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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit im_taryn_it_up, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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jubjub970: You dont look that young (So, I think it's safe to say that he saw the profile. He knows I'm thirteen. And he uses that gambit as a conversation-opener.)
im_taryn_it_up: y?
jubjub970: I was bouncing through profiles and found yours.. was surprised between your age and your pic.
im_taryn_it_up: how come
jubjub970: you just look older (The girl in the pic was 13 when it was taken.)
im_taryn_it_up: must be the makeup
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970: lol.. or the big fist in the pic
im_taryn_it_up: i was feelin punchy
jubjub970: I see. Do you have a cam?
im_taryn_it_up: not anymore
jubjub970: lost it?
jubjub970: parents found out you were showing more than you should on it? (A few lines in, and he's already fishing around for things he shouldn't be.)
im_taryn_it_up: nope mom took it lol
jubjub970: lol
im_taryn_it_up: what can i say
jubjub970: did she walk in on you?
im_taryn_it_up: nope i just bought it with my own $ and didn't tell her and she fliped when she saw it
jubjub970: ahhh.. I see.
jubjub970: well, that is good she is watcing out for you.. lots of pervs out there (Gee, really? Tell me about it, pal.)
im_taryn_it_up: yeah
jubjub970: what part of WI are you in?
im_taryn_it_up: the falls
jubjub970: Sheboygan Falls?
im_taryn_it_up: menomonee fals
jubjub970: oh, that is a nice area. Good schools.
im_taryn_it_up: yeah its ok
im_taryn_it_up: not alot 2 do sometiems
jubjub970: that is with anywhere... where ever a person lives, tends to be boring for them... they are just used to everything.
im_taryn_it_up: yeah i stay busy
jubjub970: what do you like to do?
im_taryn_it_up: just chill go online movies mall boys ya know
jubjub970: the normal.
im_taryn_it_up: yep lol guess im boring
jubjub970: no.. sounds like you are very normal. Not at all boring.
im_taryn_it_up: thankx
jubjub970: are you into any sports?
im_taryn_it_up: not really
jubjub970: music? drama?
im_taryn_it_up: i wanna play drums but the director says no
jubjub970: why?
im_taryn_it_up: Because he says im too little to carry drums in tha parades lol
jubjub970: how tall are you?
im_taryn_it_up: 5'2
jubjub970: bah... ask him to let you try
im_taryn_it_up: i did he said i should play clarinet
jubjub970: I hate that.. when I was in school the director did the same thing to me.. I wanted to play the trumpet.. he made me play the tuba.. I HATE THE TUBA.
im_taryn_it_up: hahaha the tuba sucks d00d
jubjub970: I know.. I used to throw it down the stairs.
im_taryn_it_up: bang...bang...blloop
jubjub970: Do you have any other pics?
jubjub970: or did mom take them too?
im_taryn_it_up: i have a few
jubjub970: any you would feel comfortable sharing? If not, I understand.
im_taryn_it_up: ill send em whats ur mail
jubjub970: cant you just send them here? send file
im_taryn_it_up: no firewall from the isp
jubjub970: ahh.. I see.
im_taryn_it_up: k
jubjub970: thanks
im_taryn_it_up: sent em
jubjub970: wow.. umm.. yeah, you dont look 13 (Yes, she does. And what's more, she WAS.)
im_taryn_it_up: hehehe
jubjub970: you are a dangerous young woman.
im_taryn_it_up: y u say so?
jubjub970: cuz you look so much more mature than your age... it is dangerous for men to deal with you. (Well, a loaded gun is dangerous in the hands of someone with an inclination to use it. It all boils down to the mindset of the perpetrator, doesn't it?)
im_taryn_it_up: y dangerous i dont bite
jubjub970: It would be hard for a man to remember you are a kid. (Well, it was pretty hard for at least THIS guy.)
im_taryn_it_up: thats okay
jubjub970: for example... my first reaction to seeing your pics was to ask..\"are there any bikini pics?\" (Rembmber, as he typed this...He was a HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER. And his FIRST THOUGHT was how this girl would look in a bikini. Nice.)
im_taryn_it_up: ha!
im_taryn_it_up: too bad i dont
jubjub970: now I better understand why your Mom took the cam away.
im_taryn_it_up: yea i guess so lol
jubjub970: if you did have your cam.. do you think you would be showing your goods? are you the show off type? (Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.)
im_taryn_it_up: depends on my mood
jubjub970: I bet your parents live in fear.
im_taryn_it_up: my moms cool
jubjub970: Do you just live with your mom? (Risk assessment.)
im_taryn_it_up: yeah
jubjub970: any other siblings? (MORE risk assessment.)
im_taryn_it_up: no
jubjub970: So just you and your Mom.. I bet you are close.
im_taryn_it_up: shes really cool
jubjub970: that is good.. I like it when kids and their parents have a good relationship.
jubjub970: If you take after her.. I bet she is a beautiful woman. (And the grooming continues.)
im_taryn_it_up: oh so now im a kid lol
jubjub970: I have to keep saying that or I will forget and make a fool of myself.
im_taryn_it_up: hahahha
jubjub970: Do you get a lot of attention from boys at school?
im_taryn_it_up: no buncha fucken dorks
jubjub970: lol.. remember, males are usually seven years of maturity behind the females. (Or maybe a few more, in your case.)
im_taryn_it_up: i believe that lol
jubjub970: the boyz will not catch up to you in maturity until you are done with college.. even then some take longer.
im_taryn_it_up: what am i sposed to do in the meantime lol
jubjub970: just wait... the older boys will take note. (Because that's really appropriate.)
jubjub970: and I am willing to bet it will not take them long at all.
im_taryn_it_up: i hoppe not
jubjub970: you should take a lot of pictures... a lot of them.
im_taryn_it_up: why?
jubjub970: cuz you are beautiful... never hurts to see a beautiful woman.
im_taryn_it_up: awwww....ur a sweety
jubjub970: no... just brutally honest
im_taryn_it_up: i like honest
jubjub970: do you come online often?
im_taryn_it_up: often enuff
jubjub970: well, I hope we get to talk when you do come on.
jubjub970: did I scare you away?
jubjub970: Taryn?
jubjub970: Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Echo!
jubjub970: Taryn?
im_taryn_it_up: sorry mom i sec
jubjub970: k
im_taryn_it_up: man that sucks
jubjub970: what?
im_taryn_it_up: moms being all kinds of nosy
jubjub970: that is her right.
im_taryn_it_up: i spose so
jubjub970: what was she looking at?
im_taryn_it_up: just all buggin me and shit
jubjub970: well, I dont want to get you into trouble.. should I leave you alone? (I'M not the one you ought to be worrying about.)
im_taryn_it_up: nah is al good
jubjub970: thought I scared you away.. didnt mean to be a creepy guy. (It always amuses me when they say they're not trying to be creepy. Well, if you're that concerned about it, STOP CHATTING UP TEENAGERS, SHIT-STAIN.)
im_taryn_it_up: nope
im_taryn_it_up: :)
jubjub970: sometimes my openness shockes people and I scare them away.
im_taryn_it_up: nope im good
jubjub970: is all of your homework done? (Spoken like a concerned educator. PFFFT!)
im_taryn_it_up: it is now
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970: what did you have to do?
im_taryn_it_up: just math
im_taryn_it_up: pre-algebra
im_taryn_it_up: ugh
jubjub970: I hated math... my worst subject
im_taryn_it_up: nine too
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970: what is your favorite subject?
im_taryn_it_up: lunch
jubjub970: lol.
jubjub970: come on
im_taryn_it_up: honestly i like history and social studies
jubjub970: good answer. (Hmmm.)
im_taryn_it_up: art
jubjub970: that is my favorite too
im_taryn_it_up: so what u do?
jubjub970: you really dont want to know.
im_taryn_it_up: oh
im_taryn_it_up: then whyd i ask?
im_taryn_it_up: :o
jubjub970: lol.. if I tell you there is a high chance you wont want to talk to me anymore.,
im_taryn_it_up: y u say that? are you a hitman or something
jubjub970: I wish.. I would love to be an international hitman.
jubjub970: It is worse.
im_taryn_it_up: unless your killing ppl for money im good
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970: Im a high school teacher.
im_taryn_it_up: OH NOS
im_taryn_it_up: so?
im_taryn_it_up: that aint bad (No. It's NOT bad. It's fucking HORRIBLE.)
jubjub970: you say that cuz I havent asked you your cup size yet (...Yet.)
im_taryn_it_up: :)
im_taryn_it_up: u can ask its okay
jubjub970: nah.. just trying to shock you. You will tell me when you want me to know.
im_taryn_it_up: 34b but growin
im_taryn_it_up: hows that
jubjub970: impressive
im_taryn_it_up: not in the locker room
jubjub970: must be one hell of a locker room then.. cuz you are a standout
im_taryn_it_up: no i mean i get picked on
jubjub970: why?
im_taryn_it_up: because i dont want bigger boobs i keep buying 34 b but they dont fit anymore
im_taryn_it_up: :(
jubjub970: you look great.. dont be ashamed of the way you look.. a lot of those same girls willl kill for your chest in a couple years
im_taryn_it_up: well rite now they call me tames
im_taryn_it_up: *names
jubjub970: what do they call you?
im_taryn_it_up: did you see anchorman with will farrel
jubjub970: not the whole thing.. only a couple parts
im_taryn_it_up: theres one part where he calls christina applegate TITS MAGEE
im_taryn_it_up: and they call me tits magee
im_taryn_it_up: it was funny at first
jubjub970: just smile and say thanks... cuz the boys are gonna come after you and your tits.
im_taryn_it_up: well i wish theyd start lol
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno mom says i cant date yet but i go out with groups sometimes
jubjub970: if they dont, us old guys will start chasing you. (You don't say? How 'bout that?)
im_taryn_it_up: at least someones notiving then
im_taryn_it_up: noticing
jubjub970: oh, you are noticed... never fear that.
im_taryn_it_up: oh ur right
im_taryn_it_up: hello my eyes are UP HERE
jubjub970: lol.. you could tell I was looking even from there?? wow
im_taryn_it_up: hahaha
im_taryn_it_up: ui were
im_taryn_it_up: ?
jubjub970: do you like the boys/men looking at your chest?
im_taryn_it_up: depends on the guy
jubjub970: then you wouldnt want me looking at them.. I am an ugly old man.
im_taryn_it_up: i mean its flattering and its only getting worse lo
