Matthew wanted to pick Brandy up for riding 4 wheelers, shooting guns, and lots of sex
Bust by Retired Contributor @ 4/19/2016 12:41 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Matthew Allan Tucker, 27
Yahoo IM: crazy_town_4_2_0 [ ]
Location: Paso Robles, California
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit caffinatedboredom, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Yahoo Instant Messenger 7/19/12

crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:00:54 PM): hi how are you?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:01:02 PM): so you just moved around here?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:01:51 PM): hi
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:01:53 PM): yea
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:01:57 PM): figured this was easier then email although i did email you too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:01:58 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:02:12 PM): so where did you move here from?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:02:16 PM): what? i didnt even see it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:02:33 PM): oh...from matt should have one i just sent it a few mins ago
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:02:45 PM): there it is
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:02:48 PM): just popped up
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:02:55 PM): lol oh random
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:02:58 PM): im brandy 14 from near santa maria
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:03:12 PM): oh nice im matt nice to meet you im in paso robles live alone here
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:03:22 PM): nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:03:25 PM): it said 18 on there whoops im 27 lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:03:29 PM): im old :)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:03:57 PM): where did it say 18???
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:04:07 PM): lol 27 isnt old
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:04:09 PM): on your craigslist thing i thought
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:04:14 PM): oh ok lol good
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:04:27 PM): oh it didn't say an age my bad
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:04:51 PM): lol glad im not too old
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:05:15 PM): lol ok good cuz i was like wtf? i never said that lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:05:21 PM): nah ur not
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:05:37 PM): lol im sorry read it fast saw your cute picture figured i couldnt leave you bored your too cute
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:05:41 PM): so where did you come from?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:05:51 PM): ventura
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:05:56 PM): damn nice pic :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:06:01 PM): oh nice that is where i bought my car
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:06:07 PM): aw really?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:06:23 PM): im tall hope you like tall guys
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:06:31 PM): um yea
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:06:41 PM): your sweet:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:06:48 PM): im glad we get to talk
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:06:53 PM): awww thanks
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:07:02 PM): im glAd too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:07:05 PM): ya i bought my car in ventura 7 years ago
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:07:16 PM): ive been sitting here playing solitare lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:07:20 PM): good:) glad i can keep your interest
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:07:25 PM): oh wow what kind of car?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:07:28 PM): lol aww wow well now you have me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:07:34 PM): 05 acura rsx type s
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:08:01 PM): im much more entertaining then solitare i hope lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:08:19 PM): um yea
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:08:24 PM): u are
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:08:30 PM): most definitely :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:08:37 PM): its a fast little car loud too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:09:02 PM): dont hafve a pic of it here but on my phone
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:09:04 PM): nice
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:09:06 PM): i like fast
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:09:13 PM): oh thats cool
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:09:16 PM): oh it would put you back in the seat its quick
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:09:25 PM): cool
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:09:26 PM): put a lot of work into the engine
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:09:32 PM): let me guess red?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:09:36 PM): but ya i live here alone in paso have for about 5 years
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:09:43 PM): nope its charcoal grey with green sparkle
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:09:54 PM): nice
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:10:05 PM): and original
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:10:08 PM): ya its nice im sure you'd like it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:10:12 PM): very
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:10:23 PM): not one that looks real close to mine in similarity
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:10:28 PM): i like almost anything that isnt walking lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:10:38 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:10:43 PM): ya leather interior
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:10:45 PM): its compfy
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:10:48 PM): youd like it im sure
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:11:02 PM): walking blows specially when its been as hot as it has been here
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:11:28 PM): seriously!
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:11:45 PM): ya was like a 108 last week thought my white ass was gonna melt out there working
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:12:08 PM): :(
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:12:16 PM): u work in the sun? that sucks ass
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:12:46 PM): ya for now normally im a computer tech, but because of economy ive been cutting and splitting wood to pay bills, until i can find a good quility computer tech job
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:12:58 PM): so ya im out there in the heat!
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:13:03 PM): woods heavy too
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:13:12 PM): damn
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:13:15 PM): that sucks
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:13:19 PM): tell me about it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:13:29 PM): but i got a big screen at home and guns and quads and toys so its worth it
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:14:08 PM): hmmmm
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:14:12 PM): you'd have fun here i have a 56 inch tv, blu ray, video games
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:14:14 PM): that sounds fun
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:14:29 PM): i said im glad you moved here cuz we can have lots of fun
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:15:11 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:15:32 PM): i hate moving but im glad to not be living with my mom anymore
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:15:39 PM): your in not the greatest part of this area but hey least your closer then ventura
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:15:53 PM): ya moviing does suck did a lot of that as a its nice to have a place thats mine
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:15:56 PM): true
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:16:21 PM): i am closer then ventura plus trust me in ventura i was in a worse part of town
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:16:41 PM): aw ya? you look so innocent would hate for something to happen to you that would be terrible
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:16:55 PM): there is bad parts here in paso too luckily im a bit away and i have guns for protection
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:17:20 PM): yea but i know how to take care of myself
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:17:33 PM): ok good...long as i know your safe
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:17:40 PM): i lived on olive and the ave in vent
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:17:44 PM): u know where that is?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:17:51 PM): oh shit ya that is a bad part
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:18:05 PM): told ya
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:18:16 PM): ya
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:18:24 PM): well here you'll like it i hope
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:18:38 PM): your probably not single though your to sweet to be single good ones are always taken
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:19:10 PM): there is some beautiful parts of this county
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:19:12 PM): well since ive only been here a total of 2 weeks
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:19:16 PM): yea im single
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:19:29 PM): lol that wont last long someone will snag you up your too good not to be taken
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:19:42 PM): wasnt a couple months ago but he bailed on me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:19:44 PM): hahaha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:19:46 PM): ur sweet
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:19:51 PM): aw well hes stupid then
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:19:54 PM): cuz your a great catch
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:19:55 PM): id keep you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:20:17 PM): aw im just being honest
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:20:32 PM): :">
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:20:34 PM): thanks
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:20:51 PM): ur too cute to be single? do all ur guns scare the girls away? lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:21:02 PM): lol no...just havn't found someone worth keeping like you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:21:32 PM): damn now im blushing for real
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:21:38 PM): aw ya?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:21:38 PM): hmmmm nice pic
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:21:41 PM): yea
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:21:43 PM): good glad i can always make you smile
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:21:47 PM): thats me laying down:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:21:54 PM): lol i figured
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:22:03 PM): u look cute like that too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:22:04 PM): its hot so gotta be compfy
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:22:09 PM): yep
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:22:12 PM): lol aww see now your just being sweet
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:22:34 PM): im really glad you made a add..i never usually look and the one time i did i find you im glad
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:23:35 PM): yea i figured it was pointless cuz there wasnt really any other ads in there so i thought no one was going to see it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:23:43 PM): wow you are so pretty
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:23:48 PM): thanks
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:23:56 PM): sweet and pretty
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:24:05 PM): might have to pinch me in person to make sure your real
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:24:41 PM): haha maybe ill just do that
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:24:55 PM): as long as u pinch me back so i know im not dreaming lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:24:55 PM): lol im serious your too good to be true:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:25:08 PM): oh could have any guy u want sweetie honestly
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:25:13 PM): thank you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:25:22 PM): but no i couldnt
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:25:30 PM): most of them are asses u know
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:25:38 PM): so i dont really want just any guy
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:25:38 PM): ah see im a nice guy so i finish last usually
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:25:44 PM): lol sorry
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:26:07 PM): haha i have a good heart...would rather treat someone good and make them happy i feel i dont need to be an asshole unless there is a reason to be
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:26:16 PM): and if your being bad id just send you to my room !
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:26:18 PM): lol jk
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:26:34 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:26:51 PM): so if your looking for random an dtreat you good im your man
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:27:06 PM): since you say you dont want just any guy....maybe im that guy:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:27:20 PM): maybe :)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:27:32 PM): what do u do to trat a girl good?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:27:45 PM): open doors for you, im a great cook, random flowers
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:28:04 PM): im real random and very open with the right person so you'd be cracking up a lot
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:28:19 PM): just little things at random times to show you that i care about you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:28:42 PM): give you a kiss before i leave for work in the morning
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:29:24 PM): awwww
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:29:30 PM): i grew up with just a mom dad left when i was born, mom had me at 18 he wasn't ready to be a ive learned over the years how a women should be treated
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:29:49 PM): i like guys who can make me crack up that is a good quality
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:29:59 PM): ya im real random...and silly its in my blood
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:30:05 PM): yea well idk where my dad is and ive been removed from my mom
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:30:19 PM): ya...well you have me:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:30:35 PM): not alone anymore
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:31:16 PM): now i know u cant be for real lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:31:25 PM): lol what?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:32:06 PM): i swear im real youve seen my pics
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:32:18 PM): yea yea true
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:32:25 PM): brb k my sisters callin
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:32:30 PM): ok il be here
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:37:42 PM): ok im back
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:37:52 PM): yay
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:37:57 PM): just been waiting for you:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:38:03 PM): awe thanks
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:38:21 PM): see just showing you i care
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:38:46 PM): :)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:38:47 PM): thanks
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:38:54 PM): so what are you thinking sweetie
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:39:35 PM): its hot
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:39:43 PM): and
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:39:48 PM): damn ur cute lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:39:52 PM): ya i am sitting in my boxers lol next to the air conditioning!
