Jimmy wants to rescue me from my childhood.
Bust by Wendy @ 10/6/2006 6:30 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Jimmy, 32
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Location: Norwalk, CA, California
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit me_me_meredith, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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jmv91373 (2:23:02 AM): hello
me_me_meredith (2:23:53 AM): hi asl?
jmv91373 (2:24:09 AM): 32/m/norwalk/562 and you
me_me_meredith (2:24:24 AM): 13 f laguna (Batter up. . .)
jmv91373 (2:25:12 AM): for reals 13?
me_me_meredith (2:25:19 AM): lol yah
jmv91373 (2:25:38 AM): lol....ok, you don't mind chatting? (Steeeeer-ike!)
me_me_meredith (2:25:47 AM): naw im kewl u?
jmv91373 (2:26:14 AM): ok
jmv91373 (2:26:26 AM): so what you doing still up
me_me_meredith (2:27:11 AM): jus being bored u?
jmv91373 (2:27:38 AM): same herejmv91373 (2:27:53 AM): bored and nothing good on tv
me_me_meredith (2:28:16 AM): lol yah
jmv91373 (2:29:04 AM): lol...I usually don't talk with anyone your age but to tell the truth it's hard enough to find anyone real in this chat rooms now. They all seem to be sex bots now
me_me_meredith (2:29:22 AM): lol yah i know!! its all spam
jmv91373 (2:29:28 AM): yup
jmv91373 (2:29:40 AM): so whatcha wanna talk about
me_me_meredith (2:30:00 AM): whatev u want
jmv91373 (2:30:41 AM): lol....I think I'll let you decide were are conversation'd feel better if that is ok (You need a 13 year-old to direct the conversation for you? Loser.)
jmv91373 (2:31:22 AM): is that ok
jmv91373 (2:32:18 AM): are you still there?
me_me_meredith (2:33:08 AM): yah im here
me_me_meredith (2:33:18 AM): do u go 2 school?
jmv91373 (2:33:40 AM):no I work as a dockworker
jmv91373 (2:33:57 AM): you can see my picture right?
me_me_meredith (2:34:59 AM): yup
me_me_meredith (2:35:02 AM): ur realy cute
jmv91373 (2:35:14 AM): lol....thanks
jmv91373 (2:36:20 AM): so you must have a boyfriend? (Oh, here it goes. . .)
me_me_meredith (2:36:53 AM): lol no
jmv91373 (2:37:02 AM): why not
me_me_meredith (2:37:55 AM): tha 1 guy i like is datin this totaly slutty girl
me_me_meredith (2:38:02 AM): tha rest of tha guyz i know r dumb
jmv91373 (2:38:05 AM): lol bummer
jmv91373 (2:38:16 AM): bunch of boneheads huh?
me_me_meredith (2:38:27 AM): way
jmv91373 (2:38:36 AM): said way
jmv91373 (2:38:49 AM):
me_me_meredith (2:38:58 AM): hahaha
jmv91373 (2:39:11 AM): lol...ok I'll stop poking fun
jmv91373 (2:39:33 AM): like oh my god don't have a kidding.....I'll be nice
jmv91373 (2:39:59 AM): I'm just teasing, not being
me_me_meredith (2:40:39 AM): wut? way means really
me_me_meredith (2:40:42 AM): lol
me_me_meredith (2:40:45 AM): silly azz
jmv91373 (2:41:41 AM): I know I'm not that old you know....I'm still cool....B-) (Notice how he tries to come down to her level and establish himself as 'just another buddy'.)
jmv91373 (2:42:45 AM): way
me_me_meredith (2:42:50 AM): lol
jmv91373 (2:43:01 AM): B-)
jmv91373 (2:43:11 AM): :D
me_me_meredith (2:43:46 AM): :)
jmv91373 (2:44:27 AM): oh well not cool enough to find someone to hang out with tonight thou.....I think I'm gonna give up on that.....I mean with the other people I've been chatting with that is (By \"others\", I'm sincerely hoping he didn't mean other teen girls.)
me_me_meredith (2:44:58 AM):lol yah not much goin on 2nite
jmv91373 (2:45:04 AM): nope
jmv91373 (2:45:09 AM): bummer
jmv91373 (2:45:23 AM): maybe I'm not as cool as I thought (No, no you're not, Jimmy. Not if you have to converse with a 13 year-old with whom you have nothing in common.)
jmv91373 (2:45:25 AM): lol
me_me_meredith (2:46:24 AM): haha no ur alrite cant beleve u dont have a date 2nite
jmv91373 (2:47:12 AM): neither
jmv91373 (2:49:34 AM): bummer
me_me_meredith (2:50:02 AM): yah
jmv91373 (2:51:22 AM): so your dude is dating a slut huh? and your surrounded by bonehead too.....sounds like a bummer too (Dude. Bummer. I think he's read the \"Kid Slang Handbook\". The 1993 edition.)
me_me_meredith (2:52:01 AM): yah i know
jmv91373 (2:52:04 AM): well if you was older I'd ask you out cuz I'm no bonehead.....I'm way (\"I'm cool. You can trust me.\" Classic groomer.)
jmv91373 (2:52:13 AM): B-)
me_me_meredith (2:52:41 AM): lol yah stupid age
jmv91373 (2:53:15 AM): lol...well not so stupid for certain reasons
me_me_meredith (2:54:17 AM): eh its dumb gotta deal wit all tha dumb guyz instead of gettin good 1s
jmv91373 (2:54:56 AM): lol....who said you can't get any of the good ones (I don't know, Jimmy. So far my experience consists of immature 13 year-old classmates, and a 32 year-old groomer intent on getting into my pants. I'd say that's a conspicuous lack of \"good guys\".)
me_me_meredith (2:55:24 AM): well all tha good 1s ether got gfs or there older
jmv91373 (2:58:08 AM): lol....look harder
me_me_meredith (2:58:25 AM): lol......i did!
jmv91373 (2:58:50 AM): need glasses
me_me_meredith (2:59:05 AM): haha mebbe so
jmv91373 (3:00:27 AM): :-B
me_me_meredith (3:00:50 AM): hahaha
jmv91373 (3:01:44 AM): :D
jmv91373 (3:02:50 AM): well you don't seem to be too bad looking yourself from what i can see on your pic so just gotta keep looking
me_me_meredith (3:04:17 AM): awwww ty
jmv91373 (3:04:28 AM): I had braces too....even had a head gear.....way not cool (*snicker*)
jmv91373 (3:04:39 AM): L-)
jmv91373 (3:04:59 AM): but not anymore I'm totally (A point he feels the need to constantly reiterate.)
me_me_meredith (3:05:20 AM): haha yah i hate my braces
me_me_meredith (3:05:25 AM): they hurt sometimez
jmv91373 (3:06:17 AM): lol...I know..I hated when they would hook onto the inside of your lips on the end of one of them wires
me_me_meredith (3:06:45 AM): ahhhhhh that sux
jmv91373 (3:07:03 AM): >:D<.......hears a hug from a way cool dude. Hope that's cool
me_me_meredith (3:07:44 AM): thats kewl :)
me_me_meredith (3:07:48 AM): i luv hugs
jmv91373 (3:08:05 AM): right on
me_me_meredith (3:08:35 AM): :D
jmv91373 (3:08:41 AM): ;)
me_me_meredith (3:09:03 AM): lol wuts that 4?
jmv91373 (3:09:45 AM): just giving a way cool chic a encouragement wink cuz I know she's drowning in boneheads
me_me_meredith (3:10:11 AM): lol yep help help im drownin!
jmv91373 (3:10:38 AM): hold your breath cuz it sounds like you got alot of em
jmv91373 (3:11:00 AM): I'd save you if I could (Such. A. Groomer.)
me_me_meredith (3:11:17 AM): awww :)
jmv91373 (3:11:59 AM): lol....I hate to see someone drowning in bonehead soup
me_me_meredith (3:12:24 AM): hahaha
me_me_meredith (3:12:26 AM): ur funny
jmv91373 (3:12:35 AM): :D
jmv91373 (3:14:01 AM): :-$.....don't go telling everyone cuz Idon't wanna end up in trouble but I'm kinda bummed your not older.....oh well (That, ladies and gentlemen, is your proof beyond any other - he knows precisely what he's doing.)
me_me_meredith (3:14:50 AM): lol i wont i dont let ppl get in my biz
jmv91373 (3:15:16 AM): good, me neither
me_me_meredith (3:15:31 AM): :)
jmv91373 (3:16:33 AM): so tell me there way cool chic...what kinda guys you like? You don't go for the brainless ones do you?
me_me_meredith (3:16:45 AM): lol hells no
jmv91373 (3:16:51 AM): all looks and nobody
jmv91373 (3:17:09 AM): :-/
jmv91373 (3:17:11 AM): lol
me_me_meredith (3:17:36 AM): i like em 2 be cute an all but i like guyz who r smart an funny and will treat me good
jmv91373 (3:18:05 AM): that's sounds like a good guy to me
jmv91373 (3:18:55 AM): you got any questions for me? don't be shy ask away
jmv91373 (3:20:15 AM): still there
me_me_meredith (3:21:12 AM): yup
me_me_meredith (3:21:15 AM): i dunno wut 2 ask
me_me_meredith (3:21:17 AM): u gotta gf?
jmv91373 (3:21:23 AM): not right now
me_me_meredith (3:21:37 AM): ohhhh kewl
jmv91373 (3:22:07 AM): lol....what you mean by ohhh kewl?
jmv91373 (3:22:13 AM): :-?
me_me_meredith (3:22:25 AM): lol i dunno
jmv91373 (3:22:38 AM): sure you don'
me_me_meredith (3:22:50 AM): lol
me_me_meredith (3:22:58 AM): wut kinda girlz u like?
jmv91373 (3:23:41 AM): all boobies and booty and nobody
jmv91373 (3:23:43 AM): j/k
jmv91373 (3:23:46 AM): lol
jmv91373 (3:23:50 AM): =))
me_me_meredith (3:24:06 AM): awwww dont play
jmv91373 (3:24:18 AM): as long as I have fun then looks and race don't really matter to me (Apparently, age doesn't, either. As long as you have fun. Peh.)
me_me_meredith (3:25:03 AM): thats kewl thats kewl
me_me_meredith (3:25:16 AM): well im bout 2 go 2 bed u wanna add me an we can talk l8er
jmv91373 (3:25:24 AM): sure
jmv91373 (3:25:41 AM): >:D<
jmv91373 (3:26:17 AM): I'm gonna try some more to see if I can find someone to hang outwith (Check the jealousy angle - openly telling this young girl that he's going to \"find someone to hang out with\", hoping she'll feel enough attachment to suggest herself. Utter, utter manipulation.)
me_me_meredith (3:26:59 AM): yah
jmv91373 (3:27:48 AM): cuz I gotta find one person this
me_me_meredith (3:28:16 AM): lol yah id prolly b hangin wit some 1 but mom had to stay her azz home this week end so im stuck
jmv91373 (3:28:41 AM): lol....stuck like chuck
me_me_meredith (3:28:59 AM): 4 real
me_me_meredith (3:29:21 AM): her lamer bf will b back next week end tho so shez prolly gonna b gone thank god
jmv91373 (3:29:51 AM): lol...better stay outta
me_me_meredith (3:30:06 AM): i will :)
jmv91373 (3:30:15 AM): lol....good
jmv91373 (3:30:39 AM): as for me I look for trouble.....>:)....not really but it sounded cool (Oh, no. I don't doubt you're looking. And you found it.)
jmv91373 (3:30:46 AM): lol
me_me_meredith (3:30:58 AM): lol nothin wrong with
jmv91373 (3:31:45 AM): sorry I only got one pic to show you....I gotta get some more
me_me_meredith (3:32:06 AM): lol yah but thatz a good pic :D
jmv91373 (3:32:16 AM): :D
jmv91373 (3:32:27 AM): :-j
me_me_meredith (3:32:36 AM): haha
jmv91373 (3:32:40 AM): lol
jmv91373 (3:33:19 AM): you shoulda been
me_me_meredith (3:33:32 AM): lol yah i wish
jmv91373 (3:34:03 AM):'d miss some good years thou
jmv91373 (3:35:08 AM): but if you was then I could take you out......I'm not a bonehead!!!! lol
me_me_meredith (3:35:46 AM): yah i know ur sweet
me_me_meredith (3:35:53 AM): :)
jmv91373 (3:36:08 AM): aww man sweet doesn't sound
me_me_meredith (3:36:24 AM): well ur not like all tha guyz at my school
jmv91373 (3:36:38 AM): well yeah
me_me_meredith (3:36:58 AM): haha
jmv91373 (3:37:13 AM): I got (Another appeal made to her youth - \"tattoos = dangerous, cool, openminded.\")
me_me_meredith (3:37:28 AM): oooooo 4 real?
me_me_meredith (3:37:33 AM): where u got em?
jmv91373 (3:37:43 AM): 4444 rreeaallzzzz
jmv91373 (3:38:03 AM): on my upper right chest and on on each arm
me_me_meredith (3:38:14 AM): wut do they look like?
jmv91373 (3:38:36 AM): they are kinda native american designs
me_me_meredith (3:39:34 AM): neat i bet they look kewl
jmv91373 (3:39:49 AM): lol...well I think so
me_me_meredith (3:40:07 AM): u should take pix so i can see em
jmv91373 (3:40:27 AM): trying to get me to take a pic with my shirt off.....hmmmmmm (She asks to see the tattoos, he makes it into a subtle request to see him in a state of undress. Not-so-subtle to me, quite subtle to a real child.)
jmv91373 (3:40:33 AM): :-?
me_me_meredith (3:40:52 AM): lol noooooooo
jmv91373 (3:41:26 AM): lol....sounds kinda fishy to
jmv91373 (3:41:45 AM): j/k
jmv91373 (3:41:47 AM): lol
me_me_meredith (3:41:56 AM): haha
jmv91373 (3:42:23 AM): I should have my cam up and running today sometime and I can take pics with that
me_me_meredith (3:42:39 AM): coooooool
jmv91373 (3:42:45 AM): way
jmv91373 (3:42:52 AM): lol
me_me_meredith (3:43:02 AM): yah way
me_me_meredith (3:43:21 AM): but i g2g to bed
jmv91373 (3:43:26 AM): okie dokie
me_me_meredith (3:43:33 AM): ull b on 2marrow?
jmv91373 (3:43:42 AM): sould be
me_me_meredith (3:43:50 AM): coo
jmv91373 (3:44:04 AM): so you got time to think of some questions for me
me_me_meredith (3:44:14 AM): lol ill try
me_me_meredith (3:44:21 AM): 4 now i gotta sleep lol
jmv91373 (3:44:29 AM): ttyl
me_me_meredith (3:44:30 AM): nite nite ;;)
jmv91373 (3:44:36 AM): lol
jmv91373 (3:45:00 AM): funny

