Anthony was using a fake picture and name, hoping to hook up with a kid at her house.
Bust by Boris @ 3/24/2016 1:47 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Anthony J. Temple, 30 Zachery
Location: Jasper, Indiana

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit layla, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Meetme Conversation:
Mar 30th, 2015 8:06 PM to Mar 31st, 2015 12:03 AM

Zachery: Hey
Layla: Hey. ur in jasper?
Zachery: Yes
Layla: kool wats u doin
Zachery: Nothing
Zachery: I'm just laying in bed
Layla: r u realy 25?
Zachery: Yes
Layla: im from jasper, im 14
Zachery: That sucks
Layla: jasperor being 14?
Layla: lol
Zachery: Being 14 you didn't haft to tell me

Layla: ok i didnt tell you, lol
Zachery: What you doing
Layla: tv. bored
Zachery: What's your number
Layla: I cant talk right now. mom took my phone again
Zachery: Why
Layla: she gets mad for no reason and takes my phone. shes at work now
Zachery: Thats not cool
Layla: it sucks but im used to it
Layla: at least i have my laptop:)
Zachery: What if she takes that
Layla: she dosnt take it because of my homework i think
Zachery: I was hoping to talk but you can't call me
Layla: :) u want to talk to me
Zachery: Yeah
Layla: kool id like that
Zachery: We can't though
Layla: mayb later?
Zachery: When later
Layla: idk she always gives it back she was in a bad mood
Zachery: You said she's at work what time does she get off
Layla: in the morning
Zachery: Then how you going to call later
Layla: like tomorow is that to long? lol
Zachery: Yes
Layla: :(
Layla: what do u do goin to college or something
Zachery: Yes.
Layla: what do u like 2 do
Zachery: Usually out door things
Layla: i like walking and running
Zachery: There has to be more
Layla: camping and stuff, outside stuff
Zachery: What you doing now
Layla: watching tv im behind on walking dead and people keep talking about it. lol
Zachery: Lol
Zachery: I used to watch that but then I stopped
Layla: when did u stop. this season has been so kool. i almost threw up[
Zachery: Last year I stopped
Zachery: Just never started watching it again
Layla: I just started watchin it last year. it is so awsome. i was missing out
Zachery: I like it I just never watch it
Layla: then WATCH IT LOL
Layla: sorry i hit caps. lol
Zachery: Lol it's ok
Layla: i was trying to plug in my cord, it was dying
Zachery: You need your phone
Layla: so we can text? or talk:)
Zachery: Both
Layla: kool :)
Layla: id like that
Zachery: Find a phone
Layla: im on YIM
Zachery: I want to talk to you
Layla: we r talking silly
Zachery: I want to hear your voice
Layla: u will if u can wait
Zachery: Steal a phone
Layla: hahaha. from where??
Zachery: Idk don't you have another one in your house
Layla: mom got rid of the old kind. mayb i should remind her we could have a 911 here!!!lol
Zachery: But I want to talk to you
Zachery: You there
Layla: yea moms friend came to check on me
Layla: she wants me to get in bed. im almost grown people r always bossin me around
Zachery: Who you live with by your self
Layla: mom. there divoriced and my little brother
Zachery: You don't have any phone
Layla: omg she is about to take me laptop. she is so bitchyy
Zachery: What why don't let her do that
Layla: she wants me to get in bed. she wont take it. she just likes to boss me around
Zachery: You need your phone
Layla: i know
Zachery: Are you in bed now
Layla: yea
Zachery: Are you going to fall asleep on me
Zachery: You there
Layla: a little sorry it was a long day
Zachery: Why sorry
Layla: just tired and Im fallin asleep
Zachery: I'll keep you awake
Layla: i have to go. yim [decoy's screen name]
Zachery: Ok goodnight

Meetme Conversation:
Mar 31st, 2015 7:47 PM

Zachery: Hey

Mar 31st, 2015 11:12 PM

Layla: Hey sorry mom wanted to go out for dinner

(Zachery went missing for a few days)

