 PM): cool, but you must have had fun because you hav ea big smiley face :D like that ;)
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:43:08 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:43:24 PM): I was stuck in boring school today lolz. no fun window shopping for me
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:43:35 PM): but tomorrows friday - yay!
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:43:42 PM): lol yea it is lol
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:44:02 PM): and then next friday is my last day of school for christmas break! I get 2 hole weeks off yay yay yay yay yay
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:44:17 PM): well then you will be very happy :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:44:43 PM): lolz, yes i will, dunno what i'm gonna do on my break yet but i plan to sleep in late nearly every day
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:44:54 PM): thats good :d
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:44:55 PM): sept christms day of course coz then i'll be up early to see what santa bought me lolz
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:45:08 PM): well hopefully good things lol
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:45:18 PM): brb going to go use the restroom
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:45:22 PM): sure ;)
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:50:13 PM): ok back :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:50:33 PM): lolz... cool... u feel better now?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:51:11 PM): oh yea lol
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:51:35 PM): lolz
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:51:59 PM): though would have been nice to have someone to help hold it lol
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:53:35 PM): lolz... really?....
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:53:44 PM): like how.... ;)
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:53:50 PM): yeppers ;)
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:54:14 PM): like when I pull it out to have maybe you hold it and shake it when its done lol
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:57:51 PM): u want me to hold it for ya? ;)
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:58:04 PM): yes if you would like too :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 7:58:54 PM): yeah.... iv never held that part of a man before... ud hav to show me how you like it..
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 7:59:45 PM): well would definately show you how :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:00:54 PM): kewl...
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:00:59 PM): sorry, i was on the phone
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:01:05 PM): its ok sweety
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:01:13 PM): so what are you doin tonight?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:01:29 PM): not much tonight and you?
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:01:53 PM): dunno, watch tv or somethin, kinda boring huh lolz
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:02:17 PM): lol well if we lived closer then we probably would spend the night together lol
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:02:30 PM): awww realy? thatd be real cool to hang out with you
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:02:34 PM): so like what would we do?
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:02:39 PM): i mean for fun n stuff
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:03:18 PM): well we could watch movies or maybe if you were up for it maybe teach you some of the adult things ;;)
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:04:04 PM): id like that :) what would you teach me?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:06:18 PM): well can start off with kissing and maybe some touching
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:06:45 PM): mmm... thatd be nice.... touching where?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:07:46 PM): well for you I will teach you how to stroke me down there and for me I will show you how it is to have your breasts to be fondled and then also finger you down there as well
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:08:26 PM): thatd be nice to see how that feels... ive never had a guy touch my breasts before...
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:08:32 PM): do u like it when girls stroke you?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:08:39 PM): yea I do :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:09:27 PM): nice.. what does it feel like?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:10:12 PM): well feels pretty nice to me, for you you will see how it feels when its hard, would feel smooth in your hand
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:11:08 PM): really.... im curious to know what that feels like in my hand
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:11:25 PM): well if we were together you will find out sweety :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:11:35 PM): yeah but like u live in vegas silly
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:11:43 PM): lol I know silly
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:11:47 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:11:52 PM): so do you have any more pics to show me?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:12:08 PM): no not yet sorry
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:12:13 PM): s'ok lolz
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:12:36 PM): would you like to see a pic on how people have sex?
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:12:43 PM): u hae pics like that?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:12:58 PM): well can find one if you would like to see it
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:13:09 PM): lolz.... sure i wud but where you gonna find apic like that?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:13:55 PM): I know where lol
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:14:03 PM): lolz....
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:14:15 PM): do u hav a webcam?
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:14:50 PM): I asked dad again for one yestrday and he still says no :(
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:15:28 PM): well thats to bad, well I don't at the moment but hopefully soon
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:16:09 PM): thats one position
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:16:13 PM): omg
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:16:15 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:16:25 PM): lolz... u like looking at stuff like that?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:16:37 PM): only sometimes lol
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:16:47 PM): today must be one of those sometimes lolz
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:16:54 PM): wow.. iv like never seen a pic like that before
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:17:00 PM): who are those people?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:17:12 PM): not sure think porn stars of some kind lol
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:17:17 PM): oooh lolz
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:17:20 PM): wow
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:17:34 PM): its cool she has her belly button pierced... i wanna get mine done some day :D
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:17:55 PM): oh yea :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:18:04 PM): yeah, i think they look soooooo cool
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:18:38 PM): yea me too :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:20:01 PM): i probly gotta be like 95 before dadll let me get my belly button pierced lolz
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:20:31 PM): lol yea
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:21:25 PM): and thats one of oral sex
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:21:35 PM): omg!!!!
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:21:40 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:21:52 PM): do u like girls doing that?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:22:02 PM): yea I do
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:22:25 PM): the man in that picture has a really big.... u know.... lolz
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:22:43 PM): lol yea and the last one is when he cums lol
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:23:18 PM): oh wow... she has the stuff in her mouth?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:23:32 PM): yea
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:23:57 PM): but like isnt that gross? lolz. i mean what does it taste like?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:24:29 PM): no its not gross a lot of women, allow the guy to cum in their mouths
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:24:38 PM): well been told its kinda sweet
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:24:59 PM): huh... i kinda wonder now u say its sweet lolz.. i wonder what it tasts like
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:25:20 PM): well if we were able to get together I would let you find out :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:25:32 PM): u will?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:25:44 PM): yea I would
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:25:51 PM): cool ;)
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:25:57 PM): but how we gonna get together ?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:26:09 PM): well I would have to go out there to visit you
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:26:27 PM): omg thatd be soooo cool. would u really wanna come here to see me?
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:26:42 PM): yea I would
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:26:50 PM): awww thatd be soooooo awesome :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:26:59 PM): id love to hang out with ya n do stuff
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:27:16 PM): yea too sweety :D
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:27:34 PM): i really love talking to u here.. ur so cool ;)
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:27:51 PM): thanks you too ;;)
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:27:59 PM): lolz... those are some long eye lashes lolz
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:28:14 PM): so can i like call ya on the phone some day? i wanna hear what u sound like..
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:28:38 PM): yea would like that one of these days
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:28:44 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:28:58 PM): i got like a calling card mom gives me for 'emergencies' she says lolz
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:29:12 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:29:18 PM): u wanna give me your number?
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:30:41 PM): ugh.. moms car is pulling in the garage.. i gotta run k,im supposed to be doing homework :(
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:30:53 PM): see ya sweety :)
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:31:16 PM): ok well maybe next time if you want to see a adult video I can show you as well, talk to you later
katierella1013 (12/09/10 8:31:28 PM): cool... byeeeeeee xoxox
prcvegas10 (12/09/10 8:31:35 PM): bye bye
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:14:05 PM): boo!:-p
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:15:09 PM): hey there cutie ;;)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:14:13 PM): s'up sweety?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:14:22 PM): not much and you?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:15:07 PM): not much, just hanging out bored i guess lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:15:11 PM): hows ur weekend been?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:15:28 PM): going good here
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:15:51 PM): kewl, whats good? lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:15:57 PM): am i like missing something real fun?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:16:07 PM): no not really lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:16:11 PM): oh lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:16:44 PM): i only got 5 more days then i fninish school for chrismas :)
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:16:55 PM): well thats good :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:17:05 PM): yeah, im well excited
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:17:21 PM): are u having time off work for chrismas?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:17:37 PM): well just normal couple days lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:17:43 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:18:03 PM): so u decided yet what u want santa to bring you?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:18:14 PM): you :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:18:20 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:18:42 PM): but what would u do with me if you found me in ur stocking? lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:19:03 PM): well think you would look sexy in stockings lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:19:21 PM): lolz.... the red fuzzy ones witht he white round the top lolz?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:19:32 PM): lol yea :D
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:19:55 PM): and a miss claus hat too lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:20:10 PM): lolz... i hav a santa hat somewhere lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:20:22 PM): oh yea :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:20:26 PM): we all wore them on te last day of school last year lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:20:30 PM): b4 chrismas
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:20:59 PM): well thats good
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:21:23 PM): it was kinda fun. i dont know if were doing anything fun this year
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:21:41 PM): well maybe you will this year
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:22:02 PM): yeah, school is like real strict with stuff thogh, its like we get into trouble for the slightest thing these days
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:22:15 PM): yea
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:22:52 PM): my older cousin said one year the kids let a sheep run in the halls... like 4 kids got expelled!
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:23:02 PM): mega bummer huh on like ur last week of high school lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:23:11 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:23:25 PM): did u do any like high school pranks or anythin?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:23:39 PM): no not really
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:23:50 PM): awwww cmon.. i bet u did???
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:24:02 PM): u sound like real fun and exciting, i bet you were like well naughty in skool lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:24:09 PM): u sound like real fun and exciting, i bet you were like well naughty in skool lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:24:11 PM): nope
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:24:16 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:24:19 PM): realy? wow..... u surprise me lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:24:35 PM): lol I was a good boy in school lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:25:00 PM): pffftttttt yeah, whatever lolz. i bet you were chasing after all the girls lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:25:18 PM): nah, was really shy in school lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:25:44 PM): lolz.... ok... whatever
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:25:55 PM): I was lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:25:59 PM): ur such a sweetheart, n like real cute too...i cant believe you was shy
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:26:27 PM): yea I was, wasn't till I was older that I became more comfortable with women
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:26:44 PM): awww really?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:26:53 PM): yep
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:27:07 PM): kewl ;)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:27:54 PM): so what you goinna do this week?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:28:08 PM): not sure yet
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:28:15 PM): dont u gotta work?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:28:32 PM): yea but other than that not sure what else yet
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:28:50 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:29:03 PM): we'll probly get like tonnes of homework to do on chrismas :(
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:29:33 PM): lol yea probably
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:29:42 PM): n that sux
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:30:01 PM): yea it does I remember those days lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:30:14 PM): lolz. did u go to skool in vegas?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:30:51 PM): no was out in cali,
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:31:01 PM): kewl
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:31:16 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:31:54 PM): so what u doin tonighte?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:32:09 PM): probably will be on here for awhile
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:32:15 PM): kewl.