Offline Messages:

jmv91373 (8:35:16 AM): Well I can officially say that I struck out a drag

jmv91373 (12:16:46 PM): I'm bored

jmv91373 (3:04:25 PM): lol...I must be really rusty cuz I never found a cool chic to hang out last night.....darn gotta shake the rust off (Relentless. Ugh.)

jmv91373 (3:43:13 PM): Hey I hope you don't get weirded out by this but I so wish I was 14 or you were 18 or older. You were the only interesting person I chatted with all night. (Bingo. All the comments about finding someone to chat with lead up to their eventual purpose - to make the girl feel special and desired enough to trust and like him even more. Sick. )

jmv91373 (4:15:40 PM): :-h
me_me_meredith (4:16:08 PM): lol heya wuts up?
jmv91373 (4:16:39 PM): can you believe you were the most interesting person I talked with all last night (Wow. Do I win a prize?)
me_me_meredith (4:17:14 PM): lol well thats not a bad thing is it?
jmv91373 (4:17:23 PM): I mean your a way cool chic but I must be getting rusting
jmv91373 (4:17:29 PM): no it's not a bad thing
jmv91373 (4:17:58 PM): sorry didn't mean for it to sound like that
me_me_meredith (4:18:14 PM): well u were tha most intrestin person i talked to so itz all good :D
jmv91373 (4:18:36 PM): yeah it's all good
jmv91373 (4:19:01 PM): :D
me_me_meredith (4:19:10 PM): hehe so sup?
jmv91373 (4:19:18 PM): nuttin
me_me_meredith (4:19:37 PM): lol nuttin? that sux
jmv91373 (4:19:45 PM): lol....yeah
jmv91373 (4:19:57 PM): oh well
jmv91373 (4:20:30 PM): but you on now so it got that much better
me_me_meredith (4:20:40 PM): awwww ty
jmv91373 (4:20:48 PM): your welcome
me_me_meredith (4:21:30 PM): but i dunno how intrestin ill be cuz not much goin on hear ether.........been boring ever sense i woke up
jmv91373 (4:22:04 PM): well we can try and make it not so boring for each other sound like a plan?
me_me_meredith (4:22:15 PM): haha yup
jmv91373 (4:22:25 PM): cool
me_me_meredith (4:22:55 PM): so if u culda done any thing this week end wut would it be?
jmv91373 (4:23:16 PM): mmmmm.....grown up
jmv91373 (4:23:44 PM): and what about you
me_me_meredith (4:23:47 PM): lol.....i aint a baby.....u mean like drinkin?
jmv91373 (4:23:54 PM): nope
jmv91373 (4:24:53 PM): lol.....we both know what so we'll just leave it at that
jmv91373 (4:25:27 PM): okie dokie?
me_me_meredith (4:25:44 PM): i wulda gone 2 tha beach.......swam a bunch.....weatherz been nice an all......
jmv91373 (4:26:04 PM): so why don't you
jmv91373 (4:26:46 PM): like you said weathers good
jmv91373 (4:27:39 PM): still there?
me_me_meredith (4:27:47 PM): cuz moms jus bein stupid......shes like im home for once so u gotta stay in an spend time with me........and ive been on tha comp all week i dont get it
jmv91373 (4:28:05 PM): lol.....oh well
jmv91373 (4:28:32 PM): moms are supposed to be like that it's there job
jmv91373 (4:28:33 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (4:28:58 PM): gets on my nervs tho
jmv91373 (4:29:15 PM): my mom did too when that happened to me
me_me_meredith (4:29:38 PM): i wish she jus wulda gone an done her 'grownup thingz' and lef me alone......
jmv91373 (4:29:46 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (4:29:50 PM): lol so u know wut im talkin about then
jmv91373 (4:30:08 PM): same grown up thing I was talking about probably
jmv91373 (4:30:41 PM): opps you meant about gettin on your nerves....sorry
me_me_meredith (4:30:53 PM): lol i dont know wut u talkin bout but i know when mom an greg go out they get to up drunk
jmv91373 (4:31:12 PM): lol
jmv91373 (4:32:38 PM): sorry bout that I thought you was talking bout the grown up thing....didn't mean to do that on purpose thou (Sure you didn't, Jimmy. Sure you didn't.)
me_me_meredith (4:32:59 PM): lol its ok
jmv91373 (4:33:18 PM): nuttin good on tv right now
me_me_meredith (4:33:27 PM): yah i aint even watchin
jmv91373 (4:33:38 PM): me neither really
jmv91373 (4:33:46 PM): talkin with you right now
me_me_meredith (4:34:17 PM): me 2 :)
jmv91373 (4:34:29 PM): :D
me_me_meredith (4:35:20 PM): so wut u wanna talk about cuz im outta ideaz.......think my brainz startin 2
jmv91373 (4:35:59 PM): lol....oh man don't let it melt we'll talk about whatever you wanna or just talk about whatever comes up
me_me_meredith (4:37:20 PM): hehe
jmv91373 (4:37:31 PM): we gotta stick together cuz you don't have a boyfriend and I don't have a girl friend so we gotta be each others buddies (Such utter, blatant manipulation.)
jmv91373 (4:37:40 PM): hehe what??
me_me_meredith (4:38:00 PM): not 2 let my brain melt tryin
jmv91373 (4:38:59 PM): yeah melting wouldn't be good
me_me_meredith (4:39:21 PM): :)
jmv91373 (4:39:47 PM): so how many guys you got too kiss so far? (A little further into her \"experience\" with guys.)
jmv91373 (4:39:55 PM): be honest
jmv91373 (4:41:02 PM): or was I being too nosey?
me_me_meredith (4:41:21 PM): a few........not like a hole bunch but a bunch of frends of mine got bored wen we were all hangin out an playd spin tha bottle........kinda lame.......but i got 2 kiss a few then......
jmv91373 (4:41:48 PM): lol....well it's only lame if you didn't get to kiss anyone right?
me_me_meredith (4:42:12 PM): rite :)
jmv91373 (4:42:18 PM): thought so
jmv91373 (4:42:48 PM): Wanna know how many girls I've kissed?
me_me_meredith (4:42:53 PM): im kinda shy cuz of my braces.....but it was pretty cool
me_me_meredith (4:42:58 PM): yah
jmv91373 (4:43:08 PM): lol...I don't even know
me_me_meredith (4:43:23 PM): wow thatz a lot.....
jmv91373 (4:43:30 PM): kissing is always cool
me_me_meredith (4:43:50 PM): if u can member.... well yah i know that but only if tha person is a good kiser
jmv91373 (4:43:56 PM): not really but I just don't remember how many
jmv91373 (4:44:13 PM): true on that one
jmv91373 (4:44:52 PM): and they don't have dragon breath either is always good
jmv91373 (4:45:04 PM): :-&
jmv91373 (4:45:20 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (4:45:36 PM): lol gawd i know.......this one dude was prety cute an all.......but his breth juz reaked.....kinda nasty
jmv91373 (4:45:54 PM): yeah bad breath totally sucks
me_me_meredith (4:46:37 PM): i like brush my teeth every day so i dont get rank breth
jmv91373 (4:47:04 PM): that's a good thing especially since you got braces and stuff gets stuck in them
me_me_meredith (4:47:48 PM): o yah i hate that........i like obssess over gettin everthing out of my braces......ewww
jmv91373 (4:47:59 PM): lol...yeah
jmv91373 (4:48:36 PM): so how tall are you
me_me_meredith (4:49:20 PM): i think my momz said like five ft 2 in
jmv91373 (4:49:42 PM): lol....I'm almost a whole foot taller than you is
me_me_meredith (4:50:00 PM): o rly? thatz cool
jmv91373 (4:50:18 PM): yeah I'm 6ft and about 210lbs
me_me_meredith (4:50:37 PM): u got mussle?
jmv91373 (4:50:55 PM): lol.....I've got an average build
me_me_meredith (4:51:12 PM): o i c....thas cool
jmv91373 (4:51:48 PM): yeah as long as I don't get all tub 'o' lol
me_me_meredith (4:52:53 PM): lol
jmv91373 (4:53:09 PM): right now i'm just right I think
jmv91373 (4:54:19 PM): like Austin Powers would say \"I'm a sexy beast baby!\"
me_me_meredith (4:54:39 PM): lol.....yah baby!
jmv91373 (4:54:50 PM): B-)
jmv91373 (4:55:14 PM): woo
me_me_meredith (4:55:28 PM): lol.......crazy azz.....
jmv91373 (4:55:53 PM): yup I sho izz
jmv91373 (4:55:55 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (4:56:02 PM): haha
jmv91373 (4:56:40 PM): so what you gonna do the rest of the day
jmv91373 (4:56:53 PM): hang with momz
me_me_meredith (4:57:18 PM): jus hang i think.......hell no shez alreddy messed up tha rest of my week end......
jmv91373 (4:57:34 PM): lol
jmv91373 (4:57:56 PM): I'd rescue you if I (Once again with the \"knight in shining armor\" schtick.)
me_me_meredith (4:58:39 PM): lol that would own......
jmv91373 (4:58:59 PM): that would own???
me_me_meredith (4:59:10 PM): lol yah
jmv91373 (4:59:19 PM): I don't get it
jmv91373 (4:59:22 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (4:59:39 PM): uh own meanz cool......duh..... lol
me_me_meredith (5:00:00 PM): that would be cool.......that would own......
jmv91373 (5:00:06 PM): lol....oh ok I'm rusty on my coolness talk
me_me_meredith (5:00:26 PM): haha an u were makin fun last nite......
jmv91373 (5:00:47 PM): hey you not supposed to remember that
me_me_meredith (5:01:17 PM): lol i do i gotta gooood memery
jmv91373 (5:02:07 PM): lol....I'll just have to pay attention so I don't run into that anymore
me_me_meredith (5:02:17 PM): haha
jmv91373 (5:02:29 PM): :-P
jmv91373 (5:03:12 PM): oh hey I gotta remember to dig out the cam later on
me_me_meredith (5:03:35 PM): cool
jmv91373 (5:04:08 PM): I gotta remember where the box I put it in is
me_me_meredith (5:05:33 PM): lol i dunno i would help u look if i culd......kinda stuck ova hear.....
jmv91373 (5:05:47 PM): stuck like chuck
jmv91373 (5:05:49 PM): lol
jmv91373 (5:06:08 PM): we gotta send out a rescue party for
me_me_meredith (5:06:34 PM): yup stuck like chuck...... 4 real u do!........say therz a fire or somethin.....
jmv91373 (5:07:16 PM): lol....tell who theres a fire? I'm not stuck like
jmv91373 (5:07:47 PM): youzzz is stuck like
me_me_meredith (5:08:02 PM): lol there u go makin fun........ :P
jmv91373 (5:08:36 PM): lol...well it's the truth....youzz stuck and I'm not
me_me_meredith (5:09:13 PM): i c how it is........ :(
jmv91373 (5:09:41 PM): lol...hey I would rescue you if I could I really would
me_me_meredith (5:10:49 PM): haha i know.......
jmv91373 (5:11:33 PM): you gonna have to have one of your friends come and bust you outta the joint
jmv91373 (5:11:39 PM): make a run for
me_me_meredith (5:11:56 PM): so u mean ur not a frend?
jmv91373 (5:12:08 PM): lol....I never said that
jmv91373 (5:12:14 PM): I wasn't a friend
me_me_meredith (5:12:49 PM): lol ok
jmv91373 (5:13:41 PM): Gonna bust you outta the joint.....and make a run for
me_me_meredith (5:13:53 PM): yay!!!!
jmv91373 (5:14:31 PM): before the Warden even knows what
jmv91373 (5:15:54 PM): of course you might have to bonk her over the melon and knock her out (Charming. He jokes about knocking my mother out so he can take me away.)
me_me_meredith (5:16:32 PM): lol.........that wont b very hard........prolly alreddy b drunk enoug i wont even have 2 bonk her....
jmv91373 (5:16:42 PM): to the DOME Meredith!!!! to the Dome!!!
me_me_meredith (5:16:59 PM): lol crazy.....
jmv91373 (5:17:27 PM): 8-}.....I'd have to be crazy bustin you outta the joint
jmv91373 (5:17:30 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:17:59 PM): haha a lil crazys good...........cant have fun if u dont get a lil crazy.......
jmv91373 (5:18:19 PM): lol....yup you got that one
me_me_meredith (5:19:07 PM): :)
jmv91373 (5:19:40 PM): course probably wouldn't be too hard for you to bust out all by yourself really
jmv91373 (5:19:41 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:20:22 PM): mite not........but prolly wont try week end greg will b back........theyll be out problemz 4 me
jmv91373 (5:20:55 PM): lol....yeah
me_me_meredith (5:21:28 PM): yup
jmv91373 (5:22:10 PM): So I don't have to get my rescue outfit outta the closet
me_me_meredith (5:22:38 PM): lol.......nope
jmv91373 (5:22:38 PM): man I almost had it all out
me_me_meredith (5:22:52 PM): lol u gotta cape?.....
jmv91373 (5:23:28 PM): I don't have a rescue outfit for realz silly....I was just acting
jmv91373 (5:23:38 PM): couldn't you tell
me_me_meredith (5:23:38 PM): haha
jmv91373 (5:23:40 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:24:06 PM): yup..... i wus playin too....... :P
jmv91373 (5:24:27 PM): sure you
me_me_meredith (5:25:02 PM): :P :P :P