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:39:57 PM): lol no your the cute one
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:40:01 PM): i keep looking at your pic
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:40:01 PM): damn
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:40:04 PM): no ac here
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:40:13 PM): aw see you should be here
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:40:33 PM): :(
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:40:40 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:40:43 PM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:40:47 PM): or anywhere with ac
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:41:06 PM): lol true but would be better spending time with me dont you think?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:41:31 PM): u make a good point
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:41:49 PM): indeed
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:41:54 PM): i think we should spend some time together
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:41:55 PM): would be fun
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:42:09 PM): hmmmmm
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:42:20 PM): what?:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:43:36 PM): idk u sure ur not some psyco
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:43:42 PM): whith all ur guns?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:43:44 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:43:45 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:44:00 PM): i have two guns and no i like to shoot recreation and there just for protection
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:44:40 PM): but no i have a good heart....and i like you so far
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:45:12 PM): i have a dog and two cats
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:45:12 PM): cool
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:45:17 PM): nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:45:20 PM): i would treat you good i promise
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:45:22 PM): i love animals
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:45:26 PM): thans
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:45:32 PM): would love for you to be mine:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:46:16 PM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:46:31 PM): should be here cuddling with me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:46:50 PM): now that sounds like fun
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:47:02 PM): ya? i got strong hands too i could rub your back
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:47:15 PM): nice
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:47:24 PM): just becareful im boney lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:47:32 PM): haha i will be gentle
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:47:36 PM): dont wanna tickle you too hehe
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:48:22 PM): any more pics of you sweetie?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:48:51 PM): lol im not very tickleish so good luck there lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:49:00 PM): haha oh id find a spot!
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:50:01 PM): so when would you wanna spend time together ?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:52:02 PM): hmm must be busy
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:52:30 PM): sorry i was searching for a pic
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:52:34 PM): there isnt a lot here
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:52:40 PM): aw i was just taking care of a horse the other week
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:52:45 PM): lol its ok would phone be easier?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:53:41 PM): nah
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:53:51 PM): this is fine i just couldnt find the pic lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:53:57 PM): whos horse?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:54:03 PM): lol ok, my buddy's mom's hourse
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:54:06 PM): horse*
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:54:13 PM): he was sweet he liked me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:54:19 PM): awwww
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:54:25 PM): well u are likeable
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:54:48 PM): lol aw your so sweet
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:54:55 PM): so sorry i wasnt ignoring u when would be good for u?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:55:13 PM): lol no no its ok:) i kno wyou wouldn't ignore me you were just looking for a pic
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:55:26 PM): really anytime weekends are probably best but anytime..long as im with you i dont care:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:56:21 PM): awwwwww
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:56:42 PM): well idk id have to see if my sister will be around this weekend or not
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:56:48 PM): u want me to go ask?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:57:01 PM): itd be easier to jam if shes not here u know
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:57:10 PM): ya then you could just come here
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:57:14 PM): how long would you stay?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:57:38 PM): um til u took me home i guess haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:57:48 PM): haha, so stay the weekend?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:57:57 PM): or maybe i should just keep you?:P lol jk
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:58:04 PM): well i gotta see if she would flip or not
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:58:06 PM): haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:58:15 PM): lol uh ya probably cuz im 27 silly
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:58:18 PM): im low maintanance at least haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:58:28 PM): haha ya? meaning?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:58:29 PM): i wasnt telling her that part
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:58:30 PM): silly
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:58:40 PM): lol ok good dont wanna get you introuble
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 5:59:24 PM): let me go ask her about the weekend hang on
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 5:59:46 PM): ok ya no worries
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:00:20 PM): kk brb
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:00:26 PM): k
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:02:20 PM): i just asked what she was up to this weekend and she was like laying down putting my feet up lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:02:31 PM): so um yea that wont work
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:02:34 PM): lol damn
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:02:43 PM): we will figure it out..either way we are gonna get together
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:02:47 PM): i like you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:03:09 PM): i like you too
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:03:23 PM): i swear she would lose her brain
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:03:34 PM): brb she needs help finding her shit for work
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:03:46 PM): lol ok im gonna let dog out real quick so il be back too
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:03:59 PM): ok
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:07:14 PM): ok im back lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:07:16 PM): sorry
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:07:31 PM): shes like preg and cant handle anything lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:08:10 PM): haha its ok im back to miss me?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:08:35 PM): yep totally
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:08:44 PM): aw your so sweet
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:08:51 PM): almost had to go back to playing with the cat
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:08:57 PM): haha aww
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:09:13 PM): i have one named bandit and then my female cat is named sinders i call her sins for short
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:09:25 PM): nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:09:36 PM): they keep me company since i didn't have you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:09:40 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:09:46 PM): and why dont u have me yet?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:09:55 PM): i dont know you wanna be mine?:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:10:50 PM): well lets see
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:10:57 PM): so far u are really sweet
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:11:07 PM): and want to be nice to me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:11:12 PM): and u have quads
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:11:21 PM): oh and cute helps :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:11:26 PM): haha :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:11:30 PM): so that a yes:X
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:11:51 PM): sure
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:11:53 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:11:56 PM): i will always treat you good i promise
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:12:01 PM): awww thanks
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:12:05 PM): now what?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:12:10 PM): i like you and care about you dont wanna ever lose you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:12:25 PM): now we just need to figure out how i can come get you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:13:10 PM): haha i dont recommend walking
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:13:21 PM): how old is your sister she is gonna flip when she knows your daiting someone huh?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:13:26 PM): lol no i drive...
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:14:08 PM): id have to pick you up would take you a long time to walk here
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:14:08 PM): shes 23
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:14:13 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:14:24 PM): lol ya she'd flip if she knew you were together with a 27 year old!
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:14:38 PM): um yea
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:14:44 PM): so i dont plan on telling her
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:14:52 PM): ok just between you and me?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:15:14 PM): maybe once your around 18 we can finally tell ppl the truth
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:15:38 PM): yea
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:15:47 PM): im not into getting in trouble
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:16:01 PM): ya no i dont want that i want us to be able to be happy
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:16:09 PM): but my family can basically kiss my ass anyways
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:16:20 PM): ya..if you really care for me and i care for you then fuck it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:16:32 PM): no reason for anyone to stop us if we like eachother
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:17:35 PM): i agree
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:18:03 PM): but i cant do this weekend :( she isnt working
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:18:19 PM): ya its ok..we just have to plan it is all so you dont get caught
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:18:27 PM): i just know its gonna be easier tpo like jam if shes not here and ill tell her whatever when i get back
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:18:32 PM): we'll have plenty of time to spend together baby i promise
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:18:33 PM): i wont lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:18:50 PM): yep cuz your gonna be here for a few days atleast
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:19:03 PM): more time i can spend with you the better
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:19:40 PM): lol what am i moving in? haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:19:51 PM): haha well your sis wouldn't allow that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:20:03 PM): im sure you would if you could though huh?:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:21:12 PM): but ya basically your second you know you always have somewhere to go
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:21:18 PM): cuz i wouldn't want you to move away again
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:22:24 PM): yea
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:22:30 PM): i dont want to either
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:22:39 PM): ive lived with my gma
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:22:43 PM): my cousin
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:22:43 PM): ya no you would just come live with me if it got to that time
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:22:46 PM): my aunt
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:22:55 PM): ok good long as you stay around here..dont want you to go
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:22:57 PM): all over the damn place
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:23:09 PM): your mine now baby:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:23:26 PM): i think you'll love staying with me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:23:55 PM): take you to avila beach too my buddy manages a hotel there we could get a suit with a jacuzzi on the balcony walk in shower everything so nice
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:24:10 PM): oh wow
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:24:35 PM): ya you'll love it
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:25:56 PM): he wont think u are crazt to have me there?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:26:08 PM): nope what he doesn't know won't hert him right?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:26:12 PM): or il just say your 18
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:26:45 PM): hes not usually there anyways really so he wouldn't ever ask
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:26:49 PM): id just say i want a room
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:27:36 PM): the room would be so fun
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:27:53 PM): nice
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:28:00 PM): when cna we do that?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:28:18 PM): anytime sweetie once we can start spending time together we could go anytime
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:28:26 PM): we'd prob be up all night for staying there
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:28:48 PM): yea im a night person i love being up late
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:28:54 PM): same here im always up late
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:29:09 PM): and with the jacuzzi and the big marble walk in shower with a bench..we would have to use everything
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:30:06 PM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:30:10 PM): i love jacuzzis
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:30:21 PM): ya its a two person one on a balconi outside
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:30:37 PM): me and my friend used to like jump fences and break into the pools n stuff at hotels
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:30:42 PM): damn nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:30:50 PM): ya, we won't have to break in to these:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:31:03 PM): you in a bikini i think my jaw would hit the floor your so sexy
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:32:02 PM): what are you thinking sweetie?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:32:21 PM): im wondering if i brought my bikini or if
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:32:23 PM): nm
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:32:35 PM): i prob have it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:32:41 PM): or if what lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:32:54 PM): oh you dont know if you packed it?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:33:16 PM): i am embarassed to say so nm
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:33:24 PM): i just dont know
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:33:30 PM): embarrassed to say what?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:33:32 PM): ill look though
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:33:51 PM): idk what i have because idk what stuff my mom sold to tweak
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:33:57 PM): cuz its most of my shit
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:34:09 PM): aw ya that sucks..well if worse comes to worse il giv eyou a white shirt to wear:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:34:45 PM): in the jacuzzi?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:34:47 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:34:57 PM): yep
