Peter is the very definiton of a fast mover...
Bust by Red Baroness @ 9/6/2006 10:40 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Peter, 30
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Location: Port Charlotte, Florida
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit lohan_sux, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Hi again, all. Meet Pedro, or Peter, as the judge calls him. Peter went from start to finish in less than an hour...and showed up to meet Dateline AND a pair of handcuffs. He even brought me McDonalds. Whadda guy.


pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:17:00 AM): hi
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:17:03 AM): hi
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:17:17 AM): how are you tonight
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:17:26 AM): fine asl?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:17:40 AM): 24/m/FL and you (Lies, all lies! Peter is 30, it turns out.)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:17:58 AM): 13/f/sw fla
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:18:14 AM): ok
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:18:27 AM): whats up?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:19:16 AM): nothing much.
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:19:31 AM): you don't mind talking to an old guy like me (You said it, not me, pal.)
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:19:34 AM): lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:19:39 AM): naw ur not old my granpa is old
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:19:49 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:19:55 AM): ty
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:21:19 AM):
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:21:37 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:21:39 AM): ok
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:21:49 AM): I am in Port Charlotte
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:23:11 AM): im sw, by cape coral
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:23:39 AM): wow we are close
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:24:16 AM): totaly lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:24:17 AM):
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:24:54 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:25:19 AM): too bad your not older I would ask you to come see ya lol (Like a little thing like AGE will stop you.)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:25:37 AM): i wish
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:26:02 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:26:04 AM): yeah
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:26:31 AM): well if im not old enuff for u i guess ill goo (I gave him every opportunity to leave...alas, he did not.)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:26:33 AM): go
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:26:41 AM): nop your fine
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:26:54 AM): I will be glad to talk to you
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:27:24 AM): you leaving me?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:28:19 AM): nah im just lookin for a bf i just got dumped but if im too young its ok
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:28:45 AM): well you would go with a 24 year old? (WHY EVER WOULD YOU ASK, PETER?)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:29:29 AM): if he was nice 2 me sure y not?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:29:44 AM): your parents would kill me (Gee, ya think?)
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:29:45 AM): lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:29:59 AM): my dads in chicago its just me and mom
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:30:14 AM): your mom will kill me then lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:30:44 AM): shes at a convention
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:30:49 AM): shes a nurse
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:31:13 AM): wait a minute. your by yourself?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:31:25 AM): yup
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:32:33 AM): wow when is your mom coming back
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:32:39 AM): monday
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:33:23 AM): why did your bf dump a pretty thing like you? (Oh, so now that she's home ALONE, she's a "pretty thing". Ugh.)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:33:35 AM): for a girl with bigger boobs
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:33:42 AM): oh wow
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:33:46 AM): that sucks
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:34:05 AM): eh nothin i can do hes an ass
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:34:14 AM): how old was he?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:34:19 AM): 17
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:35:05 AM): yeah guys are usually asses at that age. did you have sex with him? is that too personal to ask? (YES.)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:35:16 AM): nah its ok we did it once
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:35:33 AM): oh I see
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:35:59 AM): well I know if I have a girlfriend I would need sex lol (Well then. Thanks for clearing up THAT great mystery of the universe.)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:36:16 AM): ya well that makes sense i guess
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:36:45 AM): yeah its been a while
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:36:54 AM): aww sorry 2 hear that
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:37:15 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:37:19 AM): hey thanks
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:37:28 AM): its my problem
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:37:29 AM): lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:38:03 AM): well i kno what you mean
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:38:10 AM): cool
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:38:34 AM): is that the only time you had sex or have you had sex other times?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:39:42 AM): that was it so far lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:40:17 AM): so he just wanted your virginity probably
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:40:25 AM): im guessin
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:40:31 AM): I am sorry
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:40:59 AM): its ok
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:41:09 AM):
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:41:33 AM): im alrite thanks
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:41:40 AM): ok
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:41:52 AM): no need for frownies
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:42:02 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:42:04 AM): ok
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:43:08 AM): well I know if I had sex with ya it would be more then once( Oh, THANK YOU, what a guy! He'd use me more than once! Joy! Rapture! Puke!)
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:43:10 AM): lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:43:36 AM): haha well thas ok its not like i dident want to sometimes
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:44:13 AM): would you like to sometime soon? lol (Anxious much?)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:44:41 AM): id like that i think
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:44:43 AM): im sammie btw
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:44:55 AM): I am Pedro
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:45:00 AM): nice 2 meetcha
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:45:07 AM): nice to meet you
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:45:20 AM): yay!
