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Perverted Justice mark: Roger Cassidy, 26 and text messaging: Roger Cassidy
Location: Dothan, Alabama

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit Erica, a 14 year old girl
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Turn commentary off Conversation 5/7/2014

Roger Cassidy - Wassup wanna chat
Roger Cassidy - Hi
Decoy - Hi
Roger Cassidy - What are you up to
Decoy - NM u? R u 26?
Roger Cassidy - Yeah y
Roger Cassidy - U 18
Roger Cassidy - Y is that a problemDecoy - Im 14
Decoy - Nope lol.. I think ur cute
Roger Cassidy - SHIT!!! Really Damn
Decoy - Y do I look older? Lol
Roger Cassidy - Yeah
Roger Cassidy - Sry I can't do. If you where 18 I would
Decoy - Oh thats good I think lol
Roger Cassidy - Lol
Roger Cassidy - I really would
Roger Cassidy - I thought I was about to have plans for today.. HAHA til you told me that
Decoy - What?
Roger Cassidy - Til you told me yo age an we was talkin I was going to try and see if you wanted to chill..
Decoy - Uh.. so u dont wanna talk to me now?
Roger Cassidy - Who is in your pics with you your sister
Roger Cassidy - I'll get in trouble girl lol
Decoy - No my friend Terra
Roger Cassidy - You can't even drive yet
Decoy - Lol Im not gonna tell anyone hullo I would get in trouble 2
Roger Cassidy - You going tell yo friend terra lol
Roger Cassidy - U probably tell her everything
Decoy - Uh no I wouldnt lol
Roger Cassidy - Lol
Decoy - Ur a dork
Roger Cassidy - Does she drive
Decoy - No..Y? Do u?
Roger Cassidy - Of course I do
Decoy - Oh lol then y u ask
Roger Cassidy - I would of come an pick yall or u up
Roger Cassidy - Cause didn't know if she was older than you
Roger Cassidy - That's y LOL
Roger Cassidy - I mean I think you look good to
Decoy - Wow y u wanna talk 2 her instead
Roger Cassidy - listen if you wanted to chill an she had a license she could've been your way to chill with me.. you get it??
Decoy - Ooh ok
Roger Cassidy - So are you trying to chill with me
Decoy - I dunno lol
Decoy - R u kool
Roger Cassidy - u r kool
Roger Cassidy - R u kool
Roger Cassidy - I think I'm kool
Roger Cassidy - Lol
Decoy - Lol ya I think I am?
Roger Cassidy - Well there you go
Roger Cassidy - LOL
Roger Cassidy - what are you wanting to do
Decoy - Idk wut u wanna do
Roger Cassidy - Y did you ask if I wanted to talk to your friend
Decoy - Uh bc u asked who it was n if she had a license
Roger Cassidy - Lol
Roger Cassidy - Is this your first time talking to an older guy?
Roger Cassidy - What's the craziest/wildest thing you have done
Decoy - Um idk I snuck out of the house b4 2 see my x bf?
Roger Cassidy - Lol that's it lol haha
Roger Cassidy - I don't think you tellin it all
Roger Cassidy - Lmfao
Decoy - Lol
Roger Cassidy - What did yall do
Roger Cassidy - When you snuck out
Decoy - Lol maybe
Roger Cassidy - Im way older than you I know
Roger Cassidy - Lol
Decoy - So wut age aint nothin but a number
Roger Cassidy - Understand so you think you can handle me
Roger Cassidy - Lol didn't hear anything Hahahaha
Decoy - Lol I dunno.. In wut way
Roger Cassidy - What do you mean in what way.. let me give you an example
