George is the truest example of a groomer I have ever seen.
Bust by Red Baroness @ 9/17/2005 12:58 AM PST


Perverted Justice mark: George, 46
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Location: Hopewell, Virginia
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit kira_kicks_1990, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Hey all...long time, no talk!

Well, it's not because I haven't been busy. Sometimes the wheels of justice turn a little slow...but it's so worth it. Such is the case with George A. Porter...or, as I like to call him, The Defendant. :)

Thanks to the pro-active work of Detective Lucas and theRoanoke County PD, George was arrested, and has been convicted of no less than five charges. FIVE. Incredible.

This has been very important to me, as I view George as the worst of the worst...a true groomer. From the way he talked, I have little doubt that he has done this before, and I believe that the Roanoke PD put away a very dangerous man.

Check out George's \"Conviction\" post for more info on how it all went down!

trianglelover (6:42:06 PM): hi
kira_kicks_1990 (6:42:11 PM): hello
trianglelover (6:42:15 PM): you a model? (SMOOTH. *sigh*)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:42:21 PM): omg no lol
trianglelover (6:42:33 PM): oh ok.....cause you look like one
kira_kicks_1990 (6:42:41 PM): wow thats sweet of u to say!
kira_kicks_1990 (6:42:42 PM): asl?
trianglelover (6:42:53 PM): oh I'm an old guy.....Hopewell
kira_kicks_1990 (6:43:18 PM): i just moved to roanoke - 13/f how old is old lol
trianglelover (6:43:30 PM): 46.....old
kira_kicks_1990 (6:43:57 PM): i thout u were gonna say 80
trianglelover (6:43:57 PM): you just looked like a model in your picture (Man, tnat has to be one of the worst lines of crap...)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:44:02 PM): nah im a dork
trianglelover (6:44:02 PM): nah
kira_kicks_1990 (6:44:04 PM): lol
trianglelover (6:44:15 PM): well I think you're very pretty honey (Groomer much?)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:44:28 PM): aww ty thats realy nice ta hear
kira_kicks_1990 (6:44:32 PM): whats ur name im kira
trianglelover (6:44:41 PM): Hope I dont get in trouble talking to ya
trianglelover (6:44:49 PM): Alex is my name (\"Alex\" undergoes an amazing, spontaneous name change later.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:44:58 PM): huh? im nice i wont be mean to u
trianglelover (6:45:10 PM): yeah.....but you are so young honey (EXACTLY. Why, oh why, didn't you go with this line of thinking? I bet that when they put the cuffs on you, this was one of your thoughts...too late now, cellmonkey!)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:45:21 PM): sorry bout that
trianglelover (6:45:27 PM): me....
trianglelover (6:45:38 PM): I just actually think you're (SHOCKER! Blech.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:45:46 PM): wow ty!
kira_kicks_1990 (6:45:49 PM): u seem so nice
trianglelover (6:45:57 PM): well you seem older too (Typical groomer comments.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:46:04 PM): i do? ya think?
trianglelover (6:46:18 PM): a little woman.....not a girl (Which is why it was ok to solicit her, Your Honor. What, you're not buying it?)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:46:27 PM): wow ur so sweet to me
trianglelover (6:46:38 PM): well it's true hon
trianglelover (6:47:08 PM): I meant I didn't think you're parents would approve of me talking to ya anyway (OH WHY NOT? 46 year-old? PERFECTLY appropriate. /sarcasm)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:47:50 PM): well my dads back in il its just mom
trianglelover (6:48:23 PM): oh ok......well you got legs to die for darling (All the better to kick you in the no-no place with...)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:48:27 PM): wow
trianglelover (6:48:43 PM): that's why i thought you were a model (Oh for the love of...this conversation is SO not Atkins-approved with all of this sugary shit.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:48:44 PM): jeez their all beat up from volleyball
trianglelover (6:49:12 PM): didn't notice that in your pic for sure
kira_kicks_1990 (6:49:35 PM): lol thats good
kira_kicks_1990 (6:49:39 PM): its not SO bad but still
trianglelover (6:50:15 PM): well I was so impressed that if I thought I could avoid jail time.....I'd ask you (YOU MEAN YOU KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES TO YOUR ACTIONS? Funny, and yet you still got arrested. Hm. That's about as bumblefuck as it gets.)
trianglelover (6:50:47 PM): no comment now?
trianglelover (6:52:35 PM): well I hope you dont mind but I saved your pic hon
kira_kicks_1990 (6:52:41 PM): omg i just got booted
kira_kicks_1990 (6:52:45 PM): im sorry what were u sayin?
trianglelover (6:53:38 PM): well I was saying.....I was so impressed with your pic and what you've said......that if I thought I could avoid jail time......I'd ask you (Say it twice, don't want the 13 year-old to miss your pathetic attempts at asking her out.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:53:45 PM): wow i never been on a date
trianglelover (6:54:02 PM): and your mom would never let me take you on one either (Damn straight, Baroness's mom would have beaten you with your own arm.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:54:20 PM): we never talked bout it i spose
kira_kicks_1990 (6:54:30 PM): but were not gettin along so well rite
trianglelover (6:54:34 PM): at least not with me
trianglelover (6:54:40 PM): I'm sorry to hear that
kira_kicks_1990 (6:54:59 PM): eh its ok its just that she gets mad at
everythin i say so im not talkin
trianglelover (6:55:59 PM): well I know how that is........but you're so hot.......I'm sorry to keep saying that (No you're not.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:56:19 PM): wow i realy dont hear that its nice to
trianglelover (6:56:40 PM): actually......I think you're beautiful (I wonder how many calories that comment was...)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:56:43 PM): wow
kira_kicks_1990 (6:56:46 PM): im blushin
trianglelover (6:56:58 PM): dont......wanna get (*gawks*...huh?)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:57:09 PM): lol ur funny
trianglelover (6:57:12 PM): we could go to South (*still gawking*)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:57:19 PM): whats there?
trianglelover (6:57:21 PM): or
kira_kicks_1990 (6:57:33 PM): whtas in vegas
trianglelover (6:57:46 PM): look.....dont get so serious hon......I was just joking anyway
trianglelover (6:57:55 PM): that's where people elope and get married
kira_kicks_1990 (6:58:01 PM): o ok lol
kira_kicks_1990 (6:58:09 PM): i dident know what u meant lol
trianglelover (6:58:11 PM): South Carolina marrys underage women (*yep, still gawking*)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:58:17 PM): ooooooh i get it
trianglelover (6:58:23 PM): lol....good
trianglelover (6:58:25 PM): actually
trianglelover (6:58:39 PM): my brother married his first wife when she was 14 there (Wait...WHAT? Good gravy. He's HALF-joking, y'all. Abduction would be in this kid's future.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:58:47 PM): wow holy cow
kira_kicks_1990 (6:58:51 PM): thats wild
trianglelover (6:58:55 PM): yeah......wild huh
kira_kicks_1990 (6:59:02 PM): hey do u have a pic of u?
trianglelover (6:59:24 PM):'s on my
profile......sorry....but I'm not hot like you
(*snickers* Yeah, that's pretty much the only thing we agree on.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:59:34 PM): o stop it
trianglelover (6:59:38 PM): but I am in good shape
trianglelover (7:00:07 PM): So what you like to do hon?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:00:15 PM): u look hansome
trianglelover (7:00:23 PM): omg......really?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:00:28 PM): ya i think so
trianglelover (7:00:43 PM): well now that's out the're fine (Yeah, now that you know the kid might find you attractive, let's GO FOR IT. Pathetic.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:00:46 PM): not tha im all mean about how people look but ur not ugly at all (Liiiitle white lies.)
trianglelover (7:01:08 PM): well I hope you didn't mind me saving your pic
trianglelover (7:01:16 PM): I really think you're sexy (Blech. I'm gonna get a toothache or something.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:01:28 PM): y do u wanna save it? i mean i dont care
trianglelover (7:01:48 PM): so I can look at it again......why else
trianglelover (7:02:01 PM): you're kinda tall huh
kira_kicks_1990 (7:02:19 PM): lol
kira_kicks_1990 (7:02:25 PM): ya im 5'7
trianglelover (7:02:37 PM): see......I knew it
kira_kicks_1990 (7:02:40 PM): u were rite
trianglelover (7:02:58 PM): I'm only 5'8' (Don't want no Short Short Man...*giggles*)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:03:06 PM): y does that make u sad?
trianglelover (7:03:31 PM): well it dont really......except you are probably going to even be taller soon
kira_kicks_1990 (7:03:51 PM): i dunno i think i mite be done lol
trianglelover (7:04:15 PM): well I'm glad you're not scared to talk to me.......some girls would be (You mean some girls HAVE BEEN? I have a very strong suspicion that you've been talking to little girls a LOT. Sick fuck.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:04:21 PM): i dunno y ur very nice
trianglelover (7:04:25 PM): cause I'm so much older(Thanks for continuing to point that out.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:04:33 PM): ur nice to me
trianglelover (7:04:50 PM): I'd be very nice to you......all the time ( Yes, I'LL take care of you, little girl. Icky.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:04:58 PM): wow realy?
trianglelover (7:05:18 PM): sure would
trianglelover (7:05:27 PM): treat you like a princess
kira_kicks_1990 (7:05:42 PM): ya i dunno no1 has been like that
trianglelover (7:06:29 PM): well that's cause you're so
young.......they dont think you're worth talking to I guess.......but I think you're awesome
(That is one CREEEEPY sentence.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:06:40 PM): ya i get treated like a kid alot
trianglelover (7:06:50 PM): I bet
trianglelover (7:07:03 PM): but I know you're a woman already.......I can tell (There is so much of this grooming behavior that I am just going to bold it from here on out.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:07:12 PM): wow u r so sweet!
trianglelover (7:07:31 PM): well it's true I bet too
kira_kicks_1990 (7:07:37 PM): i dunno how do u kno?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:07:43 PM): tat sounds dumb huh?
trianglelover (7:08:03 PM): no......but I bet you sometimes have the same thoughts as older women (Carefully broaching the topic of sex...)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:08:22 PM): i spose sometimes
trianglelover (7:08:35 PM): that's natural
trianglelover (7:08:46 PM): cause you're definitely a woman to me
trianglelover (7:08:57 PM): a very beautiful one too
kira_kicks_1990 (7:09:02 PM): wow nobody said that before either ur too
trianglelover (7:09:30 PM): you got any more pics of you honey? (Spank materia...I mean, pics?)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:09:50 PM): i think i got one more but its dorky from
trianglelover (7:10:08 PM): thats ok......I dont think you could be dorky at all
kira_kicks_1990 (7:10:22 PM): can i send it to ur e-mail? i got this
firewall thingie
trianglelover (7:11:10 PM): well maybe we should wait a bit and know each other a little better first (Paranoid all of a sudden?)
trianglelover (7:11:16 PM): I dont mind
kira_kicks_1990 (7:11:19 PM): um ok u asked silly
trianglelover (7:11:26 PM): I just wanna be careful...... (Read: I don't wanna get caught...)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:11:32 PM): o ok
trianglelover (7:11:38 PM): I'm a little scared talking to you little sugar (Blech.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:11:59 PM): what if i called u so u kno im not some
old guy lol
trianglelover (7:12:16 PM): wow......that would be awesome
kira_kicks_1990 (7:12:20 PM): i can do tha
kira_kicks_1990 (7:12:23 PM): if u want
trianglelover (7:12:41 PM): you wouldn't get in # would appear on your moms phone bill
kira_kicks_1990 (7:12:46 PM): that happened to a frien of mine she
thout she met a bf online an it was a girl!
kira_kicks_1990 (7:12:57 PM): o no i got a callin card to call dad
trianglelover (7:13:11 PM): cool.......8044521502 (Confirmed - Home.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:13:21 PM): ok gimme a few i gotta run tot he potty
kira_kicks_1990 (7:13:26 PM): omg y did i just say that? lol
trianglelover (7:13:34 PM): what's your first name again
kira_kicks_1990 (7:13:39 PM): kira silly
trianglelover (7:13:48 PM): why did I say what?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:13:57 PM): i just said it
kira_kicks_1990 (7:13:58 PM): nm
kira_kicks_1990 (7:13:59 PM): lol
kira_kicks_1990 (7:14:05 PM): and ur alex i remember
trianglelover (7:14:05 PM): I'm adding you as a friend
kira_kicks_1990 (7:14:08 PM): kewl
trianglelover (7:14:11 PM): yes
kira_kicks_1990 (7:14:19 PM): do u gotta get offline fer me to call?
trianglelover (7:14:35 PM): yes I do
trianglelover (7:14:52 PM): I've got a little I may not sound too good
kira_kicks_1990 (7:14:55 PM): ok ill call in about 2 mins
kira_kicks_1990 (7:14:59 PM): aww poor guy
trianglelover (7:15:06 PM): deal.......ok Kira
kira_kicks_1990 (7:15:18 PM): i only have liek 2 mins on my callin card
so i cant be on long ok? ill come back on when were done?
trianglelover (7:15:44 PM): dont have to waste your last 2 min on me if you dont want to honey
kira_kicks_1990 (7:15:55 PM): its no biggie momll buy me a new one
kira_kicks_1990 (7:16:00 PM): no prob
trianglelover (7:16:12 PM): ok.......well I'm getting off here then
kira_kicks_1990 (7:16:18 PM): ok ill call u in a few
trianglelover (7:16:24 PM): deal.....bye
kira_kicks_1990 (7:16:26 PM): bye
trianglelover has signed out. (9/22/2004 7:16 PM)