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:35:10 PM): lol ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:35:20 PM): haha really?:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:36:13 PM): why not?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:36:22 PM): hmm wonder how long it would last on you sexy
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:36:50 PM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:37:05 PM): would it disintegrate in the water?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:37:07 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:37:17 PM): prob be in shock sweetie
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:37:22 PM): cuz you'd probably straddle me huh?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:39:07 PM): haha um
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:39:09 PM): well
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:39:34 PM): lol your like maybe:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:39:44 PM): we are gonna have some fun i think
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:39:49 PM): wish your sis was gone
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:41:09 PM): you busy sweetie?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:41:09 PM): me tooooo
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:41:15 PM): no
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:41:16 PM): or just thinking/
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:41:22 PM): just thinking mostly
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:41:27 PM): aw what you thinking
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:41:29 PM): i think we will have some fun
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:41:42 PM): im just kinda trying to decide how for real u are u know
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:41:47 PM): ur hot
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:41:49 PM): and sweet
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:41:55 PM): im in templeton right on paso robles border
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:41:59 PM): your on way to santa maria?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:42:41 PM): your the hot one and the sweet one baby...i like you a lot
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:42:43 PM): and
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:42:48 PM): i like u too
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:43:01 PM): just trying to make sure im not crazy lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:43:08 PM): haha crazy for what?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:44:09 PM): thinking about wearing a white t shirt in a jacuzi with u :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:44:24 PM): oh ya? hmmm would u get it all wet?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:44:34 PM): id be in the water
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:44:37 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:44:50 PM): haha true duh lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:45:39 PM): hmm now you got me thinking of that
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:46:13 PM): haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:46:36 PM): lol i wanna see you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:46:43 PM): hmm we'd be in that jacuzzi for a while
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:47:01 PM): haha thats cool
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:47:12 PM): or hot i guess cuz its a jacuzzi lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:47:21 PM): haha depends on how hot we want it
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:47:44 PM): u can change the temp in it?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:47:53 PM): yep
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:48:07 PM): they are fully adjustable with jetts and different color lights
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:48:32 PM): nice
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:48:54 PM): are u gonna be wearing a t shirt too?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:49:05 PM): haha no, just my bottoms
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:49:21 PM): why what are you thinking i should wear?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:49:43 PM): haha i dont care
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:49:49 PM): i was just wondering lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:49:56 PM): haha just bottoms nothing under those
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:50:05 PM): although mine dont stay on well there a little too big
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:50:11 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:50:13 PM): so maybe just my boxers lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:51:19 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:51:26 PM): if that is what u want to wear
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:51:51 PM): my hands might slide up your shirt beautiful
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:52:00 PM): see thats what i mean.... thats why im trying to figure out if u are for real.... damn
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:52:18 PM): i swear im real, but are you real is the question:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:52:51 PM): we've been talking non stop to so you know i really like you a lot
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:53:30 PM): haha yea im real
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:53:38 PM): yea i know u do
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:53:48 PM): it just sounds like fun
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:53:58 PM): and almost too good to be true at the same time
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:54:07 PM): lol tell me about it..never met anyone like you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:54:15 PM): feels to good to be true
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:54:38 PM): i mean like none of my bfs have been as cute as u and u wanna go sliding ur hand up my shirt
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:54:44 PM): damn lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:54:54 PM): haha hands would definetly slide up your shirt
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:54:58 PM): if thats all your wearing
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:55:42 PM): well i thought u wanted me to wear a bikini if i have it?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:55:50 PM): hmm up to you sweetie:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:55:56 PM): whatever you wanna wear id be happy with
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:56:34 PM): lol ok
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:56:49 PM): ill let you know if i find the bikini
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:57:03 PM): but im ok with the shirt if thats what u want me to wear :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:57:18 PM): well anything on you would look amazing baby your beautiful either way
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:57:25 PM): the shirt would be easier access:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:59:00 PM): hmmmm
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:59:03 PM): yea
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 6:59:17 PM): it is easier to put ur hand up it if im wearing it lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:59:30 PM): haha what you thinking ?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 6:59:43 PM): depends where u want my hands
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:00:02 PM): well up my shirt sounded fun lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:00:10 PM): but only if u wanted to
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:00:20 PM): prob kiss you while i slid my hands up
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:00:59 PM): oh damn u gave me chills
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:01:09 PM): kiss your lips then your neck
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:01:30 PM): that is one of my favorite places to be kissed
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:01:48 PM): and u can feel my hands run up your back under the shirt..slide them forward to your chest
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:03:31 PM): :-*
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:04:19 PM): :x
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:04:40 PM): can't wait to see you baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:04:51 PM): me too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:04:54 PM): your sis needs to leave lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:05:07 PM): haha she is headed to work soon
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:05:24 PM): oh good:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:05:39 PM): so what do you wanna do when we hang out sweetie?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:05:54 PM): um
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:05:57 PM): jacuzzi?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:06:03 PM): hands kissing?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:06:07 PM): haha ya?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:06:11 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:06:14 PM): maybe
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:06:17 PM): ok... yea
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:06:21 PM): my mom has a hot tub too and goes outa town a lot so we could go over there a lot too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:06:45 PM): i want you here so bad baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:09:11 PM): i thought u were only good for the weekend :(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:09:21 PM): well like i said anytime i can spend with you i will
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:09:29 PM): because i like you a lot so anytime i can i want too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:09:50 PM): so nights and weekends are best usually i work in the mornings but doesn't mean you couldn't stay here while im at work cuz im usually home by lunch
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:10:04 PM): i wanna always make time for you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:10:23 PM): my sister is leaving for work soon
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:10:29 PM): aw good
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:10:35 PM): you happy?:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:11:20 PM): yea
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:11:22 PM): are u?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:11:30 PM): very
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:11:47 PM): its so warm at my house right now! gonna need a cold shower soon
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:11:53 PM): yay i found my bikini :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:11:57 PM): aw good:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:12:00 PM): haha sorry its hot here too
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:12:08 PM): thought u had a ac?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:12:19 PM): i do but still warm think cuz im talking to you make me hot:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:12:33 PM): :">
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:12:54 PM): so u want me to bring the bikini or no?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:13:10 PM): well we couldn't go to the hot tubs tonight but you can bring it anyways?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:13:44 PM): id have to plan it with him so thats why we gotta figure out a day your sis leaves so we can go there
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:14:01 PM): but you can come to my house and stay here with me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:14:19 PM): cool
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:14:27 PM): if no hot tub :(
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:14:41 PM): what u wanna do so im not bored?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:14:53 PM): we can watch movies, or go to the beach?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:15:36 PM): sure if u want to
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:15:43 PM): u live by the beach?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:16:10 PM): i live about 40 mins from the beach
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:16:47 PM): avila is my favorite beach
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:17:03 PM): there is a few beaches by me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:18:41 PM): ive been to the one in ventura a lot
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:18:47 PM): it was close to me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:18:52 PM): ya nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:19:12 PM): ya santa maria is about an hour or so from me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:19:17 PM): im north of you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:19:35 PM): oh ok
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:19:44 PM): wow u must really like me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:19:51 PM): ya i do a lot
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:20:19 PM): im totally not worth driving that far
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:20:32 PM): to me you are
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:20:36 PM): i like you a lot and care about you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:20:40 PM): wanna be with you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:20:47 PM): i wanna be with u too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:20:52 PM): really?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:20:57 PM): why me baby?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:21:28 PM): i said i wanna come over
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:21:35 PM): why u?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:21:49 PM): ur sweet to me and cute and funny
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:22:04 PM): and i believe u when u say u wanna be good to me :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:22:31 PM): aw good ya i want you to trust me cuz i am very honest and wanna be with you for a long time!
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:22:40 PM): :)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:23:00 PM): i usually only have bfs for like a couple months
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:23:10 PM): well not in it for the long run
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:23:17 PM): thanks
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:23:35 PM): no one in my life has been in it for the long run
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:23:40 PM): not even family
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:23:45 PM): so yea
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:23:55 PM): well then it will be a big change having me in your life
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:24:05 PM): im not going anywhere baby i promise
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:24:10 PM): thats why im saying its hard to believe ur real
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:24:18 PM): but i do i belive u
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:24:33 PM): aw well cuz your not use to being treated like i treat you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:24:40 PM): but that will change now that you know how you should be treated:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:26:41 PM): :)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:26:52 PM): i do like the beach
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:27:05 PM): i think id like to go there if thats ok?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:27:36 PM): ya its beautiful there specially if you have never seen it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:27:57 PM): when is best for you..she work during the week? and she off weekends or what?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:28:21 PM): cuz you probably can't just leave she'd prob call you all night looking for you wouldn't she?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:29:23 PM): nah i have like no minutes until my gma gets me some more
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:29:48 PM): she might text but ill just say my friend from vent picked me up
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:30:13 PM): oh ok, would u like to stay a day i dont work in the mornings or does it matter would u just stay here while i worked or what?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:30:30 PM): cuz like i said i usually only work a half day most days
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:30:38 PM): unless i have a delivery
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:31:00 PM): i dont care whatever works
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:31:13 PM): well i just dont want you to feel stuck and bored while im at work is all
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:31:19 PM): she goes to work in like half hour or something
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:31:43 PM): hahaha ill be just stuck and bored here too lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:31:58 PM): haha true and atleast here you'd be waitin for me to get home..i am dirty when i get home though lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:33:15 PM): haha thats ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:33:26 PM): haha id ask you to join me in the shower:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:33:38 PM): hehe really? hmmmmm
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:33:42 PM): yes:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:33:56 PM): is it big enough to fit 2 people???
