Wendell knows it's wrong, already being a RSO, but he wants to meet a 13 year old for sex.
Bust by Retired Contributor @ 10/24/2013 5:23 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Wendell W Green, 25
Yahoo IM: darkprince666_2006 [ ]
Location: Bogalusa, Louisiana
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit thedoggoesw00f, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:44:58 AM): hey care to chat
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:45:09 AM): hey care to chat
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:45:18 AM): sure asl?
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:45:52 AM): 13 / F / Prichard here
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:51:00 AM): 25/m/la
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:51:03 AM): how r u tonight
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:51:16 AM): bored.
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:51:32 AM): mom already got up and checked on me once already :P
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:51:32 AM): u got a pic or a cam
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:51:42 AM): no, shewon't let me have a cam :(
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:51:50 AM): do u have pics on here
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:52:08 AM): yeah, or I could send you a pic of me
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:52:23 AM): can u photo share it
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:52:37 AM): send the pics throughthere
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:52:43 AM): through here
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:52:57 AM): i'll send one if u send one :)
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:53:05 AM): i have a cam
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:53:13 AM): oh sweet
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:53:17 AM): ur lucky
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:53:18 AM): send it
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:54:02 AM): that's one of the more recent pics of me
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:54:15 AM): cool what other kind of pics u got
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:54:54 AM): hehe I got that one too. \m/
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:55:10 AM): u got a bf
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:55:21 AM): no :(
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:55:41 AM): have u had sex before or no if u dont mine me asking
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:56:00 AM): i'm still a virgin, r u?
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:56:07 AM): no im not
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:56:23 AM): ur honest so that's way cool
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:56:23 AM): why wont ur mom let u have the cam
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:56:40 AM): she says cams are a waste of money
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:57:10 AM): have u ever played with ur self before
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:57:38 AM): i think everyone does a little bit
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:57:46 AM): what u wearing
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:58:15 AM): right now? it's like a pink oversize tshirt and some thing shorts
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:58:21 AM): not thing THIN
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:58:33 AM): thongs or panties
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:58:44 AM): panties
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:58:51 AM): but they match!
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:59:05 AM): what would u do if i was there right now
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 1:59:36 AM): idk, I don't really know all that well yet
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 1:59:58 AM): if u know me well and i was there what would u do
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:00:12 AM): add me to your friends so i can c u on cam and what u like?
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:00:30 AM): if u know me well and i was there what would u do
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:00:41 AM): what would u want me to do?
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:00:49 AM): anything u wont
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:01:17 AM): like what do you mean?
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:01:38 AM): would u go down on me
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:02:16 AM): mebbe. I've never done that before
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:02:29 AM): other kids at school talk about doing it
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:03:06 AM): what u think
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:03:42 AM): u look tottally cool
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:03:47 AM): ty
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:04:00 AM): would u get naked if i was there
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:05:06 AM): like u would want me to be ur girlfriend?
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:05:31 AM): well ur to young
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:05:39 AM): and i can go to jail
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:05:57 AM): why would go to jail?
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:06:08 AM): cause ur 13 and im 25
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:06:54 AM): oh
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:07:05 AM): would u get naked if i was there
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:07:28 AM): if I did, would u?
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:07:35 AM): yea
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:07:42 AM): would u suck it
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:08:03 AM): i never did that 2 anyone before, so ud have to promise not laff
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:08:15 AM): ok
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:08:18 AM): idk if i'd be doing it right
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:08:22 AM): u got nude pics
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:09:04 AM): lol no. if I did my mom would kill me! so no, don't have any pics
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:10:12 AM): would u get on top of me and let my dick go in ur pussy
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:11:09 AM): I;ll brb - mom coming. going to hide under covers. turn monitor off. i'l b bac after she check on me
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:13:04 AM): back she just got a drink of water and went back 2 her bedroom
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:13:15 AM): would u get on top of me and let my dick go in ur pussy
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:13:36 AM): would u really want me to do that?
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:13:42 AM): yes
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:14:01 AM): u promise ud be gentle?
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:14:08 AM): yea
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:14:10 AM): i will
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:14:24 AM): it would b my first time and i heard somtimes it hurts the first time
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:14:42 AM): what state u in
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:14:51 AM): mississippi
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:15:02 AM): what city r u close by
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:15:15 AM): Tunica is nearby
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:15:26 AM): i'm kinda to the north of the state
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:15:36 AM): would u have phone sex with me
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:16:46 AM): i've never had phone sex b4
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:17:06 AM): besides that like so fake and not the real thing
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:17:33 AM): so
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:18:03 AM): but i could call u sometime if u like
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:18:23 AM): ok would u have phone sex with me just once
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:19:15 AM): idk. just seems so fake and dumb
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:19:37 AM): ok we can wait til we see each other in person
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:19:57 AM): that would be way better.