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:32:24 PM): trying to find some parts for a laptop
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:32:33 PM): oh really? - has yours brokn?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:33:35 PM): well right now just using a friends the one I had went out and my room mate has a laptop he doesn't use, but doesn't have memory and a hard drive so seeing if I can get the parts for it and see if I can fix it up and use it
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:34:10 PM): kewl. thats real nice that he lets you use his lappy :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:34:18 PM): so just you guys live together?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:34:20 PM): lol yep
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:34:27 PM): yea, have a couple room mates
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:34:38 PM): oh how fun - i bet you have parties n stuff all th time?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:34:55 PM): no not really its a pretty quiet house
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:35:10 PM): really? wow. i'd be like having parties all the time :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:35:19 PM): like fun dress up ones
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:35:20 PM): lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:35:34 PM): lol yea I know you like to dress up :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:36:41 PM): yeah, its fun lolz. halloween is like my favrite holiday lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:37:06 PM): oh yea
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:37:11 PM): yeah :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:37:24 PM): do u like to dress up?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:37:32 PM): yea sometimes
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:37:35 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:38:05 PM): i found like the coolest costume online - it was wilma flintstone, sooooo kewl. but i need a 'fred' lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:38:28 PM): i'm like sooooo gonna do that costume when im older and have a bf
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:38:45 PM): well I would be your fred ;;)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:38:58 PM): lolz... u would? omg, thatd be sooo cool :)
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:39:09 PM): yea it would :D
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:39:25 PM): then will get to see you in a skirt too :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:39:41 PM): lolz, yeah, i think it was mopre of like a leopard print type dress - it looked sooo awesome though
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:39:55 PM): yea it would on you ;;)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:40:00 PM): lolz, aww thx
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:40:19 PM): your welcome
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:40:49 PM): so what u wana chat about tonigthe?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:41:41 PM): well what are you wearing today sweety?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:41:48 PM): lolz... u really wanna know?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:42:04 PM): im wearing a tank n shorts
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:42:12 PM): sounds nice :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:42:13 PM): i just got out the shower, so my hair is wet
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:42:23 PM): ah even more sexy :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:42:53 PM): lolz, ya think?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:42:59 PM): yeppers :D
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:43:19 PM): would you maybe be up for trying something sweety?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:43:42 PM): sure, u gotta tell me what it is first?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:44:25 PM): lol well was just thinking that since you haven't ever tried touching yourself, that maybe you could try it a little through your shorts and see what you think?
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:44:54 PM): lolz... u really want me to do that? but moms like right next door in her room! what if she comes in?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:45:30 PM): well see thats why through your shorts, like rubbing against your shorts, not actually under them
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:45:46 PM): oh lolz.... can i like try it later when i go to bed?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:45:58 PM): yea you can
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:46:11 PM): k.... so like, rub how?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:49:37 PM): well its not hard to do, like if you were to do it in bed and under the covers, and you place your hand down there, you will feel a little bump on top, like when feeling you will feel what is known as the pussy lips and right at the top of them is the whats called the clit and and hood, thats the most sensitive area, if you rub that back and forth or up and down you will find it will make you wet and feel tingly and good
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:49:45 PM): really? wow... id like to try that... sounds like it might be more fun if i had a bf
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:49:54 PM): i wonder what it feels like
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:50:38 PM): yea would be with a bf, but makes you feel very good, and if you do it good then you will have whats called a orgasm
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:51:18 PM): kewl... iv heard about orgaasms but iv never had one i dont think
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:51:50 PM): lol no if you don't play with yourself or have had sex you probably haven't had one lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:52:21 PM): lolz... yeah... ok. i kinda thought an orgasm was something a bf gave you.... my friends at school talk about stuff like that sometimes
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:53:09 PM): well yea usually happens when having sex, but you can make yourself have one if you play with yourself
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:53:34 PM): hmmm... lolz... i kinda wann try that i think lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:53:45 PM): well think you would enjoy it
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:54:08 PM): can show you a video so you can see what older women do when they play with themselves
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:54:31 PM): i dunno lolz... if u wanna show me
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:55:15 PM): I don't mind sending you a look, its up to you if you want to see it, that way you get a idea on what women do
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:55:24 PM): ok :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:55:50 PM): so does like ur daughter have a bf?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:56:21 PM): not yet, though open to her having one
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:56:36 PM): really? u must be like an awesome dad
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:56:41 PM): how old is she?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:56:45 PM): well I try lol
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:56:47 PM): she is 11
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:57:03 PM): kewl :)
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 7:57:12 PM): :D
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:00:06 PM): here is the link of one lady using her hand to please herself, should be able to just click on the play button when you open the link *edited*
katierella1013 (12/12/10 7:59:14 PM): kewl
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:00:02 PM): wow, they really like show u how to do it
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:00:23 PM): lol yep
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:01:49 PM): she looked like she was havin fun
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:02:03 PM): yea she was :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:02:16 PM): do u like watchin girls do that?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:02:29 PM): yea, but prefer doing that to them lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:02:38 PM): u do... kewl
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:02:46 PM): yep :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:03:18 PM): im real curious to know what its like.. u know.. what it feels like to do stuff like that with a bf
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:04:18 PM): well you will find out :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:04:40 PM): yeah but i dont got a bf yet silly
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:04:49 PM): I know silly lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:05:21 PM): some of the girls at school do stuff with their bfs
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:05:33 PM): yea I'm sure they do
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:06:22 PM): i like talkin to u.. ur like real cool to show me stuff :)
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:07:04 PM): your welcome
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:07:26 PM): well also understand at your age you are curious about things as well
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:08:06 PM): yeah... i am. dad says im too curious about stuff that im gonna get myself in truble some day lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:08:17 PM): i wanna do like everything, just to see what stuffs like
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:08:31 PM): well thats normal to be curious lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:08:55 PM): yeah i guess lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:09:02 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:09:24 PM): that girl in the video was real pretty
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:09:38 PM): she had her belly button pierced too, i sooo wanna get that done
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:09:47 PM): well I think your just as pretty ;;)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:09:52 PM): lolz... thatnks
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:09:57 PM): your welcome
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:10:08 PM): so did you get any more pics of you yet fo rme?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:10:27 PM): no not yet but soon sweety
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:10:32 PM): awww ok :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:10:44 PM): oh hey, i trid to email u the other day n it like rejected my mail :(
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:10:57 PM): do u got another email addy ?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:12:00 PM): huh thats weird, I didn't get it
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:13:03 PM): yeah, coz it rejected silly lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:13:25 PM): i got like an error message or somethin
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:13:30 PM): lol yea you silly lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:14:10 PM): omg, so like guess what?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:14:26 PM): like omg what lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:14:35 PM): lolz... hey! are u teasin me????
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:14:39 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:15:12 PM): so i totally forgotto tell you that this dumptruck came to my school to empty the dumpster n it like slid on the ice or somethin and crashed into a light post!
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:15:30 PM): it happened on lunch break n all the kids were out looking at it, it was crazy! i bet the driver was like welllll mad lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:15:52 PM): one of my friends took a pic on her phone - it was well cool!
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:16:13 PM): oh yea lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:16:39 PM): yeah, i'l try and get u the pic, it was awesome lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:17:02 PM): oh i just rememberd i gotta do somethin for tomorrow
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:17:20 PM): its my friends bday so were gonna each take like a treat for lunch n have like a mini party for her - yay, tomorrow iwll be a fun day :)
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:17:55 PM): ok well I hope you have fun at it :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:18:00 PM): yeah, it will be :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:18:11 PM): whens ur bday?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:18:19 PM): not till october
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:18:28 PM): awwww frealz???? mine too!
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:18:33 PM): what day?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:19:00 PM): the 4th
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:19:05 PM): awww kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:19:18 PM): we share the same bday month - sooooo kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:19:24 PM): are you a libra too?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:19:25 PM): yes ma'am ;;)
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:20:35 PM): dad says im sooooo like a libra girl - theyre like romantic and charming, easygoing and sociable lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:21:12 PM): im listening to Pink on th radio - she is like awesome :) do u like her?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:21:12 PM): lol yep
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:21:19 PM): yea I do
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:21:43 PM): i love the part where she sings 'whats the dealeo' it just makes me smile lolz
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:21:55 PM): n i really like katie perry, her new song is well cool
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:22:13 PM): I met pinks fiancee before they broke up
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:22:25 PM): noooooooo!!!! u did??? wow, how did that happen?
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:22:42 PM): he came into our store that I work at
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:22:54 PM): omg, what was he buying? thats soooo cool
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:23:25 PM): well buying a lot for a house they were suppose to move into together
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:24:02 PM): omg, sooooo cool! he probly has like a lot of money huh
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:24:50 PM): yea, cause he is a famous motor cross bike guy
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:25:51 PM): yeah, i think i heard that. thats soo cool u got to meet him. I thought you wer gonna say you worked at victoria secret or somethin n he was buying underwear for pink lolz
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:26:06 PM): lol nah lol
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:26:38 PM): lolz, well thats cool u got to meet him :)
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:26:58 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:27:13 PM): oh hey, i gotta run k, dinner is ready :)
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:27:31 PM): ok talk to you soon :D
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:27:40 PM): k, bye sweety :)
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:27:46 PM): bye bye sweety
katierella1013 (12/12/10 8:27:57 PM): xoxoxo :-*
prcvegas10 (12/12/10 8:28:06 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:10:20 PM): hey sweety :)
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:17:42 PM): hi sorry was away from the computer lol
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:17:21 PM): aww hey sweety, there u are! hows ur day?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:17:52 PM): went good and yours?
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:18:49 PM): s'ok - nothing too fun - just school, ya know lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:19:01 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:20:01 PM): so what did u do today?
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:20:09 PM): meet any famous celebs?? l
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:20:28 PM): no not today lol
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:20:41 PM): worked, just got home a little while ago
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:20:54 PM): kewl. did u hav a busy day?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:21:06 PM): yea kinda but not to bad
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:21:24 PM): awww kewl. so whatcha gonna do tonight?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:21:36 PM): just going to relax and you?
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:21:56 PM): same i guess. im like real tired today, dunno why lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:22:15 PM): lol well geez
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:22:33 PM): lolz, whats that mean silly???? lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:23:08 PM): lol dunno 8-|
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:23:31 PM): lolz, i kinda just wanna curl up under the blankies n take a sleep lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:23:40 PM): oh yea
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:24:08 PM): yeah, omg, school was like soooo boring today lolz, i was struggling to stay awake lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:24:28 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:24:56 PM): so did you end up trying what we talked about yesturday when you went to bed?
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:25:19 PM): lolz yeah
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:25:26 PM): lolz yeah
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:25:38 PM): i still think itd be way more fun if i had a bf tho ;)
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:25:57 PM): lol so what did you think of it though for your first time?
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:30:44 PM): sry - yahoo dumped me. :(
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:30:51 PM): sry - yahoo dumped me. :(
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:30:52 PM): what did i think of my first time?
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:31:06 PM): lolz... it was ok.. kinda nice
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:31:12 PM): its ok, well thats good
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:31:38 PM): well more you try it the better you will get at it and the better it will make you feel
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:36:33 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:36:20 PM): sory, i got dumped again
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:36:26 PM): its ok
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:36:48 PM): what was the last thing you got from me?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:37:45 PM): lolz... it was ok.. kinda nice
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:37:52 PM): lolz... it was ok.. kinda nice
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:39:19 PM): are you there?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:39:25 PM): yes
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:39:35 PM): sory - dumped again :( i should just go to bed lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:39:45 PM): lol can I join you lol
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:39:57 PM): lolz, thatd be real cool... what would u do?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:40:10 PM): anything that you would like :D
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:40:25 PM): lolz... frealz?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:40:31 PM): yep
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:41:05 PM): awwww ur so sweet.... i dont know what id want.. mmmmmm
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:41:11 PM): lolz.... what would u want?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:41:23 PM): well I'm open to anything lol
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:41:38 PM): awesome.... like what?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:42:59 PM): well anything that your curious about :DF
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:43:06 PM): well anything that your curious about :DF
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:47:10 PM): what would you be curious in trying?