I called \"Alex\", and he started immediately talking about what a gorgeous girl I am, and how I should be a model. He also said that he was lucky to talk to me, and that I am quite the little woman. I worried that I was about to become diabetic, so I made it seem like my minutes ran out, and terminated the call.

kira_kicks_1990 (7:23:35 PM): im back on
trianglelover's status is now \"Available\". (9/22/2004 7:25 PM)

trianglelover (7:25:24 PM): you sound like an angel (Joy. Rapture.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:25:37 PM): omg im totaly blushin
trianglelover (7:25:52 PM): for real
trianglelover (7:26:01 PM): why I feel like I'm being so bad (BECAUSE YOU ARE. Simple.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:26:27 PM): u do?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:26:30 PM): brb
trianglelover (7:26:37 PM): yes.....k
trianglelover (7:27:06 PM): Did you like my voice?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:28:09 PM): i did (SCANDALOUS LIES.)
trianglelover (7:28:28 PM): you are so slim
kira_kicks_1990 (7:28:31 PM): ya im a stick
kira_kicks_1990 (7:28:43 PM): mom keeps tryin to get me ta eat but i
already eat alot
trianglelover (7:28:44 PM): no.....model material
kira_kicks_1990 (7:28:49 PM): wow
kira_kicks_1990 (7:28:51 PM): if u sayso
kira_kicks_1990 (7:28:52 PM): lol
trianglelover (7:29:04 PM): well I'd feed you good darling......what ever you wanted (I wouldn't eat a damn thing you served, pal-o-mine.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:29:13 PM): mmm im hungry now lol
trianglelover (7:29:34 PM): well I'm to far to bring you any food tonight sugar (Did I ASK, chump?)
trianglelover (7:29:39 PM): sorry
kira_kicks_1990 (7:29:41 PM): how far r u from roanoke?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:29:46 PM): o i got food im just bein lazy
kira_kicks_1990 (7:29:48 PM): lol
trianglelover (7:29:59 PM): like 3 1/2 hrs sugar
trianglelover (7:30:11 PM): hey.....but my sister lives in Fincastle (So, I can molest you, and then go SEE MY SISTER. How not creepy at all! Whee!)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:30:32 PM): i dont even kno where that is lol
kira_kicks_1990 (7:30:39 PM): i only been here a month
trianglelover (7:30:49 PM): oh ok......where'd you move from
trianglelover (7:31:02 PM): it's north of you a few miles
kira_kicks_1990 (7:31:03 PM): chicago
kira_kicks_1990 (7:31:07 PM): o thats kewl
trianglelover (7:31:11 PM): oh ok
kira_kicks_1990 (7:31:29 PM): yup
trianglelover (7:31:43 PM): well I've lived in Va all my life....
trianglelover (7:31:59 PM): but I really couldn't resist trying to talk to you
kira_kicks_1990 (7:32:02 PM): ya i pretty much only been to school an
trianglelover (7:32:24 PM): I'm not a bad person......but some might think I was cause I was talking to ya (*raises hand*...I think you're a bad person. Anyone else?)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:32:36 PM): o ok
trianglelover (7:32:37 PM): I really think you're so cute
kira_kicks_1990 (7:32:52 PM): awww
kira_kicks_1990 (7:32:57 PM): ur so nice
trianglelover (7:33:01 PM): you think we could still be friends?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:33:14 PM): if u wanna be ya
trianglelover (7:33:24 PM): I do......very much so
kira_kicks_1990 (7:33:32 PM): neat i dont have frineds here yet
trianglelover (7:33:49 PM): well ya do now.....I'm your
kira_kicks_1990 (7:34:11 PM): wow...sounds like \"my man\" like my bf lol
trianglelover (7:34:29 PM): I wish I was your bf....really (Yeah, EVERY 13-year-old dreams of a 46 year-old boyfriend. Totally.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:34:34 PM): no u dont do u?
trianglelover (7:34:40 PM): I'd spoil ya
trianglelover (7:34:58 PM): I might get locked up......but I can still (And your dram of getting locked up? Yeah, that one became a harsh reality, didn't it?)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:35:11 PM): ur so darn sweet to me
kira_kicks_1990 (7:35:16 PM): ud get locked up?
trianglelover (7:35:27 PM): well cause you're a minor honey (Yep, I bet you know those laws REALLY WELL now.)
trianglelover (7:35:56 PM): somepeople would say I was
weird.......cause i'm talking to a girl so young
(MOST people. Who have brain ONE in their heads.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:36:05 PM): i dont think ur weird
trianglelover (7:36:13 PM): but I see a young woman......not a girl (See, Your Honor? It was my PERSCRIPTION that made me hit on her...she was a WOMAN! No, not buying that either?)
trianglelover (7:36:19 PM): well thanks honey
kira_kicks_1990 (7:36:32 PM): u make me feel grownup
trianglelover (7:36:45 PM): you look very grown up to me
trianglelover (7:37:14 PM): wish I could take you shopping and out to eat....and to the movies......and then back to my place...... (TO PLAY UNO, OF COURSE.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:37:20 PM): im just tall im not like womanly at all
kira_kicks_1990 (7:37:29 PM): wow that sounds likea fun day
trianglelover (7:37:45 PM): it would be...
trianglelover (7:38:17 PM): but I'm just being bad......arn't I
kira_kicks_1990 (7:38:25 PM): i dont think ur bad
kira_kicks_1990 (7:38:28 PM): ur very nice
trianglelover (7:38:38 PM): you're sooooo sweet
kira_kicks_1990 (7:38:42 PM): aww ty
trianglelover (7:38:48 PM):
trianglelover (7:39:00 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (7:39:02 PM): kisses?
trianglelover (7:39:08 PM): yesssss
trianglelover (7:39:19 PM): no doubt
kira_kicks_1990 (7:39:22 PM): i feel dumb i only kissed one guy
trianglelover (7:39:41 PM): kissing is nice.....
kira_kicks_1990 (7:39:55 PM): it was fun i guess
trianglelover (7:40:00 PM): if the 2 people like one another
kira_kicks_1990 (7:40:07 PM): well ya of course
trianglelover (7:40:29 PM): well......forgive me.......but I was sending you a cyber kiss (Almost as disgusting as the real thing!)
trianglelover (7:40:31 PM): lol
kira_kicks_1990 (7:40:43 PM): aww nothin 2 forgive its sweet
trianglelover (7:40:59 PM): I absolutely loved your sexy (
kira_kicks_1990 (7:41:08 PM): sexy? me? no lol
trianglelover (7:41:15 PM): I was smiling the whole time
kira_kicks_1990 (7:41:18 PM): u were?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:41:19 PM): awww
trianglelover (7:41:25 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (7:41:30 PM): no way lol
trianglelover (7:41:39 PM): you just dont know do ya
trianglelover (7:41:47 PM): you are very very sexy
kira_kicks_1990 (7:41:47 PM): i spose not lol
kira_kicks_1990 (7:41:56 PM): boys dont like me so much
trianglelover (7:42:02 PM): like I said......legs to die for (Legs...death...yes, this works for me. )
trianglelover (7:42:16 PM): probably cause you're taller than
kira_kicks_1990 (7:42:24 PM): mebbe
trianglelover (7:42:36 PM): boys your age are stupid anyway
kira_kicks_1990 (7:42:47 PM): ya they are
trianglelover (7:43:07 PM): well if they dont like's their loss
kira_kicks_1990 (7:43:17 PM): i guess
trianglelover (7:43:17 PM): cause I think you are fine
kira_kicks_1990 (7:43:28 PM): ur so sweet!
trianglelover (7:43:53 PM): well keep my # secret.......and call me (YES! I have my own creepy child molester!)
whenever you want
kira_kicks_1990 (7:43:59 PM): o i will
kira_kicks_1990 (7:44:04 PM): do u want that other pic?
trianglelover (7:44:06 PM): I was honored by your call (*rolls eyes* The pleasure was allll yours.)
trianglelover (7:44:11 PM): yes
trianglelover (7:44:17 PM): can't send messenger?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:44:25 PM): no i get booted
kira_kicks_1990 (7:44:28 PM): its so dumb
trianglelover (7:45:04 PM): well I'll get it another time......we'll be talking more I'm least as long as your mom don't find
kira_kicks_1990 (7:45:12 PM): o ok
kira_kicks_1990 (7:45:37 PM): silly boy
trianglelover (7:45:49 PM): so you're like getting ready to start high school right? (If you have to ask this question...TOO YOUNG!)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:46:14 PM): no 8th grade
trianglelover (7:46:15 PM): yes.....I'm a silly boy.....but you're just too cute to resist (Should've tried a little harder there.)
trianglelover (7:46:21 PM): oh ok
trianglelover (7:46:42 PM): well I hope we can talk more
kira_kicks_1990 (7:46:47 PM): ru leavin?
trianglelover (7:47:09 PM): well I need to get ready for bed soon......have to get up at 0430 to go to work
kira_kicks_1990 (7:47:21 PM): o ok
trianglelover (7:47:29 PM): somebody has to support
kira_kicks_1990 (7:47:36 PM): us?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:47:44 PM): who else?
trianglelover (7:47:51 PM): yeah....
trianglelover (7:47:58 PM): you and me of (HAHA. Oy.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:48:04 PM): o lol
kira_kicks_1990 (7:48:07 PM): im such a dork
trianglelover (7:48:24 PM): stop saying that about're
not a dork
kira_kicks_1990 (7:48:29 PM): awww
trianglelover (7:48:34 PM): you're a fine young woman
kira_kicks_1990 (7:48:40 PM): thx
trianglelover (7:48:49 PM): that's dieing to be paid attention to (It's so sad that he identifies her weakness, and then exploits it like this. What a monster.)
trianglelover (7:48:57 PM): and I'm your guy sugar
trianglelover (7:49:10 PM): your my command (My wish for you has already come true. Enjoy your time behind bars, and know...dreams DO come true!)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:49:12 PM): awww ur so sweet 2 me. do u mean it fer
real tho or just on the comuter?
trianglelover (7:49:32 PM): on the computer for sure
trianglelover (7:49:39 PM): but maybe.......for real
trianglelover (7:50:00 PM): but I'm holding back for now
kira_kicks_1990 (7:50:05 PM): o ok
kira_kicks_1990 (7:50:12 PM): im confused but ok
trianglelover (7:50:20 PM): confused?
trianglelover (7:50:26 PM): about what.......tell me
kira_kicks_1990 (7:50:30 PM): holding what back?
trianglelover (7:50:49 PM): well I dont want to say I want to meet you just yet ok?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:51:01 PM): well ok then
kira_kicks_1990 (7:51:07 PM): if u dont its ok im fine
trianglelover (7:51:25 PM): no I do......that's just it......why I'm holding
kira_kicks_1990 (7:51:33 PM): ahh i dont get it
kira_kicks_1990 (7:51:35 PM): lol
trianglelover (7:51:59 PM): I shouldn't be so interested......but I am.....very actually
kira_kicks_1990 (7:52:16 PM): but u dont wanna meet me?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:52:23 PM): see im totaly not getting it
trianglelover (7:52:35 PM): no I do honey......that's just
it......would love it

