Christopher is anxious and demanding when it comes to meeting a 14 year old female for sex
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Perverted Justice mark: Christopher A Brown, 22
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Location: Chicago, Illinois
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit xocait_lynnox, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Chris Brown: Hey
Me: heyyyy asl?im 14/f/il
Chris Brown: Eww
Chris Brown: What are u doing on here
Chris Brown: I'm 22 m il
Me: eww?:(
Chris Brown: Your only 14 that's why I said ewww
Chris Brown: *phone numberremoved* if that makes u feel better
Me: u told me im gross :(
Chris Brown: But your 14
Chris Brown: U like older guys or something
Chris Brown: I mean your not ugly its just your 14
Me: y it matter if im 14?im not 10
Chris Brown: Have u been with someone 18 and older
Chris Brown: And what's your number
Me: no i havent...n u think i give my # out jus like tht?:P
Chris Brown: So u do know I'm 22 right?
Chris Brown: But u want to talk to me
Me: ya i kno haha
Chris Brown: And that don't bother u
Me: nooo?does it bother u tht im 14
Chris Brown: Umm depends on what u trying to be
Me: huh
Chris Brown: What are u trying to be with me? Cuz u know I'm cute
Me: lol ya ur cute..n idkkkkkk?
Chris Brown: U trying to date me or be my friend
Me: friend i guess?idk haha
Chris Brown: Oh so u don't want mee
Chris Brown: U know u do
Me: :Plmao
Chris Brown: Are u a virgin
Me: tht bad
Chris Brown: No
Chris Brown: So put more pic
Chris Brown: Hey do u know this frozen yogurt place I'm highland park called menchies
Me: do u got yahoo?ima get off here but im online on there n i can send u some on there
Chris Brown: Lol
Chris Brown: Ok
Chris Brown: Do u have kik
Me: yesss omg i love it!!!
Chris Brown: What's your yahoo
Me: xocait_lynnox