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:46:41 PM): aww hey, sory, internet doesnt like me tonight
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:46:55 PM): lol its ok
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:47:08 PM): i dunno.... i wanna try lotsa stuff... i just wanna have fun ;)
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:47:26 PM): well we definately would have fun lol
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:47:35 PM): kewl... sounds awesome to me ;)
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:47:49 PM): i really like to like make out n stuff
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:48:36 PM): well we can do that, we can make out and I could show you how to finger yourself as we make out :D
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:49:00 PM): cool... like what that girl was doing in the video?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:49:07 PM): yea like that
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:49:25 PM): thatd be kinda cool to try that :)
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:49:37 PM): so like what else do u like to do with ur gf's?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:49:53 PM): alot of different sexual things lol
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:50:07 PM): kewl.. like what? i wanna know ;) lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:50:49 PM): different sexual positions oral sometimes anal lol
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:51:03 PM): cool. i bet u got a lot of gf's
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:51:08 PM): ur real cute :)
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:51:23 PM): nah not many lol
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:51:31 PM): awwww
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:51:42 PM): ur just so sweet n cute. i really love talkng to ya
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:52:13 PM): thanks :D
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:52:18 PM): lolz. yw :)
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:52:31 PM): well I enjoy talking to you too
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:52:41 PM): kewl ;)
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:53:14 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:53:36 PM): lolz... i luv those red lips ;)
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:53:47 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:54:01 PM): i gotta do soe of my chores tonight :(
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:54:07 PM): u wanna help? lolz
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:54:19 PM): i gotta do laundry
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:54:20 PM): lol would love too lol
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:54:25 PM): awww u would?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:54:46 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:54:59 PM): lolz, i'll put the laundry in and you can put it in the dryer n fold it after - deal? lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:55:23 PM): lol ok'
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:55:35 PM): so what kinda music do u like to listn to?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:56:07 PM): pretty much listen to most types
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:56:18 PM): kewl. u probly have lots of really awesome dance clubs in vegas huh?
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:56:32 PM): i love to dance. i can't wait to go to places like that when i'm older
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:56:44 PM): I'm sure you will enjoy them
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:56:54 PM): lolz. do u like to go to them?
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:57:04 PM): sometimes
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:57:22 PM): kewl - itd be fun to hang out n go dancing some day
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:57:28 PM): ;)
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:57:43 PM): yea it would be :D
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:58:22 PM): kewl. i wanna get all dressed up n go have fun lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:58:37 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:58:46 PM): i made brownies last night :)
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:59:09 PM): i ate one in bed n dropped chocolate on my sheets lolz
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:59:16 PM): it kidna got squished in, ewwww lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:59:22 PM): lol geez
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:59:29 PM): so i gotta change bedsheets tonight
katierella1013 (12/14/10 7:59:35 PM): brownies in bed are kinda good tho lolz
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 7:59:43 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/14/10 8:00:23 PM): i gotta go now sweety. moms shouting she wants help with dinner or something :(
katierella1013 (12/14/10 8:00:35 PM): have a good nite k.. i'll think about u :)
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 8:00:38 PM): ok well talk to you soon
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 8:00:44 PM): and I will think about you too
katierella1013 (12/14/10 8:00:45 PM): yeah sure :)
katierella1013 (12/14/10 8:00:56 PM): miss ya already :-*
prcvegas10 (12/14/10 8:01:08 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:13:46 PM): hey sweety :)
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:14:56 PM): hi, how are you doing?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:14:58 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:14:16 PM): i'm good now i'm talking to you :d lolz
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:14:19 PM): how was ur day?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:14:29 PM): lol well thats good, doing pretty good here
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:14:47 PM): good - i bet its warmer there than here - its sooooo cold today
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:15:06 PM): lol yea probably so lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:15:24 PM): Im baking cookies tonight. tomorrow is the last day of school for hte christmas break :D
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:15:36 PM): well sounds good :D
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:20:35 PM): let me guess connection problems lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:20:52 PM): lolz - how did you guess?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:21:01 PM): lol me a know lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:21:03 PM): im gonna ask santa for a real awesome internet connection for chrismast lolz
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:21:21 PM): so what you been doing today?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:21:40 PM): worked today, just got home a little bit ago
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:21:52 PM): kewl, was it a fun day?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:22:00 PM): it was a ok day lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:22:06 PM): lolz, thats good
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:22:18 PM): doing anything fun now your home?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:22:23 PM): besides talking to me lolz
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:22:31 PM): well just talking to you :D
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:22:36 PM): lolz, well thats real fun
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:22:53 PM): yes it is :D
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:23:00 PM): yes it is :D
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:26:55 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:26:19 PM): lolz... :-* to u too!
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:26:27 PM): awwww thanks :D
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:26:28 PM): mmmm.... u should smell my kitchen... soooooo yummy :)
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:26:38 PM): oh I'm sure it is
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:26:54 PM): yeah, i dont know if allthe cookies will make it to schol tomoroww lolz
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:27:13 PM): lol maybe missing one or 2 lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:27:20 PM): 3 or 4 lolz
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:27:35 PM): i love cookies when they are real warm still out the oven ..mmmmm
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:28:01 PM): oh me too
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:28:03 PM): so what are you gonna do for christmas?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:28:22 PM): are you gonna stay at your house or go see yur family?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:28:41 PM): not sure yet, probably stay at my house
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:29:07 PM): well thats cool
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:29:15 PM): will you be able to see ur daughter?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:29:41 PM): yea she will be here christmas even then be with her mom christmas day
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:30:51 PM): awww thats cool :D
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:31:07 PM): what u getting her for chrismas?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:31:31 PM): well got her some new cloths
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:31:56 PM): awwww thats like real sweet of you - see, i told you that your like a realy awesome dad :) i wish my dad was like you
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:32:11 PM): well thank you :D
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:32:50 PM): well like ur so cool, u talk to me about lots of really cool stuff
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:32:56 PM): she should be happy got her some well nice panties as well lol
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:32:58 PM): thanks
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:33:31 PM): lolz 'well nice' panties... like what kind of well nice? lolz... ur soooooooo awesome
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:34:05 PM): well got her some satin one's in a thong style
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:34:51 PM): lolz..... u did? wow, ur are really cool. dad would never buy me stuff like that. wow, she's really gonnna love that
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:35:31 PM): well I try my best, I'm sure she will love them
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:35:54 PM): omg, she's gonna totally love them!
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:36:00 PM): I wish i had cool panties like that
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:36:01 PM): :D
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:36:10 PM): well one day you will :D
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:36:43 PM): plus would be nice to see how they fit on her lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:36:44 PM): lolz, yeah :D
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:37:02 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:37:57 PM): oh crap, gotta get the cookies k, brb
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:38:04 PM): ok
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:40:07 PM): i back but i burned my tongue on a cookie
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:40:15 PM): serves me right for trying to eat it lolz
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:40:29 PM): well not need another tongue to make it feel better lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:40:40 PM): lolz, what?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:40:50 PM): i need it kissed better lolz
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:41:05 PM): lol yes you do lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:42:04 PM): an ice-cube would be real nice too lolz but our ice machine broke in the freezer
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:42:21 PM): oh I'm sorry
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:42:48 PM): lolz, s'ok, i got a bottle of cold water but it isnt helping much
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:43:08 PM): lol yea
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:45:48 PM): lol its funny though my daughter is at home with me now and walking around with sweet pants on and a half shirt on lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:46:23 PM): lolz, for realz? isnt she cold?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:46:43 PM): no we have the heater on
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:47:06 PM): oh well thats cool. do u need to go spend time with her?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:47:41 PM): ah no its ok, we are in the living room and she is watching tv
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:48:22 PM): oh so shes ignoring you then lolz
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:48:29 PM): thats what dad says i do when i watch tv
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:48:55 PM): no not really she comes over and checks in sometimes to see what I'm doing lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:49:39 PM): lolz. shes checking on you so you cant be naughty and get up to no good!
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:49:54 PM): lol she doesn't mind
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:51:24 PM): kewl. :)
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:51:38 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:51:52 PM): do u have a chrismast tree at ur house?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:52:23 PM): of course :D
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:53:16 PM): kewl... sry, i had to go get more cold water
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:53:22 PM): lol its ok
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:53:32 PM): would you like to see a pic of my daughter?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:53:47 PM): sure
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:54:38 PM): she looks real nice
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:54:49 PM): thanks
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:55:13 PM): wheres that pic taken? it looks like here with the mountains n stuff ?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:55:32 PM): no its one of the mountains here
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:56:21 PM): cool. iv never seen mountains in vegas - where are tey? lolz
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:56:49 PM): all around vegas, though its a big valley area here so kinda far
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:56:56 PM): all around vegas, though its a big valley area here so kinda far
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:57:23 PM): huh, thats well cool, itd be real neat to see them some day, i like mountains :)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:57:31 PM): we went to the grand canyon a couple years ago, it was fun
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:57:42 PM): thats good
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:58:19 PM): hav you been?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:58:38 PM): yea I have, I have taken her to the hoover dam as well here too
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:59:00 PM): cool. didnt they build like a really big bridge or something? dad showed me some pics on his email one time
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:59:07 PM): it looksd awesome but soooooo high
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:59:21 PM): yea they did
katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:59:47 PM): ur daughter looks like you i think
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:00:01 PM): thanks I think so too :D
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:00:13 PM): i wish i was as pretty as she is
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:00:21 PM): well I think you are
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:00:39 PM): really? i dunno, im kinda dorky sometimes
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:00:47 PM): well its ok I think you are
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:00:58 PM): awww thanks sweety
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:01:05 PM): your welcome
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:01:15 PM): plus think she has a better butt than me too lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:01:49 PM): lolz oh
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:01:56 PM): i bet ur butts pretty cute ;)
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:02:18 PM): well maybe you will get to see it some time lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:02:27 PM): lolz.... cool.. id love that ;)
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:02:41 PM): :D
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:03:11 PM): well the main reason why I got her the panties I did was so there was no pantie lines lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:03:30 PM): lolz, u did? wow... ur like sooooo like a woman, lolz, girls think of that kinda stuff
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:03:41 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:04:07 PM): i earned enough babysitting money that i can go buy some new jeans this weekend :D
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:04:21 PM): oh yea :D
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:04:40 PM): yeah, the only place we got in town is walmart so i gotta pick from what they have but they have pretty cute stuff
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:04:47 PM): im excitd - i love to go clothes shopping
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:05:15 PM): well if you ever come out here would love to take you shopping here ;;)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:05:30 PM): awwwww u would? that'd be soooooooo awesome, i would love that :)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:05:35 PM): but hw would i get there?