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:20:04 AM): ok
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:20:14 AM): u want to meet, for realz?
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:20:20 AM): yes
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:21:08 AM): cool
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:21:29 AM): then we can have sex ok
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:21:41 AM): ok, well, mebbe we can discuss more like when and were. I need 2 get to bed cuz I have school in the morning
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:22:02 AM): ok do u have a car
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:22:19 AM): Lol no, i'm only 13
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:22:29 AM): not old enuf to drive a car
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:22:48 AM): ok i would have to pick u up some where
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:23:05 AM): yeah
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:23:20 AM): ok cant wait
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:23:28 AM): ok coolness
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:23:52 AM): talk to you 2tomorrow
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:23:58 AM): ok
thedoggoesw00f (09/16/09 2:24:11 AM): gnite
darkprince666_2006 (09/16/09 2:24:17 AM): nite
thedoggoesw00f (09/24/09 1:44:34 AM): just wondering if ur serioz about getting together sometime and being my friend, or r u just messin with me?
darkprince666_2006 (09/24/09 2:44:43 AM): im serioz
darkprince666_2006 (09/24/09 2:44:44 AM): u there
darkprince666_2006 (09/24/09 2:44:46 AM):
thedoggoesw00f (09/24/09 11:32:06 PM): cool. moms been going to bed late and i half 2 get up 4 school. ill b online this weekend. maybe i c u online then?
thedoggoesw00f (09/29/09 12:28:48 AM): mom was mad at me yetrday so couldnt get online :(
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:42:54 AM): sup? mom just went 2 bed.
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:46:08 AM): u got a cam
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:46:25 AM): i wish. mom wont let me have one :(
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:46:38 AM): what u wearing right now
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:46:58 AM): my jammies.
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:47:11 AM): what u got under them
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:47:38 AM): underwear silly! lol
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:47:44 AM): what color
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:47:57 AM): pink
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:48:04 AM): r u shave
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:48:20 AM): u mean like my legs?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:48:46 AM): what about ur pussy
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:49:10 AM): i dont really got much hair there yet. just a lil
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:49:23 AM): so when r u going to do it
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:49:38 AM): do what?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:49:56 AM): have sex
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:50:30 AM): ant that what u wont when we meet
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:51:03 AM): when u wanna 2 get togther?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:51:20 AM): when can u come down here
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:51:45 AM): im not old enuf 2 drive lol.
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:52:07 AM): have ur mom to bring u down here and u can meet me somewhere
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:52:14 AM): would u let me rub ur pussy
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:52:57 AM): yeah
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:53:06 AM): then slide my dick in u
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:53:14 AM): or would u suck my dick
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:53:24 AM): as long as ur seriouz and joking with me
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:53:36 AM): jokeing about what
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:53:49 AM): if i sucked on it ud gotta promise not laff. I never did that b4
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:54:04 AM): ok i promise
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:54:11 AM): ok i promise
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:54:11 AM): then i can slide it in ur pussy
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:54:42 AM): i hear it hurts the first time, u do promise ull b gentle?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:54:50 AM): yes i will
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:54:58 AM): with out a comdom too ok
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:55:19 AM): i dont wanna get preggers!
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:55:25 AM): u wont ok i promise
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:55:51 AM): ur sure i wont?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:56:16 AM): i promise u wont ok
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:56:20 AM): k.
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:56:34 AM): so u think u can have ur mom bring u to wal mart down here
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:56:57 AM): where u live?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:57:18 AM): bogalusa
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:57:31 AM): cud i call u after i get home from school sometime?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:57:48 AM): u wont to call me right now
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:58:21 AM): i dont wanna wake mom. shed b pissed that im not n bed
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:58:33 AM): she b at work after i get home from school tho
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 12:58:45 AM): when will u be home from school
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 12:59:51 AM): prolly 5 or 6 tomrow cuz amber an i have a project were working on for class together
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:00:02 AM): can u have ur mom bring u down here tomorrow to look around wal mart
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:00:09 AM): and ill meet u there
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:00:25 AM): ok
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:00:34 AM): she has 2 work late tomorrow, prolly like a weekend
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:01:19 AM): what should i tell her, like y i wanna go 2 walmart in bolugusa?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:01:19 AM): this weekend ok promise me u will come down this weekend
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:01:32 AM): this weekend ok promise me u will come down this weekend
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:01:40 AM): i cant promise depends if my mom will bring me
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:01:50 AM): whats ur digits?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:02:18 AM): if u do would u wear a skirt with no panties under it
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:02:25 AM): ill totatly beg her to take me.