Meetme Conversation:
April 3rd, 2015 10:37 PM to April 4th, 2015 1:04 PM

Zachery: Hey beautiful
Zachery: You on
Zachery: Where are you
Zachery: I deleted my thing but I made another one (He deleted his profile. He does that a few times.)
Layla: why
Zachery: Idk I just did and I missed you
Layla: I thought u were somebody else. lol
Zachery: No what you up to
Layla: Nothin a friend invited me to a bond fire and i couldnt go
Zachery: Why....did you ever get your phone back
Layla: yea
Zachery: Can I text you now
Layla: i guess so
Zachery: Yes what is it
Layla: brb
Zachery: Ok
Zachery: I put my pic up I had on when I meet you
Zachery: You ok
Zachery: Your reading my messages but not writing back
Zachery: Ok what's your deal talk to me
Layla: the screen was up so it say it was read. I just got back.
Zachery: Oh I was like what the heck
Layla: I see it but it says were not friends its private.
Zachery: Oh I haven't added you on here
Layla: oh. was somebody bothering u
Zachery: No I just got rid of it but then I wanted to add it back to talk to you
Layla: :)
Zachery: What's your number so I can text you
Layla: 000-000-0000
Zachery: 000?
Layla: yeah
Zachery: What you doing right now
Layla: just sitting around watchn tv
Zachery: What you watching
Layla: dvr big bang
Zachery: Oh
Layla: what r u doin
Layla: u ok?
Zachery: Yeah I'm ok.just wish I was with you
Layla: :)
Zachery: I could cuddle with you
Layla: that sounds nice
Zachery: You could keep me warm
Layla: it would b warm
Layla: lol
Zachery: What you wearing
Layla: a tank top and shorts, i sleep in
Zachery: Idk if I would be good if I was with you
Layla: what do u mean
Layla: u r realy nice. some guys here are mean
Zachery: Yeah that'll never happen with me.just you in shorts in a tank top I might kiss you and make a move on you
Layla: that might b fun
Zachery: You laying in bed
Layla: sitting up
Layla: lol
Zachery: I take off your shorts and panties if you have any on and I'd get between your legs and lick my tongue all over your pussy and suck your pussy lips and finger you at the same time
Layla: omg i havent done that
Zachery: I would do that to you
Layla: Idk if I could do that
Zachery: I'll do it to you
Layla: u done that befor
Zachery: Yeah you should take off your shorts get in bed and call me
Layla: omg r u talking about phone sex

Zachery: Yeah you ever did it
Layla: I havent done that either. i really am 14. my old boyfriends mom wouldnt leave us alone we never did anything
Layla: she made us stay in the living room
Zachery: Ok your calling me

Layla: u still didnt text me
Zachery: I texted you

Google voice text

000-000-0000 Add - Jasper, IN
April 3rd, 2015 11:41 PM to April 4th, 2015 12:12 AM

000-000-0000: Hey it's zach 11:41 PM
Me: hey:) 11:43 PM
000-000-0000: You going to call me 11:44 PM
Me: i dont think i can do the phone sex thing. idk wat to say 11:45 PM
000-000-0000: Just call 11:45 PM
000-000-0000: Call and talk to me 11:47 PM
000-000-0000: Well just talk to each other 11:48 PM
Me: im sorry 11:48 PM
000-000-0000: Well just talk 11:49 PM
000-000-0000: We're not doing anything I'm just wanting to talk 11:51 PM
Me: what r u doin right now 11:51 PM
000-000-0000: Just laying in bed please call and talk to me 11:51 PM
000-000-0000: You there 11:53 PM
000-000-0000: Ok now your being shy about talking 11:54 PM
Me: id like to hear ur voice 11:56 PM
000-000-0000: Ok call me 11:56 PM
000-000-0000: You calling 11:59 PM
000-000-0000: I wanna hear your voice to 12:01 AM
000-000-0000: Your there 12:03 AM
Me: yeah 12:04 AM
000-000-0000: You going to call me 12:04 AM
000-000-0000: Ok your not answering now 12:06 AM
Me: Im sorry mom came in here 12:07 AM
000-000-0000: Is she gone 12:07 AM
Me: I didnt want her to see me texting. 12:09 AM
000-000-0000: Well I'm waiting for you to call me 12:09 AM
Me: I have to get in bed 12:10 AM
000-000-0000: Then you calling me 12:10 AM
Me: I want to. u r in Jasper 2? 12:12 AM
000-000-0000: Yes and I want you to to.why haven't you called yeat 12:12 AM

