Paul was all talk and no walk... but then he showed!
Bust by E.L. Fudge @ 5/12/2005 7:33 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Paul, 28
Yahoo IM: buick19722001 [ ]
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit maddiemaddie9213, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Hello readers of Perverted-Justice! Meet Paul. Paul, meet the readers of Perverted-Justice. Paul showed up at the bust house in Milwaukee ' several hours late. Paul also annoyed me with his continued attempts to get the child to just talk about sex.

And so begins the chatlog. Please notethat time stamps are in EST and blank spaces are smileys.

First line (as cut off by Yahoo's archiving) was 'Hi'


maddiemaddie9213 (1:43:34 AM): hay
buick19722001(1:43:39 AM): whats up
maddiemaddie9213 (1:43:56 AM): jus hangn
maddiemaddie9213 (1:43:58 AM): u?
buick19722001(1:44:01 AM): same
maddiemaddie9213 (1:44:06 AM): asl?
buick19722001(1:44:13 AM): 23u
maddiemaddie9213 (1:44:17 AM): 13 (He's been told.)
buick19722001(1:44:21 AM): really
maddiemaddie9213 (1:44:23 AM): were u at?
buick19722001(1:44:26 AM): milw
maddiemaddie9213 (1:44:32AM): kewl me 2
buick19722001(1:44:47 AM): cool
buick19722001(1:45:00 AM): age ok or no
maddiemaddie9213 (1:45:08 AM): itz kewl i gess
buick19722001(1:45:32 AM): k
buick19722001(1:45:35 AM): u have a bf
maddiemaddie9213 (1:45:43 AM): no i dont
buick19722001(1:45:51AM): lookin
maddiemaddie9213 (1:46:10 AM): i gess so
maddiemaddie9213 (1:46:17 AM): y wud i want 1?
buick19722001(1:46:27 AM): what do u do for fun
buick19722001(1:46:30 AM): asking
maddiemaddie9213 (1:46:44 AM): i go2 da mal n da moves
buick19722001(1:46:52 AM): cool
buick19722001(1:47:02 AM): if ur 13 why up so late
buick19722001(1:47:04 AM): asking
maddiemaddie9213 (1:47:24 AM): coz im skipin skool 2 moro
maddiemaddie9213 (1:47:30 AM): momz out ov town (What kid wouldn't want to skip school?)
buick19722001(1:47:36 AM): ohh
buick19722001(1:47:51 AM): im looking for a girl to have fun with (NOT a 13 year old!)
maddiemaddie9213 (1:48:19 AM): realy?
buick19722001(1:48:27 AM): yup
maddiemaddie9213 (1:48:48 AM): wat wud u do 4 fun
buick19722001(1:49:11 AM): i mean in bed
maddiemaddie9213 (1:49:35 AM): in bed?
buick19722001(1:49:52 AM): mess around
maddiemaddie9213 (1:50:21 AM): kewl
buick19722001 (1:50:39 AM): u suck in swallow (I'm 13, you asshat.)
maddiemaddie9213 (1:51:01 AM): wats tat
buick19722001 (1:51:11 AM): u suck dick
maddiemaddie9213 (1:51:38 AM): i neva seen 1
buick19722001(1:52:26 AM): u a cop
maddiemaddie9213 (1:52:44 AM): no
maddiemaddie9213 (1:52:44 AM): y?
buick19722001(1:52:55 AM): asking
maddiemaddie9213 (1:53:07 AM): o k
buick19722001 (1:53:34 AM): u ever made love
maddiemaddie9213 (1:53:57 AM): not realy my las bf n me kised n stuf
buick19722001(1:54:03 AM): k
buick19722001 (1:54:10 AM): what size bra do u wear (I need a copy of the 'handbook')
maddiemaddie9213 (1:54:39 AM): i gess im n a
buick19722001 (1:54:49 AM): im 7 in thick'
buick19722001 (1:56:13 AM): u ever have ur pussy licked
maddiemaddie9213 (1:56:45 AM): wats a pussy iznt that a kitty? u no 1 wit fur? (I crack myself up.)
buick19722001(1:57:10 AM): no
buick19722001 (1:57:51 AM): u want me to do u (Subtle much?)
maddiemaddie9213 (1:58:19 AM): ok
buick19722001(1:58:25 AM): do what
maddiemaddie9213 (1:58:52 AM): i duno
buick19722001(1:59:20 AM): what street u on
maddiemaddie9213 (1:59:31 AM): cn i cal u 1st
buick19722001(1:59:50 AM): can i call u
maddiemaddie9213 (2:00:35 AM): mom lox the caler id
maddiemaddie9213 (2:00:40 AM): n she wil see