YIM Conversation 04/04/2014

christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:30:02 PM): Hey
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:30:30 PM): heyyyyy
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:30:47 PM): What's up do u know who this is
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:31:07 PM): nothinnnn n ya i do haha
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:31:15 PM): Who?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:32:22 PM): chris from meetme
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:32:30 PM): Yup so send some pics
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:32:46 PM): i will but brb
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:32:52 PM): Do u know a frozen yogurt place in highland park named menchies
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:39:34 PM): U back
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:41:04 PM): yesss i lovee itttttt!!!
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:41:33 PM): I used to work there like 2 years ago
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:41:48 PM): id eat it all lmao
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:42:05 PM): Send pics
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:42:16 PM): so demandinggggg
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:42:46 PM): Please
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:43:01 PM): kk photoshare w me on here so i can send em
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:43:35 PM): I just send u a photo accept
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:44:26 PM): cuteeee :)
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:45:05 PM): Do u want naughty pics
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:46:47 PM): hehe up 2 u :P
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:47:01 PM): If u send me some
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:47:42 PM): i dont have a cam..i have my uncles old crappy phone..n even if i wanted 2 i dont have pic moms a biatch
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:48:02 PM): So how u just send me that one
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:48:11 PM): i have pics on my comp
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:48:18 PM): wht u think i jus took it?lmao
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:48:22 PM): Ok
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:49:26 PM): Yup
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:49:30 PM): did u get my pic
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:49:45 PM): Yup its cute
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:50:39 PM): Did u get my 2 pics
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:51:02 PM): omg its huge!
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:52:00 PM): Can u handle that
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:52:34 PM): idk lmao
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:53:08 PM): Are u really a virgin what's your bra size
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:53:25 PM): And do u want to see if u can handle it
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:53:44 PM): ya i am..n 32A but there still growin!i can almost fit into B
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:54:04 PM): Do u want to play with my dick
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:54:45 PM): do u want me 2 :P
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:56:02 PM): Have u done that before
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:56:13 PM): done wht??
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:56:28 PM): Played with a dick
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:56:40 PM): i gave a hj before
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:57:22 PM): And how old was he and what he do to u
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:57:24 PM):
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:57:44 PM): he was 15 n he jus messed around w me a lil bit
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 3:58:01 PM): Like he fingered u
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 3:58:21 PM): ya lol
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:00:15 PM): Did u like it dI'd he eat u out
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:00:21 PM): And lol u want to chill?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:00:44 PM): ya it was okay..i dont think he knew what he was doin tho haha
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:00:51 PM): n youd really wuna hang out w me?:)
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:02:43 PM): Do u want to hangout with me?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:03:15 PM): if u woud wuna hang out w me!:)
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:03:24 PM): if u woud wuna hang out w me!:)
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:03:27 PM): And what have sex?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:03:54 PM): probly b bad at it..
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:05:20 PM): Do u want to to fuck u ? I can bend u over and do all the work
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:05:57 PM): id probly still b bad lmao
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:06:53 PM): Do u want me to yes or no
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:07:10 PM): would u make fun of me
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:08:23 PM): No
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:08:46 PM): will it hurt?my bff said her 1st time it hurt
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:09:39 PM): Maybe just for a minute and then it will be pure pleasure
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:10:37 PM): :)
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:11:22 PM): So when?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:12:05 PM): idk id have 2 to check my moms work schedule
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:12:35 PM): Oh u want me to come to your house
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:14:28 PM): idk...we have a nosey neighbor n i dont wuna get in trouble lol
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:16:54 PM): So then where? U want to come to my house?
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:17:58 PM): U know where the metra station is right?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:18:01 PM): i dont drive so youd have 2 pick me up..i could walk or ride by bike somewhere n u could probly pick me up?n ur not guna like kill me r u lmao
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:18:38 PM): No take the metra to downtown chicafo
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:18:40 PM): Go
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:19:04 PM): i never been on tht n im 2 scared
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:19:07 PM): :(
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:24:20 PM): U want me to pick u up today
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:24:51 PM): i cant 2day cus my gma is here :(
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:26:59 PM): Tomorrow?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:27:26 PM): i gotta see when my mom works
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:30:02 PM): Are u single
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:30:10 PM): yep yep
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:30:34 PM): Do u really want me?
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:31:03 PM): i mean im curious like wht it feels like!im not guna get prego am i?
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:31:48 PM): No
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:32:07 PM): But y are u choosing me
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:32:38 PM): cus u cant spread rumors around my school n ur cute :)
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:35:04 PM): plus guys at my school r jerks
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:35:21 PM): Oh ok
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:35:41 PM): But u got to suck my dick
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:35:59 PM): wht if im badddddddd
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:36:31 PM): I will guide your head
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:37:45 PM): do a lotta girl like doin tht
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:38:21 PM): Sometimes but guys always like it
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:38:53 PM): Do u a butt
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:39:02 PM): Do u have a butt
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:39:42 PM): its lil :(
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:40:08 PM): U going to want to be my girl after I do u lol
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:40:38 PM): would u want me 2..i jus dont want any1 findin out bout u
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:42:24 PM): Then keep your mouth shut
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:43:20 PM): thts wht i planned on
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:47:20 PM): wht u doin?
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:52:57 PM): At work
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:53:04 PM): U a bad girl
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:53:24 PM): ohhh where u work?haha no im nottttt ima good girl :)
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:53:53 PM): Downtown
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:54:04 PM): ohhhhh
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:55:01 PM): Yup so u want me ? Yes or no
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:55:29 PM): i said yaaa as long as u want 2!
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:56:32 PM): I got to meet u first
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:56:45 PM): huh?
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:58:03 PM): I got to see u in person
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 4:58:13 PM): Before I say yes
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 4:58:25 PM): before u say yes 2 wht
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 5:01:13 PM): Being with u
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 5:01:47 PM): y u think ima be ugly or somethin?
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 5:05:23 PM): No
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 5:37:04 PM): mhmmm
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 5:41:50 PM): wht time u work til
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 6:31:17 PM): I'm off
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 6:43:28 PM): ohhh i thought u said u were workin
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 6:44:46 PM): Nope
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 6:45:03 PM): ohhhh
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 6:45:08 PM): wht ya up 2 now
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 6:45:40 PM): Chilling
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 6:46:33 PM): ohhh
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 6:47:17 PM): ima get off here..u can txt me if u want
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 6:48:08 PM): Whats your number
christopher_brown1991 (04/04/14 6:48:38 PM): *phone number edited*
xocait_lynnox (04/04/14 6:48:39 PM): *phone number edited* 04/04/2014

Chris Brown: Hey
Me: heyyyy
Chris Brown: What's up
Me: nothinnn u
Chris Brown: Bored so did u check her schedule
Me: no she jus got home a lil bit ago n went 2 bed 04/05/2014

Christopher Brown: Good morning

YIM Conversation 04/05/2014

christopher_brown1991 (04/05/14 9:19:50 AM): Hey

Text Messaging 04/05/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hey this is chris 9:20 AM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hello 2:34 PM

YIM Conversation 04/06/2014

christopher_brown1991 (04/06/14 9:04:44 AM): Hey I texted u

Text Messaging 04/04/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hey 9:48 AM
Me: heyyy :) sry i went to my friends yesterday morning n stayed there for the weekend n forgot my phone at home :(..wht u up to? 5:44 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lol what if your parents went thru your phone and saw our convi 5:48 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Convo 5:48 PM
Me: i only live w my mom n we never texted yet :P plus i have a pw on my phone 5:52 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ok 5:52 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: U could have saw me while u were at your friends 5:52 PM
Me: how lol 5:53 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: I could have come met u 6:02 PM
Me: wht would i of told my friend i havent told her bout u n dont plan on it! 6:05 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: That u going some where for a bit 6:13 PM
Me: ya right haha 6:15 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: So when can we meet 6:16 PM
Me: has the next few days off of work..wht r we guna do??? 6:18 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Chill 6:36 PM
Me: ohhhhh 6:38 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Yup 6:52 PM
Me: yeppp 6:55 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Wyd 6:58 PM
Me: checkin my fb u? 7:02 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Shopping 7:29 PM
Me: cool 7:30 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: I guess 9:51 PM
Me: 2 hrs later lol 9:53 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Im cooking 10:34 PM
Me: mhmmm lol ima go to bed i gotta go back to school 2morrow -_-..gniteee 10:37 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Oh wow good night 11:12 PM