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:34:07 PM): its not huge but we could fit yes:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:34:36 PM): nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:34:46 PM): id rub you down with soap
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:34:52 PM): while i kiss your neck
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:35:17 PM): :">
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:35:21 PM): nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:35:56 PM): well il clean house tonight and make everythign spotless and does she work at the same time tomorrow?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:36:13 PM): cuz i want the house to look really nice while you stay here
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:36:23 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:36:30 PM): u dont have to do that for me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:36:45 PM): but yea i think same time but ill check
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:36:47 PM): lol yes i do, its not nice to leave you in a dirty house..i couldnt' do that thats rude lol i want it to be nice and clean
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:37:12 PM): and id come get you then we would go to the beach for a while and then head back here watch some movies and just spend as much time together as possible
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:37:53 PM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:38:13 PM): well im practically ciderella i can help when i get there :)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:38:24 PM): dont worry i dont come with mice though lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:38:33 PM): lol aww your so sweet baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:38:37 PM): your gonna stay with me for a while huh
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:39:23 PM): haha idk i just mean i could help u
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:39:44 PM): hehe ya but its not your mess baby you just get to come relax and enjoy being away from home when your hear
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:40:18 PM): shows how caring you are though wanted to help sweetie your so sweet
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:40:38 PM): thanks
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:40:49 PM): ya want you to enjoy your time here
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:41:52 PM): i dont mind
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:41:55 PM): but its ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:42:11 PM): hehe i know you dont, thats why i like you:) cuz i know you'd always help me if i needed
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:42:23 PM): your amazing i still dont know how you were single
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:42:28 PM): im so glad you are all mine
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:43:24 PM): haha im single cuz i dont know anyone lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:43:33 PM): haha well your not anymore:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:44:05 PM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:44:27 PM): gonna have to get you a little promise ring so ppl know your mine;)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:45:40 PM): because your gonna have guys lined up at your door trying to have you be theres
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:45:59 PM): no way ill tell um im taken
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:46:17 PM): i do a lot of stuff but i dont have more then 1 bf at a time lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:46:28 PM): lol ok good long as i know you rmine and mine only
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:46:41 PM): haha alot of stuff like what sweetie?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:49:07 PM): idk stuff lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:49:11 PM): a lot of stuff
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:50:06 PM): lol like what baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:50:34 PM): name it ive probably done it
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:50:42 PM): except like hard core drugs
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:50:46 PM): im not stupid
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:51:17 PM): i just smoke weed
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:51:20 PM): now adays:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:51:34 PM): i get some bomb purps too
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:52:24 PM): bomb purps?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:52:30 PM): ya purple weed
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:52:36 PM): really strong stuff
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:52:44 PM): all comes from humbolt
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:54:00 PM): have smoked since i was 13...but ya it just keeps me going i have a bad neck so it helps it relax
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:54:49 PM): you probably wouldn't even know im stoned im pretty normal when i smoke
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:54:54 PM): just helps me function
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:55:07 PM): wow really
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:55:19 PM): yep
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:55:21 PM): im sorry u have a bad neck :(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:55:29 PM): ya you'll have to rub it for me baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:55:52 PM): can rub it in the shower for me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:56:29 PM): sure
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:56:31 PM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:56:47 PM): aw that would be nice
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:57:06 PM): but how can i rub it in the shower if u arent getting me until after work tomorrow?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:57:15 PM): u will prob already have a shower :(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:57:25 PM): aw true..we can take another one later that night if you want?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:57:39 PM): lol sure
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:57:47 PM): ya?:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:57:56 PM): really wanna take one with me baby?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:58:24 PM): it sounds fun
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:58:34 PM): that is something ive never dome
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:58:35 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 7:58:43 PM): i have never had a shower with a bf
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 7:58:54 PM): really? what else havn't you done
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:00:41 PM): stolen a car
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:00:42 PM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:00:46 PM): well sort of
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:00:59 PM): it was her moms car and she took it but i was with her lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:01:02 PM): lol so what have you done bad girl?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:01:12 PM): lol i use to take my mom's car a year before i got my liscens
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:02:27 PM): lol cool
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:02:35 PM): i have also never shot a gun
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:02:45 PM): oh i got a big gun you can shoot
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:02:58 PM): ha wow that sounded dirty im sorry
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:04:07 PM): haha its ok
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:04:21 PM): ive never held a real gun
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:04:25 PM): or shot one
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:04:33 PM): oh wow wait till you hold my AR 15
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:04:42 PM): is it big?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:04:51 PM): think of the gun the military has thats what it is
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:06:07 PM): thats my gun
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:06:21 PM): holy .... wow
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:06:26 PM): is that even legal???
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:06:29 PM): lol yes
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:06:40 PM): its single fire it can be fully auto but not in cali has to be single fire
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:07:11 PM): you in a bikini with my gun in your arms now that would be hot
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:07:33 PM): haha ill pack my bikini for sure then
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:07:41 PM): i cant wait to hold it
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:07:55 PM): are u sure u have to clean ur house forst?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:08:13 PM): ya you'll love it its a nice gun, its 1500 dollars lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:08:23 PM): yes its a mess dont want you to see it like this baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:08:32 PM): i dont mind really
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:08:37 PM): i wont even notice
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:08:50 PM): i thought u wanted as much time as possible?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:09:03 PM): lol i know you wouldn't notice but i like the first impression to be the best
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:09:24 PM): and yes your right i do want as much time as possible but if you came today id keep you all week and weekend:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:10:21 PM): just waiting for it to cool down a bit then im gonna start cleaning plus i need to do laundry i have like no clean clothes!
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:10:31 PM): well id probably have to come back eventually lil
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:10:33 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:10:41 PM): lol aww u know you'd wanna stay:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:11:03 PM): id wanna prob but i cant just jam and run away like that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:11:10 PM): i know i know
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:11:22 PM): slowly but surely you'll be able to finally just stay here for good
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:11:57 PM): so im sure ill see it dirty sometime lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:11:58 PM): jk
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:12:13 PM): its ok i can wait until tomorrow to hold ur gun
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:12:23 PM): haha i just cleaned it too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:12:29 PM): was filthy
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:12:38 PM): wow do u use it a lot?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:12:47 PM): ive put about 100 rounds through it since ive owned it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:12:52 PM): or 150 rounds
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:13:28 PM): rounds aren't real cheap so i dont get to shoot it that often though
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:13:52 PM): oh
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:13:59 PM): so i can only hold it?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:14:15 PM): um might get to let some rounds off this weekend we will see its hard to find rounds for it too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:14:20 PM): because its so popular
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:14:27 PM): oh ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:14:39 PM): but you can hold it and click the bolt and click the trigger
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:14:59 PM): in your bikini mmmmm
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:15:15 PM): haha ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:15:30 PM): take a pic of you with it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:15:44 PM): so i can put that as my display pic on my phone :)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:15:54 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:16:00 PM): wont u get in trouble???