buick19722001(2:01:21 AM): ill *67 it
maddiemaddie9213 (2:01:37 AM): mom blockd teh block
maddiemaddie9213 (2:01:41 AM): coz dad kept calin
maddiemaddie9213 (2:01:45 AM): n she dint want him2
buick19722001(2:01:54 AM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (2:02:08 AM): so plz cn i cal u?
buick19722001(2:02:22 AM): u have voice chat
maddiemaddie9213 (2:02:33 AM): no mom tuk my mic n broke it
buick19722001(2:02:55 AM): i cant give out this number
maddiemaddie9213 (2:03:00 AM): y not?
maddiemaddie9213 (2:03:11 AM): jus real quick?? so i cn no ur real?
buick19722001(2:03:18 AM): not my place
buick19722001(2:03:21 AM): im real
buick19722001(2:03:27 AM): are \u
maddiemaddie9213 (2:03:33 AM): yes
maddiemaddie9213 (2:03:44 AM): i realy wana make sure b4 i give u my adres
buick19722001(2:03:50 AM): im on 13 th st
maddiemaddie9213 (2:04:23 AM): ya but i realy wana cal u 1st plzzzzzzzzz
maddiemaddie9213 (2:05:02 AM):
buick19722001(2:05:37 AM): ok this is my friends place u just call 1 time im never here,ok\
maddiemaddie9213 (2:06:06 AM): ok i promis
maddiemaddie9213 (2:06:09 AM): 1 time
buick19722001(2:06:25 AM): whats ur number
buick19722001(2:06:29 AM): so i know]
maddiemaddie9213 (2:06:58 AM): i tole u im afraid 2 give it
maddiemaddie9213 (2:07:13 AM): i dun wan u 2 cal n it 2 sho
maddiemaddie9213 (2:07:22 AM): n mom has all cals go to her cel
buick19722001(2:07:27 AM): if u want me to call u 1 time i will
maddiemaddie9213 (2:07:37 AM): i wana cal u 1 time
buick19722001(2:07:47 AM): what are u going to say
maddiemaddie9213 (2:07:47 AM): jus 1 time
maddiemaddie9213 (2:07:56 AM): jus hi n how r u
maddiemaddie9213 (2:08:07 AM): ten we cn get on her
maddiemaddie9213 (2:08:12 AM): n i'll give u my adres
buick19722001(2:08:28 AM): u drive
maddiemaddie9213 (2:08:32 AM): im maddie by ta way
maddiemaddie9213 (2:08:39 AM): im 13 sily
buick19722001 (2:08:43 AM): paul
maddiemaddie9213 (2:08:43 AM): i dun drive yet
buick19722001(2:09:18 AM): i really cant give this number out
buick19722001(2:09:20 AM): u know
maddiemaddie9213 (2:09:31 AM): plzzz i promis it wil be 1 time
buick19722001(2:09:41 AM): but im never here
maddiemaddie9213 (2:09:50 AM): jus tis 1 time
buick19722001(2:09:55 AM): we are only playing ps2
buick19722001(2:11:04 AM): u have a cam
maddiemaddie9213 (2:11:22 AM): no my frien kayla haz 1 but im not there
buick19722001(2:11:33 AM): k
buick19722001(2:11:52 AM): frist what street u on
maddiemaddie9213 (2:13:00 AM): y u wana kno? 2 be sure im 4 real?
maddiemaddie9213 (2:13:16 AM): im on ()
buick19722001(2:13:21 AM): yup not a cop
maddiemaddie9213 (2:13:34 AM): im def not a cop (Better yet, I'm working with Perverted-Justice and a TV crew!)
buick19722001(2:13:40 AM): how do i know
maddiemaddie9213 (2:13:50 AM): u cn come ova n see
maddiemaddie9213 (2:13:57 AM): r u cn let me cal
buick19722001(2:14:42 AM): () 1 time throw this number way please
buick19722001(2:14:49 AM): please
maddiemaddie9213 (2:14:59 AM): i promize
maddiemaddie9213 (2:15:10 AM): wats teh area code
buick19722001(2:15:23 AM): what area code u have
buick19722001(2:15:36 AM): u in milw
maddiemaddie9213 (2:15:38 AM): ya
maddiemaddie9213 (2:15:50 AM): ova in menomonee falls
buick19722001(2:15:55 AM): k
buick19722001(2:15:59 AM): 414
maddiemaddie9213 (2:16:28 AM): k i gota get off 2 cal ok? cn i ad u 1st?
buick19722001(2:16:49 AM): k
buick19722001(2:17:11 AM): 2 mins
buick19722001(2:17:33 AM): call me ,k
maddiemaddie9213 (2:17:51 AM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (2:18:02 AM): getin off gota grab teh fone
buick19722001(2:18:08 AM): k