Meetme Conversation:
Apr 4th, 2015 12:13 AM - 1:04 AM

Zachery: u still here
Zachery: Yes why aren't you calling me :(
Layla: mom keeps coming in my room
Layla: she wants me to go to bed but she keep s talking to me.
Zachery: Well make sure she doesn't take your phone and see you saying idk if I can do the phone sex thing you'll be in trouble if she sees that
Layla: ill erase it when she leaves next. she thinks im working on a paper. lol
Zachery: She's still there
Layla: yeah talking about her job and some witch she works with. lol
Zachery: lol
Layla: we can talk tomorrow. when will u b online
Zachery: Idk but give her a huge and kiss and tell her you love her and she doesn't work for her she works for her and you
Layla: I'm going for a run in the morning. Then to my friends
Zachery: When will you be online?
Layla: yeah. I guess its hard to deal with people like that at work when u need a job
Zachery: I never let people bother me in what I do
Layla: maybe a few times during the day so i might sign in here then at night
Zachery: I still wanna hear your voice
Layla: I cant too. what do u sound like' (Meetme keeps blocking words because of bad punctuation)
Zachery: Idk lol I was hoping to get you to be a bad girl to which I'm wandering are you wearing anything under your shorts
Layla: I guess I am a good girl but I could b bad:)
Layla: panties
Zachery: I think if your phone gets taken I might not hear from you for awhile because you'll be in trouble your mom won't let you have you phone and computer back

Zachery: If you go to bed goodnight
Layla: My laptop is running slow because of all the ads i guess
Zachery: Ads?you sure it's not sick
Layla: As soon as she leaves ill clear my phone. I dont want to lose it or get in trouble
Zachery: I tryed updating a gps on my labtop and I haven't used it since sept last year it has all kinds of pop ups then it freezes
Layla: she is in a good mood mostly right now. so i think im good :)
Zachery: I hope so I'll never hear from you again
Layla: im glad u didnt leave and stay gone
Zachery: Really
Layla: I was going to put a pic of my cat here or is that dumb
Zachery: No it's not can do whatever you want.but there are a few other people on here that have cats
Layla: I just dont want to look like a baby
Layla: lol
Zachery: Put a big mean looking dog showing his teeth and drool coming out his mouth
Layla: lol
Zachery: Lol why you worried about looking like a baby
Layla: idk. im almost grown. but people act like im a kid all the time. tell me to go back to facebook and stuff.
Zachery: You want to know something
Layla: idk i hope its good
Zachery: I like meeting people on here.but when it comes to dating someone.ive given up on meeting people on here.i just think it's better to actually meet someone in real a fairy tale or get the actually seeing someone plus talking to them
Zachery: I'm glad I meet you I think your nice
Layla: well im new here and havent really dated much. i guess meeting someone here would b a little scary. u dont know what will happen
Layla: ty
Layla: glad i met u too
Zachery: Meeting someone on here is very scary even with me.your kinda special.your a girl and you never done I'm a boy and yes I've done stuff.but you have the choice to do it now or wait till you get marriade
Zachery: Idk why it did that text thing on my message
Layla: Im glad that u r nice and understand why im a little shy
Zachery: You should never be shy.
Layla: Well Im not going to do everything the guys in here have wanted to do. not with all of them.
Layla: lol
Layla: u r the only person i gave my number to
Zachery: Your mom still talking to you
Layla: ya she just came back. I should go befor she gets worked up
Zachery: Yeah don't get in trouble and delete the textes goodnight
Layla: sweet dreams. I cant wait
Zachery: Sweet dreams to you to beautiful nite