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:16:05 PM): nope its my phone:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:16:16 PM): who would know besides you and me?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:17:42 PM): true :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:18:03 PM): would be hot baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:18:19 PM): haha yea
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:18:25 PM): good thing u have ac
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:18:36 PM): and the bikini will help lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:18:43 PM): haha what do you mean?:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:19:24 PM): cuz it will be hot
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:19:37 PM): its gonna be better then a coat haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:19:53 PM): hmm can't wait to see you in that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:19:56 PM): my jaw is gonna hit the floor
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:20:14 PM): gonna do some sexy poses too?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:20:33 PM): um sure
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:20:52 PM): as long as ur not like showing um off to anyone right?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:20:55 PM): idk
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:21:00 PM): lol no its for you and me only
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:21:02 PM): its a personal thing
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:21:09 PM): im not one to share
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:21:11 PM): your mine:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:21:20 PM): im really like chicken skinny so idk if i can take sexy pics
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:21:28 PM): nah your beautiful to me:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:21:33 PM): any pics of you i think are amazing
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:22:21 PM): :">
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:22:24 PM): thanks
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:22:34 PM): i think you so sexy
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:22:38 PM): your*
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:22:43 PM): and so sweet
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:22:52 PM): i couldn't ask for anything better im very happy your mine
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:23:24 PM): see chicken legs lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:23:30 PM): no i like your legs
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:23:35 PM): you have a great body to me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:23:39 PM): thanks
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:23:52 PM): your beautiful baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:24:38 PM): you truely are so pretty
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:24:41 PM): :X
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:25:16 PM): i dont even know what to say baby :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:25:19 PM): makes my heart skip a beat
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:25:26 PM): u are making me smile though
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:25:38 PM): your amazing...nothing i want more then you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:25:58 PM): gonna be mine forever baby?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:28:15 PM): as long as u dont go all crazy mean on me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:28:30 PM): never baby i promise
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:28:47 PM): ok
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:29:08 PM): im really hungry.... :(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:31:10 PM): aw i can cook too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:31:16 PM): your sis leave u gonna make something?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:31:35 PM): yea she left
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:31:48 PM): yea prob cuz im starving
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:31:56 PM): aw baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:32:00 PM): wish i was there with you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:32:02 PM): thinking of me?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:32:45 PM): ywa
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:32:47 PM): yea
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:32:57 PM): aw ya?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:33:25 PM): thinking of you in your bikini holding my gun mmm so hot
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:36:41 PM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:36:45 PM): i can tomorrow
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:36:52 PM): when u get me k
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:37:09 PM): haha k
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:37:26 PM): my arms are huge to hope you like muscles lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:38:14 PM): cuz ya my arms and my back muscles are big from cutting wood so much
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:38:29 PM): damn
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:38:30 PM): yea
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:38:36 PM): thats nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:38:39 PM): ya?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:39:31 PM): hmm i wanna slide my hands ovre your body in your bikini too
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:40:08 PM): yea?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:40:12 PM): yes baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:40:18 PM): that sounds nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:40:28 PM): kiss you and slide my hands down to your ass
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:41:03 PM): :">
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:41:07 PM): nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:41:20 PM): prob slide my hands under your bikini bottoms to grab your ass real good though
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:42:01 PM): dont hurt me though
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:42:15 PM): no be gentle just grab it to help lift you higher to kiss you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:42:33 PM): ok thatd be good
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:42:48 PM): what else would you like?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:43:37 PM): neck kisses are one of my favorites :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:43:57 PM): kiss you rneck while my hands slide into your bikini
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:45:01 PM): damn
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:45:07 PM): that sounds fun
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:45:26 PM): ya? what would you do baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:47:03 PM): whatever u want
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:47:15 PM): kiss u back
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:47:47 PM): hmm touching our tongues together would be so hot
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:48:00 PM): yea it would
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:48:21 PM): hmm id lay you down on the couch
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:49:22 PM): is it a comfy one?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:49:28 PM): ya leather
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:49:45 PM): real big
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:49:49 PM): even have a big chair
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:50:01 PM): nice
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:50:18 PM): then slowly kiss down your body
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:50:24 PM): while your in your bikini
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:51:52 PM): ur giving me chills just thinking about it :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:52:01 PM): aw ya?:) hehe
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:52:24 PM): id slowly slide your tie off your top peice as i kiss your back and your neck
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:52:44 PM): then once i got your top off id suck on your breasts while i look up at you showing you how much i want you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:53:58 PM): :x
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:54:52 PM): makes my body tingle just thinking about you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:55:34 PM): made my mind wonder deep there lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:57:09 PM): damn my yahoo froze are u still here?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:57:17 PM): ya im here did you get my messages?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:57:27 PM): it just popped up like a bunch so yea i think so
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:57:32 PM): lol oh
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:57:39 PM): the last one was ur mind wandering deep?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:57:49 PM): ya you here what i wanted to do?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:58:14 PM): um
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:58:15 PM): yea
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:58:17 PM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:58:24 PM): haha ya sorry went into depth about it
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 8:58:54 PM): its ok i dont mind :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:59:03 PM): just like you a you can really tell
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 8:59:13 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:00:23 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:00:37 PM): its ok u got me blushing and smiling
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:00:46 PM): i like to know what im getting into u know?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:00:51 PM): ya:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:00:55 PM): well you know now lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:01:11 PM): its amazing we have talked for hours now too non stop
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:02:12 PM): seriously!
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:02:20 PM): that is why im so hungry haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:02:31 PM): lol i know go eat something baby and il start cleaning
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:03:15 PM): ok baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:03:18 PM): but wait
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:03:25 PM): what?:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:03:39 PM): nm
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:03:41 PM): its ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:03:44 PM): no tell me:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:03:49 PM): please baby?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:04:12 PM): :X
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:06:14 PM): nothing its ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:06:23 PM): aw come on you can tell me baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:06:27 PM): i know you want too
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:07:17 PM): i was just wondering what we were gonna do after that?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:07:31 PM): u said u were gonna suck on my boobs but like that was it
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:07:39 PM): its ok nm u dont have to tell me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:07:39 PM): oh i am gonna do a lot more then taht
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:07:48 PM): thats just the start
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:07:50 PM): haha like what???
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:08:06 PM): hmm slide down kiss your tummy...and slowly go down to your bottoms untieing them
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:08:35 PM): slowly slide them off kissing your thighs and your hips
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:08:46 PM): really make your body tingle
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:09:11 PM): damn
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:09:14 PM): then what?????
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:09:25 PM): hmm then id drag my tongue up your pussy really seeing how wet it is
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:09:37 PM): looking up at you as i drag my tongue up it showing you how much i want you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:10:01 PM): oh dammmnnnnnn
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:10:12 PM): you like that baby?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:10:40 PM): id open it up with my fingers so i could really get my tongue deep in there to taste it
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:11:56 PM): ugh damn
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:12:08 PM): that would be awesome
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:12:22 PM): sucks u are making me wait :(:(:(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:12:39 PM): aw i know baby we are gonna be up late nights playing
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:13:03 PM): glad i can turn you on this much just over this imagine in person?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:13:47 PM): tomorrow right?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:13:50 PM): yep
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:13:57 PM): ur not just messing with my head???
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:14:02 PM): nope i swear tomorrow
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:14:18 PM): bad enough i gotta wait that long
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:14:20 PM): want you now bad
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:15:21 PM): "x
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:15:23 PM): :x
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:16:11 PM): so just cuz ur place is dirty doesnt mean u cant just come here?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:16:22 PM): i cleaned yesterday :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:16:52 PM): ya thats all we need is your sis to come home to me there sweetie:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:17:05 PM): lol nah shes at work
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:17:14 PM): shes not gonna be home til late
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:17:59 PM): well since im coming to get you tomorrow il just wait as much as i wanna come today gotta conserve gas to since the price is recidulous, cuz i can't stay the night there
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:18:03 PM): lol u wouldn't be able to hide me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:18:32 PM): haha ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:18:48 PM): plus you'd have a big smile on your face she'd be like why the hell you smiling so big:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:18:49 PM): but really she doesnt come home til like 1
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:19:03 PM): oh wow why so late?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:20:01 PM): shes a waitress and her shift is like 6-12
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:20:20 PM): oh ok, good to know, so you live with her?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:20:33 PM): yea
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:20:45 PM): i cant live with my mom thats why i live here
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:20:57 PM): ya understood, are you happy you came here now?:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:21:13 PM): she really doesnt want me here either but i have no where else to go but back to my gma who said shes too old for it now
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:21:30 PM): ya...well i want you here!!!!
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:21:45 PM): i dont wanna lose you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:22:09 PM): ur not gonna loose me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:22:17 PM): ok good, cuz i dont want to ever
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:22:34 PM): your lucky im not there now cuz im throbbing for you baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:23:45 PM): how does that make me lucky ur not here?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:23:53 PM): cuz...we'd be up all night baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:24:16 PM): thats how bad i want you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:25:03 PM): hahaha but not bad enought o use the gas to get here lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:25:19 PM): haha, only because i know tomorrow im picking you up to come stay the night
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:25:49 PM): id be so deep in you baby you dont even know how much im thinking about you right now
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:26:20 PM): im thinking about u too
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:26:32 PM): thats why it sucks i have to wait :(
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:26:36 PM): but fine i will
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:26:44 PM): aw i know sweetie
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:26:51 PM): i hope im worth it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:27:10 PM): bet your wet for me too huh baby?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:27:44 PM): if u were here ud know :P
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:27:45 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:27:53 PM): lol aww
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:27:56 PM): i know:(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:28:01 PM): makin me sad im not there
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:28:24 PM): its crazy how strong of a connection we have i love it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:29:01 PM): i feel so lucky that i found you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:29:09 PM): awww thanks
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:29:17 PM): im glad u found me too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:29:30 PM): keep it up baby and il ask you to marry me when your 18;)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:30:21 PM): haha how about we meet first lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:30:29 PM): lol i know i was just trying to make you laugh:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:31:02 PM): lol ok
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:31:08 PM): seriously though
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:31:09 PM): food
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:31:19 PM): so if ur not bringing me dinner....
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:31:32 PM): lol nope instead i get to clean house boo;(
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:32:35 PM): haha ok
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:32:41 PM): im eating now
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:32:43 PM): ttyl
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:32:50 PM): ok want me to leave this on?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:33:19 PM): or just get on in a little while?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:34:45 PM): up to u
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:34:59 PM): il hop off and hop back on about 7:30 ok?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:35:09 PM): gonna clean kitchen living room and start laundry
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:35:20 PM): ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:35:26 PM): gonna miss you baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 9:35:39 PM): talk to you in a bit:) if you need to get ahold of me 805-610-0556
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 9:36:08 PM): ok cool
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:05:41 PM): hey
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:05:42 PM): you there?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:08:18 PM): :(
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:11:07 PM): hiiiiii
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:11:15 PM): aw i thought you wern't gonna come back
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:12:34 PM): no way im totally here :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:12:42 PM): ok good
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:13:18 PM): had me worried lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:13:52 PM): what are you doing silly
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:16:32 PM): and your gone
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:18:22 PM): peeing
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:18:29 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:18:58 PM): sorry
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:19:04 PM): its ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:19:08 PM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:19:14 PM): so did you miss me?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:19:48 PM): yep
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:19:52 PM): miss me?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:20:02 PM): lol well i was here waiting for you silly so obviously:P
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:21:47 PM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:22:03 PM): so what are you doing now that you go the house to yourself
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:22:29 PM): um
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:22:31 PM): nothing
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:22:33 PM): at
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:22:34 PM): all
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:22:42 PM): now that u didnt come get me :P
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:22:55 PM): lol aww rub it in:) im just about to go clean some more
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:22:59 PM): blah hate cleaning:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:23:05 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:23:11 PM): im still here
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:23:15 PM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:23:27 PM): hehe wish you were here instead!