Verified ' Thank you to my wonderful verifier.

maddiemaddie9213 (2:22:34 AM): sory my fone died
maddiemaddie9213 (2:23:22 AM):
buick19722001(2:25:48 AM): why did it died
buick19722001(2:26:16 AM): do i sound ok
maddiemaddie9213 (2:26:25 AM): u sound cute?
buick19722001(2:26:30 AM): thanks
maddiemaddie9213 (2:26:31 AM): wat u think of me?
buick19722001(2:26:40 AM): sound cute
buick19722001(2:27:05 AM): why di ur phone die
maddiemaddie9213 (2:27:19 AM): coz i 4got 2 put it on ta chrger
buick19722001(2:27:39 AM): k
buick19722001(2:27:56 AM): so whats up
buick19722001(2:30:03 AM): u busy
maddiemaddie9213 (2:30:20 AM): not realy
maddiemaddie9213 (2:30:25 AM): u gona come ova?
buick19722001(2:30:29 AM): when
maddiemaddie9213 (2:31:02 AM): momz out ov town til fri
buick19722001(2:31:10 AM): k
buick19722001(2:31:14 AM): how tall are u
maddiemaddie9213 (2:31:21 AM): im smal
maddiemaddie9213 (2:31:24 AM): like under 5 ft
buick19722001(2:31:30 AM): k
buick19722001(2:31:39 AM): what do u want to do
maddiemaddie9213 (2:32:05 AM): we cn wach a movie
buick19722001(2:32:15 AM): after that
maddiemaddie9213 (2:32:41 AM): u gona bring me food or cn we order piza?
buick19722001(2:33:04 AM): maddie did u throw the number away
maddiemaddie9213 (2:33:29 AM): yes i did
buick19722001(2:33:37 AM): please maddie did u
maddiemaddie9213 (2:33:46 AM): i promized i wud
maddiemaddie9213 (2:33:48 AM): n i did (See.. I really didToo bad your cellphone number appears later.)
buick19722001(2:33:53 AM): k, thanku
maddiemaddie9213 (2:34:05 AM): i riped it into litle pieces n throu it away
buick19722001(2:34:13 AM): thanku
maddiemaddie9213 (2:34:36 AM): im gona slep in 2 morow
maddiemaddie9213 (2:34:43 AM): u wana come 2 moro aftrnoon?
buick19722001(2:35:00 AM): u want to mess around
maddiemaddie9213 (2:35:06 AM): if u want 2
buick19722001(2:35:16 AM): what do u know haow to do
maddiemaddie9213 (2:35:46 AM): kiss
buick19722001(2:35:58 AM): im tall6 ' 4
maddiemaddie9213 (2:36:01 AM): wow
maddiemaddie9213 (2:36:04 AM): kewl
buick19722001(2:36:37 AM): u wan to do it
maddiemaddie9213 (2:36:45 AM): ok
buick19722001 (2:37:00 AM): im 7 in ch thick (Anyone want to do the conversion for me?)
maddiemaddie9213 (2:37:08 AM): wow realy?
buick19722001(2:37:12 AM): yup
maddiemaddie9213 (2:37:14 AM): kewl
maddiemaddie9213 (2:37:21 AM): u got a cam r ne thing
buick19722001 (2:37:30 AM): u know how to suck a dick
maddiemaddie9213 (2:37:44 AM): no
maddiemaddie9213 (2:37:51 AM): but u gona tech me?
buick19722001(2:38:16 AM): u want to im not going to make u do it if u dont want to u know
maddiemaddie9213 (2:38:31 AM): ok
buick19722001 (2:38:59 AM): want to put tha in u
maddiemaddie9213 (2:39:28 AM): if u want 2
maddiemaddie9213 (2:39:33 AM): jus dun hurt me
buick19722001(2:39:38 AM): k,
buick19722001 (2:40:02 AM): got to get u wet frist pussy with u slowly put in in u
maddiemaddie9213 (2:40:20 AM): ok
buick19722001(2:40:53 AM): where do u live at around
maddiemaddie9213 (2:41:14 AM): (address edit)
maddiemaddie9213 (2:41:30 AM): (itz in menomonee falls)
buick19722001(2:41:34 AM): have no idea where that is
maddiemaddie9213 (2:42:14 AM): (directions)
maddiemaddie9213 (2:42:51 AM): (directions)
buick19722001(2:42:56 AM): i have no wheels now (Because you are a poor excuse for a human being?)
maddiemaddie9213 (2:43:00 AM):
buick19722001(2:43:02 AM): i can try to
maddiemaddie9213 (2:43:07 AM): plz try
buick19722001(2:43:18 AM): really maddie what do u want to do
maddiemaddie9213 (2:43:42 AM): i duno just wach a movie wit sum1 n not be alone
buick19722001(2:44:03 AM): k
buick19722001 (2:44:38 AM): do u really want to mess around or no just asking
maddiemaddie9213 (2:44:44 AM): ()
maddiemaddie9213 (2:44:54 AM): if u want 2 i want 2
buick19722001(2:45:06 AM): tell me what u want to do
maddiemaddie9213 (2:45:07 AM): Turn right on ().
maddiemaddie9213 (2:45:22 AM): my hse iz the 3rd 1 on teh left
maddiemaddie9213 (2:46:09 AM): ()
maddiemaddie9213 (2:46:11 AM): c?
buick19722001(2:46:42 AM): hey what do u really want to do
maddiemaddie9213 (2:46:49 AM): jus hang
maddiemaddie9213 (2:47:00 AM): mebbe hug n stuf
buick19722001 (2:47:38 AM): do u plan , and pull it out on me
maddiemaddie9213 (2:47:44 AM): no
maddiemaddie9213 (2:47:56 AM): im not jokin
maddiemaddie9213 (2:47:59 AM): i promiz (Really.the cameras never lie!)
buick19722001(2:48:13 AM): what if u tell me to
maddiemaddie9213 (2:48:34 AM): tel u to do wat?
