Donald wants to send her home with bite marks all over
Bust by Retired Contributor @ 5/13/2016 2:40 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Donald Leroy Buzzard III, 26 and text messaging: DB
Location: Vincennes, Indiana

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit Decoy, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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DB: Thanks for the add and how r u doing?
Decoy:Good U how old r u and where r u frm?
DB:Im good thanks! Lets say Im way older but I am on here just to talk and Vincennes IN
Decoy:Cool on her to talk and meet some new people too.
DB:Ah thats cool hope we can stay talking :)
Decoy: Yeah sure :)
DB: great so whats up?
Decoy:not much just doing some boring school stuff U?
DB: Just playing Xbox (: and talking to u
Decoy: U play Xbox a lot what do u play?
DB: mostly killer zombie games lol how about U
Decoy: I like Zombies but dont play Xbox
DB: Aww that sucks :( I would say lets play then (:
Decoy:Boo I stink at Xbox anyway
DB: Aw I bet not I stink depending on what game
Decoy: what is your best and worst game
DB:Left for Dead I love! And I a prolly worse at halo type games
Decoy:Oh Lol
Decoy: whats up with the name Buzz boy?
DB: haha buzzard is my last name
Decoy: oh lol
DB: do you have anything else to talk on besides this I gotta get off her and get ready for work :(
Decoy: U can text me if u want *edited*
have fun at work lol
DB:ha ha I will (: and nah it sucks :(
Decoy: :)

DB Phone: Hey (: its donnie aka buzzboy(: 10:15 PM
Me: Lol hi 10:15 PM
Me: That was fast 10:16 PM
DB Phone: Haha (: im just quick (: 10:16 PM
Me: Yes u r 10:17 PM
DB Phone: Haha (: so what you doing? 10:19 PM
Me: Layin in bed falling asleep lol 10:37 PM
DB Phone: Aww want me to let you go 10:37 PM
Me: U at work 10:39 PM
DB Phone: Not yet 10:42 PM
Me: So u never said how old u are 10:43 PM
DB Phone: Haha 26 10:43 PM
Me: Ok lol 10:44 PM
DB Phone: Lol hope that's ok 10:45 PM
Me: I don't mind at all do u care I'm 14 10:46 PM
DB Phone: I dont mind hun 10:53 PM
Me: Sweet:) what time does work start 10:54 PM
DB Phone: 2 hours ago lol 1:01 AM

DB Phone: Morning (: 7:02 AM
Me: Hey it's early lol 7:42 AM
DB Phone: Haha it sure is (: I just got off work 45 min ago haha 7:46 AM
Me: Crazy r u tired? 7:47 AM
DB Phone: Yes kinda lol but im getting ready to shower, that'll wake me up alittle lol 7:48 AM
Me: Will u go to sleep after that 7:48 AM
DB Phone: Well after I get to talk to you for alittle (: 7:49 AM
Me: :) what do u do at work all nite 7:50 AM
DB Phone: Clean refrigerater shelves all night haha! Easy easy :p 7:50 AM
Me: Sounds kinda boring lol 7:51 AM
DB Phone: Haha it is hun 7:51 AM
Me: Well atleast it gets u $ 7:52 AM
DB Phone: Very true(: 7:52 AM
DB Phone: So how did you sleep? 7:52 AM
Me: Good wish I could go back to sleep 7:53 AM
DB Phone: Aww school? 7:53 AM
Me: Yeah but I homeschool so it's a little better 7:54 AM
DB Phone: Aw how come you homeschool? You not get along with some people? 7:54 AM
Me: No I do lol I study dance all the time like almost every day and a lot of weekends I go diff places and travel so it's just easier this way so I don't have to miss school for stuff 7:56 AM
DB Phone: Ahh well thats pretty cool 7:56 AM
Me: Yeah that's why I get on Meetme to find new friends since I don't meet them in school ya know 7:58 AM
DB Phone: Yeah I dont blame ya hun (: well on the bright side you found me (: joking lol 7:59 AM
Me: Yep and u seem really cool 7:59 AM
DB Phone: Well thanks and you do as well 7:59 AM
Me: Thnx:) 8:04 AM
Me: Gotta start some school stuff lol but u can catch me later if u r up:) 8:04 AM
DB Phone: Well of course I will (: dont have to much fun 8:05 AM
Me: Oh I won't hahha 8:14 AM
DB Phone: Haha well imma get in the shower now, talk to you when I get out (: 8:15 AM
DB Phone: Hey (: 12:47 PM
Me: Hey what's up 12:48 PM
DB Phone: Been watching Netflix, im not bothering you am I? 12:49 PM
Me: Nope but just about to start some dumb online class lol can I text in a little bit? 12:51 PM
DB Phone: Ok sounds good if im still awake haha :p if not ill text ya when I get up 12:54 PM
Me: Hey 4:16 PM
DB Phone: Hi you 4:28 PM
Me: U awake 4:29 PM
DB Phone: Barely haha I still haven't been to bed ): 4:30 PM
Me: Do u work later 4:31 PM
DB Phone: Nope im off tonight 4:32 PM
Me: Cool 4:33 PM
DB Phone: Haha yeah 10:56 PM
Me: What lol 10:57 PM
DB Phone: How are you? 10:58 PM
Me: Just layin in bed lol u just wake up 10:58 PM
DB Phone: Yes lol 11:05 PM
Me: So will u be up all nite 11:05 PM
Me: R u a vampire 11:05 PM
DB Phone: Probably and yes I am lol, imma suck your blood lmao 11:08 PM
Me: Yikes lol 11:16 PM
DB Phone: Haha ill come find you (: 11:16 PM
Me: I need my blood lol 11:17 PM
DB Phone: Haha but I need it if im a vampire 11:17 PM
Me: But then won't I then be one too 11:19 PM
DB Phone: Yes (: you'll be my vampire 11:21 PM
Me: Then I will need blood too and I don't like biting people lol 11:23 PM
DB Phone: Haha bite me then even tho im already one lol 11:23 PM
Me: Lol maybe that would be better haha 11:24 PM
DB Phone: Haha why is that 11:25 PM
Me: So nobody else has to become one:) 11:26 PM
DB Phone: Haha true! then I can have you all to myself(: 11:28 PM
Me: What does that mean lol 11:28 PM
DB Phone: Haha means your mine (: 11:29 PM
Me: So do u collect girls:) 11:30 PM
DB Phone: Nope just you (: 11:30 PM
Me: Sure :) 11:30 PM
DB Phone: Haha what :p 11:31 PM
Me: So what will u do all night? 11:31 PM
DB Phone: Talk to you I hope (: 11:32 PM
Me: Your a smooth one hahaha 11:32 PM
Me: Maybe for a lil I have to be up super early 11:33 PM
DB Phone: Aww ill take alittle 11:35 PM
Me: Okay:) 11:36 PM
DB Phone: Yes (: can I have a hug? (: 11:37 PM
Me: Sure here it is 11:37 PM
DB Phone: Haha thanks darling (: 11:41 PM
Me: No prob:) 11:41 PM
DB Phone: You might be stuck tho lol 11:43 PM
Me: Huh lol 11:45 PM
Me: U gonna bite me 11:46 PM
DB Phone: Lol might keep hugging you then sneak a bite in 11:49 PM
Me: Really? Haha u do that often? 11:49 PM
DB Phone: Just to you lol 11:50 PM
Me: Well I am pretty sweet 11:50 PM
DB Phone: Ohh are you now hun 11:53 PM
Me: Sure 11:53 PM
DB Phone: I've noticed that your sweet 11:54 PM
Me: Oh thanks 11:54 PM
DB Phone: Anytime 11:54 PM
Me: U seem nice 11:55 PM
DB Phone: Thanks I try 11:55 PM
Me: :) 11:55 PM
DB Phone: ((: 11:56 PM
Me: Haha 11:56 PM
DB Phone: Mwahaa 11:58 PM
Me: U r way toooo awake lol 11:59 PM
DB Phone: Lol thanks to you :P 12:00 AM
Me: Y me 12:00 AM
DB Phone: Haha your fun to talk with (: 12:01 AM
Me: That makes me smile in the dark 12:01 AM
DB Phone: Aw why in the dark 12:02 AM
Me: I am layin in bed lol 12:03 AM
DB Phone: Ahh lol that makes sense then :p 12:04 AM
Me: Yeah it does haha 12:05 AM
DB Phone: But bet your smile looks way better not in the dark (: 12:05 AM
Me: Yeah sure cause u can see it then 12:06 AM
Me: You are way fun but I need some sleep lol 12:06 AM
DB Phone: Aww rest well hun (: 12:07 AM
Me: Thanks for makin me :) 12:07 AM
DB Phone: Anything for you (: 12:09 AM
Me: Nite 12:09 AM
DB Phone: Goodnight 12:10 AM

DB Phone: Morning sunshine (: 9:34 AM
Me: Hey what's up 1:32 PM
DB Phone: Oh just got home from walking my sisters dog 1:36 PM
Me: Did u stay up all night lol 1:38 PM
DB Phone: Till like 3:30 1:42 PM
Me: Lol u were hyper 1:43 PM
DB Phone: Lol was not :p 1:46 PM
Me: U r right u were a vampire 1:57 PM
DB Phone: Haha see told ya I was lol, only thing I was missing was biting your neck lol 2:18 PM
Me: Yep haha 2:34 PM
DB Phone: Haha I was sad lol 2:37 PM
Me: U were? 2:42 PM
DB Phone: Yes cuz I couldn't bite you 2:44 PM
Me: Haha until crazy 2:45 PM
DB Phone: Haha im not crazy hun 2:51 PM
Me: U sure u aren't just a little :) 2:52 PM
DB Phone: Well about biting you yes haha (: 2:52 PM
Me: See it is true 2:53 PM
DB Phone: Thanks to you lol you made me this way lol 2:54 PM
Me: I have a feeling this is not new lol 2:56 PM
DB Phone: Your the only one that made me crazy lol 2:57 PM
Me: Sure...... Blame me 2:59 PM
DB Phone: Haha sorry (: 3:00 PM
Me: So what do u do when u aren't biting girls? 3:01 PM
DB Phone: You mean girl as in you :P 3:01 PM
Me: Ok well then yes 3:02 PM
DB Phone: Like what you mean when im not biting girls 3:04 PM
Me: What do u do for fun 3:08 PM
DB Phone: Sports and talking to you (: 3:15 PM
Me: Lol and what type of sports 3:15 PM
DB Phone: Basketball and football 3:16 PM
Me: Cool 3:26 PM
DB Phone: Come play me 1on1 in basketball 3:31 PM
Me: Right haha I am awful at bb 3:32 PM
DB Phone: Ill go easy on you 3:33 PM
Me: Hahaha I already know u bite 3:35 PM
DB Phone: Lol well true 3:37 PM
Me: Yep 3:37 PM
DB Phone: What else you think imma do to you lol 3:37 PM
Me: Idk lol should I be worried eek 3:38 PM
DB Phone: Idk should you lol :p 3:38 PM
Me: U tell me lol 3:39 PM
DB Phone: You shouldn't be as worried lol 3:42 PM
Me: I don't know haha 3:43 PM
DB Phone: I promise 3:43 PM
Me: U r joking 3:45 PM
DB Phone: No im not lol 3:47 PM
Me: U really want me to come play basketball ?? 3:49 PM
DB Phone: Yes 3:49 PM
Me: Hahaha I am sure my mom would say yes 3:51 PM
DB Phone: About coming to play? 3:53 PM
Me: Yes ! 3:53 PM
DB Phone: Well shit my brother just texted me and needs my help with stuff, we should definitely play soon tho (: 3:57 PM
Me: Haha ok 3:58 PM
DB Phone: Sound ok to you? 3:58 PM
Me: My mom would kill me if I asked her if I could play bb with u lol 3:59 PM
DB Phone: Aw why 3:59 PM
Me: Does what? 3:59 PM
Me: Hmmm take a guess 4:01 PM
Me: U r like a MAN And u bite hahahaha 4:01 PM
DB Phone: True lol but I dont bite hard (: 4:01 PM
Me: Hmmm ok 4:02 PM
Me: I haven't been bit by anyone before 4:02 PM
DB Phone: Ohh I won't bite hard lol 4:04 PM
Me: Ok I am sure it will be fine then lol 4:05 PM
DB Phone: You sure? Lol 4:06 PM
Me: Idk hahah 4:06 PM
DB Phone: Haha I promise I won't 4:07 PM
Me: Kk:) 4:07 PM
DB Phone: Yeah (: you just gonna let me bite you lol or gonna make me work for it? Lol 4:10 PM
Me: Work how what? 4:13 PM
DB Phone: You just gonna let me bite your neck or gonna make me work for it lol 4:15 PM
Me: What kind of work would u do lol 4:16 PM
DB Phone: Lol idk :p 4:18 PM
Me: Not sure I believe u 4:19 PM
Me: Hehe 4:21 PM
DB Phone: Haha you should tho 4:22 PM
Me: I will think about it 4:23 PM
DB Phone: Aww lol ok 4:25 PM
Me: Besides how would I get out to see you really 4:26 PM
DB Phone: Dont you have a park or something or I could pick you up somewhere 4:30 PM
Me: Maybe I would have to really plan bcause my mom would lock me away in the tower until I am 18 if she found out 4:31 PM
Me: What would we do 4:32 PM
DB Phone: She won't find out, I don't know hun what do you like 4:33 PM
Me: Idk since I don't get much freedom u aren't like gonna kill me r u lol 4:34 PM
DB Phone: No silly lol im not gonna kill you 4:35 PM
Me: Hope not that would not be good 4:36 PM
Me: Lol what do u normally do when u pick up girls 4:36 PM
DB Phone: I've never met anyone off that site so I couldn't tell ya lol 4:37 PM
Me: Well I am sure u have hung out with girls before r we really gonna play bb 4:38 PM
DB Phone: Not like alone but I have 4:42 PM
DB Phone: And yea we are (: 4:42 PM
Me: Okay buzz lol 4:43 PM
DB Phone: Haha (: donnie is my name :p 4:49 PM
Me: I know jk I think I am funny 4:50 PM
DB Phone: You definitely are (: 4:52 PM
Me: Thanks 4:54 PM
Me: Donnie:) 4:54 PM
DB Phone: That's better (: 5:01 PM
Me: Good haha 5:01 PM
DB Phone: Haha ((: what you doing 5:26 PM
Me: Playin bball lol 6:00 PM
DB Phone: Haha are ya now 12:07 AM
Me: Am I what lol 12:07 AM
Me: Is this for me lol 12:08 AM
DB Phone: Yes its for you, were you playing basketball lol 12:13 AM
Me: Lol maybe I was haha 12:13 AM
Me: U sound all awake again ! 12:15 AM
DB Phone: Ill kick your butt if you was without me lol 12:16 AM
DB Phone: Kinda awake 12:16 AM
Me: Now your gonna beat me up? Lol 12:16 AM
Me: What u been doing all night 12:17 AM
DB Phone: Haha imma kick your butt pin you down and then bite you lol 12:17 AM
DB Phone: Been sleeping lol 12:18 AM
Me: You r dangerous haha 12:18 AM
Me: But kinda funny too 12:18 AM
DB Phone: Haha better watch out (: ill getcha 12:21 AM
Me: I bet u will:) 12:22 AM
DB Phone: Haha oh I will (: you'll see hun (: 12:22 AM
Me: What does this mean u must tell so I can prepare lol 12:23 AM
DB Phone: Oh no lol you gotta be prepared dear (: 12:24 AM
Me: So tell me!! 12:25 AM
Me: I don't whether to be worried or not hahaha 12:27 AM
DB Phone: Lol you dont gotta be worried hun its not that bad lol 12:29 AM
Me: Maybe u r just joking and u don't know:):) 12:30 AM
DB Phone: Oh im not joking hun ((: 12:30 AM
Me: Than prove it by tellin 12:31 AM
DB Phone: Im gonna take you down, pin both your arms down and bite your neck hard 12:33 AM
Me: Wow nobody has ever done that to me before 12:34 AM
Me: That might hurt lol 12:34 AM
DB Phone: We'll ill be the first then (: 12:34 AM
DB Phone: Maybe alittle lol 12:34 AM
Me: Then what happens what if u bite me too hard? 12:36 AM
DB Phone: Then I do lol (: 12:37 AM
Me: Haha I don't know what I think 12:38 AM
Me: Do u bite other girls too 12:38 AM
Me: So u wanna pick me up play basketball and then bite me? Which comes First 12:39 AM
DB Phone: Nah we'll play basketball first then we come to my house and thats when I pin ya down and bite you lol 12:42 AM
DB Phone: Nope I dont bite other girls 12:42 AM
Me: Do u think I will like it? 12:43 AM
Me: No guy has ever asked to bite me bfore 12:44 AM
DB Phone: I think you will like it hun 12:45 AM
DB Phone: I will be the first then huh 12:45 AM
Me: What make u think so and what does it even feel like 12:45 AM
Me: R u really gonna bite me for real 12:47 AM
Me: Y r joking right 12:48 AM
DB Phone: Yes hun I am 12:48 AM
Me: So after u bite me then what lol 12:49 AM
DB Phone: You gotta try getting me off you after I bite you lol 12:50 AM
Me: So what's that mean? You look a lot bigger than me 12:51 AM
Me: And so what if I can't? 12:51 AM
Me: You are crazy and I don't think u r really gonna do that. I think u r trying to be funny 12:55 AM
DB Phone: Im really gonna do that hun and imma stay on top of you till you can get me off lol 12:56 AM
Me: And if I can't how long u gonna hang out there lol u might smoosh me! 12:58 AM
Me: Do u really want me to try to get u off of me? 12:59 AM
DB Phone: Yes hun and if you cant kissing me will get me off you 1:00 AM
Me: So do u want me to kiss you 1:02 AM
DB Phone: You might have to if you cant get me off you hun 1:02 AM
Me: I am sure I won't be able to get u off but I wouldn't kiss someone unless they wanted me to kiss them 1:04 AM
DB Phone: Yes kiss me if you have too hun, just saying if you do kiss me I might start kissing you back 1:05 AM
Me: Would u like that to happen 1:06 AM
DB Phone: Yes hun I would 1:07 AM
Me: I haven't kissed many boys 1:08 AM
Me: Just 1 1:08 AM
Me: But he said I was a good kisser 1:08 AM
DB Phone: Well kiss away hun I'd like to see how good you are 1:09 AM
Me: Lol ok 1:10 AM
DB Phone: Now I can get alittle grabby while kissing lol 1:11 AM
Me: Grabby like how 1:12 AM
DB Phone: Like I may grab your butt lol 1:13 AM
Me: Ooh lol ok that will be a new thing for me 1:14 AM
Me: Just don't grab it too hard 1:15 AM
DB Phone: Lol I cant promise you that haha 1:16 AM
Me: Yikes just don't bite it 1:16 AM
Me: Anything else I need to know about u if I let u kiss me 1:17 AM
DB Phone: Lol what dont bite your butt? 1:18 AM
DB Phone: Nah other then that, thats it 1:18 AM
Me: No that would realllly hurt 1:19 AM
DB Phone: Haha oh it wouod not lol 1:20 AM
Me: Yes it would I am gonna be all beat up lol 1:21 AM
DB Phone: Lol no you won't, you might feel like it but it wont show (: 1:25 AM
Me: Yikes! So what do I need to do 1:28 AM
DB Phone: Lol what you mean 1:29 AM
Me: Idk lol u said u would like it if I kissed u and I know how to so that but then u r talkin about butt biting and grabbing and I just wanna make sure I know how this works hahaha Am I supposed to do that too? Lol 1:32 AM
DB Phone: No haha you dont have too bite my butt hun lol 1:34 AM
Me: Oh good lol 1:34 AM
Me: Just don't bite me too hard I am sensitive 1:36 AM
Me: Can I call u Bite Boy:):) 1:40 AM
DB Phone: Haha your sensitive on your butt? :p and yes you can call m that (: 1:43 AM
Me: Lol sensitive everywhere! Ok bite boy:) 1:49 AM
DB Phone: Ohh guess imma be biting you everywhere then (; 1:56 AM
Me: OMG help lol 1:58 AM
DB Phone: Haha yeah your in trouble now (: 2:02 AM
Me: I am worried and curious at the same time:) 2:02 AM
DB Phone: Haha you'll be fine tho (: 2:03 AM
Me: I am curious for sure haha 2:03 AM
DB Phone: Haha well you gotta wait and see hun (: 2:04 AM
Me: Guess so 2:05 AM
DB Phone: Haha I cant wait idk about you lol 2:07 AM
Me: Me too and I don't even know what all I am waiting for lol 2:08 AM
DB Phone: Haha I bet you'll like it all(: 2:09 AM
Me: Hint pleeasssse I can't stand it! 2:10 AM
DB Phone: Haha you already know most of it, imma bite you everywhere, imma kiss you, pin you down and bite your neck and grab your butt 2:12 AM
Me: I hope it feels good 2:14 AM
DB Phone: Trust me hun Ill make it feel good! 2:14 AM
Me: I kinda feel something good just hearing u say that 2:15 AM
DB Phone: Haha oh yeah like what hun 2:17 AM
Me: Like this funny feeling inside almost like being tickled does that make sense 2:18 AM
DB Phone: Lol yes it does but your gonna be more then tickled dear :p 2:19 AM
Me: Tickled ? Like how? And I still feel it 2:21 AM
Me: And it's still there 2:23 AM
Me: Still 2:23 AM
Me: Now can't sleep 2:23 AM
DB Phone: Haha good (: stay up with me all night (: 2:24 AM
DB Phone: Cuz imma be biting and kissing you all over 2:25 AM
Me: I will be so tired and now I keep feeling this crazy funny feeling that won't go away 2:26 AM
Me: I will never fall asleep like this 2:27 AM
Me: I think I know what it is 2:30 AM
DB Phone: What is it hun 2:33 AM
Me: There's a word for it but it's embarrassing to say lol umm so it's like being excited 2:36 AM
DB Phone: Lol so your horny? (: 2:39 AM
Me: .Maybe u think that's what it is 2:41 AM
Me: Will it go away soon so I can sleep kinda tired 2:42 AM
DB Phone: Haha if I stop :p 2:42 AM
Me: Then u better I am tired lol! 2:43 AM
Me: So no more stories I need some sleep :) nite 2:46 AM
DB Phone: Haha I dont wanna tho (: I do wanna kiss you all over :p 2:47 AM
Me: Stop please it won't go away and the feeling is getting bigger . U r doing it on purpose lol You r bad 2:49 AM
DB Phone: Lol I know im bad and I am doing it on purpose (; what you gonna do about it? (: 2:51 AM
Me: Beat u up! And stop reading your texts now so it stops I hope 2:54 AM
DB Phone: I wanna grab on your butt and squeeze (: and kiss you 2:56 AM
Me: OMG please I am not reading another goodnite before I explode 2:57 AM
DB Phone: Mmm how bout I bite your boob (: 2:59 AM
Me: You r gonna kill me.... Wait u r gonna bite my boob 3:01 AM
DB Phone: Yes im gonna bite your boob hard (: then prolly kiss it lol 3:02 AM
Me: Don't answer I am going to bed I will never be able to get up tmrw please have some mercy lol 3:02 AM
DB Phone: I can make this alot worse where you wont get any sleep at all 3:03 AM
Me: Please please don't I have to get up in the morning u aren't gonna listen r u so go just say whatever is left and kill me now 3:04 AM
Error: this message was not successfully delivered. 3:04 AM
DB Phone: Haha how bout if I tell you I'd lick you lol 3:09 AM
DB Phone: In a certain spot :p 3:10 AM
Me: What spot is that 3:10 AM
DB Phone: What other spot is there to lick besides your boobs? Lol 3:11 AM
Me: Idk lol never been licked anywhere haha 3:12 AM
DB Phone: Well your vagina (: 3:13 AM
Me: U would wanna lick that too? I have wondered about it lol and I'm sure I'll wonder for the rest of the nite damn it!!!!!!!! U think I might like it 3:15 AM
DB Phone: I think you would yes, you never have yet huh? 3:17 AM
Me: My friend told me it's the best ever 3:18 AM
Me: No never 3:18 AM
Me: She said really amazing stuff happens if u do that 3:18 AM
Me: Is it true 3:19 AM
DB Phone: Well it definitely makes the girl feel really good! Would you wanna do that? 3:19 AM
DB Phone: Yes its very true 3:19 AM
Me: Well only if u want to 3:19 AM
Me: But u can't bite that at all 3:20 AM
Me: Would u do that 3:21 AM
DB Phone: No I wouldn't bite you there hun I'd just lick you 3:22 AM
Me: Ok good would something good happen for me? 3:23 AM
DB Phone: Yes I'd keep licking on you till you cum 3:24 AM
Me: U know like my f said 3:24 AM
Me: That's never happened bfore 3:24 AM
DB Phone: Well do you want it to happen? 3:25 AM
Me: Is it bad if I say yes 3:25 AM
DB Phone: Not at all hun, but this has to stay between us 3:26 AM
Me: OMG yes I would be dead 3:26 AM
DB Phone: Me too I'd get in so much trouble 3:27 AM
Me: But I need u to know that I have no idea at all what I am doing 3:27 AM
Me: I know I don't want that to happen 3:27 AM
DB Phone: Just lay down and let me take care of you hun 3:28 AM
DB Phone: Aww good 3:28 AM
Me: So I may look kinda stupid lol 3:28 AM
Me: Ok I can do that 3:28 AM
DB Phone: Dont worry about it hun ill take care of it all 3:29 AM
Me: But there's one thing we didn't talk about .... 3:29 AM
DB Phone: Whats that 3:30 AM
Me: The big thing...... Biggest of all 3:30 AM
DB Phone: Tell me hun 3:31 AM
Me: If we do this does it mean we do sex too is that part of it or no 3:32 AM
Me: I am not sure how it all goes together lol 3:32 AM
DB Phone: It dont gotta be but if you wanna have sex we can, imma leave that up too you 3:33 AM
Me: What do u want to do I am a virgin so kinda nervous about that 3:34 AM
Me: My friend said it hurts too 3:35 AM
DB Phone: I mean I dont wanna try to have sex with you if your not to sure about it 3:36 AM
DB Phone: Yeah it does alittle but they also like the feeling 3:37 AM
Me: Ok that's really sweet:) I think I am more nervous than anything since I never have that's all and don't know even how to put it all together lol 3:38 AM
Me: Oh and I for sure don't wanna get preg 3:39 AM
DB Phone: Hun if you want ill be on top the whole time so you can just lay back and see how it feels 3:40 AM
DB Phone: Yeah I don't wanna get you pregnant either that wouldn't be good at all 3:41 AM
Me: Ok I think i can do that and then u will know what to do and I can see how it feels but u can't go real fast 3:42 AM
Me: And yes please make sure I don't get preg 3:43 AM
DB Phone: Nah ill go easy on you hun and I promise not to get you pregnant 3:44 AM
Me: Ok good and will u use something so I don't get pregnant 3:44 AM
DB Phone: I can hun but I can pull out before I do cum 3:45 AM
Me: As long as that works 3:46 AM
Me: So I gotta fig out how to do this so my mom doesn't find out 3:47 AM
DB Phone: Can you say tell her you wanna stay the night with one of your friends? 3:48 AM
Me: Yes I think that could work then what 3:48 AM
DB Phone: Then I could meet you somewhere and pick you up 3:49 AM
Me: Ok do u have somewhere we could go and u would have to pick me up somewhere where like people really wouldn't notice 3:50 AM
DB Phone: Yes I live alone in my house, and yes I would, you have any place like that? 3:52 AM
Me: I gotta think about it and I will try to see what my moms schedule is it will be easier if I do this on a weekend when she is gonna stay at her bfs for the nite since she will be distracted and u have to promise u will bring me back on time and at all lol 3:54 AM
DB Phone: Babe I promise you I will and a weekend would be best for me too 3:56 AM
Me: Ok cool wow ok:) I cannot keep my eyes open anymore lol so can I text u tomorrow and we can figure it out 3:57 AM
Me: You seem so nice 3:57 AM
Me: Xoxo 3:57 AM
DB Phone: That sounds good hun (: would you care if you like slept with me? 3:58 AM
DB Phone: Aw I try (: hugs and kisses 3:59 AM
Me: That would be nice:) 3:59 AM
Me: Nitey bitey lol 4:00 AM
DB Phone: Aww great (: goodnight sweetheart (: 4:02 AM
Me: :) 4:02 AM
DB Phone: Id give a kiss goodnight if you was here (: 4:03 AM

