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    File originally posted on 12/15/2009 11:20 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/15/2009 11:20 AM PST

    salsakewl (03/28/08 11:58:59 PM): i don't have driving license
    salsakewl (03/28/08 11:59:12 PM): so i can't hire a car too
    salsakewl (03/28/08 11:59:22 PM): thats what am wondering
    salsakewl (03/28/08 11:59:32 PM): how will i come there frm san francisco
    ari94smile (03/29/08 12:00:27 AM): hmm, Iet me think
    salsakewl (03/29/08 12:00:50 AM): ok
    salsakewl (03/29/08 12:01:05 AM): am also googling to find if there is any public transport
    salsakewl (03/29/08 12:01:12 AM): i can come by taxi
    salsakewl (03/29/08 12:01:18 AM): but it is too expensive
    ari94smile (03/29/08 12:01:30 AM): no way taxis are rip offs
    ari94smile (03/29/08 12:01:38 AM): how about the greyhound bus?
    salsakewl (03/29/08 12:01:38 AM): yes
    salsakewl (03/29/08 12:01:50 AM): where it comes frm?
    ari94smile (03/29/08 12:02:15 AM): idk, but i know my cousin goes to see his g/f on it all the time and they don't cost a lot
    salsakewl (03/29/08 12:02:35 AM): wow
    salsakewl (03/29/08 12:02:40 AM): cool
    Yeah, wow cool, you're desperate enough to molest a kid that you're going to take a greyhound bus to do it. Wow cool.

    Prasanna Babu was arrested as part of IF work done in Madera, California in the spring of 2008. After a year and a few months of pure stalling tactics, Babu pled guilty to attempting to arrange a meeting with a minor to engage in lewd and lascivious acts. He received three years probation and registration as a sex offender. However, since he was deported, it was a token sentence. As is often the case, it's unfortunate that another country has to deal with someone like this instead.

    Contributor notes from La Victoria
    Salsakewl was one of the very first perverts I talked to as a JC. He was very eager to meet, very cautious because he knew what he was doing was in fact a crime. He actually foretold his sentence in our chat because he was arrested, he spent thousands of dollars on an attorney, to plead guilty. His work visa was revoked and he was deported back to India. Should he return here somehow, he faces 3 years felony probation and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

    I want to say a thank you again to the Chowchilla police department for their professionalism and hard work coordinating this.

    I want to thank Aloe Vera, my verifier, who did an amazing job with him. She also helped put me at ease and talked me through a lot. I want to thank Gloria Jean for holding my hand as I jumped into trolling, Count Chocula for being there for me, Max Mac, Freddo and Capelli for their encouragement. I also want to again thank KC Masterpiece and Guerrero Tortilla for letting me vent to them and Silver Jordan for teaching me things about trolling I never thought I'd need to know as a grown adult.

    This is our 493rd conviction since June of 2004, our 188th conviction for 2009, and our 125th conviction in California thus far.