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:24:54 PM): lol sorry
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:25:02 PM): only one way i could be though :P
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:25:12 PM): ok ok ill stop teasing u about it lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:25:27 PM): haha, dont make me send you to my room:) lol jk
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:26:13 PM): u cant :P
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:26:15 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:26:23 PM): lol give you a spanking
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:26:56 PM): again where u cant :P
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:27:01 PM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:27:05 PM): neeeener
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:27:18 PM): lol silly
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:27:26 PM): what am i gonna do with you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:28:20 PM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:28:21 PM): nm
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:29:37 PM): haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:29:39 PM): tell me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:29:45 PM): :P
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:30:10 PM): i was gonna say NOTHING cuz ur not here :P
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:30:12 PM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:30:17 PM): thats why i said nm
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:30:22 PM): lol!
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:30:27 PM): aw why what you wearing?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:32:47 PM): tank and shorts
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:32:54 PM): oh nice, short shorts?
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:33:08 PM): just reg shorts
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:33:25 PM): not like showing off my cheeks or anything but not at my knees
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:33:33 PM): oh ok good:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:33:59 PM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:34:03 PM): what about u?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:34:09 PM): shorts and a shirt:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:34:18 PM): no more running around in boxers haha
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:37:27 PM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:37:32 PM): busy sweetie?:)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:37:46 PM): chatting with marissa too sorry
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:38:02 PM): oh ok want me to let you two chat sweetie? and i can keep working on the house?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:39:08 PM): oh ok want me to let you two chat sweetie? and i can keep working on the house
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:39:15 PM): oh ok want me to let you two chat sweetie? and i can keep working on the house
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:39:44 PM): sure ill be here im just slow sorry
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:39:53 PM): its ok baby think of me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:40:00 PM): its ok baby think of me
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:40:23 PM): :)
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:40:25 PM): i will
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:42:42 PM): she is making me feel all guilty for leaving like its my fault whatever
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:42:52 PM): aw what you mean?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:42:59 PM): aw what you mean?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:43:19 PM): oh because you left ventura
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:43:24 PM): yea
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:43:26 PM): oh because you left ventura
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:43:30 PM): but did you tell her you atleast found someone here that cares about you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:43:37 PM): but did you tell her you atleast found someone here that cares about you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:44:42 PM): you think she would be happy for you to get away from all that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:44:49 PM): you think she would be happy for you to get away from all that
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:46:05 PM): yea well it just makes her life hell there
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:46:14 PM): we were always together
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:46:25 PM): ah ya im sure thats hard..but maybe when she can she can come this way and get away too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:46:32 PM): ah ya im sure thats hard..but maybe when she can she can come this way and get away too
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:46:49 PM): yea
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:46:49 PM): she shouldnt rezent you for it..she should understand that its a big step...and be there for ya as much as she can
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:46:57 PM): she shouldnt rezent you for it..she should understand that its a big step...and be there for ya as much as she can
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:47:03 PM): yea i agree she should
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:47:18 PM): im really happy your here to be honest
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:47:22 PM): and outa all that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:47:26 PM): im really happy your here to be honest
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:47:29 PM): last thing i want is anything to happen to you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:47:29 PM): and outa all that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:47:36 PM): last thing i want is anything to happen to you
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:48:59 PM): thanks
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:52:39 PM): muah
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:52:46 PM): muah
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:52:46 PM): thanks
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:52:54 PM): what i need though is a hug :(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:53:00 PM): hold you tight baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:53:07 PM): thanks
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:53:07 PM): hold you tight baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:53:13 PM): you know it too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:53:18 PM): kiss you hold you love you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:53:20 PM): you know it too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:53:25 PM): kiss you hold you love you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:53:57 PM): :x
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:54:04 PM): :x
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:54:39 PM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:54:59 PM): what you thinking darling
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:55:07 PM): what you thinking darling
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:55:11 PM): nothing
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:55:24 PM): hate seeing you unhappy sorry your friend made you upset baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:55:31 PM): hate seeing you unhappy sorry your friend made you upset baby
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:55:44 PM): its ok
caffinatedboredom (07/19/12 11:55:47 PM): u didnt do it
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:55:54 PM): i know just feel bad want you to be happy
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/19/12 11:56:01 PM): i know just feel bad want you to be happy
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:00:58 AM): its ok
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:01:02 AM): ill move on
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:01:07 AM): see thats what i do
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:01:12 AM): when shit hits the fan
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:01:18 AM): i move away from the fan
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:10:05 AM): aw well you wont move awy from me right?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:10:12 AM): aw well you wont move awy from me right?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:10:34 AM): i know you care about me to much to do that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:10:41 AM): i know you care about me to much to do that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:12:17 AM): u leave?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:12:25 AM): u leave?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:15:13 AM): and from what you said it was like you needed to get away from there if you wanted to be able to live a normal life
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:15:20 AM): and from what you said it was like you needed to get away from there if you wanted to be able to live a normal life
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:15:52 AM): yea normal is not what i expect but ill make it work
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:18:52 AM): well is rough even for me and im 27
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:18:57 AM): but you'll make it..your smart
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:18:59 AM): well is rough even for me and im 27
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:19:04 AM): and i am here for support
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:19:04 AM): but you'll make it..your smart
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:19:11 AM): and i am here for support
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:19:38 AM): i care about you a lot
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:19:41 AM): want you to know that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:19:45 AM): i care about you a lot
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:19:48 AM): want you to know that
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:21:35 AM): thank you
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:21:43 AM): u really make me feel special
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:22:01 AM): like not short bus either lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:22:10 AM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:22:17 AM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:22:23 AM): good i want you to feel like someone here cares about you and is always here for you because i am
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:22:30 AM): good i want you to feel like someone here cares about you and is always here for you because i am
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:22:52 AM): ah house is almost all clean:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:22:59 AM): ah house is almost all clean:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:25:27 AM): busy still sweetie?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:25:34 AM): busy still sweetie?
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:25:58 AM): just talking to her still
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:26:04 AM): so not really
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:26:11 AM): ah she still mad?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:26:18 AM): ah she still mad?
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:27:37 AM): yea but not as much with me
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:27:41 AM): shes just mad
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:27:59 AM): ah i c ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:06 AM): ah i c ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:07 AM): just about to smoke a bowl
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:28:13 AM): lame
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:14 AM): just about to smoke a bowl
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:28:15 AM): :(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:19 AM): aw why
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:28:25 AM): idk
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:26 AM): aw why
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:28:30 AM): cuz i dont have one lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:31 AM): your gonna get to tomorrow:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:38 AM): your gonna get to tomorrow:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:39 AM): i know but you will tomorrow
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:42 AM): and hold a big gun
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:47 AM): i know but you will tomorrow
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:28:49 AM): and hold a big gun
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:28:58 AM): :)
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:29:03 AM): that makes me smile
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:29:07 AM): ya?:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:29:14 AM): i bet i will make u smile real big tomorrow too;)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:29:15 AM): ya?:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:29:21 AM): i bet i will make u smile real big tomorrow too;)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:30:48 AM): the things i wanna do
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:30:55 AM): the things i wanna do
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:34:59 AM): liiikkkeeee?
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:35:01 AM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:35:07 AM): hmm i told you earlier some sweetie
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:35:14 AM): hmm i told you earlier some sweetie
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:35:25 AM): theres lots...can't wait to actually slide inside you for the first time
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:35:32 AM): theres lots...can't wait to actually slide inside you for the first time
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:36:05 AM): to hear you moan from it would be so hot
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:36:12 AM): to hear you moan from it would be so hot
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:37:19 AM): theres lots sweetie, i keep even looking at your pics just thinking about you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:37:26 AM): theres lots sweetie, i keep even looking at your pics just thinking about you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:39:01 AM): glide my hands gently all over your body making you tingle
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:39:08 AM): glide my hands gently all over your body making you tingle
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:39:29 AM): damn
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:39:33 AM): i just saw this
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:39:50 AM): she was whining now about her bf so i wanted to see what u were saying
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:39:52 AM): awwwwww
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:40:21 AM): :) well leastyou dont have to whine about your bf
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:40:28 AM): :) well leastyou dont have to whine about your bf
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:40:53 AM): nope
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:40:55 AM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:41:07 AM): i hope you never do:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:41:11 AM): do*
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:41:14 AM): i hope you never do:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:41:18 AM): do*
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:41:21 AM): i want you bad baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:41:28 AM): i want you bad baby
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:44:44 AM): its almost tomorrow
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:45:00 AM): does midnight count as tomorrow cuz id wait up if it does? lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:45:12 AM): haha no:) bad girl hehe
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:45:19 AM): haha no:) bad girl hehe
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:47:42 AM): o:-)
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:47:47 AM): yes im an angel
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:49:09 AM): hehe oh ya?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:49:16 AM): hehe oh ya?