DB Phone: Morning dear (: 10:11 AM
Me: how r u even awake OMG I just woke up 10:37 AM
DB Phone: Haha Idk :p sleep good hun 10:41 AM
Me: I am like sooooooo tired wonder why lol 10:49 AM
DB Phone: Haha its not my fault :p 10:54 AM
Me: I should come beat u up for keeping me up too late but u would prob like it too much 10:55 AM
DB Phone: Haha yeah your probably right (: 10:55 AM
Me: Yep I know I am right 11:02 AM
Me: R u even tired? 11:02 AM
DB Phone: Nah im fine (: 11:02 AM
Me: You r so wild haha It's so funny 11:03 AM
DB Phone: Haha ill show you wild hun 11:03 AM
Me: There u go again haha 11:03 AM
Me: U make me lol 11:04 AM
DB Phone: Haha oh i will love to make you (: 11:05 AM
Me: Make me what ? 11:06 AM
DB Phone: Haha idk you tell me 11:07 AM
Me: You r so so bad 11:07 AM
DB Phone: You know you like it 11:09 AM
Me: So what if I do:) 11:10 AM
DB Phone: Haha then you do (: 11:10 AM
Me: Ok I will admit it 11:11 AM
DB Phone: Admit what? (: 11:14 AM
Me: I like it hahaha and u <3 11:14 AM
DB Phone: Aw really? (: 11:17 AM
Me: Yeah u r so funny and sweet when u don't make threats haha 11:18 AM
DB Phone: Haha but my threats are fun 11:18 AM
Me: That is kinda true yes 11:21 AM
DB Phone: Haha see :p 11:24 AM
Me: Yep:) 11:25 AM
DB Phone: Im not gonna lie I like you too (: 11:27 AM
Me: U do? Why 11:27 AM
DB Phone: Cuz your fun and sweet(: 11:28 AM
Me: I like that answer u r too 11:28 AM
DB Phone: Haha you better like it (: oh cant forget pretty! (: 11:30 AM
Me: I do I do and u r pretty too;) pretty cute 11:31 AM
DB Phone: Haha well thanks darling (: 11:31 AM
Me: Yw 11:32 AM
DB Phone: So I got a serious question 11:32 AM
Me: Ok 11:33 AM
DB Phone: So like after we hang out, and I like seriously like you alot, what would you do if I liked asked you out? 11:34 AM
Me: Well if u r as nice as u seem I would say yes I like u already<3 I was worried u wouldn't say anything like that because it would take a lot or work cause of my age 11:36 AM
DB Phone: So you'd date me then? (: 11:40 AM
Me: Well duh yeah lol 11:41 AM
DB Phone: Aww good babe (: so we should exchange pictures! 11:43 AM
Me: Ok Do u have an email or I might be able to send to your phone I think from the computer My mom disabled my pics and camera on my phone but hopefully I am getting it back soon since I have been good haha 11:47 AM
DB Phone: Aww i can wait till you get back your pics hun its no rush (: 11:48 AM
Me: R u really this nice lol 11:49 AM
Me: I have some on the computer that aren't that old I can send u 11:50 AM
DB Phone: Yes I am (: and I cant wait to see em! 11:52 AM
Me: Ok I have to help my mom with something today but I will send u some I think I can send them to your phone too 11:53 AM
Me: I have a serious ? For u 11:53 AM
DB Phone: Sounds good (: 11:54 AM
DB Phone: Ask away hun 11:54 AM
Me: Ok so like what happens if we meet and I really like u and then maybe u meet a girl that's easier to date cause u don't have to keep it a secret cause of the age thing Why would u keep dating me if there was something easier I just don't wanna get my feelings hurt since I already like u a lot 11:57 AM
Me: I do need too can I quick 11:58 AM
Me: Lol autocorrect I do need to know that 12:00 PM
DB Phone: I doubt I find another girl, if we're serious I wanna stay with you 12:00 PM
Me: But u think u are ok with having to keep it a secret? I am but it's prolly harder for u that's all Just wanna make sure cause I may fall hard ya know 12:02 PM
DB Phone: Ill be ok with it hun 12:04 PM
Me: Ok cool:) 12:07 PM
DB Phone: Yeah (: hey ill brb imma hop in the shower 12:07 PM
Me: Kk I need to too lol 12:08 PM
DB Phone: Well you can come take one with me :p 12:09 PM
Me: I bet:) u gonna wash my hair? 12:10 PM
DB Phone: Haha you can wash your hair hun ill wash everything else on you (: 12:10 PM
Me: Ok sure haha 12:11 PM
DB Phone: Haha you'd like it 12:12 PM
Me: Maybe baby 12:18 PM
DB Phone: Mmm (: 12:42 PM
Me: Haha 12:44 PM
DB Phone: Id prolly try getting you to have sex with me in there :p 12:47 PM
Me: In the shower? Lol they always do that in the movies 12:56 PM
DB Phone: Haha yeah in the shower dear 12:56 PM
Me: Starting already 1:06 PM
DB Phone: Haha maybe :p 1:06 PM
Me: I know u:) 1:12 PM
DB Phone: Haha what I do :p 1:27 PM
Me: That u do lol 2:06 PM
DB Phone: Haha hush (: 2:07 PM
Me: I will not be silenced haha 2:08 PM
DB Phone: If I can make it happen lol 2:12 PM
Me: Oh please 2:13 PM
DB Phone: Lol you saying you want me too 2:14 PM
Me: No u can't lol 2:14 PM
DB Phone: Lol you wanna bet hun 2:15 PM
Me: How would u do that lol 2:15 PM
Me: No way:) 2:20 PM
DB Phone: Lol there's one way haha but its to inappropriate lol 2:33 PM
Me: Just say it haha u said everything else 2:34 PM
DB Phone: Haha idk 2:36 PM
Me: Bull lol 2:37 PM
Me: Oh wait I know 2:38 PM
DB Phone: Lol what 2:39 PM
Me: Too bad to say:) 2:40 PM
DB Phone: Haha oh you dont know lol 2:40 PM
Me: I do really maybe u don't haha 2:43 PM
DB Phone: I do lol I think your wrong :p 2:46 PM
Me: I do too but not gonna say it just to annoy u lol 2:50 PM
DB Phone: Oh hush lol 2:50 PM
Me: Remember ?? I will not be silenced lmao 2:52 PM
Me: Are u sleeping???? 5:28 PM
DB Phone: Lol not yet :p 5:33 PM
Me: do u work tonight 5:34 PM
DB Phone: I do ): 5:34 PM
Me: what time do u go in 5:36 PM
Me: Miss me lol 5:39 PM
DB Phone: 11 tonight and yes I do babe (: 5:39 PM
Me: :( and :) u gonna take a nap first? 5:41 PM
DB Phone: Imma try but I'd rather talk to you (: 5:41 PM
Me: Sweet 5:42 PM
DB Phone: Why yes you are (: 5:44 PM
Me: Thanks u too:) I was so tired today lol 5:45 PM
DB Phone: Aww should of came and cuddled with me (: 5:53 PM
Me: :) 5:54 PM
DB Phone: ((: 5:55 PM
Me: But u may have been up to no good again lol 6:00 PM
DB Phone: Heyy 8:09 PM
Me: Hey there 8:09 PM
DB Phone: Miss me? 8:14 PM
Me: Ofcourse I do:) 8:15 PM
Me: U? 8:18 PM
DB Phone: Well of course darling (: 8:32 PM
Me: Aw shucks <3 8:33 PM
DB Phone: That heart for me? (: 8:37 PM
Me: Yes:) is that ok 8:40 PM
DB Phone: Absolutely babe (: 8:47 PM
Me: Well good 8:47 PM
DB Phone: ((: 8:53 PM
Me: U ready for work? 8:54 PM
DB Phone: Heck no lol im tiring 8:56 PM
Me: Yeah u should try sleeping more Bitey 8:57 PM
DB Phone: Lol ill bite you haha 8:59 PM
Me: I know u will lol 9:00 PM
Me: Do not text me late I am going to bed early I will just dream about u lol 9:04 PM
DB Phone: Haha you know me to well then huh :p 9:04 PM
Me: :) 9:05 PM
DB Phone: (((: 9:05 PM
Me: Show off haha 9:06 PM
Me: Have a good nite at work babe 9:15 PM
DB Phone: Thanks baby 9:27 PM
Me: Sure :) u will be on my mind 9:28 PM
DB Phone: Oh you'll definitely be on mine (: 9:30 PM
Me: U r too sweet 9:32 PM
DB Phone: ((; I try 9:33 PM
Me: Well it's just natural I guess 9:36 PM
DB Phone: Haha you can say that :p 9:40 PM
Me: Lol 9:45 PM
DB Phone: Can I give you a body massage when you come over? (: 9:51 PM
Me: Yeah. If u want to that would be awesome my legs always hurt from dance 9:52 PM
DB Phone: Aw then ill focus on your legs the most then 9:57 PM
Me: Awesome 9:58 PM
Me: Please do 10:00 PM
DB Phone: Anywhere else hun 10:01 PM
Me: Anywhere u want to do some work lol 10:07 PM
Me: Surprise me 10:07 PM
DB Phone: Oh really? (: 10:09 PM
Me: Sure I like surprises :) 10:10 PM
DB Phone: Hmm ok babe (: 10:11 PM
Me: Do u give good massages? 10:12 PM
DB Phone: I can when I wanna 10:13 PM
Me: Lol ok so u gonna do your best? 10:14 PM
DB Phone: I will yes 10:20 PM
Me: Good u better lol 10:23 PM
DB Phone: Lol and if I dont lol 10:23 PM
Me: Then u will get a surprise haha 10:29 PM
DB Phone: And that is? (: 10:35 PM
Me: Then it wouldn't be a surprise:) 10:41 PM
DB Phone: Haha so (: 10:42 PM
Me: U will have to wait till I see you:)<3 10:54 PM
DB Phone: Mmm ok <3 10:56 PM
Me: <3<3 11:03 PM
DB Phone: Mwah <3 1:02 AM

Me: Xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 8:36 AM
DB Phone: Morning baby (: 8:38 AM
Me: Hey there 8:48 AM
DB Phone: How are you? (: 8:51 AM
Me: Good :) how was work 8:53 AM
DB Phone: It was great (: did you sleep good babe? 9:05 AM
Me: Yes I did:) 9:22 AM
DB Phone: Good (: 9:24 AM
Me: What r u doing today 9:42 AM
DB Phone: No clue yet hun sleep for sure lol 9:51 AM
Me: Lo ok go sleep:) 9:55 AM
DB Phone: Not yet tho haha 9:59 AM
Me: Lol 10:02 AM
DB Phone: :P 10:02 AM
Me: R u sleeping Donnie?:) 3:13 PM