jmv91373 (5:25:45 PM): so how come you couldn't of been 18? That'd be way think (He laments that I'm not 18, yet doesn't stop pushing, which tells me that the upset over my age is over the consequences HE will face, not the consequences a 13 year-old would suffer.)
me_me_meredith (5:26:28 PM): hellz yah
me_me_meredith (5:26:41 PM): wish i wus.....but still got a wile 2 go
jmv91373 (5:26:49 PM): yup
jmv91373 (5:27:46 PM): then you could rescue yourself whenever you wanted and hang with whoever you wanted too
me_me_meredith (5:28:51 PM): yah i know......
jmv91373 (5:29:38 PM): I'd hang with a way cool chic like youzz.....sure (I'm trying to muster shock and, for some reason, it isn't working.)
me_me_meredith (5:29:59 PM): :) cool.......cuz i would hang wit u 2.....
jmv91373 (5:30:34 PM): man we would have too much coolness in one
jmv91373 (5:30:48 PM): isn't that against the law (No, but what you're planning is.)
jmv91373 (5:30:50 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:30:52 PM): yah i know wut would we do lol.....
me_me_meredith (5:31:02 PM): law wut law?? lol...
jmv91373 (5:31:16 PM): whatever you wanted to do cuz you'd be too cool
jmv91373 (5:31:19 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:31:37 PM): haha u could cum surfin.....
jmv91373 (5:31:53 PM): lol....I aint that cool
jmv91373 (5:32:02 PM): I'd bust my
me_me_meredith (5:32:35 PM): haha naw u wouldnt.....
jmv91373 (5:33:06 PM): lol.....yeah I would we would have to stick to safer sports
me_me_meredith (5:33:16 PM): lol like wut?
jmv91373 (5:33:27 PM): golf!!!
me_me_meredith (5:33:41 PM): ewwwwww golf is borin.....
jmv91373 (5:33:48 PM): flirtin and stuff too (Another inch forward.)
jmv91373 (5:33:57 PM): woo woo
jmv91373 (5:33:59 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:34:15 PM): lol that i can do....
jmv91373 (5:34:48 PM): no way as good as me thou....I got skillz
jmv91373 (5:34:50 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:35:30 PM): i bet u do.... lol
jmv91373 (5:35:59 PM): :D.....way to
me_me_meredith (5:36:29 PM): ull have 2 prove it 1 day lol.....
jmv91373 (5:36:41 PM): says who??
me_me_meredith (5:36:53 PM): says me lol
jmv91373 (5:37:33 PM): I wouldn't have to prove anything cuz I just can't contain it I'm so
jmv91373 (5:37:44 PM): B-)
jmv91373 (5:37:48 PM): lol
jmv91373 (5:38:48 PM): \"I'm a sexy beast baby!!\" as Austin Powers would say
jmv91373 (5:38:51 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:39:04 PM): haha.....
jmv91373 (5:39:29 PM): =))
me_me_meredith (5:39:51 PM): ;;)
jmv91373 (5:40:04 PM): I gotta find me a chic to hang with
me_me_meredith (5:40:44 PM): haha good luck.........lotz of botz out 2nite i think....
jmv91373 (5:40:59 PM):'d probably be right
jmv91373 (5:41:10 PM): darn!!
me_me_meredith (5:41:38 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:41:56 PM): y u gotta meet a chic so bad 2nite?
jmv91373 (5:42:12 PM): I don't have to but it would be cool
me_me_meredith (5:42:29 PM): o i c
jmv91373 (5:42:42 PM): what you think you see?
jmv91373 (5:42:59 PM): got me all figured out do
me_me_meredith (5:43:17 PM): lol no not yet.....
jmv91373 (5:43:49 PM): lol....well you just let me know when you do
me_me_meredith (5:44:03 PM): haha k i will....
jmv91373 (5:44:38 PM): cool so I'll just wait till you let me
me_me_meredith (5:44:58 PM): mite b awile dont know u all that well yet......
jmv91373 (5:45:16 PM): lol....I know that.....silly
jmv91373 (5:46:15 PM): so you just chillin in you room?
me_me_meredith (5:46:48 PM): yep
jmv91373 (5:46:52 PM): cool
me_me_meredith (5:47:05 PM): u?
jmv91373 (5:47:11 PM): same as you
me_me_meredith (5:47:26 PM): u live wit ur mom 2?
jmv91373 (5:47:33 PM): no my dad
me_me_meredith (5:47:59 PM): ohhh
jmv91373 (5:48:14 PM): yup yup
jmv91373 (5:49:06 PM): but I don't have to be stuck like chuck at all
me_me_meredith (5:49:23 PM): lol yah ur lucky then.....
jmv91373 (5:49:51 PM): lol....yeah
jmv91373 (5:50:59 PM): I can rescue whoever and whenever I wanted (More of the \"rescue\" line. He's milking it for everything it's worth.)
me_me_meredith (5:51:21 PM): lol rub it in y dont u.....
me_me_meredith (5:51:23 PM): :))
jmv91373 (5:51:37 PM): lol...I'm not rubbin it in
me_me_meredith (5:52:15 PM): yah u wish i culd do wut i want when i wanted but.....bleh
jmv91373 (5:52:44 PM): lol.....always a but!! huh
me_me_meredith (5:53:01 PM): yup
jmv91373 (5:53:08 PM): but this or but
me_me_meredith (5:53:21 PM): but but but....
jmv91373 (5:53:41 PM): lol.....ha!! you got funnies too
jmv91373 (5:53:44 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:53:59 PM): :D
jmv91373 (5:54:13 PM): Darn
jmv91373 (5:54:50 PM): we'd have fun hangin with each other too
me_me_meredith (5:55:02 PM): u think?
jmv91373 (5:55:09 PM): yup
jmv91373 (5:55:15 PM): me thinks
jmv91373 (5:55:42 PM): as long as I didn't bust my dome
jmv91373 (5:56:20 PM): rather be flirtin
me_me_meredith (5:56:33 PM): u would?
jmv91373 (5:56:33 PM): lol.....hey that rhymed
jmv91373 (5:57:05 PM): flirtin always better than I'm on a roll
jmv91373 (5:57:09 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (5:57:20 PM): haha yah
jmv91373 (5:57:44 PM): lol
jmv91373 (5:58:19 PM): you wouldn't wanna flirt?
me_me_meredith (5:58:36 PM): yah i would.......flirtin hurtz less lol....
jmv91373 (5:58:55 PM): yeah safer for the dome
me_me_meredith (5:59:02 PM): yup
jmv91373 (5:59:33 PM): and probably just as fun too
jmv91373 (5:59:40 PM): as surfin is
me_me_meredith (5:59:57 PM): hehe yah it is :)
jmv91373 (6:01:07 PM): got me all in a flirtin mood now.....maybe I'll have better luck than last night (I'm sure of-age women would find that all KINDS of smooth. \"Yeah, baby, I'm on a roll - this 13 year-old girl put me in the flirting mood tonight!\")
me_me_meredith (6:01:48 PM): hehe u mite :)
jmv91373 (6:02:01 PM): maybe
jmv91373 (6:02:23 PM): won't know unless I try
me_me_meredith (6:02:42 PM): tru
jmv91373 (6:02:45 PM): until* I mean
jmv91373 (6:03:28 PM): :-P
me_me_meredith (6:04:08 PM): :P
jmv91373 (6:04:29 PM): lol....yeah for sure I gotta try
me_me_meredith (6:05:04 PM): yep
jmv91373 (6:05:25 PM): go any pointers for me?
me_me_meredith (6:06:21 PM): i would know any thing.........u would prolly do better givin me pointerz
jmv91373 (6:06:54 PM): lol...what would that get me? givin you the pointers
me_me_meredith (6:07:19 PM): i dunno.........but i dunno wut pointerz 2 give
jmv91373 (6:08:03 PM): gotta atleast fake it and give some encouragement girly (He's trying his damnedest to endear her to him, asking for advice and encouragement as a friend. Groomer 101.)
jmv91373 (6:09:34 PM): oh hey I still gotta go find my cam real fast
me_me_meredith (6:09:51 PM): lol......i alreddy said good luck lol.....
jmv91373 (6:10:08 PM): lol....oh yeah you did didn't you
me_me_meredith (6:10:33 PM): yup
jmv91373 (6:11:37 PM): lol....thanks and yeah I woulda came and rescued you if you had cool peoples
me_me_meredith (6:12:01 PM): yah well...........i wulda let
jmv91373 (6:12:54 PM): Yeah I'm sure you woulda have no problem letting me bust my dome surfin
me_me_meredith (6:13:17 PM): u said flirtin is betta then
jmv91373 (6:14:15 PM): hmmm....well yeah of I feel like a perv thinking about (Imagine that.)
me_me_meredith (6:14:59 PM): lol.........ur not a perv.........pervs r like all old an nasty...... (And let me take a moment to say that this is not true - as you can see, Mr. Varela is not a wholly bad-looking guy. Groomers and pervs come in all shapes and sizes.)
jmv91373 (6:16:03 PM): lol....maybe...hehe...flirtin is fun
me_me_meredith (6:16:18 PM): lol yep.... :)
jmv91373 (6:17:25 PM): I'll go try and find my cam in awhile I'd rather talk with you right now
me_me_meredith (6:17:44 PM): kk thas cool :)
jmv91373 (6:18:33 PM): so you don't think that I would be a perv if I flirted? How come (You're looking to a 13 year-old to absolve you of being the perv you are for pursuing her? Whatever helps you sleep at night.)
me_me_meredith (6:20:15 PM): i dunno.......ur cute.........ur nice.......i dont c y it would b bad....
jmv91373 (6:21:03 PM): well that's cool that you think that, makes me feel better (As you now feel you've got her \"permission\" to solicit and eventually try to molest her. Fabulous.)
me_me_meredith (6:21:14 PM): :D
jmv91373 (6:21:21 PM): lol
jmv91373 (6:23:05 PM): I'll just be honest with you and say that flirtin isn't the reason I'm gonna look for someone to hang with (And further ahead still. . .)
me_me_meredith (6:23:32 PM): u lookin 4 like datin an stuff......?
jmv91373 (6:23:51 PM): mmmm.....yeah you can put it like that
jmv91373 (6:24:06 PM): mostly an
me_me_meredith (6:24:52 PM): haha.......well like wut?
jmv91373 (6:25:19 PM): you want me just come out and say it?
me_me_meredith (6:25:57 PM): lol.......well yah.......i mean im not sure wut u mean so now im curios....
jmv91373 (6:26:10 PM): sex (We have a winner. In that loser kind of way.)
jmv91373 (6:26:34 PM): I'm gonna have better luck tonight too I can feel it
jmv91373 (6:26:40 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (6:26:41 PM): ohhhhh.... lol..... :\">
jmv91373 (6:28:13 PM): need to blush it's what people do alot (Yeah. Adult people.)
jmv91373 (6:28:36 PM): well not people like you but well you know what I mean
me_me_meredith (6:29:25 PM): yah i wut u mean ppl like me?.....i know gurls my age who did stuff......aint a big thing
jmv91373 (6:29:51 PM): lol....ok I'll give you that
jmv91373 (6:30:25 PM): and I know it's way more fun than surfin and I've never (Only surfing is a lot less likely to screw a kid up for life.)
me_me_meredith (6:30:49 PM): lol yah i herd it wus......
jmv91373 (6:31:19 PM): ha!! see I was right when I said people like you
me_me_meredith (6:31:59 PM): lol.......well it dont mean ima baby gawd........
jmv91373 (6:32:12 PM): lol....I didn't say you waz
jmv91373 (6:33:31 PM): so have you seen a guy naked before? I'm not being too nosey am I? (Testing the waters, but withdrawing just enough in case her reaction is negative.)
me_me_meredith (6:34:06 PM): naw its kewl.........kinda have.........seen a guys butt in movies b4.........
jmv91373 (6:34:40 PM): lol....only in movies so far
me_me_meredith (6:35:22 PM): ive seen lots of guys i know with there shirtz in there boxerz........but not everthing off......
jmv91373 (6:35:56 PM): that's cool
me_me_meredith (6:36:34 PM): not aint much
jmv91373 (6:37:07 PM):'ll think different don't worry about that
jmv91373 (6:37:32 PM): I mean unless you think you gonna go
me_me_meredith (6:37:55 PM): lol.........nah............i think guyz r 2 cute to b les....... (With guys like you in the dating pool, Jimmy, it sounds like a better idea every day.)
jmv91373 (6:38:32 PM): well good to know you not gonna be a lez
jmv91373 (6:39:22 PM): lol.....hey has your mom had the birds and the bees talk with you already? (Because I'm sure you'd be more than happy to oblige if she hasn't, right, Jimbo?)
jmv91373 (6:40:04 PM): this aint making you feel wierd is it?
me_me_meredith (6:40:39 PM): nope not wierd...........momz didnt really have tha talk but i know enuff..........i know how it werks
jmv91373 (6:40:59 PM): lol...that's the easy part
me_me_meredith (6:41:16 PM): yah
jmv91373 (6:41:52 PM): so I can ask you a question?
me_me_meredith (6:42:47 PM): k
jmv91373 (6:43:31 PM): have you masturbated before? It's no big thing I do
jmv91373 (6:44:08 PM): if you don't wanna answer it's cool
me_me_meredith (6:44:24 PM): u mean like touchin?
jmv91373 (6:44:32 PM): yeah
me_me_meredith (6:45:11 PM): i tryed it a few timez...........didnt realy do much 4 me..........i gess mabbe i didnt do it rite.........jus kinda felt wierd