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:52:27 AM): only some days
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 12:52:29 AM): haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:52:39 AM): haha, bad girl go to my room
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 12:52:46 AM): haha, bad girl go to my room
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:01:23 AM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:01:24 AM): no
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:01:29 AM): now what?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:02:39 AM): haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:02:41 AM): hmmm
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:02:44 AM): fiesty tonight
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:02:46 AM): haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:02:48 AM): hmmm
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:02:51 AM): fiesty tonight
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:02:52 AM): lol i like that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:02:59 AM): lol i like that
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:03:09 AM): still busy with your friend sweetie/
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:03:16 AM): still busy with your friend sweetie/
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:08:41 AM): yea sorry
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:09:32 AM): its ok:(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:09:39 AM): its ok:(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:13:09 AM): just miss talking to ya
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:13:16 AM): just miss talking to ya
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:13:23 AM): :(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:13:32 AM): but i know its your best friend so i understand baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:13:39 AM): but i know its your best friend so i understand baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:19:11 AM): so whats on your mind baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:19:17 AM): bored of me lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:19:18 AM): so whats on your mind baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:19:24 AM): bored of me lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:30:07 AM): :(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:30:14 AM): :(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:41:52 AM): whats wrong?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:41:59 AM): whats wrong?
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:43:13 AM): sorry im back
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:43:21 AM): u really want to know?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:43:34 AM): ya
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:43:41 AM): ya
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:44:10 AM): i was going to the potty
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:44:20 AM): oh ok haha:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:44:27 AM): oh ok haha:)
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:44:27 AM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:44:31 AM): silly goose
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:44:38 AM): silly goose
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:45:16 AM): but im getting tired
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:55:43 AM): how about u?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:56:16 AM): same here just finishing laundry
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:56:18 AM): thinking about you
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:56:21 AM): wish you were here now
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:56:23 AM): same here just finishing laundry
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:56:25 AM): thinking about you
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:56:27 AM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:56:28 AM): wish you were here now
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:56:35 AM): so what do u want me to wear tomorrow?\
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:56:42 AM): i wish i was too :(
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:56:42 AM): um hmm what do you have?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:56:49 AM): um hmm what do you have?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:56:58 AM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:57:05 AM): :)
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:57:30 AM): shorts jeans jean shorts
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 1:57:33 AM): sweats lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:57:39 AM): lol whatever is compfy sweetie
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 1:57:46 AM): lol whatever is compfy sweetie
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 2:00:48 AM): cool
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 2:00:50 AM): thanks
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 2:01:06 AM): it will probably be hot so ill wear the shorts
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:07:33 AM): ya?:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:07:36 AM): then a bikini hehe
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:07:40 AM): ya?:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:07:43 AM): then a bikini hehe
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:08:35 AM): you falling asleep over there?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:08:42 AM): you falling asleep over there?
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 2:11:07 AM): haha yea sorry
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:11:13 AM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 2:11:15 AM): drool on the keyboard and everything
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:11:19 AM): kinky baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:11:20 AM): lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:11:26 AM): kinky baby
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 2:13:02 AM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 2:13:14 AM): and yea i can wear my bikini too
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:13:21 AM): hehe
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:13:24 AM): that would be fun
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:13:28 AM): hehe
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:13:31 AM): that would be fun
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:22:40 AM): getting close to almost tomorrow
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:22:43 AM): you excited lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:22:47 AM): getting close to almost tomorrow
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:22:50 AM): you excited lol
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 2:27:39 AM): yea
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 2:27:44 AM): sleepy but excited
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:27:50 AM): haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:27:56 AM): your lucky im not there you'd be all passed out
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:27:57 AM): haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:28:03 AM): your lucky im not there you'd be all passed out
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 2:30:49 AM): haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:31:47 AM): gonna spank you baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:31:54 AM): gonna spank you baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:54:41 AM): you pass out again lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 2:54:48 AM): you pass out again lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 3:31:22 AM): ok guess so wel im heading to bed sweetie

Yahoo Instant Messenger 7/20/12

caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:36:14 AM): im sorry i did pass out :( im going to breakfast with my sis and her bf but ill be here as soon as i get home
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:36:25 AM): hey :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:36:25 AM): hey its ok baby
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:36:34 AM): im really sorry
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:36:36 AM): just wanted to come on before i went to work to check
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:36:41 AM): aw its ok you owe me today hehe
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:36:48 AM): lol ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:36:54 AM): ya?:)
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:37:08 AM): haha idk well see
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:37:14 AM): what do i owe u?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:37:18 AM): hmmm
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:37:35 AM): :)
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:37:45 AM): haha
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:37:55 AM): ok so its a mystery then....
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:38:12 AM): when are u gonna be back online?
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:38:22 AM): or i can text u later
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:38:23 AM): haha just trying to think of something good:)
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:38:26 AM): lol ok
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:38:35 AM): hmmm i want you bad:)
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:38:56 AM): :)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:39:02 AM): um i should be back online around 5 i think grandpa is leaving either this evening or tomorrow so gonna help him get things situated
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:39:13 AM): but you can text me anytime i dont mind:)
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:39:21 AM): serious i even had a dream about you
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:39:31 AM): awwww really?
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:39:34 AM): what was it?
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:39:45 AM): naughty dream
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:39:57 AM): you were in your bikini lol
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:40:12 AM): you showed up at my house...said you wanted to stay with me it was cute
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:40:24 AM): :)
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:40:34 AM): glad i could be cute in your dreams
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:40:42 AM): your always cute baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:40:46 AM): im glad your mine
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:41:06 AM): the things we are gonna do tonight
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:42:11 AM): i told my sister that marissa was gonna get me to stay at her place so shes cool
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:42:24 AM): ok good
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:42:30 AM): we are gonna be up late;)
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:42:54 AM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:42:58 AM): sounds good
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:43:07 AM): i promise i wont pass out haha
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:43:20 AM): lol mmhmm sure
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:43:25 AM): :P
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:43:28 AM): i wont!
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:43:43 AM): i gotta go though shes waiting for me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:43:55 AM): ok baby
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:43:57 AM): whats ur number? i forgot to write it down
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:44:06 AM): *edited*
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:44:20 AM): ok :) baby
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:44:25 AM): alright think of me
crazy_town_4_2_0 (07/20/12 11:44:26 AM): muah
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:44:40 AM): :-*
caffinatedboredom (07/20/12 11:44:47 AM): >:D<

Text Messaging 7/20/12

Me: hey its me :) 12:36 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Hey baby 12:40 PM
Me: how r u? 12:41 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Hot sweaty lol you? 12:41 PM
Me: lol sounds gross 12:42 PM
Me: sittin here thinkin of u 12:42 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ya out working in this sucks 12:43 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Aw what u thinking? 12:43 PM
Me: :( 12:44 PM
Me: just about u and ur smile 12:45 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Aw your so Sweet baby 12:45 PM
Me: thx 12:47 PM
Me: so r u 12:47 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Want you bad 12:47 PM
Me: haha arent u sposed to be workin? 12:49 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Took a water break 12:49 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Needed one 12:49 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Keep thinking of you in your bikini 12:51 PM
Me: cool 12:51 PM
Me: ill be wearing it ok lol 12:53 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Haha I can't wait 12:54 PM
Me: me either 12:54 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ya? Wonder how long that bikini will last on you 12:55 PM
Me: haha idk 1:03 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Prob not long 1:04 PM
Me: yea but u gotta do the pics first cuz thos r gonna be so cool 1:05 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Hehe ya true that will be fun then il slide that bikini off 1:06 PM
Me: hehehe 1:10 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Kiss your neck then go down suck on your breasts as my hand slides down into your inner thighs 1:11 PM
Me: damn!!! lol 1:13 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Haha what? 1:15 PM