DB Phone: Hey sweetie (: 3:41 PM
Me: Hi! Have u been getting any sleep? 3:43 PM
DB Phone: Yes I have been dear (: 3:44 PM
Me: That's good lol 3:44 PM
Me: U work tonight? 3:45 PM
DB Phone: Sadly hun yes 3:56 PM
Me: That sucks:( 3:56 PM
Me: U ever fall asleep at work 3:57 PM
Me: I have a ? 4:31 PM
DB Phone: Every now and then on break I do lol and sure go ahead ask away 4:43 PM
Me: Haha that's funny R u really gonna come see me 4:44 PM
DB Phone: Yes babe and I promise, but we're gonna have to wait till my sister moves out tho, should be by the end of this month or next 4:52 PM
Me: :( I thought u liked me 4:53 PM
DB Phone: Babe I swear I do like you, not just like I really like you alot but im being honest about it, my sis needed somewhere to stay cuz she was living with her ex at the time and he kept treating her like crap and cheating on her 4:56 PM
Me: Ok I just really want to see you soon and hug you and stuff:) 4:58 PM
DB Phone: Baby trust me I wanna do everything back to you (: 4:58 PM
Me: Isn't there any other way that's like forever and I need my massage lol 5:00 PM
DB Phone: Haha baby trust me I wanna guve you that message as much as you want it (: 5:04 PM
Me: I am totally into being with u but now feeling like its gonna be forever I feel kinda sad:( 5:06 PM
DB Phone: No no hun dont be sad plz ): ill make it all up to you I promise 5:09 PM
Me: Kk 5:26 PM
DB Phone: Ill do anything you want babe 5:35 PM
Me: What do you mean 6:27 PM
Me: I just really wanted to see you u r so cute and so nice and I worry about when we can now:( 6:40 PM
DB Phone: Aww babe we'll see each other I promise 7:53 PM
Me: We will see I guess 8:09 PM
DB Phone: No no we wont see hun cuz it will happen 8:20 PM
Me: Ok I rlly hope so I have been practicing my basketball too 8:21 PM
DB Phone: Oh lol have you now (: 8:24 PM
Me: Yes ofcourse and now I know I can beat u 8:24 PM
DB Phone: Haha oh no you can't 8:27 PM
Me: Just watch me Donnie boy lol 8:27 PM
DB Phone: Lol oh I will ill cheat :p 8:28 PM
Me: Use because I can even dunk 8:32 PM
DB Phone: Uh huh lol sure 8:32 PM
Me: Wanna make a bet 8:34 PM
DB Phone: Yes I do lol 8:35 PM
Me: Ok let's go I can tell u r scared:) 8:37 PM
DB Phone: Haha you make bet first (: and nah im not scared you are (: 8:38 PM
Me: No I am not if u lose u have to do a dance for me 8:39 PM
DB Phone: Lol wait what kind of a dance 8:39 PM
Me: Idk yet lol can you dance? 8:40 PM
DB Phone: No lol I cant pic something else plz lol 8:40 PM
Me: Lol no u will dance damn it lmao 8:41 PM
DB Phone: Fine lol if I win you have to give me a lap dance (: 8:42 PM
Me: A lap dance? Isn't that what strippers do? I don't know how to do that 8:43 PM
DB Phone: All you gotta do is sit on my lap and rub up against me 8:45 PM
Me: Hmmm that doesn't sound that hard I am not worried u should start practicing soon cause u r going down bro lol 8:47 PM
DB Phone: Haha well you know you gotta rub up against my thing too right lol 8:48 PM
Me: What's a thing haha 8:49 PM
DB Phone: Haha my dick babe lol 8:49 PM
Me: OMG 8:49 PM
DB Phone: Lol yes 8:50 PM
Me: The language 8:50 PM
DB Phone: Sorry hun lol 8:50 PM
Me: I was totally kidding u can call your thing that lol 8:51 PM
DB Phone: Lol good I better (: 8:51 PM
Me: Sure it's yours 8:52 PM
DB Phone: It sure is, and what would you do if I took your hand and put it on it 8:54 PM
Me: Idk what should I do 8:55 PM
Me: I have never seen a real one 8:55 PM
DB Phone: Ohh really all you have to do is rub it 8:57 PM
Me: Oh ok I don't know much about how those things work lol 8:59 PM
DB Phone: Lol you'll be ok hun 9:04 PM
Me: U think so Y 9:05 PM
DB Phone: I just think so 9:07 PM
Me: Hmmm 9:10 PM
DB Phone: What you thinking hun 9:13 PM
Me: Just trying to figure out what u meant 9:14 PM
Me: U never emailed me a pic 9:20 PM
DB Phone: Ah haha ok, oh I didn't know I was can you get pics on your phone? 9:26 PM
Me: No remember I can't but U can send to my email *edited* 9:27 PM
DB Phone: Ahh im not sure how to send it email hun ): 9:28 PM
Me: Most times if the pic is on the phone u can send it to the email just like u would a text. I know u can do that on an iPhone 9:29 PM
DB Phone: I have a droid tho hun 9:36 PM
Me: Oh I don't know how to work that :( no pic I guess 9:37 PM
DB Phone: Your worth waiting for (: 9:37 PM
Me: You look so cute on your pic on Meetme I can't wait to see u in person 9:39 PM
DB Phone: Aw thanks (: I cant wait to meet you either 9:40 PM
Me: :) I almost can't stand it Can't u just come pick me up one day like u said 9:41 PM
DB Phone: What will we do tho hun 9:41 PM
Me: What do u mean 9:42 PM
Me: Like where can we go 9:42 PM
DB Phone: Yes dear 9:46 PM
Me: Sorry if I am bugging u just seemed like u wanted to come so bad bfore 9:46 PM
DB Phone: I still do hun but its hard when you work nights and sleep during the day, don't worry we'll meet soon 9:47 PM
Me: I think u might be playin me I think maybe u just aren't that into me anymore 9:48 PM
DB Phone: I am tho 9:50 PM
Me: Idk 9:50 PM
DB Phone: Alright then I guess 9:54 PM
Me: U guess what 9:54 PM
DB Phone: Nothing 9:55 PM
Me: Ok:( 9:56 PM

DB Phone: Hey 12:13 PM
Me: Hi 1:06 PM
Me: Hru? 1:15 PM
DB Phone: Good really tired you 1:24 PM
Me: Not bad sorry if I was kinda mean last night:) I was just a little sad but ok now I think 1:27 PM
DB Phone: Its fine I understand 1:31 PM
Me: R u mad at me? 2:06 PM
DB Phone: No im not 5:26 PM
Me: Good:) 5:27 PM
DB Phone: (: 5:40 PM
Me: I miss you<3 9:40 PM
DB Phone: I miss you too 9:42 PM
DB Phone: <3 9:42 PM
Me: I am lonely without your jokes 9:43 PM
DB Phone: Your to sweet 9:46 PM
Me: :) 9:46 PM
Me: It's true u r hilarious 9:47 PM
DB Phone: ((: 9:49 PM
Me: You r so cute too 9:51 PM
DB Phone: Aw thanks baby 9:55 PM
Me: Sure 9:55 PM
DB Phone: (; 10:28 PM

DB Phone: Hey babe 10:45 AM
Me: Hi!!! I missed u! 10:47 AM
DB Phone: Aw I missed you too love 10:59 AM
Me: I haven't laughed as much without your jokes 11:00 AM
DB Phone: Aw im sorry baby 11:01 AM
Me: What have u been doing its just wrong to deprive me of your funniness lol 11:02 AM
DB Phone: Working over these last couple days hun, talk about being tired lol 11:04 AM
Me: That sucks cutie I hope u get some sleep lol 11:06 AM
DB Phone: Oh im good now baby your all mine today (: 11:06 AM
Me: Haha sounds scary 11:07 AM
DB Phone: Haha just imagine if youb were here with me (: 11:07 AM
Me: I can only imagine :) 11:08 AM
DB Phone: Mmm me too (: 11:08 AM
Me: U r so bad haha 11:08 AM
DB Phone: Haha you think so huh :p 11:11 AM
Me: Yep but kinda like it haha 11:11 AM
DB Phone: Lol just wait till we have sex baby (: 11:12 AM
Me: :) u still wanna? I got worried u changed your mind 11:13 AM
DB Phone: No babe I still wanna with you (: 11:15 AM
Me: That just made my whole day! 11:15 AM
DB Phone: Aw really (: 11:17 AM
Me: OMG yes 11:17 AM
Me: I can't wait to see u 11:17 AM
Me: When I see u I am gonna give u the biggest hug ever 11:21 AM
DB Phone: Aww I'd love that (: 11:21 AM
Me: Well good I will be soooooo happy 11:22 AM
DB Phone: You and me both 11:24 AM
Me: :) 11:24 AM
DB Phone: We should have sex in my bed, then shower after and have sex again! could you handle that? 11:25 AM
Me: I hope so lol 11:26 AM
Me: I haven't tested it out 11:26 AM
Me: As long as it feels good I'm good:) 11:27 AM
DB Phone: Well we should test it out on you (: then maybe if you still have enough energy we can get back in my bed and try it for the 3rd tim 11:27 AM
DB Phone: Oh it'll feel good baby 11:28 AM
Me: 3 times? Lol ok 11:29 AM
Me: U r a sex maniac 11:30 AM
DB Phone: Oh yeah lol, wait you wanna have sex in kitchen instead of bedroom the 3rd time? 11:32 AM
Me: In the kitchen? Hahaha where ? 11:34 AM
Me: They always do that in the movies lol 11:35 AM
DB Phone: Lol like up against something 11:35 AM
DB Phone: Haha I know it 11:35 AM
Me: I am gonna be worn out lol 11:36 AM
Me: But hopefully in a good way just don't hurt me I am tiny lol 11:40 AM
DB Phone: Lol I wont hurt you babe 11:42 AM
Me: Good u gotta go easy on me I am a newbie 11:42 AM
DB Phone: I know haha 11:50 AM
Me: Ok good I need to be able to walk after haha:) 11:51 AM
DB Phone: Haha very true (: 11:55 AM
Me: Yeah that would be bad haha I would have bite marks and be limping out the door 11:57 AM
DB Phone: Lol dont want that huh 12:01 PM
Me: Only a little limping ok and only bite marks that can't be seen haha 12:02 PM
DB Phone: Like on your boobs lol 12:11 PM
Me: Maybe lol 12:17 PM
Me: Is your sister still there? 12:18 PM
DB Phone: Yeah till end of this month I think she said 12:26 PM
Me: Ok then will u come see me? 12:26 PM
DB Phone: I may be able to either Saturday or sunday if that works? Im off Sunday night too lol 12:32 PM
Me: Really for real????? 12:34 PM
DB Phone: Yes baby 12:34 PM
Me: Let me see what's going on with my mom. So r u talking like the next couple days 12:36 PM
Me: :):) 12:40 PM
DB Phone: Yes haha (: 12:40 PM
Me: OMG ok well Sunday is Easter so let me start thinking. Can u pick me up 12:49 PM
DB Phone: When sunday? 12:51 PM
Me: Idk it's Easter so we have dinner here so if u don't work Sunday night could u get me Mon in the morn. I think my mom is working that day 12:53 PM
DB Phone: I think I can (: 1:04 PM
Me: Yeah I am so happy I could scream! I am almost positive my mom is going to my aunts tomorrow so I could get out of the house I think I could tell her I am gonna sleep over at my friends and just come home really early Sunday 1:19 PM
DB Phone: Well my sisters gonna be here silly lol 1:21 PM
Me: Then why did u say u could come this weekend I am confused? R u messing with me 1:22 PM
DB Phone: No you said sunday night didn't you? 1:30 PM
Me: At first I asked u about Mon in the morn but then I found out that my mom is prob going to be with my aunt tomorrow so I could get out of the house It's just my mom so if she's with my aunt she will prob be gone pretty late 1:33 PM
DB Phone: Ohh yeah 1:37 PM
Me: Yesss! 1:39 PM
DB Phone: (((: 1:47 PM
Me: so......please say u r really coming I just heard my mom talking and she is going over my aunts tomm aftern my aunt is kinda far from here so i know she will be gone till late i already told her I didnt wanna go with her 1:57 PM
DB Phone: Just depends what my sister is doing hun 2:03 PM
Me: Donnie u brought it up first and got me all excited now u aren't sure:( 2:11 PM
Me: this is like the meanest joke ever:(:( 2:13 PM
DB Phone: I did not bring it up first, I agreed on sunday night 2:20 PM
Me: Ok I'm sorry 2:24 PM
DB Phone: Its ok hun 2:25 PM
Me: I was just going nuts over my thoughts of seeing u 2:37 PM
Me: I am so wanting to see u and be together like u said 2:37 PM
Me: So can u come Sunday night if I can come up with something to tell my mom? 2:39 PM
DB Phone: Yes sounds good hun 2:41 PM
DB Phone: But you know my sister will be here right 2:41 PM
Me: can I still come over? Can u tell her i am older 2:44 PM
DB Phone: Idk if that'll work ill just find out what she's doing that night 2:49 PM
Me: Ok cool let me know. I will make sure I look super cute:) I'm so excited just thinking about it Xoxoxoxoxoxo 2:53 PM
DB Phone: Oh me too (: 2:56 PM
Me: I can't wait! 3:03 PM
Me: I am gonna fig out a plan for sure I think my bff will cover for me she is cool like that and she owes me lol 3:05 PM
DB Phone: (: 3:05 PM
DB Phone: Lol why she owe you 3:06 PM
Me: I have covered for her lol 3:07 PM
DB Phone: Oh yeah lol 3:44 PM
Me: Yes lol 3:44 PM
DB Phone: Like how tho lol 3:45 PM
Me: She told her mom she was spending the night at my house and she went to her bfs instead :) 3:46 PM
Me: That's the best way. Then her and I just keep in touch incase anything comes up but it usually doesn't 3:47 PM
Me: We hang out a lot and stay over each other's house a lot 3:48 PM
DB Phone: Ohh great friends then huh (: 3:51 PM
Me: Yes we are :) she has my back 3:52 PM
Me: U work tonight ? 3:54 PM
DB Phone: Nope im off tonight 3:55 PM
Me: Cool so will u be up all night lol 3:57 PM
Me: Texting dirty stuff lol 3:59 PM
DB Phone: Lol yes probably, thats if you want me too 4:05 PM
Me: I love all your texts <3 4:06 PM
Me: I think I have Sunday fig out:) 4:12 PM
Me: Fingers crossed;) 4:25 PM
DB Phone: Yes yes fingers crossed (: 4:25 PM
Me: ;) 4:37 PM
DB Phone: Mwah 4:42 PM
Me: (((H))) 4:45 PM
DB Phone: Mmm 4:46 PM
Me: Haha 4:47 PM
DB Phone: Lol 4:52 PM
Me: Yummy 4:53 PM
DB Phone: What is babe 5:04 PM
Me: Idk lol :) 5:08 PM
Me: Just wanted to use that word 5:08 PM
DB Phone: Haha I bet your yummy :p 5:43 PM
Me: guess u better come see me then to find out lol 5:50 PM
DB Phone: Mmm mmm lol 5:52 PM
Me: you can say that again :))))))) 6:03 PM
DB Phone: Mmmm mmm (: 6:12 PM
Me: haha funny and cute too 6:52 PM
DB Phone: ((: 7:02 PM
Me: what r u doing 7:30 PM
DB Phone: Just ate now doing dishes lol you 7:31 PM
Me: Not much just watching a movie I'm hungry 7:32 PM
DB Phone: Aww haha eat silly 8:03 PM
Me: I am lol 8:07 PM
Me: so r u coming on Sunday 8:08 PM
Me: i know how i can see u:) 8:10 PM
DB Phone: How so babe (: 8:12 PM
Me: My mom is going to her bfs parents house Sunday night after we eat dinner here and she says I don't have to go if I don't wanna 8:36 PM
Me: I thought more about it and I am not going to ask my friend for help too risky 8:41 PM
DB Phone: Ahh so what then? 8:46 PM
Me: I live near hornady park so I was thinking maybe u could pick me up there its close enough for me to walk and i dont think there will be a lot of people around i am worried about my neigbor 8:49 PM
DB Phone: Why your neighbor? 8:51 PM
Me: i am worried if u come pick me up from my house my neighbor will see me get in the car or something i am super nervous lol 8:52 PM
Me: R u nervous like me at all 9:03 PM
Me: Hey u ok? U r really quiet. Can I call you? 9:28 PM
Me: Hope u r just sleeping miss u 10:49 PM
DB Phone: Yeah I fell asleep hun 12:06 AM
Me: I was wondering u were just gone lol 12:07 AM
Me: Glad u r ok:) 12:10 AM
Me: Wrud 12:14 AM
Me: Hey u up 2:06 AM
DB Phone: Heyu 3:40 AM
Me: Hey 4:41 AM

DB Phone: Hey whats up 6:46 AM
Me: Layin in bed lol u 6:49 AM
DB Phone: Just got up 6:50 AM
Me: Did u fall asleep last nite 6:51 AM
Me: So u think my plan will work for tomrw so I can see u 7:00 AM
Me: I hope u still wanna see me u haven't said very much 7:01 AM
DB Phone: Yeah I kept falling asleep hun and yes I wanna see you 7:01 AM
Me: So r u gonna really come tmrw 7:02 AM
Me: Been thinking about u night :) 7:05 AM
Me: All night lol 7:05 AM
DB Phone: Yes I am (: 7:08 AM
Me: That makes me really happy xoxoxo 7:09 AM
Me: What time can u come tomrw? My mom is leaving after dinner so my guess is she will leave bfore 5 I am gonna go with her to my aunts today. I think we will prob be home kinda late but maybe I could call u for a few tonite when I get back. Kinda feel like it might be nice to hear your voice bfore I meet u:) 7:15 AM
DB Phone: That sounds good (: 7:27 AM
Me: Ok cool :):) do u know what time u can come I think I should meet u at the park . If u text me when u r like 10 min away I can just leave to go there where will we go ? what does your car looks like so I don't end up with the wrong person lol that would be scary haha 7:33 AM
DB Phone: Haha where will we go hun idk yet, and a black mustang 8:02 AM
Me: Ok well go fig it out lol A black mustang ? So sweeeeet lol 8:04 AM
Me: So what do u wanna do after u pick me up :):):):):) 8:06 AM
DB Phone: Yup my black mustang (: and hmm idk you have anything? (: 8:12 AM
Me: A mustang is so hot 8:14 AM
Me: I guess we could go back to my house my mom won't be there but just have to be really careful I don't wanna anyone to see u come in. It prob would be hard to hang out in the car the whole time lol is your sister gonna be home 8:16 AM
Me: Anything u want me to wear lol 8:17 AM
DB Phone: Yeah my sister will be in 8:18 AM
DB Phone: Nah just anything you want (: 8:18 AM
Me: Ok I'll surprise u lol 8:18 AM
DB Phone: Mmm ok (: 8:19 AM
Me: Don't worry it will be good haha 8:19 AM
Me: Where do u think we should go 8:20 AM
DB Phone: Oh yeah (: 8:21 AM
DB Phone: What you mean where hun 8:21 AM
Me: Yes I promise:) so are we just hanging out in the car lol where will u take me 8:23 AM
DB Phone: Well safest place would be is your house babe I think, what you think? 8:24 AM
Me: Yeah I think so when u pick me up i can show u where to park so it won't look like your cars at my house my mom always texts me when she is headed back from her bfs since it's kinda far and she stays over there a lot of the time with stuff like this Soooo the house is ours lol :) 8:28 AM
DB Phone: Mmm yes (: so what would you wanna do babe? (: 8:30 AM
Me: Lol r u thinking what I'm thinking 8:31 AM
DB Phone: And what are you thinking 8:31 AM
Me: lol u totally know:) 8:32 AM
DB Phone: Telllll meeeee plzzzz (: 8:33 AM
Me: Lol u r so bad 8:34 AM
DB Phone: Lol what 8:34 AM
Me: I thought u had some fun ideas yesterday:) 8:34 AM
DB Phone: Haha I know sex (; 8:34 AM
Me: Well it will all start with the biggest hug anyone has ever given u <3 8:35 AM
Me: And yeah then sex haha 8:35 AM
DB Phone: Mmm I love hugs (: and cant wait! 8:36 AM
Me: Just please promise u r nice and will be careful with me 8:36 AM
Me: I love hugs too and can't wait to give u one :) 8:37 AM
DB Phone: I promise (: 8:37 AM
Me: Ok:) I just need u to help me and not laugh at me if I say or do something stupid ok 8:38 AM
DB Phone: Lol what you mean hun 8:39 AM
Me: U know I don't know what I am doing lol I never did it bfore lol 8:39 AM
DB Phone: Ahh ok hun 8:40 AM
Me: So u will show me right 8:40 AM
DB Phone: Yes babe 8:41 AM
Me: Ok thanks:) nervous but in a really good way:):) 8:42 AM
DB Phone: You'll be ok baby (: 8:42 AM
Me: From the way u talk I am gonna be better than ok lol 8:43 AM
DB Phone: You will be (: 8:43 AM
Me: Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 8:44 AM
Me: My mom should be gone bfore 5 so will u text me when u r like 10 min away and I will leave my house Do u know how to get to Hornady park? 8:46 AM
DB Phone: No haha but cant be to hard to find 8:48 AM
Me: Just make sure u text me cause I don't wanna be standing out there for a long one lol 8:48 AM
Me: Lol ok have u been to Petersburg before 8:48 AM
DB Phone: Yes I have 8:49 AM
Me: It's like the park of Petersburg lol 8:49 AM
DB Phone: Yeah wont be to hard them lol 8:50 AM
Me: No it's not that big of a place lol 8:53 AM
DB Phone: Lol yeah 8:53 AM
Me: When u go in look for something that looks like a little house and I will wait by there so I'm not standing on the side of the road lol 8:55 AM
Me: U know what I look like but I'll wear my black hoody so u know it's me:) 8:55 AM
DB Phone: Lol I can do that and ok(: 8:56 AM
Me: Yeah.... I am so excited :):) I can't wait 8:56 AM
DB Phone: (; 8:57 AM
Me: Lol 8:58 AM
DB Phone: Haha 8:58 AM
Me: What r u gonna do today sleep? 8:59 AM
DB Phone: Nah I gotta mow the grass later 8:59 AM
Me: No fun:( I will be at my aunts but thinking of u babe and all your cuteness 9:01 AM
Me: Hi 1:56 PM
DB Phone: Heyy 2:02 PM
Me: :) u mowing lol 2:03 PM
DB Phone: Just got done yes haha (: 3:50 PM
Me: Lol sounds like a lot of fun:) 3:51 PM
DB Phone: Haha just got outta shower now I feel like having sex :p 4:00 PM
Me: Lol haha I hope u wait 4:01 PM
DB Phone: Lol oh I will (: 4:04 PM
Me: U so better:) 4:06 PM
DB Phone: Lol or what (: 4:10 PM
Me: Idk maybe I will bite lol 4:10 PM
Me: U can't start without me! 4:15 PM
DB Phone: Haha oh I won't :p 4:20 PM
Me: Thanks babe appreciate that <3 <3 4:22 PM
DB Phone: Oh yours is mine (: 4:28 PM
Me: Lol really? Tell me more haha 4:30 PM
DB Phone: Like what haha (: 4:30 PM
Me: What's gonna be yours I so wanna know hehe 4:31 PM
DB Phone: You will be (: 4:37 PM
Me: I like that for realllllllll ((H)) 4:39 PM
DB Phone: Good haha ((: 4:40 PM
Me: It is for sure :):) 4:43 PM
Me: I am still at my aunts she just asked me what I was smiling about lol 4:47 PM
Me: Dnt worry tho I didn't dare tell :):) 4:56 PM
DB Phone: Lol good :p 5:22 PM
Me: Haha yeah:) 5:27 PM
Me: Hey u 8:00 PM
DB Phone: Hey (: 8:42 PM
Me: U awake lol 8:43 PM
DB Phone: I am now lol 8:53 PM
Me: Sorry did I wake u 8:53 PM
DB Phone: Nah your fine hun 8:54 PM
Me: U r sweet:) what time do u think u will come to meet me tomrw? My mom will be gone by 5 8:57 PM
DB Phone: Idk yet will get a nap in before lol 9:13 PM
Me: Ofcourse lol do u have a guess like a time frame just so I am not losing my mind waiting lol 9:14 PM
DB Phone: Ill text ya silly when I leave lol 9:15 PM
Me: Ok it will be before it's dark right? 9:16 PM
Me: I don't wanna be in the park waiting while it's dark 9:22 PM
DB Phone: Yes 9:23 PM
Me: Ok:) just text me bfore u leave before dark lol just please come.... I am so excited I already picked out my clothes haha I am so dumb : D 9:29 PM
DB Phone: Lol I will and you are not lol 9:52 PM
Me: Thanks:) can't wait to see u Xoxoxoxoxoxo 9:53 PM
DB Phone: Same here hun ((: 9:54 PM
Me: Kk go sleep and get your energy for me:) 9:55 PM
DB Phone: Will do (: 9:55 PM
Me: Kk 9:59 PM
Me: U r on my mind:) 5:40 AM