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:45:36 AM): am i being too forward about sex? lol (YES.)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:45:46 AM): nah its ok
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:46:28 AM):
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:46:31 AM): ok cool
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:46:39 AM): whatchu doin tomorrow?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:46:50 AM): your not an undercover cop are ya? lol (Me? NO. The guys who arrested you? Yes.)
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:46:52 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:47:10 AM): oh I am probably going to work on some school
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:47:16 AM): No
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:47:20 AM): im not a cop jeez
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:47:25 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:47:38 AM): you sound too good to be true (A kid, home alone, is "too good to be true" for Peter. Come on now. That's just sick.)
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:47:41 AM):
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:47:57 AM): well whatever i mean i dont mean 2
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:48:14 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:48:29 AM): why did you ask if I am doing anything tomorrow?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:48:49 AM): cuz im bored
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:49:29 AM): you wanted to meet your saying?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:49:46 AM): sure i mean if u want if not its ok
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:50:03 AM): yeah I wouldn't mind (Yeah, I'm sure you didn't mind. All until the handcuffs part.)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:50:32 AM): thas kewl
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:50:35 AM): whatchu wanna do?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:51:17 AM): dunno
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:51:37 AM): make out for a little bit lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:52:06 AM): hee i like that stuff
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:52:24 AM): maybe seduce u and hav some sex (Thanks for clarifying.)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:52:44 AM): hahaha i mite hafta make u work for it
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:52:59 AM): hehehehehe in what way?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:53:15 AM): im just sayin
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:53:18 AM): lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:53:39 AM): hey can i give u a call?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:53:43 AM): sure
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:53:57 AM): what's ur #?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:54:17 AM): (941) 875-3346
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:54:31 AM): ok lemme go potty and ill call ya k?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:54:36 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:54:37 AM): ok
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 1:54:42 AM): brb
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 1:55:41 AM): ok
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:04:33 AM):
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:04:58 AM): back
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:04:59 AM):
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:05:08 AM): cool
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:05:24 AM): you sound so cute (Thanks, verifier!)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:05:28 AM): aww ty
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:05:41 AM): is that your cell phone you call me from
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:06:00 AM): no its sposta be blocked my mom tracks incoming calls
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:06:09 AM): i racked up a HUGE bill so shes totally insane aboue it
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:06:14 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:06:21 AM): I don't blame her
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:06:22 AM): lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:06:30 AM): well its my fault i spose lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:06:36 AM): lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:06:42 AM): so when u comin over?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:06:48 AM): better let me sleep in mister
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:06:56 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:07:04 AM): what time would you want me to come
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:07:32 AM): mebbe noon?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:07:36 AM): i dunno whatchu think?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:08:03 AM): well do you have neighbors that might ask why I am there?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:08:23 AM): naw we dont kno them very well
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:08:39 AM): ok
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:08:50 AM): you that tired right now?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:09:01 AM): im kinda sleepy ya lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:09:05 AM): ok lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:09:07 AM): im not usualy up this late
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:09:19 AM): yeah because your by yourself
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:09:21 AM): lol
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:09:42 AM): can we meet online in tha mornin mebbe and plan it? i can be on at like 11 or somethin how long does it take u to get here?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:10:04 AM): maybe an hr. probably not even that
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:10:25 AM): so why dont i meet u on hre at 11 an i can give u the addy so we can meet round noon ill make lunch lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:10:35 AM): cool
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:10:44 AM): we will be staying at your home?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:10:47 AM): sure
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:10:55 AM): y not i got xbox and movies and stuff
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:11:00 AM): cool
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:11:39 AM): im glad i wont be bored now lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:11:43 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:11:52 AM): well just to warn you....
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:12:23 AM): I am very horny so please forgive if I want sex lol (NOT FORGIVEN!)
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:12:34 AM): i understand well make it work somehow
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:12:38 AM): im sure lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:12:41 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:12:42 AM): ok
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:12:57 AM): well have a goodnight
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:13:03 AM): u 2 i cant wait!
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:13:07 AM): me too
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:13:08 AM): ull be on in the mornin?
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:13:11 AM): for sure?
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:13:24 AM): yes i will set my alarm clock
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:13:33 AM): awesome ill talk 2 u at round 11
lohan_sux (4/23/2006 2:13:35 AM): nite!