me_me_meredith (6:45:28 PM): ill brb
jmv91373 (6:45:33 PM): ok
me_me_meredith (6:51:09 PM): im back
jmv91373 (6:51:22 PM): i'm here
me_me_meredith (6:51:32 PM): coo
jmv91373 (6:52:11 PM): did I make you feel wierd
me_me_meredith (6:52:26 PM): lol cool
jmv91373 (6:52:44 PM): oh ok just checking
me_me_meredith (6:52:53 PM): :)
jmv91373 (6:53:03 PM): :D
jmv91373 (6:54:01 PM): so have any questions for me?
me_me_meredith (6:54:30 PM): cant realy think of any...........u?
jmv91373 (6:54:44 PM): hmmmm
jmv91373 (6:56:15 PM): maybe it's good thing i didn't go and rescue
me_me_meredith (6:56:30 PM): lol............y u say that?
jmv91373 (6:56:57 PM): cuz we probably woulda had this same talk and it woulda been wierd in person (I highly doubt it would have stopped at talk.)
me_me_meredith (6:57:58 PM): it dont bother me...... :)
jmv91373 (6:58:31 PM): seem to be cool with just about everything (That's the beauty of not knowing any better, you grooming piece of shit.)
jmv91373 (6:58:38 PM): thats way cool
me_me_meredith (6:59:42 PM): yup just layed back
jmv91373 (7:00:06 PM): yeah that's a good way to be
jmv91373 (7:02:01 PM): you know I'd probably even let you see a guy totally naked just so you can say you have seen a naked
jmv91373 (7:02:24 PM): I've seen plenty of naked women
me_me_meredith (7:02:30 PM): lol 4 realz.......that wuld b sweet......
me_me_meredith (7:02:35 PM): yah i bet u
jmv91373 (7:03:10 PM): I'm not sure yet but I'll think about it after I find my (Not just ANY naked guy, oh no. Jimmy's going to step up to bat for the enlightenment of a 13 year-old girl. How sweet of him.)
me_me_meredith (7:03:39 PM): lol ok
me_me_meredith (7:03:41 PM): :)
jmv91373 (7:04:18 PM): did you have another picture of you? with your clothes ON!! (Hoping I had some kiddie porn for you there, Jimmy?)
me_me_meredith (7:05:13 PM): i got tha 1 on my prof did u see tha others?
jmv91373 (7:05:30 PM): I didn't see any other ones
me_me_meredith (7:05:39 PM): k jus a sec.......
jmv91373 (7:08:08 PM): cool, how come the one of you in the white shirt is fuzzy
me_me_meredith (7:08:36 PM): i dunno lemme see if i can make it doez that sometimez
jmv91373 (7:09:03 PM): you a
jmv91373 (7:09:18 PM): like a young Cameron
me_me_meredith (7:09:54 PM): wow thanx.......some ppl have said that b4 but i didnt realy beleve em.........camron diaz is realy pretty.....
jmv91373 (7:10:19 PM): so are you...:D
me_me_meredith (7:10:32 PM): awwww thanx :D
me_me_meredith (7:10:39 PM): u got any more pix of u?
jmv91373 (7:11:14 PM): sorry I only have the one pic but like I said I might let you see me on cam later
me_me_meredith (7:12:32 PM): kk
jmv91373 (7:12:49 PM): so ask me a question now
me_me_meredith (7:14:41 PM): i jus did i asked if u had more
jmv91373 (7:15:17 PM): Hey this is not a picture of me but it is a picture of the front side of a guy that I got off the internet, did you wanna see?
jmv91373 (7:15:35 PM): can come up with a better quesion than that
me_me_meredith (7:15:48 PM): sure
jmv91373 (7:16:04 PM): since you said you only seen the rear in on movies
jmv91373 (7:16:46 PM): now you can't say you haven't seen the front (This is where he shows me a pic of a frontally nude male, obviously pulled from a porn site.)
jmv91373 (7:16:52 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (7:17:29 PM): wow....
jmv91373 (7:18:07 PM): by the way I'm not that big, that was a pretty big one compared to normal ones
me_me_meredith (7:18:13 PM): thatz pretty kewl...........i saw somethin kinda like that in health class but it wus a drawin to show tha repraducteve systom.....
jmv91373 (7:18:27 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (7:19:05 PM): but not up close...........but now i :)
jmv91373 (7:19:17 PM): yup now you have
jmv91373 (7:20:21 PM):
me_me_meredith (7:21:14 PM): wut?
jmv91373 (7:21:20 PM): so think up any questions yet?
me_me_meredith (7:21:46 PM): ummm not realy.....
jmv91373 (7:21:53 PM): I was just thinking that if I didn't find someone to hang out with tonight i was gonna have to
me_me_meredith (7:22:16 PM): that a bad thing?
jmv91373 (7:22:40 PM): well only because I'd rather have
me_me_meredith (7:23:07 PM): lol.......yah i herd that 2 ppl is better than 1....
jmv91373 (7:23:58 PM): for sure
jmv91373 (7:24:00 PM): way
me_me_meredith (7:24:07 PM): hah
me_me_meredith (7:24:48 PM): hey i g2g 4 sayz i gotta help with dinner and eat.......but ill be on l8er
jmv91373 (7:25:03 PM): okie dokie cutie
me_me_meredith (7:25:12 PM): kk byeeeeeeeeee :*
jmv91373 (7:25:20 PM): >:D<
jmv91373 (9:03:46 PM): Howdy
jmv91373 (9:03:48 PM): cutie
me_me_meredith (9:04:06 PM): hey :)
jmv91373 (9:04:37 PM): so you get done with dinner
me_me_meredith (9:04:44 PM): yup
jmv91373 (9:05:09 PM): cool, did it give you time to think of any questions?
me_me_meredith (9:06:00 PM): naw i wus pretty hungry...........didnt realy think of any........u have any?
jmv91373 (9:06:20 PM): lol....wanna flirt?
jmv91373 (9:06:26 PM): just
jmv91373 (9:07:33 PM): If I rescued you we would flirt...yup
jmv91373 (9:08:47 PM): still there
jmv91373 (9:09:40 PM): where'd you go?
me_me_meredith (9:11:27 PM): im here sorry had 2 run 2 tha bathroom
jmv91373 (9:11:33 PM): oh ok
me_me_meredith (9:12:12 PM): yah we can flirt lol........ :)
jmv91373 (9:13:45 PM): lol....we don't have too, Oh the cam is in with some boxes with my dad's friends stuff so as soon as he get's here I'm gonna go look for it
jmv91373 (9:14:11 PM): I think I'm gonna let you see (Joy.)
me_me_meredith (9:14:25 PM): yayyyy........ :D
jmv91373 (9:15:00 PM): lol....if I had rescued you I'd of let you touch.....:-$ (Oh, well THAT changes everything, Jimmy. Thanks for the stated intent to molest a child. )
me_me_meredith (9:15:16 PM): lol realy? :D
jmv91373 (9:15:45 PM): lol....yeah I figured why not?
me_me_meredith (9:16:40 PM): that would be awesum......... :)
jmv91373 (9:16:45 PM): lol
jmv91373 (9:17:17 PM): would like that?
me_me_meredith (9:17:48 PM): well yah.........y is that a bad thing?
jmv91373 (9:18:02 PM): not if it's cool with you
jmv91373 (9:18:36 PM): come on think up a question for me
jmv91373 (9:18:43 PM): please
jmv91373 (9:20:10 PM): hmmmm
me_me_meredith (9:20:15 PM): ummmmm......
me_me_meredith (9:20:17 PM): i dunno wut 2 ask
jmv91373 (9:20:30 PM): whatever you'd like to ask
jmv91373 (9:20:35 PM): I don't care
me_me_meredith (9:21:05 PM): k how old wus tha last gf u had?
jmv91373 (9:21:27 PM): she's 2 years younger than me
jmv91373 (9:22:12 PM): you can do better than
me_me_meredith (9:22:49 PM): honest 4 real i dunno.........usally its ppl askin me q's
jmv91373 (9:23:09 PM): well you be thinking about it ok
me_me_meredith (9:23:18 PM): lol k
jmv91373 (9:24:40 PM): so what do you think when I said that I woulda let you touch if I had rescued you? (He wastes not a moment getting the conversation back on sex between himself and the girl.)
me_me_meredith (9:25:21 PM): kinda made me curios.......wonder wut it would b like.....
jmv91373 (9:25:39 PM): I thought that you might think that
jmv91373 (9:25:41 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (9:26:14 PM): :D
jmv91373 (9:26:21 PM):
jmv91373 (9:27:34 PM): you wouldn't be nervous or anything
me_me_meredith (9:28:19 PM): well i dun think i would...........i mean ur nice an all.......would i have a reasen 2 b nervos?
jmv91373 (9:28:57 PM): you wouldn't, I don't like to make people nervous
me_me_meredith (9:29:31 PM): k thas cool...... then no i would not b nervos..... :D
me_me_meredith (9:29:35 PM): would u?
jmv91373 (9:30:17 PM): I don't know....maybe, wouldn't know till something like that happened
me_me_meredith (9:30:30 PM): ohhhh k
me_me_meredith (9:30:53 PM): well its ok.........i dont bite lol...........
jmv91373 (9:31:14 PM): lol....I hope not!! u got
me_me_meredith (9:31:41 PM): lol omg........i didnt mean like that!! haha :P
jmv91373 (9:32:18 PM): lol...I didn't mean it any certain way I was just poking fun at you cuz of the braces
me_me_meredith (9:33:03 PM): yah ive bit my tonge with my braces an it hurrrrrrrrt
jmv91373 (9:33:29 PM): I know I bit my tongue plenty of times
me_me_meredith (9:33:56 PM): sux
jmv91373 (9:34:03 PM): yup
jmv91373 (9:34:47 PM): still no luck thinking up a question?
me_me_meredith (9:35:04 PM): hmm not realy.......srry
jmv91373 (9:35:11 PM): it's cool
jmv91373 (9:36:20 PM): now all you gotta do is decide when you wanna get rescued (Pick the date of my own molestation? You're too kind.)
me_me_meredith (9:37:17 PM): lol........i dunno.....
jmv91373 (9:37:25 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (9:37:40 PM): have 2 b on a week end..........if u rescue me from school my momz will
jmv91373 (9:38:58 PM): lol....your mom will probably freak anyhow, probably be best to not let her know that you gettin picked up by a 32 yo guy (. . . and this is where I sit, stunned, for a minute or two. )
me_me_meredith (9:40:56 PM): lol.............yah..........but i keep her out my aint got 2 worry bout that............she usally dont even know wuts goin on............she triez to check up but she dont know everthing
jmv91373 (9:41:20 PM): lol.....never know still
me_me_meredith (9:42:53 PM): she aint found any thing out yet.........mostly thnks ima perfect lil
jmv91373 (9:43:14 PM): mean your not??
jmv91373 (9:43:21 PM): just kidding
me_me_meredith (9:43:36 PM): lol.........not quite haha.....
jmv91373 (9:44:02 PM): so what makes you not an angel?
me_me_meredith (9:44:56 PM): well ive had frends over wile she was out on week endz b4........and drank some 2........she didnt even notise
jmv91373 (9:45:39 PM): little trouble maker
jmv91373 (9:45:58 PM): I thought you were gonna say you tried drugs or something
me_me_meredith (9:46:58 PM): no.........but if any 1 had week i would try it............i herd it makez u feel pretty good........same as drinkin almost.........
me_me_meredith (9:47:09 PM): had weed i mean
me_me_meredith (9:47:12 PM): dam i cant type
jmv91373 (9:47:21 PM): lol
jmv91373 (9:47:42 PM): don't ever do anything more than weed ok
me_me_meredith (9:48:14 PM): yah dont want 2 do any of that hevey shyt.....ppl get adicted
jmv91373 (9:48:22 PM): yup
jmv91373 (9:48:44 PM): that is for sure not a good thing
me_me_meredith (9:49:16 PM): yah im not dumb enuff 2 do that crazy shyt..........
jmv91373 (9:49:24 PM): good
jmv91373 (9:51:26 PM): lol.....wonder when my dad's friend gonna get here so I can get my cam
me_me_meredith (9:51:42 PM): lol i dunno he needz 2 hurry
jmv91373 (9:51:51 PM): figure that's the next best thing to rescuing you (So you, jerking off on cam, is the next best thing to what you keep referring to as a \"rescue\" from the girl's house? You're a complete waste of life.)
me_me_meredith (9:52:04 PM): haha yah.......
jmv91373 (9:53:17 PM): Hey I gotta go for awhile but heres my number 562-868-4545 you can call if you wanna just ask for jimmy jr. if you ever do
me_me_meredith (9:55:42 PM): ohh ok kewl
me_me_meredith (9:55:51 PM): well i can call u now for a second or 2 if u want
jmv91373 (9:56:04 PM): ok cool
me_me_meredith (9:56:19 PM): mite have 2 be quick cuz my momz is around.....
jmv91373 (9:56:36 PM): well don't do it then if you could get in trouble
me_me_meredith (9:56:50 PM): nah itz kewl but it would have 2 be fast.....
jmv91373 (9:56:54 PM): wait till its easier for you
jmv91373 (9:56:59 PM): ok
me_me_meredith (9:57:12 PM): nah i wanna hear ur voice real quik if thaz ok
jmv91373 (9:57:22 PM): ok
me_me_meredith (9:58:20 PM): hold on jus a min.........gotta go get tha fone
jmv91373 (9:58:26 PM): ok
me_me_meredith (9:58:27 PM): call u in a lil bit
jmv91373 (9:58:31 PM): ok