Decoy - ?
Roger Cassidy - I'll get you on the bed an start kissing you why slowly bittin your lips. I'll start kissing and licking your neck till I get all the way down to your sexy thighs... then I'll spend your legs for paradise. I'll lick slowly at the tip of your pussy then sticking my tongue deep in your pussy why you wrap your legs around my head. I'll snack yo as way I turn you over an you ride my face why I eat that sweet pussy. An when you cum why I stick my tongue deep inside your pussy...
Roger Cassidy - Lol it probably will take you an your friend to handle me.. hahaha lol
Roger Cassidy - Do u want to chill today need to know how to plan my day?? Cause I can pick you up
Roger Cassidy - Hello
Decoy - Like 4 real?
Roger Cassidy - I dont understand what you mean when you 4 real
Decoy - U wanna do all that 2 me 4 real? Lol
Decoy - I never had a guy do that 2 me b4
Roger Cassidy - Yeah I want.. then those guys dont understand true meaning of good pussy yet still immature
Decoy - Yeah my x bf said he thought it was gross
Decoy - Lol would you really do that 2 me?
Roger Cassidy - Yeah I would
Roger Cassidy - Thats y I asked do you think you can handle me
Decoy - Lol kool.. Hehe I kinda wonder wut it feels like
Roger Cassidy - HAHA
Roger Cassidy - Thats why I said it might take you an your friend...LOL
Roger Cassidy - So you going to be ready today
Decoy - Lol well I wouldnt share w my friend! Sorry
Roger Cassidy - I understand more for u
Roger Cassidy - Her lost
Roger Cassidy - Lol
Decoy - Ya
Roger Cassidy - Ya that you going to be ready today??
Decoy - I dunno.. Id have 2 make up a story 4 my mom n see if she lets me go somewhere
Decoy - U would really come n pick me up?
Roger Cassidy - When will you be able to do and find that out
Roger Cassidy - Yeah I would
Roger Cassidy - Y u asked that
Decoy - I dunno Im just making sure ur not messing w my head! Lol
Decoy - Um I dunno.. I can ask her when I get home?
Roger Cassidy - Im trying to make sure the same thing.. Cause I don't wan't to get in trouble
Decoy - Lol ok.. Yah Im down
Decoy - Hehe wut u wanna do
Roger Cassidy - Are you on any birth control or shot
Decoy - No.. Im 2 scared 2 ask my mom for it
Roger Cassidy - Ima get a room so we can have privacy
Roger Cassidy - Dont be scared to ask.. thats the smart thing to do is get on it..
Decoy - Like at a hotel?
Roger Cassidy - Yeah hotel
Roger Cassidy - Wow hehe Im excited
Roger Cassidy - What if your mom say no Ima be pissed lol
Roger Cassidy - What is the oldest guy u been with you never said
Decoy - Oh.. Idk let me ask her first then
Decoy - Usually she lets me have sleepovers.. BUt not all the time
Roger Cassidy - Where you at
Decoy - Hartford
Roger Cassidy - With your mom
Roger Cassidy - What you going to tell your friend to tell your mom that u staying the night with her why you go with me
Decoy - Yeah w my mom
Decoy - Yea
Decoy - Hey text me *edit*
Roger Cassidy - Ok I did
Roger Cassidy - You never answered my question about the oldest guy
Decoy - 17 y
Decoy - Just text me I dont wanna keep checking this 2 talk 2 u lol