Me: nothin :) 1:19 PM
Me: ur just givin me chiolls :) 1:19 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Mmm ya turning you on huh? :) 1:24 PM
Me: Maybeeeee 1:26 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ya? What u wanna do baby? 1:27 PM
Me: i like the shower idea 1:32 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ya? Slide inside you from behind in the shower? 1:34 PM
Me: u still on water break??? lol damn u keep makin me think of u 1:42 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Eating sandwich, hmm ya? U gonna let me slide in you deep from behind in the shower baby? 1:43 PM
Me: u sure we will both fit in there? 1:47 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ya 1:47 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Gonna be tight but we can do it 1:47 PM
Me: cool 1:48 PM
Me: my sis works at 4 i think maybe 5 tho ill ask 1:52 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ok 1:52 PM
Me: she leave at 4 start at 5 1:59 PM
Me: u must be back to work :( 2:09 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Nice 2:09 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Can't wait to see you 2:10 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ya 2:10 PM
Me: lol i just got those...cant wait either im am really excited now 2:11 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Oh ya how come? 2:12 PM
Me: sriously? ur gonna say all that stuff then ask why??? 2:14 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Lol yep tell me baby 2:14 PM
Me: tell u what? u know i cant wait 2:16 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ya? Can u handle me inside you that long? :) 2:17 PM
Me: how long? 2:19 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Hmmm all night? 2:23 PM
Me: wow idk that is a long time.... 2:30 PM
Me: maybe take a small break lol 2:30 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Hehe ya after I cum we can stop for a bit before we go again if you want 2:33 PM
Me: haha nice 2:38 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: I cum a lot too 2:38 PM
Me: where r u gonna do that at? 2:42 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Where do you want it? 2:44 PM
Me: cuz it sounds messy :) 2:44 PM
Me: i DONT want to get preg like my sis i would die 2:45 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: You on bc? 2:48 PM
Me: no 2:48 PM
Me: thats why im freakin out lol 2:48 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Haha uh Ohhh 2:49 PM
Me: uh ohhh? what??? 2:51 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: We gotta be careful because ya I get messy hope u like cum 2:53 PM
Me: hahaha it is sticky and messy lol 2:56 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ya 2:56 PM
Me: when r u gonna come????? 3:02 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Hopefully after I'm home and showered around 5 to 5 il head out how far are you? 3:11 PM
Me: hopefully??? 3:29 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: No sorry I meant after I'm home and ready where am I going darling? 3:31 PM
Me: idk how far i can map it in paso 3:35 PM
Me: its like a hour 3:36 PM
Me: :( 3:37 PM
Me: forever far away ::(:(:( 3:38 PM
Me: hey dont u see me pouting over here :(:(:( 3:41 PM
Me: guess not... 3:56 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Hey sorry working baby 4:02 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Oh ok you googled paso Robles and it said an hour? 4:02 PM
Me: yeah paso to orcutt is a hour 4:02 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ok so you take the orcutt exit? 4:03 PM
Me: orcutt is the city idk the exit 4:14 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ok well here is my address put it in for me tell me directions *edited* 4:17 PM
Me: ok 4:19 PM
Me: u get home yet? 4:19 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Not yet sweetie miss me? 4:50 PM
Me: yeah...but my aim will get better LOL 4:54 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Lol what? 4:59 PM
Me: nm 5:01 PM
Me: you know i miss u my aim will get better lol its like aiming for something haha nm 5:04 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Lol Ohhh I get it sorry lil 5:06 PM
Me: lol its ok 5:16 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: So I gotta call my mom guess she is Coming into town tomorrow ugh of course :( but I'm staying at my grandpas tomorrow night wanna just stay there with me 5:17 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: ? We would have the whole house to ourselves we could ride quad shoot guns everything? 5:17 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: That's if she is Coming im gonna call her right now 5:18 PM
Me: ok lmk 5:21 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Grr of course she has to come this weekend fuck! She's only gonna come out in the afternoon to shoot then u can just come stay with me at my grandpas tom 5:22 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: orrow ugh I'm sorry baby god now I'm upset this sucks I wanna spend time with you 5:22 PM
Me: huh? 5:23 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: So tomorrow I can come get you after she leaves is that ok? :( my mom is coming into town tonight and she is Coming over to shoot tomorrow so after she l 5:24 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: eaves I can come get you to stay with me at my grandpas while he's outta town? 5:24 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: We can shoot and ride the quad and the razor around would be fun 4 bedrooms house to ourselves 5:24 PM
Me: why dont u just come here then 5:26 PM
Me: tonight 5:26 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: I would but I have to be at my grandpas at 7 am cuz he's outa town :( but I promise tomorrow your mine I don't care who comes into town if it wasn't my mo 5:28 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: m I would just say fuck it because I like you a lot I'm kinda upset that my moms Cominmg to town even though I havnt seen her in a while 5:28 PM
Me: i knew u were too good to be true and just messin with my head yea ok sure come tomorrow or next week or whenever u think u feel like it. whatever 5:34 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: :( I am not I really like you now I'm sad you don't believe me I really swear to come get you tomorrow I want you to believe me :( 5:35 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: I have never cared for someone like I do you I wish u could understand that I'm not playing with your head I really am going to come get you 5:35 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: I knew you were gonna be upset and I am too, but I can't just not see her she is family and family is first but you are a top priority and il proove that 5:37 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: to you tomorrow if you give me that chance 5:37 PM
Me: u were gonna come last night then needed ur house clean? then u were gonna come at noon but had to help ur gpa move then u were gonna come at 6 and now ur moms commin to town yea i get it 5:37 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: :( ya tell me about it cleaned my house for nothing sorry I know u hate me I wish u would believe me because I am always honest with you 5:38 PM
Me: prove it tonight come tonight my sis is working til late 5:39 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: To make it up to you I was gonna gete on cam for you Atleast to show you I care 5:39 PM
Me: no apparently u cleaned ur house for ur mom 5:40 PM
Me: plus how could we go to ur gpas when u said he moved? 5:40 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: No she isn't Coming here? She's gonna go to my grandpas and shoot, then leavee 5:$0 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: No he moved stuff to storage my step grandma passed away 5:41 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Couple months ago of cancer sorry didn't really wanna get into it since u were fighting with your friend 5:41 PM
Me: u said shes going there tonight which is it 5:42 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Last night 5:42 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ya she is Coming to town tonight and meetingn up with me tomorrow at my grandpas sorry hard to explain on text I feel like I'm confusing you 5:42 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: My grandpa is leaving late tonight up north to see his brother, and I'm watching the dogs and the cat, my mom comes to town tonight and will come to his 5:44 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: house tomorrow to meet me then after she leaves I'm gonna come get you 5:44 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: I really hope it's ok, you don't know how much I really wanna spend time with you and I figure there we'd have more to do then my house he olso has a jac 5:48 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: uzzi bath tub :) 5:48 PM
Me: yea im confused u said you cant gete me tonight cuz she was coming to ur house so if she isnt what is the prob? 5:52 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: No I am taking care of dogs in am and she is Coming over there is what I meant so I have to get up early, so if you came tonight you'd have to sit here a 5:54 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: ll day til she left so instead I was gonna come get you when she leaves so that way I can spend all evening tomorrow and all day SUnday with you, know w 5:54 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: hat I mean? 5:54 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Or do you wanna stay here during the day tomorrow? 5:55 PM
Me: yea whatever ok have fun with ur mom ill ttyl 5:56 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Cuz I can come get you just up to you if you wanna be stuck here without me at some point tomorrow for a few hours? 5:56 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: See I don't want you mad I wanna do whatever I can to make you happy 5:57 PM
Me: i wanna come there i dont care if im there all day its prob better then here 5:57 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ok then did you get me directions baby? 5:57 PM
Me: yea i was gonna give um to u but then u werent coming ur really comin tonight? 5:59 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Yes I am 5:59 PM
Me: ok right now? i gotta look um up again cuz i closed the window 6:00 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: gotta shower shaving now 6:04 PM
Me: ok 101 s and exit on *edited* 6:05 PM
Me: thought u were gonna shower with me :(? 6:06 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: I am tonight baby we will shower again 6:07 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ok *edited directions* 6:12 PM
Me: yea 6:12 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ok then? 6:13 PM
Me: its like complicated so just text when ur there so you dont get confused 6:18 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ok 6:18 PM
Me: im gonna shower too then k baby are u leaving now or still gonna shower? 6:21 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Still gotta shower and do a few things prob will leave around 7 mm ya make that body nice and smooth for me k? 6:23 PM
Me: ok i will :) 6:26 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Mmm even that pussy baby? 6:26 PM
Me: u will have to wait and see 6:27 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Mmm ok 6:27 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Gonna head out soon promise it's gonna be easy to find you? 7:00 PM
Me: yah i promise ill get u here lol 7:03 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Lol ok good cuz I don't wanna get lost that far out 7:04 PM
Me: lol u wont 7:05 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ok baby gonna head out soon sucks I have no condoms either baby 7:05 PM
Me: u cant get any on ur way? 7:07 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: I can on our way back I guess :) 7:07 PM
Me: ok cool 7:10 PM
Me: babbbyyy did u leave yet? 7:16 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: I'm heading out now 7:16 PM
Me: :) :) :) ok 7:17 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: You excited? 7:19 PM
Me: um yea... duh... :) 7:23 PM
Me: excited and impatient... r u here yet???? :( i still gotta shower tho lol 7:32 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Lol passing atascadero 7:33 PM
Me: :) 7:35 PM
Me: im gonna shower so u gotta go right on *edited* 7:41 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: K 7:41 PM
Me: babyyy ok im gonna do my hair n make up just go in the drive way the bathroom is like right by the side door so i know ur here damnnnn i cant wait 8:04 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: By nipimo 8:05 PM
Me: yay 8:08 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Almost to Santa maria 8:09 PM
Me: my hair is almost dry 8:13 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: In Santa Maria 8:13 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Think I'm here 8:25 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: At 345 in car 8:26 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Where are you? 8:27 PM
Me: im in a i dont see u r u in the driveway? theres a side door by it so go and u can come in there i only got one eye done so im not ready lol 8:28 PM
Me: its unit a on the left side
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ok I'm parked out front 8:28 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: No in driveway 8:29 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Just in my car hurry up silly had me rush lol and your not ready 8:31 PM
Me: park in the driveway i dont want me neighbor to see me in this lol 8:32 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: K in driveway 8:33 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: ... ? 8:35 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Still in car... Tried knocking door is open? 8:36 PM
Me: yea its open i said come in 8:37 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Ok where do I go from there 8:37 PM
crazy_town_4_2_0 Phone: Come to door please 8:37 PM

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