Text Messaging 04/07/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hey 10:45 AM
Me: heyyy 11:19 AM 04/08/2014

Chris: Good Morning
Chris: Hey

Text Messaging 04/08/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: What's up 12:29 PM
Me: at schooool u? 12:30 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Work u want to see me today 12:33 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Send pics 12:33 PM
Me: wht we guna do???n wht u mean send picss 12:35 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Send me pics of u lol 12:35 PM
Me: i told u u dont have a camm n plus i dont have pic messaging 12:38 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: U your friends phone 12:39 PM
Me: nobody knows bout u n i aint tellin any1 12:43 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Don't tell them y u want to use it just ask to use it and then delete what u send to me 12:44 PM
Me: lmao u must not know tht ppl never give up there phone..especially for no reason 12:47 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lol its different in Chicago but do u want to see me today 12:48 PM
Me: y u want a pic so bad??? 12:48 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: To see what u look like lol and a full body pic and u seen what I look like 12:49 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Only fair 12:49 PM
Me: i sent u pics goofball :P i can send more tht i have on my comp when i get home 2nite 12:51 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lol I mean more pics of u like recent pics and naughty pics 12:52 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Do u want to see me today 12:53 PM
Me: even if i could im not takin naughty pics at school!u tryin to get me in trouble!?!?:P 12:53 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lol bathroom stall lol 12:54 PM
Me: wht u wuna do??n bathroom stall!?ur crazy boy haha 12:55 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lol I mean it works anAnd idk just chill talk get to know u 12:57 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What grade u in? 12:57 PM
Me: sounds like fun lol....n im in 8th..coulda been in 9th tho but i had an extra yr of preschool 12:59 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ummm . 1:01 PM
Me: ? 1:02 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: U sure u want to do this 1:03 PM
Me: do wht? 1:04 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Be with me and stuff 1:04 PM
Me: like meet u? im a lil nervous lol but u seem cool 1:06 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: I mean dating me having sex and stuff like real bf and gf 1:07 PM
Me: ohhh..yaaa im jus nervous... 1:08 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: How do I know u not trying to get me in trouble and your serious 1:09 PM
Me: y would i get u in trouble?if u got in trouble i would to..thts y im not tellin anyone bout u..not even my best friend cara 1:11 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Because u could be pretending to be young girl to get older guys in trouble like a set up 1:12 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: That's another reason I want naughty pics it would prove your serious 1:13 PM
Me: uhmmm paranoid much?lmao i can call u sometime 1:15 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: That doesnt prove your serious only pics do or snap chat video chat 1:17 PM
Me: well i dont have a cam so idk wht u want me to do.. 1:20 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Get cara phone 1:21 PM
Me: i told u nobody is guna give me there phone..n then there guna keep askin me y i wanted it 1:22 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lol so where can I meet u today 1:23 PM
Me: 1:25 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Y? 1:25 PM
Me: cus im meetin someone i met online lol..idk im a baby i guess 1:27 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: So I mean u got to be big now 1:27 PM
Me: i knowww lol..wht we doin?n i gotta make sure my gma is jus droppin me off at home n not stayin 1:29 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Umm I can bring u to my place and bring u back 1:30 PM
Me: how far do u live from highland park?n wht we guna doooo :P 1:33 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What a movie talk chill maybe cuddle and Chicago 1:34 PM
Me: ohhhhhhh 1:34 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: So do u want to? 1:35 PM
Me: yaaa as long as my gma doesnt stay at my house when she picks me up from school 1:36 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: 1:37 PM
Me: ? 1:38 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Its either u want to see me or u don't 1:38 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Your grandma shouldnt be a factor 1:38 PM
Me: i do want to...n how is she not a factor if she stays at my house? 1:42 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Cuz u should be able to go out 1:55 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hello 2:10 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What happened 3:07 PM
Me: sry its hard to text in my last classes..n now me n my gma r goin grocery shopping... 3:42 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Can I see u or what 3:43 PM
Me: i dont think we can today... 3:45 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Y 3:52 PM
Me: cus my gma is makin me go grocery shopping w her 3:57 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ok later today 4:03 PM
Me: idkkkkk 4:08 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Guess u don't want me 4:09 PM
Me: im jus nervousss 4:12 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Then meet me and get it over it what are u really nervous this working out Is in your hands 4:13 PM
Me: i never met anyone from online n how is it in my hands 4:17 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Because if u want me u have to step your game up other girls want me but I want to see u but u being nervous so its up to u 4:18 PM