Meetme Conversation:
April 4, 2015, 10:41 pm - 11:57 pm

Layla: I erased the texts
Zachery: Hey your on
Layla: hey
Zachery: Missed you
Layla: missed u too
Zachery: Did you have a good day
Layla: yeah it was a long day. I got home a fell asleep. lol
Layla: I was up late
Layla: How was ur day?
Zachery: It was a good was nice today I was outside most the day and I keeped
watching my phone just incase you got on.
Layla: u r so sweet. i missed u
Layla: what did u have for dinner
Zachery: I had Easter with my family today.i had ham and candy and all kinds of stuff.and your sweet to
Layla: ty. Were doing that tomorrow. We had McDs. Chicken sandwich.
Layla: Did you have a good time
Zachery: Yes it was nice.i just missed you
Layla: do u have ur own place
Zachery: No I have a roomate
Layla: thats kool
Layla: not a girl?
Zachery: No not a girl.
Layla: :)
Layla: what kind of music do u like
Zachery: What you doing now
Layla: talking to u
Zachery: Are we going to talk on the phone tonight
Layla: I want to but i cant. I told u i have an old phone. she needs to put minutes on
it. I was on the phone today any ran out.
Zachery: Dang yeah I forgot you told me that
Layla: prepaid phone so she can watch what i do, kinda
Layla: she works nights. I could get in all kinds of trouble
Zachery: Yeah
Zachery: Yeah I'll get you to be bad
Layla: how u going to do that
Zachery: I'll make you
Layla: tell me more
Zachery: Tell you more?
Layla: idk i was just thinking about u
Zachery: In what way
Layla: do u have more pics on ur profile i saw the other one when u changed it
Zachery: Just the two.if I was with you what would we do
Layla: what would u do
Layla: nevermind
Layla: do u get along ok with ur family
Zachery: Yes
Layla: good. my mom and dad r divorced, i have a little brother
Layla: I have to watch him sometimes but he isnt too bad
Zachery: Do you get along with everyone still
Layla: I dont like moms bf and I hate dads gf. She hates me to. lol
Layla: so everybody smiles and tries to act like everything is ok
Layla: u dont have any drama in ur family
Zachery: Yeah that's never sorry you haft to go through that
Layla: ty
Layla: u have a brother or sister?
Zachery: I have a brother and sorry I had to do something
Zachery: That's typical how it is with stuff and parents gf or know it's not
your fault or anything
Zachery: older or younger
Zachery: Older
Layla: kool
Layla: I should get to sleep. my eyes want to close. hahaha
Zachery: Lol ok sweet dreams
Layla: I hope we can talk tomorrow
Zachery: Yeah we can talk tomorrow.
Layla: I'll find a way
Zachery: Oh you mean on the phone talk sorry
Layla: both
Zachery: Yes both
Layla: sweet dreams.
Zachery(Apr 4, 2015, 11:57 pm): Goodnight

Google Voice Text:
April 07, 2015

Me: I'm sorry. I got sick Sunday night. I got the flu. I slept 19 hours yesterday. 6:35 PM
000-000-0000: You blocked me on meet me 6:38 PM
Me: no u blocked me 6:39 PM
Me: I havent been online 6:40 PM
000-000-0000: You changed your thing to on the age 6:40 PM
Me: what thing. I haven't been online 6:43 PM
000-000-0000: Well someone has access to your meet me 6:44 PM
Me: someone must have reported me and the site changed my age. 6:44 PM
Me: I might not be able to talk to older people there 6:45 PM
000-000-0000: Maybe not idk how long are your mins going to last 6:46 PM
Me: yeah. I just tried to send other people messages and they were blocked. 6:48 PM
000-000-0000: Well stop being so young 6:48 PM
Me: lol I guess I have to talk to 12 year olds. 6:50 PM
000-000-0000: That sucks 6:51 PM
000-000-0000: I haft to charge my phone it's dieing 6:52 PM
Me: I was going to call u but maybe later 6:54 PM
000-000-0000: I'll wait for you 6:54 PM
000-000-0000: Hey I keep missing your calls because my phone is charging 7:22 PM
000-000-0000: Give it till 8 or so and I can talk I was on 2 % 7:25 PM
000-000-0000: You there 7:32 PM
Me: yeah. I missed u 7:37 PM
000-000-0000: I missed you to.can you call sometime after 8?right now I'm with my parents 7:38 PM
Me: ok 7:51 PM
000-000-0000: I missed you to alot 7:52 PM
Me: Are you still with your parents? 7:55 PM
Me: do u want me to call u? 8:02 PM
000-000-0000: Yes I haft to go to the store 8:03 PM
Me: u want me to call u now or later? 8:04 PM
000-000-0000: It's 805 can you call at 830 8:06 PM
000-000-0000: Have you seen that commercial I'm going to be late because this shady drifter wants to borrow my car.theres this guy standing in front of the store just talking to him self so I got out my knife just incase 8:09 PM
Me: I dont feel good. im going to lay down 8:10 PM
000-000-0000: Aww why don't you feel good 8:10 PM
Me: yeah i saw that. b careful 8:10 PM
Me: I have a fever im still sick 8:11 PM
000-000-0000: I'm at a diff store now 8:13 PM
000-000-0000: Ok you can call if you want to 8:26 PM
000-000-0000: You fall asleep 8:54 PM
000-000-0000: Wake up 9:13 PM