buick19722001(2:48:40 AM): pull it out
maddiemaddie9213 (2:49:09 AM): if u want me 2 il tel u 2 do tat
buick19722001 (2:49:43 AM): would u suck it
maddiemaddie9213 (2:50:01 AM): if u wanted me 2 ya
buick19722001(2:50:08 AM): how long for
maddiemaddie9213 (2:50:15 AM): as long as u wanted
buick19722001 (2:50:34 AM): can i hold ur head down when u do it
maddiemaddie9213 (2:50:46 AM): ok
buick19722001 (2:50:58 AM): u swalllow cumm
maddiemaddie9213 (2:51:13 AM): neva tried neva saw a dick b4
buick19722001 (2:51:32 AM): k would u like a dick in u
maddiemaddie9213 (2:51:43 AM): if u r teh 1 to do it
buick19722001(2:52:00 AM): ??
maddiemaddie9213 (2:52:47 AM): u gona be teh 1 2 do it?
buick19722001(2:53:28 AM): i got to tell u how to do it
maddiemaddie9213 (2:54:14 AM): ya coz i dun no
buick19722001(2:54:18 AM): k
buick19722001(2:54:31 AM): u r pussy put in there
maddiemaddie9213 (2:54:36 AM): wat time u gona come 2 moro?
buick19722001(2:54:51 AM): dont know
maddiemaddie9213 (2:55:06 AM): 2?
maddiemaddie9213 (2:55:10 AM): afta lunch?
maddiemaddie9213 (2:55:15 AM): il be up ten
buick19722001 (2:55:20 AM): would u have 2 guys do u
maddiemaddie9213 (2:55:28 AM): ya
buick19722001(2:55:35 AM): u would
maddiemaddie9213 (2:55:43 AM): if 1 wuz u
buick19722001(2:55:51 AM): k
buick19722001(2:55:55 AM): 7 guys
maddiemaddie9213 (2:56:11 AM): y 7?
buick19722001(2:56:21 AM): joikng just me
maddiemaddie9213 (2:56:30 AM): ok hehehe
maddiemaddie9213 (2:56:36 AM): so u gona come at 2?
maddiemaddie9213 (2:56:45 AM): or wana come l8r
buick19722001(2:57:02 AM): i have to see if i can get so wheels
maddiemaddie9213 (2:57:14 AM): wen wil u kno
buick19722001(2:57:27 AM): some time tomrrow
maddiemaddie9213 (2:58:01 AM): cn u mesage me?
maddiemaddie9213 (2:58:03 AM): n let me kno
buick19722001(2:58:06 AM): sure
maddiemaddie9213 (2:58:19 AM): cn u try 2 be her at 2
buick19722001(2:58:33 AM): i dont know like to be
maddiemaddie9213 (2:58:34 AM): but 6 pm iz kewl 2
maddiemaddie9213 (2:58:49 AM): ten we cn do diner
buick19722001(2:59:10 AM): we can make something there
maddiemaddie9213 (2:59:14 AM): ya
maddiemaddie9213 (2:59:16 AM): so 6?
buick19722001(2:59:21 AM): ill see
buick19722001(2:59:23 AM): ,k
maddiemaddie9213 (2:59:26 AM): ok
buick19722001(2:59:47 AM): u really want to do this mess aorund
maddiemaddie9213 (2:59:59 AM): if u want too i want too
buick19722001(3:00:18 AM): i want to know what u want to do
maddiemaddie9213 (3:01:00 AM): i do
maddiemaddie9213 (3:02:04 AM): i promize
maddiemaddie9213 (3:02:11 AM): im gona go 2 bed now
buick19722001(3:03:14 AM): k, i was just looking at the map
maddiemaddie9213 (3:03:30 AM): kewl
buick19722001 (3:04:07 AM): u want to ride me , that is where u sit on my dick till u cumm (Thanks for the details!)
maddiemaddie9213 (3:05:24 AM): ok
maddiemaddie9213 (3:05:31 AM): cn u come at 5 in sted?
maddiemaddie9213 (3:05:48 AM): tat way we hav time 2 cook diner n hav fun
buick19722001(3:06:16 AM): ill see if i can get some wheels ,k
maddiemaddie9213 (3:06:23 AM): ok
buick19722001(3:06:29 AM): 3 house on the right or left
maddiemaddie9213 (3:06:42 AM): left
buick19722001(3:07:27 AM): () rd then take a right , down the road then 3 house on the left
maddiemaddie9213 (3:07:57 AM): yup
buick19722001(3:08:11 AM): meet me on about 1 ,k
maddiemaddie9213 (3:08:24 AM): k i promize i be here
buick19722001 (3:08:27 AM): u know im 27 (But you lied to me??? You told me 23...)
buick19722001(3:08:30 AM): right
maddiemaddie9213 (3:08:36 AM): yep
buick19722001(3:08:54 AM): are u just looking to get fuck or what just asking
maddiemaddie9213 (3:09:08 AM): im lokin to hav fun
buick19722001(3:09:13 AM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (3:09:24 AM): c u tomoro at 1 online rite?
buick19722001(3:09:36 AM): k what are u going to do now
maddiemaddie9213 (3:09:42 AM): go 2 bed
buick19722001(3:09:59 AM): k, ill see u on tomor, k
maddiemaddie9213 (3:10:19 AM): k
buick19722001(3:10:26 AM): good night cutey
maddiemaddie9213 (3:10:33 AM): nite nite!!
buick19722001(3:10:39 AM): k
buick19722001(3:20:14 AM): are u still give to have some one comeover now
maddiemaddie9213 (3:20:59 AM): 4 got 2 chek my mail
maddiemaddie9213 (3:21:06 AM): 2morow ok?
maddiemaddie9213 (3:21:09 AM): 5 pm rite?
buick19722001(3:21:15 AM): i hope
maddiemaddie9213 (3:21:15 AM): n i met u her at 1 rite?
buick19722001(3:21:25 AM): yup
maddiemaddie9213 (3:21:29 AM):
buick19722001(3:21:42 AM): k, at 1

