Andre thought a 12-year old virgin would be just fine
Bust by Mickey Finn @ 3/7/2007 2:37 AM PST

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Perverted Justice mark: Andre, 26
Yahoo IM: hardblackdick [ ]
Location: Compton, CA, California
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit juliegrrrrrl, a 12 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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1/5/2006 12:00 PM PDT

hardblackdick: 20 gus from cali here
hardblackdick: guy*
juliegrrrrrl: hi
hardblackdick: how r u today?
juliegrrrrrl: k
juliegrrrrrl: how u
hardblackdick: im good
hardblackdick: so what part of cali are u from?
juliegrrnrI. riverside
juliegrrrrrl: mira loma
hardblackdick: cool
hardblackdick: how is riverside?
juliegrrrrrl: oh ko
juliegrrrrrl: ok
juliegrrrrrl: i just moved here from ct
hardblackdick: cool
hardblackdick: u like cali better than connecticut?
juliegrrrrrl: dunno
juliegrrrrrl: only been here 2 weeks
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: what made u move here?
juliegrrrrrl: moms job
hardblackdick: thats cool
hardblackdick how was connecticut?
juliegrrrrrl: colder lol
juliegrrrrrl: btw
juliegrrrrrl: im 12 that ok with u?
hardblackdick: yeah its cool
juliegrrrrrl: this chat things wierd :-)
juliegrrrrrl: u got yahoo?
hardblackdick: yeah but it's not working right now
juliegrrrrrl: thats 2 bad
juliegrrrrrl: yahoo is better than this
hardblackdick: i know
hardblackdick: im trying to fix it
hardblackdick: yahoo is all u have?
juliegrrrrrl: who screamed lol
juliegrrrrrl ya just yahoo an this
juliegrrrrrl: mebbe i could make an aol pro
hardblackdick: lol dont know who screamed
hardblackdick: what do u look like?
juliegrrrrrl: theres a pic on my yahoo pro
hardblackdick: whats ur profile name
juliegrrrrrl: same as here juliegrrrrrl
hardblackdick: ok let me see if i can find it
juliegrrrrrl: theres a link to it on my pro here
hardblackdick: let me check it out
juliegrrrrrl: k
hardblackdick: nice
juliegrrrrrl: thx
hardblackdick: yw
juliegrrrrrl got a better one
juliegrrrrrl: em me find it
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: ok let me check it out
hardblackdick: its not working
juliegrrrrrl: the pic isnt?
hardblackdick: the link isnt
juliegrrrrrl: i tried it and it worked
juliegrrrrrl: oh I see what ii mean
juliegrrrrrl: i cant click it either
hardblackdick: yeah
juliegrrrrrl: here iust copy this into yur browser
juliegrrrrrl: his chat think sux
juliegrrrrrl: this
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: it didnt work either
juliegrrrrrl: this chat sux
juliegrrrrrl: u got a pic?
hardblackdick: yeah
juliegrrrrrl: dunno wat that triangle thing is
hardblackdick: me either
juliegrrrrrl: u gotta get yahoo dude
hardblackdick: i have it
hardblackdick: it's just not working
juliegrrrrrl: u culd email me a pic
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: so did u leave a lot of guys out there in connecticut
juliegrrrrrl: just 1 mainly
juliegrrrrrl: brandon
hardblackdick: sad to leave him?
juliegrrrrrl: my ex bf
juliegrrrrrl: ya
hardblackdick: how long?
juliegrrrrrl: dunno months
hardblackdick: together?
juliegrrrrrl: ya
juliegrrrrrl: i dont know nobody here
juliegrrrrrl: an mom goes away on trips all the time
juliegrrrrrl: boooring
hardblackdick: how long is she gone for?
juliegrrrrrl: shes leavin fri until mon