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:05:38 PM): awwwww u would? that'd be soooooooo awesome, i would love that :)
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:05:42 PM): but hw would i get there?
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:06:02 PM): lol well not sure yet lol
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:06:17 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:06:27 PM): i wish i could grow wings and fly lolz
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:06:33 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:06:51 PM): i gotta go for now k, i didnt eat any dinner yet and i still gotta take a bath before bed
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:07:08 PM): ok well talk to you soon sweety
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:07:18 PM): sure! im gonna miss ya. bye sweety :)
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:07:26 PM): bye bye:-*
katierella1013 (12/16/10 9:07:35 PM): >:d< :-*
prcvegas10 (12/16/10 9:07:48 PM): :-*
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:34:22 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:34:00 PM): hey sweety!
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:34:04 PM): hows ur sunday?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:34:15 PM): doing pretty good here and you?
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:34:25 PM): s'ok. We put the christmas tree up today :)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:34:35 PM): other than that, i havent done much lol
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:34:37 PM): well thats good :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:34:48 PM): yeah, it was kinda fun i guess. What have you been ding?
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:34:52 PM): or doing even lolz
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:35:18 PM): well not much here either, been looking up computer parts for a laptop I'm trying to fix
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:35:36 PM): cool. when do you think yo'ull have it fixed?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:36:01 PM): well it will be a couple weeks before I get everything
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:37:25 PM): sweet. you must be well clever :) im not much good with computers n stuff lolz
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:37:38 PM): lol well I try and its ok lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:37:44 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:37:53 PM): so guess what?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:38:00 PM): chicken butt lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:38:11 PM): uh? lolz.... errrrrr no! lolz...
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:38:16 PM): u so cute
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:38:16 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:38:23 PM): i finished school for 2 weeks silly!!!!
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:38:35 PM): well thats good :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:38:58 PM): yeah, im well pleased. i get to sleep late tomorrow morning then i'm off to my friend jazz's for a sleep over :d
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:39:18 PM): well that very good ;;)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:40:10 PM): yeah, itll be fun. jazz is sooooooo much fun, we'll prlby just watch a movie n hang out n stuff
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:40:13 PM): brb k
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:40:23 PM): thats cool, ok
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:41:30 PM): im back :)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:41:39 PM): ok good :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:41:47 PM): lolz, i went pee and got a soda :)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:42:01 PM): santa comes in 6 days :d
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:42:02 PM): well that was quick lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:42:18 PM): lolz, yeah, the bathroom is right next door lolz
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:42:26 PM): lol thats good
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:42:33 PM): i'm sat in the front room in the dark with just the christmas tree lights on, its kinda cool
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:42:46 PM): sounds nice :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:42:55 PM): yeah it is lolz
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:43:14 PM): to bad you don't have a miss santa outfit lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:43:24 PM): lolz, yeah, huh!
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:43:36 PM): thatd be well fun to dress up like Mrs santa clause
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:44:03 PM): then when mrs santa gets naughty give her a little spanking lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:44:21 PM): lolz, i dont think santa would spank me, hes too nice lolz.... and kinda old too! lolz
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:44:37 PM): well then I can spank you lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:44:48 PM): lolz, hey!! meanie ;)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:44:55 PM): why would you spnak me?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:45:11 PM): well only if you are real naughty lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:45:21 PM): lolz, n what would i have to do to be real naughty/
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:45:24 PM): ?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:45:55 PM): well if you dress up as a naughty mrs claus or if you look at me in a naughty way ;;)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:46:09 PM): lolz, sounds like i would be in trouble, huh!
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:46:36 PM): well maybe I will more rub and finger than spank lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:46:47 PM): lolz.... u would?
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:47:01 PM): sounds like you are being naughty tonight lolz
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:47:11 PM): lol maybe lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:47:23 PM): lolz.... ur soooooo kewl
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:47:26 PM): n fun ;)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:47:38 PM): thanks :D
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:47:55 PM): well just want to make sure you feel good for christmas day :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:48:20 PM): lolz, i always feel good when i talk to you - you make me feel all fuzzy inside
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:48:31 PM): well good :D
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:48:44 PM): well if we were together it would be much better :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:48:59 PM): wouldnt that be like sooooo kewl
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:49:06 PM): id like really love to hang out with you
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:49:09 PM): n do stuff
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:49:15 PM): well I would love that as well
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:49:25 PM): :)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:49:26 PM): me too
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:49:34 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:49:46 PM): lolz :x
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:49:51 PM): lolz
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:50:06 PM): we would have a lot of fun together ;;)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:50:16 PM): yeah we would. what would you wanna do?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:50:44 PM): well could go out shopping, watching movies and spend some time in the bedroom as well :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:51:13 PM): omg, thatd be so awesome. i love shopping and hte movies. What would you wanna do in the bedoom though? ;)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:51:19 PM): :-*
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:51:43 PM): well we can try out a lot of the things you have been curious about :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:51:56 PM): lolz, for realz? ur so kewl
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:52:04 PM): i been kinda thinking about some of those pics u sent me
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:52:11 PM): oh yea :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:52:42 PM): yeah, like kinda wondering how it feels when the girls do that kinda stuff, it made me feel kinda nice
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:52:59 PM): like playing with yourself?
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:53:15 PM): yeah, kinda wondered, ya know, like what itd be like to do that stuff with a bf, ya know
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:53:25 PM): oh I know lol
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:53:39 PM): do you get moist down there when thinking about it?
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:53:43 PM): moist?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:54:13 PM): do you get wet down there in or on your pussy when thinking about sexual things?
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:54:25 PM): oh lolz :">
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:54:47 PM): i dunno, it kinda feels real nice i guess, like real tingly, kinda tickly, i dunno how to describe it
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:55:10 PM): yea thats a normal feeling down there :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:55:24 PM): its kinda nice :)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:55:48 PM): yea it is a good feeling :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:55:59 PM): lolz - do guys feel that way too?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:56:08 PM): a little yes
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:56:29 PM): only a little?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:57:04 PM): well usually at first when they first think about something sexual, then it gets hard
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:57:22 PM): does it feel good?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:57:30 PM): yea it does
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:57:47 PM): kewl :)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:58:04 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:59:17 PM): so what u gonna do tonite?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 8:59:34 PM): well going to hang out with my daughter tonight
katierella1013 (12/19/10 8:59:49 PM): awwwww thats kewl. what u guys gonna do?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:00:17 PM): probably watch some tv or movies
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:00:26 PM): kewl. i wish i could hang out with you guys. sounds like fun :)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:00:40 PM): well we would love that
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:00:48 PM): lolz. :) did she finish school yet?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:01:19 PM): yea she has
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:01:29 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:01:48 PM): it sounds like u get to spend a lot of time with her.
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:02:00 PM): shes lucky to have such an awesome dad like u ;)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:02:05 PM): yea I do
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:02:06 PM): thanks
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:02:28 PM): my dad doesnt do much stuff with me. hes always working n stuff or out doing something
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:02:31 PM): i dunno what
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:03:17 PM): yea, well I'm sure you would enjoy hanging out with us :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:03:26 PM): yeah :)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:04:12 PM): so do u gotta work tomrrow?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:04:18 PM): no off tomorrow
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:04:27 PM): soooo kewl for you :)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:04:30 PM): yay! lolz
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:04:33 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:04:34 PM): whatcha gonna do?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:05:13 PM): not sure yet
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:05:21 PM): you should go to the movies :) i went yesterday
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:05:23 PM): it was fun
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:05:28 PM): well thats good
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:05:53 PM): yeah, we went to see the Tourist with jonny depp - hes soo cool. and angelina jolie is soooooo pretty.,
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:06:03 PM): yea she is
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:06:13 PM): i wish i lookied like her
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:06:25 PM): well I think you look pretty as you are
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:06:32 PM): awwww, well thanx :)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:07:01 PM): your welcome
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:07:08 PM): mom says i have to get a lot of plastic surgery if i want my lips to be as big as angelinas lolz
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:07:16 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:07:17 PM): i kinda think moms just jealous though lolz
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:07:33 PM): lol maybe
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:07:46 PM): would you like to see one of the things we can do in the bedroom?
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:08:04 PM): frealz? lolz.... sure, i guess, if you wanna show me, thatd be cool :)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:08:11 PM): ok :D
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:09:12 PM): *edited* just have to click on it and the movie should play :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:08:39 PM): ok :)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:10:27 PM): omg! wow.. lolz.... like would u really do that with me?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:10:36 PM): yea we can :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:10:42 PM): like have sex?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:10:48 PM): yea
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:10:51 PM): like those people were doing
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:11:08 PM): she kinda looked like she was hurting or something
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:11:26 PM): no thats a normal face
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:12:02 PM): oh ok then lolz.... are men like really that big, ya know....
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:12:10 PM): some are yes
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:12:22 PM): wow, n it like doesnt hurt the girl?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:13:10 PM): well not normally cause yours down there will stretch around it, but for you it probably will hurt some at first cause you will be still very tight
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:13:48 PM): n that really feels good?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:14:04 PM): yes it does
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:14:15 PM): ok... well i guess thatd be kinda cool to try some day :)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:14:24 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:14:26 PM): u like really wanna do stuff like that with me?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:14:35 PM): yea if you would like
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:14:55 PM): omg, yeah lolz.... course.. but only if like you'd wanna
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:15:13 PM): yea I would :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:15:28 PM): kewl ;) coz that would be like wow...
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:15:41 PM): hehehe yea
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:15:47 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:16:06 PM): so like what else do people do in the bedroom?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:17:01 PM): well there is also oral sex and anal sex too
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:17:15 PM): hav u done those?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:17:24 PM): yea I have
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:17:31 PM): which do u like best?
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:17:51 PM): well I enjoy regular sex and oral sex
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:18:02 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:18:34 PM): maybe we'll get to hang out together some day ;)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:18:48 PM): well I would really like that ;;)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:18:55 PM): yeah, me too
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:19:05 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:19:17 PM): lolz :-* back to u sweety
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:19:45 PM): awww thanks :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:20:13 PM): i'm gonna go eat my dinner in a minute k :)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:20:24 PM): ok sweety :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:20:53 PM): im at jazzs tomorro night but i'll try n talk to you if your on
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:21:06 PM): ok sounds good :D
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:21:14 PM): night sweety, ima gonna miss ya ;)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:21:25 PM): hav fun hanging out tonight
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:21:28 PM): night night and I'll miss you too
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:21:33 PM): oh I will ;;)
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:21:34 PM): :-*
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:21:44 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:21:48 PM): hope we can hang out some day :)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:21:56 PM): me too
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:21:57 PM): bye sweety :)
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:22:02 PM): bye sweety
katierella1013 (12/19/10 9:22:04 PM): xoxoxox
prcvegas10 (12/19/10 9:22:10 PM): :D
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:39:01 PM): hi there sweety
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:39:26 PM): hey you!
