• Conviction - jakelewis315 - Hartford, Alabama

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    File originally posted on 5/21/2015 4:03 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/21/2015 4:03 PM PST

    jakelewis315 Phone: When you turn 15 let's get married then u can live with me? 6:20 PM
    jakelewis315 Phone: When is your bday baby? 6:21 PM
    Me: Nov 19 6:35 PM
    jakelewis315 Phone: Let's get married then? 7:03 PM
    Me: Lol wut? 7:20 PM
    Me: I think we have 2 meet each other first.. What if u don't like me? 7:20 PM
    jakelewis315 Phone: Lol impossible! I really do mean it when I say I love you! We can meet first but I promise I still will want to marry you lol 7:22 PM
    jakelewis315 Phone: I not trying to play you or lead you on! I really see us being a great couple! 7:23 PM
    jakelewis315 Phone: I am about to put you on my bank account and give you your own ATM card you don't think that means anything lol! 7:24 PM
    jakelewis315 Phone: If I get shot and killed overseas you will get everything of mine! You are my POD (payable on death)! I don't just do that! Actually this will be first time anyone beside me will have access to my bank! There like 29,000 in there! 7:28 PM
    jakelewis315 Phone: That why I said let ur gaurd down and fall in love cause I am! And all you got to worry about rest of ur life is staying faithful! And what to wear everyday! You will never have to work if u don't want to! 7:33 PM
    jakelewis315 Phone: If you wanted to go blow ever last bit of what we got in bank go ahead I will make more baby! Idc what you do with it just be happy and love me! 7:36 PM
    Me: Ok babe 7:45 PM
    jakelewis315 Phone: I glade u aggree cause we both young I think I am good looking guy! I work hard and I will always treat you right and I good in bed lol what more u need? 7:48 PM
    Me: Hehe yah I guess that's all I need ^_^ 7:50 PM

    Actually, that's not all we need. All we needed was for Lewis to face prosecution for trying to have sex with what he thought was a fourteen year old female, and we did get that.

    Apparently his $29k in the bank couldn't save Jake Lewis. After being arrested in his hometown of Hartford, AL, he ended up entering a guilty plea to each of two charges: felony electronic solicitation of a child and felony transmitting obscene material. Lewis received a sentence of 48 months on each count, suspended. He was also sentenced to 48 months probation on each charge, and registration as a sex offender.

    This is our 591st conviction since June of 2004.