Text Messaging 5/7/2014

Roger Cassidy Phone: Hey it's Roger 12:51 PM
Me: Hi 12:56 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Wassup 1:01 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Wyd 1:01 PM
Me: I'm in class 1:08 PM
Me: U? 1:08 PM
Me: ?? 1:29 PM
Me: I said 17.. Y is that bad? 1:29 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Naw that's not bad I was jw 1:31 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: I thought you said you was with your mom 1:31 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: What time will you make it home around 3:30 4 1:33 PM
Me: No? I'm at school 1:34 PM
Me: So it's hard for me to talk 1:34 PM
Me: Lol y r u excited 2 c me 1:35 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Hell yeah.. so ya mom said yeah 1:37 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Oo Damn u st school u didn't ask 1:37 PM
Me: Lol chill out! 1:37 PM
Me: Lollll wut are we gonna dooo 1:37 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Lol 1:38 PM
Me: ? 1:42 PM
Me: Y u ask if I was on bc 1:45 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Y I asked if you was on birth control or shot 1:50 PM
Me: Yea y 1:50 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Something wrong with that 1:52 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Y else we going to get a room?? We going to fuc and Ima do what I said to you.. 1:52 PM
Me: Lol nope nothing wrong w that ^_^ 1:53 PM
Me: U really wanna have sex w me? 1:54 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Do you want to with me 1:54 PM
Me: Yah if u want 2 1:55 PM
Me: I don't wanna get preg tho 1:55 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: You not I can't have kids 1:57 PM
Me: How do u kno?? 1:58 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Went to the doctor and got my sperm tested 1:59 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: I mean.I don't want any kids right now either... 1:59 PM
Me: Oic 2:02 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Plus they have a pill u can buy at any pharmacy you have to take it within the first 48 hours if can prevent you from being pregnant 2:05 PM
Me: Really will it make me sick?? 2:08 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Naw I never heard of it making anybody sick 2:10 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Around what time will you be getting out 2:17 PM
Me: I get out at 3:30 2:18 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: I don't want to get in any trouble 2:45 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Ok.. Damn u know how nervous I am 2:45 PM
Me: Lol why?? I'm not gonna tell ne 1 lol 2:46 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Foo you sayin anything 2:47 PM
Me: Hell no lol.. I would be grounded 4ever lol 2:48 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Aight I hear you.... when u get sprung on me don't say I didn't warn you... 2:48 PM
Me: Lol! 2:49 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Hey bring change of clothes well panties we going to get in the shower together 2:49 PM
Me: Lol oh really ^_^ 2:50 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Hope you are deleting all your text messages 2:50 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Yes really 2:50 PM
Me: I do don't worry.. I'm not stupid! 2:50 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Lol 2:52 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Where will I have to pick u up from?? 2:53 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: It takes me 18 miles to get to Hartford 2:53 PM
Me: How long is that? 2:54 PM
Me: I dunno I usually walk 2 my friends house 2:54 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: About 20-25 minutes 2:55 PM
Me: Where do u live again? 2:56 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Dothan 2:57 PM
Me: Ooh kk 2:58 PM
Me: I hope she says yes! 2:58 PM
Me: If not I can def get out of the another day 2:58 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Yeah I hope she say yes too.. I'm pretty sure yo bad as can too 3:00 PM
Me: I texted her... She said I can ^_^ 3:10 PM
Me: What time can u pick me up?? 3:12 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: I'm washing my car after I get done I'm on the way 3:15 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: I'll text you when I finish 3:15 PM
Me: Kk kool.. I get home at 3:30 3:19 PM
Me: Or well like 10 mins after 3:19 PM
Me: Hey I'm home 3:37 PM
Me: Wut should I bring.. Just clothes? 3:39 PM
Me: Hullo?? 3:44 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Yeah 3:44 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Unless you going to put on the same thing 3:44 PM
Me: Lol no that's gross 3:44 PM
Me: K I'm ready 3:46 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Lol Ok I'm about to take off 3:47 PM
Me: Kk kool.. I live across from Hardee's so I'm just gonna walk over there so nobody sees ur car 3:49 PM
Me: Oh wut kinda car do u have lol so I kno it's u 3:49 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Ok going to have to give me about 20 min 3:49 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Blue Ford focus 3:50 PM
Me: Kk 3:52 PM
Me: Let me know when ur here 3:57 PM
Me: I'm just gonna order something real quick I'm soo hungry lol 4:06 PM
Me: R u almost here?? 4:14 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Please don't be mad LOL I had to turn around because my mom needed a ride to work.. please give me like 30 please 4:18 PM
Me: What?? Lol uhh should I just wait here then? 4:21 PM
Me: I don't wanna go back home cause my mom will ask why 4:22 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Yeah please it want take me long 4:23 PM
Me: Ok... 4:28 PM
Me: R u almost here? Lol I feel stupid sitting here 4:40 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: On my way 4:42 PM
Me: How many more mins? 4:42 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: What is the address to hardees 4:44 PM
Me: Um idk lol.. It's on 52 4:45 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Ok I got it I but it in my gps like 18 more min.. 4:45 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Or less 4:46 PM
Me: Ughhhh.... That's gonna be a whole hour I'm sitting here 4:46 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: I promise I'll make it up to you 4:46 PM
Me: U better! Lol 4:50 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Promise 4:50 PM
Me: Did u get a hotel room? 4:52 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Not yet 4:53 PM
Me: Oh ok. Well hurry up lol I feel homeless sitting here 4:53 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: HAHA 4:56 PM
Me: Let me kno when ur here k.. I'm inside 4:57 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Ok 5:02 PM
Me: Ur here? 5:02 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Almost 5:02 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: This Damn traffic 5:03 PM
Me: OMG.. How many more mins 5:07 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Some road got closed off I on some single lane road where traffic is fucin crazy 5:12 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Wait Ima see if I can find the name 5:13 PM
Me: OMG hurry up! 5:16 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: In slocomb 5:16 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: 8 min 5:17 PM
Me: Ok I'm waiting! 5:20 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: U outside 5:24 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: hello 5:26 PM
Me: No I'm inside. U here now? 5:26 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: I don't see no hardees 5:26 PM
Me: Where r u? 5:28 PM
Me: It's at 52 and 167 lol u can't miss it 5:28 PM
Roger Cassidy Phone: Yeah outside 5:30 PM

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