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:39:43 PM): hows ur day? a
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:40:01 PM): going pretty good and yours?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:40:11 PM): its good. are you at work?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:40:20 PM): at home
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:40:29 PM): kewl :d me too
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:40:34 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:40:43 PM): hav u been hearing about the crazy weather we had?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:41:01 PM): well had a lot of rain her but haven't heard about there
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:41:29 PM): omg, we had like soooo much rain, st george got flooded bad and they had to close zion park because of floods
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:42:05 PM): yea I wouldn't doubt it, been through st george before
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:42:12 PM): yea I wouldn't doubt it, been through st george before
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:44:22 PM): good your back :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:44:36 PM): lolz.... sucky internet :(
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:44:47 PM): so whatcha up to?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:45:01 PM): not much just relaxing
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:45:08 PM): kewl.
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:45:14 PM): im gonna go sledding tomorrow :)
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:45:29 PM): oh yea :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:45:36 PM): yeah, we got 8ft of new pow pow up on teh mountain
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:45:54 PM): well thats good ;;)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:46:01 PM): theres this one spot with a really awesome sledding hill
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:46:30 PM): :D
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:46:37 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:49:09 PM): ok, i bavck lolz
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:49:13 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:49:19 PM): u ready for santa to come to ur house?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:49:28 PM): I think so and you :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:49:35 PM): totally! lolz
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:49:47 PM): im excited to find out whats gonna be in my stocking
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:50:19 PM): well wish you were in my stocking :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:50:27 PM): awwwww that would be fun :)
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:50:48 PM): yes it would be ;;)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:50:55 PM): lolz, yeah, really fun
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:51:08 PM): u doing anything fun for chrismast eve?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:51:49 PM): well going to have my daughter for today and tomorrow, so we will probably will do something fun
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:51:59 PM): awww how cool :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:52:14 PM): my gma hass a big family party every year so were going to her house tomorrow night
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:52:33 PM): well thats gopod
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:52:33 PM): santas gonna be there and everything n everyone has to sit on his lap lolz
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:52:35 PM): good
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:52:51 PM): she spends like all day cooking and baking and always has like hte best yummiest foods
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:52:52 PM): lol well watch out if he feels hard there lol
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:53:11 PM): lolz.... hey! thats santa ur talkin about lolz
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:53:39 PM): lol
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:53:57 PM): u should go see hte new Tangled movie - it is soooooo funny cute
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:54:30 PM): oh yea
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:54:41 PM): yeah, i laughed so much :)
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:54:47 PM): well thats good
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:54:51 PM): yeah :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:55:12 PM): i missed talkin to u this week - i kinda havent been on here much
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:55:41 PM): well its ok sweety we are here now :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:55:53 PM): i slept over at jazzs house for 2 nites n then at gmas for one.
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:56:15 PM): moms making me clean my room before chrismast :(
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:56:38 PM): well just because your a dirty girl lol
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:56:50 PM): lolz, yeah, i guess i am. im doing my laundry now
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:57:02 PM): well thats good
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:57:03 PM): oh n then our house had a mini flood too lolz
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:57:12 PM): oh geez
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:57:33 PM): mom had her friends kid over that she was babysitting n the kid flushed the toilet n i guess it got blocked or something n there was water all n the bathroom floor
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:57:49 PM): it ran ito the vents ont he floor and made a puddle in the basement. dads gonna freak when eh gets home
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:58:16 PM): oh geez not good
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:58:29 PM): yeah, mom cleaned it up though but u can stil tell there was water on the floor
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:58:34 PM): dad hates messes. he gets so angry
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:58:50 PM): so did u hav a work chrismast party yet?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:59:17 PM): yea they are going to have one tomorrow for everyone
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:59:35 PM): oh how fun!
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:59:40 PM): yep :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:59:44 PM): what u gonna wear?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:59:46 PM): ;_
katierella1013 (12/23/10 6:59:50 PM): ;)
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 6:59:57 PM): not sure yet lol
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:00:22 PM): lolz... i bet u will look very handsome in whatever u choose. thats what gma says anyways lolz
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:00:33 PM): lol thanks
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:00:40 PM): np :d
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:00:58 PM): well maybe I'll be santa so you can sit on my lap lol
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:01:12 PM): lolz... thatd be soooo kewl
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:01:24 PM): will u bring me the katie perry cd?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:01:27 PM): if ur santa ;)
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:01:37 PM): maybe ;;)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:01:55 PM): awesome. im hoping santa will leave it in my stocking. i love her new firework song, soooo cool
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:02:02 PM): the teenage dream song is on the radio rite now
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:02:15 PM): shes like soooo awesome. i love her california gurls video
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:02:51 PM): thats good
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:03:01 PM): well now I know what to download for you :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:03:09 PM): lolz. u so cool :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:03:15 PM): hows ur laptop fixing going?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:03:24 PM): itd be so kewl if u got a cam
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:04:17 PM): its comming along pretty good, I'll be ordering the memory for it over the weekend and should be up and running by the end of next week hopefully
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:04:27 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:04:53 PM): mom n dad are going to salt lake next week
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:05:00 PM): oh yea
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:05:30 PM): yeah, dads got to drive a load up there or somethin n moms going shopping while hes there
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:05:50 PM): well thats good, so will you be home alone or staying with someone?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:06:26 PM): i dunno yet, i might go stay with jazz or gma
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:07:06 PM): ah ok
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:07:38 PM): mom n dad hav been arguing a lot lately so i think dads trying to make things up with her coz they said i couldnt go with them
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:07:43 PM): which is fine coz like i dont wanna go anyway
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:08:17 PM): lol yea
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:08:50 PM): well if we lived near each other would say you could come stay with me lol
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:09:13 PM): lolz, thatd be so kewl. we could have a lot of fun :)
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:09:29 PM): yea we could :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:09:35 PM): lolz :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:10:57 PM): do ur family live in vegas?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:11:20 PM): most my family is in cali, but will be nice cause my daughter will be with me
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:11:34 PM): well thats cool that u get to have chrismas with her :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:11:41 PM): moms gotta work christmas
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:11:51 PM): yea think it will be wonderful
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:11:57 PM): yeah i bet!
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:12:04 PM): is she like real excited?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:12:11 PM): plus can't wait till she gets some of her cloths and see how they fit on her lol
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:12:13 PM): yea she is
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:12:31 PM): thas cool. ur like a really cool dad to be buying her clothes n stuff, my dad never buys me stuff like that
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:12:43 PM): well I'm sorry
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:13:07 PM): lolz, s'ok. he's kinda nerdy anyways n would probly buy really horrible old lady kinda stuff lolz
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:13:32 PM): anyways, its real fun to go shopping with my friends n try stuff on
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:13:32 PM): lol yea
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:13:40 PM): yea it is
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:13:42 PM): i just wish we had more clothes stores here
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:13:49 PM): I know my daughter enjoys it when I take her
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:13:55 PM): i bet :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:14:07 PM): do u hav to wear a uniform for ur work?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:14:15 PM): not really
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:14:22 PM): as long as I look nice
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:14:36 PM): thats cool. :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:14:41 PM): i bet u look real nice all the time ;)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:14:47 PM): what r u wearing today?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:14:49 PM): well I try ;;)
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:15:08 PM): well black pants and a white shirt lol
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:15:20 PM): cool :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:15:35 PM): im just picturing u in my mind :d
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:15:41 PM): since u only sent me one pic of you lolz
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:16:31 PM): jazz got a new bf - shes going on a date with him tonite. shes real excited n nervous lolz
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:16:55 PM): well I'll try to send more soon, lol
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:17:01 PM): well thats good of her
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:17:14 PM): lolz, yeah, hes like a freshman in high school
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:17:28 PM): shes been into him forever lolz
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:17:36 PM): oh yea
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:18:10 PM): yeah lolz,she'll probly tell me all about it tomorrow
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:18:18 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:18:56 PM): yeah, her older sister is taking us sledding
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:19:06 PM): thats cool
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:19:14 PM): yeah, shes pretty awesome. she has a car :)
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:19:20 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:19:25 PM): she lets me n jazz tag along sometimes
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:19:31 PM): thats good
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:19:39 PM): yeah for us! lolz
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:19:46 PM): :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:20:12 PM): so what u gonna do tonite?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:20:46 PM): well think going to watch a couple movies tonight with my daughter
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:20:54 PM): fun! what u gonna watch?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:21:41 PM): well downloading a movie now called tremors 3
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:21:58 PM): tremors? lolz... whats that about?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:22:04 PM): like earthqauakes n stuff?
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:23:20 PM): well actually its a movie series about large worm like things that are found in a remote town called perfection that are from the prehistoric times, its more of a actiom/comedy movie
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:23:51 PM): lolz, perfection sounds like a nice place to live :) shame about the yucky worms that live there lolz
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:24:03 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:24:11 PM): where are u from? oh, hi, im from perfection lolz
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:24:14 PM): thats funny!!
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:24:41 PM): have u seen Evolution?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:24:52 PM): we hav that movie. its one of dads favourites
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:25:07 PM): no I haven't yet
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:25:12 PM): oh its like well funny
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:25:26 PM): well then will have to see it then :D
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:25:55 PM): yeah, u should google it. it has like sean william scott or whatever his name is, n david duchovny in it, oh n julianne moore too. dad really likes her lolz
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:26:11 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:26:21 PM): yeah
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:26:41 PM): any movie you would like to have?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:26:53 PM): mmmmm i dunno
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:27:04 PM): help me think lolz
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:27:49 PM): oh, yeah, i know
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:28:00 PM): theres this one show Grown Ups - did u see it?
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:28:09 PM): omg, that was like soooooo funny
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:28:47 PM): well sweety have to take off, my roomate neds his computer back for a bit
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:28:59 PM): lolz, sure, ok huny. ttyl :)
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:29:08 PM): hav fun, ima gonna miss u :)
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:29:11 PM): ok sweety talk to you soon
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:29:13 PM): :-*
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:29:16 PM): I will miss you too
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:29:21 PM): bye! xoxoxo
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:29:21 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (12/23/10 7:29:25 PM): lolz thx
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:29:26 PM): bye bye for now
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:29:33 PM): your wekcine
prcvegas10 (12/23/10 7:29:35 PM): welcome
katierella1013 (12/27/10 8:35:43 PM): hey sweety. hope you had a fun crismast and that santa got u everything u asked for. luv katie xoxo
katierella1013 (12/30/10 3:10:17 PM): hey sweety :) i havent seen u on much lately. hope u are ok. we got lots of snow last nite :) mom n dad are in salt lake so im staying with gma. luv katie xoxo
prcvegas10 (12/30/10 6:04:05 PM): hi, sorry I haven't been on at the same time as you. Haven't had the laptop much the last couple days, but almost done with the one I'm fixing up, just waiting for 1 last part that should be here tomorrow afternoon in the mail then will take about na day to install everything I need on it. Anyway, I miss you as well sweety and hope to talk to you soon
prcvegas10 (12/31/10 8:15:24 PM): just wanted to wish you a wonderful new years eve and new years day just in case I don't talk to you
katierella1013 (01/09/11 7:33:37 PM): hey sweety :) hope your new laptop is getting fixed :) missed talking with u. luv katie xoxo
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:28:18 PM): howdy :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:31:24 PM): hi! :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:29:57 PM): how are you doing?