000-000-0000 Add - Jasper, IN
4/8/15 7:34 PM

000-000-0000: You feeling any better 7:34 PM

000-000-0000 Add - Jasper, IN
4/9/15 10:20 PM

000-000-0000: Hey 10:20 PM

000-000-0000 Add - Jasper, IN
4/10/15 9:44 PM

000-000-0000: You talk then you don't talk 9:44 PM

000-000-0000 Add - Jasper, IN
4/12/15 12:47 AM

000-000-0000: Hey 12:47 AM

000-000-0000 Add - Jasper, IN

Me: hey zack. I was thinking about u 10:34 AM
000-000-0000: You disappeared who is this again 5:52 PM
Me: Layla 8:03 PM

000-000-0000 Add - Jasper, IN

000-000-0000: I was thinking you I just wasn't forsure 8:14 PM

000-000-0000: You awake 1:35 AM

000-000-0000 Add - Jasper, IN

000-000-0000: Hey 4:21 PM
Me: Hey 8:24 PM

000-000-0000: Hey what are you up to 8:26 PM
000-000-0000: You there 8:55 PM

Meetme Conversation:
June 29th, 2015 6:42 PM

Zach: Really where you been at

Meetme Conversation:
June 30th, 2015 8:07 PM to 10:53 PM

layla: Just not here much. What r u up to?
Zach: Missing you
layla: u really missed me?
Zach: Yes I try to call your number but you never answer
layla: I guess I missed it
Zach: You still have the same number

layla: yeah
Zach: What you doing now
layla: watching tv. hat r u doing?
Zach: Good and I still like you
layla: I still like u :)
Zach: I still want you to
layla: u want me?
Zach: Yes
Zach: You have mins on your phone
layla: yeah
Zach: You in your room
Zach: Babe
layla: I'm in the living room with my mom
Zach: Why can't you be in your room
layla: lol
Zach: Are you in jasper
layla: yeah
Zach: Where you live
layla: where do u live?
Zach: I live by Walmart but what's your address
Zach: I wanna know I don't want to lose you again
layla: I'll try to be here more :)
Zach: If I know your exact address I can just come over I really don't want to stop talking again
layla: I'm not sure about giving out my address. we havent even talked yet lol
Zach: What you mean?we talked to each other like 2 months ago.
layla: like on the phone
Zach: So I don't get your address because you won't answer when I call or you would call me
Zach: You can call me now but your all like I'm with my mom.last time you told me she works nights
Zach: Yoy could of kept calling me to.why didn't you?
layla: do u want me to?
Zach: Yes
layla: ok I'll go in my room
layla: 0 0 0 0 ?
Zach: Yes
layla: ok
Zach: You remember all my number right
Zach: You hung up on me ( Because he was trying to have phone sex)
Zach: I'd be coming over if I knew where you lived
Zach: And I'm more then an expert

Zach: View this Photo in the MeetMe App!
Zach: View this Photo in the MeetMe App!
Zach: Every message you read
layla: I think ur cool
Zach: Yeah
layla: sorry I had to go
Zach: You in your room again
layla: No. mom wanted me to watch the show so she was waiting for me
Zach: View this Photo in the MeetMe App!
layla: I cant see the pics because I dont have a smart phone
Zach: your with your mom again
layla: yeah
layla: u would be cool to hang out with :)
Zach: But I want to talk
Zach: I'll meet you now
layla: I cant right now
Zach: Is there places close to your house we can meet
layla: we could meet at a park or something
Zach: What park
layla: I'm near [meet location] and the pool
Zach: How near
layla: my mom goes to her boyfriends place after work
Zach: When she get off
Zach: When does your mom get off and just tell me your address
layla: [decoy's email address]
Zach: Home address
Zach: I want your home address