trianglelover (7:52:45 PM): but I should know better.......get it?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:52:54 PM): um kinda?
trianglelover (7:53:11 PM): what would your mom say anyway....... (*Baroness's Mom* \"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER, DIRTBAG.\" My Mom RULEZ.)
trianglelover (7:53:19 PM): what would you
kira_kicks_1990 (7:53:28 PM): i think ur very nice
kira_kicks_1990 (7:53:39 PM): mom an i arent talkin anyhow im not
tellin her jack
kira_kicks_1990 (7:54:04 PM): lol
trianglelover (7:54:21 PM): so you're saying you'd like to meet me?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:54:32 PM): well ya
trianglelover (7:54:44 PM): really?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:55:01 PM): ya
trianglelover (7:55:13 PM): whoa......I'm so shocked an
excited......that would be totally cool
(Or so totally NOT COOL IN ANY WAY.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:55:18 PM): u mean it?
trianglelover (7:55:39 PM): sure.......if I could be sure i wouldn't get in a world of trouble
kira_kicks_1990 (7:56:07 PM): i wuld not want to get u in trubble ill
do whatever cuz ur so nice
trianglelover (7:56:48 PM): well what if I was to want you to be my gf
or something?
trianglelover (7:57:07 PM): dont you think that would be like to weird for people?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:57:10 PM): i dont have a bf id like one tho id be
prety xcited
kira_kicks_1990 (7:57:29 PM): i dunno i mean i realy dont care what
people think of me now
trianglelover (7:58:03 PM): whoa......wish I could come get you and let you stay with me a while......see if you really liked me or not (Yeah, he'd abduct her in a heartbeat. Sicko.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:58:26 PM): momd be pretty mad if i dident go to
school but shes been so mean lately ugh
trianglelover (7:58:48 PM): I'm sure she loves you tho
trianglelover (7:58:56 PM): must just have a lot on her
kira_kicks_1990 (7:58:57 PM): im sure shes just a bear lol
trianglelover (7:59:09 PM): O
trianglelover (7:59:31 PM): I guess you 2 are not too happy with each other now then
kira_kicks_1990 (7:59:36 PM): no not realy
trianglelover (7:59:55 PM): well I have to tell you something
kira_kicks_1990 (7:59:57 PM): hm?
trianglelover (8:00:04 PM): I'm not a (HAR HAR.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:00:10 PM): lol ur so funny!
kira_kicks_1990 (8:00:14 PM): i am
trianglelover (8:00:25 PM): sweet......I'm sure you are (Sweet? That's just vile, I cant believe his reaction to her virginity is \"Sweet!\")
kira_kicks_1990 (8:00:43 PM): is that dumb
trianglelover (8:00:56 PM): no honey it's not dumb
trianglelover (8:01:08 PM): precious is more like it
kira_kicks_1990 (8:01:17 PM): realy?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:01:21 PM): it makes me feel like a kid
kira_kicks_1990 (8:01:29 PM): alot of my friends already did it back
trianglelover (8:02:06 PM): well that's something you'd have to decide for yourself......I'm sure whoever the first guy is.......will be very lucky (Not that he's hoping for anything...right?)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:02:16 PM): aww see how sweet ur?
trianglelover (8:02:29 PM): no're an angel
trianglelover (8:02:34 PM): I mean it
kira_kicks_1990 (8:02:40 PM): awwww
kira_kicks_1990 (8:02:52 PM): thx
trianglelover (8:02:56 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (8:03:02 PM): aww and hugs to?
trianglelover (8:03:11 PM): yes....lots of em
trianglelover (8:03:17 PM): like em?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:03:18 PM): i like hugs
kira_kicks_1990 (8:03:21 PM): ya
trianglelover (8:03:54 PM): well I better stop......cause I'm thinking things (Yeah, you don't want to think things. You'd hurt yourself.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:04:10 PM): what u thinkin?
trianglelover (8:04:18 PM): about you and me
trianglelover (8:04:21 PM): what else
kira_kicks_1990 (8:04:30 PM): awww ur so darn sweet!
trianglelover (8:05:04 PM): I can't believe how I'm thinking about a woman Kira..... (I CAN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:05:20 PM): wow thats so neat i mean no one else does
i spose
trianglelover (8:05:36 PM): well it's cause you let me
trianglelover (8:05:55 PM): and I'm very attracted to know that
kira_kicks_1990 (8:06:00 PM): wow me?
trianglelover (8:06:08 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (8:06:22 PM): im not the girl guys usualy like
trianglelover (8:06:35 PM): I know I'm ancient to you........but you are like a goddess to me (Oy, here comes the romance novel.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:06:47 PM): ur what? whats that mean?
trianglelover (8:07:08 PM): mean I'm the ruins of (Man, he takes my jokes away.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:07:12 PM): oh lol u r NOT
trianglelover (8:07:37 PM): So could you see you and me having fun together?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:07:46 PM): i totaly can
kira_kicks_1990 (8:07:47 PM): ya
trianglelover (8:08:02 PM): everybody would think you're my daughter (And that's not a BIG FUCKING RED FLAG?)
trianglelover (8:08:09 PM): convienient huh (Sick.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:08:09 PM): omg lol no
kira_kicks_1990 (8:08:14 PM): hm
trianglelover (8:08:22 PM): no one would have to
trianglelover (8:08:26 PM): unless
kira_kicks_1990 (8:08:31 PM): well i dont got anyone to tell
trianglelover (8:08:51 PM): we ended in South the knot......hehe
(Goddamn, does he bring this up a lot or what? Me thinkie no jokie.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:09:00 PM): lol ur so funny!
trianglelover (8:09:23 PM): well I need to get ready for bed.......when are you on sugar mostly?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:09:33 PM): nites
kira_kicks_1990 (8:09:38 PM): ill be on tomorow
trianglelover (8:09:50 PM): oh ok......well I'll look for you
kira_kicks_1990 (8:10:01 PM): ok neat ill talk to u then
trianglelover (8:10:14 PM): I kinda dont want to go
kira_kicks_1990 (8:10:50 PM): awww well i gotta eat so its prob good
timin lol
trianglelover (8:11:09 PM): ok lil to you tomarrow
kira_kicks_1990 (8:11:14 PM): promise?
trianglelover (8:11:18 PM): nite.......
trianglelover (8:11:23 PM): yesssss
kira_kicks_1990 (8:11:27 PM): neat gnight
trianglelover (8:11:44 PM): you're my angel......I wouldn't miss talking to you for nothing
kira_kicks_1990 (8:11:49 PM): awwww
kira_kicks_1990 (8:11:52 PM): talk to u tomorow
trianglelover (8:12:02 PM): ok...nite kira......byeeeeee

trianglelover (5:24:27 PM): hi little sweetie
kira_kicks_1990 (5:24:33 PM): hi!
trianglelover (5:24:38 PM): how was your day
kira_kicks_1990 (5:24:48 PM): it was ok
kira_kicks_1990 (5:24:52 PM): borin
trianglelover (5:24:55 PM): was thinking of you
kira_kicks_1990 (5:25:04 PM): were you?
trianglelover (5:25:08 PM): sorry about the boring day
kira_kicks_1990 (5:25:12 PM): eh its ok
trianglelover (5:25:13 PM): and yes.....I was
kira_kicks_1990 (5:25:18 PM): awwww
kira_kicks_1990 (5:25:29 PM): thats sweet
trianglelover (5:25:39 PM): well I so loved your voice last night (Ok, enough of that...*shudders*)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:25:55 PM): lol if u say so i sound ten i think lol
trianglelover (5:25:57 PM): I hope I'm not being bad
kira_kicks_1990 (5:26:13 PM): ur bein very nice
trianglelover (5:26:17 PM): no
trianglelover (5:26:32 PM): I think you're very
sexy.....voice....body.....the whole works
(If you find children sexy, there's a fucking PROBLEM, Cochise.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:26:37 PM): wow
kira_kicks_1990 (5:26:39 PM): me?
trianglelover (5:26:43 PM): mmm
trianglelover (5:27:04 PM): yessss
kira_kicks_1990 (5:27:06 PM): thats nice of u to say i dont think so
but i like to hear it
trianglelover (5:27:31 PM): it's just have to trust me on this
trianglelover (5:27:45 PM): if you can say I'm handsome......I can sure say you're sexy (...but one of us was LYING! Hint: It was ME.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:27:51 PM): lol
kira_kicks_1990 (5:28:10 PM): i spose
trianglelover (5:28:40 PM): well since we're secret friends......I can say it i
kira_kicks_1990 (5:28:59 PM): ya i wont tell ur my friend if u dont
want me to
trianglelover (5:29:15 PM): especially not to your mom
kira_kicks_1990 (5:29:26 PM): ya well were still not talkin
trianglelover (5:29:39 PM): oh.....well when you start back either
kira_kicks_1990 (5:29:45 PM): ok i wont
kira_kicks_1990 (5:29:49 PM): i promise
trianglelover (5:30:00 PM): so you going to give me a date
kira_kicks_1990 (5:30:08 PM): a date for what?
trianglelover (5:30:21 PM):
trianglelover (5:30:35 PM): dinner,movie.....the stars (Ugh.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:30:39 PM): awwww
kira_kicks_1990 (5:30:42 PM): u realy mean it?
kira_kicks_1990 (5:30:51 PM): ur gonna take me on a date?
trianglelover (5:30:55 PM): if you're up to it
kira_kicks_1990 (5:31:02 PM): id love to!!1
trianglelover (5:31:31 PM): well I cant promise I'd keep my hands to (Here we go...)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:31:47 PM): u mean u wanna hold hands?
trianglelover (5:31:59 PM): start
kira_kicks_1990 (5:32:06 PM): i can do that
trianglelover (5:32:17 PM): see I'm so bad
trianglelover (5:32:24 PM): you're so inocent (EXACTLY.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:32:34 PM): i sound dumb huh?
trianglelover (5:32:45 PM): no.....just inexperienced(BINGO.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:32:48 PM): i dont kno much about dating stuff
trianglelover (5:33:17 PM): well in some states I could be shot for just asking you on one......let alone go on one with you
kira_kicks_1990 (5:33:28 PM): u culd not be shot stop it lol
kira_kicks_1990 (5:33:50 PM): well i dont wanna get u in trubble so if u dont wanna its ok
trianglelover (5:33:58 PM): they'd call me a child molester and other bad stuff (GEE I WONDER WHY...if the shoe fits...)
trianglelover (5:34:06 PM): just cause i was with you
trianglelover (5:34:11 PM): but I still wish I could
kira_kicks_1990 (5:34:28 PM): its up to u i dont wanna get u in trubble but i like u
trianglelover (5:34:41 PM): well I dont want to get in trouble either
trianglelover (5:35:00 PM): but if there is someway it could happen and be a secret.....I'd like that (I'm sure you would.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:35:15 PM): I realy dont have anyone to tell
kira_kicks_1990 (5:35:37 PM): i got no friends here yet an moms bein
mean so even if i wanted to i got nobody
kira_kicks_1990 (5:35:43 PM): but i wont tell
trianglelover (5:36:05 PM): that's kewl of you
trianglelover (5:36:14 PM): I just looked at your pic again
kira_kicks_1990 (5:36:17 PM): well ur the only friend i have here so
trianglelover (5:36:18 PM): you're so pretty
kira_kicks_1990 (5:36:27 PM): omg no
trianglelover (5:36:42 PM): so if I wanted to meet could I? (See, I contact Law Enforcement, and they set up a meeting...and you show up! And go to JAIL! Neat how that works.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:36:53 PM): um well lemme think
kira_kicks_1990 (5:37:07 PM): mom werks alot on weekends so i guess that wuld be good
trianglelover (5:37:29 PM): oh ok.....that's when I'm off (The kid is sounding better and better to you, huh? Disgusting.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:37:36 PM): what do u do fer a job?
kira_kicks_1990 (5:37:48 PM): i wanna be a vet when i go to colege an
trianglelover (5:38:06 PM): that's sweet.....look after animals and stuff huh
kira_kicks_1990 (5:38:13 PM): yup
trianglelover (5:38:21 PM): I wish I could take you to the fair this weekend (Buy you cotton you a stuffed bear...molest you. Y'know, the usual date stuff.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:38:29 PM): id love ta go
kira_kicks_1990 (5:38:38 PM): hey u totaly skipped what i asked silly
trianglelover (5:38:53 PM): no.....I didn't say on purpose.......but I have a good job (Cagey fuck.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:39:01 PM): um...ok
trianglelover (5:39:09 PM): I'll tell you when we meet
trianglelover (5:39:16 PM): if you still want to
kira_kicks_1990 (5:39:54 PM): well ya but its weird i mean i no nothin bout u and im tryin ta get to kno u and ur not sayin much to me. im just tryin to kno more bout u
kira_kicks_1990 (5:40:02 PM): its ok tho i spose
trianglelover (5:40:04 PM): So are you in downtown Roanoke then?
kira_kicks_1990 (5:40:13 PM): not rite downtown but close
kira_kicks_1990 (5:40:21 PM): im on honeywood ln
trianglelover (5:40:23 PM): well I work at a military base sugar (Oh, I bet they would just LOVE to know about you...I hear they don't tolerate people like you.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:40:31 PM): liek in tha army?
trianglelover (5:40:42 PM): no....I serve the army.....not in it (You'd be a disgrace to the uniform.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:41:03 PM): o i thout if u worked fer tha army you
were in tha army lol
trianglelover (5:41:09 PM): no
kira_kicks_1990 (5:41:09 PM): im so crazy lol
trianglelover (5:41:17 PM): cute is more like it
kira_kicks_1990 (5:41:21 PM): pfft lol
kira_kicks_1990 (5:41:27 PM): whres tha fair?
trianglelover (5:41:32 PM): Richmond
kira_kicks_1990 (5:41:38 PM): wheres that from me?
trianglelover (5:41:41 PM): Va State fair
kira_kicks_1990 (5:41:44 PM): i still dont kno where nethin is
trianglelover (5:42:02 PM): it's about the same distance as me from you.......about 3 1/2 hrs
kira_kicks_1990 (5:42:10 PM): o gotcha
trianglelover (5:42:32 PM): you think you could go and then spend the night......go back the next day? (This kid would never see home again.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:42:40 PM): hmmmm
kira_kicks_1990 (5:43:13 PM): lemme think how i can...i mean i can say im sleepin over at a new friends i spose
kira_kicks_1990 (5:43:19 PM): mom is pushin me ta make friends
trianglelover (5:43:32 PM): k.....that would be cool
kira_kicks_1990 (5:43:44 PM): realy? ya i mean i spose its prety far
trianglelover (5:44:09 PM): how far are you from the bus statiin (Wants her to take a BUS to him. Bastard can't even come get her. What trash.)
trianglelover (5:44:11 PM): station
kira_kicks_1990 (5:44:15 PM): mom works double shifts on sat and sun
cuz the pay is good so shed be home by noon
kira_kicks_1990 (5:44:20 PM): thats on sun
kira_kicks_1990 (5:44:28 PM): an i dunno i never took the bus here
trianglelover (5:44:36 PM): it's downtown
kira_kicks_1990 (5:44:47 PM): i can get there im in walkin distance
from downtown
kira_kicks_1990 (5:45:10 PM): i like to walk alot
trianglelover (5:45:38 PM): what if I sent you a bus ticket to come here.....and I pick you up at the station.......then I could drive you back (I'd say that your specific plans look an awful lot like intent to meet a minor. But that's just me...I'm crazy like that.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:45:55 PM): realy?
kira_kicks_1990 (5:46:09 PM): thad be so neat! i mean i never took tha bus but wuld it go rite to where the fair is?
trianglelover (5:46:19 PM): could take the bus from Roanoke to Petersburg........and then I could pick you up there
kira_kicks_1990 (5:46:28 PM): whres petersburg?
(Jesus, he's really serious.)
trianglelover (5:46:30 PM): no....then we'd go to the fair in my car (The Molest-O-Mobile. Grand.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:46:33 PM): ooooooh
trianglelover (5:46:38 PM): about 4 mi from where I live
kira_kicks_1990 (5:46:43 PM): i get it now
kira_kicks_1990 (5:46:44 PM): duh lol
trianglelover (5:46:59 PM): if you're not scared to ride the bus by yourself (I'd say the bus ride is the LEAST of her worries.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:47:08 PM): i used to do it all tha time in chicago
trianglelover (5:47:11 PM): I could have a ticket reserved in your name to get you here
kira_kicks_1990 (5:47:14 PM): but how long is it?
trianglelover (5:47:20 PM): about 3 hrs
kira_kicks_1990 (5:47:25 PM): i can do that
kira_kicks_1990 (5:47:30 PM): i got a book
trianglelover (5:47:45 PM): that would be sweet
kira_kicks_1990 (5:47:52 PM): neat so wuld that be adate?
trianglelover (5:48:00 PM): it would
kira_kicks_1990 (5:48:01 PM): lol
kira_kicks_1990 (5:48:04 PM): wow
kira_kicks_1990 (5:48:06 PM): fun!
trianglelover (5:48:12 PM): but you need to find the bus station first
kira_kicks_1990 (5:48:20 PM): o ya um mebbe its online lemme look
trianglelover (5:48:45 PM): it's right downtown.....Roanoke
trianglelover (5:49:00 PM): I could check the schedule (Holy CRAP! He's for REAL serious. Damn.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:49:21 PM): wow do u have one?
trianglelover (5:49:37 PM): no....I'm looking now
kira_kicks_1990 (5:50:04 PM): do u have a link i wanna see to
trianglelover (5:50:23 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (5:51:52 PM): o cool um it looks like 920am
trianglelover (5:52:14 PM): not a good one
kira_kicks_1990 (5:52:15 PM): is that rite?
kira_kicks_1990 (5:52:19 PM): o gotcha
trianglelover (5:52:24 PM): let me change something
kira_kicks_1990 (5:53:57 PM): ok
trianglelover (5:54:20 PM): that's no good........they've changed their schedules (Ok, I just had a really creepy thought. Why is he so familiar with the Greyhound schedule? How many kids has he...crap. I don't even want to think about it.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:54:36 PM): o im sorry
trianglelover (5:54:45 PM): let me check and see about Richmond
kira_kicks_1990 (5:54:51 PM): ok then
trianglelover (5:56:12 PM): forget it honey......too much
trouble......I'd have to come and get you