Whereupon our lovely verifier, Boots, took over for me. Have a listen:


jmv91373 (11:30:25 PM): Hey cutie he should be here in not too long
me_me_meredith (11:30:51 PM): kewl.........i hope its soon cus i g2g to bed not 2 late.....
jmv91373 (11:31:04 PM): Still wanna see my pecker? (A random interjection of gritty honesty - no pretense of an inocuous cam session, he just flat out admits that he's going to expose himself.)
me_me_meredith (11:31:12 PM): did u finish watchin rambo?? lol.......
jmv91373 (11:31:19 PM): it's still on
me_me_meredith (11:31:22 PM): ur pecker lol........thas a funny name 4 it
jmv91373 (11:31:38 PM): lol....what would you rather I call it
me_me_meredith (11:31:59 PM): i dunno........that 1 jus made me laff.....
jmv91373 (11:32:09 PM):
jmv91373 (11:32:46 PM): well maybe soon you'll be able to touch it if you (Be still my heart.)
me_me_meredith (11:33:24 PM): oooohh........that would b kewl...........ur sure that would b ok?
jmv91373 (11:33:39 PM): as long as you don't have a problem with it
me_me_meredith (11:33:51 PM): lol nope.........i dont
jmv91373 (11:34:01 PM): well okie dokie then
jmv91373 (11:34:32 PM): I bet you still don't have a good question
me_me_meredith (11:36:00 PM): well yah but its not like that type of q.........ur prof says u been out of jail 4 like a year.........were u just goofin or is that 4 real.........i dont realy care cus u seem nice.........jus wonderin
jmv91373 (11:36:11 PM): oh and I'd rather you didn't even tell your friends about anything either cuz you know I can get into trouble right (Just \"our little secret\" then, Jimmy? Can I at least tell the Laguna Beach PD? Pleeease?)
me_me_meredith (11:36:50 PM): oh yah i wont tell em nothin.........i dont really tell em secretz cuz they blab bout stuff an gossip.........i dont want em in my biz
jmv91373 (11:37:07 PM): I've been outta jail for 3 years and I was in jail because I know how bad it is to do drugs like I told you never to do
me_me_meredith (11:37:57 PM): ohhh that sux dude.......i think thas so stupid 4 drugs 2 be un who carez if u dont hurt no 1?
jmv91373 (11:38:58 PM): yeah I just got caught with them, didn't do anything bad except have the police find drugs I had in my pocket
me_me_meredith (11:39:24 PM): that sux im long u have 2 b in jail?
jmv91373 (11:39:37 PM): 6 months (Lovely. The would-be adult suitor of a 13 year-old. . . is an ex-con.)
jmv91373 (11:40:12 PM): well looks like I'm not gonna have any luck again
me_me_meredith (11:40:34 PM): lol dang..... nothin but botz again??
jmv91373 (11:40:46 PM): lol....looks that way
jmv91373 (11:41:56 PM): lol....Meredith's gonna see a penis!!! lol (La di da di da! You're a disgusting shit btw.)
jmv91373 (11:42:16 PM): well when he get's here that is
me_me_meredith (11:42:35 PM): hahaha........yah........cant :)
jmv91373 (11:42:55 PM): what time you gotta go to bed
me_me_meredith (11:43:42 PM): no l8er then 11 my mom shell check on me kinda haf 2 do wut she sez
jmv91373 (11:44:07 PM): we'll that should be plenty of time
me_me_meredith (11:44:32 PM): kk......hey i g2g get a bath but ill be back soon k?
jmv91373 (11:44:45 PM): okie dokie
jmv91373 (11:44:56 PM): when you gonna take some more pictures?
me_me_meredith (11:46:04 PM): i dunno......momz wus tha 1 who broke my otha shes not lettin me buy a new haf 2 b whenev i can barrow 1 from a frend.......mite b a wile.........mayb u will alreddy rescue me by then lol....
jmv91373 (11:46:32 PM): lol....maybe
me_me_meredith (11:46:54 PM): n-e-way ill brb......
jmv91373 (11:47:00 PM): ok