YIM Conversation 04/08/2014

xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 8:53:09 PM): hiiii
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 8:53:20 PM): Hey
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 8:57:27 PM): wht ya doinnnnnnn
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 8:57:40 PM): Talking to u
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 8:57:50 PM): Do u got any camz
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 8:58:07 PM): noooooooo forrrrrr theeeeee millionthhhhhhh timeeeeeeeee
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 8:58:23 PM): How can I see u
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 8:58:52 PM): i can send u more pics tht i got on my comp i guess lol
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:00:37 PM): Ok
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:01:09 PM): I seen that one already
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:01:19 PM): which ones have u seen
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:01:27 PM): Bedroom
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:01:37 PM): wht else
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:01:45 PM): None
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:02:42 PM): Oh yeah I seen that too
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:03:39 PM): Cute
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:03:45 PM): ty
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:04:12 PM): I wish u had naughty ones
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:04:21 PM): sryyy
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:04:34 PM): We should kiss
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:05:03 PM): :-* haha
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:06:22 PM): U like me?
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:07:14 PM): yaaaa :Ddo u like me
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:07:54 PM): Maybe
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:08:01 PM): What do u like
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:08:51 PM): music...hangin out w cara...cookin..shopppinnnn
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:08:52 PM): u?
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:09:03 PM): I mean about me
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:09:11 PM): ohhh lmao
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:09:17 PM): Video games and anime
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:09:32 PM): ur cute...nice...n i like tht ur not a jerk to me
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:09:48 PM): Oh
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:10:03 PM): ?
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:10:08 PM): Do u have more pics
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:10:22 PM): ya
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:10:29 PM): jus look on my fb im tired of sendin lol
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:11:24 PM): What's your fb
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:12:56 PM): *link edited* u can add me if u want but dont post anything on it
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:13:27 PM): Ok
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:13:39 PM): I feel like u done this before
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:13:50 PM): huh
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:14:15 PM): Talk to an older guy u seem like u know what your doing
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:14:51 PM): wht u mean it seems like i kno wht im doin?
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:15:14 PM): U already know to keep me a secret and not post nothing on fb
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:15:58 PM): i told u im nervous bout meetin somone online
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:16:01 PM): someone*
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:16:19 PM): brb ima shower real quick
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:16:19 PM): Oh
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:16:27 PM): I want to join
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:16:36 PM): :P
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:41:30 PM): kk back
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:43:01 PM): How are u
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:43:20 PM): clean lol
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:43:22 PM): u didnt add me
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:44:01 PM): I know
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:44:12 PM): oh...ok
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:44:52 PM): Lol
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:44:56 PM): Wyd
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:45:18 PM): nothin..probly goin to bed soon
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:53:04 PM): I made tacos
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:53:24 PM): yummmmmmm!
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:53:39 PM): r u a good cook
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:53:38 PM): Yup
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:55:10 PM): Yup and u
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:55:25 PM): yep :) i love cookin
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:57:45 PM): Like
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:58:54 PM): annything!home made pizza..chicken poppercaush(idk how to spell it)..buffalo chicken pasta..brocoli soup
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 9:58:58 PM): i can make a lot :)
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 9:59:17 PM): Cool
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:02:47 PM): mhmmm
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:03:09 PM): Whata
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:03:37 PM): u said cool so i said mhmmm
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:04:20 PM): Blah
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:04:59 PM): blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :P
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:05:28 PM): Mwah
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:05:49 PM): :-*
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:05:53 PM): lol
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:06:52 PM): Mwah mwah mwah
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:08:12 PM): :-*:-*:-* haha
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:11:21 PM): So umm @};-
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:12:04 PM): sooooooooo
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:14:21 PM): Huh
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:15:01 PM): idk u said so lol
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:15:33 PM): I sent a rose
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:15:52 PM): ohhhhhhh wow im so dumb
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:16:02 PM): ty :Deven tho im an idiot lmao
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:21:57 PM): Lol your not dumb
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:22:09 PM): ur jus sayin tht to be nice lol
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:24:06 PM): Wyd
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:24:17 PM): readin drama on fb lol u?
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:24:48 PM): Haha
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:26:01 PM): u?
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:26:20 PM): American dad
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:27:01 PM): ohhhh
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:30:16 PM): ima go to bed im tireddd
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:30:34 PM): No stay up
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:30:42 PM): im tiredddddddd
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:30:49 PM): Blah
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:30:54 PM): sryyyy
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:30:54 PM): Me too
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:31:14 PM): ill get on n tty 2morrow!
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:31:31 PM): or u can text me again
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:31:43 PM): Ok
christopher_brown1991 (04/08/14 10:31:47 PM): Good night
xocait_lynnox (04/08/14 10:31:57 PM): nightttt

Text Messaging 04/09/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hey 10:17 AM
Me: heyyy 1:10 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Wyd 1:13 PM
Me: sittin in class u? 1:14 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Game 3:13 PM
Me: wht game 3:52 PM

YIM Conversation 04/09/2014

xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 4:34:25 PM): heyyy

Text Messaging 04/09/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Call of duty 6:48 PM