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:31:55 PM): im ok thx. how are you ? i missed ya
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:31:04 PM): thats good, doing pretty good here
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:31:09 PM): I missed you too
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:33:00 PM): kewl. did u get your lappy fixed yet?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:33:21 PM): nah, have to get one more part for it
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:33:27 PM): awwww im sorry.
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:33:36 PM): so what u been doing? having fun??? ;)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:34:10 PM): well not to much, how did christmas go for you?
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:34:20 PM): it was ok i guess. santa was good to me :)
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:34:29 PM): what did he bring u??
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:35:07 PM): well thats good, well was able to spend christmas eve with my daughter :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:35:16 PM): awwww thats real nice. did she like the clothes u got her?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:35:39 PM): oh yea, especially the panties lol
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:36:04 PM): lolz, aweesome. i still cant believe u got her stuff like that. your such a cool dad!!!
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:36:28 PM): well I try :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:36:30 PM): lolz
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:36:36 PM): so what u been doing this weekend?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:37:08 PM): well spent the weekend with my daughter had a lot of fun lol
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:37:14 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:37:23 PM): u guys hanging out tonite?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:37:32 PM): yea we are
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:37:41 PM): kewl :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:37:49 PM): :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:37:55 PM): i went to see the True Gritt movie this weekend. it was really awesome
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:38:08 PM): well thats good :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:38:13 PM): hav u seen it?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:38:34 PM): no not yet
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:38:50 PM): you shud go. the main character is a 14 year old girl - she kicks ass. i wish i was like her lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:39:04 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:39:13 PM): yeah n shes a really good horse rider
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:39:28 PM): well thats good
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:39:49 PM): i gotta clean my fishes tank out tonight :( the water got really yucky
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:39:53 PM): i hate that job
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:40:01 PM): that sucks
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:40:13 PM): yeah coz it gets real slimy n yuck
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:40:34 PM): mom says pets are good for me to learn responsibility.... whatever lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:40:41 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:40:54 PM): so is the wether warm with u?
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:41:02 PM): its soooooo cold here. it snowed a tiny bit
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:41:12 PM): we still got lots on te ground from last week tho
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:41:21 PM): well its ok here been in the 50's during the day
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:41:31 PM): woah, freals? that's like hot. it was 9 below here the other day.
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:41:43 PM): we tried t light fireworks on new years eve but they wouldnt stay lit lolz
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:41:55 PM): i wish i lived where u do
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:42:19 PM): well I'm sure I would enjoy that as well :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:42:41 PM): me too :) my town is sooooooo boring. thers like NOTHING to do lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:43:07 PM): lol well there would be plenty to do here :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:43:13 PM): yeah i bet. like what?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:44:26 PM): well a lot of shopping, malls, movies, then plenty of things around the house as well :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:44:43 PM): that'd be sooooo cool. it kinda sux here lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:45:00 PM): lol well I'm sorry
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:45:06 PM): s'ok lolz
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:45:32 PM): i went hiking yesterday with my uncle n cousins. it was well fun. we were up in the snow. it was real deep in some places
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:45:44 PM): sounds nice
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:45:46 PM): n there was this awesome waterfall that was totally frozen solid but u could see the water running under the ice.
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:45:52 PM): yeah it was sooooo pretty
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:46:04 PM): the hike is called hidden haven. its my favourite
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:46:35 PM): in summer the waterfall is flowing really good n u can splash in the water
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:47:00 PM): sounds very nice
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:47:07 PM): yeah it is
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:47:23 PM): :D
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:47:45 PM): my daughter also loves hiking and the water falls too
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:48:05 PM): kewl. its fun :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:48:10 PM): yea it is
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:48:25 PM): so when u gonna get ur lappy fixed?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:48:56 PM): well hopefully soon
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:49:02 PM): kewl :)
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:49:22 PM): did u eat ur dinner yet?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:49:47 PM): not yet, but probably will soon and you?
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:49:56 PM): not yet. im starvin tho lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:50:02 PM): huh oh
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:50:02 PM): moms working
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:50:03 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:50:22 PM): dunno what i'll hav. i think theres some leftovers somewhere
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:50:42 PM): yea
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:51:33 PM): well if you were here could join me and my daughter for dinner :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:51:46 PM): aww thatd be so cool. wish i was there!!
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:52:02 PM): i planted some plants last week and they are growing already :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:52:05 PM): me too :D
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:52:11 PM): thats good
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:52:44 PM): yeah gma plants the plants in her yard every year so they flower in the spring and she gave me 2 of the bulb things to plant inside in a pot and they have grown a lot already. its real fun to watch them :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:53:05 PM): well thats good
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:53:19 PM): it sux being back in school :(
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:53:40 PM): the christmas holdays went way toooo fast
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:54:29 PM): yea they did
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:54:34 PM): yeah :(
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:54:47 PM): i got the new hunger games book to read tonight too :)
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:54:56 PM): well, its the 2nd one that i havent read yet so im excited to start that :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:55:04 PM): thats good
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:55:17 PM): has ur daughter read those books? they're soooo cool
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:55:37 PM): yea think she may have
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:55:46 PM): everyone in my year is reading them
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:55:54 PM): i got new clothes for christmas :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:56:12 PM): well thats good :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:56:16 PM): not really waht i wanted lolz but they cool still lol
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:56:30 PM): thats good, what did you get?
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:56:49 PM): well i really wanted some boots n these totally awesome jeans i had seen but gma got me a skirt, tank n a cardy
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:56:58 PM): theyre kinda more church clothes i guess :( but i still like them :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:58:07 PM): yea, well thats ok, well if I could I would have bought you something too
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:59:14 PM): awwww freals? that would hav been real sweet of u. lets pretend u did.. what would u hav got me?
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:59:21 PM): :d
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 8:59:37 PM): maybe some panties :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 8:59:48 PM): lolz... totally awesome... what would they hav been like?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:00:15 PM): thongs and in any color you wanted :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:00:34 PM): kewl :) i would hav picked hot pink ones lolz.. i love hot pink. its a totally awesome color
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:00:48 PM): sounds nice :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:00:53 PM): i guess u like thongs, huh?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:01:05 PM): lol yea do you?
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:01:24 PM): well ive never worn them . mom has some tho
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:01:31 PM): oh yea
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:01:35 PM): they look real cool
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:01:48 PM): sometimes i look at her victoria secret cata;log
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:01:55 PM): they hav real nice stuff in there
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:02:00 PM): yea they do
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:02:28 PM): i cant wait til im older n can wear stuff like that, its real pretty n fun i think
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:03:08 PM): it is, my daughter loved what I got her and she looked pretty sexy in them too
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:03:34 PM): lolz, really, well shes real pretty from what i remember of her pic
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:03:46 PM): dd u get her victoria secret stuff?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:04:00 PM): yea I did
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:04:08 PM): wow, u are like the coolest dad EVER!
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:04:16 PM): thanks :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:04:21 PM): lolz, yw :)
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:04:41 PM): so do u gotta work tomorrow?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:04:54 PM): yea I do
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:05:17 PM): that sux i guess lolz. i think i get a day off school next week for martin luther king day or something
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:05:31 PM): soooo cool. luv 3 day weekends :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:05:32 PM): thats good
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:05:36 PM): :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:06:12 PM): what did u do today? just hang out?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:07:09 PM): well went out window shopping with my daughter for awhile then came back and have been hanging out with each other
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:07:19 PM): aww that sounds like fun :)
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:07:28 PM): we dont hav eany place to window shop here lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:07:29 PM): yea it was
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:07:34 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:07:45 PM): yeah, serious. we got walmart n thats about it, n they dont have windows lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:07:53 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:08:02 PM): anyways, it was too cold to be outside lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:08:13 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:08:18 PM): yeah, still is :)
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:08:32 PM): my blanket has lots of litlte holes in it from where i burned it this summer on the camp fire lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:08:46 PM): lol so silly
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:09:01 PM): yeah i guess lolz, its my fave blanket tho so i wont throw it out
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:09:09 PM): mom tried but i found it in the trash n washed it lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:09:40 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:09:47 PM): mom's being real mean about the heat in the house coz the gas bill was too high or something
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:09:58 PM): her and dad had a big fight about it, so it must have been bad lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:10:13 PM): lol yea I'm sure
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:10:28 PM): she needs a new car so she been doing lots of extra hours at work
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:10:31 PM): i hope she gets something cool
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:11:13 PM): yea that would be good
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:11:27 PM): yeah coz then when i get my learners permit i can drive it too lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:11:45 PM): lol yep :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:11:54 PM): i cant wait to drive, it'llbe soooooo cool
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:12:12 PM): yea you will enjoy it
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:12:32 PM): and im gonna drive n drive until i drive far away from this little town lolz
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:12:39 PM): hope i end up somewhere exciting n fun :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:12:46 PM): :D
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:13:17 PM): its my cousins first birthday today n we went to her party, it was fun :)
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:13:26 PM): well thats good
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:13:39 PM): she put cake all over her face, it was real funny
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:13:59 PM): lol yea I'm sure it was
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:14:13 PM): oh, did u see the little fockers movie yet?
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:14:32 PM): no but going to take my daughter to see it
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:14:46 PM): omg, u totally hav to, its soooooooooo funny
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:14:55 PM): i laughed so much i nearly peed myself lolz
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:15:00 PM): :">
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:15:12 PM): lol oh geez lol
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:15:20 PM): yeah, ur gonna love it lolz
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:15:46 PM): one of dads friends loaned him the jack ass movie too the other day, that was real funny too. those guys are such ideiots lolz
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:15:48 PM): I'm sure I will
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:16:00 PM): lol yea they are
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:16:23 PM): brb in a bit going to walgreens real quick ok sweety?