trianglelover (5:56:29 PM): it would take too long and you'd have to transfer
trianglelover (5:56:33 PM): buses
trianglelover (5:56:37 PM): that sux
trianglelover (5:56:49 PM): oh......wait......I put in the wrong thing (Haha...dumb bastard.)
kira_kicks_1990 (5:57:22 PM): id switch buses or whatever
trianglelover (5:57:33 PM): it's ok......I got it now
trianglelover (5:58:12 PM): leaves Roanoke at 0920.......gets into Richmond at 155
trianglelover (5:58:27 PM): the fair is in Richmond anyway
kira_kicks_1990 (5:58:31 PM): thats so neat
trianglelover (5:58:54 PM): I could put you on the bus back too if you wanted
trianglelover (5:59:19 PM): on Sunday
trianglelover (5:59:45 PM): still there kira/
kira_kicks_1990 (6:00:00 PM): ya lol
trianglelover (6:00:33 PM): there's also one that leaves at 5pm and gets in Richmond at 925.......if you could leave on a Friday night
trianglelover (6:00:47 PM): then we could have the whole day at the fair on Sat
trianglelover (6:01:18 PM): uh....are you ok?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:01:29 PM): fone sorry
trianglelover (6:01:31 PM): I'm getting to far ahead of myself huh
trianglelover (6:02:36 PM): how does next weekend sound......I've got to work the phones this Saturday for the campaign
kira_kicks_1990 (6:03:22 PM): ok we can do that mebbe
kira_kicks_1990 (6:03:30 PM): sorry fone there lol
kira_kicks_1990 (6:03:33 PM): mom of course
trianglelover (6:03:54 PM): sorry....back
trianglelover (6:04:03 PM): maybe?
trianglelover (6:04:16 PM): next weekend is the last weekend of the fair
trianglelover (6:05:15 PM): k
kira_kicks_1990 (6:06:14 PM): ugh that was mom im done now
kira_kicks_1990 (6:06:17 PM): sorry bout that
trianglelover (6:06:19 PM): np
kira_kicks_1990 (6:06:26 PM): if it wont work out its ok
kira_kicks_1990 (6:06:31 PM): what are u doin this weekend?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:06:44 PM): i mean we can do it another weekend if u want
trianglelover (6:06:57 PM): well Sat I have volunteered to work the phone bank for the Kerry campaign (I apologize, Democrats.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:07:09 PM): o neat ok i gotcha
trianglelover (6:07:12 PM): that's why i said next weekend
kira_kicks_1990 (6:07:35 PM): were gonna be in il that weekend to see
trianglelover (6:07:41 PM): but......I could always just work long enough to be there when your bus got in (\"Vote for Kerry...hang on, I have to go pick up a child to molest.\")
trianglelover (6:08:00 PM): cool huh
trianglelover (6:08:05 PM): I just thought of it
kira_kicks_1990 (6:08:05 PM): o ok or dident u say u come down here
sometiems to?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:08:11 PM): ur so smart lol
trianglelover (6:08:22 PM): I'm dieing to meet you sugar
kira_kicks_1990 (6:08:26 PM): same here
trianglelover (6:08:27 PM): I hope you'll like me (Nope.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:08:39 PM): im sure i will
trianglelover (6:08:45 PM): do me a favor tho
kira_kicks_1990 (6:08:49 PM): ok
trianglelover (6:09:30 PM): make sure you go to your message archives and delete all our we dont get in trouble (You incredible fucker. Make sure there's no trace. Yeah, you're a danger to society.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:09:49 PM): o i dunnow aht that is but mom hates
computers she never goes on here
trianglelover (6:10:03 PM): look at your messenger block
kira_kicks_1990 (6:10:07 PM): ok
trianglelover (6:10:09 PM): and find \"tools\"
trianglelover (6:10:14 PM): click on it
kira_kicks_1990 (6:10:15 PM): lookin now
trianglelover (6:10:25 PM): and then message archives
trianglelover (6:10:33 PM): and my folder will pop up
trianglelover (6:10:44 PM): just delete it every so often (Thanks for the directions to make sure noone knows that you want to molest me. Pig.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:10:49 PM): o ok i can do that
trianglelover (6:10:56 PM): you're so sweet
trianglelover (6:11:04 PM): let me ask you
kira_kicks_1990 (6:11:05 PM): aww ty
trianglelover (6:11:18 PM): what if you really like me a lot?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:11:29 PM): um i dunno what do u think?
trianglelover (6:12:02 PM): I know I'm going to like you
kira_kicks_1990 (6:12:07 PM): same here
trianglelover (6:12:17 PM): but I was just saying
trianglelover (6:12:26 PM): what if you kinda wanna stay? (Yeah. Abduction waiting to happen.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:12:31 PM): by you?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:12:43 PM): i dunno i mean i never thout about it
trianglelover (6:12:57 PM): that's ok......I was just asking
trianglelover (6:13:01 PM): you probably wont
trianglelover (6:13:18 PM): one day and you'll have had enough fun
kira_kicks_1990 (6:13:28 PM): enough fun? what u mean?
trianglelover (6:13:43 PM): well I dont want to wear out my welcome (TOO FUCKING LATE.)
trianglelover (6:13:54 PM): 1 fun day is cool
kira_kicks_1990 (6:14:03 PM): ur silly
kira_kicks_1990 (6:14:04 PM): lol
trianglelover (6:14:25 PM): just wonder how we could pull it off with out getting (You mean you're doing something WRONG? PERISH THE THOUGHT. Loser.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:14:41 PM): hm well i mean u seem ta kno what ur doin so i trust u
trianglelover (6:15:24 PM): well I'd never do anything to harm you thats for sure (HAHA...riiiiight.) ......but I was wondering how you could get away with out your mom knowing
kira_kicks_1990 (6:15:51 PM): she works alot an soemtimes shes got a bf so she goes out with him
trianglelover (6:16:16 PM): you got any brothers and sisters with you? (Little late in the game for a risk assessment, isn't it? You suck at this!)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:16:39 PM): nope
trianglelover (6:16:55 PM): well I'm sure she keeps a pretty good eye on you then
trianglelover (6:17:10 PM): will want to know where you are at all times
kira_kicks_1990 (6:17:35 PM): i dunno i mean like i said i havent made friends here yet but shes totaly wanting me to get out an meet people
trianglelover (6:18:19 PM): well I'm sure not like I want to meet you
kira_kicks_1990 (6:18:31 PM): huh?
trianglelover (6:18:49 PM): well......I'm not the kind of friend I'm sure she'd want you to have (No shit, Sherlock.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:19:03 PM): well silly im not gonna tell her u told
me not to
trianglelover (6:19:04 PM): she's think very badly of me
kira_kicks_1990 (6:19:05 PM): duh lol
trianglelover (6:19:51 PM): hmmm
trianglelover (6:20:00 PM): are you busy again
kira_kicks_1990 (6:20:04 PM): no y?
trianglelover (6:20:10 PM): just wondering
trianglelover (6:20:18 PM): wish I could talk to a mic?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:20:27 PM): nope it broke when we moved
kira_kicks_1990 (6:20:31 PM): sux
trianglelover (6:20:37 PM): remind me to buy you one
trianglelover (6:20:41 PM): when you get here
kira_kicks_1990 (6:20:46 PM): ok then
trianglelover (6:21:07 PM): you wanna come this saturday then? (In a hurry much?)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:21:40 PM): well i thout u were busy? mebbe we shuld wait til i get back from il
trianglelover (6:21:54 PM): ok sweetie.....but the fair will be gone (Awww, no cotton candy? Teh Baroness is hella disappointed.)
trianglelover (6:22:00 PM): but I guess we can do something else
kira_kicks_1990 (6:22:12 PM): ya i mean its ok
trianglelover (6:22:29 PM): ok....well I'd rather spend time with you anyway
kira_kicks_1990 (6:22:35 PM): aww ur so sweet
trianglelover (6:22:53 PM): take you shopping.......and dress you up nice
kira_kicks_1990 (6:23:07 PM): ooooh i like to shop
trianglelover (6:23:17 PM): maybe get you some Victoria's Secret.... (Great, he's going to dress her like a junior hooker. How lovely.)
trianglelover (6:23:31 PM): too
trianglelover (6:23:44 PM): know what that is/
trianglelover (6:23:48 PM): ?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:23:58 PM): um i saw that store ya
kira_kicks_1990 (6:23:59 PM): omg
kira_kicks_1990 (6:24:07 PM): wow
trianglelover (6:24:08 PM): omg what
kira_kicks_1990 (6:24:14 PM): i never went into one of those
trianglelover (6:24:22 PM): for real......I bet you'd look hot in something from there (You WOULD think that, pathetic scumbubble.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:24:40 PM): wow but that stuff is like see thru an stuff
trianglelover (6:24:51 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (6:25:01 PM): what u grinnin at?
trianglelover (6:25:16 PM): little model (In your perverted little DREAMS, sport.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:25:55 PM): nah lol
trianglelover (6:25:55 PM): now you're clamming up on me (Why wouldn't she? You're talking about lingere with a VIRGIN.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:25:59 PM): huh?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:26:01 PM): no im not
trianglelover (6:26:24 PM): well I'd have to treat you like a lady (He'd HAVE TO. It's an EFFORT.)
trianglelover (6:26:29 PM): but
trianglelover (6:26:35 PM): I'd want you to look good too
kira_kicks_1990 (6:26:37 PM): wow a lady
kira_kicks_1990 (6:26:38 PM): neat
trianglelover (6:26:45 PM): little woman I mean
trianglelover (6:27:00 PM): nice outfit......and stuff
kira_kicks_1990 (6:27:19 PM): o i get it thats kewl
trianglelover (6:27:38 PM): and hold my hand all over the
kira_kicks_1990 (6:27:51 PM): ooooh
kira_kicks_1990 (6:27:55 PM): lol
trianglelover (6:28:15 PM): I'm sure they'd think you were my (Disgusting.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:28:24 PM): omg lol