YIM Conversation 04/09/2014

christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 6:48:24 PM): Hi
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:49:12 PM): whts up
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 6:50:20 PM): Umm
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:50:36 PM): ?
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 6:55:42 PM): Wyd
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:56:14 PM): jus got done makin dinner n now eatin it :)
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 6:56:45 PM): Wyd
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:57:31 PM): ijus told u lol
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 6:58:02 PM): Huh
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 6:58:09 PM): What u sent me
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:58:55 PM): i tried to copy/paste sayin i was makin dinner n it copied the smiley i put at the end
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 6:59:06 PM): jus got done makin dinner n now eatin it :) u??
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 7:08:08 PM): What u make
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:08:36 PM): buffalo ranch chicken pasta :)
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 7:09:09 PM): Oh
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:09:20 PM): it was yummy
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 7:14:50 PM): Gay bacon strips
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:15:41 PM): huhhhh?hahaha
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 7:15:52 PM): Lol
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:16:07 PM): wht u talkin bout!?tht was so random lmao
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:38:11 PM): ?
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 7:38:36 PM): Food unicorns
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:39:04 PM): uhmm...
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:39:18 PM): i guess ill ttyl then
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 7:43:58 PM): Y
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:44:14 PM): ur not talkin or makin sense!
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 7:56:01 PM): God
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:56:11 PM): ?
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 7:56:32 PM): What's up
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 7:56:41 PM): nothin
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 8:48:49 PM): Wyd
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 8:48:59 PM): nothin u
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 8:49:07 PM): Call of duty
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 8:49:13 PM): ohh
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 8:56:54 PM): Come over
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 8:57:42 PM): i cantttt
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 8:58:01 PM): plus i dont wuna watch u play call of duty lol
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 9:05:06 PM): I would play u
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 9:05:25 PM): ya right lol guys love call of duty
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 9:11:25 PM): So
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 9:11:34 PM): so
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 9:14:04 PM): DoDon't be hurt
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 9:14:16 PM): ?
xocait_lynnox (04/09/14 9:14:24 PM): ima get off here ill tty 2morrow byeee
christopher_brown1991 (04/09/14 9:21:09 PM): Ugh y

Text Messaging 04/09/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hi 9:23 PM
Me: heyy 9:26 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: I been drinking watermelon 9:27 PM
Me: oh? 9:31 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lol drunk in love 9:31 PM
Me: r u drunk??? 9:33 PM 04/10/2014

Chris: Hey stalkking my page huh
Me: im allowed :)
Chris: Nope

Text Messaging 04/10/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hi 3:31 PM
Me: hi 3:35 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Can u see me today 3:43 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Well 4:08 PM
Me: i cant tday moms off 4:13 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ugh this ain't working 4:14 PM
Me: it will eventually!!!y u wuna hang out so bad? :P 4:17 PM
Me: ? 4:24 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Umm because what's the point of talking if we ain't going to chill 4:27 PM
Me: we will i promise!wht r we guna actually do tho besides chill lol 4:29 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What do u want to do? 4:29 PM
Me: w/e u wuna do! 4:31 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: No tell me what u want to do 4:31 PM
Me: i jus told u lol 4:33 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ugh no what do u like to do 4:38 PM
Me: im down for anythingggg 4:40 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: No tell me 4:42 PM
Me: i jus did?im down to do w/e u wuna do 4:45 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ugh dont u have things u like 4:47 PM
Me: im not picky lol wht do u like to do 4:48 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ok what do u do for fun 4:49 PM
Me: shoppin..hang out w bball 4:52 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ok umm cool 4:54 PM
Me: ???? 4:56 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Wyf 4:56 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Wyd 4:56 PM
Me: bout to take a nap lol 4:59 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lazy 4:59 PM
Me: i was tired :P 6:37 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hey 6:39 PM
Me: hey lol 6:40 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Well 6:44 PM
Me: well wht? 6:46 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Idk I'm mad 6:48 PM
Me: y? 6:49 PM
Me: ? 7:46 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: My dumb roommate 7:48 PM
Me: whts he doin 7:51 PM

Text Messaging 04/11/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: She and being rude 8:27 AM 04/12/2014

Chris: Blah

YIM Conversation 04/12/2014

christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 10:49:58 AM): Hey

Text Messaging 04/12/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hey 10:51 AM

YIM Conversation 04/12/2014

xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 10:56:24 AM): heyyy
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 10:58:26 AM): I can see u today
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 10:58:35 AM): huh
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 10:59:13 AM): I can come get u
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 10:59:37 AM): im goin shoppin w my friend :(
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:00:53 AM): OK well so let me come see u or forget about me
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:01:58 AM): We need to chill
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:01:59 AM): maybe i can after shoppin w my friend...wht we guna do
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:02:25 AM): Watch a movie make our have sex
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:02:32 AM): Out
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:02:39 AM): :-bd
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:03:11 AM): wht could my excuse be to my mom?cus shes off 2day
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:03:57 AM): n i dont wuna get pregooo :(
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:03:57 AM): That it's a nice day out and u going to be out all day with friends