hardblackdick: what do u do when she's gone?
juliegrrrrrl: chat mainly
juliegrrrrrl: back in ct i wuld hang wit friends
hardblackdick: so ur stuck alone when she's gone?
juliegrrrrrl: ya
juliegrrrrrl: it sux
hardblackdick: damn
hardblackdick: that does suck
juliegrrrrrl: was fun in ct coz friends culd come over
juliegrrrrrl: and bf ;-)
hardblackdick: lol
juliegrrrrrl: u gonna email me a pic
hardblackdick: yeah i thought it went through
hardblackdick: let me do it again
juliegrrrrrl: ya didnt come
hardblackdick: that name yahoo right?
juliegrrrrrl: ya
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: its got 5 Rs in the name
juliegrrrrrl: juliegrrrrrl
juliegrrrrrl: while u do that i gotta reboot
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: this thing all screwy
hardblackdick: i just sent it
juliegrrrrrl: k
hardblackdick: ok im back
hardblackdick: im glad u like the pic
hardblackdick: i talked to u earlier
hardblackdick: WHATARE U UP TO?
hardblackdick: ite me the guy that sent u a pic earlier
juliegrrrrrl: try it and see if i can message u
hardblackdick: it wont open
juliegrrrrrl: uninstall it and reinstall
hardblackdick: i've done that too
hardblackdick: it has to be something else
hardblackdick: its pissin me off
hardblackdick: so that sucks ur stuck at home for the weekend
hardblackdick: what are u gonna do this weekend?
juliegrrrrrl: dunno
juliegrrrrrl: be bored i guess
hardblackdick: damn that sucks
hardblackdick: i gotta work but i would chill witcha
juliegrrrrrl: u mean this weekend
hardblackdick: yeah
juliegrrrrrl: kewl
juliegrrrrrl: sat nite?
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: kewl
hardblackdick: sat night is cool
juliegrrrrrl: got a number i can call u
hardblackdick: yeah
hardblackdick: 3104895955
juliegrrrrrl: kewl
juliegrrrrrl: i gotta go coz moms pullin in but illl call laterz ok
hardblackdick: what u wanna do sat nite?
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: what u wanna do?
juliegrrrrrl: i dunno
juliegrrrrrl: wat u wanna do?
hardblackdick: i dont know
juliegrrrrrl: yur screen name a hint? ;-)
hardblackdick: yeah it is
hardblackdick: lol
juliegrrrrrl: mebbe u think of sumthin then huh?
hardblackdick: lol yeah
juliegrrrrrl: like what
hardblackdick: like u and me
juliegrrrrrl: ya.....?
hardblackdick: in ur bed
juliegrrrrrl: oooh
hardblackdick: lol
juliegrrrrrl: sounds naughty
hardblackdick: yes it is
juliegrrrrrl: wat u want me to do
hardblackdick: suck me and let me do u good
juliegrrrrrl: mmm
julie grrrrrl: u big?
hardblackdick: yes
hardblackdick: very
hardblackdick: maybe i could come tomorrow too
juliegrrrrrl: thatwuld be kewl
hardblackdick: so i can come tomorrow too?
juliegrrrrrl: sure\
juliegrrrrrl: when wuld be good
hardblackdick: what time does urmom leave
juliegrrrrrl: about 11 i think
hardblackdick: am or pm?
juliegrrrrrl: am
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: i work so late
juliegrrrrrl: when u get off
hardblackdick: when traffic dies down
julie grrrrrl: so u culd come over like 7pm or sumethin
hardblackdick: ok it might be a little later
hardblackdick: but soon as i can
juliegrrrrrl: thats kewl
juliegrrrrrl: I like mikes hard lemonade ;-)
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: hint hint
hardblackdick: i got it
juliegrrrrrl: i gotta go moms callin
juliegrrrrrl: ill call u laterz k?
hardblackdick: ok