DB Phone: Mmm (: 8:30 AM
Me: Lol yes:):) 8:38 AM
DB Phone: Love you (: 9:10 AM
DB Phone: Baby I hope you dont get mad at me but I wont be able to make it today ): families getting together here in a couple hours and having a cook out, I do really wanna see you soon tho I really care for you and like you so much, I've never had a amazing girl make me smile so much 9:14 AM
Me: You promised u would come and now u aren't I really believed u when u said u liked me and today was the perfect opportunity to see each other. I feel so sad and stupid. I picked out clothes cleaned my room and even washed my stupid hair My heart hurts really bad Happy Easter 9:22 AM
Me: My stomach hurts too 9:25 AM
Me: Can't u please just come and see me later 9:32 AM
DB Phone: Babe I do like you alot too, lemme see whats going on later today after hun kk 10:01 AM
Me: Kk I wanna believe u so bad but I worry now this has just been all talk. And now I'm gonna sit here all alone tonight. 10:10 AM
DB Phone: Babe ): 10:31 AM
Me: Yes I know :( 10:32 AM
DB Phone: I do really like you 10:33 AM
Me: Ok whatever Donnie it sucks did u meet someone else 10:37 AM
Me: I want u to wanna be with me 10:42 AM
DB Phone: No hun I didn't meet anyone else and that I promise 10:47 AM
Me: Kk 10:57 AM
Me: :( 1:32 PM
DB Phone: Why sad 1:57 PM
Me: U know why I am sad 2:05 PM
DB Phone: Im sorry baby 2:06 PM
Me: It's whatever I guess 2:06 PM
Me: I probably should have realized u were outta my league so my bad I guess 2:07 PM
Me: I wanted to believe something so I did 2:07 PM
Me: It's really fine I get it. Hope u have a nice day. 2:12 PM
Me: Hey sorry I was so upset I was just really disappointed. I just feel so happy thinking about us and so maybe I went a little crazy. Sorry Donnie please don't be mad and I hope u have a good Easter with your family:) 2:34 PM
DB Phone: Thanks babe and im not mad at you, its my fault I didn't know we were gonna have a cookout until this morning, trust me im not standing you up, if I didn't have this cookout yes I would definitely come spend time with you, I do really like you alot, idk if you believe me or not just throwing that out there 2:37 PM
Me: It's fine Donnie. I ate some candy and calmed down lol. I do believe you. I just get emotional about things I care about and I care about you lots and lots. You make me happy :):) 2:45 PM
DB Phone: You make me happy too (: 3:18 PM
Me: Good that's all I want <3 3:26 PM
DB Phone: Me too (: 3:49 PM
Me: Nice cause I don't wanna fight with u xoxoxo 4:01 PM
DB Phone: Me neither babe 4:22 PM
Me: U r the best babe 4:25 PM
DB Phone: Nope you are (: 4:25 PM
Me: :D 4:26 PM
DB Phone: ((: 4:29 PM
Me: Sigh..... Like u so much:) 4:39 PM
DB Phone: Lol good (: 4:41 PM
Me: U like me too? 4:41 PM
DB Phone: Of course I do (: 4:42 PM
Me: Good:) 4:42 PM
DB Phone: :P my sis said she may be moving out in 2-3 weeks (: 4:58 PM
Me: So that means what.... Lol 5:02 PM
DB Phone: Means when she does your coming to stay a weekend with me (: 5:05 PM
Me: I would love love love that 5:08 PM
Me: For sure need good planning on that one lol 5:09 PM
DB Phone: Yes for sure 5:29 PM
Me: What would we do with all that time:) 5:32 PM
DB Phone: Haha you know babe (: 6:30 PM
Me: Lol can't wait:):) 6:38 PM
Me: Hey 7:30 PM
DB Phone: Heyy (: 8:16 PM
Me: Hi lol 8:18 PM
Me: U busy? 8:21 PM
Me: Let me know when u have some time to text as I wanna talk to u 8:24 PM
DB Phone: Im home now hun 8:34 PM
Me: Can u text for a few 8:36 PM
Me: Donnie? 8:45 PM
DB Phone: Yes hun I can 8:58 PM
Me: Can I ask u a ? 8:59 PM
Me: I know u said u couldn't come today bcause of family stuff but was any of it related to our age difference and being worried about meeting me for real? 9:03 PM
DB Phone: No hun not at all 9:20 PM
Me: R u sure? I was worried that was it too 9:32 PM
Me: Cause I have a lot of feelings for u and don't care at all about the age thing 9:34 PM
DB Phone: I dont care at all for it either babe 9:36 PM
Me: Ok I just needed to ask that 9:37 PM
Me: I think I need to go to sleep 9:45 PM
DB Phone: Aw rest hun 9:52 PM
Me: Ok nite 9:53 PM
DB Phone: Ok 9:54 PM
Me: ((H)) 9:54 PM
DB Phone: Goodnight babe love you 9:54 PM
Me: Love u too;) 9:55 PM
Me: Oh btw I love hearing u say that:) 9:56 PM
DB Phone: I like saying it (: 10:30 PM
Me: lol good keep doing it:) 10:37 PM
DB Phone: I will (: 10:52 PM

Me: Hey baby miss me ? 1:50 PM
DB Phone: Heck yes I do baby, how's school? 1:53 PM
Me: Don't have to do anything today since it's still part of break:) I miss u I really do 1:55 PM
Me: Gonna take a shower haha 1:56 PM
Me: What r u up to? 1:57 PM
DB Phone: Ahh haha that's right home school:p and watchimg a movie (: wish you was sitting on my lap watchimg with me baby 1:59 PM
Me: I know Donnie:) I don't know how much longer I can't stand it omg I want to see u sooooo bad. I have something really awesome to give u<3 2:06 PM
DB Phone: Ohh so do I babe (: 2:07 PM
Me: Then hurry up lol 2:07 PM
Me: Bfore I lose my mind :D 2:08 PM
DB Phone: Lol I know babe (: 2:08 PM
Me: It's sooo bad I feel nuts inside 2:13 PM
DB Phone: Yeah you'll be feeling my nuts inside (: 2:14 PM
Me: Lol I am so serious. I want to give u me all of it, everything and make u the happiest guy ever. 2:18 PM
Me: I will try so hard that there will be no one better:) 2:20 PM
DB Phone: Im sure you'll succeed babe (: and ill give you all of it babe (: 2:22 PM
Me: Awesome u r the sweetest:):) 2:26 PM
Me: And I really want a pic of you babe:) I don't know if I can get pics on my phone but u can try I know I can send but I might be able to open it 2:31 PM
DB Phone: Ill try babe (: 3:01 PM
Me: U better or else 3:08 PM
DB Phone: Or else what lol 3:09 PM
Me: I will make u my prisoner lol 3:11 PM
DB Phone: Oh you promise? (: and what you do to your prisoners? 3:14 PM
Me: Anything I want lol 3:16 PM
DB Phone: Tell me what lol 3:17 PM
Me: U want a dirty story don't u:) 3:19 PM
DB Phone: Yes I do (: try me babe 3:20 PM
Me: Umm ok how about I hold u down and slowly start to 3:22 PM
Me: Take off 3:23 PM
DB Phone: Take off what baby 3:24 PM
Me: Your clothes lol 3:24 PM
DB Phone: Oh really (: then what lol 3:24 PM
Me: Something u want me to do 3:25 PM
DB Phone: Anything you want 3:25 PM
Me: NO I am gonna do something u want me to do 3:27 PM
Me: I know what it is 3:28 PM
DB Phone: Do anything you want baby ill love whatever you do 3:28 PM
Me: Ok it's a surprise then lol 3:28 PM
Me: I don't want to talk dirty on text cause u may decide then u don't need to even meet me lol 3:29 PM
DB Phone: No im gonna meet you even if we talk dirty, your mine baby 3:30 PM
Me: Once we meet I will talk all u want lol I just wanna make sure this isn't all it becomes ya know 3:31 PM
DB Phone: If your not babe lol then I will cuz we're gonna meet and im gonna fuck you hard 3:32 PM
Me: Ya know I must say that gets me excited to hear but please not too hard the first time lol 3:34 PM
DB Phone: But what if I cant help it 3:35 PM
Me: Just start out slow then lol 3:36 PM
DB Phone: I do babe but I like the feeling of it and it makes me go faster 3:37 PM
Me: Lol how fast can u go? 3:38 PM
DB Phone: Wanna find out lol 3:38 PM
Me: U r so funny omg 3:39 PM
Me: Yes I do 3:40 PM
Me: I think lol 3:40 PM
DB Phone: Lol you sure 3:40 PM
Me: Yes I do for sure 3:41 PM
Me: U aren't just gonna like F me and run away r u? 3:43 PM
Me: I want u to keep me around :) 3:50 PM
DB Phone: Im gonna keep you around yes (: 4:46 PM
Me: Just what I wanted to hear:) 4:53 PM
DB Phone: Oh was it (: 5:46 PM
DB Phone: Hun im gonna take a nap ill text you when I wake up kk (: 5:48 PM
Me: Sure thing :) xoxo 6:00 PM
DB Phone: Haha (: 7:15 PM
Me: U awake or asleep? Lol 7:16 PM
DB Phone: Awake lol 7:17 PM
Me: That's good. U work tonight? 7:18 PM
Me: Everytime I think of u which is a lot I so start cracking up:) r u really funny in person too? 7:23 PM
DB Phone: Yes I am (: 7:23 PM
Me: Lol can't wait haha. I laugh about everything so we will be good. I realize I don't even know a lot about you how tall r u? 7:25 PM
Me: I am like 5'4 7:27 PM
DB Phone: Im 5'10 7:35 PM
Me: Perfect 7:35 PM
Me: Can I ask a more personal ? 7:36 PM
DB Phone: Sure hun 7:42 PM
Me: Nvm not a big deal 7:43 PM
Me: So what time u go to work? 7:43 PM
DB Phone: Tell me lol 8:06 PM
DB Phone: In 2 hours and 30 min 8:06 PM
Me: But who's counting right? I was gonna ask u if u have had a lot of gfs before and if u have ever been with someone my age. If it's too personal u don't have to answer I was jw. 8:10 PM
DB Phone: Nope never have hub 8:16 PM
DB Phone: Hun* 8:16 PM
Me: Lol so Y me then 8:17 PM
Me: Have u had a lot of gfs before? 8:17 PM
DB Phone: Nope I havent 8:28 PM
Me: But Y do u wanna be with me 8:29 PM
DB Phone: Cuz your sweet and fun to talk too 8:29 PM
Me: I swear I'll stop after this lol 8:29 PM
DB Phone: Lol 8:29 PM
Me: I almost didn't stop lol That's a sweet answer 8:30 PM
DB Phone: Lmao 8:30 PM
Me: Lol I talk a lot 8:31 PM
Me: And ask a lot of questions lol 8:33 PM
Me: This is like nothing haha 8:33 PM
DB Phone: LmAO its all good 8:36 PM
Me: That's good u r the best! 8:37 PM
Me: Now this is where u give me a really big compliment lol 8:46 PM
Me: The best ever:):) 8:48 PM
Me: U r losing points here lol 9:24 PM
DB Phone: Sorry babe haha I passed out alittle lol 10:14 PM
Me: no worries babe have fun at work. love u 10:22 PM
DB Phone: Love you too 10:39 PM
Me: :) 11:12 PM

Me: Hey it's morning hi lol 5:49 AM
DB Phone: Morning (: 7:01 AM
Me: Hey u:) 7:01 AM
Me: How was work? Your messages make me smile 7:04 AM
DB Phone: It was very tiring I didn't get no sleep ): 7:11 AM
Me: Sorry D go get some sleep xoxo 7:11 AM
DB Phone: You coming too lol 7:18 AM
Me: Don't tease me u know I would love to be there with u:) 7:19 AM
DB Phone: I know babe (: 7:32 AM
Me: I wanna cuddle with u and take a nap 9:25 AM
DB Phone: I'd love that babe (: 10:03 AM
Me: Me too:) y aren't u sleeping mister 10:04 AM
DB Phone: Cuz I had electric guys over here lol 10:04 AM
Me: Oh lol 10:05 AM
DB Phone: Yeah lol and ill spank that butt of yours (: 10:05 AM
Me: What? Lol u r so crazy 10:08 AM
DB Phone: Lol try me 10:08 AM
Me: U wouldn't dare haha 10:09 AM
DB Phone: Oh I would lol 10:09 AM
Me: Your all talk haha 10:10 AM
DB Phone: Im more then talk 10:13 AM
Me: Lol prove it 10:14 AM
Me: Maybe I will like it :D 10:14 AM
DB Phone: I will lol just wait :p 10:14 AM
Me: Ok mister I am looking forward to it lol 10:15 AM
DB Phone: Never been pinned up against the wall have you lol 10:16 AM
Me: Nope never lol 10:17 AM
DB Phone: Well its gonna happen lol 10:17 AM
Me: I actually hope it does it sounds kinda fun:):) 10:19 AM
DB Phone: Oh you do huh (: 10:19 AM
Me: Yes I really really really really really really really really do 10:20 AM
DB Phone: Ok I will then baby 10:23 AM
Me: Yes and u better deliver lol 10:24 AM
DB Phone: I'll deliver more too (: 10:25 AM
Me: Hahahaha I know u will 10:28 AM
Me: U r so funny 10:28 AM
DB Phone: Mmmm (; 10:29 AM
Me: Yummy sweet hot sexy 10:32 AM
DB Phone: Oh I bet your yummy and sweet (: and your hot and sexy 10:33 AM
Me: Yes I am:) 10:34 AM
DB Phone: Mmm that pussy sweet baby (; 10:36 AM
Me: Lol yep maybe someday u will actually find out! 10:37 AM
DB Phone: Mmm im sure I will be soon 10:38 AM
Me: Idk I am still waiting lol 10:39 AM
DB Phone: You wait till I have you here alone baby 10:40 AM
Me: I am waiting for that lol 10:41 AM
DB Phone: Im gonna eat you so good 10:45 AM
DB Phone: Eat you out that is lol 10:45 AM
Me: Lmao 10:45 AM
Me: Zombie 10:45 AM
Me: But I do like Zombies lol but like u more <3 10:49 AM
DB Phone: Oh yes ill eat you out like a zombie (: 10:50 AM
Me: Hahahaha cool 10:55 AM
DB Phone: But I got a question for you lol 10:56 AM
Me: yes whats that 11:08 AM
Me: I am waiting............................................ 11:13 AM
DB Phone: Oh sorry hun but would you suck me? 11:58 AM
Me: Suck what hun?:) 12:01 PM
Me: Well... 12:04 PM
DB Phone: My dick babe 12:05 PM
Me: I would do that for you. U will be my first everything:) I will do whatever u want to do:) 12:10 PM
DB Phone: Hmm (: 12:10 PM
Me: I will take care of u babe:) 12:13 PM
Me: And your friend lol 12:22 PM
DB Phone: Ohh really (: 6:49 PM
Me: Hahaha was just thinkin of u:) 6:52 PM
DB Phone: Oh really 7:00 PM
Me: Yes hottie 7:02 PM
DB Phone: Mmm what about (: 7:04 PM
Me: U just u:) can't wait to see if u r a man of your word lol lol lol 7:06 PM
DB Phone: Lol yes you'll see :p 7:30 PM
Me: I want to seeeeeee pleeeeeaaasssseee 7:30 PM
Me: U r makin this girl go crazy ;) 7:32 PM
DB Phone: Oh yes (; 8:09 PM
Me: So do u wonder about me? How I talk or walk or laugh? U wonder what I look like while I am sleeping or how I kiss whether I like oranges or apples, whether I get cold easily, like or hate snakes, my biggest worries and ideas what my favorite ice cream is and whether I could possibly be as cool as I seem on text? 8:13 PM
DB Phone: Your just perfect (: and nah I dont worry (: 8:27 PM
Me: Wonder not worry boy 8:28 PM
Me: Do you wonder about me? 8:28 PM
DB Phone: Yes (: 8:29 PM
Me: Then get your ass movin boyfriend lol 8:30 PM
DB Phone: Haha oh boyfriend huh (: 8:30 PM
Me: Lol maybe 8:32 PM
DB Phone: Hmm :p 8:33 PM
Me: ;) 8:33 PM
Me: U better check yourself before u wreck yourself lol 8:35 PM
DB Phone: Lol you need humped :p 8:36 PM
Me: OMG lmao 8:36 PM
DB Phone: Lol what 8:37 PM
Me: Humped lol 8:38 PM
DB Phone: Lmao 8:42 PM
Me: At the rate were going I'll never get humped hahahah 8:43 PM
Me: Do u know the humpty dance lol 8:47 PM
DB Phone: Oh you'll get humped I promise and no I dont lol 8:49 PM
Me: Prove it and u should look it up on YouTube Old school 80s I think so funny 8:50 PM
DB Phone: Lmao 9:01 PM
Me: U r so fun I bet u r more fun in person lol 9:03 PM
Me: Can I beat u up 9:03 PM
DB Phone: Haha you can try (: 9:15 PM
Me: I will baby :) 9:33 PM
Me: I really like u Donnie 9:33 PM
DB Phone: I really like you too maddie 9:44 PM
Me: ;) 9:52 PM
Me: U going to work 10:01 PM
DB Phone: Eating right now lol 10:08 PM
Me: Goodnite:) 10:49 PM
DB Phone: Night (: 1:13 AM
Me: :) 1:19 AM
Me: <3 u 1:20 AM
DB Phone: Love you too (: 3:01 AM