Same day, just 12 hours later:

maddiemaddie9213 (3:44:56 PM): woa dood i way ova slept(I really did!)
buick19722001(3:45:11 PM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (3:45:19 PM): u guna come
buick19722001(3:45:39 PM): im trying to getwheels
maddiemaddie9213 (3:45:57 PM): cnt u get a taxi r sumthin
buick19722001(3:46:54 PM): they would charger to much for that
buick19722001(3:47:22 PM): would ur girlfriend mess around too
maddiemaddie9213 (3:47:48 PM): i cn ask hr
buick19722001(3:47:48 PM): orjust u
buick19722001(3:48:03 PM): how about just u
maddiemaddie9213 (3:49:06 PM): ok it wil b just me
buick19722001(3:49:15 PM): k
buick19722001(3:49:42 PM): have u ever play with ur self before
maddiemaddie9213 (3:50:02 PM): no not realy
maddiemaddie9213 (3:50:13 PM): wat wil u be wering wen u come?
buick19722001(3:50:38 PM): pant shrit
buick19722001(3:50:48 PM): what will u b wearing
maddiemaddie9213 (3:51:06 PM): u sed u want me 2 were a skirt rite?
buick19722001(3:51:41 PM): never did
maddiemaddie9213 (3:52:42 PM): i thot tats wat u sed
buick19722001(3:52:43 PM): how bad u want me
maddiemaddie9213 (3:53:46 PM): wel i wnt u to come ova
buick19722001(3:53:58 PM): me too
buick19722001 (3:54:11 PM): u want me to eat u out
maddiemaddie9213 (3:54:22 PM): if u wud want tat
buick19722001 (3:54:33 PM): lick ur pussy till u cumm
buick19722001 (3:54:44 PM): r u shaved or no (Getting really sick of you stalling and talking dirty.)
maddiemaddie9213 (3:55:10 PM): i dun hav har
buick19722001(3:55:23 PM): k
buick19722001(3:55:56 PM): ill be back in alittle bit,k im going to see if i can get some wheels ,k
maddiemaddie9213 (3:56:24 PM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (3:56:28 PM): let me no
buick19722001(3:56:34 PM): i will
buick19722001(3:56:48 PM): k

And still later that same day:

maddiemaddie9213 (5:06:12 PM): u gona com??????
buick19722001(5:17:20 PM): hi
maddiemaddie9213 (5:17:26 PM): hay!!
buick19722001(5:17:39 PM): cant find any
maddiemaddie9213 (5:17:48 PM): wat about 2 moro?
buick19722001(5:17:56 PM): can u take a cab
maddiemaddie9213 (5:18:01 PM): no
buick19722001(5:18:11 PM): i want u
maddiemaddie9213 (5:18:19 PM): so com 2 my house
buick19722001(5:18:58 PM): i want u to see me and do me
maddiemaddie9213 (5:19:29 PM): i want 2 c u 2
maddiemaddie9213 (5:20:03 PM): plz fin sum wheels
buick19722001(5:20:53 PM): im trying
buick19722001(5:21:15 PM): u want to do it in ur bed
maddiemaddie9213 (5:21:27 PM): if u want 2
buick19722001 (5:21:46 PM): u want me to fuck u in the ass
maddiemaddie9213 (5:21:53 PM): if u want 2
buick19722001(5:22:00 PM): will u like it
maddiemaddie9213 (5:22:10 PM): i duno neva tried
buick19722001(5:22:13 PM): k
buick19722001(5:22:27 PM): how long u want to mess around for
buick19722001(5:22:37 PM): as soon as i get there
maddiemaddie9213 (5:22:39 PM): as long as u want
maddiemaddie9213 (5:22:42 PM): ya
maddiemaddie9213 (5:22:48 PM): were u liv agin
buick19722001(5:22:51 PM): milw
buick19722001(5:23:09 PM): why
maddiemaddie9213 (5:23:18 PM): i 4 got ur st
buick19722001 (5:23:29 PM): 13 th st
maddiemaddie9213 (5:23:38 PM): o rite
buick19722001(5:23:54 PM): ur phone work
maddiemaddie9213 (5:24:07 PM): it stil chargin
maddiemaddie9213 (5:24:23 PM): i got mony if u com in a taxi
buick19722001(5:24:24 PM): how long has it been on
maddiemaddie9213 (5:24:46 PM): jus a few hrs i 4got 2 put it on wen i wen to bed'
buick19722001(5:24:56 PM): how much u have
maddiemaddie9213 (5:25:50 PM): um lemme chk
maddiemaddie9213 (5:26:42 PM): i got 20 bux my mom lef me 4 pizza
buick19722001(5:27:22 PM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (5:27:35 PM): u cn hav it
buick19722001(5:27:42 PM): no baby
buick19722001(5:27:47 PM): thats urs
maddiemaddie9213 (5:28:00 PM): but 4 ur cab
buick19722001(5:28:13 PM): stay on ,k brb on ,k
maddiemaddie9213 (5:28:18 PM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (5:38:51 PM): u fin nething?
buick19722001 (5:49:05 PM): hey call a cab see how much it would be from 13 in morgan in milw to ur house,k
maddiemaddie9213 (5:49:56 PM): cnt u cal a cab n fin out?
buick19722001(5:50:25 PM): i did call of people to find out please
maddiemaddie9213 (5:50:56 PM): ok im getin teh fone bool
maddiemaddie9213 (5:50:59 PM): book
maddiemaddie9213 (5:55:56 PM): tey said 45 dolars\
buick19722001(5:56:25 PM): lol fuck that to much,lol
maddiemaddie9213 (5:56:31 PM):
maddiemaddie9213 (5:56:34 PM):
buick19722001(5:56:55 PM): i know i still see if i can find a ride ,k
buick19722001(5:57:31 PM): u really want me there
maddiemaddie9213 (5:57:45 PM): yes
buick19722001(5:58:19 PM): u just want me there so we can have sex fun
maddiemaddie9213 (5:58:28 PM): i cn giv u my 20 dolars
maddiemaddie9213 (5:58:32 PM): if u come
buick19722001(5:59:04 PM): i dont want ur money
buick19722001(5:59:20 PM): whos all there now
maddiemaddie9213 (5:59:33 PM): no1
maddiemaddie9213 (5:59:37 PM): jus me
buick19722001(5:59:45 PM): all night just u
maddiemaddie9213 (5:59:54 PM): just me
maddiemaddie9213 (5:59:59 PM): cn u come later like 7?
buick19722001(6:00:05 PM): ill try
buick19722001 (6:00:23 PM): u know if we get in trouble i go to jail (
Cearly, he knows its wrong.