jmv91373 (12:21:40 AM): Hey he's not back yet...dang it, now I don't know if he'll be back in time
me_me_meredith (12:25:52 AM): hey im back...........awww crap......that sux :(
jmv91373 (12:26:37 AM): Yeah I thought he'd be back already, I mean I'm still gonna set it up no matter what time he get's back but you gotta leave at 11
me_me_meredith (12:27:56 AM): yah........maybe she wont check...........well c i gess
jmv91373 (12:28:08 AM): yeah we will
me_me_meredith (12:28:23 AM): hey wut does tha jmv in ur screen name stand 4??
jmv91373 (12:28:44 AM): Jimmy Miguel Varela (Ooh. Thanks for the positive ID!)
jmv91373 (12:28:49 AM): jmv
me_me_meredith (12:29:14 AM): ohhh thats mid name is anne.....
me_me_meredith (12:29:16 AM): kinda borin.....
jmv91373 (12:29:24 AM): it's not
jmv91373 (12:29:44 AM): so what did you think talking to me on the phone
me_me_meredith (12:30:47 AM): it wus kewl only exept momz nosy azz came in..........
jmv91373 (12:30:57 AM): happens
jmv91373 (12:32:11 AM): so I told you that my penis is not as big as that picture I showed you before right? (Which should really be of concern to a 13 year-old, I'm sure.)
me_me_meredith (12:32:30 AM): lol yah u did..........its ok...........dont matter 2 me..........
me_me_meredith (12:32:33 AM): :D
jmv91373 (12:32:52 AM): lol.....I wouldn't think it would
jmv91373 (12:33:15 AM): I shoulda just went and rescued you for alittle (\"Rescue you\" has already become totally synonymous with a sexual meeting.)
me_me_meredith (12:33:41 AM): haha.........well mebbe when momz not
jmv91373 (12:33:50 AM): lol....yeah
jmv91373 (12:34:47 AM): I'm kinda horny right
me_me_meredith (12:35:23 AM): that good or bad?? lol
jmv91373 (12:35:49 AM): lol.....for me bad cuz I never found company for
me_me_meredith (12:36:02 AM): yah that sux........
jmv91373 (12:36:06 AM): for you it's however you look at
jmv91373 (12:37:44 AM): :-P
me_me_meredith (12:38:24 AM): hehehe.......yah i ur dads frend isnt gonna show or wut?
jmv91373 (12:38:57 AM): he's gonna show cuz he's staying here right now but when is another question
jmv91373 (12:39:54 AM): even if you gotta go at 11 you think you can sneak on sometime after you moms asleep? I'll leave my messenger on
me_me_meredith (12:41:29 AM): i mite b able 2...........ill try 2 sneak on if i think shez sleepin.........but have 2 b careful
jmv91373 (12:41:47 AM): well you don't have to be on long either
jmv91373 (12:42:15 AM): however long you feel like looking at
jmv91373 (12:43:21 AM): I can make it get bigger for you too if you'd like....don't matter to (Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.)
jmv91373 (12:44:10 AM): up too you
me_me_meredith (12:44:15 AM): make it get u do that.....?
jmv91373 (12:44:41 AM): lol....mmmm....if you want I can just show you
jmv91373 (12:45:11 AM): I thought you said you knew the basic birds and the bees
jmv91373 (12:46:19 AM): did I make you feel uncomfortable
me_me_meredith (12:46:40 AM): ohhh.......i c wut ur sayin........i thougt u were talkin bout like takin some kinda pill 2 make it bigger...... (Kind of made myself laugh with this one.)
me_me_meredith (12:46:53 AM): naw itz cool...........just got a lil confuzed ther......
jmv91373 (12:46:54 AM): silly
jmv91373 (12:47:31 AM): no's funny
me_me_meredith (12:48:09 AM): lol..........srry... :)
jmv91373 (12:48:27 AM): it's ok I'm just teasing
me_me_meredith (12:48:44 AM): hehe
jmv91373 (12:48:56 AM): ;)
me_me_meredith (12:49:41 AM): ;;)
jmv91373 (12:50:08 AM): lol.....I bet you gonna be real nervous first time a guy gonna see you (Well, let's try something, Jimmy: let's strip you down naked for the first time in front of a guy who is a foot taller and much stronger than you, and see how nervous YOU get, mkay?)
jmv91373 (12:50:40 AM): be honest
jmv91373 (12:50:41 AM): lol
me_me_meredith (12:51:10 AM): maybe a lil........but i know i look good n shape so im not 2 skared
jmv91373 (12:51:28 AM): lol....oh you got it like that do
jmv91373 (12:51:45 AM): you \"know\" you look
me_me_meredith (12:52:12 AM): lol well yah.........thatz y i like 2 do a lot of outside stuff.........exersize
jmv91373 (12:52:35 AM): lol....that's cool your confident like that
jmv91373 (12:53:16 AM): Hey it's getting close to 11 so I'll let you go but I'll get the cam hooked up as soon as he get's here and if you can get back on cool if not that's ok too
jmv91373 (12:53:31 AM): I know your momz gonna check on you real soon
me_me_meredith (12:55:03 AM): kk ill try 2 b on l8er...........we got hi speed so ima let it stay on..........jus send a mesage if u get it.......
jmv91373 (12:55:28 AM): you got it little cutie hardbody (A 13 year-old is a \"hardbody\". Gross.)
jmv91373 (12:55:40 AM): :-P
jmv91373 (12:56:10 AM): :->
me_me_meredith (12:56:30 AM): c u then........if not 2nite then 2marrow...... :*
jmv91373 (12:56:43 AM): okie dokie
jmv91373 (12:56:57 AM): >:/......:-*
jmv91373 (2:03:01 AM): just alittle while ok
me_me_meredith (2:05:44 AM): k i think shez hangin around.....but mite have 2 jump back in bed if she wakez up
jmv91373 (2:06:04 AM): ok let me just set it up
me_me_meredith (2:06:15 AM): kk
me_me_meredith (2:11:44 AM): iz it workin......?
jmv91373 (2:21:33 AM): almost just be patient
me_me_meredith (2:21:40 AM): k
jmv91373 (2:23:28 AM): can you see it right now
me_me_meredith (2:23:53 AM): nah............says it wusnt avalable
jmv91373 (2:24:11 AM): how bout now]
jmv91373 (2:24:34 AM): can you see it now
me_me_meredith (2:24:40 AM): yup..........i can c it............
jmv91373 (2:24:44 AM): I need to fix the picture
me_me_meredith (2:24:51 AM): kk
jmv91373 (2:26:05 AM): hold on a sec again
me_me_meredith (2:26:27 AM): k
jmv91373 (2:29:07 AM): is that a better picture
me_me_meredith (2:29:18 AM): sed it wus not avalable.....
jmv91373 (2:29:41 AM): should be going now
me_me_meredith (2:29:50 AM): k thas better..... :)
jmv91373 (2:30:45 AM): you can see my tattoo? (Got to love those identifying marks.)
me_me_meredith (2:30:55 AM): yup thas a bull rite?.....
jmv91373 (2:31:05 AM): yeah hold on a sec ok
me_me_meredith (2:31:43 AM): k
jmv91373 (2:32:36 AM): you ready
me_me_meredith (2:32:44 AM): yah.......... :)
jmv91373 (2:33:09 AM): lol...I need to use the clippers on my head
me_me_meredith (2:33:38 AM): lol.........u look kewl......
me_me_meredith (2:35:33 AM): i think i c........kinda blury....... (What he showed me: [Link]. WARNING: Explicit image.)
jmv91373 (2:35:49 AM): I know hold on again
me_me_meredith (2:35:52 AM): kk
jmv91373 (2:36:21 AM): I need to get another light real fast
me_me_meredith (2:36:35 AM): kk
jmv91373 (2:39:29 AM): ok let me see if this light works better
me_me_meredith (2:39:39 AM): mkay....
jmv91373 (2:42:52 AM): are you there
me_me_meredith (2:43:06 AM): yup im hear
jmv91373 (2:43:15 AM): did you see it better
me_me_meredith (2:43:39 AM): yah but u kept movin so i didnt know if u were at tha keeboard....
jmv91373 (2:43:53 AM): hold on
me_me_meredith (2:46:37 AM): i c kewl :) (Another shot: [Link]. WARNING: Explicit image.)
me_me_meredith (2:46:41 AM): its bigger.....
jmv91373 (2:46:44 AM): lol
jmv91373 (2:47:03 AM): would you wanna touch it when I rescue you?
me_me_meredith (2:47:28 AM): umm.....yah...... :\">
jmv91373 (2:47:34 AM): lol
jmv91373 (2:48:03 AM): no need to be nervous
jmv91373 (2:48:19 AM): I'm gonna have a ciggerette off camera real fast
me_me_meredith (2:48:25 AM): kk
jmv91373 (2:48:40 AM): you think up any questions yet
jmv91373 (2:48:55 AM): So that's the first real dick you've seen? (Since, you know, it's totally normal for most 13 year-olds to have seen an adult male's penis.)
me_me_meredith (2:49:14 AM): well......other than tha other pic u sent......yah..... :)
jmv91373 (2:49:20 AM): lol
jmv91373 (2:50:03 AM): so what did you think
me_me_meredith (2:50:17 AM): it wus kewl..........i like it....... :D
jmv91373 (2:50:21 AM): lol
jmv91373 (2:50:23 AM): cool'
me_me_meredith (2:50:26 AM): were u nervos.......?
jmv91373 (2:50:34 AM): not realy
me_me_meredith (2:50:56 AM): o i c
jmv91373 (2:51:48 AM): questions?
me_me_meredith (2:52:20 AM): u really want me 2 touch if u cum rescue me.....? :)
jmv91373 (2:52:38 AM): if you want sure
me_me_meredith (2:53:11 AM): hehe cool.......i think i want 2...... :D
jmv91373 (2:53:28 AM): lol....>:/
me_me_meredith (2:53:41 AM): haha
jmv91373 (2:56:09 AM): you like (Another shot: [Link]. WARNING: Explicit image.)
me_me_meredith (2:56:16 AM): yah..... :D
jmv91373 (2:56:20 AM): lol
jmv91373 (2:57:09 AM): whenever I rescue you you can do whatever you feel comfortable doing and nothing that you don't feel comfortable with.....ok (This is what Jimmy's version of \"rescuing\" a 13 year-old girl entails. We all should've been so lucky at that age.)
me_me_meredith (2:57:37 AM): well like wut.......? tha touchin im kewl wit.....
jmv91373 (2:57:47 AM): I need to cut my hair
jmv91373 (2:57:48 AM): lol
jmv91373 (2:58:23 AM): then that's all you need to do if that's what you comfortable with
me_me_meredith (2:58:42 AM): is that all u want 2 do.......?
jmv91373 (2:59:09 AM): don't matter what I want or don't wanna do you gotta feel comfortable
jmv91373 (2:59:56 AM): you gotta tell me what that is
me_me_meredith (3:00:38 AM): i dont know........i prolly wont b uncomfterble wit any thing.......u seem kewl so im not nervos......
jmv91373 (3:01:05 AM):'s up too you
jmv91373 (3:01:22 AM): you don't need to be shy if you wanna say something
me_me_meredith (3:01:57 AM): lol......i dont know wut 2 2 most of this kinda thang.....member? lol (He's well aware. He just doesn't care.)
jmv91373 (3:02:09 AM): lol......yeah
me_me_meredith (3:02:17 AM): u prolly think im pretty imature...
jmv91373 (3:02:24 AM): not at all
me_me_meredith (3:02:40 AM): :)
jmv91373 (3:03:58 AM): really only 3 things you can with it with you hand.......blowjob......and screwing, I hope that didn't make you feel wierd
me_me_meredith (3:04:36 AM): blowjob.....thas like suckin rite......i herd this gurl talkin about it 1 time.....
jmv91373 (3:04:54 AM): lol.....yeah thats sucking a mans dick
me_me_meredith (3:05:10 AM): ohhh does it taste wierd?
jmv91373 (3:05:38 AM): lol....I don't have an idea what a penis tastes like
jmv91373 (3:06:42 AM): I don't do the gay
me_me_meredith (3:07:03 AM): lol......well i didnt mean u did.....silly.....jus wonderin....
jmv91373 (3:07:18 AM): lol....I know I was just teasing
me_me_meredith (3:07:28 AM): :D
jmv91373 (3:08:01 AM): :-P
me_me_meredith (3:08:13 AM): :P
jmv91373 (3:09:08 AM): so what you thinking?
me_me_meredith (3:09:37 AM): jus bout tha things u were sayin........sounds prety kewl....... :)
jmv91373 (3:09:53 AM): lol
me_me_meredith (3:10:32 AM): wut about u....?
jmv91373 (3:10:58 AM): thinking that I shoulda rescued you today.....:D
me_me_meredith (3:11:45 AM): lol.......yah mayb :D
jmv91373 (3:12:12 AM): maybe? whatcha mean
me_me_meredith (3:12:33 AM): would have been fun i
jmv91373 (3:12:43 AM): of course
me_me_meredith (3:13:41 AM): hehe
jmv91373 (3:14:02 AM): ;)
me_me_meredith (3:14:14 AM): ;;)
jmv91373 (3:14:57 AM): so what you think you'd feel comfortable doing?
me_me_meredith (3:15:47 AM): i thnk we can try wut u said.......tha blowjob......screwin mabbe....... :\">
jmv91373 (3:16:01 AM): lol...your funny
jmv91373 (3:16:04 AM): and cute
me_me_meredith (3:16:29 AM): well wut do u really want 2 do.......?
jmv91373 (3:17:03 AM): I like all 3.....but I'm not the one deciding that you are (Sure. Let her pick which ways she'll be molested. Such a stand-up guy.)
me_me_meredith (3:17:46 AM): im kewl with whatev....
jmv91373 (3:17:58 AM):
me_me_meredith (3:18:40 AM): :)
me_me_meredith (3:18:54 AM): wuts ur fave......?
jmv91373 (3:19:10 AM): screwing of
me_me_meredith (3:20:19 AM): haha.......i herd it hurtz tha 1st time.....
jmv91373 (3:20:44 AM): yeah I hear that too..but I don't know how much
jmv91373 (3:20:58 AM): after that if feels really good so I'm tole
jmv91373 (3:21:00 AM): told
me_me_meredith (3:21:24 AM): thas kewl......
jmv91373 (3:21:44 AM): :D
me_me_meredith (3:22:21 AM): jus tha only thing iz i know u can get pregerz from it.....
jmv91373 (3:22:48 AM): lol
jmv91373 (3:23:25 AM): did you see that
me_me_meredith (3:24:03 AM): c wut?
jmv91373 (3:24:08 AM): this
jmv91373 (3:24:28 AM): wanna use it?
me_me_meredith (3:24:37 AM): thas a condem rite....? (For those who say they didn't show up with condoms to have sex with the kid they chatted: [Link].)
jmv91373 (3:24:38 AM): :-P
jmv91373 (3:24:41 AM): yup
me_me_meredith (3:25:03 AM): ohhhhh kewl.... ok u would use 1 then rite....?
jmv91373 (3:25:11 AM): of course
me_me_meredith (3:25:31 AM): k kewl :D
me_me_meredith (3:25:47 AM): well i need 2 get 2 bed........ima b sooooo tired in tha mornin.....
jmv91373 (3:25:56 AM): ok cutie
jmv91373 (3:26:06 AM): wanna see the dick one more time (Not really.)
me_me_meredith (3:26:12 AM): kk
jmv91373 (3:26:23 AM): hold on
me_me_meredith (3:28:11 AM): hehe.....kewl......... :D
jmv91373 (3:28:18 AM): lol......woo woo
me_me_meredith (3:28:51 AM): well i g2g.......ill b fallin sleep durin class......ill tty 2marrow k?
jmv91373 (3:29:01 AM): okie dokie cutie
jmv91373 (3:29:08 AM): >:)
jmv91373 (3:29:11 AM): lol
me_me_meredith (3:29:14 AM): kk g nite :D ;;)
jmv91373 (3:29:44 AM): nite nite
me_me_meredith (3:29:50 AM): lol thatz cute........nite nite
jmv91373 (3:30:00 AM): :-*
jmv91373 (9:18:54 PM): howdy
me_me_meredith (9:19:02 PM): hey sup? :)
jmv91373 (9:19:46 PM): not much
me_me_meredith (9:20:19 PM): kewl
jmv91373 (9:21:00 PM): what's up with you today?
jmv91373 (9:22:23 PM): anything exciting
me_me_meredith (9:22:28 PM): nm.......jus hangin out back from school an had 2 do homewerk.....
me_me_meredith (9:22:39 PM): ate dinner an im hear.......kinda borin
jmv91373 (9:22:52 PM): anything on tv
me_me_meredith (9:23:15 PM): dunno........aint watchin..........u?
jmv91373 (9:23:43 PM): not really watching tv either
me_me_meredith (9:24:08 PM): wut did u do 2day?
jmv91373 (9:24:30 PM): went to work and that's about it
me_me_meredith (9:24:46 PM): ohh.......sux......
me_me_meredith (9:24:53 PM): havin fun now?.....
jmv91373 (9:25:20 PM): naw kinda bored too
me_me_meredith (9:25:37 PM): yah......i know me 2........
jmv91373 (9:26:03 PM): bummer
me_me_meredith (9:26:14 PM): yup.....
jmv91373 (9:26:37 PM): hey you gonna be on later I'm gonna go eat dinner
me_me_meredith (9:26:57 PM): yah 4 a lil wile.....
jmv91373 (9:27:13 PM): ok I'll check back in alittle bit
me_me_meredith (9:27:36 PM): kk then......... :)
jmv91373 (9:27:48 PM): ttyl
me_me_meredith (9:27:53 PM): k
jmv91373 (10:14:05 PM): I'm back
me_me_meredith (10:14:13 PM): yayyyy........ :)
jmv91373 (10:14:20 PM): lol
jmv91373 (10:14:26 PM): what was you doing
me_me_meredith (10:14:48 PM): jus chillin..........talked 2 a frend of mine from school.........
jmv91373 (10:14:55 PM): cool
jmv91373 (10:15:17 PM): was you tired this morning
me_me_meredith (10:15:37 PM): yah.............kept yawnin.....dont know if i can stay up so late 2nite....... (Just in case you wanted to treat me to anymore of those oh-so-lovely webcam displays)
jmv91373 (10:15:50 PM): lol....that's ok
me_me_meredith (10:16:43 PM): u tired?
jmv91373 (10:16:57 PM): naw not really
me_me_meredith (10:17:20 PM): lol..........lucky..........jus about fell sleep in class 2day......
jmv91373 (10:17:29 PM): lol
jmv91373 (10:18:14 PM): musta been awake late last
me_me_meredith (10:18:32 PM): lol naw.......who me?? :))
jmv91373 (10:18:49 PM): lol....what was you doing?
jmv91373 (10:19:02 PM): up so
me_me_meredith (10:20:16 PM): ohhh......nothin........
me_me_meredith (10:20:17 PM): :D
jmv91373 (10:20:25 PM): sure....
jmv91373 (10:20:27 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (10:20:57 PM): haha
jmv91373 (10:21:58 PM): you should go to bed soon
jmv91373 (10:22:19 PM): well did you atleast have fun staying up late last night?
me_me_meredith (10:22:46 PM): yah it wus fun............u?
jmv91373 (10:23:01 PM): lol....who said I was up late
jmv91373 (10:23:08 PM): just kidding....yeah
me_me_meredith (10:23:13 PM): haha
jmv91373 (10:23:59 PM): so you liked what you saw?
me_me_meredith (10:25:35 PM): yah :)
jmv91373 (10:25:42 PM): cool
jmv91373 (10:27:35 PM): what you like best about it?
me_me_meredith (10:28:25 PM): i dunno.........jus seein wut it lookz like........
jmv91373 (10:28:51 PM): still wanna see it for reals? (Can't forget to double-check that his solicitation efforts are not in vain.)
me_me_meredith (10:29:23 PM): yah :D
jmv91373 (10:29:29 PM): cool
jmv91373 (10:29:57 PM): no good questions for me yet?
me_me_meredith (10:30:36 PM): ummmm........not realy...........any 4 me?
jmv91373 (10:31:01 PM): hmmmmm
jmv91373 (10:31:13 PM): :-?
jmv91373 (10:32:04 PM): hold on a sec
jmv91373 (10:34:29 PM): so what you wanna do when you see it for reals?
me_me_meredith (10:35:36 PM): wut u talked about b4 i think...........that wuld b fun 2 try out........
jmv91373 (10:36:12 PM): what's that? Which one?
me_me_meredith (10:36:55 PM): touchin in.......blow........
jmv91373 (10:37:01 PM): cool
jmv91373 (10:38:06 PM): that feels really good when a girl does
me_me_meredith (10:38:38 PM): hehe.......yah.........n-e-thing else u wanna do.......that u like an all?
jmv91373 (10:39:11 PM): we can do whatever, I'm not gonna be pushy (So he's a mannerly wannabe child rapist. Thank goodness for small favours.)
jmv91373 (10:41:46 PM): whatever is cool with you
me_me_meredith (10:42:02 PM): im kewl wit n-e-thing....
jmv91373 (10:42:42 PM): well we can decide whenever I get to rescue you
me_me_meredith (10:44:26 PM): yah.........
jmv91373 (10:45:21 PM): so you getting big boobs or not?
me_me_meredith (10:45:59 PM): lol...........wish.........still kinda small.....
jmv91373 (10:46:17 PM): lol....still got plenty of time to grow
jmv91373 (10:46:50 PM): oh hey I gotta go my dad just asked me to go grocery shopping with him so I'll talk to you tomarrow is that ok
me_me_meredith (10:47:01 PM): thas kewl..........i ttyl.......... :*
jmv91373 (10:47:29 PM): okie dokie, talk to you tomarrow cutie pie
me_me_meredith (10:47:40 PM): kk......byeeeeeee :D