Me: Hope your day is a good one babe:) get some sleep lol ;) xoxo 5:46 AM
DB Phone: Thanks babe (: hope you have a great day too 7:03 AM
Me: I will xoxo 7:12 AM
DB Phone: You better (: 7:18 AM
Me: Lol ok boss:) 7:19 AM
DB Phone: Lol ill show you boss (: 7:26 AM
Me: Will u now how?? 7:27 AM
Me: U know u don't scare me haha Donnie! 7:30 AM
DB Phone: Haha why dont I 7:33 AM
Me: Cause I think u don't stand a chance against me and my charm;) 7:34 AM
DB Phone: Haha and what charm is that (: 7:35 AM
Me: All of my special powers to make u love me ofcourse 7:36 AM
DB Phone: Haha well I already do :p 7:38 AM
Me: Right answer <3 <3 7:40 AM
Me: No just come love me for reals lol 7:44 AM
Me: Now via Mo+ ( 7:44 AM
DB Phone: Lol oh pushy huh :p 7:51 AM
Me: Sorry maybe I am 8:00 AM
Me: But I can't stop lol 8:01 AM
Me: U tease me with exciting stories and get me all excited and then I don't know what to do with all that lol 8:02 AM
DB Phone: Haha finger yourself hun (: 8:07 AM
Me: I don't know how to do that! 8:08 AM
Me: That might be weird 8:08 AM
DB Phone: Nah girls do that if there excited like that lol 8:32 AM
Me: Oh ok will have to look into that 8:33 AM
DB Phone: I can finger you first and show you what to do if you want me too 8:34 AM
Me: Ok yeah 8:42 AM
Me: I don't know what I'm looking for lol 8:44 AM
Me: Is that how girls cum? 8:44 AM
DB Phone: Yes that's exactly how 8:47 AM
Me: Oh ok that explains it then sort of 8:47 AM
DB Phone: Haha ill just finger you and show you babe 8:51 AM
Me: Ok and I will cum that way? 8:51 AM
DB Phone: Yes you will 9:56 AM
Me: Ok lol 9:59 AM
DB Phone: Haha (: 10:13 AM
Me: Sounds awesome I never came bfore 10:16 AM
DB Phone: Well im gonna make you (: I think you'll love the feeling of it 10:19 AM
Me: Sounds super sweet 10:21 AM
DB Phone: It makes you feel weak so you wanna make sure you're laying down lol 10:22 AM
Me: I have always wanted to know what that feels like;) 10:23 AM
Me: Sounds crazy haha 10:23 AM
Me: Not safe to walk and cum at same time lmao 10:24 AM
DB Phone: Haha I mean you could lol but it wouldn't feel as good as laying down 10:37 AM
Me: And u may fall out lol!!!! Better be safe and just lay down haha 10:39 AM
Me: U say the funniest things. R u gonna sleep soon 10:50 AM
DB Phone: Yes haha not if I keep talking sexual to you lol 10:54 AM
Me: Lol ok go sleep babe xoxo 10:56 AM
DB Phone: Lol not yet (; 10:58 AM
DB Phone: I'm not done yet :p 10:59 AM
Me: Hahaha ok then carry on babe;) 10:59 AM
DB Phone: Would you let me try it in your ass once babe? Lol 11:01 AM
Me: OMG really? I thought that was exit only lol 11:02 AM
DB Phone: Well lol it is but some girls enjoy it alot but it hurts like hell 11:03 AM
Me: Wouldn't that hurt? 11:03 AM
Me: Well if it hurts so bad y would I wanna lol 11:04 AM
DB Phone: Just to try it babe lol 11:04 AM
Me: Do u like that 11:05 AM
DB Phone: To be honest I've never tried 11:05 AM
Me: So like r u wondering yourself? I may be willing but I think I wanna figure out my other place first lol 11:06 AM
DB Phone: Lol me too and I wanna help before we do 11:09 AM
Me: Help? Me? 11:09 AM
Me: With my place lol? I need serious help 11:10 AM
DB Phone: Lol yes ain't I gonna have my dick in you (; 11:10 AM
Me: Lol yeah sounds exciting 11:11 AM
Me: I have never been around one bfore 11:12 AM
DB Phone: Oh I know 11:12 AM
DB Phone: What a dick? 11:12 AM
Me: Hahaha 11:12 AM
Me: Yes 11:12 AM
Me: Don't know much about them lol 11:13 AM
Me: I googled a pic once hahaha 11:13 AM
DB Phone: Its ok babe you will after I get done with you lol 11:14 AM
DB Phone: Lol what it say 11:14 AM
Me: Oh boy! I just wanted to see what it looked like it was just a pic lol 11:15 AM
DB Phone: Lmao 11:16 AM
Me: But then there were other pics that were pornish so I got off 11:16 AM
DB Phone: Oh my lol 11:17 AM
Me: Hahaha I know some look better than others lol 11:18 AM
DB Phone: Lol yeah 11:18 AM
Me: Yeah 11:19 AM
DB Phone: Haha 11:19 AM
Me: Ok then lol 11:21 AM
DB Phone: Lol well babe im falling asleep now :p text you when I get up 11:22 AM
Me: Ok sweety sleep well <3 11:23 AM
DB Phone: Will do (: 11:25 AM
Me: :) 11:30 AM

Me: Hey 9:13 PM
DB Phone: Heyy hun I just woke up 9:15 PM
Me: Lol ok 9:15 PM
Me: And I'm ready to fall asleep haha 9:16 PM
DB Phone: Aww lol 9:24 PM
Me: I know I think u really may just be a vampire:) 9:25 PM
DB Phone: Lol oh I am (: 9:31 PM
Me: I bet you are haha 9:32 PM
Me: I'll probably go to bed soon so if I do I'll talk to U soon;) 9:44 PM
DB Phone: Mmm ok baby (: 10:02 PM
Me: U going to work? 10:03 PM
Me: Big Xoxoxoxoxoxo nite 10:05 PM
DB Phone: Yes and big hugs and mwahs (: 10:21 PM
Me: same to u have a great night lol 10:32 PM
Me: on a serious note lol I wanted to say..... Im sorry if I have been pushy to see u since you canceled last Sunday. I just like talking to u and thought it could only be better in person lol. But I have been thinking about it and u know what I am cool with whatever this is whether I see u now or later. U r fun and funny and so I wont ask ya anymore. I will just enjoy your company through word on my phone hahaha xoxox Mads 10:36 PM

Me: Hi homeboy 3:58 PM
DB Phone: Heyy 6:54 PM
Me: Hey!! 6:54 PM
DB Phone: Whats up 6:56 PM
Me: Not much where u been? 6:56 PM
DB Phone: Sleeping haha and you 7:02 PM
Me: Just doing a little school stuff 7:02 PM
DB Phone: Ahh sounds fun 7:04 PM
Me: No not really 7:04 PM
Me: Did u get my message last night 7:17 PM
Me: R u mad at me? U seem kinda far away? Ifs something's wrong u can just tell me lol 7:38 PM
DB Phone: No im not mad just hanging with a friend 8:02 PM

DB Phone: Heyy 10:22 AM
Me: Hey u:) 10:23 AM
DB Phone: How you doing babe (: 10:27 AM
Me: I'm good:) hru? 10:27 AM
Me: I have been really busy working on my basketball skills :D 10:46 AM
DB Phone: Oh have you now (: 11:12 AM
Me: Yeah and I got game lol 11:12 AM
DB Phone: Well soon ill be able to see it (: 11:13 AM
Me: R u coming to my game :D 11:13 AM
DB Phone: Ohh what game babe? (: 11:16 AM
Me: My basketball lol jk I am being dumb haha 11:17 AM
DB Phone: Lol no way :p 11:18 AM
Me: You r right there is no way haha 11:19 AM
Me: I am terrible at basketball lol but I can do foul shots! 11:20 AM
Me: I'm not on a team hahah 11:20 AM
DB Phone: Haha ill show you game (: and could you do foul shots with my right behind you up against you (: 11:21 AM
Me: Lol prob not 11:22 AM
Me: That would be a game distraction aka a foul lol 11:22 AM
DB Phone: Haha oh I know (: every foul shot you took I'd grab your butt or pinch it (; 11:24 AM
Me: That might get u benched! Lmao 11:25 AM
DB Phone: Oh good lol 11:29 AM
Me: But u can come with me to the bench lol 11:29 AM
DB Phone: Haha I think if I get benched you'd be comin with me 11:30 AM
Me: That is so true I think I just like being in charge lol 11:31 AM
DB Phone: Ohh I think so too 11:33 AM
Me: U do Y? 11:34 AM
DB Phone: Lol oh just cuz 11:46 AM
Me: You r too funny:) that's they best part about u haha 11:47 AM
DB Phone: Haha I try :p 12:04 PM
Me: It's sexy ;) 12:07 PM
DB Phone: (; 12:32 PM
Me: lol 12:40 PM
DB Phone: :p 1:57 PM
Me: What r u up to ? 1:57 PM
DB Phone: Just woke up again lol 2:01 PM
Me: Ofcourse lol;) 2:02 PM
DB Phone: :P 2:15 PM
Me: Cute;) 2:15 PM
DB Phone: You yes (: 3:35 PM
Me: Lol sweet:) u too;) 3:36 PM
DB Phone: Mmm (: 3:49 PM
Me: Tasty sweet lol 3:51 PM
DB Phone: Oh yes haha 3:52 PM
Me: Yes and yummy 4:00 PM
DB Phone: You yes lol (: 4:11 PM
Me: U bet (: 4:15 PM
Me: Well that's a guess but I think a pretty good one haha 4:17 PM
DB Phone: Lol what's a pretty good one 4:29 PM
Me: My guess that I'm yummy lol 4:30 PM
DB Phone: Oh I bet you are 4:38 PM
Me: Lol 4:45 PM
DB Phone: Haha 5:11 PM
Me: Mofo 5:36 PM
DB Phone: Lmao 5:40 PM
Me: Lol word 5:56 PM
DB Phone: Lmao 6:45 PM
Me: :) u working tonight? 6:52 PM
DB Phone: Sadly yes lol 6:53 PM
Me: That is sad:( 6:54 PM
DB Phone: Lol yes 6:59 PM
Me: How have u been? 6:59 PM
DB Phone: Haha good just got outta shower here recently 7:00 PM
Me: Are u naked lol 7:01 PM
DB Phone: No haha 7:05 PM
DB Phone: Well I was earlier lol 7:05 PM
Me: Lol ok 7:06 PM
Me: Hey have a good nite at work Buzzy;) 9:36 PM
DB Phone: Haha thanks babe (: 10:10 PM
Me: Yw I am just getting into bed ;) 10:31 PM

DB Phone: Lucky lol 5:18 AM
Me: Lol :) who is? 6:04 AM
Me: And I'm still in bed too! 6:09 AM
Me: I'm cold 6:10 AM
Me: My cat keeps bothering me cause she's hungry lol 6:11 AM
Me: Oh wait,,, and I have to pee haha 6:12 AM
Me: It's all cool but something is missing... 6:30 AM
DB Phone: Whats that something lol 7:03 AM
Me: U 7:04 AM
DB Phone: Ahh yes very true 7:04 AM
Me: Xoxo 7:05 AM
Me: go sleep lol 7:16 AM
DB Phone: Oh I am lol 7:18 AM
Me: good enjoy;) 7:28 AM
DB Phone: I will (: well im going to work out (: 7:29 AM
Me: Lol:) nice 7:31 AM
DB Phone: Oh yes (: 7:31 AM
Me: Carry on babe lol 7:32 AM
DB Phone: Haha just got done 9:23 AM
Me: Was it good? 9:24 AM
DB Phone: Felt very good yes 9:30 AM
Me: Yeah I feel that way after dance class:) it's the best 9:32 AM
DB Phone: Oh yeah (: 9:34 AM
Me: Yes! I love that feeling 9:35 AM
DB Phone: Imma be so sore today tho lol 10:01 AM
Me: Oh suck it up lol 10:02 AM
DB Phone: You suck it up lol 10:43 AM
Me: I do almost everyday and u don't hear me complaining lol ;) 10:44 AM
DB Phone: Lol oh hush 10:45 AM
Me: Lmao 10:45 AM
Me: Aren't u supposed to be sleeping? 10:45 AM
DB Phone: Just showered but now yes im finally layed down 11:06 AM
Me: Aww good boy =) 11:08 AM
DB Phone: Haha :p 12:17 PM
Me: U text sleeping lol 12:18 PM
DB Phone: Nope lol 3:50 PM
Me: Lol u r a cutie:) 3:51 PM
DB Phone: Well haha :p 4:47 PM
Me: Hey 9:02 PM
DB Phone: Heyy 9:15 PM
Me: Hey what's going on 9:16 PM
DB Phone: Just made supper, ate and cleaned up haha you 9:20 PM
Me: Went to dance came home body hurts so laying on my bed lol 9:21 PM
DB Phone: Aww im sorry lol 9:29 PM
Me: Sure haha it's all good 9:30 PM
DB Phone: Lol :p 9:32 PM
Me: U going to work 9:33 PM
DB Phone: Getting ready now 10:00 PM
Me: What time do u start 11? 10:01 PM
DB Phone: Yes 10:07 PM
Me: Until what 8? 10:08 PM
DB Phone: 7 10:13 PM
Me: Close lol 10:14 PM
Me: Do u like it there 10:14 PM
DB Phone: Ehh lol its alright 10:31 PM
Me: Yeah it's work i guess so do u think u will stay there forever 10:32 PM
DB Phone: Nah 12:59 AM

Me: Hope u have a good day:) 7:03 AM
DB Phone: Thanks (: just got done working out so now we gonna cool off and play alittle basketball 8:05 AM
Me: Lol U R like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh! 8:07 AM
DB Phone: Lol whys that 9:01 AM
Me: Cause he is always bouncing around lol like u. Everyone loves Tigger so it's totally a compliment:) 9:21 AM
Me: And there is only ONE Tigger just like there is only one DB =) 9:27 AM

DB Phone: Haha well thank you (: 5:09 PM
Me: Sure;) 5:13 PM
DB Phone: ((; 6:18 PM
Me: Oh yeah... Drop it like its hot 6:40 PM
DB Phone: Lol 1:06 AM

DB Phone: Hey (: 11:03 AM
Me: Hey you:):) 11:09 AM
Me: I must say I miss u DB 11:10 AM
DB Phone: I shall say I miss you too (: 11:15 AM
Me: That's sweet:) 11:16 AM
DB Phone: You sure are (: 11:16 AM
Me: <3 11:17 AM
DB Phone: Love you too (: 11:18 AM
Me: Do u:) 11:19 AM
DB Phone: I sure do (: 11:19 AM
Me: Well that makes me super happy :):):) 11:20 AM
DB Phone: Haha good (: 11:20 AM
Me: Yesssss lol 11:21 AM
DB Phone: :P 11:21 AM
Me: So what's been going on lol? 11:23 AM
DB Phone: Work and working out lol you 11:24 AM
Me: Cool just dancing a lot 11:24 AM
Me: R u getting big muscles lol 11:24 AM
DB Phone: Oh yes lol 11:25 AM
Me: Hmmm sounds super nice;) 11:26 AM
DB Phone: Oh yes so I can dominate you (: 11:26 AM
Me: Oh yeah like how? Lol 11:27 AM
DB Phone: Lol all ways 11:27 AM
Me: Well don't keep it to yourself haha 11:28 AM
DB Phone: Mostly sex(; 11:28 AM
Me: Really that sounds like it might be fun I think lol 11:29 AM
Me: U aren't gonna hurt me r u lol 11:29 AM
DB Phone: I think it would be too lol 11:29 AM
DB Phone: Maybe alittle lol 11:30 AM
Me: What? U r kidding right lol 11:30 AM
Me: Like what will u do :) 11:30 AM
DB Phone: Lol nope im not kidding 11:31 AM
DB Phone: All kinds of things lol 11:31 AM
Me: I have no idea what to think lol:) 11:31 AM
Me: This doesn't involve hot wax does it? I saw that in a movie haha 11:32 AM
DB Phone: Lol just watch and see, you'll love it as much as I do (: 11:32 AM
DB Phone: Nope it don't 11:33 AM
Me: Just give me a little hint pleasssse 11:33 AM
DB Phone: Im gonna seriously fuck you hard up against the wall lol 11:34 AM
Me: Wow lol!!! 11:35 AM
DB Phone: Lmao oh yes!! 11:35 AM
Me: U think it will feel good? 11:35 AM
DB Phone: I know it will 11:36 AM
Me: Ok then that sound exciting 11:36 AM
DB Phone: Oh it will be 11:36 AM
Me: It's exciting to even hear u say it lol 11:36 AM
DB Phone: Lol really now 11:37 AM
Me: I am supposed to be doing school work and now I can't think lol 11:38 AM
Me: See what u did to me!!! 11:39 AM
DB Phone: Haha well I can sneak over and fuck you (: 11:42 AM
Me: That would be fun 11:42 AM
Me: Too bad my moms here lol 11:43 AM
DB Phone: Lol sneak outside and we could go have sex somewhere haha 11:44 AM
Me: But she isn't always here;) 11:44 AM
Me: Really? 11:44 AM
Me: Like where 11:44 AM
Me: Is your sister still there? 11:45 AM
DB Phone: Yes she is ): for 2 more weeks 11:45 AM
Me: Oh ok 11:46 AM
Me: I don't want my first time to be in a bush tho lol 11:46 AM
DB Phone: It don't gotta be in a bush baby 11:47 AM
Me: Oh good cause the way u r talking the bush won't survive lmao 11:47 AM
DB Phone: Oh I can only agree 11:50 AM
Me: So where then 11:51 AM
DB Phone: We can go somewhere no one goes and have sex in my car or something 11:52 AM
Me: Is there enough room in there? Haha 11:53 AM
Me: I do like Mustangs ;) 11:54 AM
DB Phone: We can lay down in the back seats (: 11:54 AM
Me: Lol ok:) 11:54 AM
Me: Just make sure it's somewhere away from people! 11:54 AM
DB Phone: Oh I know lol 11:55 AM
Me: U know someplace like that? 11:55 AM
DB Phone: I think so lol 11:56 AM
Me: Ok lol 11:56 AM
Me: When 11:56 AM
DB Phone: God im so hard now and wanna fuck you right now but damn I'm so tired to make the drive 11:57 AM
Me: Lmao my mom is here anyway 11:57 AM
DB Phone: Ill fuck you in front of her lol joking 11:58 AM
Me: I can usually figure out when she is gonna be out or away so just let me know 11:59 AM
Me: Omg that's bad lol 11:59 AM
DB Phone: Ok babe I will 11:59 AM
DB Phone: Lmao I know 11:59 AM
Me: Yeah so let me know kk 11:59 AM
Me: I really wanna meet u soooooooooo bad:) 12:00 PM
DB Phone: I wanna meet you bad too(: 12:00 PM
Me: Kk good Gonna finish school stuff before she comes in here 12:01 PM
Me: U going to sleep or doing something else 12:01 PM
DB Phone: Doing something else (; 12:02 PM
Me: Lol text me later <3 ;) 12:02 PM
DB Phone: But babe come help me! (; 12:03 PM
Me: By the time I walk there u would be passed out! 12:03 PM
DB Phone: Come inside and rub my dick to wake me up (; 12:05 PM
Me: Lol 12:32 PM
DB Phone: Haha 12:36 PM
Me: U r so bad and so good hahaha 12:37 PM
Me: U know where u find me whenever u wanna:):) 1:08 PM
DB Phone: Haha oh yeah (: 2:07 PM
Me: Yes sir;) 2:07 PM
DB Phone: ((; 2:32 PM
Me: Hey 5:43 PM
DB Phone: Hey 8:36 PM
Me: Hey:) 8:37 PM
Me: U working tonight? 8:37 PM
DB Phone: I am yes 8:52 PM
Me: thats no fun :( did u sleep today lol 8:54 PM
DB Phone: Lol yes plenty 9:21 PM
Me: That's good:) i took a nap myself haha 9:22 PM
DB Phone: Did you now (: 9:24 PM
Me: Yes lol I was tired lol 9:24 PM
DB Phone: Aw sorry hun 9:49 PM
Me: It's all good I feel better now:) I was still hoping u would send me a pic of u 9:50 PM
Me: I can open pics on my phone :) 9:55 PM
Me: Crap nvm won't work:( 10:06 PM
Me: Maybe u can email me one:) 10:07 PM
DB Phone: Aww ill try in the morning hun kk 10:21 PM
Me: Cool thanks that would be awesome have a good nite at work :) <3 10:23 PM
DB Phone: Ill try hun (: 10:29 PM
Me: =) 10:38 PM