Text Messaging 04/12/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Cutie 11:06 AM

YIM Conversation 04/12/2014

xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:06:12 AM): r u guna wear a condom?i dont wuna get prego..i would seriously die
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:07:06 AM): Yeah I will
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:07:32 AM): kk well ill try n think of somethin!
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:08:17 AM): It shouldn't be hard
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:09:23 AM): ill try!i jus gotta think of somethin good
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:19:54 AM): Like why can't u just saying to chilling outside
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:20:29 AM): cus then shed call me n ask where i am
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:23:55 AM): if we cant this weekend when could we next?i think we should wait til she works 2 be safe...she works 2nd shift n i wouldnt have 2 woryr bout her callin me
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:26:17 AM): And U Can Say THE Mall OR THEORY Movies So She Can't Call U At THE movies
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:26:40 AM): naw I don't want to wait
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:27:39 AM): i dont wuna risk anything n get in trouble..if she works she for sure wont call me
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:30:42 AM): It shouldn't matter if u want to see me see me today if not bye
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:31:12 AM): wow seriously?
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:31:57 AM): Yup
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:33:10 AM): well i can tell tht u dont care if i get in trouble or bye then
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:37:51 AM): No I can tell u playing and I can get in trouble for talking to u but u don't care about that now do u
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:38:30 AM): how do i not care if im the 1 tryin 2 be careful
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:39:09 AM): Cuz I feel like u ain't serious u don't even want to meet and u want to be my girl friend
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:40:26 AM): ya i do wuna meet u..i jus wuna be careful
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:41:56 AM): Well ugh I don't like waiting
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:42:11 AM): What can she tell by calling u ? Not much
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:42:29 AM): If u can go with your friends than u can see me
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:42:58 AM): i dont either but we have 2..n i kno but anything can happen n i just rather have it so she wont call me 100% n i dont have 2 worry bout bein caught in a lie or anything
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:43:50 AM): Ugh nothing will happen trust mr
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:43:54 AM): Me
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:44:02 AM): Just meet me at the metra
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:45:17 AM): ya huh..shes always callin me when im at my friends n askin questions..if shes at work i dont have 2 worry bout answerin anything
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:49:20 AM): wht is ur schedule during the week
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:50:48 AM): She never at work she wasn't been at work since we started talking
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:55:37 AM): ya she has?
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:55:51 AM): whts ur schedule during the week
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:59:18 AM): Not second shift
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 11:59:29 AM): Y do u care
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 11:59:34 AM): :)
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 12:00:17 PM): cus ima see when mom works...unless u dont want me 2
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 12:01:59 PM): U keep saying u was going to check her schedule and u never did
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 12:02:36 PM): u didnt ask me again
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 12:03:17 PM): OK cut u was supposed to tell me
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 12:03:36 PM): But I don't have time for your games I'm done talking to u
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 12:04:34 PM): k well sry..i promise ill look at it she gets it monday if i dont tell u it then u can quit talkin 2 me
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 12:04:41 PM): wow w/e i wont look at it then bye
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 12:05:52 PM): Bye
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 12:11:34 PM): Your a, joke
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 12:15:14 PM): U mad?

Text Messaging 04/12/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: U mad? Well u shouldn't play games 12:15 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hello 12:32 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What's wrong 12:32 PM

YIM Conversation 04/12/2014

christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 12:51:34 PM): I'm sorry ok
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 12:57:56 PM): u said ima joke :(
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 12:58:27 PM): Because u don't do what a woman does u do what a child does
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 12:59:16 PM): im sry im 14 n need 2 be careful w me mom...its not my fault :(
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:00:09 PM): u think im playin games n im not
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:00:11 PM): It is your fault your the one who wanted to talk to me
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:00:28 PM): And u know I'm an adult so u need to step up
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:01:09 PM): i will im sry...the only thing is i wuna make sure my moms workin thts all i ask
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:01:37 PM): Wtf
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:02:24 PM): U Go To Your Friends ANd chill With them So What's the problem
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:02:37 PM): I know u hang out with boys
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:03:04 PM): ya n shes guna be callin me...if she calls me when im w u i dont wuna get caught in a lie
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:03:09 PM): no i dont
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:03:15 PM): at school thts bout it
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:03:36 PM): How would u get caught
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:03:43 PM): And you does she call u
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:04:54 PM): i dont wuna mess up my story when she calls and idk she jus does
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:05:42 PM): U don't got to mess it up just say your at the movies cause when u at my place we going to watch movies
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:05:49 PM): So that what she will hear
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:06:55 PM): i thought u said we doin other stuff 2
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:08:01 PM): Yeah but still even if we fuck the TV will be on and my roommate is going to be home until 9 so that's y I want to do this today
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:12:28 PM): i told u i dont wuna risk it 2day since my moms off
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:13:55 PM): Trust me u won't get in trouble I was once 14 too and did this before I know what to do
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:14:15 PM): I can be in your town in a hour
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:14:23 PM): ur mom probly didnt call u 24/7 like mine
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:14:41 PM): My dad did
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:15:38 PM): And I don't want to bring u over and have my roommate ask me y a little girl here
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:15:59 PM): so we can go somewhere else cant we
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:16:38 PM): No we cant
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:17:05 PM): whts ur roommate schedule during the week
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:18:42 PM): That not your business
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:18:59 PM): Look your too scared for me so find someone your age
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:19:26 PM): i told u we can during the week i promise
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:19:49 PM): im not scared...if i was scared i wouldnt be talkin 2 u
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:20:25 PM): No I'm Done waiting
xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:21:04 PM): k
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:21:14 PM): Your just too young
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:51:44 PM): Call me
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:51:53 PM): Your making me mad