im_taryn_it_up: so i better get used to it
im_taryn_it_up: o im sure ur not ugly
im_taryn_it_up: and ur not old
jubjub970: no I am.. but I have accepted that.. I am no male model. And I would say ... yes, get used to men looking... a lot of time they do it without realizing it. AND, I would say use it to your advantage... use them to get the attention you want.
im_taryn_it_up: do u have a pic?
jubjub970: not sure I should send it.. I dont want to be mean.. but you can understand my fears.
im_taryn_it_up: ur not mean so far ur alot nicer than most of the guys up here
jubjub970: up here? did you move here?
im_taryn_it_up: yeah we lived in chicago til i was like 10
jubjub970: well, it is clearly their loss and our gain.
im_taryn_it_up: i like to think so
im_taryn_it_up: yea
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970: I hope you like it here
im_taryn_it_up: its good so far except for the math the clarinet and the tits magee
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: but i have good friends and my moms cool
jubjub970: have you always lived with your mom?
im_taryn_it_up: no my dads still in chicago
im_taryn_it_up: they split up
jubjub970: so you have been with you mom for three years?
im_taryn_it_up: yep
jubjub970: man, I really wish you had that cam... I would love to see you while we chatted.
im_taryn_it_up: itd be nice but i think it got pitched lol
jubjub970: and I really wish you were older.. I feel like I am on dangerous ground... if you were legal I would be more aggressive
im_taryn_it_up: aggressive?
im_taryn_it_up: i dont wanna get punched lol
jubjub970: asking to show you around.
jubjub970: lol... not that aggressive.. more forward.
im_taryn_it_up: oh
im_taryn_it_up: well your a nice guy so its cool
jubjub970: oh no.. I am already in the nice guy catagory..
im_taryn_it_up: no i dont mean it like that lol
im_taryn_it_up: i know alot of guys think thats the kiss of death
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970: it is... the absolute kiss of death.
im_taryn_it_up: okay then your a totall asshole (No. Really.)
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970: whew.. thats better. assholes get the girls.
im_taryn_it_up: then your an asshole and you suck
im_taryn_it_up: boo
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970: hopefully you do to. (Ugh...And I wasn't even trying to set him UP for that. But, it all speaks to his intent, so I guess I'll take it.)
im_taryn_it_up: :)
im_taryn_it_up: ;)
jubjub970: gotcha
im_taryn_it_up: well i aint done that yet
jubjub970: I am sure you will in time.. just as long as you are willing.
im_taryn_it_up: well i like trying new stuff
jubjub970: like what?
im_taryn_it_up: well like whatever
im_taryn_it_up: i mean like sushi or skydiving or whatever comes along
im_taryn_it_up: or whatever
jubjub970: I have skydived.
im_taryn_it_up: wow whats that like
jubjub970: very exciting... I have jumped three times.
im_taryn_it_up: i only got jumped once
jubjub970: lol... was it good?
im_taryn_it_up: it hurt but it was okay by the end
jubjub970: so that is not something new that you are willing to try... sorta been there done that?
im_taryn_it_up: well i mean i just havent ben able to since then
im_taryn_it_up: no oportunity
jubjub970: when were you jumped?
im_taryn_it_up: last summer
jubjub970: who jumped you?
im_taryn_it_up: my xbf
im_taryn_it_up: chad
jubjub970: how old is he?
im_taryn_it_up: 17
jubjub970: did he make it good for you?
im_taryn_it_up: how?
jubjub970: did he make it so you enjoyed it or was it all about him?
im_taryn_it_up: i gues i dont know the diference
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970: maybe someday someone more experienced will show you. (Let me guess. You have some ideas about who might like to volunteer.)
im_taryn_it_up: i aint holdin my breath
jubjub970: you never know what the future will bring.
im_taryn_it_up: yea i do MORE BOOBS
im_taryn_it_up: :P
jubjub970: no, it is a good thing.
jubjub970: in the summer are you a one piece swimsuit or two?
im_taryn_it_up: well my 1 from last year is way to small now so i haveta buy a new 1
im_taryn_it_up: was a 1 peice
jubjub970: what do you want?
im_taryn_it_up: its more what mom wants lol
jubjub970: I can understand that.
im_taryn_it_up: she doesnt kno w i had sex but she sees whats happening to me
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: same thing happened to her
jubjub970: Im sure she cant miss it.
im_taryn_it_up: i just hope i dont get boobs lik her
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: but im on my way
jubjub970: I dont think they are bad... maybe I am not seeing them like you are... whip them out.. lets see.
im_taryn_it_up: hahaha
jubjub970: if you had your cam... would you?
im_taryn_it_up: i might
jubjub970: is that a might with a smile... or a might with your eyes rolling?
im_taryn_it_up: id have to see a pic of u first
im_taryn_it_up: honestly not that i care what u look like
im_taryn_it_up: ur NICE (..And PERVY.)
jubjub970: I am no male model.. honest.
im_taryn_it_up: meneither lol
jubjub970: no.. Im an old perv.
im_taryn_it_up: why???
jubjub970: I agree.. you are not a male model.. but you are a smokin hot female.
im_taryn_it_up: oh whatever i dont see it
im_taryn_it_up: but ur sweet
jubjub970: whatelse to you want to try?
im_taryn_it_up: my mom sez im in my gawky pase lol
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno i just wanna see whats out there
im_taryn_it_up: i saw a few pornos and i know what i DONT wanna try lol
jubjub970: and what DONT you want to try?
im_taryn_it_up: in the but looks like it hurts worse trhan tha other way
jubjub970: depends on the person.. some love it.. some hate it.
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno of course the one girl i saw had a butthole that looked like a cave
jubjub970: lol.
im_taryn_it_up: so i bet id dont hurt her
jubjub970 : does your mom go through your computer? (More risk assessment. Scared, much?)
im_taryn_it_up: go thru it like how
jubjub970 : read your messages when you are not around?
im_taryn_it_up: no i change my password alot
jubjub970 : k... cuz this conversation could get us both in trouble. (And yet, you press on.)
im_taryn_it_up: well im not sayin nothin
jubjub970 : what do you mean?
im_taryn_it_up: i mean i do things mom dont know about sometimes and i keep my mouth shut cuz im not an idot
jubjub970 : you dont seem like an idiot
im_taryn_it_up: you either lol
jubjub970 : the porns you saw.. did you like them?
im_taryn_it_up: it was just one but it was like a bunch of differnt short 1s
jubjub970 : but did you like it?
im_taryn_it_up: it was okay
im_taryn_it_up: kinda scary
jubjub970 : didnt get you going?
im_taryn_it_up: these ppl hjad sex like they were mad at each othe r kinda (I never like those, either.)
im_taryn_it_up: just looked rough
im_taryn_it_up: mine wsasn't like that
jubjub970 : did he do anything else for you?
im_taryn_it_up: like what
jubjub970 : did he go down on you?
im_taryn_it_up: you mean like eat me out
jubjub970 : yes
im_taryn_it_up: no
jubjub970 : are you interested in trying that?
im_taryn_it_up: i saw it on the video
jubjub970 : and.....
im_taryn_it_up: dont know i never had it
jubjub970 : do you ever touch yourself?
im_taryn_it_up: um...yeah sometimes
im_taryn_it_up: a littel
jubjub970 : enough to get off?
im_taryn_it_up: i guess not lol
jubjub970 : well, maybe you need to keep practicing at it.
im_taryn_it_up: yeah i guess i do
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : told you I was a perv (Waaaay ahead of you, buddy.)
im_taryn_it_up: oh u r not!
jubjub970 : what would I have to do or say for me to be a perv?
im_taryn_it_up: at least i have some1 to talk to about it i cant my mom
jubjub970 : it is hard to talk to parents about sex.
jubjub970 : arnt you afraid I will try to hook up with you?
im_taryn_it_up: my moms pretty solid on DONT DO IT
im_taryn_it_up: shouild i be afraid?
im_taryn_it_up: why would i be afraid of u?
jubjub970 : no.. not at all..
jubjub970 : but there are psychos out there (You don't say.)
im_taryn_it_up: u dont scare me
im_taryn_it_up: BOO
jubjub970 : lol
jubjub970 : may I ask what you are wearing now? (Good lord. \"What are you wearing?\" Maybe he's used to having to pay $1.99 a minute for these sorts of conversations.)
im_taryn_it_up: jammy pants and a cami
jubjub970 : wow... sounds nice
im_taryn_it_up: their nice
im_taryn_it_up: they got spongebob on em (BECAUSE I AM A CHILD.)
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : Im sure they would look really good... crumpled up on the floor. lol (Sweet Jesus. Any man who has SpongeBob pajamas crumpled up on his floor had BETTER be in the process of doing his daughter's goddamned laundry.)
im_taryn_it_up: well then mom tells me to clean my room
jubjub970 : I mean better on the floor than on you..
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno i look okay on the floor
jubjub970 : touche
im_taryn_it_up: oh u mean on YOUR floor
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : lol...even better
jubjub970 : do you flirt with every old guy like this? (Who's flirting? Oh..Yeah. That would be YOU. Flirting, I mean. With a thirteen year old.)
im_taryn_it_up: i dont see no old guy
im_taryn_it_up: i mean i still dont have a pic
jubjub970 : lol... a pic is way dangerous for me.. hell, I could already lose my career for this conversation, you are just too damn good looking for me to run from.
im_taryn_it_up: wow how swet are you lol
im_taryn_it_up: i mite have more pics to trade
jubjub970 : you said you were 5
jubjub970 : 5'2?
im_taryn_it_up: 5'1 5'2 i think
jubjub970 : I love petite women.
jubjub970 : do any of your pics have more skin than others?
im_taryn_it_up: not really
jubjub970 : do you have a digital camera? could take one right now
im_taryn_it_up: no i dont
im_taryn_it_up: but i have 1 fresh from the shower (Clothed, OF COURSE. But with wet hair. Just in case anyone was wondering.)
jubjub970 : in a towel?
im_taryn_it_up: wet
im_taryn_it_up: :P
jubjub970 : alright.. I will take it
im_taryn_it_up: send me urs 1st.
jubjub970 : I dont think you realize how terrified I am to send it.
im_taryn_it_up: its just a pic how bad can it be lol
im_taryn_it_up: ill trade ya 2 for it