buick19722001 (6:00:31 PM): because ur to young
maddiemaddie9213 (6:00:32 PM): no 1 wil kno
buick19722001 (6:00:49 PM): u know that right cutey
maddiemaddie9213 (6:01:13 PM): ya
buick19722001(6:01:39 PM): i just got that bad feeling about this
maddiemaddie9213 (6:02:18 PM): fin dont com
maddiemaddie9213 (6:02:21 PM): bye dood (Pulled hardball here.)
buick19722001(6:02:26 PM): i want to
maddiemaddie9213 (6:02:33 PM): ten take a cab now
buick19722001(6:02:45 PM): i dont have 45
buick19722001(6:02:50 PM): u just got 20
buick19722001(6:03:46 PM): im waiting for my friend to come on the computer to see if he can take me by u
maddiemaddie9213 (6:04:04 PM): mom also gave me 30 dollars 4 my alowance this month
buick19722001(6:04:44 PM): u just want me or me a other guy
maddiemaddie9213 (6:04:56 PM): wateva u want
maddiemaddie9213 (6:05:56 PM): i dun think ur comin
maddiemaddie9213 (6:06:03 PM): bye dood u hurt my felings (And the camera is sobbing too.)
buick19722001(6:06:08 PM): im trying really
buick19722001(6:06:20 PM): i ewant to really
maddiemaddie9213 (6:06:25 PM): ten get in a cab
buick19722001(6:06:41 PM): 1 min cutey
maddiemaddie9213 (6:09:39 PM): ?
maddiemaddie9213 (6:11:15 PM): itz ben more tan a minit
buick19722001(6:11:20 PM): im here
buick19722001(6:12:22 PM): hey baby would u do it with a girl to
maddiemaddie9213 (6:12:31 PM): if u want me 2
buick19722001(6:13:02 PM): will u like pussy
maddiemaddie9213 (6:13:09 PM): i duno
maddiemaddie9213 (6:13:17 PM): get in cab r i wont talk 2 u
buick19722001(6:13:32 PM): asking what u want to do
maddiemaddie9213 (6:13:37 PM): bye dood
buick19722001(6:13:40 PM): so i can get a ride to u
maddiemaddie9213 (6:14:14 PM): u rnt serius
buick19722001(6:14:19 PM): yes
maddiemaddie9213 (6:14:23 PM): bye
buick19722001(6:14:35 PM): u want to me to come right
maddiemaddie9213 (6:14:39 PM): yes
maddiemaddie9213 (6:14:44 PM): wen u gona show up
buick19722001(6:15:09 PM): about 7
maddiemaddie9213 (6:15:30 PM): not now?
maddiemaddie9213 (6:16:46 PM): ?
buick19722001(6:16:58 PM): now or at 7
maddiemaddie9213 (6:17:08 PM): wel i thot u wud com now
buick19722001(6:17:25 PM): im trying to geta ride
maddiemaddie9213 (6:18:03 PM): ta nebor chex on me at 645 so cn u com at 715
buick19722001(6:18:36 PM): i hope ill still try to get some wheels ,k baby
maddiemaddie9213 (6:18:45 PM): if u not tere at 715 im not gona talk 2 u
maddiemaddie9213 (6:18:50 PM): get in cab r sumthin
buick19722001(6:19:01 PM): u want it that bad
maddiemaddie9213 (6:19:09 PM): bye dood
maddiemaddie9213 (6:19:15 PM): u hurt my feelings
maddiemaddie9213 (6:19:18 PM): dont com
maddiemaddie9213 (6:19:19 PM): bye
buick19722001(6:19:21 PM): no really cute u want me that bad
buick19722001(6:19:53 PM): u want to do it that bad cutey
maddiemaddie9213 (6:20:20 PM): im not tellin u coz u r mean
maddiemaddie9213 (6:20:23 PM): bye
buick19722001(6:20:36 PM): i mean
buick19722001(6:21:08 PM): ill to see if i can use my friend car
buick19722001(6:21:09 PM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (6:21:45 PM): cal ur frien
buick19722001(6:21:50 PM): brb