Text Messaging 5/2/14

DB Phone: Heyy 10:44 AM
Me: Hi DB!:) 10:44 AM
DB Phone: Lol how's you 10:58 AM
Me: Me is good;) how is you? 10:58 AM
DB Phone: Mmm I bet lol and im good too 11:03 AM
Me: Yep that's for sure;) 11:04 AM
DB Phone: Lol 11:19 AM
Me: <3 11:21 AM
DB Phone: <3 11:27 AM
Me: U work out today or play bball? 11:28 AM
DB Phone: Not today haha 11:29 AM
Me: Lol slacker jk :) 11:30 AM
DB Phone: Lol oh bite me 11:51 AM
Me: Lol u r the vampire remember :D 11:52 AM
DB Phone: True lol 11:55 AM
Me: I know I am right:):) 11:58 AM
DB Phone: Lmao 11:59 AM
Me: U can laugh my funny friend but u know it's all true Word 12:02 PM
DB Phone: Haha hush :p 12:28 PM
Me: Ok sure if u insist =) 1:03 PM
DB Phone: ((; 4:56 PM
Me: Lol hey:) 4:56 PM
DB Phone: Wazzup 4:59 PM
Me: Not much gonna go to my friends house later to hang out R u working? 5:07 PM
DB Phone: No im off 5:12 PM
Me: Wow no work. So what will u do DB lol 5:13 PM
Me: Where is my pic? 5:16 PM
Me: I really wanna see a pic of your car though Mustangs r so hot;) 5:16 PM
DB Phone: Oh do you (: 9:15 PM
Me: Sssssssssssssss 12:48 AM

DB Phone: Heyy 10:51 AM
Me: Hey DB:) 10:52 AM
DB Phone: How's you? (: 11:02 AM
Me: I'm good! U? 11:02 AM
DB Phone: Im good good 11:03 AM
Me: R u double good;) 11:04 AM
DB Phone: Oh yes lol (: 11:23 AM
Me: How come:) 11:28 AM
DB Phone: You tell me(; 11:29 AM
Me: Ummm Idk lol 11:30 AM
DB Phone: Lmao 12:01 PM
Me: What's so funny mister;) 12:02 PM
Me: Do u know something idk? Lol 12:02 PM
DB Phone: I might lol 12:05 PM
Me: U better tell or else!!! 12:07 PM
DB Phone: Or else what lol you gonna hurt me lmao 12:15 PM
Me: What do u think smarty pants?! 12:15 PM
DB Phone: Lol that you cant haha 12:16 PM
Me: Oh I can for sure;) 12:16 PM
DB Phone: And how's that (: 12:17 PM
Me: I will Kung Fu your ass 12:17 PM
DB Phone: Lol well bring it 12:17 PM
Me: Oh Yeah.... 12:18 PM
Me: It 12:18 PM
Me: Is 12:18 PM
Me: On 12:18 PM
DB Phone: You bet your ass it is lol 12:19 PM
Me: Oh no u didn't lol 12:19 PM
Me: U will be crying when it's over 12:19 PM
DB Phone: Haha is that so (; 12:20 PM
Me: Yep:;) 12:20 PM
DB Phone: Mmm well try me (; 12:21 PM
Me: I am planning on it 12:21 PM
DB Phone: Haha good just hope I dont make you cry (; 12:22 PM
Me: That won't happen I am too tough! 12:22 PM
DB Phone: Haha well see tho when we're having sex (; 12:23 PM
Me: Besides u wouldn't want to make me cry cause I'm too sweet:) 12:23 PM
Me: Y would I cry? 12:23 PM
Me: Your gonna scare me! 12:24 PM
DB Phone: Haha oh I bet your sweet mmm (; and hurt you in a good way (: 12:25 PM
Me: Lol ok:) only in a good way 12:26 PM
DB Phone: Mmm oh yes(; 12:27 PM
Me: U r too funny I <3 it! 12:28 PM
DB Phone: And me (: 12:28 PM
Me: Yes ofcourse:) how could anyone not 12:29 PM
DB Phone: Haha true (: 12:30 PM
Me: It sure is:) u r super cute funny and soooo much fun 12:31 PM
DB Phone: Oh fun indeed (: 12:31 PM
Me: Lol:) like the funest everrrrrr 12:33 PM
DB Phone: Ohh you dont even know yet (: 12:33 PM
Me: I can only try to guess what that means :D 12:35 PM
DB Phone: Al I know is thAt you should be here sitting on top of me (: 12:35 PM
Me: Lol like how 12:35 PM
DB Phone: Like me laying down and you sitting on my you know lol 12:36 PM
Me: Lol I don't know 12:36 PM
DB Phone: Lol you sitting on my dick silly 12:37 PM
Me: Haha:) 12:37 PM
DB Phone: And having it go up in you 12:37 PM
Me: Hmmm that sounds tricky 12:38 PM
DB Phone: Nah not tricky at all just you sitting on my dick and it going inside you (: 12:39 PM
Me: U think it will fit? Nothing's been in there before lol 12:40 PM
DB Phone: Lol only 1 way to find out 12:41 PM
Me: That's true haha 12:42 PM
Me: As long as u go slow I would try it 12:43 PM
DB Phone: Haha yeah 12:43 PM
DB Phone: Ok deal 12:43 PM
Me: :) 12:44 PM
DB Phone: (: 12:45 PM
Me: What color are your eyes 12:46 PM
DB Phone: Green 12:48 PM
Me: Cool :) green eyes are the best 12:52 PM
Me: Do u have tattoos? 12:52 PM
DB Phone: Yes I have my right upper arm full :p 12:55 PM
Me: Tattoos are awesome:) so does yours mean something to u? 12:56 PM
DB Phone: Yes it does, both mom and dad passed away so I got a cross with a hand holding it saying in loving memory of mom and dad 12:57 PM
Me: Wow I'm so sorry Donnie if if was there I would hug u tight 12:59 PM
Me: Did they pass away at the same time? 1:00 PM
Me: I hope I didn't make u feel sad 1:05 PM
DB Phone: No mom passed when I was in 6th grade and dad passed 4 years ago 1:07 PM
Me: Were u close with them 1:08 PM
DB Phone: Very yes 1:09 PM
Me: And like u were so young to lose your mom :( 1:10 PM
DB Phone: Yes hun 1:14 PM
Me: I'm sorry Donnie <3 <3 1:16 PM
Me: I hope I didn't make u feel bad asking u about it 1:17 PM
DB Phone: No your fine babe 1:18 PM
Me: Ok:) so u doing anything fun today 1:18 PM
DB Phone: Getting ready to go out and mow lol 1:19 PM
Me: Lol that's no fun haha 1:19 PM
Me: U work tonight 1:19 PM
Me: Text me later if u want I need to go somewhere with my mom 1:25 PM
Me: Have fun with the lawn DB Xoxo 1:25 PM
DB Phone: Haha oh I will (: and you have fun too 1:27 PM
Me: Sure babe :):) 1:31 PM
DB Phone: (: text you soon 1:31 PM
Me: Kk;) 1:32 PM
Me: Hi 9:00 PM
DB Phone: Hey (: 9:04 PM
Me: Hey how r u 9:06 PM
DB Phone: Im good you 9:16 PM
Me: Ok I think I hurt my back though lol 9:21 PM
DB Phone: Aw how 9:35 PM
Me: Tryin to walk my dog lol 1:18 AM
DB Phone: LmAO why trying 1:21 AM
Me: Cause he weighs about the same as me! 1:23 AM
Me: And he is crazy 1:25 AM
DB Phone: Aww lol 1:27 AM
Me: He is cute tho :) right now he is in bed with me and snoring lol 1:28 AM
DB Phone: Aww lol must be nice 2:03 AM
Me: :) yeah but once he's asleep u can't move his big ass lol 2:04 AM
Me: What r u doing lol 2:04 AM
DB Phone: Ohh aww lmao 2:09 AM
Me: Sometimes I have to roll him out of the bed to get up lmao 2:11 AM
DB Phone: Lol yeah 2:56 AM

DB Phone: Heyy 3:25 PM
Me: Hey I was just thinking about u:) 3:28 PM
DB Phone: I was just thinking about you too (: 3:31 PM
Me: Lol good stuff I hope:) 3:31 PM
DB Phone: Oh always (: 3:54 PM
Me: Same here <3 4:12 PM
DB Phone: Oh yeah <3 4:24 PM
Me: Yes sir :D 4:25 PM
DB Phone: I went on a nice good run (: 4:46 PM
Me: That's awesome! I hate running lol but I figure the dancing makes up for it:) 5:00 PM
DB Phone: I doubt it lol joking :p 5:01 PM
Me: That's enough DB ;) 5:05 PM
Me: But for real I am impressed:)! 5:06 PM
DB Phone: Haha impressed about what (: 5:07 PM
Me: U running! That cool 5:15 PM
DB Phone: Well thanks (: 5:15 PM
Me: And me being impressed is well a big deal haha 5:15 PM
DB Phone: Oh really lol 5:16 PM
Me: Yes! So u should feel extra special:) 5:16 PM
DB Phone: Ohh I do (; 5:30 PM
Me: Goody 5:31 PM
DB Phone: Mmm 5:33 PM
Me: Hmm 5:33 PM
DB Phone: What you thinking 5:34 PM
Me: Oh just about u:) 5:35 PM
DB Phone: What about me 5:36 PM
Me: All good things all good things:) 5:37 PM
DB Phone: Tell me babe (: 5:40 PM
Me: Well what do u hope I am thinking;) 5:41 PM
DB Phone: Idk hopefully something good (; 5:41 PM
Me: Ofcourse. I like u Donnie and think you are a super good guy :) 5:45 PM
DB Phone: Aww thanks love (: 5:45 PM
Me: Your so welcome:):) 5:47 PM
Me: What are u thinking? 5:53 PM
DB Phone: Me and you (; 6:03 PM
Me: U r gonna need to do better than that lol 6:05 PM
Me: :) 6:05 PM
DB Phone: Haha I think you know tho (: 6:11 PM
Me: yeah I think so lol guessing it involves body parts lol 6:16 PM
DB Phone: Oh yes haha 6:20 PM
Me: lucky guess right haha 6:21 PM
DB Phone: Nah lol you knew it (: 6:28 PM
Me: yes ofcourse that is pretty much normal DB:) 6:30 PM
DB Phone: Lmao good (: 6:34 PM
Me: haha u r too funny 6:36 PM
DB Phone: I try (: 6:37 PM
Me: and u r good at it too! U have to work tonight? 6:39 PM
DB Phone: I do yes 6:41 PM
Me: :( did u sleep already? 6:43 PM
DB Phone: I slept till 1:30pm lol 6:44 PM
Me: oh ok lol you have the craziest sleep ever how long have u worked there? do u like working at night or would u rather work during the day? 6:47 PM
DB Phone: 6 years and I'd rather work nights 6:48 PM
Me: wow thats a long time so why nights 6:50 PM
DB Phone: Its more layed back 6:54 PM
Me: so like what is this place u work 6:56 PM
DB Phone: Its a glass factory we make refrigerater shelves and stove tops 6:57 PM
Me: oh ok makes sense now 6:59 PM
Me: i dont think I could work at night I would be sleeping lol 7:00 PM
DB Phone: Lol oh its not to bad 7:01 PM
Me: I want to get paid to dance 7:02 PM
DB Phone: Lol it could happen someday 7:02 PM
Me: i hope and I lets be clear real dancing not on a pole lol 7:03 PM
DB Phone: I know lol 7:03 PM
Me: ok haha some people make jokes when u say u want to be a dancer lol 7:04 PM
DB Phone: Lol I know it its funny 7:05 PM
Me: u think its funny? 7:05 PM
DB Phone: No no 7:07 PM
Me: lol:) its blood sweat and tears 7:08 PM
DB Phone: Lol true 7:08 PM
Me: do u like to dance 7:09 PM
Me: I bet u could dance really good I would like to see u do some hip hop lol 7:14 PM
DB Phone: Nah not a big dancer lol 7:20 PM
Me: oh come on u just need the right teacher lol put a little snoop dog on and just let it go LMAO 7:21 PM
Me: Im so cracking myself up over here;);) 7:22 PM
DB Phone: Lmfao 7:27 PM
Me: lol!!! To annoy my mom I tell her its my dream to be in a snoop video and she gets all upset its so freaking funny 7:29 PM
DB Phone: Aww lmao 7:38 PM
Me: Yeah I am so funny:) 7:41 PM
DB Phone: Id say (: 7:45 PM
Me: U better:) 7:47 PM
DB Phone: Or what lol 7:48 PM
Me: Don't test me lol 7:48 PM
DB Phone: Mmm lol sounds tempting 7:48 PM
Me: I bet haha 7:49 PM
DB Phone: :P 8:04 PM
Me: Hope u have a good night at work :) 8:16 PM
DB Phone: Ehh we'll see lol 8:30 PM
Me: :) I'll dream of u DB lol 8:33 PM
DB Phone: Mmm you better 8:47 PM
Me: Oh I will;) 8:48 PM
DB Phone: (; 8:48 PM

Me: hey u the sun is up:) 8:00 AM
DB Phone: Hey (: 8:09 AM
Me: Hi what r u doing 8:10 AM
Me: Bring me breakfast 8:10 AM
DB Phone: What you want? 8:14 AM
Me: Lol I'm jk:) I am hungry but my moms here lol 8:16 AM
Me: Would u really bring me something tho? 8:16 AM
DB Phone: Yes I would 8:27 AM
Me: That's sweet:) 8:31 AM
DB Phone: I try baby (: 8:35 AM
Me: :) u tired? 8:36 AM
DB Phone: Kinda yes hun 8:36 AM
Me: Aww well go sleep <3 8:37 AM
DB Phone: You get over here and sleep with me (: 8:37 AM
Me: I wish for real 8:38 AM
DB Phone: You and me both love 8:38 AM
Me: That would feel so nice 8:38 AM
Me: I like to cuddle 8:39 AM
DB Phone: I know it (: I love to cuddle 8:40 AM
Me: It's the best with the right person:):) 8:41 AM
Me: My dog always wants to cuddle but he is big and stinks lol 8:42 AM
DB Phone: Aww lmao I dont stink :p 8:46 AM
Me: That's a huge bonus! 8:52 AM
DB Phone: Oh yeah! (: 8:55 AM
Me: Yes babe it is:) I like things that smell good lol 8:57 AM
DB Phone: Oh do you now (; 8:57 AM
Me: Yes! One time I had to partner with this guy in dance and he he was the worst I literally would gag 8:58 AM
DB Phone: Aww eww 8:59 AM
Me: Yeah it was bad. But I bet u smell good:) 9:02 AM
DB Phone: I do (: 9:02 AM
DB Phone: Everywhere (; 9:03 AM
Me: Yeah! 9:03 AM
Me: Than we can cuddle 9:03 AM
DB Phone: Ohh we definitely will cuddle 9:04 AM
Me: Lol well that's good too! Ok I can't wait 9:05 AM
Me: U make me feel really good. I have never had any guy be this nice to me and say all the things u say. Sometimes the feeling is sooo big it's scary. U make me feel loved and that's the best. I hope I don't sound dumb. I've never felt like this bfore ever 9:22 AM
DB Phone: Well that's good right (: 3:31 PM
Me: Oh idk 4:57 PM
DB Phone: LmAO 5:06 PM
Me: Oh shut up I know I sound dumb 5:21 PM
DB Phone: You shush lol 5:29 PM
Me: Kk 5:31 PM
DB Phone: :p 5:31 PM
Me: >:( 5:35 PM
DB Phone: Why sad 5:43 PM
Me: Cause I am 12:09 AM
DB Phone: Oh ): 12:36 AM

Me: Hey there 7:45 AM
DB Phone: Hey you 7:48 AM
Me: lol :) 7:52 AM
DB Phone: Lol whats funny (: 7:54 AM
Me: oh just my morning routine to laugh:) 7:56 AM
DB Phone: Haha good (: a laugh in the morning is good babe 8:07 AM
Me: Yeah beats being sad lol 8:20 AM
DB Phone: Very true 9:03 AM
Me: Yep! Hope u have a super nice day:):) 9:17 AM
DB Phone: Hey hope you do the same (: 9:51 AM
Me: :) 9:59 AM
DB Phone: :P 10:00 AM
Me: Hey 4:04 PM
DB Phone: Heyy 7:00 PM
Me: Hello:) 7:06 PM
DB Phone: How's you dear? (: 7:07 PM
Me: Good ;) u? 7:11 PM
DB Phone: Im doing swell lol (; 7:12 PM
Me: Swell haha 7:12 PM
DB Phone: Lmao dont judge :p 7:16 PM
Me: Lol never babe 7:17 PM
DB Phone: Lol better not :p 7:23 PM
Me: Cross my <3 7:45 PM
DB Phone: Lol I believe you 7:47 PM
Me: U best be serious DB;) 7:47 PM
DB Phone: More serious then a spanking lol 7:55 PM
Me: :0 8:04 PM
DB Phone: Lmao 8:06 PM
Me: Mmhhm 8:07 PM
DB Phone: :P 8:07 PM
Me: Poop 8:08 PM
DB Phone: Lol who you :p 8:11 PM
Me: Haha maybe;) 8:11 PM
DB Phone: Eww lol 8:28 PM
Me: Hahaha noooo 8:29 PM
DB Phone: Lmfao 8:30 PM
Me: Can I get a what what?? 8:44 PM
DB Phone: What what lol 8:44 PM
Me: Jay Z 8:45 PM
DB Phone: Ohh yeah! Song? 8:47 PM
Me: It's an old Jay Z song lol I like old school hip hop 8:51 PM
DB Phone: Ohh yeah 8:56 PM
Me: It has bad words in it tho lol:) 8:57 PM
DB Phone: Lmao bad girl 8:58 PM
Me: Sshh don't tell 8:59 PM
DB Phone: Haha promise 9:02 PM
Me: it's a secret;) 9:03 PM
DB Phone: Shh 9:10 PM
Me: Lol yes:) u must keep all my secrets secret 9:13 PM
DB Phone: And if I dont lol 9:20 PM
Me: It won't be pretty lol 9:26 PM
DB Phone: Lol I wanna hear this 9:26 PM
Me: It will be very very bad haha 9:27 PM
DB Phone: Tell me lol 9:36 PM
Me: And u will never escape 9:43 PM
DB Phone: Lmao this sounds like your gonna have me tied up or something lol 9:44 PM
Me: Haha u wish 9:46 PM
DB Phone: Haha you would tho 9:54 PM
Me: That's a thought haha 11:18 PM
DB Phone: Haha yeah 12:19 AM
Me: Lol:) I can't sleep 12:20 AM
DB Phone: Aw why not 12:26 AM
Me: Idk really u at work? 12:26 AM
DB Phone: Yes I am lol 1:00 AM
Me: Help still awake lol 1:27 AM
Me: But hey my dog is asleep lol 1:27 AM
DB Phone: Haha on you? :p 1:52 AM

DB Phone: Morning my sexy girl (: 7:19 AM
Me: Lol:) hey my DB 7:27 AM
DB Phone: Haha how's my sexy girl doing? (: 7:44 AM
Me: Tired lol how's my DB doing? ;) 7:45 AM
DB Phone: Me too haha tired but wanna get more tired then we are now? (; 7:46 AM
Me: Lol ? 7:47 AM
DB Phone: Lol oh you know how (; 7:50 AM
Me: With u I never know haha 7:51 AM
DB Phone: Oh yes you do babe (: 7:52 AM
Me: Haha umm no tell me :D 7:53 AM
Me: Where is your mind goin lol! 7:56 AM
DB Phone: Haha down your panties (; 8:00 AM
Me: You are so bad haha 8:02 AM
DB Phone: Haha oh you wait it gets worse (; 8:03 AM
Me: Oh I am sure lol 8:04 AM
Me: where r u lol 8:11 AM
DB Phone: Im at home getting ready to shower (; 8:16 AM
Me: :) lol 8:20 AM
Me: I have a ? 8:32 AM
DB Phone: Yes babe 8:32 AM
Me: When u text it's really cool and I like talking to u a lot But do u talk to me cause u like talking to ME or are u looking to have someone talk dirty to like a hotline I think it's funny when u say all that and I like it but like is that stuff about me or could it be anyone? It's totally cool whatever just so I know so I don't get myself all confused ya know 8:41 AM
DB Phone: Yes its just for you 8:43 AM
Me: ok:) I know u dont like talking about feelings lol but I hate feeling dumb so I would rather just know U know u rock my world DB lol :):) 8:45 AM
DB Phone: Haha and you rock mine(: 8:50 AM
Me: Ok:) but can I get a what what? 8:51 AM
DB Phone: What what lol 8:52 AM
Me: thanks I needed that!!! 8:53 AM
Me: U going to sleep? 9:02 AM
DB Phone: Soon yes lol 9:03 AM
Me: Ok:) hope it's nice xoxo 9:07 AM
DB Phone: Me too lol 9:19 AM
Me: :) 9:19 AM
DB Phone: (: 9:34 AM