jmv91373 (7:20:01 PM): 8-}
me_me_meredith (7:20:19 PM): lol........sup? :)
jmv91373 (7:20:38 PM): not much
jmv91373 (7:21:28 PM): what's going on in your part of the woods
me_me_meredith (7:21:56 PM): nm........jus got thru w bored...u?
jmv91373 (7:22:27 PM): just got on the Sci-fi channel they got some wierd vampire movie on
me_me_meredith (7:22:48 PM):
jmv91373 (7:23:23 PM): yeah they runnin around biting people all the
me_me_meredith (7:23:47 PM): thas how there spose 2 eat rite?
jmv91373 (7:23:56 PM): lol....yup
me_me_meredith (7:24:15 PM): freeky shyt.........wut did u do 2day?
jmv91373 (7:24:30 PM): just went to work
me_me_meredith (7:25:46 PM): lol......werk duz school.....
jmv91373 (7:25:55 PM): yeah
jmv91373 (7:26:00 PM): sucks
jmv91373 (7:26:23 PM): wish I was rich
jmv91373 (7:27:07 PM): then I wouldn't have to work (Even more time in the day to sit on the computer and solicit children!)
me_me_meredith (7:27:48 PM): lol......hope i am 1 day.......
jmv91373 (7:28:02 PM): you never know
jmv91373 (7:28:48 PM): you might just end up rich
me_me_meredith (7:29:17 PM): yah..........ima go 2 collage.....hopefuly get a good job....
me_me_meredith (7:29:22 PM): or win tha
jmv91373 (7:29:25 PM): good
jmv91373 (7:29:50 PM): lottery would for sure be easier but what are the chances of that
me_me_meredith (7:30:25 PM): lol yah i know.......jus wishin.....
jmv91373 (7:30:34 PM): lol....I know
jmv91373 (7:32:15 PM): so you still surrounded by boneheads at school
me_me_meredith (7:32:50 PM): lol......yah alwayz......aint grown up sinse tha week end.....
jmv91373 (7:33:04 PM): lol...I'm not a bonehead
me_me_meredith (7:33:48 PM): haha.....i know ur not.....thas y i like 2 talk 2 u.......
jmv91373 (7:33:58 PM): :-P
me_me_meredith (7:34:13 PM): :P
jmv91373 (7:34:31 PM): woo woo!!
me_me_meredith (7:36:28 PM): woowoo...... haha......
me_me_meredith (7:36:30 PM): silly....
jmv91373 (7:36:34 PM): I'm a sexy
jmv91373 (7:36:52 PM): hey I'm gonna go eat dinner I'll talk to you in a little bit k
me_me_meredith (7:37:24 PM): kk........cya l8er! :*
jmv91373 (7:40:25 PM): :-*
jmv91373 (7:40:29 PM): =P~
me_me_meredith (7:43:12 PM): :)
jmv91373 (9:00:59 PM): Hey I won't be back on till about 8. I'll talk to you then or if not tomarrow
me_me_meredith (9:01:11 PM): ok.......muah
jmv91373 (9:01:19 PM): :-*


Offline Messages:

jmv91373 (3:14:33 PM): Hello cutie
jmv91373 (3:14:44 PM): just wanted to say hello

jmv91373 (9:05:07 PM): ;)
me_me_meredith (9:05:25 PM): hiiiiiii :)
jmv91373 (9:05:38 PM): howdy
me_me_meredith (9:05:45 PM): sup?
jmv91373 (9:06:18 PM): nuttin just sittin here feeling (He gets right back down to business.)
me_me_meredith (9:06:39 PM): o i :D
jmv91373 (9:06:49 PM): lol
jmv91373 (9:06:58 PM): ;)
me_me_meredith (9:07:26 PM): y u feel horny.........? lol
jmv91373 (9:07:49 PM): mmmmm......just
me_me_meredith (9:08:26 PM): hehe k
jmv91373 (9:08:54 PM): whatcha doin
me_me_meredith (9:10:28 PM): jus hangin.........moms been bitchie 2 day.........made me do a hole buncha stuff plus my hw..........had 2 wash dish vacume cleen my room..........yuck
jmv91373 (9:10:44 PM): that sucks
me_me_meredith (9:11:05 PM): yah wut u doin?
jmv91373 (9:11:15 PM): nuttin
jmv91373 (9:11:23 PM): just sittin here
me_me_meredith (9:11:29 PM): kewl
jmv91373 (9:12:14 PM): I should find something to do
me_me_meredith (9:12:55 PM): lol yah that wuld b jus reddy 4 it to be tha week end.......
jmv91373 (9:13:08 PM): weekends are cool
me_me_meredith (9:13:18 PM): yup
jmv91373 (9:13:59 PM): so your momz still being bitchy
me_me_meredith (9:14:31 PM): yah......she wus werse 2day than normal.......
jmv91373 (9:14:48 PM): bummer
me_me_meredith (9:14:57 PM): yah
jmv91373 (9:15:45 PM): so you did all your homework
me_me_meredith (9:16:10 PM): yup lol
jmv91373 (9:16:35 PM): cool, it's always better when the homework is all done
me_me_meredith (9:18:18 PM): i alwayz do that..........i want 2 keep my gradez i can go 2 collage n get a good job........make a lot of $$ lol
jmv91373 (9:19:05 PM): that's a good thing
jmv91373 (9:20:04 PM): I forgot to take pictures before I put the cam back up
me_me_meredith (9:20:24 PM): u did? dang........... ;)
jmv91373 (9:21:03 PM): lol....yeah I'll have to bust it back out when I can get a computer to use in my room again
me_me_meredith (9:21:18 PM): o i c :)
jmv91373 (9:21:57 PM): so you liked that cam didn't (Keep telling yourself that.)
me_me_meredith (9:22:19 PM): hehe yah........wus fun 2 watch......... :)
jmv91373 (9:22:37 PM): it'll be more fun in person....;)
me_me_meredith (9:23:47 PM): yah i know ......... ;;)
jmv91373 (9:23:55 PM): >:/
jmv91373 (9:23:57 PM): lol
jmv91373 (9:25:20 PM): can hardly wait....:D
jmv91373 (9:25:33 PM): :-w
jmv91373 (9:25:36 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (9:27:19 PM): me exited! :D
jmv91373 (9:27:39 PM):'s spelled excited not exited
me_me_meredith (9:28:25 PM): haha srry........baaaad speller.... lol
jmv91373 (9:28:33 PM): that's ok
jmv91373 (9:31:12 PM): as long as your excited
me_me_meredith (9:31:27 PM): hehe........u know i am .......... :)
me_me_meredith (9:31:29 PM): r u?
jmv91373 (9:31:39 PM): mmmmmm......maybe.......
jmv91373 (9:31:46 PM): yeah of course silly
jmv91373 (9:32:02 PM): lol....especially with me being horny right now
jmv91373 (9:32:03 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (9:32:45 PM): oooohhhh ;)
jmv91373 (9:33:05 PM): :-P
jmv91373 (9:33:08 PM): =P~
jmv91373 (9:33:11 PM): >:)
me_me_meredith (9:33:19 PM): lol ur naugty :D
jmv91373 (9:33:29 PM): I'm nice
jmv91373 (9:33:31 PM): lol
me_me_meredith (9:34:32 PM): haha yah rite.......... ;)
jmv91373 (9:34:55 PM): :-P
me_me_meredith (9:35:18 PM): :P
jmv91373 (9:36:17 PM): soooo.....what you most excited to try
me_me_meredith (9:36:57 PM): i dunno.........all......cus its all kinda new ya know......wut r u most excite 4?
jmv91373 (9:37:23 PM): same as you
jmv91373 (9:40:40 PM): lol....I'd come over right now and rescue right now, that's how excited I am (And still the \"rescue\" charade continues. Blech.)
me_me_meredith (9:41:44 PM): lol.........i wish u could.......but momz not gone til sat.....
jmv91373 (9:42:03 PM): hey brb
me_me_meredith (9:43:30 PM): kk
jmv91373 (9:54:23 PM): sorry just alittle longer ok
me_me_meredith (9:55:26 PM): itz ok
jmv91373 (11:36:57 PM): hey cutie i'm sorry I couldn't get back on
jmv91373 (11:37:06 PM): I wanted to talk to you more
me_me_meredith (11:37:26 PM): lol........its ok
me_me_meredith (11:38:02 PM): wut r u doin?
jmv91373 (11:38:14 PM): nuttin now
jmv91373 (11:38:48 PM): wish you was here right now.....;)
me_me_meredith (11:38:58 PM): 2
jmv91373 (11:39:05 PM): :(
jmv91373 (11:39:57 PM): I'd let you unbutton my shorts all by (He'd \"let\" me. What a privilege!)
me_me_meredith (11:40:18 PM): ohhhh 4 real? ;)
jmv91373 (11:40:25 PM): yup yup
me_me_meredith (11:41:16 PM): so r u still gonna resceu me?
jmv91373 (11:41:27 PM): tell me when
me_me_meredith (11:42:24 PM): well sat is when my momz leavin
jmv91373 (11:43:20 PM): well I'll sure and try to make sure sat. is free for me but I can't say for sure just yet
jmv91373 (11:43:29 PM): what you wanna do first
me_me_meredith (11:43:58 PM): whatev......dont realy care
jmv91373 (11:44:10 PM): where we gonna go so you can do what you wanna
jmv91373 (11:44:29 PM): hmmmm
jmv91373 (11:44:32 PM): ???
me_me_meredith (11:45:07 PM): we can chill at my place if u want........or go somewere u like.....i jus feel like hangin wit some 1
jmv91373 (11:46:06 PM): well we don't wanna have people see me go in your house, but that would probably be easier. Does your momz show up sometimes without you knowing (Can't risk getting caught with your new girlfriend, can you, Jimmy?)
me_me_meredith (11:46:45 PM): psssh no.........she stayz away tha hole time with greg......2 bizzy wit him...........
jmv91373 (11:47:30 PM): then it probably be easier to just chill there then
jmv91373 (11:47:54 PM): she don't have neighbors keep on eye on you
me_me_meredith (11:48:34 PM): naw.......i dont even know my neihbors.....
jmv91373 (11:48:57 PM): so you excited to see me all naked in your room?
me_me_meredith (11:49:44 PM): yah i wut time? do u have 2 wurk sat?
jmv91373 (11:50:09 PM): don't work saturday
me_me_meredith (11:50:28 PM): kewl well she usally leeves after like noon
jmv91373 (11:51:32 PM): gonna be able to play with a dick for the first time
jmv91373 (11:51:36 PM): ;)
me_me_meredith (11:51:58 PM): yup.......u want 2 come durin day or nite time?
jmv91373 (11:52:13 PM): mmmm.....not sure yet
jmv91373 (11:52:35 PM): so are you gonna get naked too are don't wanna do that?
me_me_meredith (11:52:52 PM): yah ill get nakid :)
jmv91373 (11:53:14 PM): did you want me to do anything for you?
me_me_meredith (11:53:45 PM): mmmm i dunno.........what stuff could u do?
jmv91373 (11:54:27 PM): well alot of girls like a guy to go down on them(like blowjob) or play with their boobs
me_me_meredith (11:54:55 PM): ohhhh kewl........yah u can do that......soundz fun.... :D
jmv91373 (11:55:09 PM): cool....ok
jmv91373 (11:55:43 PM): you want me to try and help you have an orgasm?
me_me_meredith (11:56:31 PM): yah......thas like cummin rite?
jmv91373 (11:56:36 PM): yup
jmv91373 (11:57:01 PM): have you ever had an orgasm before?
me_me_meredith (11:57:13 PM): i dont think i did.....
jmv91373 (11:57:21 PM): :-P
jmv91373 (11:57:24 PM): ;)
me_me_meredith (11:58:28 PM): ;;)
jmv91373 (11:58:57 PM): lol.....having an orgasm feels so good