(He sends the picture at the top of this file. It comes censored...He had already blanked out the faces of his companions.)

im_taryn_it_up: yay
jubjub970 : :( gulp
im_taryn_it_up: DOOD WTF
im_taryn_it_up: you had me all worried like you were the fucken elephent man
im_taryn_it_up: :))
jubjub970 : lol... some would say more of a Buffalo
im_taryn_it_up: you are NOT an ugly guy you fucken jerk
im_taryn_it_up: :))
im_taryn_it_up: gad thats a releif
im_taryn_it_up: :))
jubjub970 : maybe I am worse in person.
im_taryn_it_up: or maybe your just paranoid
im_taryn_it_up: PARANOID PARANOID lol
jubjub970 : be honest... could you picture that face down between your legs? (Christ.)
im_taryn_it_up: no but only becaus i cant see any face there yet lol
jubjub970 : wanna see a face there?
im_taryn_it_up: the face in the pic?
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: that would be weird but only because id be nervos
jubjub970 : why nervous?
im_taryn_it_up: because i never had that and i dont know how it would feel or what
im_taryn_it_up: id be shy
jubjub970 : lol.. I think you would like it.... a lot
im_taryn_it_up: what about you do guys even like that
im_taryn_it_up: does it taste bad
jubjub970 : no.. tastes very good. you should try it.
im_taryn_it_up: YUCK lol
im_taryn_it_up: how i cant bend that far
jubjub970 : first you have to be wet and ready to go.
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : are you?
im_taryn_it_up: not now no
im_taryn_it_up: sorry lol
jubjub970 : its alright.. I was not sure the way you said ok
im_taryn_it_up: sorry i guess im just nervos
jubjub970 : its alright.. dont give it a thought. If you dont want to get that personal I can understand that.
im_taryn_it_up: althouh it aint like i didnt do it once already
im_taryn_it_up: sex i mean
jubjub970 : do you want more?
im_taryn_it_up: im not sure i think i do its ben awhile
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: are you offerin lol
jubjub970 : Do you want me to offer?
im_taryn_it_up: i mean im not sure id be enough for you i aint done much
im_taryn_it_up: im probly not good
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : it is a natural thing.. I am positive you would be great.
im_taryn_it_up: maybe i should ask u what ur name is first
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: im taryn
jubjub970 : Joseph..
im_taryn_it_up: hi joey is it okay if i call u that lol
im_taryn_it_up: joseph just sounds so serios
jubjub970 : you can call me that once we have done what we are talking about. (What's that? Oh, yeah. INTENT.)
im_taryn_it_up: hehehe
im_taryn_it_up: k
jubjub970 : Do you think you would ever feel comfortable enough to touch yourself while we chat?
im_taryn_it_up: i might
jubjub970 : do you like that idea? touching yourself for me?
im_taryn_it_up: i just feel shy
jubjub970 : I think we have opened some personal doors already.. what is another?
im_taryn_it_up: im not sure you prolly know better than me
jubjub970 : no.. you are just as much of this as I am. Unless you want me to lead you.
im_taryn_it_up: i just feel really like inexperince
jubjub970 : this is how you gain experience.
im_taryn_it_up: ok
im_taryn_it_up: i trust ya
im_taryn_it_up: l;ol
jubjub970 : do you wanna try now? or some other time after we have talked more?
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno maybe a little
jubjub970 : try a little now or talk a little more?
im_taryn_it_up: i just dont know what 2 do
jubjub970 : try this... can you lift your camo over your breasts?
im_taryn_it_up: like take it off u mean
jubjub970 : or just pull it up so your breasts are out
im_taryn_it_up: ok
im_taryn_it_up: it kinda sits up there all bunched up lol
jubjub970 : wanna take it off?
im_taryn_it_up: ok
im_taryn_it_up: good thing its not cold in here lol
jubjub970 : lol.. gently slide your hands around your breasts... feel how smooth they are
im_taryn_it_up: yep
jubjub970 : gently squeeze them...
jubjub970 : picture that these were my hands.
im_taryn_it_up: ok lol
jubjub970 : flick a finger over your nipples
jubjub970 : lightly pinch them...
im_taryn_it_up: their like pencil erasers
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : does it feel good to pinch them?
im_taryn_it_up: kinda
jubjub970 : roll them between your fingers.
im_taryn_it_up: my boobs
jubjub970 : nipples
im_taryn_it_up: k
jubjub970 : stick one of yoru fingers in your mouth and get it wet
jubjub970 : then get your nipples wet
im_taryn_it_up: hehe
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : again, flick one finger over your wet nipples...
im_taryn_it_up: k
jubjub970 : how is it feeling?
im_taryn_it_up: tikles
jubjub970 : can you lean down and lick your nipple?
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : try
im_taryn_it_up: almost
jubjub970 : are your nipples nice and hard?
im_taryn_it_up: yeah
jubjub970 : lightly pinch and twist as you pinch.
im_taryn_it_up: tha kina huts alittl
im_taryn_it_up: sorry
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: ihand
jubjub970 : that is alright.. a little pain can be nice.
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : how are you doing? are you liking this or do you want to stop?
im_taryn_it_up: im gettin a little sore lol
jubjub970 : well lets move on... do you want to move lower?
im_taryn_it_up: like downstairs lol
jubjub970 : you could say that.
im_taryn_it_up: okay
jubjub970 : wanna take them off?
im_taryn_it_up: my jammys
im_taryn_it_up: ?
jubjub970 : yes
im_taryn_it_up: ok
im_taryn_it_up: good thing moms in bed lol
jubjub970 : what does your pussy look like? full bush? trimmed? shaved?
im_taryn_it_up: theres not much to shave but i do anyway cuz it itches otherwise
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : good.. I love smooth pussy
im_taryn_it_up: i use moms razor i dont think she nows
jubjub970 : open your legs..
im_taryn_it_up: lol ok
im_taryn_it_up: shy sorry
jubjub970 : it is alright.. we can stop at any time... you just say when.
im_taryn_it_up: its ok
jubjub970 : reach down and run one finger down the middle of yoru pussy
jubjub970 : lightly pull it back ....
im_taryn_it_up: ok now its cold in here oim putin my shirt back on lol
jubjub970 : k
im_taryn_it_up: sorry
jubjub970 : dont be have me very excited.
im_taryn_it_up: ok
im_taryn_it_up: i still got no pants on i think i just got cold cuz the chair is wood and its cold on my butt lol
jubjub970 : sit on yoru pants
im_taryn_it_up: good idea
im_taryn_it_up: :)
jubjub970 : slide a finger between your pussy lips
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : are you wet?
im_taryn_it_up: not so much
jubjub970 : lets see if rubbing yoru clit helps... gently rub your clit with one finger
im_taryn_it_up: i think i should stop (...Because I suddenly don't feel so well. Really.)
jubjub970 : K.. then we stop
im_taryn_it_up: i just kinda feel shy
im_taryn_it_up: im sorry is that bad
jubjub970 : that is alright...
im_taryn_it_up: :(
jubjub970 : nope.. not at all.
im_taryn_it_up: im sorry dont be mad
jubjub970 : Sweetie.. I am not mad at all...
im_taryn_it_up: im sorry
im_taryn_it_up: i just got kinda cold and shy
jubjub970 : that is alright... I am not diappointed at all.. I just hope you had some fun.
im_taryn_it_up: im sure ill get better at it
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : would you wanna see my cock?
im_taryn_it_up: ive only ever seen em on tv before
im_taryn_it_up: i mean it was dark when i had sex\
im_taryn_it_up: so i didnt see it
jubjub970 : so.....
im_taryn_it_up: do u have a pic?
jubjub970 : do you wanna see?
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : no, I dont want to force it.. I would if you really wanted to see it.
im_taryn_it_up: im curios
im_taryn_it_up: i never saw 1 b4
im_taryn_it_up: exept the movies
im_taryn_it_up: i felt 1 but it was dark

(He turns on his webcam, and I'm treated to a navel-down shot of ol' JubJub, pants-free, and sporting what passes for an erection. I grab a couple of screencaps. For the curious, the pictures are linked Here, and Here. Naturally, they contain nudity, and are Not Safe For Work..So click at your own risk.)