Me: hey just wanted to tell u that I had to make a new meetme page mine got deleted lol:) didnt want u to think i unfriended u 6:12 PM
DB Phone: Its ok and I noticed 6:17 PM
Me: lol u did? 6:18 PM
Me: u didnt think i took u off did u? 6:20 PM
DB Phone: Nah I know you didnt 6:22 PM
Me: ok good I would never think to do such a thing lol:):) 6:24 PM
DB Phone: Lol good*((: 6:25 PM
Me: yep;) 6:29 PM
DB Phone: (; 6:43 PM
Me: Hi 11:02 PM
Me: Guess what I'm doing 11:05 PM
DB Phone: What you doing haha 11:41 PM
Me: Sleeping with a big smelly dog:) 12:12 AM
DB Phone: Eww haha whys that 12:12 AM
Me: He took over my bed! 1:09 AM
DB Phone: Aww lol 1:22 AM
Me: No he needs to roll out of here:) 1:24 AM
Me: Y am I awake lol 1:24 AM
DB Phone: Lol very true cuz only I can lay with you (: 1:25 AM
DB Phone: Thats a good question 1:25 AM
DB Phone: Lol 1:25 AM
Me: Heck yeah I bet u smell better;) 1:26 AM
Me: I'm a rebel 1:26 AM
DB Phone: Haha I may but I bet I dont right now :p 1:34 AM
Me: I don't even care;) 1:35 AM
DB Phone: Haha whys that babe 1:38 AM
Me: A stinky u is better than no u:) 1:40 AM
DB Phone: Aww haha (: but I'd still shower :p 1:53 AM

Me: ;) 6:39 AM
DB Phone: ((; 6:53 AM
Me: Lol ^_* 7:41 AM
DB Phone: <(^.^)> 7:43 AM
Me: Lol smarty pants o_0 7:54 AM
DB Phone: Haha I have some of them :p 7:55 AM
Me: I bet u do DB ;) 8:00 AM
DB Phone: Shh lmao 8:17 AM
Me: Your secrets safe with me I always keep them:) 8:27 AM
DB Phone: Haha (: 9:01 AM
Me: Word 9:05 AM

DB Phone: Hey 7:20 AM
Me: Hey u:) 7:33 AM
DB Phone: Whats good? (: 7:37 AM
Me: Me lol;) how about u? 7:41 AM
DB Phone: Oh I know you are lol (; 7:49 AM
Me: Haha u bet DB! :):) 7:50 AM
DB Phone: Haha mmm (; 8:06 AM
Me: Hmmm;) 8:06 AM
DB Phone: Lol whats that mind of yours thinking? (: 8:07 AM
Me: Only good things about a super super cute guy I know ^_^ 8:11 AM
DB Phone: Oh really (: 8:13 AM
Me: Yessss sound like anyone u know?? 8:15 AM
DB Phone: Hmm idk lol :p 8:16 AM
Me: Haha duh 8:18 AM
DB Phone: Dont you duh me dear lol 8:18 AM
Me: Yeah yeah w/e :D 8:20 AM
DB Phone: Lol are you wanting a spanking babe? 8:21 AM
Me: U don't scare me DB:) 8:22 AM
DB Phone: Haha I dont try to :p 8:23 AM
Me: Oh your all talk haha 8:25 AM
DB Phone: Towards you yes lol 8:26 AM
Me: What's that mean? 8:29 AM
DB Phone: Lol giving you a hard time (: 8:30 AM
Me: Lol ok smarty:) wasn't sure 8:35 AM
DB Phone: Well now you knoe huh :p 8:36 AM
Me: Mhmm 8:37 AM
DB Phone: Mmm 8:37 AM
Me: What's your fav candy lol 8:38 AM
Me: One u can't resist 8:39 AM
DB Phone: Thats a easy one you (: 8:40 AM
Me: Haha good answer:):) 8:40 AM
Me: But really what is it? 8:41 AM
Me: I need to know:) 8:41 AM
DB Phone: Them butterscotch hard candy things 8:41 AM
Me: Really? Ok;) 8:42 AM
DB Phone: Haha why? (: 8:42 AM
Me: Can't tell u lol 8:43 AM
Me: Surprise lol 8:43 AM
DB Phone: Plz (: 8:44 AM
Me: Then it won't be a surprise :) I'm gonna do something nice for u 8:46 AM
Me: Eeeeekkkk lol 8:47 AM
DB Phone: Aww you dont have too (: 8:47 AM
Me: Yeah I know:) but I want to:) Im gonna save it for u and hopefully one day can give it to u <3 I'm making it 8:49 AM
Me: With candy haha 8:50 AM
DB Phone: Aww (: your such a sweetheart baby <3 I love you!! 8:50 AM
Me: <3 I love u 8:53 AM
DB Phone: Aww baby(: 8:53 AM
Me: Yes how can I not? 8:54 AM
DB Phone: ((: mwah 8:55 AM
Me: :* 9:01 AM
DB Phone: (: 9:02 AM
Me: Someday ;) 9:04 AM
DB Phone: Oh I know I will and I will soon (: 9:09 AM
Me: Mmk <3 :) 9:13 AM
Me: Or i might eat all your candy! 9:13 AM
DB Phone: You eat my candy and ill be eating you (; 9:14 AM
Me: Hmmm choices choices lol 9:17 AM
DB Phone: Lol yes 9:18 AM
Me: I think I have a new fav candy:) 9:18 AM
DB Phone: Lol you eat it then imma eat you babe lol 9:19 AM
Me: I'm sorry but I may need to eat it hahahaha 9:20 AM
DB Phone: Well then lol 9:22 AM
Me: Lol funny boy 9:23 AM
Me: But I'm way funnier 9:23 AM
DB Phone: Oh are you now lol 9:24 AM
Me: I'm sure u can agree babe 9:24 AM
DB Phone: I do agree (: 9:24 AM
Me: Sweeeeeeet 9:25 AM
DB Phone: (): 9:31 AM
DB Phone: ((:* 9:31 AM
Me: Me likey haha 9:33 AM
DB Phone: You eating my candy lol 9:35 AM
Me: Yummyyyyyy 10:31 AM
DB Phone: Babe ): fine lol I have no choice but to eat you out then 10:32 AM
Me: Oh noooo;);) 10:35 AM
Me: Ooooooooooooo 10:36 AM
DB Phone: Oh yes baby 10:36 AM
Me: Hehe umm 10:37 AM
Me: Lmao 10:37 AM
DB Phone: Lmao what 10:37 AM
Me: U lol 10:38 AM
DB Phone: What I do lol 10:44 AM
Me: Yep and u r the best! 11:25 AM
Me: FYI.... I'm eating an apple lol! 11:25 AM
DB Phone: Where's mine lol 11:32 AM
Me: I have one right here for u lol but it won't last long:) I will eat that one too! 11:42 AM
DB Phone: Lol your asking for it ain't you babe 11:45 AM
Me: Asking for what lol? 11:46 AM
DB Phone: It lol 11:48 AM
Me: What's IT?? Idk what that means lol 11:49 AM
DB Phone: The tongue babe lol 11:51 AM
Me: Ooooooo haha I get it now 11:52 AM
DB Phone: Lol do you now 11:54 AM
Me: Yes just took a min to catch up:) 11:54 AM
DB Phone: Haha what does it mean then :p 12:08 PM
Me: Oh no lol! I think u mean your gonna lick me haha 12:09 PM
DB Phone: Lol mmm yes but where? (; 12:10 PM
Me: If I had to guess knowing u I would guess umm... either north or south of the border lol 12:14 PM
DB Phone: Haha mostly south (; but yes alot up north too (; 12:17 PM
Me: Yeah I get an A++ in DB mind reading! 12:18 PM
DB Phone: Haha yes you sure do (; 12:19 PM
Me: :):);) 12:19 PM
DB Phone: Mmm mmm 12:21 PM
Me: Lol u r a nut! 12:22 PM
DB Phone: I got your nut baby lol 12:23 PM
Me: Like a cute lil squirrel lol 12:23 PM
DB Phone: Lol if you wanna call it that but I was talking about a different nut lmao 12:24 PM
Me: A walnut? a peanut? Almond? 12:25 PM
DB Phone: My nut lol 12:27 PM
Me: LMAO your nut:) 12:28 PM
DB Phone: Lol yes my nut come see (: 12:29 PM
Me: Sure I'll hitchhike there walk or make my way by covered wagon lol 12:30 PM
DB Phone: It'll definitely be worth it (; 12:32 PM
Me: Shut up lol u r just a tease! 12:33 PM
DB Phone: Im not gonna tease you when your here baby im seriously gonna do everything to you I tell you 12:34 PM
Me: Ok! This other apple is really yummy;) 1:31 PM
DB Phone: Ohh is it now (: 1:48 PM
Me: Yeah it WAS lol 1:51 PM
DB Phone: Lmao its on now 1:56 PM
Me: Haha it was really good too super crunchy and sweet lolllllll 1:57 PM
DB Phone: Lol oh your gonna be sweet 2:06 PM
Me: Yeah but not crunchy lol 2:07 PM
DB Phone: Lol I'd hope not haha 2:24 PM
Me: Lmao 2:24 PM
DB Phone: Haha 2:41 PM
Me: How come your awake lol? U work to tonight? 2:46 PM
DB Phone: Nope lol 6:15 PM
Me: Where did u come from lol 6:16 PM
Me: Big plans for your night off? 6:16 PM
DB Phone: LmAO and nope I dont 6:33 PM
Me: It's so funny cause u will suddenly stop talking and then like hours later u pop up outta nowhere and start talking right where u left off. It's the funniest thing ever lol 6:43 PM
DB Phone: Lol am I supposed to start a new conversation hun 6:45 PM
Me: No it's perfect I love it don't stop haha 6:45 PM
DB Phone: Lmao ok :p 6:46 PM
Me: Glad we got that straight 6:59 PM
DB Phone: Yes yes lol 9:18 PM
Me: Hahaha u r something :);) 9:19 PM
DB Phone: Haha I try to be (: 9:23 PM
Me: There is no try only do 9:24 PM
DB Phone: Oh no I try lol 9:27 PM
Me: That's what makes u soooo likable :) 9:31 PM
DB Phone: Is that right (: 9:43 PM
Me: Yeah duh 9:45 PM
DB Phone: Psh lol 9:47 PM
Me: ;) 9:49 PM
DB Phone: (; 10:00 PM
Me: I ate like 4 apples today lol 10:05 PM
DB Phone: Meanie lol 10:18 PM
Me: Haha I know there might be one left:) when we go grocery shopping I bag up like 15 at a time haha and they don't last long I may have a problem 10:20 PM
DB Phone: Haha you just may 10:29 PM
Me: Yeah it's bad and I eat oranges too and cheese sticks as meals LMAO I'm so crazy 10:33 PM
DB Phone: Lol sounds yummy 10:44 PM
Me: U like my menu lol 10:45 PM
DB Phone: Lol oh yes 10:45 PM
Me: I do eat a lot of nuts too but I was scared to say that LMAO 10:47 PM
DB Phone: Lmfao bad girl 10:51 PM
Me: See and that's why! I take bags of nuts with me when I leave the house:) 10:53 PM
DB Phone: Wait you eat them or do you lick and suck em lol :p 11:05 PM
Me: I am gonna slap u silly lmao!! 11:09 PM
DB Phone: Bring it lol 11:37 PM
Me: Oh I will mr buzz boyyyy 11:39 PM
DB Phone: Thats right 11:40 PM
Me: Yes sir;) 11:42 PM
DB Phone: Lol (; 11:43 PM
Me: I'm hungry 11:43 PM
DB Phone: Me too 11:45 PM
Me: What do u want to eat 11:46 PM
DB Phone: You lol 11:47 PM
Me: I should have known lol 11:47 PM
DB Phone: Haha you started it lol 11:48 PM
Me: Oh nuts 11:48 PM
Me: I am out of cheese sticks lol 11:49 PM
DB Phone: Aww lol 11:55 PM
Me: It's an f'ing crime! 11:56 PM
DB Phone: Lmao 11:57 PM
Me: I'm getting wound up lol 11:57 PM
DB Phone: Lol 12:01 AM
Me: Apple lmao 12:36 AM
DB Phone: Yes lol 12:47 AM
Me: Night zzzzzzzzzz 12:53 AM
DB Phone: Night babe 12:54 AM
Me: Zzzzzz <3 12:54 AM
DB Phone: Love you (: 12:57 AM
DB Phone: You still awake? :p 3:04 AM
Me: I woke back up lol:) just layin in bed 3:05 AM
DB Phone: Aww come watch this movie with me (: 3:07 AM
Me: What movie 3:08 AM
DB Phone: Street dance 2 3:09 AM
Me: lol u trying to get some moves for a dance off lol;) 3:19 AM
DB Phone: Yes (; 3:28 AM
Me: Well good luck;) 3:30 AM
DB Phone: Haha your gonna dance with me (: 3:41 AM
Me: I sure will! 3:42 AM
DB Phone: Good lol you better (: 3:43 AM
Me: Ofcourse for u;) 3:44 AM
DB Phone: Great babe (: 3:45 AM

DB Phone: Hey 8:14 PM
Me: Hey u 8:19 PM
DB Phone: How's you 8:21 PM
Me: Ok just babysitting lol What about u 8:22 PM
DB Phone: Watching dance movies again lol 8:23 PM
Me: R u serious?? Which ones 8:23 PM
Me: Step up?? 8:24 PM
DB Phone: You got served: beat the world 8:26 PM
Me: What is going on over there DB? Lol I just knew you were a dancer deep down lol I sooo love it 8:28 PM
Me: My old dance teacher was in one of the Step Up movies I think the second one 8:28 PM
DB Phone: Oh really now 8:39 PM
Me: Yep! I cannot believe u would watch a dance movie without me! The nerve lol 8:41 PM
DB Phone: Haha just like how you ate my candy :p 8:46 PM
Me: I know what's going on.... U think u r gonna have a dance challenge with me don't u....LMAO 8:47 PM
DB Phone: Yes lol 8:50 PM
Me: U little F'er that's it now lol 8:55 PM
DB Phone: Lmao whats it now 9:19 PM
Me: Idk this is the worst one yet;) and btw I have your candy and it's intact lol 9:21 PM
Me: I may have eaten one or two but no more 9:22 PM
DB Phone: Haha how much worse can it get? 9:25 PM
DB Phone: Haha you better 9:25 PM
Me: This type of thing will take years of therapy to get over lol ;) 9:35 PM
Me: I know exactly how u need to make this up to me lol! 9:49 PM
Me: Donnie 10:17 PM
DB Phone: How so babe 10:26 PM
Me: Ok.... 10:32 PM
DB Phone: Lol 10:32 PM
Me: I have been talking to u in text for like weeks I think. Can I call u for like 2 min? I won't make u stay on the phone at all I just want to hear what your voice sounds like for real:) I just wanna hear it once 10:34 PM
DB Phone: Sure (: 10:41 PM
Me: Awesome! Ok gimme like 5 min. I promise I won't keep u on long. My mom is here anyway so I will do it quick. Brb 10:42 PM
DB Phone: Alright lol 10:43 PM
Me: Heyyyyy u r the best:):) it was awesome to finally get to hear your voice I'm super happy and u sound as cute as u r Sorry had to get off so fast my mom came in my room lol but she didn't know I was on the phone;) 11:13 PM
DB Phone: Haha good (: and I love you your voice (; 11:16 PM
Me: Yes yes yes <3 u 11:19 PM
Me: Oh and your voice too!! 11:21 PM
DB Phone: Aww <3s you too (: 11:25 PM
Me: :) 11:26 PM
DB Phone: (((: 11:30 PM
Me: I'm still cracking up that u watched those dance movies lol but mad u did it without me! 11:31 PM
Me: Hey you.... Ok I am gonna get real for a min.... I am falling asleep and I worry I might not get the chance to text u in the morn. I know u don't like this feeling talk and that's cool so we can even pretend it didn't happen. But I feel like I need to say this. I just want u to know that I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I know it's Mother's Day and I imagine that it must be hard without your mom. I didn't wanna ask u about it but just wanted u to know that I'm sending hugs your way and thinking of you:) 11:59 PM
DB Phone: Aww thanks baby that means alot I really appreciate it (: 12:03 AM
Me: Good I just couldn't let tomorrow come without saying something to u Donnie :) night 12:08 AM
DB Phone: Night love (: 12:09 AM
Me: :) 12:11 AM
DB Phone: Love you (: 12:22 AM
Me: Love u most 12:47 AM
DB Phone: Love you mostest 12:58 AM
Me: Love u mostestest 1:02 AM
DB Phone: Lmao you win 1:25 AM
Me: It's a tie :) 4:58 AM

DB Phone: Oh yeah (; 7:30 AM
Me: Yes:) hi 7:32 AM
DB Phone: Hey (: 8:13 AM
Me: U awake:) 8:16 AM
DB Phone: I am yes (: 8:34 AM
Me: well its about time :D 9:31 AM
DB Phone: Hush lol 10:15 AM
Me: Kk but just briefly 10:18 AM
DB Phone: Lmao 1:00 PM
Me: :) guess what happened 1:01 PM
DB Phone: What happened 1:53 PM
Me: A crisis.... I ran out of apples and had to move onto bananas. My mom is refusing to get any more until tomorrow! I may not make it :'( 1:57 PM
DB Phone: Oh my you'll be just fine dear lol 1:59 PM
Me: No I need my apples bananas just don't do it for me lmao 2:00 PM
Me: Apples gone cheese sticks gone no milk , only damn bananas Seems like child neglect to me! Haha 2:04 PM
DB Phone: Slow down girl lol 2:36 PM
Me: Lol jk:) how r u anyways 2:46 PM
DB Phone: Good good hun you (: 3:19 PM
Me: Good (: thinking about u ;) 3:20 PM
DB Phone: Aww really (; 3:36 PM
Me: Well sure:) 3:40 PM
DB Phone: Good you better (; 3:51 PM
Me: And Y is that lol;) 3:54 PM
DB Phone: Haha just cuz (: 4:06 PM
Me: Ok boss 4:14 PM
DB Phone: Haha thats right lol :p 4:18 PM
Me: I'll let ya lol 4:18 PM
DB Phone: Let me what lol 4:21 PM
Me: Be the boss haha 4:22 PM
DB Phone: Lol oh I will (; 5:00 PM
Me: Okie dokie ^_* 5:03 PM
Me: Smokey:) 5:06 PM
DB Phone: Hey im getting ready to go eat babe can I text you back here in a alittle bit? 5:12 PM
Me: Yep:) 5:13 PM
DB Phone: Thanks (: love you 5:14 PM
Me: Love u too <3 5:14 PM
DB Phone: (: 5:21 PM
DB Phone: Hey im home (: 8:42 PM
Me: hey there:) 8:45 PM
DB Phone: How's you babe (: 8:59 PM
Me: good:) what did u do today? 9:01 PM
DB Phone: Hung out and ate (: 9:14 PM
Me: lol were u with your family? 9:15 PM
Me: i ate food too haha 9:16 PM
DB Phone: Yes i was lol and what did you eat 9:42 PM
Me: we had chicken, corn, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes lol but no apples haha what about u 9:48 PM
DB Phone: Lol went to Pondorosa 9:51 PM
Me: really lol was it good who did you go with 9:52 PM
DB Phone: Sister and little brother, and with my older brother and his gf 9:54 PM
Me: so there is 4 of u in your family? where are u in the mix lol middle lol 9:58 PM
Me: ok then i will guess that you r the second youngest 10:14 PM
Me: ok just ignore me then 10:25 PM
DB Phone: Im the 3rd youngest 10:29 PM
Me: Hey Just wanted to say goodnite to u:):) 11:29 PM
DB Phone: Night love 12:03 AM
Me: Night <3 12:04 AM