Text Messaging 04/12/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Call me 1:53 PM
Me: y so u can yell at me more 1:54 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Cause u don't know what your doing 1:54 PM

YIM Conversation 04/12/2014

christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:54:14 PM): Hello
christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:54:22 PM): I know u there
christopher_brown1991 (04/13/14 1:47:25 PM): Hi

Text Messaging 04/12/2014

Me: k 1:55 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Call me 1:56 PM

Text messaging 04/13/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hey 1:44 PM

YIM Conversation 04/13/2014

christopher_brown1991 (04/13/14 1:47:25 PM): Hi

Text Messaging 04/13/2014

Me: hey 7:14 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What u doing 8:59 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What's Your name 8:59 PM
Me: on the comp..n its cait lol y u ask tht 9:07 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Idk 9:08 PM
Me: tell meee 9:09 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Blah 9:13 PM
Me: blah back :P 9:15 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: I'm bored 9:16 PM
Me: me tooo..ima probly go to bed in a lil bit 9:20 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Haha 9:23 PM
Me: wht!?!? 9:25 PM

Text Messaging 04/14/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: Good morning 8:30 AM
Me: good mornin 11:36 AM

Text Messaging 04/15/2014

christopher_brown1991 Phone: So when we chilling 5:58 PM
Me: sometime this week if u still wuna..lemme text u later tho im at my friends workin on a project 6:05 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ok 6:37 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Wyd 7:57 PM
Me: still workin on this project im stayin at her house tonight 8:34 PM
Me: u? 8:34 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: In bed 8:39 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: In bed 8:39 PM
Me: lol ur goin to bed earlier then me for once :P 8:40 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: No I'm not sleepy 8:40 PM