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:16:44 PM): sure. i gotta go anyways. moms gonna be home soon n i gotta clean my fish or she'll be mad
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:16:49 PM): bye sweety. have fun :)
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:16:51 PM): gonna miss ya xoxoxo
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:17:01 PM): ok talk to you soon
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:17:04 PM): miss you too
katierella1013 (01/09/11 9:17:07 PM): :-*
prcvegas10 (01/09/11 9:17:21 PM): :-*
prcvegas10 (01/15/11 1:50:29 PM): hello there, have missed talking to you on here, hope to talk to you soon
katierella1013 (01/19/11 8:44:13 PM): hey sweety :)
katierella1013 (01/19/11 8:44:20 PM): hey sweety :)
katierella1013 (01/19/11 8:50:25 PM): whered you go? i been missing ya :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:27:41 PM): hey sweety. i havent seen you online. sorry i keep missing you. Miss ya. luv katie :) xxoxo
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:46:32 PM): hey sweety :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:48:17 PM): howdy :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:46:45 PM): i been missin gyou. where you been?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:47:17 PM): well haven't had the laptop till later in the evening lately
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:47:32 PM): awww im sorry. but ur here now though :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:47:41 PM): yes I am :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:47:48 PM): so you been doing anything fun that i been missing? ;)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:48:05 PM): nah not to much lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:48:10 PM): how have you been?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:48:24 PM): good i guess. not done much
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:48:35 PM): schools boring n i got homework this weekend ;(
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:48:44 PM): ah that sucks
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:48:50 PM): yeah, u know anything about jfk?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:49:00 PM): the president
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:49:06 PM): the one that was killed
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:49:15 PM): a little bit, what do you need to know?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:49:29 PM): i dunno lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:49:32 PM): lots i guess
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:49:49 PM): well do you have to write a paper on him?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:49:51 PM): i have to write a paper on how i thought his speech would work to end poverty, disease and something else that i can trmemeber lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:50:06 PM): his wife was soooo opretty
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:50:09 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:50:13 PM): yea she was
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:50:16 PM): gma said she was classically elegant or something
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:50:19 PM): gpa said she was hot
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:50:27 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:50:35 PM): lol, oh, so you side with gpa then lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:50:53 PM): well she was more elegant I would say
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:50:58 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:51:20 PM): her daughter is married to arnold who was californias governer
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:51:30 PM): no way! freals?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:51:35 PM): yea
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:51:49 PM): cool... how awesome to be married to the terminator
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:52:13 PM): lol well the kennedy's are just as well known if not more so than he was lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:52:29 PM): gma says they have lots of tragedy in their family but they have lots of money so its ok
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:52:38 PM): i dont quite get that
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:52:42 PM): lol yea its very true
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:53:00 PM): so anyways, what you been doing sept missing me :d
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:53:09 PM): well thinking about you lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:53:28 PM): awww really, like what you been thinking
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:53:42 PM): i been thinking bout you too :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:53:52 PM): lol oh really now :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:54:00 PM): lolz, yeah. i really like you
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:54:07 PM): you make me feel good n happy
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:54:09 PM): well I really like you too
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:54:13 PM): well thanks
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:54:19 PM): it makes me happy to see your name on the yahoo messenger
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:54:25 PM): thing when i sign in
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:54:25 PM): :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:54:39 PM): oh hey, so its valentines day next month :d
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:54:50 PM): are you gonna be buying anything?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:54:51 PM): oh hey yes it is
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:55:02 PM): yeah n then i get the 20th i think off school fo th epresident day
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:55:15 PM): well thats good
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:55:27 PM): oh yeppers it is. any day off school is a good day :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:55:34 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:55:51 PM): it was sooooo nice weather today. i got to not wear a coat to school lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:56:10 PM): well thats good :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:56:11 PM): it was kinda cold this mornning but the afternoon was soooo nice
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:56:21 PM): yea it was nice here too today
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:56:32 PM): thats cool. was it warm enough to go swiming?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:56:40 PM): i only remember it being like really hot weather in las vegas
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:57:01 PM): well it was nice enough to probably go swimming
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:57:12 PM): woah really? thats awesome. i wish i lived there
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:57:20 PM): dads friend went to some shooting show yestrday
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:57:25 PM): well maybe one day
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:57:31 PM): yeah, thatd be awesome
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:57:37 PM): :D
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:57:44 PM): brb going to get something to drink
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:57:51 PM): k, get me something too :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 7:57:55 PM): ok :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 7:58:02 PM): thx sweety :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:00:34 PM): ok back
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:01:03 PM): me too :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:01:05 PM): i had to go pee
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:01:08 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:01:12 PM): so what drink did you bring me
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:01:29 PM): vodka lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:01:36 PM): lol.. oh really
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:01:43 PM): i got in trouble for that one time lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:02:04 PM): lol oh yea
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:02:23 PM): yeah. mom was working all night n let me have my friend jazz to sleep over.
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:02:40 PM): her and dad have a special cuboard where they keep the drinks im not allowed to have
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:03:09 PM): n so jaz mad e us some drinks. she mixed one of moms diet cokes with some of the vodka n then filled it up with water so mome wouldnt know we'd had any
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:03:24 PM): she drank too much n puked in moms flower bed
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:03:41 PM): on the new rose bush mom had bought. mom was sooooo mad
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:03:43 PM): oh geez lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:03:53 PM): yeah, mom didnt let jazz sleep over for a month
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:04:02 PM): i dont think she ever knew we put water in the bottle tho
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:04:11 PM): jaz says she does it all the time at her house
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:04:22 PM): yea
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:04:24 PM): do you really like vodka?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:04:40 PM): well its nice, but don't drink it very much
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:04:51 PM): :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:05:09 PM): so did you have to work today?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:05:22 PM): yea, but home now :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:05:26 PM): yay :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:05:33 PM): where do u write to me from? like hte kitchen ?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:05:44 PM): im just trying to picture you in my brain :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:05:54 PM): lol since you dont have any pics for me to see :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:06:19 PM): I'm in the living room lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:06:30 PM): cool, me too sometimes
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:06:47 PM): i like to speak to you in my room best coz then i can lay on my bed and be comfy :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:07:01 PM): ah sounds nice ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:07:24 PM): yeah. i have this favourite blanket that i like to wrap round me to keep warm
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:07:28 PM): its snuggly soft too
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:08:07 PM): thats even better :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:08:13 PM): yeah, i like to snuggle
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:08:25 PM): well me too ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:08:33 PM): lol.. i luv your long eyelashes
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:08:39 PM): i bet yoru a good snuggler
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:08:48 PM): well I do my best ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:08:51 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:09:15 PM): so you seen any good movies?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:09:28 PM): not lately and you?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:09:37 PM): yeah, i saw the green hornet last weekend. that was funny
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:09:52 PM): thats good :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:10:00 PM): it was real good
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:10:10 PM): i like going to the movies, its fun to sit in the dark
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:10:35 PM): yea it is, especially if you go with someone can make out too lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:10:47 PM): lolz, yeah. thatd be fun
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:11:09 PM): yea it would be ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:11:23 PM): :-*
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:11:28 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:11:59 PM): sometimes me and my daughter snuggle up on the couch and watch tv
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:12:04 PM): oh you do
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:12:22 PM): my dad never does stuff like that with me
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:12:32 PM): he dont smell too good thogh lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:12:40 PM): i bet you smell really good thouh :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:12:46 PM): well I try ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:13:09 PM): lol, so what tv shows do you watch with your daughter?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:13:31 PM): well we watch a little of everything, depends on whats on that night lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:13:55 PM): yeah huh. i think the csi new york is on tonight
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:13:57 PM): i like those shows
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:14:14 PM): yea we like those too
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:14:16 PM): i wish i had someone to snuggle with while i watch them - they get kinda scary sometimes lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:14:33 PM): well if you were here we could ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:14:44 PM): lol but yeah then youd be like a girl sandwich lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:14:50 PM): if you were in the middle of us
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:14:58 PM): lol well that wouldn't be so bad lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:15:09 PM): lol yeah it would for you stuck in the middle
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:15:25 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:15:35 PM): youd be squished
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:16:01 PM): lol yea, well then maybe one would have to sit on my lap lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:16:23 PM): lolz, that would be funny
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:16:43 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:17:01 PM): so you hanging with your daughter tonigth?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:17:19 PM): yea she is over tonight
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:17:40 PM): shes so lucky to spend so much time with you
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:17:52 PM): do you need me to let you go be with her?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:18:03 PM): no we are fine :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:18:16 PM): ok then you can chat to me more ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:18:29 PM): lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:18:37 PM): yes I can :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:18:42 PM): so what you gonna chat to me about?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:18:50 PM): >:d<
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:19:01 PM): that was a big hug for you btw :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:19:13 PM): ah thanks ;;)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:19:22 PM): well whats on your mind for tonight?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:19:34 PM): lol... u really wanna know?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:19:44 PM): yea would like too ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:19:49 PM): well, im thinking of you
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:19:57 PM): n im listening to my katy perry cd that i got for christmas
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:20:09 PM): its the california gurls song that i love so much, its totall cool
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:20:25 PM): n i love the video that goes with it with all the girls dancing in the candy outfits lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:20:40 PM): sounds nice :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:20:55 PM): lol. she was in my dads magazine last time. shes soooo cool
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:21:10 PM): oh yea ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:21:27 PM): yeah, it would be fun to dress as candy and be in her video lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:21:34 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:21:43 PM): yeah, so now i told you what i was thinking of, you tell me
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:22:09 PM): well thinking how you would enjoy being here with us :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:22:17 PM): yeah i bet, i would love that
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:22:29 PM): so what would we be doing?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:23:00 PM): well we could be on the couch snuggling and watching tv or movies ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:23:14 PM): lol. you just wanna be a girl sandwich dont you lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:23:22 PM): lol maybe
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:23:37 PM): well she is off taking a shower now lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:23:44 PM): oh ok
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:23:53 PM): i gotta hav one tonite too
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:24:00 PM): i might have a bubbley bath though coz im cold
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:24:10 PM): ah that sounds nice
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:24:16 PM): yeah, moms tub is huge
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:24:35 PM): i like to sit in the dark with candles, its fun
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:24:47 PM): yea that is fun to do
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:24:55 PM): :d
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:25:35 PM): do you get to hang withyour daughter all weekedn?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:25:43 PM): most weekends
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:25:47 PM): thats real cool
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:26:01 PM): she keeps some of her cloths here, usually the ones I get her lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:26:12 PM): lol yeah, coz i bet you buy the real cool clothes
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:26:28 PM): itd be fun to go clothes shopping with you some day :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:26:36 PM): i bet you chose all th really awesome stuff
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:26:39 PM): well I would enjoy that
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:26:47 PM): i think its fun to try lots of clotehs on
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:27:07 PM): well I try, I usually get her skirts, shirts, panties lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:27:22 PM): lol, ur so cool
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:27:35 PM): thanks ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:28:57 PM): oh, i went on this totally cool hike last weekend with my cousins n uncle
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:29:11 PM): it was in kolob canyons, its like a part of zion national park, its so pretty
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:29:17 PM): we got soooo muddy dirty, it was fun
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:29:31 PM): sounds like fun :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:29:47 PM): yeah it was. mom was real mad though when i came home. i slipped in the mud and my butt got all muddy.
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:29:59 PM): huh oh lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:30:00 PM): the dirt round here is like a red color so it stains bad lol
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:30:10 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:30:18 PM): yeah :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:30:24 PM): have you been to zion?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:30:38 PM): yea I have its fun there
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:30:44 PM): yeah its real pretty huh
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:30:51 PM): we go camping there in the summer
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:31:06 PM): i like camping
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:31:16 PM): thats good we like going camping too
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:31:27 PM): you should go camping to zion :d
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:31:38 PM): and take you too huh ;;)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:31:47 PM): yeah lol
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:31:52 PM): thatd be soooo fun
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:32:09 PM): yea it would be :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:32:33 PM): ddi you eat your dinner yet? or are you waiting for your daugter to get out the shower?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:32:51 PM): we will have dinner in a little bit
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:32:59 PM): cool. what you gonna have?