maddiemaddie9213 (6:24:49 PM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (6:29:23 PM): u tere?
maddiemaddie9213 (6:31:28 PM): ??
buick19722001(6:31:46 PM): im on the phone cutey
maddiemaddie9213 (6:31:49 PM): ok
maddiemaddie9213 (6:36:39 PM): hay cn u com at 7 insted of 715 teh nebor wil be home at 630 insted of 645
maddiemaddie9213 (6:36:58 PM): so she com ova wen she drive from work jus to make sure im ok
buick19722001(6:38:26 PM): 28m milw u
buick19722001(6:38:41 PM): hey i think i got 1
maddiemaddie9213 (6:39:01 PM): kewl
maddiemaddie9213 (6:39:05 PM): so 7pm?
buick19722001(6:39:10 PM): i hope
buick19722001(6:39:12 PM): ya
maddiemaddie9213 (6:39:17 PM): realy 4 sure?
buick19722001(6:39:33 PM): ya i hope i have to call back,k
maddiemaddie9213 (6:39:51 PM): promize u wil be here
buick19722001(6:40:18 PM): ill try hope hes going to be here
buick19722001(6:40:24 PM): ill pm u
maddiemaddie9213 (6:40:27 PM): u wil be borowing ur frien car rite?
buick19722001(6:40:37 PM): ya
maddiemaddie9213 (6:40:41 PM): wen wil u pm me?
maddiemaddie9213 (6:41:23 PM): how wil i kno its u?
buick19722001(6:41:55 PM): il pm u
maddiemaddie9213 (6:42:12 PM): wen
maddiemaddie9213 (6:42:19 PM): wat time
buick19722001(6:45:38 PM): u want me and my buddy to do u
maddiemaddie9213 (6:46:25 PM): bye dood ur not gona com
buick19722001(6:46:34 PM): really im asking u
maddiemaddie9213 (6:46:36 PM): bye
buick19722001(6:46:46 PM): really my friend wants to know
maddiemaddie9213 (6:46:54 PM): if ur budy wants 2
maddiemaddie9213 (6:47:32 PM): ya i wil
buick19722001(6:47:38 PM): hes thinking
buick19722001(6:47:46 PM): hes here with me
buick19722001(6:48:34 PM): we take turns
buick19722001(6:48:38 PM): 1 on 1
maddiemaddie9213 (6:48:41 PM): ya ok
buick19722001(6:48:48 PM): hes asking
maddiemaddie9213 (6:48:54 PM): if he want 2
buick19722001(6:49:04 PM): how big are ur nipples
maddiemaddie9213 (6:49:20 PM): smal like a cup
buick19722001(6:49:54 PM): are u a a cup
maddiemaddie9213 (6:49:58 PM): ya
buick19722001(6:50:02 PM): is there a number on there
maddiemaddie9213 (6:50:02 PM): but barly
maddiemaddie9213 (6:50:14 PM): itz a trainin bra
maddiemaddie9213 (6:50:52 PM): u gona com?
buick19722001(6:51:46 PM): mmm
buick19722001(6:52:01 PM): he might little money for gas
buick19722001(6:52:04 PM): 10
maddiemaddie9213 (6:52:10 PM): ok he cn hav 10
maddiemaddie9213 (6:52:17 PM): n we cn get piza with my alowance
buick19722001 (6:52:49 PM): how we going to eat pussy when we are going to be fucking, cutey
buick19722001(6:52:58 PM): pizza
maddiemaddie9213 (6:52:59 PM): take turnz?
maddiemaddie9213 (6:53:09 PM): i duno
maddiemaddie9213 (6:53:13 PM): we got al nite rite?
buick19722001(6:55:24 PM): really no cops
buick19722001(6:55:47 PM): u there
maddiemaddie9213 (6:55:56 PM): i promiz
maddiemaddie9213 (6:55:57 PM): no cops
buick19722001(6:56:05 PM): how do i know
buick19722001(6:56:08 PM): asking
maddiemaddie9213 (6:56:17 PM): i cn cal u
buick19722001] (6:56:50 PM): 5174423
maddiemaddie9213 (6:56:57 PM): 414 rite?
buick19722001(6:57:01 PM): yup (That's 414-517-4423.)
maddiemaddie9213 (6:57:58 PM): ok brb gota get fone it may die
maddiemaddie9213 (6:58:15 PM): ok brb