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:02:51 AM): i have lots of skirts :)
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:03:14 AM): ok dont wear no panties or thongs under it ok
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:03:37 AM): mom can b such a bitch sumtimes. Ill try 2 get her 2 bring me
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:04:01 AM): ive never gone witout panties b4. it seems a lil weird but i cud try it
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:04:18 AM): ok try it ok for me
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:04:20 AM): will u
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:04:29 AM): ok :)
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:04:54 AM): im nervous but exsited
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:05:15 AM): would u do something for me right now
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:05:28 AM): like what?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:06:25 AM): would u pul 2 figures in ur pussy right now
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:07:17 AM): u mean put them n there?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:07:29 AM): yes in ur pussy hole right now
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:07:38 AM): let me know when there in there ok
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:07:52 AM): that seems wierd 2 touch myself!
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:08:13 AM): just do it plz
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:08:25 AM): y?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:09:10 AM): for me plz just try it ok let me know when they r in u
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:09:52 AM): r they in u
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:09:54 AM): i cant type if my fingers r n there, and that just seem rong 2 touch myself
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:10:22 AM): no it ant wrong ok put 1 fingue in there ok
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:10:30 AM): let me know when its in there
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:11:19 AM): is it in u
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:11:44 AM): hey
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:11:48 AM): u there
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:11:50 AM):
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:12:00 AM): srry, thot i heard mom up
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:12:24 AM): :(
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:12:41 AM): an i gotta get up 4 school n the morning
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:12:51 AM): try it first plz
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:13:02 AM): then ill give u my number ok i promise
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:13:15 AM): let me know when u got 1 fingur in there
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:13:23 AM): i just dont want mom 2 get up and c me
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:14:22 AM): ok we will try tomorrow when u call is that ok
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:14:34 AM): ok yeah cuz mom wont b home
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:14:35 AM): would u try it tomorrow on the phone
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:14:48 AM): its *edit* ask for derrick ok
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:15:04 AM): dont call now
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:15:09 AM): k. ne one else live with u, or u just answer it?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:15:34 AM): i will answer it ok
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:15:38 AM): i cant call right now. im just afraid of mom waking up and catching me up newayz
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:15:51 AM): k
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:16:27 AM): i wanna keep chattin but im gettin tired an gotta get up 4 school in the morn
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:16:39 AM): u be home around 6, that a good time?
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:16:44 AM): ok just call when u get home ok
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:16:51 AM): kk
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:16:58 AM): bye
thedoggoesw00f (10/01/09 1:17:06 AM): have a gud nite
darkprince666_2006 (10/01/09 1:17:10 AM): ok
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:07:17 AM): srry my stupid phone card ran outta minits when i called u 2day :( I was still at ambers house an mom was home when her big sis drove me back home. i try 2 talk 2 u agin soon
darkprince666_2006 (10/02/09 12:07:46 AM): what u doing right now
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:08:02 AM): sneaking on the computer lol
darkprince666_2006 (10/02/09 12:08:25 AM): what u wearing
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:08:37 AM): we got r science project done!
darkprince666_2006 (10/02/09 12:08:43 AM): cool
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:08:49 AM): i think we gonna get an a for sure
darkprince666_2006 (10/02/09 12:10:53 AM): cool
darkprince666_2006 (10/02/09 12:10:55 AM): what u wearing
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:11:10 AM): my same jammies agin 2nite
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:12:23 AM): srry my card ran out of min but it was cool 2 hear ur voice
darkprince666_2006 (10/02/09 12:12:30 AM): yea
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:12:53 AM): i gotta use my allowance 2 buy another card
darkprince666_2006 (10/02/09 12:13:18 AM): so ur mom going to bring u down ehre
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:13:22 AM): what u been up 2 2day?
darkprince666_2006 (10/02/09 12:13:49 AM): nothing
darkprince666_2006 (10/02/09 12:13:55 AM): got me a gf
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:14:14 AM): relly?
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:14:47 AM): were u meet her?
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:23:18 AM): i did ask my mom 2day. u still serioz bout meeting?
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 12:37:21 AM): i gotta get up 4 school n the morn. if ur just playin me u suck
thedoggoesw00f (10/02/09 10:51:22 PM): wud u care if my friend amber comes? i mite b able 2 get a ride with her older sis
thedoggoesw00f (10/03/09 2:18:58 PM): miss talkin 2 u.
thedoggoesw00f (10/08/09 11:26:46 PM): havnt seen u online l8ly. how r u?

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