trianglelover (6:28:51 PM): have you ever drank? (Oh, add intoxication of a minor, officer.)
trianglelover (6:29:04 PM): I make a nice frozen drink
kira_kicks_1990 (6:29:17 PM): no well ok i had a beer once
trianglelover (6:29:28 PM): a strawberry daquiri that tastes like a slushy
kira_kicks_1990 (6:29:39 PM): oooh that sounds much better then beer
that was icky
trianglelover (6:29:55 PM): oh it is.....and gives you a good feeling too (Get the kid drunk and take advantage, right? Great plan...if your a fucking dirtbag.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:30:07 PM): o realy? i felt kinda wierd with tha beer
trianglelover (6:30:25 PM): beer is yucky
kira_kicks_1990 (6:30:33 PM): ya my head buzzed an stuff
trianglelover (6:30:40 PM): really...?
trianglelover (6:30:45 PM): on 1?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:30:53 PM): ya is that bad?
trianglelover (6:31:07 PM): no....means you're real much you weigh? (He's probably wringing his hands in glee...a cheap date, too! Ugh.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:31:15 PM): 105 or so
kira_kicks_1990 (6:31:23 PM): im waaay skinny lol
trianglelover (6:31:28 PM): that's a nice weight tho
kira_kicks_1990 (6:31:33 PM): thx
trianglelover (6:31:35 PM): I can pick you up
trianglelover (6:31:41 PM): in my (As opposed to...picking people up with your nostrils? Idiot.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:31:46 PM): o duh i get it
trianglelover (6:31:52 PM): and carry you......hehe
trianglelover (6:31:58 PM): if you get (...or so drunk that you can't protest. Either way. So gross.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:31:59 PM): where u carryin me?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:32:01 PM): o lol
trianglelover (6:32:16 PM): well......who knows
trianglelover (6:32:30 PM): I'm just daydreaming
kira_kicks_1990 (6:32:35 PM): bout what?
trianglelover (6:32:39 PM): me and you (*gag*)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:32:54 PM): awww
trianglelover (6:33:03 PM): holding you close.......and you liking it (Yeah, you ARE dreaming, pal.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:33:09 PM): it sounds nice
trianglelover (6:33:21 PM): maybe more (Duh.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:33:36 PM): more?
trianglelover (6:33:44 PM): I said.....I'm just daydreaming (You'll have plenty of time for that when you're behind bars. I'm sure you'll have to distract yourself from your cellmate...)
trianglelover (6:33:49 PM): yes......more
kira_kicks_1990 (6:34:01 PM): i feel like im blond under tha brown
trianglelover (6:34:08 PM): lol
trianglelover (6:34:09 PM): nah
trianglelover (6:34:17 PM): just inocent
kira_kicks_1990 (6:34:30 PM): im a dork u can say it
kira_kicks_1990 (6:34:31 PM): lol
trianglelover (6:34:37 PM): no baby.....
trianglelover (6:34:45 PM): you're my sweet angel
kira_kicks_1990 (6:34:53 PM): awww thats so nice
trianglelover (6:35:02 PM): I'll be so tender with you
trianglelover (6:35:11 PM): and sweet
kira_kicks_1990 (6:35:25 PM): u make it all sound so nice
trianglelover (6:35:34 PM): it would heaven (Dude, cut it out. I'm getting cavities.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:35:39 PM): wow
trianglelover (6:36:08 PM): Is it ok if I ask you some adult like questions? (HELLZ FUCKING NO!)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:36:27 PM): um sure
trianglelover (6:36:34 PM): um
trianglelover (6:36:40 PM): it's kind of embarrassing
kira_kicks_1990 (6:36:43 PM): its ok
trianglelover (6:36:48 PM): I know you're a virgin and all
trianglelover (6:36:57 PM): but you have cum right? (Good god.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:36:58 PM): ya i am
kira_kicks_1990 (6:37:08 PM): um i dont think so
trianglelover (6:37:14 PM): really?
trianglelover (6:37:16 PM): omg
trianglelover (6:37:33 PM): you never touched it down there or anything?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:37:51 PM): um u wont tell rite?
trianglelover (6:37:59 PM): of course not
kira_kicks_1990 (6:38:07 PM): i did a coupel times but i dunno
trianglelover (6:38:28 PM): who would I tell anyway silly
trianglelover (6:38:44 PM): didn't it feel real good tho?
trianglelover (6:39:07 PM): if you're embarassed by these questions I'll stop (No you won't.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:39:09 PM): well um i dunno i mean it was ok
kira_kicks_1990 (6:39:16 PM): but not like realy great
trianglelover (6:39:30 PM): I gotcha
kira_kicks_1990 (6:39:40 PM): see i dont kno what im talkin bout lol
trianglelover (6:39:40 PM): guess you just didn't know what you were doing (DUH...THIRTEEN.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:39:50 PM): thats true lol
trianglelover (6:40:19 PM): well said some of your friends back home had done it I was just wondering if you'd played with it at least yet ([g]So nasty.)
trianglelover (6:40:39 PM): but never mind......we'll talk about something else (Liar.)
trianglelover (6:40:48 PM): I dont want to embarrass you
kira_kicks_1990 (6:41:02 PM): o ok i mean u dont make me feel
trianglelover (6:41:23 PM): well I hope we can talk about that kind of stuff one day
kira_kicks_1990 (6:41:32 PM): ok i trust u
trianglelover (6:41:37 PM): cause I may be able to help you out (Ah yes, the HELPFUL angle. Typical groomer.)
trianglelover (6:42:00 PM): that's good can trust me.....I'm really very nice (Gee, all of the very not nice child molesters say that!)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:42:15 PM): help me?
trianglelover (6:42:20 PM): sure
trianglelover (6:42:32 PM): if you ever want to experiment
kira_kicks_1990 (6:42:38 PM): o ok
trianglelover (6:42:45 PM): it's fun
trianglelover (6:43:08 PM): but it is grown up fun (I really, REALLY hate it when they dumb down their speech to kid levels, so they understand. It's just SO basely manipulative.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:43:11 PM): thats what my friends said
trianglelover (6:43:50 PM):'s very nice if 2 people like one another and one at least knows what they are doing ( and the kid? You don't SAY!)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:44:23 PM): lol ya i dont kno much bout any of that
trianglelover (6:44:23 PM): darn......I wish you had a mic
kira_kicks_1990 (6:44:27 PM): im sorry
kira_kicks_1990 (6:44:33 PM): me too
trianglelover (6:44:38 PM): I'm getting you one for real
trianglelover (6:45:01 PM): so we can talk anytime we want for free
trianglelover (6:45:07 PM): last night was just too short
kira_kicks_1990 (6:45:27 PM): awww thats so nice of u!
trianglelover (6:45:30 PM): I could call you......but my # would come up on the ID box
kira_kicks_1990 (6:46:12 PM): mom doesnt let me give the # out anyway
kira_kicks_1990 (6:46:20 PM): its so dumb
trianglelover (6:46:35 PM): well she's not home now is she
trianglelover (6:46:49 PM): brb.....gotta pee
kira_kicks_1990 (6:46:55 PM): k
trianglelover (6:49:42 PM): back sugar
kira_kicks_1990 (6:49:49 PM): wb
trianglelover (6:50:01 PM): know I really like you right (The feeling is, most definitely, NOT mutual.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:50:04 PM): i gotta run in a few i gotta do homework and get somethin to eat
kira_kicks_1990 (6:50:09 PM): awww i lik eu to alot
trianglelover (6:50:25 PM): oh ok.....wish I could call you for a few minutes
trianglelover (6:50:37 PM): when you getting a new card anyway
kira_kicks_1990 (6:50:49 PM): mom keeps tha caller id locked in ehr
room shed see ur #...shes way weird bout the fone im sorry
trianglelover (6:51:05 PM): np honey
kira_kicks_1990 (6:51:06 PM): shes sposta bring me one tonite when she gets home
trianglelover (6:51:40 PM): t make sure you delete all our
talks.....I dont want to get into trouble for talking to you...k?
kira_kicks_1990 (6:51:53 PM): ok i will
kira_kicks_1990 (6:51:58 PM): will u be on tomarow?
trianglelover (6:52:09 PM): you know I'll be on looking for you
trianglelover (6:52:35 PM): actually I haven't stopped thinking about you since we talked on the phone (Goody.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:52:40 PM): awww ty
trianglelover (6:52:56 PM): for real......
kira_kicks_1990 (6:53:02 PM): same here
kira_kicks_1990 (6:53:11 PM): i gotta go get my homework done before
mom gets here
kira_kicks_1990 (6:53:16 PM): ill talk to u tomarow k?
trianglelover (6:53:44 PM): ok tomarrow.......dont forget to delete our messages in your archives (Incredible.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:53:55 PM): i wont forget ill do it now.
trianglelover (6:54:03 PM): and write my # down somewhere where only you can see it
kira_kicks_1990 (6:54:15 PM): ok i already did in my jornal
trianglelover (6:54:35 PM): uh oh......moms are notorious for looking in there hon
kira_kicks_1990 (6:54:51 PM): she has no clue where it is i promise
trianglelover (6:54:59 PM): write it down like under your desk or something (Boy, you're just FULL of sneaky advice, aren't you?)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:55:10 PM): i got a lose floorboard she doesnt kno
bout trust me
trianglelover (6:55:17 PM): ahhhh
trianglelover (6:55:21 PM): good girl
kira_kicks_1990 (6:55:25 PM): i made it lose lol
trianglelover (6:55:43 PM): I hear ya sweetie........just please please please keep me a secret (No. I won't.)
kira_kicks_1990 (6:55:50 PM): i will i promise
kira_kicks_1990 (6:55:54 PM): talk to u tomarow
trianglelover (6:55:59 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (6:56:06 PM): aww thanks fer tha love lol
trianglelover (6:56:13 PM): yw.......byeeeeee
kira_kicks_1990 (6:56:15 PM): bye