jubjub970 : well?
im_taryn_it_up: :o
jubjub970 : tell me what you thought... be honest
im_taryn_it_up: it looks like the ones in the pornos
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : would you be interested in doing more with it?
im_taryn_it_up: are u sure u would want me i just dont feel like id be good
im_taryn_it_up: i mean ur experincd
jubjub970 : so... I think you would be wonderful.
im_taryn_it_up: im glad u think so
im_taryn_it_up: i think id be really nervos
jubjub970 : well, we would need to know each other better... and we would work up to it.
im_taryn_it_up: how would we get to know eavch other
jubjub970 : talking here..or on the phone. Do you have a cell?
im_taryn_it_up: no cell but i have a phone in my room
im_taryn_it_up: its the house phone
im_taryn_it_up: but its the extension
jubjub970 : are you ever home alone?
im_taryn_it_up: yea all the time
im_taryn_it_up: my moms a nurse at fredert
im_taryn_it_up: and she works second third
jubjub970 : so there are times when you are alone at night?
im_taryn_it_up: all the damn time
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : well we could talk then.
im_taryn_it_up: tv is the babysiter
im_taryn_it_up: i could call u now if u want
im_taryn_it_up: just wisper
jubjub970 : we will wait until you are home alone.. then I can call you. That way it will not show up on your home phone bill.
im_taryn_it_up: i got a callen card my gramma gave me lol
im_taryn_it_up: it dont show up
im_taryn_it_up: i could totaly call u rite now
jubjub970 : lol.. no hurry.. I hope we talk a lot in the future
im_taryn_it_up: just to hear ur voice
im_taryn_it_up: to make sure ur 4 realz
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : Im real... are you?
im_taryn_it_up: im real as real man lol
im_taryn_it_up: real like the dairy seal
jubjub970 : if we were together right now.. would you let me suck on your tits?
im_taryn_it_up: their a little sore rite now but okay
im_taryn_it_up: are u sure you dont wanna talk to me
im_taryn_it_up: ill make it fast
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : I very much want to talk to you.. but I think we should wait...
jubjub970 : need to play it safe
im_taryn_it_up: awwww.
im_taryn_it_up: ill make it SO FAST ill just say hi and bye and get right back on here
im_taryn_it_up: im just a little nervos
im_taryn_it_up: i just wanna see if ur real
jubjub970 : why nervous?
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno
jubjub970 : ummm... you saw as real as it gets.
im_taryn_it_up: yea
im_taryn_it_up: i wanna talk 2 u...
im_taryn_it_up: :(
im_taryn_it_up: just 4 a sec
jubjub970 : will your mom be home tomorrow night?
im_taryn_it_up: ill tell u on tha phone
jubjub970 : lol.. not tonight Sweetie.
im_taryn_it_up: y dont u wanna talk to me?
im_taryn_it_up: :((
jubjub970 : I do.. I just dont think it is safe... I just wanna wait until there is no chance your mom will walk in.
im_taryn_it_up: are u married
jubjub970 : nope.. never have been.
jubjub970 : Do you like motorcycles?
im_taryn_it_up: okay then let me call if she walks in which she wont cuz shes sleepoin ill just tell her its becky
im_taryn_it_up: i like phones
im_taryn_it_up: :))
jubjub970 : LOL>..
im_taryn_it_up: ill make it SO fast ill just say hi and bye and that sit
im_taryn_it_up: ill even go to the bathroom first to make sure shes snoring
jubjub970 : your funny.
im_taryn_it_up: i wanna talk to u!!!!!
jubjub970 : I wont be home until like 8 tomorrow night.. when does your mom work next?
im_taryn_it_up: i want u to trust me
jubjub970 : Honey.. I do trust you.. I put my cock on the cam for you. (Yep. Thanks for that, by the way.)
im_taryn_it_up: i know okay i'll just call and say goodnight then
im_taryn_it_up: PLEEEZE
im_taryn_it_up: :(
jubjub970 : your not answering my question.. when does your mom work next?
im_taryn_it_up: i told u id tell u on the phone
im_taryn_it_up: :)
jubjub970 : Beautiful and stubborn.. I might have my hands full.
im_taryn_it_up: with my boobs
jubjub970 : I wish.
jubjub970 : and your ass
im_taryn_it_up: maybe if i can talk to you we can talk about a time to hang out
jubjub970 : wanna play a game with me?
im_taryn_it_up: is it a phone game (I can be one stubborn kid)
jubjub970 : sorry.. nope.
im_taryn_it_up: i wanna play a phone game
jubjub970 : not tonight Sweetie.
im_taryn_it_up: :(
im_taryn_it_up: thats too bad because im gonna be alone from the time i get home from school until 3 am tomarow nite
im_taryn_it_up: and on the phone maybe i could let you know where i live (...So you can come and say hello to the cameras.)
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : lol.. we can talk a lot then tomorrow night.
im_taryn_it_up: not if i cant call u
im_taryn_it_up: i cant believe u dont wanna talk to me
jubjub970 : I DO wanna talk to you.. but I also need to wait. Please.. just as you said you were shy, I need to move sorta slow, remember I could go to jail for our conversation...
im_taryn_it_up: oh ur not goin to jail GAD
jubjub970 : probably not.. but it is still a fear I have to work out..
im_taryn_it_up: thats why i wanna talk to u so u know im for real
im_taryn_it_up: :(
jubjub970 : and we cant do that tomorrow night??
im_taryn_it_up: i wanna do it now and im a spoiled brat
jubjub970 : LOL... remember, I work with teenagers everyday... I dont give in.
im_taryn_it_up: if you work with us every day than you know we can be stubbern little bitchez
im_taryn_it_up: :))
jubjub970 : lol.. yea, but I dont let it get to me. Now, do you wanna play the game or is it bed time for us?
im_taryn_it_up: is it a phone game
jubjub970 : sorry Beautiful.. no it isnt.
im_taryn_it_up: i wanna play a phone game
im_taryn_it_up: dood im gettin a little freaked out
jubjub970 : why?
im_taryn_it_up: because now i feel like your hidin sumthin
im_taryn_it_up: :(
im_taryn_it_up: i wish i could just say hi and bye for 2 secs
jubjub970 : no.. not hiding.. just trying to be cautious.. I really put myself out there tonight.. I am allowed to get freaked out too.
im_taryn_it_up: i guess i just really wish i could hear ur voice id sleep beter
jubjub970 : it isnt that impressive... not even that low.
im_taryn_it_up: still i just wish i could say hi its alot more prsonal
jubjub970 : Please... let me have until tomorrow night... then we can talk.
im_taryn_it_up: ok
im_taryn_it_up: :)
im_taryn_it_up: i gues im goin to bed then
jubjub970 : I need to too. I get up at five am each day
im_taryn_it_up: i wish youd just let me say hi
jubjub970 : I know.. and I am excited by the idea you want to talk to me that much... I look forward to our talk tomorrow... as I said, I will be home around 8.. I will come online looking for you.
im_taryn_it_up: i hope im here
im_taryn_it_up: ill try to be
jubjub970 : so do I.
jubjub970 : If you aren't.. I will understand.
im_taryn_it_up: if u want u can even come over tomarrow nite
jubjub970 : if our call goes well.. maybe. Do you live near anything public?
im_taryn_it_up: no its a gay subdivision
jubjub970 : neighbors may wonder why a vehicle is driving to yoru house late at night.
im_taryn_it_up: no we dont really have any neibors most of the houses are still being bilt
im_taryn_it_up: its new
jubjub970 : well, we will talk tomorrow... before you go, do you wanna hear what I was gonna ask you?
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : I was going to ask what you were gonna wear to school tomorrow.
im_taryn_it_up: jeans converse and this sweet darkness tshirt (I believe in a thing called jail / Just read up on the conent of the chat)
jubjub970 : do you ever wear skirts?
im_taryn_it_up: not really
jubjub970 : damn.. skirts are sexy
im_taryn_it_up: i dont really have any
im_taryn_it_up: i mean i got 1 but i aint wearin it to school
jubjub970 : is it short?
im_taryn_it_up: its like this ling hippy skirt lol
jubjub970 : do you wear thongs?
im_taryn_it_up: no mom still buys my clohes andshe says no
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : lol.. K. I know the image of you in the Tommy shirt and jeans will be running through my head all day tomorrow. (In one of the pics I sent, the 13-year-old girl is weating a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt and jeans.)
im_taryn_it_up: i still have that shirt
im_taryn_it_up: but its in the laundry lol
jubjub970 : do you ever go without a bra?
im_taryn_it_up: no
jubjub970 : if I asked would you?
im_taryn_it_up: i cant im already TITS MAGEE
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: i cant be bouncin all over
jubjub970 : not at school.. but maybe when we are together (Not IF...But WHEN.)
im_taryn_it_up: this one girl sara went to school without 1 and they sent her home cuz you could totally se her nips thu the shirt
jubjub970 : nice.
im_taryn_it_up: and she hardly has any boobs
im_taryn_it_up: TITS MAGEE would get suspended
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : You have a Playboy body, you should be proud of it.
im_taryn_it_up: ugh
im_taryn_it_up: if u say so
jubjub970 : I wouldnt be hard as a rock right now if you were not attractive. (Ew. Ew. Ew. Me. Shower. Brillo. NOW.)
im_taryn_it_up: i just wish i could call u i feel like ur gonna run away from me like all the other guys i talk to
jubjub970 : no.. I will look for you tomorrow night... if anyone runs.. it will probably be you.
im_taryn_it_up: hells no where would i go
jubjub970 : my house?
im_taryn_it_up: or u could come here
im_taryn_it_up: im totally serios
jubjub970 : arent you afraid I will try to have sex with you/
im_taryn_it_up: im gonna be alone all night and that SUXX
im_taryn_it_up: are youj afraid i might say yes
jubjub970 : do you wanna say yes?
im_taryn_it_up: you talk in circles
im_taryn_it_up: i just go with the flow
im_taryn_it_up: i dont plan for stuff
im_taryn_it_up: but i still think u should come by tomarrow
jubjub970 : just give it to me... do you like the idea of us having sex?
im_taryn_it_up: like i said im afraid u might not like me because i aint done it much
im_taryn_it_up: im nervos
im_taryn_it_up: but i wouldent say no
im_taryn_it_up: its hard to
jubjub970 : hard to say no?
im_taryn_it_up: yeah
im_taryn_it_up: i dident last time it just happend so fast
jubjub970 : do you think you wanna try giving head?
im_taryn_it_up: i go with the moment
jubjub970 : but if I get my cock out... will you be eager to taste it? (I'm constantly amazed at the fantasy world these people live in.)
im_taryn_it_up: id try it but id be afraid i wouldnent be any good
jubjub970 : If I come over... what will you wear?
im_taryn_it_up: u man when
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: il dig thru the landry pile and wear the tommy shirt
im_taryn_it_up: its not clean but i dont think il havve it on long so it dont matter
jubjub970 : and what else?
im_taryn_it_up: well i dont really have any skirts or things so just jeans i gues
jubjub970 : or just panties?
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : will you have a problem answering the door in panties?
im_taryn_it_up: maybe the spongebob jammy pants lol
jubjub970 : that would work.. and the camo?
im_taryn_it_up: like my whole jammies
im_taryn_it_up: ok
im_taryn_it_up: i just hope you come over here
jubjub970 : Do we kiss at the door?
im_taryn_it_up: maybe you should come inside and shut the door first lol'
jubjub970 : when will you want a kiss?
im_taryn_it_up: right then
jubjub970 : tongue?
im_taryn_it_up: well see
im_taryn_it_up: i dont wanna plan
im_taryn_it_up: well just see what happens
jubjub970 : K.. that is fair. Hell, we need to talk first.
im_taryn_it_up: on the phone i can get u directins to my house
jubjub970 : K.. then we will talk tomorrow night and go from there.
im_taryn_it_up: ok
im_taryn_it_up: 8 is kinda late tho
im_taryn_it_up: i get done with school at like 3
jubjub970 : I wont be home until then.
im_taryn_it_up: ok
im_taryn_it_up: she comes home at like 3 am
im_taryn_it_up: so we'll have some time
jubjub970 : she ever come home early?
im_taryn_it_up: nope
im_taryn_it_up: late
im_taryn_it_up: she cant leave till the othr shift starts
jubjub970 : I gotcha.
jubjub970 : do you shave yoru legs?
im_taryn_it_up: shes always bitchin that the girl who releives her is late
im_taryn_it_up: no i dont never had hair on em
jubjub970 : nice.. I like smooth legs too.
im_taryn_it_up: i got 2 o those lol
im_taryn_it_up: dood im getin tierd
jubjub970 : maybe you will wrap them around my head. (Or, maybe not. That'd be fine, too.)
im_taryn_it_up: hehee
jubjub970 : meet to.. Good night.. I will talk to you tomorrow.
im_taryn_it_up: i hope so
im_taryn_it_up: did u add me
jubjub970 : Sweet Dreams.
jubjub970 : yup
im_taryn_it_up: il hopefully see u tomarow and i really hope you come over
im_taryn_it_up: it sucs bein by myself
jubjub970 : remember, dont plan.. call first.
im_taryn_it_up: rite
jubjub970 : Hopefully I will see you in my dreams.
im_taryn_it_up: nite nite
im_taryn_it_up: joey
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : Night Brat.
im_taryn_it_up: i am
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : I may have to spank your bare bottom.
im_taryn_it_up: ive ben nauty
jubjub970 : bye
im_taryn_it_up: bye
jubjub970 has signed out. (4/14/2005 1:05 AM)


