• Conviction - sean_lee53 - , New Jersey

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 10/29/2009 10:54 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/29/2009 10:54 PM PST

    sean_lee53 (03/31/07 5:23:31 PM): are u single
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/31/07 5:23:40 PM): yeah
    sean_lee53 (03/31/07 5:23:57 PM): cool
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/31/07 5:24:01 PM): we broke up
    sean_lee53 (03/31/07 5:24:05 PM): i see
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/31/07 5:24:30 PM): i think he liked his xbox more than me
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/31/07 5:24:31 PM): lol
    sean_lee53 (03/31/07 5:24:38 PM): can i ask a personal question?
    sean_lee53 (03/31/07 5:24:44 PM): shame on him
    sean_lee53 (03/31/07 5:24:48 PM): lol
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/31/07 5:24:55 PM): sure
    sean_lee53 (03/31/07 5:25:10 PM): are you a virgin?
    Yes, shame on the hypothetical teenage ex-boyfriend, what a loser he was, while you troll the internet looking for children to rape and to ask inappropriate questions of.

    Sean Lee showed up to a Dateline bust house in Ocean County, NJ after his short chat with the decoy. Despite his claims of being scared or too hesitant to show, ultimately his predatory nature won out, and law enforcement was there to greet him. He received five years probation with the usual restrictions, and we can only hope that he will never re-offend.

    Contributor notes from Malibu Breeze
    Sean was one of 5 arrests of mine during the New Jersey Dateline. He was similar to each one in that he lied about his age and was a fast mover. It took him seven minutes to start asking about sex, within two hours he was on his way to the bust house. For his efforts, he received a lovely pair of silver bracelets and was then sentenced to five years probation. Thanks to New Jersey law enforcement for their great work.

    This is our 356th conviction since June of 2004, our 52nd conviction for 2009, and our 11th conviction in New Jersey thus far.