layla: I think we should meet first
Zach: Where
layla: u can send me pics so I can see them on my gmail. I cant see anything u send
Zach: I been wanting all I know is Layla what's your real name mine is Zachary Williams
layla: Layla [decoy's last name]
Zach: Where we meeting at
layla: r u sure its ok that I'm younger than u
layla: I'm just worried u might change ur mind
Zach: It's fine
Zach: No I wont
layla: my friend is spending the night with me. I can see u soon
layla: is that ok?
Zach: Your friend is with you now
layla: yeah
Zach: That's why you won't do anything
layla: What do u mean
Zach: I want you to finger your self
layla: hehe I cant do that right now
Zach: Have you did it before
layla: I tried to but it wasnt really much fun
layla: idk
Zach: You didn't do it right
layla: i guess i didnt
Zach: How did you do it
layla: omg idk how should u do it
Zach: Tell me how you did it
layla: I rubbed it idk. I dont really talk about that stuff
Zach: You are to me
layla: lol. i guess i am
Zach: Good girl
layla: I'm glad that I met u
Zach: You are
layla: I like u
Zach: You just like me
layla: I like u alot
Zach: Are you going to be my girl
layla: I want to be
layla: is that what u want
layla: u sound really hot
Zach: Yes I want you to be
layla: I have to get ready for bed
layla: I'll be here tomorrow
Zach: I want you now though
layla: I wish i could see u now to
Zach: Your going to just let me have you aren't you
layla: idk
layla: u dont think i should meet u?
Zach: We are going to meet.but when we meet and I'm like get on your knees and I pull my dick out and say open your mouth and suck on it you'll do it right
layla: if ur my bf I guess I could try to do what u want. idk. I need to met u first
Zach: Go out with me then
layla: ok
layla: I got to go
Zach: Say your my gf
layla: ur my boyfriend :)
Zach: I love you
layla: I love u to
Zach: Goodnight baby
layla: good night baby
Zach: I love you
layla: :) ur so sweet
Zach: Baby
layla: night
Zach: You should call anyways with your friend ( I don't know where he was going with that but I didn't have time to find out.)
Zach: Babe

Meetme Conversation:
July 2nd, 2015 8:03 pm to 10:11 pm

layla: Hey baby
Zach: Hey where you been at
layla: My mom keeps making me baby sit for her friends. sucks a little
layla: I missed u
Zach: I missed you to
Zach: What you doing now
layla: nothing
Zach: Are you with your friend
layla: No
layla: what r u doin this weekend
Zach: Nothing so far
Zach: What you going to do
layla: I have to go to my dads this weekend :(
Zach: Ou have mins on your phone
layla: im almost out. Mom said i have to by my own min
layla: I dont think its right to make me work on summer break.
Zach: Can you call me
layla: I want to see u :)
Zach: Right now
layla: i wish i could
layla: maybe after i go to dads
Zach: I hope
Zach: Call me
layla: next week i get some money for babysitting so i can get lots of time on my phone
Zach: But I want to hear your voice
layla: i love ur voice
Zach: Call me
layla: u arnt seeing anybody right now?
Zach: Yes your my gf

layla: :)
Zach: Why aren't you calling me
layla: I have like 6 mins left and mom wont get any more
Zach: I can't wait to kiss you
layla: i keep thinking about it to
Zach: Really
layla: I want to see u
layla: Ive been thinking about u alot
Zach: Really
layla: yeah
Zach: You haven't talked to me for awhile
layla: I was busy at school. I start high school next year and they make us take alot of tests and stuff
layla: and meetme pissed me off a little when it changed my age
Zach: Oh yeah
layla: did u really miss me
Zach: Yes and you just disappeared
layla: I wont do that again baby
layla: if i have enouf money i might get a second phone that mom wont know about
Zach: Really
layla: u think thats a bad idea?
layla: brb
Jul 2, 2015, 9:39 pm
Zach: NO
layla: no what?
Zach: No it's not stupid to get a phone no one knows about
Zach: But just to let you know.if she goes through your stuff she'll prob find it.youll get to comfortable and forget about it and she'll see it
layla: I was thinking about places to hide it
Zach: I been thinking if you'll be able to handle me
layla: what do u mean? r u like wild or something lol
Zach: Yes ruff and wild

layla: oh sounds like fun lol
Zach: Yes
Zach: You need mins
layla: i know
Zach: I miss your voice
layla: it was so awesome to hear u
Zach: It was awesome to hear you to
layla: Do u think i could see u after the weekend
layla: I want to know more about how wild u r ;)
Zach: Only if you had mins because I want to hear you
layla: omg ur gonna make me crazy. lol
Zach: Yup my tongue is pierced to
layla: OMG really
Zach: Yes
layla: did that hurt?
Zach: No
layla: u like it?
layla: I have to go. I'll be back tomorow
July 2nd, 2015 10:13 pm
Zach: Ok