jubjub970 (6:28:30 PM): Sorry I missed you. Hope you are out having fun. Talk to you later if you are on.
jubjub970 (9:54:52 PM): Hey, how are you doing?
im_taryn_it_up (9:55:11 PM): fine
jubjub970 (9:55:27 PM): What did you do tonight?
im_taryn_it_up (9:55:46 PM): homework
jubjub970 (9:56:02 PM): what did you have for homework?
im_taryn_it_up (9:56:32 PM): math and social studies as usual plus im sposta read a chapter of the pigman (...By Paul Zindel. I had to read the same book in school when I was \"Taryn's\" age.)
jubjub970 (9:56:45 PM): what are you doing in Social Studies? (Hmmm.)
im_taryn_it_up (9:57:06 PM): were working on economics
jubjub970 (9:57:28 PM): cool. Do you like it?
im_taryn_it_up (9:57:42 PM): its kinda boring but im doing good in that class so whateva
jubjub970 (9:58:07 PM): Do you know what social studies you are taking next year?
im_taryn_it_up (9:58:34 PM): no
jubjub970 (10:00:53 PM): you seem mad.
im_taryn_it_up (10:01:05 PM): maybe
jubjub970 (10:01:18 PM): well... tell me what is on your mind. (Uncle Beefy was just a little salty that I couldn't get Joey-Boy to come see my friends from the TV station. Grrrr.)
im_taryn_it_up (10:02:13 PM): blech
jubjub970 (10:02:26 PM): blech? Did you just burp?
jubjub970 (10:03:41 PM): Do you want me to leave you alone?
jubjub970 (10:05:54 PM): Taryn?
im_taryn_it_up (10:05:57 PM): hey
jubjub970 (10:06:13 PM): Am I bothering you?
im_taryn_it_up (10:07:16 PM): no im just finishing somethin up gimme 1 sec
jubjub970 (10:07:22 PM): k
im_taryn_it_up (10:09:19 PM): k back
jubjub970 (10:09:42 PM): so, why are you mad?
im_taryn_it_up (10:09:57 PM): i dunno
im_taryn_it_up (10:10:08 PM): just had a bad day i gues
jubjub970 (10:10:21 PM): were you mad all day?
im_taryn_it_up (10:10:39 PM): i just feel like ur mad at me
jubjub970 (10:10:49 PM): no way.. not mad at all.
jubjub970 (10:11:28 PM): what makes you think I am mad at you?
im_taryn_it_up (10:12:00 PM): well i just think ur cool but i think u think im a kid or sumthin
jubjub970 (10:12:56 PM): I really dont look at you as a kid or whatever... you are a person. I think you are very special.
im_taryn_it_up (10:13:09 PM): but u dont trust me
jubjub970 (10:14:03 PM): trust has to come in time... which baby steps. Please understand my point of view... my professional career, freedom, social respect, everything is on the line... I have moments of extreme fear.
jubjub970 (10:14:16 PM): oops.. with baby steps.
im_taryn_it_up (10:14:20 PM): i wish u wouldent
im_taryn_it_up (10:14:27 PM): u coulda come over last nite
jubjub970 (10:15:00 PM): I didnt get home until way late. As soon as I got home I ran to the computer to talk to you. I was not playing any games.
jubjub970 (10:15:49 PM): I could be in trouble for just talking to you on the phone... I could be arrested for just driving in your neighborhood... that fear is very powerful against my desire to know you and be with you.
im_taryn_it_up (10:15:51 PM): ok i just really wanted 2 see u
jubjub970 (10:17:21 PM): I appreciate that.. and I very much want to see you... TRUST ME... and we may yet.. but I need to be careful... Being labeled a sexual predator for the rest of my life is spooky. (Well, yeah. It sure is. But, you likely know that by now.)
im_taryn_it_up (10:17:34 PM): sexual predater?
im_taryn_it_up (10:19:03 PM): ???
jubjub970 (10:19:13 PM): If I am arrested for talking about sex with you or trying to see you or having a relationship with you.. I lose my job, my ability to teach ever again, and I would have to report to the local police everyplace I live... and that is after I get out of jail.. usually it is seven years in prison for each year the young woman is under the age of 18. So, for you I woudl get 35 years. (I can't help but wonder why he seems to have done some research on the subject. Just sayin'.)
im_taryn_it_up (10:19:42 PM): whoa
im_taryn_it_up (10:19:51 PM): y would u get arested
jubjub970 (10:19:55 PM): see why I am a little freaked out
jubjub970 (10:20:37 PM): our conversations.. as honest and fun as they are... tend to become intimate.. that is a no no. (Only because you steer 'em there.)
im_taryn_it_up (10:20:45 PM): i dont care
jubjub970 (10:21:17 PM): but your Mom would care.. and the police would care, and the judge would really care...(Psychic, this one.)
jubjub970 (10:21:41 PM): all I am asking is for you to be patient with me.
jubjub970 (10:21:45 PM): can you do that for me
im_taryn_it_up (10:21:49 PM): ok
im_taryn_it_up (10:21:57 PM): im patient
im_taryn_it_up (10:22:17 PM): maybe i could go to your school next year lol
jubjub970 (10:22:23 PM): So far I have really enjoyed just talking to you. I really think you are something.
jubjub970 (10:22:42 PM): lol. Would be very difficult for me to concentrate with you in my class.
im_taryn_it_up (10:22:43 PM): but im probly not close enuf
jubjub970 (10:23:44 PM): Menom. Falls is a great school.... you will like it there. And my school does stuff with them.. so you never know, I might \"bump\" into you there also.
im_taryn_it_up (10:23:59 PM): what school
im_taryn_it_up (10:24:03 PM): which 1
jubjub970 (10:24:23 PM): not important yet.
im_taryn_it_up (10:24:27 PM): k
im_taryn_it_up (10:24:41 PM): too personal lol
im_taryn_it_up (10:24:46 PM): fraid i mite visit u
jubjub970 (10:24:51 PM): really wish I could see you... I would feel better if I could see you on cam.
im_taryn_it_up (10:25:01 PM): mom wont let me have 1
im_taryn_it_up (10:25:10 PM): she took it
jubjub970 (10:25:18 PM): I know... and I realize there is no solution.. but I can still wish.
im_taryn_it_up (10:25:27 PM): i knw i wish 2
im_taryn_it_up (10:25:51 PM): theres always tha fone
jubjub970 (10:25:57 PM): when you go shopping where do you usually go?
im_taryn_it_up (10:26:05 PM): mayfair alot
jubjub970 (10:26:35 PM): I am not too far from there.
im_taryn_it_up (10:26:42 PM): yea?
jubjub970 (10:27:21 PM): what did you wear to school today?
im_taryn_it_up (10:27:41 PM): normal stuff jeans and a tshirt
jubjub970 (10:28:00 PM): are your ears pierced?
im_taryn_it_up (10:28:06 PM): yeah
jubjub970 (10:28:14 PM): how many holes?
im_taryn_it_up (10:28:24 PM): just 2 1 in each
jubjub970 (10:28:51 PM): just wondering.. I like body jewlrey
im_taryn_it_up (10:29:35 PM): mom says i cant peirce my navel til im 18 lol
jubjub970 (10:29:59 PM): belly button stuff is very hot. She will probably let you before that.
im_taryn_it_up (10:30:25 PM): i dunno shes pretty fierce
jubjub970 (10:31:41 PM): lol.. I am sure you can wear her down.
im_taryn_it_up (10:31:48 PM): well see she says
im_taryn_it_up (10:31:50 PM): lol
jubjub970 (10:32:09 PM): just convince her to get one with you.
im_taryn_it_up (10:32:19 PM): shed never go ffor it lol
jubjub970 (10:32:49 PM): I have not seen them yet, but I would think your nipples would look hot with a piercing.
im_taryn_it_up (10:33:16 PM): hehehe u think
jubjub970 (10:33:29 PM): I had one gf that did that.. very hot.
im_taryn_it_up (10:34:08 PM): i thot u said u dident have a gf
jubjub970 (10:34:18 PM): in the past.
im_taryn_it_up (10:34:21 PM): o ok
jubjub970 (10:34:36 PM): lol.. I have not always been single.
im_taryn_it_up (10:34:48 PM): i have lol
jubjub970 (10:35:11 PM): I thought your last bf was the one that jumped you.
im_taryn_it_up (10:35:28 PM): he was only kinda my bf
im_taryn_it_up (10:35:34 PM): i guess
im_taryn_it_up (10:35:42 PM): i wasent countin him lol
jubjub970 (10:35:55 PM): k.. lol. What do you look for in a guy?
im_taryn_it_up (10:36:25 PM): ill tell u on tha fone lol
jubjub970 (10:36:45 PM): oh boy.. here we go. lol
im_taryn_it_up (10:36:59 PM): hey u said we could talk on the fone last nite so dont start
im_taryn_it_up (10:37:03 PM): :(
im_taryn_it_up (10:37:21 PM): i was all ready 4 u so u owe me now
jubjub970 (10:37:45 PM): dont tempt me.. I might drive there now and jump you.
im_taryn_it_up (10:37:50 PM): hahahha
im_taryn_it_up (10:37:56 PM): u dont even kno where i live
jubjub970 (10:38:11 PM): true.. but I could always ask.
im_taryn_it_up (10:38:22 PM): and i could always say ill tell u on the fone
im_taryn_it_up (10:38:30 PM): give alittle get alittle man
jubjub970 (10:38:49 PM): what if I want a lot?
im_taryn_it_up (10:38:57 PM): then u have to ask for it
im_taryn_it_up (10:39:01 PM): ON THA PHONE
jubjub970 (10:39:24 PM): I cant call you.. I dont have your number
im_taryn_it_up (10:39:32 PM): i told u i haveta call u
jubjub970 (10:39:44 PM): really? why?
im_taryn_it_up (10:39:54 PM): because moms here
im_taryn_it_up (10:40:05 PM): and shell hear tha fone
jubjub970 (10:40:12 PM): thought you said she worked tonight.
im_taryn_it_up (10:40:18 PM): i thot she did 2
im_taryn_it_up (10:40:28 PM): last nite she did but U werent around
jubjub970 (10:40:53 PM): geeze.. let it go.. nothing I could do about it.
im_taryn_it_up (10:41:17 PM): thers somethin u could do now
jubjub970 (10:41:26 PM): yeah?
im_taryn_it_up (10:41:35 PM): talk 2 me
jubjub970 (10:41:39 PM): I am.