Offlines: (I think he missed me...)
trianglelover (9/24/2004 7:19:49 PM): Hi......hope you'll be on later.....bye
rianglelover (9/25/2004 8:28:53 AM): MIssed you yesterday
angel......hope you're ok and have a great weekend
trianglelover (10/3/2004 6:39:12 PM): hey little's been a long time since I've heard from you.....hope you're doing well. Take care........xoxo
trianglelover (10/9/2004 5:55:59 PM): Hey little sugar.....haven't heard from you in weeks.....hope your mama hasn't suppended your computer privledges......hit me back
trianglelover (10/18/2004 7:46:56 PM): Hi lil sexy.......where did you go?........haven't heard a word from you in me please!
trianglelover (11/5/2004 11:32:11 AM): miss you.......why don't you speak to me?
trianglelover (11/6/2004 8:38:06 AM): *emoticon*

(I left him an offline saying that my aunt had died.)

You currently appear invisible to trianglelover .

trianglelover (6:40:56 PM): Hi little sweetie......sorry to hear about your auntie......been missing you on here......hope we get a chance to chat real soon........luv ya......xoxo
kira_kicks_1990 (7:39:35 PM): u on?
trianglelover (7:39:46 PM): Hi baby!
kira_kicks_1990 (7:39:50 PM): hi!!!
trianglelover (7:39:50 PM): yes I'm on
trianglelover (7:40:01 PM): so good to see you again....i've been missing you (Were the other little kids not talking to you? Awww...)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:40:07 PM): aww same here
trianglelover (7:40:16 PM): sorry about your auntie....
kira_kicks_1990 (7:40:26 PM): its ok she was sick
trianglelover (7:41:22 PM): well I'm real excited to talk to you again (I bet.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:41:28 PM): aww me to
trianglelover (7:41:42 PM): I was wondering if I'd ever see you on again
kira_kicks_1990 (7:41:48 PM): o ya im back
trianglelover (7:42:33 PM):
trianglelover (7:42:57 PM): so what's up?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:43:11 PM): nada bored
trianglelover (7:43:22 PM): well here........
kira_kicks_1990 (7:43:28 PM): a kiss?
trianglelover (7:43:32 PM): yessss
kira_kicks_1990 (7:43:40 PM): well thx lol
trianglelover (7:44:02 PM): I'd do a hug too.......but don't remember how to make it on here
trianglelover (7:44:06 PM): lol
kira_kicks_1990 (7:44:08 PM):
trianglelover (7:44:27 PM): well I dont have the little I have to do it manually
kira_kicks_1990 (7:44:34 PM): me to
kira_kicks_1990 (7:44:45 PM): it goes > : D <
kira_kicks_1990 (7:45:09 PM): but liek all together
trianglelover (7:45:28 PM): ok.......I remember now.......just consider yourself
kira_kicks_1990 (7:45:32 PM): lol
trianglelover (7:45:46 PM): so you and your mom talking now?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:45:59 PM): we r ok
trianglelover (7:46:25 PM): well I sure am glad you said hi to me........I really have missed ya
kira_kicks_1990 (7:46:35 PM): aww thx thats so nice
trianglelover (7:46:57 PM): have you got any more pictures of yourself yet? (Icky.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:47:07 PM): nope lol
trianglelover (7:47:22 PM): I still look at that one of your pretty legs...... (Double-Icky.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:47:24 PM): u?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:47:29 PM): o man lol
trianglelover (7:47:50 PM): not any good ones.......
trianglelover (7:48:07 PM): just my profile pic......that one ain't too least I had a tan then (Got news for ya...tan or not...pretty bad.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:48:28 PM): my tans goin away kinda
trianglelover (7:48:58 PM): well I'm white tan at all.......only butt's a little (He said butt, har har.)
trianglelover (7:49:47 PM): still there?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:49:59 PM): o ya im sorry
trianglelover (7:50:09 PM): so what you doing hon
kira_kicks_1990 (7:50:27 PM): nothin lookin at my email thas about it
trianglelover (7:50:44 PM): well I still wanna take ya shopping ya know (Yes, by all means, bait her with presents. That's not horrid at ALL!)
trianglelover (7:50:53 PM): I know you need something
kira_kicks_1990 (7:51:08 PM): what do i need?
trianglelover (7:51:26 PM): I tell me?
trianglelover (7:51:49 PM): Is it cold there?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:51:51 PM): im not sure i dont shop alot
trianglelover (7:52:11 PM): maybe something for winter then
kira_kicks_1990 (7:52:15 PM): nah not realy but im from chicago where
its cold lol
trianglelover (7:52:31 PM): oh this isn't nothing to you then
kira_kicks_1990 (7:52:42 PM): rite lol
trianglelover (7:52:43 PM): You're in Roanoke right?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:52:45 PM): yup
kira_kicks_1990 (7:52:49 PM): ur in what town>
kira_kicks_1990 (7:52:51 PM): ?
trianglelover (7:52:55 PM): Hopewell
trianglelover (7:53:05 PM): but I'm comming your way over thanksgiving
kira_kicks_1990 (7:53:12 PM): no way u r?
trianglelover (7:53:48 PM): I'm going to my neices in Bedford for Thanksgiving.......then I may go to my sisters in Fincastle.......which is just up the road from you (Oh, so you'll make time in your busy schedule with your FAMILY to try to fuck a kid. They must be SO proud.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:54:06 PM): rite thats pretty kewl tho ull be busy
trianglelover (7:54:24 PM): well I know I could find time for you (Yeah, thought so.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:54:34 PM): i dont wanna take ur family time lol
trianglelover (7:54:47 PM): that's very sweet.......
trianglelover (7:54:59 PM): so
kira_kicks_1990 (7:55:03 PM): so?
trianglelover (7:55:20 PM): you stil think about maybe there could be time for us sometime?
kira_kicks_1990 (7:55:32 PM): mebbe im not sure u realy wanna meet me?
trianglelover (7:55:40 PM): very much so (Thanks for clearing that up for me.)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:55:41 PM): im so not kewl
kira_kicks_1990 (7:55:43 PM): lol
trianglelover (7:55:55 PM): well neither am I lol
kira_kicks_1990 (7:56:03 PM): o stop ya u r
trianglelover (7:56:34 PM): if we were seen together......somebody would think I'm your (Again, why is this not a red flag to this guy?)
kira_kicks_1990 (7:56:43 PM): lol omg
trianglelover (7:57:04 PM): but I'm still a fun person
trianglelover (7:57:18 PM): and I really really think you're soooo cute
kira_kicks_1990 (7:57:27 PM): omg no im not
trianglelover (7:57:40 PM): well to me you are
kira_kicks_1990 (7:57:47 PM): well thx ur so nice
trianglelover (7:58:05 PM): So you still wanna meet me?
trianglelover (7:58:30 PM): or not
kira_kicks_1990 (7:58:36 PM): ya i do if u wanna
trianglelover (7:58:50 PM): I sure do......
trianglelover (7:59:08 PM): but I dont want to get in trouble........or get you into any
kira_kicks_1990 (7:59:22 PM): y wuld i be in trubble?
trianglelover (7:59:46 PM): well cause I'm way too (Dude, you knew better. You've said it numerous times. So, why are you in jail right now? That's hells of stupid.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:00:13 PM): ur not old
trianglelover (8:00:47 PM): yeah.......but I may forget you're a little girl........and think you're a woman or something
kira_kicks_1990 (8:01:00 PM): i wish lol
kira_kicks_1990 (8:01:15 PM): bein 13 sux totaly (Stated my age AGAIN.)
trianglelover (8:01:32 PM): well you're becomming a woman for sure
kira_kicks_1990 (8:01:39 PM): nah i got nothin lol (Truth, the kid in the picture didn't have any womanly parts.)
trianglelover (8:02:01 PM): dont say got a lot
kira_kicks_1990 (8:02:13 PM): meh most my friends got more
trianglelover (8:02:27 PM): mean
kira_kicks_1990 (8:02:40 PM): well i dont look like no woman lol
trianglelover (8:03:04 PM): well I think you're sexy as there
kira_kicks_1990 (8:03:34 PM): wow
kira_kicks_1990 (8:03:37 PM): me?
trianglelover (8:03:46 PM): yes......YOU
kira_kicks_1990 (8:04:04 PM): hey did i give u my school pic?
trianglelover (8:04:18 PM): no sweetie........send it
kira_kicks_1990 (8:04:32 PM): i cant file transfer or whatevs i got a
kira_kicks_1990 (8:04:34 PM):
trianglelover (8:04:55 PM): oh ok.....that's Long as i get to talk to you.....I'm fine
trianglelover (8:05:06 PM): but what I was going to say
kira_kicks_1990 (8:05:07 PM): o duh i can send it to u mail lol
kira_kicks_1990 (8:05:12 PM): im a dork
trianglelover (8:05:27 PM): stop putting yourself down......I dont like
kira_kicks_1990 (8:05:33 PM): o sorry
trianglelover (8:05:34 PM): I really like you (Grand.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:05:42 PM): thx alot
trianglelover (8:05:54 PM): but what I was going to say was
trianglelover (8:06:03 PM): If I was to meet you
kira_kicks_1990 (8:06:07 PM): ya?
trianglelover (8:06:18 PM): I'm not sure i could keep my hands to myself...... (*sigh*)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:06:24 PM): o wow
kira_kicks_1990 (8:06:26 PM): um
kira_kicks_1990 (8:06:28 PM): lol
trianglelover (8:06:40 PM): that's what I mean.......see
trianglelover (8:06:59 PM): that's how I might get myself in trouble (No MIGHT about it, you surely did get yourself in trouble.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:07:07 PM): l i just dont kno what im doin
kira_kicks_1990 (8:07:14 PM): im imbarased bout it
trianglelover (8:07:22 PM): dont be.....
trianglelover (8:07:27 PM): that's sweet
trianglelover (8:07:41 PM): and trust me......I'd voluteer to show you everything (Oh, I believe you on that...)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:07:53 PM): u prob kno what ur doin
trianglelover (8:08:18 PM): very much so......I'd be gentle and sweet to you
trianglelover (8:08:36 PM): but make you a woman (Gee. Thanks. Fucker.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:08:51 PM): i wanna be a grownup sometiems
trianglelover (8:09:22 PM): I know you do......and I wanna be a kid
kira_kicks_1990 (8:09:38 PM): lol
trianglelover (8:09:46 PM): I'd just like to take you someplace fun
trianglelover (8:09:52 PM): just the 2 of us
trianglelover (8:10:04 PM): like a fair.....or an amusement park
kira_kicks_1990 (8:10:11 PM): oooh realy?
trianglelover (8:10:36 PM): sure.......but it's cold here now......and they are all closed.....
kira_kicks_1990 (8:10:52 PM): its ok
trianglelover (8:11:04 PM): and you can't run away from home......I'd be guilty of (LOL? There's nothing funny about that, you're serious. You've brought it up enough, sicko.)
trianglelover (8:11:14 PM): or I'd take you on a nice vacation (...that she'd NEVER RETURN FROM.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:11:14 PM): lol ur funny
trianglelover (8:11:36 PM): like to Florida......disneyworld or something
kira_kicks_1990 (8:11:59 PM): o man i never been there
trianglelover (8:12:35 PM): but if you was to run off with
me.......your mom would go nuts.......and I'd go to
(See, you are in jail, and you didn't even get to go to Disney. What a shame.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:13:06 PM): i dont want that
trianglelover (8:13:29 PM): so I dont know what to do
trianglelover (8:13:47 PM): I know I really like you a lot......and wish that I could at least meet you
kira_kicks_1990 (8:13:57 PM): well i want to
trianglelover (8:14:35 PM): well I cant call told me how could I?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:14:50 PM): i can prob call u to make plans n stuff
before or whatevs
trianglelover (8:15:40 PM): well I'll have to think on that one........
kira_kicks_1990 (8:16:03 PM): ok
trianglelover (8:16:17 PM): I think you're just so hot......I haven't been able to get you out of my mind since we last talked (I'm sure you haven't.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:16:36 PM): wow ur sweet
trianglelover (8:16:43 PM): I know that's crazy...... (Yep.)
trianglelover (8:16:46 PM): but it's true
kira_kicks_1990 (8:16:55 PM): wow nobody ever said that ta me
trianglelover (8:17:17 PM): if i had my way......I'd take you in my arms.....and hold you so tight
trianglelover (8:17:22 PM): close to me (As opposed to holding someone tight far away from you. God, you ARE an idiot.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:17:30 PM): awww
trianglelover (8:17:43 PM): I need to shut up (Wow, we agree again...what are the odds?)
trianglelover (8:18:02 PM): Kira......
kira_kicks_1990 (8:18:24 PM): y do u need ta shut up?
trianglelover (8:18:32 PM): cause......
trianglelover (8:18:41 PM): I really do want you
trianglelover (8:18:51 PM): in a way I shouldn't (SHOCKER. You are so transparent.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:18:53 PM): y did u say my name?
trianglelover (8:19:02 PM): cause I like it
kira_kicks_1990 (8:19:05 PM): lol
kira_kicks_1990 (8:19:15 PM): u sure i cant send u my pic? lol
trianglelover (8:19:22 PM): sure you can
kira_kicks_1990 (8:19:24 PM): its pretty dorky its a school one
trianglelover (8:19:33 PM): that's ok......
kira_kicks_1990 (8:19:43 PM): where do i send it to?
trianglelover (8:19:46 PM): you want my email address?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:19:49 PM): sure
trianglelover (8:20:13 PM): hide it.......I don't want your mom knowing anything about us (Well, do you mind if the rest of the free, internet-using world knows? Oh, well it doesn't matter if you do or not. Haha@you.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:20:32 PM): she hates the puter she never goes on
kira_kicks_1990 (8:20:38 PM): but ill be careful i promise
trianglelover (8:21:07 PM): I'd give you phone (Yes, please do.)
trianglelover (8:21:28 PM): anything you wanted.......but I'm scared (Should have gone with that.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:21:38 PM): aww i dont want u to be scared im sorry
if i make u
trianglelover (8:22:13 PM): I'm not scared of you.......I'm scared of the trouble I could get in by the way I want you (Justified fear. Too bad you're too stupid to listen to your own warning system.)
trianglelover (8:22:32 PM): I wish you were my gf (Wow, lucky ME!)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:22:32 PM): im sorry
kira_kicks_1990 (8:22:36 PM): omg realy>?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:22:39 PM): i sent tha pic
trianglelover (8:22:42 PM): yes....really
trianglelover (8:22:47 PM): ok.....I'll check
kira_kicks_1990 (8:23:05 PM): k
kira_kicks_1990 (8:23:38 PM): d00d am i crazy or did u say ur name was alex b4? (Smart kid.)
trianglelover (8:24:07 PM): well it's really george........but alex is my nickname (Haha, figured YOU out, George. You're screwed.)
trianglelover (8:24:15 PM): and your pic is beautiful
kira_kicks_1990 (8:24:26 PM): o lol its a normal school pic (Yep, from the neck up. How is that exciting?)
trianglelover (8:24:36 PM): I think you are soooo fine
kira_kicks_1990 (8:25:22 PM): omg thats funny
kira_kicks_1990 (8:25:30 PM): im so not but if u say so
trianglelover (8:25:43 PM): yep.....I'm making you my girl for sure (*throws confetti*...woo hoo.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:25:49 PM): wow u mean it?
trianglelover (8:26:10 PM): yes.....I wanna take care of you
kira_kicks_1990 (8:26:29 PM): awwww
kira_kicks_1990 (8:26:32 PM): thad be nice
kira_kicks_1990 (8:26:55 PM): hey what do u do for a job?
trianglelover (8:26:58 PM): I mean it Kira
kira_kicks_1990 (8:27:11 PM): i think u told me b4
trianglelover (8:27:19 PM): I'm a govt contractor.....I have my own 3 bedroom house.......and my care is paid for (Oooh, his CARE is paid for! How NEAT! Meathead. Werds R Gud.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:27:32 PM): what kind?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:27:50 PM): of car i meant
kira_kicks_1990 (8:27:51 PM): i like cars
trianglelover (8:28:27 PM): It's a loaded Hyudai everything