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:33:12 PM): not sure might do up taco's tonight
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:33:19 PM): yumm :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:33:33 PM): i havent eaten yet so i'm gonna go find some food k :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:33:42 PM): there are some leftover sloppy joes i think - i really like them :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:33:43 PM): ok sounds good
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:33:51 PM): :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:33:58 PM): i might see you this weekend ?
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:34:06 PM): on the chat
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:34:12 PM): hopefully :D
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:34:24 PM): k, i'll look for you and think of you too :-*
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:34:26 PM): bye sweety :)
katierella1013 (01/21/11 8:34:32 PM): have fun :)
prcvegas10 (01/21/11 8:34:41 PM): bye for now, thanks and you too
katierella1013 (01/22/11 3:05:12 PM): sorry sweety.. missed you again. I gotta go do my chores for a bit :) luv katie xoxo
prcvegas10 (01/23/11 12:46:23 PM): hi, sorry I wasn't online yesturday, but will be getting online more often here soon, mostly because I'm finally getting another computer. I miss you too and looking forward to talking to you again soon
katierella1013 (01/24/11 7:50:05 PM): hey sweety. i keep missing you :( thinking of you n hope to talk soon. luv katie xoxo
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 7:43:44 PM): sorry I wasn't on yesturday, was over at my friends place all evening, I miss you too
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:19:52 PM): booooooo ;)
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:21:12 PM): boo :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:20:24 PM): lolz, hey sweety. how r u?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:20:29 PM): I been missing ya tonnes
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:20:48 PM): well doing good here, and been missing you too
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:21:19 PM): awww thx sweety. so what you been doing?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:22:14 PM): work work work lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:22:29 PM): awwww really?... you know all work and no play makes patrick a boring boy lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:22:36 PM): my gma said that one time n i thought it was cute funny lol
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:22:51 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:23:00 PM): so you got some play time planned?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:23:07 PM): maybe lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:23:16 PM): lolz... maybe?????
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:23:37 PM): evenings are always fun
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:23:49 PM): lol. yours sound funner than mine
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:23:58 PM): i walked the dog when i got home from school n i got homework to do
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:24:29 PM): well thats part of life lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:24:39 PM): yeah huh
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:24:43 PM): oh hey, n guess what!
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:25:08 PM): ckicken butt? lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:25:13 PM): uh?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:25:19 PM): oh i got something funny to tell you - remind me k
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:25:26 PM): Gma got me a new fish for my tank :)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:25:30 PM): i called him Seth lolz
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:25:34 PM): oh yea
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:25:41 PM): yeah he is UGLY lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:25:47 PM): he is a pocostomust or something
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:25:47 PM): oh geez
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:25:58 PM): they lurk at the bottom of the tank n eat all the fish poop n clean the tank or something
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:26:18 PM): when i turn the tank light on, he freaks out n swims like so fast all crazy mad like lol he is funny
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:26:28 PM): oh those are also called I think sucker fish or at least thats what I use to call them
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:27:17 PM): lol, sucker fish, thats a good name, i never herd that
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:27:22 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:27:47 PM): oh so yeah, the chicken butt thing...
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:27:58 PM): it was my cousins birthday the other day n he got this card, it was funny
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:28:07 PM): it said 'guess what'
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:28:19 PM): on the front n inside was one of those rubber chicken things n it said chicken butt
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:28:22 PM): it was soooo funny
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:28:33 PM): lol yea
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:28:52 PM): brb going to get some water real quick :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:29:00 PM): sure :)
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:31:53 PM): ok back :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:32:06 PM): yay :)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:32:10 PM): did you bring me something?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:32:18 PM): im hungy :)
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:32:32 PM): a big mac lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:32:52 PM): awwww you did - i luvs big macs lol
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:33:01 PM): lol thats good
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:33:02 PM): sometimes i struggle to take a bite though lol
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:33:32 PM): lol yea, well hopefully you can do better if you ever try giving orally lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:34:10 PM): lolz...
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:34:17 PM): lolz...
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:34:22 PM): yeah but thatd be different to a big mac silly
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:34:37 PM): lol I know silly
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:34:57 PM): so ddid you get your lappy fixed?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:35:01 PM): and at the end of it there come natural lubrication from the guy lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:35:08 PM): oh?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:35:13 PM): like how?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:35:16 PM): almost, should be done soon
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:35:26 PM): when he has his orgasm lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:35:42 PM): ooohh lolz yeah :)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:35:47 PM): do you like that part?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:35:56 PM): its fun lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:36:03 PM): cool
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:36:10 PM): :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:36:17 PM): so what you doing tonite?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:36:26 PM): not much just relaxing
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:36:35 PM): cool
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:36:43 PM): i watched this scary movie the other day.
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:36:49 PM): it was callled 'buried'
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:36:51 PM): hav you seen it?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:36:58 PM): yea think I have
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:37:04 PM): with the dude in the coffin?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:37:09 PM): yea
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:37:16 PM): OMG thatd be soooooooo scary.
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:37:20 PM): like where would you go potty?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:37:32 PM): on yourself lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:37:37 PM): ewwwwww gross lolz
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:37:42 PM): then my pants would be all wet
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:37:48 PM): lol yep
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:39:00 PM): oh was able to tell you, but something interesting happened while my daughter was over for the weekend ;;)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:39:09 PM): oh tell me!
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:40:09 PM): well saturday night we were watching tv and had my arm around her and at one point something got me well kinda aroused and she noticed and asked me about it
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:40:26 PM): uh-oh... what did you say!
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:41:14 PM): well told her it happens when I get a thought or if I see a attractive woman, she then asked if she could maybe touch it, since she never had before and always been curious about it lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:42:00 PM): oh wow. so what did you do
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:42:32 PM): well I was kinda nervous about it, but told her since we were alone that if she really wanted to feel it she could
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:42:40 PM): so you let her touch you?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:42:49 PM): yea I did
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:42:53 PM): with your clothes on
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:43:02 PM): no we were nude
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:43:44 PM): you both had no clotehs on?? oh wow. did you like that?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:44:02 PM): yea it actually felt nice
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:44:28 PM): so you just let her touch you.
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:44:31 PM): did she like it to?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:45:05 PM): yea I did, she thought is was nice as well, she said it was hard but felt kinda soft as well to the touch
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:45:47 PM): cool
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:45:51 PM): :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:45:58 PM): shes not curious any more huh :)
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:46:14 PM): no, she enjoyed it lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:46:30 PM): probly lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:46:36 PM): why were you on your couch nakeded
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:46:47 PM): well we sometimes go around nude when we can
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:47:06 PM): you do? wow lolz
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:47:19 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:47:19 PM): do you like to do tht?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:47:26 PM): yea we do
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:47:31 PM): cool lol
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:48:00 PM): :D
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:48:07 PM): :D
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:49:02 PM): felt nice to me as well, been awhile since I've actually been with someone as well lol
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:49:09 PM): felt nice to me as well, been awhile since I've actually been with someone as well lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:50:48 PM): sorry. stupid yahoo kicked me out :(
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:51:04 PM): so what were you thinking about that made you go hard when you were sat with your daughter?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:51:05 PM): its ok sweety
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:51:30 PM): well say someone on tv that was attractive
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:51:43 PM): there are lots of pretty ladies on tv
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:51:50 PM): what show were you watching lol?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:52:02 PM): not sure was some show lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:52:25 PM): lolz cool
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:52:49 PM): would you worry if your daughter did stuff like that with a bf
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:53:21 PM): well if I knew him then not really, but think she is more interested in trying it with me right now lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:53:42 PM): lol yeah probly coz your so cool to tell her stuff like that
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:53:54 PM): well I try ;;)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:53:56 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:54:06 PM): did she ask you anything else
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:54:15 PM): coz shes like my age right n i got lots of questins lolz
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:54:52 PM): well she is younger, but has a lot of questions lol, she also tried to give me oral as well
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:55:12 PM): lol she did? what did you do?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:55:15 PM): she really curious huh
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:55:20 PM): lol yea
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:55:47 PM): well she stroked it for a bit then she tried to take it into her mouth and went up and down on it
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:55:55 PM): did you like that
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:56:13 PM): yea felt pretty good
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:56:18 PM): lol i bet
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:56:23 PM): did you show her any of those movies that you sent me?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:56:42 PM): yea I showed her some of those too
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:56:50 PM): oh cool
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:56:52 PM): did she like htem
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:56:58 PM): yea she did
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:57:16 PM): yeah coz they show like everthing lol
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:57:23 PM): lol yea
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:57:32 PM): id never seen some of that stuff before lol
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:57:40 PM): lol yea I'm sure
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:57:57 PM): so are you gonna do stuff like that with her again?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:58:25 PM): yea think so
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:58:47 PM): sounds like you guys do hav fun when you hang out :)
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:58:57 PM): yea we try ;;)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:59:16 PM): lol cool
katierella1013 (01/25/11 8:59:26 PM): so did you find any other movies to show her?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 8:59:51 PM): well a few, let me guess now your thinking about seeing more too huh :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:00:02 PM): lol, well. i dunno lol
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:00:06 PM): lol
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:00:22 PM): ;)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:01:48 PM): we can still chat tho right?
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:01:59 PM): coz it sounds like you having a lot of fun wth your daughter n thats really cool :)
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:01:59 PM): yea of course
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:02:08 PM): oh ok cool. coz i really like you a lot :)
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:02:28 PM): well I still would like to teach you things as well ;;)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:03:18 PM): you would?! thatd be soooo cool
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:03:31 PM): yes I would :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:04:26 PM): cool. like what would you show me?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:04:43 PM): anything you wanted :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:04:53 PM): cool... thatd be fun
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:05:04 PM): yea it would ;;)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:05:16 PM): itd be so fun to hang with you guys
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:05:34 PM): thanks ;;)
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:05:49 PM): hey i gotta run sweety k
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:05:54 PM): moms car just got in the driveway
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:05:57 PM): ok talk to you soon
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:06:10 PM): sure. ttyl :-* be good ;)
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:06:21 PM): thanks you too sweety
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:06:26 PM): miss you already
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:06:31 PM): :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:06:38 PM): lolz. bye xoxoxox
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:06:41 PM): bye bye
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:06:45 PM): oh hey, you gonna let me call you sometime?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:07:06 PM): yea one of these days :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:07:31 PM): ok cool. i'll do it one time when mom is working
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:07:49 PM): yea :D
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:08:12 PM): you wanna email me your # or something?
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:08:19 PM): yea I will
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:08:26 PM): cool. k bye sweety :)
prcvegas10 (01/25/11 9:08:41 PM): bye for now sweety
katierella1013 (01/25/11 9:08:44 PM): xoxoxo

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