im_taryn_it_up (10:41:56 PM): WHATEVER.
im_taryn_it_up (10:42:51 PM): i gotta go then
jubjub970 (10:43:07 PM): it is the phone or nothing?
im_taryn_it_up (10:43:29 PM): i just think ur messin with me
im_taryn_it_up (10:43:55 PM): i dont need tha drama
im_taryn_it_up (10:43:58 PM): :(
jubjub970 (10:44:01 PM): Im not... but I told you I am not comfortable talking on the phone when your mom is there... and the phone is a house phone... cell would be different
im_taryn_it_up (10:44:19 PM): i call my friends all the time and she NEVER KNOWS.
im_taryn_it_up (10:44:31 PM): i feel like u dont trust me
im_taryn_it_up (10:44:51 PM): i just wanna talk to you so i can let u know im real
jubjub970 (10:44:56 PM): remember, trust in baby steps... I need to be cautious.
im_taryn_it_up (10:44:58 PM): and i wanna make sure U r
im_taryn_it_up (10:45:11 PM): you said we could talk on tha fone yesterday
im_taryn_it_up (10:45:17 PM): ur messin with me
jubjub970 (10:45:19 PM): damn.. phone.. hold on.
im_taryn_it_up (10:45:33 PM): whatever i gotta go
jubjub970 (10:45:37 PM): k
im_taryn_it_up (10:45:45 PM): that phone could be me
im_taryn_it_up (10:46:18 PM): ill wait
jubjub970 (10:46:25 PM): k
im_taryn_it_up (10:53:48 PM):
jubjub970 (10:54:58 PM): I know...sorry
im_taryn_it_up (10:55:09 PM): im jelous other ppl call u alot
im_taryn_it_up (10:55:15 PM): ride where (Oops. That was meant for the other perv I was chatting with at the time.)
jubjub970 (10:55:25 PM): ??
im_taryn_it_up (10:55:39 PM): im jelous other ppl call u alot
jubjub970 (10:56:20 PM): what is \"ride where?\"
im_taryn_it_up (10:56:44 PM): thats my friend becki in another window oops (Heh.)
im_taryn_it_up (11:01:51 PM): :P
jubjub970 (11:07:54 PM): :)
jubjub970 (11:10:56 PM): done
im_taryn_it_up (11:11:31 PM): k
jubjub970 (11:11:49 PM): what are you and yoru friend Becki talking about?
im_taryn_it_up (11:12:02 PM): we were gonna maybe see a movie tomarrow
jubjub970 (11:12:08 PM): cool... which one?
im_taryn_it_up (11:12:09 PM): but now were not
jubjub970 (11:12:27 PM): oh.. well, what one were you thinking of seeing?
im_taryn_it_up (11:12:47 PM): i aint seen robots yet
jubjub970 (11:13:07 PM): I was thinking of seeing Sahara this weekend.
im_taryn_it_up (11:13:21 PM): that looks good
jubjub970 (11:13:39 PM): the book is really good.. one of my favorite authors wrote that story
im_taryn_it_up (11:14:04 PM): who
jubjub970 (11:15:42 PM): Clive Cussler
im_taryn_it_up (11:17:46 PM): oh i heard o him
jubjub970 (11:18:11 PM): great author.
im_taryn_it_up (11:18:36 PM): what kind of stuff does he do
jubjub970 (11:19:14 PM): he does alternative history stories... he will take a few stories from history, that are unrelated... and connect them.
jubjub970 (11:19:24 PM): I guess being a history geek makes it fun for me.
im_taryn_it_up (11:19:48 PM): history geek
im_taryn_it_up (11:19:55 PM): is that what u teach (Hey, can't blame me for trying.)
jubjub970 (11:20:13 PM): I have. I am still interested in it.
im_taryn_it_up (11:20:18 PM): i like it
jubjub970 (11:20:49 PM): You should see if Becki wants to go shopping at Mayfair on Sunday
im_taryn_it_up (11:21:03 PM): how come
jubjub970 (11:21:16 PM): cuz I might have to go shopping there on Sunday.
im_taryn_it_up (11:21:46 PM): what do u need
jubjub970 (11:22:03 PM): I dont know..there has to be something I could need.
im_taryn_it_up (11:22:19 PM): i wanna talk to u before i meet u
im_taryn_it_up (11:22:30 PM): im scared 2
jubjub970 (11:22:45 PM): I can understand that.. that is why public places are good.
im_taryn_it_up (11:22:57 PM): no im sayin i wanna talk 2 u first
jubjub970 (11:23:28 PM): I agree.
im_taryn_it_up (11:23:50 PM): so u wanna talk tomarrow
im_taryn_it_up (11:23:56 PM): or now
jubjub970 (11:24:13 PM): Not sure what time I will be home tomorrow... is Mom working tomorrow?
im_taryn_it_up (11:24:21 PM): i dont know yet
jubjub970 (11:24:58 PM): I am going out of town for most of the day tomrrow.. not sure what time I will be getting home.
im_taryn_it_up (11:25:08 PM): but ur home now
im_taryn_it_up (11:25:22 PM): :)
jubjub970 (11:26:08 PM): yes that is true. I never give out my home number on the Internet.
im_taryn_it_up (11:26:20 PM): do u have a cel
jubjub970 (11:27:08 PM): yes... I have a cell. Maybe I should get a phone card.
im_taryn_it_up (11:27:19 PM): lemme call ur cell then
im_taryn_it_up (11:27:28 PM): :)
jubjub970 (11:28:01 PM): give me your home number, I wont call, but it is a security thing.
im_taryn_it_up (11:28:13 PM): i dunno how many times i have to tell u
im_taryn_it_up (11:28:15 PM): I CANT
im_taryn_it_up (11:28:37 PM): my mom is crazy if guys call here
jubjub970 (11:28:44 PM): I said I wouldnt call.
im_taryn_it_up (11:28:44 PM): ill get grounded
im_taryn_it_up (11:29:18 PM): i can call whoever i want but if guys call here i'll get my ass grounded
im_taryn_it_up (11:29:33 PM): u dont understand
jubjub970 (11:29:45 PM): lol.. I am trying.. but you dont seem to understand my side either.
im_taryn_it_up (11:30:10 PM): all i know is before i meet u i haveta talk 2 u
jubjub970 (11:30:21 PM): and I accept that... totally
im_taryn_it_up (11:30:26 PM): and if u call here ill get screamed at and then ill never see u
im_taryn_it_up (11:30:50 PM): i dont c what the big deal is its not like u have a gf
im_taryn_it_up (11:31:00 PM): who would bitch u out if i called
jubjub970 (11:31:39 PM): no.. but I still dont know who you are... my name is connected to my cell account.. very easy for the police to id me... or people online that look for guys that talk to younger girls. (I simply cannot imagine whom he might be referring to. ;))
im_taryn_it_up (11:32:03 PM): IM NOT A COP
im_taryn_it_up (11:32:08 PM): JESUS
im_taryn_it_up (11:32:12 PM): X(
jubjub970 (11:32:18 PM): no.. Jesus was not a cop either.
im_taryn_it_up (11:32:34 PM): how are u supposed to know im not a cop if u wont let me call u
jubjub970 (11:32:49 PM): what if you are a cop and I give you my number?
im_taryn_it_up (11:32:51 PM): u said i could call u last NIGHT
im_taryn_it_up (11:33:02 PM): IM NOT A FUVKEN COP
jubjub970 (11:33:10 PM): I said we would talk last night.. Mom was not home and I was looking to call you.
im_taryn_it_up (11:33:22 PM): u piss me off
im_taryn_it_up (11:33:34 PM): why r u lyin 2 me now (You can always tell when I get testy yappin' at these chumps. Because my kids do, too. Jubbie wouldn't roll on a number, and I was getting increasingly frustrated that he'd slip away from me.)
jubjub970 (11:33:47 PM): I really am not trying to... honest. But I told you ... I am playing for larger stakes than you are.
jubjub970 (11:33:56 PM): not lying.
im_taryn_it_up (11:34:32 PM): if were gonna be friends and more u hafta trust me im not bullshittin u
im_taryn_it_up (11:34:49 PM): how do i kno UR not some cop
jubjub970 (11:35:08 PM): you cant go to jail for talking to an older guy.
jubjub970 (11:35:18 PM): you are not breaking any laws.
im_taryn_it_up (11:35:23 PM): ok still u cant go to jail just fer chatin
jubjub970 (11:35:33 PM): umm... yes I can.
im_taryn_it_up (11:35:49 PM): fine i gotta go to bed
im_taryn_it_up (11:35:57 PM): i cant believe u
jubjub970 (11:36:01 PM): for what we have already talked about.. I could lose my job and go to jail.
jubjub970 (11:36:05 PM): fine.. go to bed.
im_taryn_it_up (11:36:13 PM): ur not goin 2 jail
im_taryn_it_up (11:36:24 PM): and if u already could then whats the diff
jubjub970 (11:36:34 PM): but you are not understanding that I have to deal with that issue ... that makes me cautious
im_taryn_it_up (11:36:38 PM): im not a fucken cop i would have to tell u (Of course, I say that because a lot of people think it's true...But it's really just an urban legend.)
jubjub970 (11:36:48 PM): no, that is an urban legand. (I just said th-...Ah, skip it.)
jubjub970 (11:36:53 PM): legend.
im_taryn_it_up (11:37:01 PM): i swear on a satck o fucken bibbles
im_taryn_it_up (11:37:47 PM): freinds trust each othre
jubjub970 (11:37:54 PM): I have to be cautious... if you cant understand that, things are always going to be difficult. I want to trust you.. but until I am more sure... it is difficult.
im_taryn_it_up (11:38:02 PM): how can i make u sure
im_taryn_it_up (11:38:57 PM): ????
jubjub970 (11:39:03 PM): Well, that is the difficult part... that is why I was saying I wish I could see you on cam... I UNDERSTAND that can't happen... so I need to find another way. But the fear I have of jail for 35 years far outweighs your fear of grounding.
im_taryn_it_up (11:39:26 PM): mom took my cam
jubjub970 (11:39:46 PM): I know.. I know.
jubjub970 (11:40:49 PM): Alright.. I am getting frustrated.. and tired. We both need to step away from this... for awhile. As I said, I will be gone all day tomorrow...not sure when I will get home.. when I do, i will get online to see if you are around.. if you are not, i will look Sunday am
im_taryn_it_up (11:41:00 PM): ok
im_taryn_it_up (11:41:06 PM): u make me sad
im_taryn_it_up (11:41:24 PM): bye