1/5/2006 10:53 PM PDT

hardblackdick: hi
hardblackdick: what U up to?
juliegrrrrrl: dude
juliegrrrrrl: I called you twice
hardblackdick: i was busy sorry
hardblackdick: had to take care of some business
juliegrrrrrl: k
hardblackdick: what are u doing?
juliegrrrrrl: wondering if you for real
hardblackdick: about seeing you?
juliegrrrrrl: ya
hardblackdick: of course
hardblackdick: i would right now if i could
juliegrrrrrl: i thought you coming over tomorow night
hardblackdick: i am
juliegrrrrrl: ya so when can i call
juliegrrrrrl: u dont know where to go
hardblackdick: call me at 7
juliegrrrrrl: pm
juliegrrrrrl: ?
hardblackdick: yeah
juliegrrrrrl: u not gonna stand me up r u?
hardblackdick: no
hardblackdick: of course not
juliegrrrrrl: kewl
hardblackdick: mike's hard lemonade right
juliegrrrrrl: lol
juliegrrrrrl: ya
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: too bad i cnat come tonight too
juliegrrrrrl: for real
hardblackdick: yes for real
juliegrrrrrl: ya
juliegrrrrrl: would be kewl
hardblackdick: i know
hardblackdick: real cool
juliegrrrrrl: so i call you at 7 tomorrow right?
hardblackdick: yes
juliegrrrrrl: u not makin a fool of me right?
hardblackdick: no lol
juliegrrrrrl: ol
juliegrrrrrl: k
hardblackdick: k
hardblackdick: damn i wish u could sneak out
juliegrrrrrl: me 2
juliegrrrrrl: but i got a whole weekend
hardblackdick: ys
hardblackdick: ur not playing with me are you?
juliegrrrrrl: haha
juliegrrrrrl: hell no
juliegrrrrrl: thats what i said before lol
hardblackdick: lol
juliegrrrrrl: yur hot dude
hardblackdick: thanks
juliegrrrrrl: but i just not sure you playin with me
hardblackdick: im not playing
hardblackdick: im very serious
juliegrrrrrl: kewl
juliegrrrrrl: so u like to come visit
hardblackdick: yes
juliegrrrrrl: we have some fun an chill
hardblackdick: yeah
hardblackdick: i would lik ethat
juliegrrrrrl: what u wanna do first?
hardblackdick: i dont know
hardblackdick: drink some mike's first
juliegrrrrrl: sounds good
hardblackdick: cool
hardblackdick: what u wanna do first?
juliegrrrrrl: o maybe have a handful lol
hardblackdick: LOL
hardblackdick: yes
juliegrrrrrl: u like that
hardblackdick: yes
juliegrrrrrl: ya me to
hardblackdick: how manytimes have u gotten it?
juliegrrrrrl: depends on how u mean gotten it
hardblackdick: everything
juliegrrrrrl: havent done it all
hardblackdick: really
juliegrrrrrl: ya
juliegrrrrrl: almost all lol
hardblackdick: wow
hardblackdick: what about other stuff?
hardblackdick: did u like it?
juliegrrrrrl: ya
juliegrrrrrl: he sure did :-)
hardblackdick: lol i bet
juliegrrrrrl: i like makin my guy happy
hardblackdick: cool
juliegrrrrrl: im really glad u came back online
juliegrrrrrl: i thought u was a wacko
hardblackdick: why?
hardblackdick: why u think that?
juliegrrrrrl: coz u didnt answer my call
hardblackdick: oh
juliegrrrrrl: lots of wierd ciuys on here ya know
juliegrrrrrl: but yur nice :-)
hardblackdick: thanks
hardblackdick: girls are weird too on here
juliegrrrrrl: haha
juliegrrrrrl: yea
juliegrrrrrl: prolly
hardblackdick: yeah
hardblackdick: some are not even girls
juliegrrrrrl: eek
hardblackdick: i know
juliegrrrrrl: -- all girl
hardblackdick: ok'
hardblackdick: ill see and feel tomorrow
juliegrrrrrl: kewl
juliegrrrrrl: hope so
hardblackdick: yes
hardblackdick: all over
juliegrrrrrl: so ill call u tomorrow around 7 right?
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: k
juliegrrrrrl: kisses
hardblackdick: k
juliegrrrrrl:: gotta go now
hardblackdick: ok see ya tomorrow
juliegrrrrrl: k bye