kira_kicks_1990 (8:28:33 PM): what color?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:28:38 PM): sounds real nice
trianglelover (8:28:46 PM): my (Idiot.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:28:51 PM): omg
kira_kicks_1990 (8:28:54 PM): ur so funny
trianglelover has signed out. (11/15/2004 8:29 PM)

trianglelover (8:29:21 PM): I'm going invisible I just talk to you (How lucky am I? Barf.)
trianglelover (8:29:28 PM): Kira......I love your pic hon
kira_kicks_1990 (8:29:29 PM): i thout u were leavin lol
kira_kicks_1990 (8:29:33 PM): aww ty
trianglelover (8:29:50 PM): I mean it......I'm crazy about you (Well, you're CRAZY...)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:30:06 PM): i like u 2
trianglelover (8:30:23 PM): so you've seem my ugly pic then
kira_kicks_1990 (8:30:32 PM): o stop u said i cant say tht stuff lol
trianglelover (8:30:43 PM):'re right
kira_kicks_1990 (8:30:46 PM): ha!
kira_kicks_1990 (8:30:49 PM): lol
trianglelover (8:31:00 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (8:31:11 PM): kisses and love huh
kira_kicks_1990 (8:31:15 PM): thats nicew
trianglelover (8:31:30 PM): and me......for (Oh, you incredible pansy.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:31:35 PM): awwww
trianglelover (8:31:46 PM): you think you could want me? (Not we had to repopulate planet earth. The species would die. Sorry, y'all.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:32:02 PM): what do u mean?
trianglelover (8:32:32 PM): as a bf.....think?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:32:37 PM): ya i think so
trianglelover (8:33:09 PM): I'm excited.......I really do want to go someplace with you
kira_kicks_1990 (8:33:18 PM): like where
trianglelover (8:33:29 PM): long as I was with you
kira_kicks_1990 (8:33:41 PM): aww see ur so sweet
trianglelover (8:34:30 PM): I wanna take you dinner first......then maybe a movie........then.....take you back to my place....... (Remember, for UNO!)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:34:40 PM): neat that sounds fun
trianglelover (8:35:41 PM): well......I could almost stay up all night with you.......but I really do have to get up very early in the morning........430am
kira_kicks_1990 (8:35:52 PM): y so early yuck!
trianglelover (8:36:12 PM): that's everyday duing the week......I have to be at work at 530am
kira_kicks_1990 (8:36:23 PM): ok i gotta ask a dumb queston
trianglelover (8:36:30 PM): sure baby....anything
kira_kicks_1990 (8:36:40 PM): i dont understand what u do fer a livin
kira_kicks_1990 (8:36:49 PM): u typed it an i dont kno what it means
trianglelover (8:37:07 PM): well I transport soldiers to their medical appts.......
kira_kicks_1990 (8:37:15 PM): o neat
kira_kicks_1990 (8:37:26 PM): were u in tha army or somethin?
trianglelover (8:37:38 PM): no....not me......just serve the army
kira_kicks_1990 (8:37:47 PM): o gotcha an u drive all day?
kira_kicks_1990 (8:37:54 PM): thats alot of drivin
trianglelover (8:38:04 PM): not all day........mostly wait
trianglelover (8:38:15 PM): but still get paid......pretty cool huh (Not really.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:38:20 PM): ya thats neat
kira_kicks_1990 (8:38:24 PM): im sorry i dident get it
trianglelover (8:38:30 PM): np.....
kira_kicks_1990 (8:38:40 PM): ok one more queston then bed
trianglelover (8:38:45 PM): ok baby
kira_kicks_1990 (8:38:49 PM): do u want me to call u alex or george? (You schitzo bastard, you.)
trianglelover (8:39:07 PM): you can all me anything you
like........just call
(Har har, so WITTY!)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:39:10 PM): lol
kira_kicks_1990 (8:39:13 PM): cute!
kira_kicks_1990 (8:39:17 PM): ok go to bed
kira_kicks_1990 (8:39:18 PM): lol
trianglelover (8:39:24 PM): come with me? (How very not smooth at all! No wonder you go for kids, no adult woman would go for this shit. You're terrible at this!)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:39:30 PM): i need a nap lol
trianglelover (8:39:32 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (8:39:43 PM): whatchu smilin about?
trianglelover (8:39:48 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (8:39:53 PM): and winkin
kira_kicks_1990 (8:39:57 PM): u culd just talk lol
trianglelover (8:40:15 PM): maybe I wanna give ya some luvins (Ugh.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:40:25 PM): like hugs an stuff?
trianglelover (8:40:31 PM): for starters
kira_kicks_1990 (8:40:41 PM): i like hugs
trianglelover (8:40:59 PM): well......since you don't know too much.....
trianglelover (8:41:12 PM): maybe I could show you some things that are fun and nice (FUN and NICE? Ew, you take the fucking cake. Dumb it down for the kid. That just makes me rage.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:41:18 PM): o ok
kira_kicks_1990 (8:41:28 PM): that sounds neat
trianglelover (8:41:40 PM): things that just happen between a man and a woman...... (The opportune words being MAN and WOMAN...)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:41:51 PM): o boy i wish i was that kewl
kira_kicks_1990 (8:41:53 PM): lol
trianglelover (8:42:16 PM): one night with me.......and you would be (...would be MESSED UP FOR LIFE. Selfish moron.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:42:33 PM): wow that sounds like fun
trianglelover (8:42:40 PM): it is........lots
kira_kicks_1990 (8:42:44 PM): i trust u
trianglelover (8:43:14 PM): well I'd be so gentle.....and sweet.....and you'd get the hang of things
trianglelover (8:43:27 PM): it's nature (There is NOTHING NATURAL ABOUT TRYING TO FUCK A KID.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:43:32 PM): ok u kno what ur talkin bout i dont lol
trianglelover (8:44:08 PM): well you say you trust me.......well trust me when I say it would feel sooo good (Launching a boot up your ass would feel sooo good right about now...)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:44:14 PM): i do trust u
trianglelover (8:44:34 PM): we'd be lovers (Blech.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:44:47 PM): wow i never been that b4 lol
trianglelover (8:45:05 PM): well that's ok.....I'd show you everything
kira_kicks_1990 (8:45:12 PM): thats sweet of u
trianglelover (8:45:48 PM): all you have to do is trust in me.......and the rest will come natural
trianglelover (8:46:06 PM): you'd love being close to me........I'm sure (I'm pretty sure that if we got within ten feet of each other, violence would ensue.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:46:21 PM): i believe u
trianglelover (8:46:27 PM): hold you in my arms til you fell asleep
trianglelover (8:46:45 PM): and cook you breakfast when you woke up (Teh Baroness prefers waffles. And orange juice. Fresh-squeezed. Chop chop.)
trianglelover (8:46:56 PM): hows that for (Shitty.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:47:08 PM): wow thats great lol
trianglelover (8:47:53 PM): well sweetheart.......consider yourself my girlfriend.......and i mean it (Be still my beating heart.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:48:02 PM): wow ok i will
trianglelover (8:48:23 PM): I want to talk to you on the phone (Not a chance.)
trianglelover (8:48:29 PM): real bad
kira_kicks_1990 (8:48:39 PM): i cant now moms here but in tha next few
days ill find a way ok?
trianglelover (8:48:50 PM): ok.....sounds good........
trianglelover (8:49:14 PM): make sure you go into your message archive and delete all our conversations.......just to be safe (God damn, you are a dangerous man.)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:49:33 PM): did u sho me how to do that b4?
trianglelover (8:49:55 PM): click the top......then message archive.......then delete all our stuff
kira_kicks_1990 (8:50:04 PM): hang on
kira_kicks_1990 (8:50:05 PM): ...
kira_kicks_1990 (8:50:24 PM): ok i did it
trianglelover (8:50:28 PM): well I've got to go to bed
darling......I'll be thinking of you
(Goody. *gag*)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:50:33 PM): aww me 2
trianglelover (8:50:39 PM): night sweetie
kira_kicks_1990 (8:50:41 PM): nite
trianglelover (8:50:46 PM):
trianglelover (8:50:51 PM): byeeeeeeee

Offlines: (he missed me AGAIN!)
trianglelover (11/17/2004 4:22:09 PM): Hi...been thinking about you......hope to catch you on later tonight.......bye kira....xoxo
trianglelover (11/18/2004 11:36:51 AM): been missing you
again.......let me know what's up.......I wanna chat with my gf.......\
trianglelover (11/19/2004 3:56:37 PM): still looking for you ......hope you haven't disappeared again........xoxo
trianglelover (11/20/2004 10:21:05 AM): Kira.......where are
you......been looking for you
trianglelover (11/21/2004 4:35:40 PM): hello

trianglelover appears to be offline
and will receive your messages after signing in.

You currently appear invisible to trianglelover .

trianglelover (6:56:52 PM): Kira.....I'm comming your way
THursday......and I may be in Roanoke on Friday........will you be around?
This person appears to be offline and will receive your message the
next time they sign in.(11/22/2004 8:13 PM)
kira_kicks_1990 (8:13:28 PM): u on?