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:13:36 AM): ok
pedro70001976 (4/23/2006 2:13:39 AM): nite
pedro70001976 has signed out. (4/23/2006 2:36 AM)

lohan_sux (10:01:10 AM): hello?
lohan_sux (10:06:37 AM): when u get on let me kno
lohan_sux (10:25:13 AM): mornin
pedro70001976 (10:25:36 AM): morning
lohan_sux (10:25:39 AM): ur late lol
pedro70001976 (10:25:44 AM): sorryu i am late
lohan_sux (10:25:48 AM): its ok
lohan_sux (10:25:54 AM): u still wanna come over?
pedro70001976 (10:26:21 AM): yes
lohan_sux (10:27:04 AM): ok when u wnna?
pedro70001976 (10:27:23 AM): but.... is it alright that we will just be friends or you want a boyfriend
lohan_sux (10:27:52 AM): well i mean r u sayin that u wanna do stuff but not be bf gf thats ok i dont kno if i wanna bf either
pedro70001976 (10:29:19 AM): well i do wanna do stuff but i think your mom would put me in jail if she knew you were having me as a bf lol
lohan_sux (10:29:40 AM): well ok i got it i wont think ur my bf or nothin
lohan_sux (10:29:52 AM): if u still wanna do the stuff we talked bout last nite thats ok
pedro70001976 (10:30:10 AM): you would still have sex with me?
lohan_sux (10:30:17 AM): ya i mean if ur nice and stuff
pedro70001976 (10:30:28 AM): lol thanks
lohan_sux (10:30:33 AM): ill still make lunch 2 unless u wanna bring it
pedro70001976 (10:30:49 AM): what would you like for lunch?
lohan_sux (10:30:58 AM): mcdonalds or wahtever is fine
lohan_sux (10:31:05 AM): but NO PICKLES on whatever u bring lol
pedro70001976 (10:31:06 AM): ok
pedro70001976 (10:31:17 AM): oh i hate pickles myself
pedro70001976 (10:31:19 AM): lol
lohan_sux (10:31:23 AM): rite on lol
lohan_sux (10:31:33 AM): like the 2 cheeseburger meal with no pickles and a coke is what i get
pedro70001976 (10:31:45 AM): ok i will bring that then
lohan_sux (10:31:50 AM): when u leavin?
pedro70001976 (10:32:04 AM): i can leave at 12
lohan_sux (10:32:12 AM): ok so ull get her round 1 then
lohan_sux (10:32:14 AM): rite?
pedro70001976 (10:32:17 AM): yes
lohan_sux (10:32:23 AM): ok u want the addy rite duh?
pedro70001976 (10:32:33 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (10:32:35 AM): yes
lohan_sux (10:32:49 AM): ok its *edit*
lohan_sux (10:33:13 AM): its pretty easy 2 get 2
lohan_sux (10:33:27 AM): not like i drive or nothin lol
pedro70001976 (10:33:37 AM): your in ft. myers or cape coral?
lohan_sux (10:33:42 AM): ft myers
pedro70001976 (10:33:54 AM): how do i get there?
lohan_sux (10:34:06 AM): i dunno i dont drive look it up on mapquest silly
lohan_sux (10:34:13 AM): thas y i gave u my address dur
pedro70001976 (10:34:14 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (10:34:17 AM): ok
lohan_sux (10:34:27 AM): lol u kno how 2 use mapquest rite?
pedro70001976 (10:34:31 AM): yes
lohan_sux (10:34:52 AM): k then look it up and lemme kno if u got quetsions then get me some cheeseburgers d00d im starvin
pedro70001976 (10:35:16 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (10:35:20 AM): yes maam
lohan_sux (10:35:30 AM): thas rite u better lol
pedro70001976 (10:35:38 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (10:36:21 AM): you won't say anything if we do something right?
lohan_sux (10:36:50 AM): no dur i dont wanna get in trouble
lohan_sux (10:37:13 AM): um i just thout of this ur safe bout stuff rite?
pedro70001976 (10:37:36 AM): safe about what now?
lohan_sux (10:37:47 AM): if were gonna go all tha way i wanna be safe
pedro70001976 (10:37:58 AM): oh you mean condoms?
lohan_sux (10:38:04 AM): yeah i dont got any
pedro70001976 (10:38:15 AM): ok i will bring some
lohan_sux (10:38:26 AM): thx i dunno what will happen but if it does i wanna b sure
pedro70001976 (10:38:35 AM): ok
lohan_sux (10:38:46 AM): is that lame im sorry
pedro70001976 (10:38:52 AM): what is your zip code?