Verified again.

buick19722001(7:02:11 PM): u there
buick19722001(7:03:24 PM): u there
maddiemaddie9213 (7:03:43 PM): woa fone cut out
maddiemaddie9213 (7:03:50 PM): im her
buick19722001(7:04:08 PM): did u hang up or did my phone
maddiemaddie9213 (7:04:14 PM): my fone cut out
maddiemaddie9213 (7:04:20 PM): it died
maddiemaddie9213 (7:04:24 PM):
buick19722001(7:04:56 PM): why is that we chat 4 a little bit like to day yesterday it did that 2
maddiemaddie9213 (7:05:14 PM): coz i tole u i 4 got 2 put te fon back on teh charg
buick19722001(7:05:21 PM): we are kind of afraid u know to do this
maddiemaddie9213 (7:05:34 PM): wel im excited
maddiemaddie9213 (7:05:40 PM): i realy want 2 do this
buick19722001(7:05:52 PM): just me and u then
maddiemaddie9213 (7:06:10 PM): n ur frien rite?
buick19722001(7:06:32 PM): my buddy said he will just sitt watch tv
maddiemaddie9213 (7:06:39 PM): ok
buick19722001(7:06:47 PM): and and u then
maddiemaddie9213 (7:06:57 PM): yep me n u
buick19722001(7:07:07 PM): k,
buick19722001(7:07:33 PM): just take () rd to () then a right 3 house on the left
maddiemaddie9213 (7:08:02 PM): yep
buick19722001(7:08:37 PM): what color is the house
maddiemaddie9213 (7:08:47 PM): itz a tan house
maddiemaddie9213 (7:09:01 PM): teh #'s r on teh front
maddiemaddie9213 (7:12:07 PM): so u definitely comin?
maddiemaddie9213 (7:12:11 PM): i'm excited!!!!
buick19722001(7:12:48 PM): if he ask to do any thing just say me u want me ,k
buick19722001(7:13:03 PM): he really dont want to do anything
maddiemaddie9213 (7:13:05 PM): ok i promize
buick19722001(7:13:24 PM): i hope ever is going to be ok
maddiemaddie9213 (7:13:34 PM): it wil i promis!!
buick19722001(7:14:01 PM): how do i know for sure im just looking out 4 u and me
maddiemaddie9213 (7:14:31 PM): coz i calld u sily i tol u ther r no cops
buick19722001(7:14:48 PM): little after 7 k
maddiemaddie9213 (7:15:03 PM): promis 2 be there at 7?
buick19722001(7:15:13 PM): little after 7
buick19722001(7:15:26 PM): 7 10 15 latest
buick19722001(7:15:48 PM): ok
maddiemaddie9213 (7:15:57 PM): ok
maddiemaddie9213 (7:16:02 PM): i cnt wait 2 c u!!
buick19722001(7:16:16 PM): address
maddiemaddie9213 (7:17:18 PM): ()
buick19722001(7:17:54 PM): why do u want me bad (Insert frustration with his constant questioning and delaying.)
buick19722001(7:17:59 PM): hmmmmm
maddiemaddie9213 (7:18:33 PM): coz im alone n i want sum 1 to com ova
buick19722001(7:18:49 PM): where we going to do it at
maddiemaddie9213 (7:19:40 PM): my bed?
maddiemaddie9213 (7:19:41 PM): brb
buick19722001(7:21:32 PM): whos there
maddiemaddie9213 (7:21:58 PM): i hada go get ta mail from ta mailbox
buick19722001(7:22:25 PM): u really want me to come there
maddiemaddie9213 (7:22:33 PM): yes i do
maddiemaddie9213 (7:22:51 PM): i realy realy realy realy want u 2
buick19722001(7:23:11 PM): k, order the pizza 4 u put 10 aside ,k please
maddiemaddie9213 (7:23:41 PM): k i promiz
maddiemaddie9213 (7:23:53 PM): 710 rite?
buick19722001(7:24:33 PM): 7 15 or 20
buick19722001(7:24:34 PM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (7:24:46 PM): u sed 710
buick19722001(7:24:58 PM): latest 15 or 20
buick19722001(7:25:01 PM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (7:25:07 PM): com at 710
buick19722001(7:25:10 PM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (7:25:15 PM): 715 at latest
buick19722001(7:25:18 PM): k
buick19722001(7:25:41 PM): k
maddiemaddie9213 (7:25:52 PM): ok?
maddiemaddie9213 (7:25:59 PM): c u then!!!!!!

He eventually showed, after getting lost 3 times and 2 hours later.

Later that night, before he realized how famous he is, he sent me this:


buick19722001(12:23:06 AM): channel 4 if u are there i am very very truely sorry for my actions, people sure not live like this worried about there kids ,i know what i said,just really sorry on what happen tonight ,i am never going on the computer again, when i walk in there did not want to something was wrong, when u guys came out with the cams u know.i was very afraid, and i should be, i would never want that to happen if i have a daughter. im very truely sorry when i got home tonight i want to send this to u this not computer,u have stil me straight,i feel really dritty i feel like shit,i hope that u forgive me.i sorry

Well, readers, that is Paul. If you would like more information on this case, please check out his follow up thread on our forums.

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

Anyone who attempts to use this information to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. condemns the attempt, use, or even thought of physical violence, extortion or harassment against the individual above. Such actions are not in the spirit of what is all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

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