kira_kicks_1990 (10:08:44 PM): hi
trianglelover (10:08:49 PM): hi baby
kira_kicks_1990 (10:08:56 PM): how are ya?
trianglelover (10:09:18 PM): fine little sugar (Just have a small case of diabetes, nothing big. Oy.)
trianglelover (10:09:22 PM): how are you
kira_kicks_1990 (10:09:24 PM): im good
trianglelover (10:11:05 PM): so are you home now?
kira_kicks_1990 (10:11:27 PM): ya i came back early dad an i got in a
kira_kicks_1990 (10:11:34 PM): can u believe that he sent me home
trianglelover (10:11:59 PM): no....that's crazy
kira_kicks_1990 (10:12:06 PM): im glad im back
kira_kicks_1990 (10:12:16 PM): he was bein a jerk \
trianglelover (10:12:41 PM): well I'm glad you're back too.......but because i missed you
kira_kicks_1990 (10:12:46 PM): awww ty
kira_kicks_1990 (10:12:57 PM): nice to hear tha some1 cares
trianglelover (10:13:23 PM): I do gf
kira_kicks_1990 (10:13:37 PM): u called me gf...awww
trianglelover (10:13:59 PM):'re my little angel (Oh for fuck's sake...cut the grooming crap!)
trianglelover (10:14:12 PM): and I'm your big (THAT's accurate.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:14:19 PM): lol funny boy
trianglelover (10:16:08 PM): so what ya know good sugar bean
trianglelover (10:16:35 PM): you still my little sugar?
trianglelover (10:17:18 PM): so where did my little Kira go? (Oh lord, gag me with a fucking blowtorch.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:17:44 PM): im here
trianglelover (10:17:55 PM): so are ya?
kira_kicks_1990 (10:18:02 PM): of course lol
trianglelover (10:18:32 PM): good......I was 22 miles from roanoke on Thurday and Fri.......would have loved to have come a little farther and seen you (Not that you'd like to meet a child for sex or anything...)
trianglelover (10:18:43 PM): but you weren't home yet.......
kira_kicks_1990 (10:18:44 PM): im sorry i wasnt here
trianglelover (10:19:07 PM): well don't worry.......I'm comming back up that way soon (Yay! Wait...Boooooo.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:19:15 PM): realy when?
trianglelover (10:19:19 PM): and if you're around........i'll see you
trianglelover (10:19:54 PM): not real sure at the moment.......just know I wanna go see my sister soon........she was sick so I didn't get to stay with her at all (Your poor sister. She must be so embarassed and sickened by you now.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:20:06 PM): o no im sorry to hear that
kira_kicks_1990 (10:20:14 PM): is she older or little sis
trianglelover (10:20:21 PM): it's ok......just a cold or
something........but I didn't want to catch it
trianglelover (10:20:24 PM): she's older
kira_kicks_1990 (10:20:27 PM): o gotcha
trianglelover (10:20:39 PM): so how are you?
kira_kicks_1990 (10:20:47 PM): 13 y?
kira_kicks_1990 (10:20:54 PM): OH
trianglelover (10:20:56 PM): lol
kira_kicks_1990 (10:20:56 PM): lol i read that wrong
trianglelover (10:21:00 PM): I see
kira_kicks_1990 (10:21:02 PM): u kno that silly
kira_kicks_1990 (10:21:06 PM): im ok
trianglelover (10:21:07 PM): of course
trianglelover (10:21:10 PM): well good
kira_kicks_1990 (10:21:11 PM): im a dork but im ok lol
trianglelover (10:21:24 PM): you're not a're my little angel (That's it. I am getting a glucometer after this.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:21:38 PM): lol i thout u forgot how old i am how
silly im ur gf duh
trianglelover (10:21:52 PM): yes you are......
trianglelover (10:21:59 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (10:22:02 PM): yay
trianglelover (10:22:07 PM): hehe
trianglelover (10:22:46 PM): you ever wonder about a guy as old as me? don't think I'd be too old to hang with? (YES.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:22:53 PM): i dont think so
trianglelover (10:23:20 PM): well I know we'd like a lot of different things.......but I still bet we could have a lot of fun
kira_kicks_1990 (10:23:29 PM): i think so to
trianglelover (10:23:43 PM): so how old is your mom?
kira_kicks_1990 (10:24:06 PM): 36
kira_kicks_1990 (10:24:07 PM): i think
kira_kicks_1990 (10:24:11 PM): i was doin math
kira_kicks_1990 (10:24:13 PM): lol
trianglelover (10:24:33 PM): oh ok......well darn....I'm older than your (HINT HINT, idiot.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:24:38 PM): so?
trianglelover (10:24:50 PM): I bet you'd think I was an old
(Sure do, gramps.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:25:02 PM): whatevs
kira_kicks_1990 (10:25:03 PM): stop that
trianglelover (10:25:07 PM): ok.....
trianglelover (10:25:15 PM): I'm just being hard on myself
kira_kicks_1990 (10:25:22 PM): ya u dont let me do that
trianglelover (10:25:28 PM): lol
trianglelover (10:25:31 PM): ok hon
trianglelover (10:25:41 PM): I'm glad we are friends tho
trianglelover (10:25:53 PM): you make me feel young
kira_kicks_1990 (10:26:00 PM): good lol
trianglelover (10:26:16 PM): I'm going to call you my little woman
kira_kicks_1990 (10:26:31 PM): i wish i was a woman
trianglelover (10:26:42 PM): you are
trianglelover (10:26:49 PM): almost
trianglelover (10:27:06 PM): you got little boobies and
(Oh damn, that's just gross.)
trianglelover (10:27:21 PM): geeez that was dumb huh
kira_kicks_1990 (10:27:30 PM): i do lol
kira_kicks_1990 (10:27:35 PM): most boys dont like htat
trianglelover (10:27:43 PM): well I love it
kira_kicks_1990 (10:27:47 PM): u do?
trianglelover (10:27:51 PM): yes indeed
kira_kicks_1990 (10:28:09 PM): o that kewl then
trianglelover (10:28:25 PM): in fact......I luv em very very much
kira_kicks_1990 (10:28:31 PM): y is that?
trianglelover (10:28:42 PM): cause I like to kiss there
kira_kicks_1990 (10:28:46 PM): wow
kira_kicks_1990 (10:28:50 PM): ok then lol
trianglelover (10:29:02 PM): yep......I bet you'd like that too (
kira_kicks_1990 (10:29:07 PM): u think?
trianglelover (10:29:12 PM): oh sure......I know it
kira_kicks_1990 (10:29:22 PM): ok i belive u
trianglelover (10:29:42 PM): it just feels me (I trust you like I trust a used car salesman, slimebucket. (please, don't sent hate mail, used car salesmen of the world...))
kira_kicks_1990 (10:29:48 PM): i do trust u
trianglelover (10:30:01 PM): I wouldn't lie to ya (Riiiiight.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:30:13 PM): i kno
trianglelover (10:30:45 PM): well I feel like I need to show you some things that you dont know about (I'm sure you do. And you'll never get the chance. Pardon me while I giggle with lots of glee.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:30:55 PM): ok then
trianglelover (10:30:58 PM): then you'll know what you been missing (Funny, I don't remember missing a tiny penis. Hm.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:31:07 PM): i been missin stuff?
trianglelover (10:31:34 PM): oh yes.......didn't you tell me that some of the girls at your school had already done it?
trianglelover (10:32:21 PM): you there?
kira_kicks_1990 (10:32:34 PM): ya they did
trianglelover (10:32:45 PM): well......there you go.......
kira_kicks_1990 (10:32:50 PM): i spose
kira_kicks_1990 (10:32:53 PM): thats tru
trianglelover (10:33:11 PM): well......maybe if you like me
enough.....I can show you some stuff
(...or not. That would be swell if you didn't.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:33:20 PM): i do like u
trianglelover (10:33:41 PM): well......then I will show you some stuff then.....
trianglelover (10:34:04 PM): you'll learn fast.......I'm betting
kira_kicks_1990 (10:34:15 PM): i think im a fast learner
kira_kicks_1990 (10:34:22 PM): thas what my teacher sez
trianglelover (10:34:24 PM): well you seem real smart (Yep, that's right, build the kid're so textbook.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:34:29 PM): hey thx
trianglelover (10:34:52 PM): well if 2 people like one
another.......then they can experiment

kira_kicks_1990 (10:35:01 PM): whast that mean?
trianglelover (10:35:03 PM): and see what each other likes
trianglelover (10:35:33 PM): well it's not important......I don't want you wondering about stuff
kira_kicks_1990 (10:35:43 PM): o ok so if i wonder ull tell me bout it
kira_kicks_1990 (10:35:45 PM): rite?
trianglelover (10:36:01 PM): of course......i'll tell you anything you want to know (Ok, then tell me...why are you such a pathetic asshole? I'm waiting...)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:36:08 PM): o ok i get it now
kira_kicks_1990 (10:36:09 PM): lol
trianglelover (10:36:25 PM): very good......see......I told you you were a fast
kira_kicks_1990 (10:36:32 PM): lol funny
trianglelover (10:37:04 PM): as long as I can count on you not to tell anyone.......cause I'd surely get in big trouble
kira_kicks_1990 (10:37:15 PM): i wont
trianglelover (10:37:22 PM): you have to promise
kira_kicks_1990 (10:37:30 PM): i promise (*crosses fingers*)
trianglelover (10:37:52 PM): ok.....then I'll teach you
everything.....if you want to learn it all

kira_kicks_1990 (10:38:04 PM): i wanna learn stuff sure
trianglelover (10:38:39 PM): well I know once you learn all this stuff.......then you can say for sure......that you are a woman
trianglelover (10:38:55 PM): regardless of how old you are
trianglelover (10:39:16 PM): I know one of my cousins was a woman at 13 (Your family is seriously fucked up. Apologies to the members who are opposed to this shit, but damn.)
trianglelover (10:39:28 PM): heck.....she got married when she was 15 (Poor kid.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:39:31 PM): WOW
trianglelover (10:39:49 PM): yep.......ran off to South Carolina and married the guy
trianglelover (10:39:59 PM): he was a lot older too (Hoping much?)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:40:06 PM): wow thats wild
trianglelover (10:40:31 PM): well I'm not trying to say you'd do that.......but I could still show you the ropes (Riiiiight.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:40:39 PM): tha ropes?
kira_kicks_1990 (10:40:47 PM): how ta get married?
trianglelover (10:40:49 PM): it's slang
kira_kicks_1990 (10:40:51 PM): lol
trianglelover (10:40:52 PM): nooo
trianglelover (10:40:58 PM): about know
trianglelover (10:41:16 PM): what grown ups do..........geeez
kira_kicks_1990 (10:41:24 PM): im sorry im so slow sometiems
trianglelover (10:41:32 PM):'re just cute
trianglelover (10:41:40 PM): and don't know anything yet
kira_kicks_1990 (10:41:50 PM): i spose
trianglelover (10:42:20 PM): well is there anything that you'd like to ask me? (SO MUCH...oh, you meant the kid.)
trianglelover (10:42:30 PM): about anything
trianglelover (10:43:06 PM):
kira_kicks_1990 (10:43:29 PM): i dont even kno what to ask about that
stuff i havent done much
trianglelover (10:43:45 PM):
trianglelover (10:44:00 PM): that's ok.......I understand......
kira_kicks_1990 (10:44:10 PM): i mean what shuld i know i guess
trianglelover (10:44:17 PM): lots
kira_kicks_1990 (10:44:25 PM): lol
trianglelover (10:44:27 PM): but i'll have to show you I guess
trianglelover (10:44:40 PM): maybe one day
kira_kicks_1990 (10:44:55 PM): ok then
trianglelover (10:45:38 PM): come your dad sent you home?
kira_kicks_1990 (10:46:06 PM): he was bein a total jerk so i said it
was his fault mom left cuz he was cheatin and i knew bout it
trianglelover (10:46:24 PM): bet that made him mad
kira_kicks_1990 (10:46:27 PM): yup
kira_kicks_1990 (10:46:46 PM): he was tryin to be like nothin happened and it was all a xmas card
kira_kicks_1990 (10:46:55 PM): hes a jerk totaly
trianglelover (10:47:07 PM): I see you 2 don't get along
trianglelover (10:47:15 PM): so why did you go there anyway?
kira_kicks_1990 (10:47:26 PM): he sent tix and i wanted to see my
kira_kicks_1990 (10:47:32 PM): when i got there he dident want to let
me go
trianglelover (10:47:47 PM): to tell you the truth......neither of your parents seem too cool (Planting the seed to run away much? Dick.)
trianglelover (10:48:00 PM): seems you fight with both of them
kira_kicks_1990 (10:48:01 PM): moms mad alot and dads never been much
of a dad
kira_kicks_1990 (10:48:23 PM): hes a sales man so he was gone alot and when he was home he dident do much
trianglelover (10:48:36 PM): makes me wish i could take you to stay with me (Fuck. You.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:48:41 PM): im sorry i dont mean to vent lol
kira_kicks_1990 (10:48:42 PM): im ok
trianglelover (10:48:56 PM): it's ok.......vent......I'm your friend (...who wants to molest and kidnap you.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:49:10 PM): itd be nice ta be somewhere where i
dident feel like i was in tha way or bein a problem

trianglelover (10:49:26 PM): wouldn't be a problem to me
kira_kicks_1990 (10:49:34 PM): thats nice of u
trianglelover (10:49:52 PM): as long as you could clean
house........i'd be cool with
(You incredible fucktard. This just makes me seethe!)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:49:58 PM): lol funny
kira_kicks_1990 (10:50:13 PM): i gotta do that anyhow
trianglelover (10:50:23 PM): seriously.......I live gets lonely sometimes here by myself
kira_kicks_1990 (10:50:29 PM): im sure it does
trianglelover (10:50:46 PM): would be nice to have a friend that liked me and cared about me to talk to
trianglelover (10:51:09 PM): you've always been very sweet (Stroke her ego a little more, bastard.)
kira_kicks_1990 (10:51:19 PM): aww i try well ur very nice to me
trianglelover (10:51:44 PM): maybe you should come here then......
kira_kicks_1990 (10:51:54 PM): id like to come by u
trianglelover (10:52:15 PM): I'd like you to be my guest
kira_kicks_1990 (10:52:25 PM): fer like a weekend or somethin?
trianglelover (10:52:32 PM): at least
kira_kicks_1990 (10:52:38 PM): wow thats kewl
trianglelover (10:52:40 PM): or longer if you wanted (Man, I had you pegged from the beginning. You are a danger to children, and I am SO glad you are behind bars.)
trianglelover (10:52:47 PM): I have plenty of room
kira_kicks_1990 (10:52:57 PM): thats neatr
trianglelover (10:53:00 PM): live in a 3 bedroom house all to myself
kira_kicks_1990 (10:53:03 PM): wow
trianglelover (10:54:23 PM): well it's true.......i'd like for you to come
kira_kicks_1990 (10:54:37 PM): id like to visit u
trianglelover (10:55:07 PM): I'd like that very much
kira_kicks_1990 (10:55:11 PM): me 2
trianglelover (10:55:21 PM): well hopefully someday soon
kira_kicks_1990 (10:55:28 PM): thad be great
trianglelover (10:55:41 PM): well little angel.......I'm getting sleepy
kira_kicks_1990 (10:55:44 PM): me 2
trianglelover (10:55:59 PM): so until we meet again..........
kira_kicks_1990 (10:56:03 PM): aww ty for the kiss
kira_kicks_1990 (10:56:06 PM): bck atcha
trianglelover (10:56:13 PM): k......nite hon
kira_kicks_1990 (10:56:17 PM): nite

trianglelover (12/4/2004 11:19:35 AM): been missing you Kira

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