pedro70001976 (10:39:04 AM): no that is fine
lohan_sux (10:39:13 AM): *edit*
pedro70001976 (10:39:28 AM): its just that condoms makes me soft sometimes (Aww, do condoms make your ickle hard on go bye bye? GOOD.)
lohan_sux (10:40:26 AM): o well what do u think u done this more
lohan_sux (10:40:34 AM): i was just thinkin bout health class
lohan_sux (10:42:00 AM): u lookin at maps?
pedro70001976 (10:42:13 AM): well if i get soft, i can put it in without the condom but when i am about to cum i will take it out so it doesn't go in you (Thanks for the anatomy lesson, chumley. Ew.)
lohan_sux (10:42:41 AM): o ok if thats not gonna get me pregnant then thas ok
pedro70001976 (10:42:45 AM): yes i am looking at it map wise
pedro70001976 (10:43:01 AM): yeah i'll make sure you don't
lohan_sux (10:43:11 AM): ok i trust u
pedro70001976 (10:43:37 AM): ty
lohan_sux (10:43:47 AM): so, when u leavin?
lohan_sux (10:43:52 AM): im hungry!
pedro70001976 (10:44:04 AM): soon
pedro70001976 (10:44:05 AM): lol
lohan_sux (10:44:33 AM): i wanna see u tho
pedro70001976 (10:45:06 AM): how?
lohan_sux (10:45:27 AM): huh?
pedro70001976 (10:45:33 AM): oh you mean when i get there
lohan_sux (10:45:35 AM): when u come over silly
lohan_sux (10:45:37 AM): haha yep
pedro70001976 (10:45:38 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (10:45:39 AM): ok
pedro70001976 (10:46:11 AM): i see u put 17 years old on myspace lol
lohan_sux (10:46:31 AM): ya i put 13 in the comments myspace wouldnt let me be 13
lohan_sux (10:47:24 AM): i wish i was 17 lol
pedro70001976 (10:47:42 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (10:48:05 AM): ok i am going now i will see you soon
lohan_sux (10:48:13 AM): ok ima jump in the shower now
pedro70001976 (10:48:21 AM): your name is sammie right?
lohan_sux (10:48:24 AM): yup
lohan_sux (10:48:28 AM): u remembered good job lol
pedro70001976 (10:48:33 AM): ok just to make sure
pedro70001976 (10:48:37 AM): see ya soon
lohan_sux (10:48:39 AM): see u in an hour?
pedro70001976 (10:48:43 AM): yes
lohan_sux (10:48:46 AM): ok il be ready
lohan_sux (10:48:48 AM): lata
pedro70001976 (10:48:52 AM): later
lohan_sux (10:55:26 AM): r u still on? whers my burgers man?
lohan_sux (10:55:27 AM): :P
pedro70001976 (10:55:41 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (10:55:46 AM): its coming
lohan_sux (10:56:02 AM): whatchu drivin?
lohan_sux (10:56:07 AM): so i kno what 2 look for
pedro70001976 (10:56:32 AM): a silver SUV Suzuki Grand Vitara
lohan_sux (10:56:38 AM): o kewl
pedro70001976 (10:56:47 AM): you know those
lohan_sux (10:56:54 AM): i think i do mebbe lol
pedro70001976 (10:57:24 AM): lol
lohan_sux (10:59:03 AM): ok shower for realz get here soon :P
pedro70001976 (10:59:12 AM): I am leaving now
pedro70001976 (10:59:17 AM): see you soon
lohan_sux (10:59:27 AM): ok see ya
pedro70001976 (10:59:35 AM): :-*
lohan_sux (10:59:44 AM): kisses when u get here lol
pedro70001976 (10:59:48 AM): lol
pedro70001976 (10:59:49 AM): ok
lohan_sux (10:59:54 AM): mwah
lohan_sux (11:00:00 AM): theres 1 u gotta come get tha rest
lohan_sux (11:01:28 AM): see u soon gettin clean now lol
lohan_sux (11:16:04 AM): r u still here?

Aaaand...that's when Peter left to meet Sammie, the 13 year-old girl. Who he met...well, he met Chris Hansen, with cheeseburgers in tow. Then, he met the fine people of the Ft. Myers Police Department, who speedily took him to jail.

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Anyone who attempts to use this information to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. condemns the attempt, use, or even thought of physical violence, extortion or harassment against the individual above. Such actions are not in the spirit of what is all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

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