At this point, I got frustrated, and gave up trying to get Mr. Kinney to meet for the cameras. He hadn't told me the school he taught at, hadn't rolled on a phone number, and I didn't have a last name. He had managed to dance just out of reach. But something about his case just kept eating at me. He was a teacher...And very well-versed in the art of grooming. I worried that he may have done this to other young girls. I worried that if he wasn't stopped, he'd keep trying.

I wasn't willing to give him that chance.

So, about a week after the GMB wrapped up, I logged back in to my bust account to see if he'd made any further attempts to contact me. And I was shocked to find that \"Taryn\" had several offline messages from her would-be paramour.


jubjub970 (5:37:06 PM): Sorry I missed you Sweetie... I will be on later tonight.. hope to talk to you then. I figure I will be on a little after 8pm.


jubjub970 (6:05:37 PM): Hope you will be on later tonight.. I will look for you around 8 or so.
jubjub970 (8:30:12 PM): Are you ever coming on again? Am I on iggy and you are invisable?
jubjub970 (9:30:46 PM): Just let me know if our talking is over or not.. I am not going to sit and wait for you everynight.


jubjub970 (8:12:14 PM): Rough day... really needed to talk to someone.. wish you were on. I hope you are well. I miss talking to you.


jubjub970 (7:27:34 PM): Hey Taryn, would love to talk to you. Let me know when you will be on next

But the real Jackpot came when he slipped up and e-mailed me from his jubjub970 E-mail address...For which he'd registered with his full, real name.

From there, it was only a few hours' research to figure out who he was, where he taught, and how we could find him. Below are some of the images that were turned up during the search.

His staff page on the school's website:

His school photo:

And, perhaps most frighteningly, the photo of him with some of the girls on the track team he coached...All of whom were \"Taryn's\" age:

About two weeks later, I logged back in to check on some files...And there he was again. We had another conversation.


