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    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:45:19 PM): hey mando
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:45:22 PM): want some pics
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:45:24 PM): face or xx?
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:45:28 PM): sorry im at school doing work
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:45:33 PM): school project
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:45:34 PM): u there?
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:45:36 PM): how old r u?
    JetPackSideKick (02/16/08 1:45:39 PM): WHO RU?
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:45:54 PM): mando
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:45:55 PM): i dunno
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:45:58 PM): met on myspace?
    JetPackSideKick (02/16/08 1:46:03 PM): dunno
    JetPackSideKick (02/16/08 1:46:08 PM): where u from>
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:46:17 PM): michigan
    Develo Arma (02/16/08 1:46:19 PM): moving to california soon
    I bet not.

    Armando Frank Lopez was arrested in the spring of 2008 as part of our first sting with the Michigan AG's office. He pled guilty and received a sentence of 1-20 years in state prison. He also has to register as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Jay Alternative
    The times I have had to face an accused child predator in court they have had demeanors. One was on the edge of breaking out in tears; another would not look me in the eye; and then there was one who would not look up from the ground period. Then comes Armando who was weeks away from graduation with a degree in architecture for the University of Michigan. Armando sat with exuberating confidence and arrogance. He took notes just like a lawyer and smirked at my responses to questions.

    Yes for most of his life, Armando fell into the right place at the right time. Growing up in Arizona, Armando beat the odds in being born into an area of violence and drugs. He accelerated in his studies and wanted to continue on to college. He applied for received a scholarship funded by the Arizona University of Michigan Alumni Association so he could continue his education here at the University of Michigan. It seems he met some very caring generous people who put much faith in him. The cell phone he used to communicate with my verifier Misha even traced back to someone from the Alumni Association. I'm still curious to know who footed the bill for his high priced private defender.

    2:30 AM in March of 2008, Armando's luck came to an abrupt end when he showed up at our Van Buren Township sting home. Not having transportation, he would be taking a cab to the home where he planned on my 13 year old character Luke to pay bill. He promised to be there by 9:30 PM but obviously found something better to do. The operation had shut down just before 2:00 AM and the house was dark. Wayne County Sheriff's were not leaving the neighborhood unattended and had a car stationed near the house. They saw a cab pulling up to the home and someone going to the homes door. When they approached the man and the cab, they found our tardy Armando and took him into custody.

    Armando's lawyer told me I would regret one of my answers to his questions. I think at this point Armando is regretting his new dormitory at the Michigan Department of Corrections.

    Again, cannot give enough thanks to the Wayne County Sheriff's Department and the great hard working people at the Attorney Generals office.

    This is our 392nd conviction since June of 2004, our 88th conviction for 2009, and our 38th conviction in Michigan thus far.