Text Messaging 04/16/2014

Me: heyyy 11:40 AM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hey what's up 12:14 PM
Me: sittin in class ..u? 12:16 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: At home are we chilling today 12:25 PM
Me: actually my mom works til 10 tonight n my gma is we jus nervous lol 12:31 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: OK well what time 12:32 PM
Me: after i get home from school would be best so i can be back by the time mom gets home..where we guna go? 12:35 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: My place 12:40 PM
Me: ok..i jus gotta be back at my house by like 9:30 12:41 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ok 12:43 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: We not having sex or Nothing just chilling 12:43 PM
Me: thought u wanted to?wht now u wuna be jus friends 12:46 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What do u want to di 12:56 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Do 12:56 PM
Me: idk..i jus thought u wanted to 12:58 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What do u want Cait tell me 1:03 PM
Me: well i thought we were guna do tht but u jus said u don't wuna...wht do u wuna do then 1:05 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Chill talk get to know each other in person 1:07 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: I mean your 14 u should give your virginity to someone your age who loves u 1:07 PM
Me: ooook if thts wht u wuna do!:P 1:08 PM
Me: ok i will then lol..i was jus curious wht its like 1:09 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: OK But Why Not Have Sex With Someone Your age 1:11 PM
Me: guys at my school r jerks n it would go around the whole school n ppl would probly call me a slut..if its someone nobodys knows then nobody would find out 1:13 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: OK But Y Not Someone Your Age Who Doesn't Go To Your school 1:15 PM
Me: idk any guys from diff schools besides my cousins lol 1:17 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Oh 1:18 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Well what about meet me? It seems like u went on there looking for a older guy instead of someone your age 1:18 PM
Me: no i didnt i jus got on there to talk to ppl..n then u messaged me n i thought u were cute..idc how old someone is as long as there not butt ugly or jerks lol 1:20 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: OK but still how do I know your serious or not and cops do care about age. They think a 14 year old can't think for herself and the older person is forcing her to do something she shouldn't want to do 1:23 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: And What Teenage Girl Doesn't Have A Camara Phone Thea Days Everyone Has An IPhone OR Some Smart phone 1:24 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: How do I know when I get highland park the cops won't be there waiting 1:24 PM
Me: i jus told u im serious!if u wuna do it then we can..but dont tell me no now n then make a move later lol i dont like surprises lol 1:25 PM
Me: wht u mean?u think i told the cops? 1:25 PM
Me: y r u askin me all these questions now?the day i actually say i can meet n now ur actin like u dont wuna..jus nvm then 1:26 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Because u can ruin my life 1:27 PM
Me: my mom dont trust me to have a smart phone n thts y i have my uncles old am i ruining ur life?! 1:29 PM
Me: if u dont wuna meet then fine..u cant get mad at me when i say i cant tho 1:29 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Because if u get me locked up I will go to jail have to register as a sex offender I can't live by kids or have jobs 1:31 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: My whole life will be ruined and for all I know u could be a cop pretending to be an underage girl 1:32 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Well? 1:38 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Who is ryan? 1:44 PM
Me: wht!?i promise i aint a cop..n wht do u mean who is ryan? 1:47 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Someone on your meet me that says your kisses are amazing 1:49 PM
Me: hahahaha wht!?!? 1:50 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: He 19 1:50 PM
Me: i never kissed anyone name ryan n i never met anyone in real life on my meetme 1:52 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Can u kiss? 1:52 PM
Me: my ex told me ima good kisser lol 1:53 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Tongue 1:53 PM
Me: well ya can u be a good kisser if its jus a peck 1:54 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Idk 1:56 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Call me 1:56 PM
Me: im at school 2:04 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Do u live by the metra 2:04 PM
Me: not to u kno where fink park is?i live right by there 2:09 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: No the only think I know is menchies and the metra 2:09 PM
Me: the ravinia metra aint to far from me 2:12 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: I thought it was Decoy Location? 2:14 PM
Me: its in Decoy Location 2:16 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Oh OK so go to ravina stop instead of Decoy Location? 2:17 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What time u out of school 2:20 PM
Me: ya either there or fink park..less ppl probly be at fink park n i get out at 2:40 2:22 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: I'dk where fink park is just meet me at ravina Metra . And do u have money? 2:23 PM
Me: ok..wht time should i be there?n i got like two dollars 2:24 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lol u got a high school ID so u can get a ticket 2:25 PM
Me: nooo..i got some change at home how much do i need 2:27 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Like 5 bucks 2:28 PM
Me: ohh i got tht..r u guna come back w me after i leave ur house 2:29 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: No 2:29 PM
Me: im scaredd to ride by myself 2:32 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lol jk I wouldn't want anything to happen to u 2:32 PM
Me: wht time should i be there?n what time should i leave 2:34 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: 3:20 2:36 PM
Me: okkk..n wht time does it come back to ravinia?i need to be home by like 9:30 2:38 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: 9:21 2:40 PM
Me: its not a long ride is it? 2:41 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: No I'm saying u will be back at ravina at 9:21 2:41 PM
Me: ohhhh ok good lol 2:43 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: OK I'm trusting u 2:44 PM
Me: wht u think ima not show up? 2:45 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: No . Cops 2:47 PM
Me: omg lol im not tellin anyonee! 2:49 PM
Me: do u got anything to eat lol im hungry n we dont have anything at home 2:54 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Yeah I do 2:58 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Are u shaved or hairy? 3:02 PM
Me: uhhh i shave haha my legs get all prickly if i dont shave em 3:07 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: I meant your pussy 3:07 PM
Me: ohhh lol..ya i shave gets all itchy to if i dont 3:11 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Lol so u only went as far as being fingered? 3:13 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: What are u wearing? 3:15 PM
Me: yaaa n gave a hj 3:15 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Do u like playing with a dick and did he cum? 3:15 PM
Me: american eagle hoodie n jeans 3:16 PM
Me: it wasnt bad n ya he did everytime i did it besides once cus his parents came home 3:17 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: How many times did u do it? And how come u didn't have sex and was it big? 3:21 PM
Me: i dont remember how many times lol..n we talked bout it but he cheated on me so we never did..n idk it wasnt huge but it wasnt tiny either 3:23 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Why didn't u put it in your mouth 3:23 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: I'm on my way 3:27 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Wyd? 3:32 PM
Me: he asked me to once but i didnt..i didnt really kno how to do it n i dont think he did either cus he didnt bring it up again 3:33 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: lol 3:33 PM
Me: getting ready to leave school 3:34 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: OK make sure u at ravina Metra by 3:20 3:38 PM
Me: i will!wht r u wearin n where should we meet 3:39 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: The platform and red shirt and jeans 3:40 PM
Me: ok ima be wearin my american eagle hoodie n jeans 3:43 PM
Me: is ur roommate at ur house? 3:46 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Nope 3:47 PM
Me: okkk r we still jus watchin movies n talkin?i dont like surprises lol 3:51 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hmm both 3:55 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: y u don't like them 3:55 PM
Me: both??both wht?n i jus got home ima leave in a min 3:56 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Sex and movies 3:57 PM
Me: okkk im on my way 4:03 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Ok 4:05 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Where are u 4:19 PM
Me: jus got here r u at the platform 4:20 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Almost 4:21 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Why can't u answer your phone 4:23 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: And ravina ? Or ravina park which one are u at 4:24 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: Hello 4:25 PM
christopher_brown1991 Phone: ? 4:25 PM
Me: i didnt get no call 4:25 PM
Me: ravinia 4:26 PM
Me: where u attt 4:31 PM

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