1/6/2006 8:10 PM PDT

juliegrrrrrl: hey
hardblackdick: hey
juliegrrrrrl: when u wanna drop in
hardblackdick: what time can i?
juliegrrrrrl: u gotta work during the day?
hardblackdick: yeah
juliegrrrrrl: when u get off
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: when is that
hardblackdick: 7
juliegrrrrrl: k
juliegrrrrrl: how long it take u to get here
hardblackdick: hour
juliegrrrrrl: kewl
juliegrrrrrl: i wanna be nice for u ya know
hardblackdick: how?
juliegrrrrrl: dress nice
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: look good ya know
hardblackdick: yeah
hardblackdick: i like that
hardblackdick: why do u wanna look so good?
juliegrrrrrl: coz im a girl
juliegrrrrrl: girls look good for ther guys
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: lol
juliegrrrrrl: dont forget the mikes ok
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: you know my addy?
hardblackdick: no
juliegrrrrrl: kinda helps huh lol
hardblackdick: yeah
juliegrrrrrl: *edit*
juliegrrrrrl: mira loma
hardblackdick: ok

1/8/2006 7:41 PM PDT

hardblackdick: hi
hardblackdick: its me
juliegrrrrrl: hi
hardblackdick: whats up
juliegrrrrrl: wat happened dude
hardblackdick: i waited for u to call me
juliegrrrrrl: called an got voice mail
juliegrrrrrl: anyway
juliegrrrrrl: wat u doin now
hardblackdick: straightining up my place
juliegrrrrrl: booooooring
hardblackdick: when does ur mom come back?
juliegrrrrrl: tomorow
juliegrrrrrl: all bored n lonesome here :-(
hardblackdick: still want me to come over?
juliegrrrrrl: ya
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: what u wanna do?
juliegrrrrrl: oh........
juliegrrrrrl: i dunno
juliegrrrrrl: what u want
hardblackdick: what i day yesterday
juliegrrrrrl: kewl
hardblackdick: u remember?
juliegrrrrrl: o ya :-)
hardblackdick: what i say
juliegrrrrrl: im here all nite alone u no
hardblackdick: yes
juliegrrrrrl: so u wanna come play?
hardblackdick: yes
juliegrrrrrl: how long it take u
juliegrrrrrl: u said an hour b4
hardblackdick: i gotta finish here
juliegrrrrrl: k
hardblackdick: but hour when i leave
juliegrrrrrl: so like when
juliegrrrrrl: 10?
hardblackdick: 10 yes
hardblackdick: i will leave at 9
juliegrrrrrl: u promise this time
hardblackdick: yes
juliegrrrrrl: kewl
juliegrrrrrl: u no how to get here
hardblackdick: what freeway to get off
juliegrrrrrl: 15
hardblackdick: what street
juliegrrrrrl: *edit*
juliegrrrrrl: lemme find the other stuff
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: u get off at the *edit* exit
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: where u comin from?
juliegrrrrrl: i got directions here but depends on where u comin from
hardblackdick: 605
juliegrrrrrl: whats the 605
juliegrrrrrl: i cant figure it out
hardblackdick: freeway
juliegrrrrrl: o ok
hardblackdick: k
juliegrrrrrl: 10 east to 15 south
juliegrrrrrl: *edit* exit off 15
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: more ...
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: after lemonite
juliegrrrrrl: dude go here
juliegrrrrrl: enter *edit*, mira loma, ca
hardblackdick: ok
hardblackdick: that works
juliegrrrrrl: kewl
juliegrrrrrl: u ffigured it out
hardblackdick: yeah
hardblackdick: what are u wearing?
juliegrrrrrl: t and shorts
hardblackdick: what kind of shorts
juliegrrrrrl: little ones
juliegrrrrrl: wat u want me to wear
hardblackdick: something i can take off easy
juliegrrrrrl: shorts come off pretty easy
juliegrrrrrl: so does t
hardblackdick: ok
juliegrrrrrl: when u leavin
hardblackdick: at 9
juliegrrrrrl: k
juliegrrrrrl: ill take a showr an change 4 u
hardblackdick: change into what?
juliegrrrrrl: nicer shorts an a tank
hardblackdick: k
juliegrrrrrl: u like that
hardblackdick: yes
juliegrrrrrl: :-)
hardblackdick: ok

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