jmv91373 (12:00:07 AM): so you have never seen what comes out of a dick when a guy cums? (Never fails that they get off on this subject. Ugh.)
me_me_meredith (12:00:24 AM): its like wite an stuff........rite?
jmv91373 (12:00:32 AM): yeah
me_me_meredith (12:01:21 AM): ive herd jokes b4......never realy seen it 4 real
jmv91373 (12:01:41 AM): lol.....would you like too
me_me_meredith (12:01:57 AM): yah...........ull show me? :D
jmv91373 (12:02:14 AM): hey I'll do whatever you'd like me too
me_me_meredith (12:02:23 AM): kewl
jmv91373 (12:02:31 AM): and whatever you'd like to do you can
jmv91373 (12:03:42 AM): so you already said you wanna touch it and suck it.....anything else?
jmv91373 (12:04:34 AM): and you'd like me to use my mouth on your pussy to make you cum?
me_me_meredith (12:04:58 AM): all that soundz kewl...........jus as long as ur nothin hurtz 2 much......
jmv91373 (12:05:22 AM): naw I won't make you do anything you don't wanna
jmv91373 (12:05:30 AM): I want it to be fun for you
jmv91373 (12:06:02 AM): I think the only think that would hurt is to screw, but you don't have to do that
jmv91373 (12:08:19 AM): still there?
jmv91373 (12:09:07 AM): ???/
me_me_meredith (12:09:07 AM): yah
me_me_meredith (12:09:10 AM): srry bathroom
jmv91373 (12:09:31 AM): oh ok
jmv91373 (12:10:21 AM): so whatcha think
me_me_meredith (12:10:28 AM): soundz kewl
jmv91373 (12:10:52 AM): :D
me_me_meredith (12:11:52 AM): :D
jmv91373 (12:12:31 AM): so I hope you don't worry about me making you do something you don't wanna do
me_me_meredith (12:12:52 AM): no ur not........ :) i wanna do it
jmv91373 (12:13:03 AM): :D
me_me_meredith (12:13:45 AM): well i got 2 know when 2 clean up tha houze an wut time u think u wanna cum over?
me_me_meredith (12:13:54 AM): i like 2 plan stuff........kinda a neat freek lol
jmv91373 (12:14:18 AM): lol....saturday probably during the night if that's ok
me_me_meredith (12:15:13 AM): thas 7 mebbe?
jmv91373 (12:15:26 AM): yeah sounds good
me_me_meredith (12:16:20 AM): kewl........7 ill have plenny of time 2 clean up an stuff..... :D
jmv91373 (12:16:36 AM): ;)
me_me_meredith (12:16:51 AM): ;;)
jmv91373 (12:17:03 AM): hey I gotta go now
jmv91373 (12:17:18 AM): do you feel horny at all?
me_me_meredith (12:17:45 AM): a lil......but i g2g 2 bed soon
jmv91373 (12:18:01 AM): ok I'll talk to you tomarrow ok
me_me_meredith (12:18:05 AM): okies :*
jmv91373 (12:18:12 AM): my dick is hard right
jmv91373 (12:18:18 AM): :-*
me_me_meredith (12:18:42 AM): hehee..........wish i couuld c ......... :D
jmv91373 (12:19:06 AM): don't worry it'll get hard for you in person too (Somehow, Jimmy, I doubt anything is going to be quite so hard as the slap of reality when you show up to a gaggle of police officers.)
jmv91373 (12:19:11 AM): ;)
me_me_meredith (12:19:38 AM): hehe......kewl....... ;;)
jmv91373 (12:19:49 AM): talk to you later
me_me_meredith (12:20:47 AM): mkay byeeeeeeee :*

Offline Message:

me_me_meredith (7:30:45 PM): cant wait 2 c u me when u get on.........

jmv91373 (8:43:38 PM): Hey there
me_me_meredith (8:43:50 PM): hey sup? :D
jmv91373 (8:43:59 PM): not much
me_me_meredith (8:44:28 PM): how wus ur day?
jmv91373 (8:45:01 PM): it wasn't too bad, how bout with you
me_me_meredith (8:45:21 PM): it wus ok.........jus glad its almost tha week end
jmv91373 (8:45:45 PM): yeah that's way cool
me_me_meredith (8:46:40 PM): hey i memberd when u got off line tha other nite that i didnt give u my addy
me_me_meredith (8:46:45 PM): u want 2 rite it down?
jmv91373 (8:47:16 PM): lol....I can get it later or tomarrow we don't gotta worry bout that right now
me_me_meredith (8:47:26 PM): o ok
jmv91373 (8:47:46 PM): lol...don't worry I'll show up
me_me_meredith (8:48:18 PM): lol ok......jus didnt know if u need 2 get dir from tha net
jmv91373 (8:48:57 PM): yeah i will need it, hey i'm gonna go eat dinner and I'll be back and I'll get you addy when I get back ok
me_me_meredith (8:49:08 PM): o ok then :) byeee
jmv91373 (8:49:18 PM): talk to you in a little bit
me_me_meredith (8:49:21 PM): kk
jmv91373 (9:48:37 PM): Hey I gotta go so please just send over your addy and i can get it when I get back, I don't think i'll be back in time to talk to yyou but tomarrow for sure we'll set it all up ok
me_me_meredith (9:48:52 PM): kk
me_me_meredith (9:49:01 PM): u still want 2 cum at 7?


Offline Message:

jmv91373 (12:34:31 PM): Hey I know your at school right now I'll talk to you later ok

jmv91373 (6:08:39 PM): :D
me_me_meredith (6:08:49 PM): :) hey sup?
jmv91373 (6:09:07 PM): not much right now
me_me_meredith (6:09:36 PM): kewl.......wut did u do 2daay?
jmv91373 (6:09:55 PM): just went to work. kinda chilly right now
me_me_meredith (6:10:35 PM): o i c
jmv91373 (6:10:46 PM): is it cold over there too
me_me_meredith (6:11:20 PM): a lil bit
jmv91373 (6:11:29 PM): hey guess what
me_me_meredith (6:11:34 PM): wut?
jmv91373 (6:11:43 PM): IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!!
me_me_meredith (6:11:52 PM): yah i know!!!! wooooooo...... :D
jmv91373 (6:12:01 PM): woo woo
jmv91373 (6:12:47 PM): hey hold on ok
me_me_meredith (6:13:12 PM): kk
jmv91373 (6:14:36 PM): ok so you want me to come over tomarrow still (But of course, Jimmy. But of course.)
me_me_meredith (6:14:55 PM): lol yah duh! :D :D
jmv91373 (6:15:34 PM): lol...ok well I'm gonna go help with cooking dinner and eat and then I'll be back afterwards to get it all set up
jmv91373 (6:15:40 PM): okie dokie
me_me_meredith (6:15:56 PM): kk
jmv91373 (6:16:03 PM): Kool
jmv91373 (6:16:11 PM): ttyl
me_me_meredith (6:16:13 PM): c u then :)
jmv91373 (9:09:00 PM): Hey there
me_me_meredith (9:09:06 PM): hey sup? :)
jmv91373 (9:09:24 PM): not much
jmv91373 (9:10:24 PM): I'm gonna go watch a movie pretty soon, so I won't be able to stay long
me_me_meredith (9:10:33 PM): kk
jmv91373 (9:10:39 PM): but you wanna still get together at 7 tomarrow (Now that the plans are in the bag, he doesn't have a whole lot of time to really \"talk\" to her. So sweet of him.)
me_me_meredith (9:10:57 PM): lol yah corse i do silly........:D u still need 2 get my addy rite?
jmv91373 (9:11:07 PM): yup yup
me_me_meredith (9:11:44 PM): *bust address*
jmv91373 (9:11:57 PM): cool
jmv91373 (9:12:03 PM): so you excited
me_me_meredith (9:12:12 PM): its tha 2n bilding
me_me_meredith (9:12:16 PM): yah! :D
me_me_meredith (9:12:18 PM): cant wate
jmv91373 (9:12:22 PM): kewl
jmv91373 (9:13:11 PM): so I'll get on tomarrow so we can talk alittle before ok
jmv91373 (9:13:41 PM): but I'm gonna have to go get in the shower and get ready to go to the movies but don't worry we gonna talk tomarrow okie dokie
jmv91373 (9:14:17 PM): ok
me_me_meredith (9:14:23 PM): kk :)
jmv91373 (9:14:33 PM): kewl we gonna have fun
jmv91373 (9:14:37 PM): tomarrow
me_me_meredith (9:14:45 PM): lol yah i know :D
jmv91373 (9:15:02 PM): I'll talk to you sometime tomarrow morning okie dokie
me_me_meredith (9:15:15 PM): kk :) byeeeeeeeeee :*
me_me_meredith (9:15:32 PM): lol


Offline Message:

jmv91373 (12:03:07 PM): Hey there, I'll be on about noon or 1 ok

jmv91373 (3:29:40 PM): are you there
me_me_meredith (3:30:20 PM): yup
jmv91373 (3:30:24 PM): cool
jmv91373 (3:30:34 PM): your momz left already
me_me_meredith (3:30:50 PM): not yet y?
jmv91373 (3:30:57 PM): just wondering
me_me_meredith (3:31:13 PM): o i c
jmv91373 (3:31:22 PM): you still want me to come over later
me_me_meredith (3:31:25 PM): y did u want 2 cum earlyer?
me_me_meredith (3:31:26 PM): yah
jmv91373 (3:31:55 PM): just seeing if it was cool to come over alittle early
me_me_meredith (3:32:06 PM): liek wut time?
jmv91373 (3:32:23 PM): it's cool 7 is still ok
me_me_meredith (3:32:59 PM): mom sez shez leavin no later then 2 u want 2 come ova at 230?
jmv91373 (3:33:41 PM): well let me go take a shower and clean up and I'll check back when I'm done
me_me_meredith (3:33:50 PM): kewl ok
me_me_meredith (3:34:00 PM): hurry :D
jmv91373 (3:34:01 PM): talk to you in alittle bit ok
me_me_meredith (3:34:05 PM): kk
jmv91373 (3:57:13 PM): Hey can I get the address again
me_me_meredith (3:58:03 PM): *bust address*
me_me_meredith (3:58:27 PM): r u gonna cum early? mom jus walk out tha door like five mins ago
jmv91373 (3:58:53 PM): I can leave as soon as I get a map if you want
me_me_meredith (3:59:04 PM): that kewl how long will it tak u?
jmv91373 (3:59:16 PM): about 45min before I get there
me_me_meredith (3:59:31 PM): kk u can cum soon as u get map.......u bringin condemz?
jmv91373 (3:59:40 PM): sure you want me too
me_me_meredith (3:59:49 PM): yah if u still wanna do wut u said
jmv91373 (4:00:00 PM): ok I'll see you in alittle while ok
me_me_meredith (4:00:03 PM): lol dont need no babiez
me_me_meredith (4:00:06 PM): hey wut car r u in?
me_me_meredith (4:00:11 PM): so i know itz u?
jmv91373 (4:00:20 PM): a blue volvo
me_me_meredith (4:00:25 PM): k kewl
me_me_meredith (4:00:27 PM): c u then! :*
me_me_meredith (4:00:29 PM): :D
jmv91373 (4:00:30 PM): see you in a bit

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