Meetme Conversation:
July 6th, 2015, 9:39 am to 7:42 pm

layla: I'm back home
layla: I missed u
Jul 6, 2015, 11:52 am
Zach: Missed you to
layla: did u have fun this weekend?
Jul 6, 2015, 6:25 pm
layla: I wanted to see u :)
Zach: I been working all day and I'm off but I'm still running around
layla: tomorrow my brother will be at his friends
layla: if u want to
Zach: You'll have to give me your address
layla: I wanted to meet u at the park first
Zach: Ok
layla: when can u go
Zach: Are you wanting to meet tonight
layla: My mom is off tonight :(
Zach: You have phone mins
layla: I should get them tomorrow
Zach: Dang I wanted to actually hear your voice
layla: and we can talk everynight
Zach: Huh
layla: when I get my phone
Zach: I want to see you every night
layla: that would be better :)
Zach: I'm wandering what do you have on tell me everything you have on
layla: a t shirt and jeans
Zach: Panties bra everything
layla: yeah pink
Zach: Who does your pussy belong to
layla: u baby
Zach: You sure

layla: ur the only one. I don't talk to anybody but u
Zach: You need mins
layla: yeah I think mom likes it that I cant talk to people
Zach: I need my dick sucked
layla: Shes never here
Zach: Who isn't
layla: mom
Zach: So you never have a phone
layla: she gets me like 30 mins every month
Zach: Is she home now
layla: wth I have to talk to people online
layla: yeah shes home
Zach: You have a digital camera
layla: no. I had one it got messed up
Zach: Damn
layla: do u like to take pics
Zach: I want naked pics of you
layla: if u promise u wont show them
Zach: I promise

layla: we can get pizza or something
Zach: Yeah
Zach: I want pics
Zach: Of you naked
layla: i didnt take any before
Zach: You'll haft to take all your clothes off and take some.i wanna see your pussy

layla: I cant wait. I keep thinking about seeing u
layla: Baby are you going to take some
Layla: with ur phone?
Zach: I want some now
layla: I cant right now
layla: I would see u tonight if i could
layla: u know i havent done that stuff before. so Im not sure what u want me to do
layla: I'll be back after dinner
Jul 6, 2015, 7:42 pm
layla: when r u done at work?
Jul 6, 2015, 8:43 pm
Zach: I feel asleep

Meetme Conversation:
Jul 7, 2015, 8:19 pm

layla: what r u doing?
layla: it was really bad out today
Jul 7, 2015, 8:43 pm
layla: really like ur too busy to talk to me now
Jul 7, 2015, 9:03 pm
Zach: I'm always logged on.i just been charging my phone
layla: ok
Zach: What you doing
layla: watching tv
Zach: I want to see you and talk to you so bad
layla: u want to see me tomorrow?
Zach: I'll be with my dad tomorrow all day helping him work on our cabin
layla: I wanted to see u today but u werent here
Zach: Where were you
Zach: I want to see you every day but it's really hard
Jul 7, 2015, 9:45 pm
layla: ur still not here
Zach: What you mean I been waiting for you to write back
Zach: Babe
Zach: Why aren't you talking to me
layla: im here
Zach: What do you mean by I wasn't there
layla: I didnt see u
Zach: Where
layla: on here
Zach: I want to see you really bad
layla: I want to see u
layla: so ur busy tomorrow
Zach: Till Friday.i want your address for I can come idk if I should I want it
layla: ur gone all week?
Zach: Babe what's your address
layla: u act like u want to see me but then u cant. idk why. u wanted to come over every night
Zach: If I knew your address I'd come over now
layla: I need to meet u first. we talked on the phone and here. but I need to see you so I know ur real
Zach: Oh
layla: i just really wanted to see u
layla: ok

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