im_taryn_it_up: u there
jubjub970 : HEY!!
jubjub970 : I thought you were never going to talk to me again.
im_taryn_it_up: sorry iv been offline a cpl weeks cuz mom 4got 2 pay the bill lol
jubjub970 : lol.. happens.
im_taryn_it_up: just got all tha offlines a couple days ago
im_taryn_it_up: glad ur still here
jubjub970 : well, I really didnt like the idea of you being home alone all the time. I figured I could at least give you some one to talk to.
im_taryn_it_up: yea thats nice of u and i woulda liked that
im_taryn_it_up: its not all the time but its alot lol
im_taryn_it_up: im hear now
jubjub970 : Im glad. you were not too happy with me last time we were talking.
im_taryn_it_up: i guess
im_taryn_it_up: i just really wanted to talk 2 u offline ut i get why u mite be weird wit dat
im_taryn_it_up: baby steps u said lol
jubjub970 : yes. lots at stake. But I would like to chat with you.. and move toward talking.
im_taryn_it_up: okay well im back online now
jubjub970 : how is school?
im_taryn_it_up: its okay
im_taryn_it_up: i can't wait for it to be done
jubjub970 : looking forward to the summer?
im_taryn_it_up: ha
jubjub970 : that answers my question
jubjub970 : any boys getting your attention?
im_taryn_it_up: not really im just tryn to get thru
jubjub970 : get through school?
im_taryn_it_up: yep
jubjub970 : what are you having problems with?
im_taryn_it_up: what do u do durin tha summers
im_taryn_it_up: im still havin a rough time with math, but its goin okay.
jubjub970 : I have a summer job on a grounds crew.. gets me out in the sun.
im_taryn_it_up: whats grounds crew
jubjub970 : I take care of a golf course.. cut grass
im_taryn_it_up: u golf 2?
jubjub970 : I can.. not well. I do it a couple times a summer
im_taryn_it_up: thats cool
jubjub970 : do you have any plans for the summer?
im_taryn_it_up: just gonna hang out and do whatever lol
jubjub970 : a lot of sunbathing?
im_taryn_it_up: i dont usually tan 2 much cause i burn easy
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : damn.. you would look great with tan lines.
im_taryn_it_up: more like burnlines
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : I tan.. get very dark.
im_taryn_it_up: it looks like ur tan in ur pic
jubjub970 : yeah, that is early in the summer
im_taryn_it_up: summerfest woo
jubjub970 : lol.. do you go to summerfest?
im_taryn_it_up: i went 1ce last year
jubjub970 : was it fun?
im_taryn_it_up: i saw john mayer and maroon 5
im_taryn_it_up: it was koooool
im_taryn_it_up: my dad came up 2 take me
jubjub970 : A person I work with is friends with maroon 5.. she gets back stage passes all the time.
im_taryn_it_up: aw that rocks
jubjub970 : her old roommate dated one of the band members.
im_taryn_it_up: flippin sweet
jubjub970 : yeah.
jubjub970 : I like Maroon 5.. I hope to use that connection next time they are in town.
im_taryn_it_up: use it how
jubjub970 : to get front row seats or back stage passes.
im_taryn_it_up: o ok
jubjub970 : so what else is new in your world?
im_taryn_it_up: it was moms day today and i made my mom dinner
jubjub970 : very nice. that is cool.
im_taryn_it_up: it turned out pretty good
im_taryn_it_up: i made lasana
im_taryn_it_up: lasagna
jubjub970 : nice.. I love lasagna
im_taryn_it_up: it was gooooood
im_taryn_it_up: i got the recipe offline
jubjub970 : smart woman.
jubjub970 : mom like the dinner?
im_taryn_it_up: 1 spinach and 1 with sausage
im_taryn_it_up: yeah she ate a bunch
jubjub970 : that is the sign of a good meal.
im_taryn_it_up: shes agood cook and she teaches me how to make stuff i like
jubjub970 : what is your favorite?
im_taryn_it_up: its all good but i like anything with meat like a roast or something
jubjub970 : I like a woman that likes meat in her mouth. (Once again, turning an innocuous conversation into filthy, shark-laden waters.)
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: o yeah
jubjub970 : sorry... let myself get piggish.
im_taryn_it_up: its all good
jubjub970 : you know.. I look at your pics all the time.. I cannot get over how beautiful you are.
im_taryn_it_up: awww ur a sweety
jubjub970 : just being honest
jubjub970 : you are gonna be a heartbreaker
im_taryn_it_up: i aint nuthin specal
jubjub970 : are your ears pierced?
im_taryn_it_up: yeah
jubjub970 : how many?
im_taryn_it_up: i had em done twice but the 2nd set o holes grew over cuz i dident wear stuff in em enuf
im_taryn_it_up: i wanna get a cartalage peircing
jubjub970 : anything else?
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno im scared of alot of other stuff lol
jubjub970 : I think you would be killer sexy with a belly button piercing and one nipple.
im_taryn_it_up: just 1 lol
jubjub970 : yeah.. it is just sexier than both for some reason.
im_taryn_it_up: mom said shed think about lettin me do my navle when im 16
im_taryn_it_up: they wont do it before then
jubjub970 : I know.. but I think you will be perfect for it.
im_taryn_it_up: im just afraid its gonna hurt my friends sister had it done and she said it hurt pretty bad
jubjub970 : I also like tattoos on the small of a womans back.. but that is a ways away fro you.
jubjub970 : what belly?
im_taryn_it_up: yea they cant do tatoos til 18
im_taryn_it_up: yea her belly button lol;
jubjub970 : I know a lot of girls with it.. they all said it hurt a little, but was fine real fast.
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno if id get a tatoo
im_taryn_it_up: u cn always take a peircing out but those are 4ever
jubjub970 : just a small one.. something for him to watch when he is behind you.
im_taryn_it_up: lol
im_taryn_it_up: behind me
im_taryn_it_up: behind my behind
jubjub970 : yes.. when you are on your hands and knees.. and he is behind you.....
im_taryn_it_up: O
im_taryn_it_up: liek that lol
jubjub970 : :)
im_taryn_it_up: u like that
jubjub970 : very much.
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : hope I didnt offend you.
im_taryn_it_up: nope lol
jubjub970 : did you like that idea?
im_taryn_it_up: which 1
jubjub970 : the idea of being on yoru hands and knees
im_taryn_it_up: as long as there was somethin soft under me okay lol
jubjub970 : what about somethign hard?
im_taryn_it_up: mite hurt if there was no carpet
jubjub970 : nice thick carpet... but something hard behind you.
im_taryn_it_up: hahaha
im_taryn_it_up: dunno never did that
jubjub970 : but do you like the idea?
im_taryn_it_up: sure
im_taryn_it_up: do u?
jubjub970 : do I what?
im_taryn_it_up: lime it
im_taryn_it_up: *like it
jubjub970 : yes
jubjub970 : I know I shouldnt.. but I do.
im_taryn_it_up: shouldnt what
jubjub970 : shouldnt like the idea.
im_taryn_it_up: y not
jubjub970 : cus you are too young.
im_taryn_it_up: oh
jubjub970 : way too beautiful for yoru age.
jubjub970 : doesnt it freak you out that an old guy is hitting on you?
im_taryn_it_up: i dont think of u that way
jubjub970 : what? as hitting on you?
im_taryn_it_up: no as old
jubjub970 : still.. I am not your age... doesnt it freak you?
im_taryn_it_up: not really
jubjub970 : good... I dont want to freak you out
im_taryn_it_up: noperz
im_taryn_it_up: should it lol
jubjub970 : a lot of young women would be. (Yep. And for damned good reason.)
im_taryn_it_up: okay i guess i must be different lol
jubjub970 : different is good.
im_taryn_it_up: if u say so
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : I like different
im_taryn_it_up: then u must like me
jubjub970 : I do.
im_taryn_it_up: :)
jubjub970 : any new pics?
im_taryn_it_up: nope. sry
jubjub970 : would you take some if you could?
im_taryn_it_up: if i could okay
jubjub970 : but do you think you would like to take some for me?
im_taryn_it_up: if i had a camera again
jubjub970 : I would only want you to do it if you enjoyed it.. not because I wanted them.
im_taryn_it_up: okay
jubjub970 : so what are you looking forward to most about this summer?
im_taryn_it_up: i usually hang out with my dad in chicago for awhile and we go do stuff there
im_taryn_it_up: otherwise just hangin out
jubjub970 : cool. I bet that is fun.
im_taryn_it_up: it rocs i think i mite move there when im done with school\
jubjub970 : now that idea I am not really fond of...
im_taryn_it_up: awwww
jubjub970 : but as if you will still be talking to me by then.
jubjub970 : that is a long way away.
im_taryn_it_up: it aint that far
jubjub970 : far enough that it takes away spontinaity
im_taryn_it_up: whats that
jubjub970 : you know.. just calling up to do something... Chicago is far enough everything has to be planned.
im_taryn_it_up: i guess
jubjub970 : I have had a couple distance relationships.. they suck.
im_taryn_it_up: sorry ill bet they do
jubjub970 : no reason for you to be sorry... just the way life goes.
im_taryn_it_up: i guess
jubjub970 : anything fun in your life right now? I know school is rough, but is there anything positive?
im_taryn_it_up: schools not that bad i just want it to be over im gonna pass pre-alg but barely with a c it looks like
im_taryn_it_up: its all good im just chillin
jubjub970 : C is good ... that is average and if that is your worst grade, you are doing fine.
im_taryn_it_up: rite now its my worst im gettin bs and as in everything else
jubjub970 : I would give you an A
im_taryn_it_up: oh u would lol
jubjub970 : I have this feeling you would do well in my class... and not because you are beautiful.
im_taryn_it_up: u never told me what u teach
jubjub970 : yes i did.. cuz you said it was your favorite subject
im_taryn_it_up: o yeah it is lol
jubjub970 : do you remember?
im_taryn_it_up: i do now lol
im_taryn_it_up: social studies
jubjub970 : there you go (Thanks for confirming that which we had already found out.)
jubjub970 : are you in your jammies?
im_taryn_it_up: yeah but not the same 1s as b4 lol
jubjub970 : what are you in now?
im_taryn_it_up: hello kitty cami and sweatshorts
jubjub970 : if you lean forward could I get a good look?
im_taryn_it_up: hahahaha still no cam lol
jubjub970 : I know.. but if I was there... would I be able to see down your shirt?
im_taryn_it_up: um proly not its a little small
jubjub970 : so it is really tight on your chest?
im_taryn_it_up: yeah it is lol
jubjub970 : if you shake your shoulders, do your boobs sway?
im_taryn_it_up: sway???
im_taryn_it_up: i dont think so no
im_taryn_it_up: they pretty much just stay there
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : they dont bounce?
im_taryn_it_up: if i jump up and down they do lol
jubjub970 : what if you take the top off?
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno lol
jubjub970 : would you try?
im_taryn_it_up: like rite now?
jubjub970 : sure
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : tell me when you are topless
im_taryn_it_up: ok i am
im_taryn_it_up: lol
jubjub970 : now just shake your shoulders.. see if they sway back and forth
im_taryn_it_up: its hot in here anyways
im_taryn_it_up: shake ike how
jubjub970 : like you are dancing... or trying to get them to move side to side.
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : do they move?
im_taryn_it_up: not much lol
jubjub970 : try bouncing in your seat.. see if they jiggle
im_taryn_it_up: yep lol
jubjub970 : are your nipples hard?
im_taryn_it_up: no its warm in here lol
jubjub970 : are they big enough that you could lick your nipple?
im_taryn_it_up: hahahahaha
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno
jubjub970 : come on.. give it a try
im_taryn_it_up: i dont think i can no
jubjub970 : will you try?
im_taryn_it_up: i just did lol
im_taryn_it_up: cant reach
jubjub970 : do you like having them out?
im_taryn_it_up: well its kinda warm in here so its fine lol
jubjub970 : warm enough to take the shorts off?
im_taryn_it_up: i guess if u want
jubjub970 : do you mind me telling you what to do?
im_taryn_it_up: no lol
jubjub970 : excite you at all?
im_taryn_it_up: u tellin me what to do
im_taryn_it_up: i duuno
jubjub970 : what would you think if I told you I wanted you to take yoru shorts off so you would play with yourself?
im_taryn_it_up: heheheehe
jubjub970 : is that a smiling hehe.. or a surprised hehe?
im_taryn_it_up: i just think its funny
jubjub970 : not sexy?
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno i guess it could be
im_taryn_it_up: i just dont know much
jubjub970 : have you ever masterbated?
im_taryn_it_up: yeah u asked me that b4
im_taryn_it_up: a littel sometimes
jubjub970 : enough to get off?
im_taryn_it_up: u asked me that 2 lol (Man...Does he do this so often that he forgets which little girl he asked what questions? The mind reels.)
im_taryn_it_up: and i guess not
jubjub970 : wanna try?
im_taryn_it_up: didnt work so well last time lol
im_taryn_it_up: but if u want
jubjub970 : but do you want?
im_taryn_it_up: not sure
jubjub970 : k.. then we wont.. not until you want to.
im_taryn_it_up: ok
jubjub970 : I never want you to be uncomfortable.
im_taryn_it_up: im not
im_taryn_it_up: actully its cooler with no shirt lol
jubjub970 : then try it with the shorts off
im_taryn_it_up: hehehehe
im_taryn_it_up: k
jubjub970 : off?
im_taryn_it_up: yeah
jubjub970 : how does it fee?
jubjub970 : oops.. feel
im_taryn_it_up: the chair is hard lol
jubjub970 : get a pillow
im_taryn_it_up: but its hot and if i sit on a pillow i gotta sleep with my face on butt swett later lol
jubjub970 : towel?
im_taryn_it_up: ill just sit on the shorts
jubjub970 : If I got you a cam.. think you could hid it from your mom?
im_taryn_it_up: i prolly could stick it in a drawer lol
jubjub970 : you like that idea?
im_taryn_it_up: havin a cam
jubjub970 : yes..
im_taryn_it_up: thad be nice
jubjub970 : would you mind hiding it from your mom?
im_taryn_it_up: nope id just haveta find someplace she wont look
jubjub970 : would you show me your body?
im_taryn_it_up: if u wanted 2 see it lol
jubjub970 : more importantly... would you want to show me?
im_taryn_it_up: if u wanted
jubjub970 : but what about what you want?
im_taryn_it_up: i just go wit it lol
jubjub970 : but what if you knew I was getting off at seeing you naked.
im_taryn_it_up: well i saw u do that b4 lol (Yeah. And thanks for reminding me.)
jubjub970 : did you like that?
im_taryn_it_up: hehehehehe
jubjub970 : well?
im_taryn_it_up: y?
jubjub970 : just want to know if you enjoyed it
im_taryn_it_up: im just not used to it i guess
jubjub970 : (so how do you think you would feel about the real thing out in front of you?)
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno yet i mean i told u i did it 1ce b4
im_taryn_it_up: but it was fast and it was dark
jubjub970 : but do you think you would want to see one.. touch it.. taste it?
im_taryn_it_up: ill have to see y u offerin lol
jubjub970 : lol.. just talking.
jubjub970 : you dont seem interested.. so I will wait.
im_taryn_it_up: its just i dont know much i only did it 1ce
jubjub970 : I know.. and that is fine.. no reason to rush anything.
im_taryn_it_up: k
im_taryn_it_up: no worries
jubjub970 : see any good movies lately?
im_taryn_it_up: i saw alot like love with ashton kutcher
jubjub970 : how was it?
im_taryn_it_up: it was okay
im_taryn_it_up: i wanted to see kungfu hustle but my mom didnt lol
jubjub970 : lol.. I have no idea what that movie is about.
im_taryn_it_up: it just looks like fun on tv in the commercals
jubjub970 : I just saw Kingdom of Heaven
im_taryn_it_up: orlando bloom is HOTT
jubjub970 : sorta scruffy in the movie
im_taryn_it_up: thats totally ok lol
im_taryn_it_up: he kinda looked girly on lordof the rings
jubjub970 : well, he was an Elf.. they are supposed to be erethial
jubjub970 : that is so spelled wrong.. but I am goin with it
jubjub970 : Is yoru mom working tonight?
im_taryn_it_up: so shes sleepin rite now
jubjub970 : when does she work this week
jubjub970 : ?
im_taryn_it_up: dont know yet shes got her scedule but its not on tha fridge yet
jubjub970 : gotcha
im_taryn_it_up: ill try to find out
jubjub970 : no rush.. just so I know what nights you are alone and need someone to talk to.
im_taryn_it_up: im on here alot i got alot of chatchin up 2 do lol
jubjub970 : how many people do you talk to regularly?
im_taryn_it_up: a couple
jubjub970 : any boys?
im_taryn_it_up: 1 or 2
jubjub970 : lol.. do they talk naughty with you?
im_taryn_it_up: hahaha they try sometimes
jubjub970 : And do you let them?
im_taryn_it_up: whatevs
jubjub970 : come on.. do you get them all worked up?
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno if i do or not
jubjub970 : what do they ask you?
im_taryn_it_up: their clueless
jubjub970 : maybe.. come on.. what do they ask you?
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno
im_taryn_it_up: they pretty much are just geeks
jubjub970 : lol.. have they asked you how big your boobs are?
im_taryn_it_up: everi wants 2 know
jubjub970 : lol.. do you tell them?
im_taryn_it_up: sometiems
jubjub970 : do they want to meet you?
im_taryn_it_up: 1 goes to my school
jubjub970 : does he want to hook up with you?
im_taryn_it_up: i dont think so he never said so
jubjub970 : what does he talk to you about?
im_taryn_it_up: scool music and crap hes an okay guy
im_taryn_it_up: not my best friend but not a loser
jubjub970 : thats nice. Are you one of the popular girls?
im_taryn_it_up: prolly not lol
jubjub970 : its alright if you are...
im_taryn_it_up: i dunno if i am or not
jubjub970 : Well, my time with the poplar girl is done.. time for bed. Sleep well and I hope we get to talk again soon.
im_taryn_it_up: okiedokie
im_taryn_it_up: maybe i can see u sometime
jubjub970 : maybe... baby steps.
im_taryn_it_up: k
jubjub970 : Remember to smile tomorrow...
im_taryn_it_up: i dont know why u get to decide but whatevs
jubjub970 : only a few weeks left.
im_taryn_it_up: i go wit it
jubjub970 : night Taryn.
im_taryn_it_up: k

Not long after this conversation was finished, the Waukesha County District Attorney's office had decided that they would be interested in prosecuting quite a few of the cases from the TMJ4 media piece of last year. And in working with the detectives assigned to the case, it was decided that even though he hadn't shown for the cameras, Mr. Kinney's case warranted further investigation.

And so, he was investigated. He was arrested. He was prosecuted. We met in court. And, like the others...Mr. Kinney was convicted.

Endless thank-yous to all who provided such invaluable assistance in making sure Mr. Kinney was held responsible for his actions. Please be sure to read the conviction report for additional details.

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

Anyone who attempts to use this information to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. condemns the attempt, use, or even thought of physical violence, extortion or harassment against the individual above. Such actions are not in the spirit of what is all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

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