Me: and good morning lol 8:59 AM
DB Phone: Morning precious (: 9:22 AM
Me: Hi handsome:):) 9:25 AM
DB Phone: Hey beautiful (: 9:27 AM
Me: Hey hot stuff:) 9:27 AM
DB Phone: Hey sexy (: 9:28 AM
Me: Hey mr smokin hot haha 9:31 AM
DB Phone: Haha nice one (: hey sweet tits (; 9:31 AM
Me: Lol umm hey cute butt 9:33 AM
DB Phone: Haha you haven't seen my butt yet tho :p and hey tasty lips (; if you know what I mean lol 9:35 AM
Me: Nope but I bet I'm right and btw u haven't tasted nothing hahaha including the candy! 9:36 AM
DB Phone: Haha oh I can just taste it tho, as your prolly really sweet and that im gonna wanna keep licking (; 9:37 AM
Me: What exactly r u gonna lick and for how long:) 9:38 AM
DB Phone: Haha parts (; and prolly for a good while (; 9:41 AM
Me: Hmmm should I give u candy in between haha 9:42 AM
DB Phone: Haha after I get done with you (; 9:43 AM
Me: Well then I will eat it while I wait haha 9:43 AM
DB Phone: Haha so your gonna eat candy while im licking on you babe (; 9:44 AM
Me: Maybe is that a problem?? It would make it all the better but hopefully I won't choke if things get too fun haha 9:45 AM
Me: Those hard candies r choking hazards lmao 9:46 AM
DB Phone: Haha babe things will get way to fun, and if you want something to suck on babe, I got something for you (; and you wont choke on it lol 9:47 AM
Me: More candy??? 9:48 AM
Me: I lovvvvvveeeee candy 9:48 AM
DB Phone: Haha well you can call it candy baby lol but you have to do alot of sucking lol 9:49 AM
Me: A big lollipop? What flavor 9:50 AM
DB Phone: Yes a big lollipop just for you and idk you gotta make that call babe 9:51 AM
Me: Those things take forever to eat ;) 9:51 AM
Me: Hmm lol it's not candy is it? 9:52 AM
DB Phone: Haha well you gotta suck on it till you get whats in the inside (; 9:53 AM
DB Phone: A lollipop babe but a different kind (; 9:53 AM
Me: A blow pop! 9:53 AM
DB Phone: Yes like a blow pop lol 9:53 AM
Me: Is there gum in there 9:53 AM
DB Phone: Haha no gum but thats very close (; 9:54 AM
Me: It's like gum? 9:55 AM
Me: Lol 9:55 AM
DB Phone: Haha well its not chewy 9:55 AM
Me: Chewy is bad for the teeth anyway:) 9:56 AM
DB Phone: Haha oh I know it lol 9:59 AM
Me: U r crazy lol but I like it lots 10:00 AM
DB Phone: Haha good baby, what if I say come here and ill let you suck on it (; 10:01 AM
Me: I would ask what do u want sucked?:) 10:02 AM
DB Phone: Haha whats only thing on me you can suck on baby? (: 10:06 AM
Me: Haha u r bad 10:07 AM
DB Phone: Do you know (; 10:08 AM
Me: I have an idea I think 10:08 AM
DB Phone: Tell me 10:08 AM
Me: Noooo I can't say it 10:09 AM
DB Phone: Oh yes you can lol 10:09 AM
Me: U say it first and I'll repeat the word haha 10:09 AM
DB Phone: My dick lol 10:10 AM
Me: Your dick 10:10 AM
DB Phone: Gotta say the whole thing now lol 10:10 AM
Me: What????? 10:10 AM
Me: R u doing something during this convo 10:11 AM
DB Phone: Like I wanna suck your then finish lol 10:11 AM
DB Phone: Haha like what babe 10:11 AM
Me: Oh idk Donnie 10:12 AM
DB Phone: Lol plz just say it scaredy cat lol 10:12 AM
Me: But r u doing something?? 10:13 AM
DB Phone: Say it and I'll answer you lol 10:14 AM
Me: No cause if u wanna hear it then make it real. I will say ANYTHING u want 10:15 AM
Me: I know what u r up to 10:16 AM
DB Phone: Plz baby just say it for me, gotta start being a bad girl sometime lol 10:17 AM
DB Phone: And what am I up too 10:17 AM
Me: Hmmm 10:17 AM
DB Phone: Plzzzz baby 10:18 AM
Me: Ok... 10:18 AM
Me: If u wanted me to...... 10:18 AM
DB Phone: Yes baby I want you too 10:19 AM
Me: I would suck your dick 10:19 AM
DB Phone: Mmm now your starting to be a bad girl (: 10:20 AM
Me: I can't believe I just put that in a text lol 10:21 AM
Me: What do bad girls do 10:21 AM
Me: Text dirty stuff? Do u like bad girls? 10:21 AM
DB Phone: I love bad girls (: why im trying to turn you into one baby 10:22 AM
Me: U are? So if I did turn into one would I do that would be bad?? 10:22 AM
DB Phone: Yes you would be bad baby 10:23 AM
Me: Like what do u like bad girls to do? And how will I know if it's bad enough lol 10:24 AM
Me: U better tell me after making me say bad words lol 10:26 AM
DB Phone: I love when bad girls sit on top of me on my dick and bounces on it hard over and over 10:26 AM
Me: Woah lol is that gonna hurt 10:28 AM
Me: Is that what u want me to do 10:29 AM
DB Phone: Less then what imma do to you lol 10:29 AM
DB Phone: And yes baby it is 10:29 AM
Me: What do u mean that will hurt less than what? Lol 10:30 AM
DB Phone: Like it's gonna hurt less when your bouncing on my dick then when I'm gonna fuck you lol 10:32 AM
Me: Yikes y is that?? 10:33 AM
Me: Can u be a little careful lol 10:34 AM
DB Phone: Cuz when your on top you dont gotta go all the way down on my dick, and when im fucking you im gonna stick it all the way in 10:34 AM
Me: Oh ok lol good to know lol 10:35 AM
Me: But no for real it's not gonna really hurt right?? 10:35 AM
DB Phone: If im on top yes it will lol if your on top not as bad 10:36 AM
Me: Is there a way to make it hurt less and only first time right? 10:36 AM
DB Phone: Yeah if we go really slow lol, dont worry ill go easy on you 10:37 AM
Me: I don't want to be scared 10:38 AM
Me: U promise 10:38 AM
DB Phone: Aww dont be scared thats gonna make it worse hun 10:39 AM
DB Phone: I promise you yes 10:39 AM
Me: Ok I totally trust u 10:39 AM
Me: Is this really gonna happen?:) 10:39 AM
DB Phone: Yes babe if you want it too (: 10:41 AM
Me: I do totally as long as u still want me 10:41 AM
DB Phone: Of course im still gonna want you (: your my gf (; 10:42 AM
Me: I am? U never said that before 10:43 AM
DB Phone: Yes you sure are (: 10:43 AM
Me: That makes me the happiest ever! 10:44 AM
DB Phone: Good baby 10:44 AM
Me: And u do love me right? 10:44 AM
DB Phone: Very very much 10:45 AM
Me: Good cause then it makes whatever we do ok right:):) I really love u 10:45 AM
DB Phone: It still would make it right even if we weren't dating babe (: 10:49 AM
DB Phone: But I really do love you too 10:49 AM
Me: I just want to do all those awesome things with somebody who really loves me and I'm so happy it's u:) I promise I will be the best gf u ever had. I know I can make u super happy 10:51 AM
DB Phone: I believe you baby (: and I would wanna have sex with any other girl but you (: 10:55 AM
Me: That's sweet but I hope u mean wouldn't lol <3 11:01 AM
DB Phone: Yes lol sorry I meant wouldn't 11:02 AM
Me: Haha ok good:) so like what happens now?? 11:02 AM
DB Phone: What you mean baby 11:03 AM
Me: So does this mean I get to meet u now? 11:04 AM
DB Phone: You were even if we weren't dating babe 11:05 AM
Me: I would love love love that :) 11:06 AM
DB Phone: Me too (: 11:06 AM
Me: I was starting to worry u changed your mind about me 11:07 AM
DB Phone: Heck no 11:07 AM
Me: Best news evvvver!! 11:08 AM
DB Phone: ((: 11:09 AM
Me: So like how will we see each other I can't tell my mom lol 11:10 AM
DB Phone: Lol I know we'll figure something out 11:11 AM
Me: I hope so I'm a good liar so don't worry haha 11:13 AM
DB Phone: Bad girl (: 11:14 AM
Me: Well we know who's to blame:) 11:14 AM
Me: Good or bad I'll be it for u <3 11:16 AM
DB Phone: Haha its me :p 11:17 AM
Me: Yep :p 11:18 AM
DB Phone: (: 2:05 PM
Me: ^_^ 2:20 PM
DB Phone: (: 2:36 PM
Me: U r cute:) 2:45 PM
DB Phone: I try (: 7:19 PM
Me: There u r doing it again:) 7:20 PM
DB Phone: Lol doing what again 7:34 PM
Me: Being cute duh:) guess what I'm doing lol 7:35 PM
DB Phone: Haha I have no clue :p 7:41 PM
Me: U r probably thinking something dirty lol 7:42 PM
Me: I am watching Dancing with the Stars and eating..... 7:43 PM
Me: APPLES!!!! 7:43 PM
Me: I'm on #2 7:44 PM
DB Phone: Haha no for once im not :p 7:44 PM
DB Phone: Haha slow down :p 7:44 PM
Me: That's what happens when u turn a girl from good to bad lol;) 7:49 PM
DB Phone: Lmao is that right (: 7:59 PM
Me: I can only imagine what's next >: ) 8:04 PM
DB Phone: Haha well (; 8:10 PM
Me: Yepppp 8:10 PM
DB Phone: :P 8:19 PM
Me: Mhmm 8:30 PM
DB Phone: What you doing 8:44 PM
Me: Laying on my bed taking a break U 8:48 PM
DB Phone: Lol what you taking a break from 8:50 PM
Me: Haha I just like to sometimes sit in the quiet and think:) 8:52 PM
DB Phone: Ohh (: 9:22 PM
Me: My:) 9:37 PM
DB Phone: ((: 9:42 PM
Me: U have to work later? 10:04 PM
DB Phone: Now lol 10:37 PM
Me: Ok:) have a good night 10:38 PM
DB Phone: Thanks babe (: 10:41 PM
Me: Yep <3 10:42 PM

DB Phone: Morning baby 10:28 AM
Me: Hey u:) I will text u later on my mom gave me the day off and one of my friends came by text u soon:)) 11:49 AM
DB Phone: Aw ok have fun babe (: I really miss you! 11:51 AM
Me: Thnx:) miss u too 11:52 AM
DB Phone: (: love you 11:56 AM
Me: <3 love u <3 11:59 AM
DB Phone: Aww your amazing baby! Cant wait till we're together my love! 12:01 PM
Me: Yep me tooooooo 12:02 PM
DB Phone: (: 12:02 PM
Me: Lol:) 12:02 PM
Me: Hey there:) u awake 3:31 PM
DB Phone: Hey (: 7:26 PM
Me: Hey:) I just walked out of dance class 7:31 PM
DB Phone: Perfect timing then huh lol 7:33 PM
Me: Yes I need a shower lol bad 7:35 PM
DB Phone: Eww lmao 7:35 PM
Me: Yeah it's bad haha but girls aren't as gross as guys lol 7:36 PM
DB Phone: Lmao very true but I love sweating 7:51 PM
Me: Me too 7:52 PM
DB Phone: Lol oh yeah 7:52 PM
Me: Yessss 7:52 PM
DB Phone: :p 8:20 PM
Me: Yeehaw 8:26 PM
DB Phone: Yeehaw 8:41 PM
Me: :D 8:54 PM
DB Phone: (( 9:17 PM
DB Phone: ((: 9:17 PM
Me: LMAO 9:18 PM
Me: I'm clean! 9:18 PM
DB Phone: Lol yay (: 9:20 PM
Me: Yeah I feel 100 times better 9:21 PM
Me: I celebrated by eating my 4th apple of the day:):) 9:22 PM
DB Phone: Lmao goofy 9:33 PM
Me: I am cracking myself up lol 9:34 PM
DB Phone: Lol why 9:38 PM
Me: I have a real problem with these apples and it's making me laugh 9:40 PM
DB Phone: Lmao I know you do haha 10:02 PM
Me: I really do I can't stop I think I need help :-0 10:07 PM
DB Phone: Lol no you dont babe 10:11 PM
Me: Ok good :) 10:13 PM
DB Phone: ((: 10:15 PM

Me: Goodnite 9:53 PM
DB Phone: Aww you going to bed hun 10:03 PM
Me: I'm so tired and my body hurts bad lol 10:03 PM
DB Phone: Aww im sorry ill massage it for you 10:06 PM
Me: Lol I need it too much stretching I think 10:08 PM
Me: And I'm out of apples:( 10:08 PM
DB Phone: Aww sorry babe, aww that sucks ): 10:09 PM
Me: Lol haha 10:09 PM
Me: Well have a good night DB :) 10:09 PM
DB Phone: Thanks babe love you (: 10:17 PM
Me: Love u too:) 10:18 PM
DB Phone: You better lol 10:18 PM
Me: Lol I do I do 10:19 PM
DB Phone: I believe you (: 10:24 PM
Me: U better 10:25 PM
DB Phone: (: 10:25 PM
Me: :) (: 10:27 PM

DB Phone: Hey (: 2:11 PM
Me: Hi there 3:04 PM
DB Phone: Whats up 8:52 PM
Me: Hey 8:53 PM
DB Phone: Heyy 8:54 PM
Me: Hi 8:55 PM
Me: Have u forgotten me 9:11 PM
Me: I don't get it 9:25 PM
DB Phone: No no hun sorry I just woke up again and almost late for work 10:35 PM

Me: It's ok just miss u 6:44 AM
DB Phone: I miss you too baby 6:58 AM
Me: Yeah yeah :) 7:00 AM
DB Phone: Shush lol I do (: 7:02 AM
Me: Mhmm 7:03 AM
DB Phone: What you doing 7:03 AM
Me: Gonna take a shower lol 7:04 AM
DB Phone: Im coming (: 7:06 AM
Me: Haha 7:09 AM
DB Phone: I am lol 7:12 AM
Me: Too slow I'm done 7:12 AM
DB Phone: Lol meanie 7:18 AM
Me: Lol u snooze u lose haha 7:19 AM
DB Phone: Hush lol 7:19 AM
Me: No 7:20 AM
DB Phone: Lol 7:20 AM
Me: Ok 7:31 AM
DB Phone: Ok 7:32 AM
Me: Yep 7:33 AM
DB Phone: Yep 7:47 AM
Me: :) so what r u up to 7:50 AM
DB Phone: Showrr time (: 7:51 AM
Me: clean up lol 7:52 AM
DB Phone: Yes yes (: 8:04 AM
Me: Clean is good ya know 8:10 AM
DB Phone: Yes yes 9:05 AM
Me: Yes! 9:07 AM
DB Phone: Mwah 9:09 AM
Me: Can I get a... 9:10 AM
DB Phone: Mwah mwah lol 9:26 AM
Me: Oh u silly boy:) 10:10 AM
DB Phone: You know you like it (: 10:25 AM
Me: Why yes I do;) 10:31 AM
DB Phone: Good lol you better (: 10:33 AM
Me: Oh ya 10:33 AM
Me: Or what 10:34 AM
DB Phone: Lol spanking time 10:34 AM
Me: Lol u always say that haha 10:34 AM
DB Phone: Cuz im really gonna do it to you 10:36 AM
Me: Ouch!! 10:37 AM
DB Phone: But ill have to kiss it after cuz I'll feel bad(: 10:41 AM
Me: Lol ok;) 10:41 AM
DB Phone: Oh you like that huh(; 10:42 AM
Me: Lol idk haha 10:43 AM
DB Phone: Lol I know you do 10:44 AM
Me: Y u say that? :) 10:44 AM
DB Phone: Lol you winked after I said it (: 10:47 AM
Me: Lol 10:51 AM
DB Phone: Haha so that is a yes that you'd like it (: but I'd be loving it! 11:00 AM
Me: Lol who knows haha U would love that? Lol 11:35 AM
DB Phone: Haha kissing your ass hell yes (; 12:02 PM
Me: Lol:) u should always do that! 12:03 PM
DB Phone: Haha what kiss your ass? 12:04 PM
Me: Ah yeah duh lol 12:05 PM
DB Phone: Haha im going to alot when you come over (; 12:06 PM
Me: U r? Am I coming over? Lol 12:08 PM
DB Phone: Now yes 12:11 PM
DB Phone: Lol 12:11 PM
Me: Liar!!! 12:12 PM
DB Phone: I know baby I wish tho!! 12:14 PM
Me: :( 12:15 PM
DB Phone: Anothrr week and my sis will be moved out (: 12:17 PM
Me: Hmm really 12:18 PM
Me: :) 12:18 PM
DB Phone: Hmm yes babe (: 12:20 PM
Me: Cool:):) 12:23 PM
DB Phone: Oh yes 12:24 PM
Me: I'll count the mins ^_^ 12:25 PM
Me: And every min late one less piece of candy lmao 12:27 PM
DB Phone: Lol you wouldn't 12:30 PM
Me: Butterscotch soooo yummy 12:31 PM
DB Phone: Mmm 12:35 PM
Me: Yep gonna eat one and might get crazy and eat 2 12:36 PM
DB Phone: Yikes lmao 1:25 PM
Me: Yeah it's about to get crazzzzy up in here 1:26 PM
DB Phone: Lmao 1:27 PM
Me: Haha yeah 1:28 PM
DB Phone: :p 1:54 PM
Me: :p 2:04 PM
DB Phone: :P 2:12 PM
Me: :P 2:14 PM
DB Phone: (; 2:34 PM
Me: (; 2:35 PM

DB Phone: Heyy 7:35 PM
Me: Hi 7:51 PM
DB Phone: How are you 7:55 PM
Me: I'm ok how about u 7:56 PM
DB Phone: Im good I miss you 8:02 PM
Me: U do? 8:02 PM
DB Phone: I do yes 8:03 PM
Me: I really thought u just didn't like me anymore 8:03 PM
DB Phone: I've always liked you hun I never will stop either 8:05 PM
Me: I really really want to believe that 8:07 PM
DB Phone: You should 8:07 PM
Me: Ok. I just really like u a lot and I got worried 8:09 PM
DB Phone: You got nothing to worry bout hun 8:10 PM
Me: Okkkkkkay:) 8:10 PM
DB Phone: Yes ((: 8:28 PM
Me: ^_^ 8:31 PM
DB Phone: (; 8:37 PM
Me: hugs:) 8:42 PM
DB Phone: Hugs and kisses (: 8:44 PM
Me: same to u babe <3 8:47 PM
DB Phone: Mwah <3 9:01 PM
Me: :):) 9:03 PM
DB Phone: What you doing 9:14 PM
Me: i ate pizza and now just sitting here lol what about u 9:22 PM
DB Phone: Lol eating another sandwich lol 9:30 PM
Me: What number is it lol I have more apples lol:) 9:34 PM
DB Phone: Lol 2 :p but now I'm full Lol yayy (: 9:36 PM
Me: Lollll 9:37 PM
DB Phone: :P 9:38 PM
DB Phone: Now for dessert (: 9:38 PM
Me: Which is...... 9:39 PM
DB Phone: You lol 9:39 PM
Me: Yum yum 9:39 PM
DB Phone: Ohh yes yes lol 10:03 PM
Me: Yum yum eatum up 10:03 PM
DB Phone: What exactly am I eating up lol 10:04 PM
Me: U decide haha 10:05 PM
DB Phone: Haha well its either your boobs or your other spot (; 10:10 PM
Me: Hehe guess it's your call 10:11 PM
DB Phone: Can I have both? (: 10:12 PM
Me: That's extra:) 10:13 PM
Me: But yes 10:13 PM
DB Phone: It'll cost me but I want both (; 10:14 PM
Me: Yep it sure will haha 10:14 PM
DB Phone: Haha and what do I gotta do to make up for it 10:15 PM
Me: But I'm pretty generous haha 10:15 PM
DB Phone: Haha I know you want something babe just name it 10:16 PM
Me: Still deciding ;) 10:17 PM
Me: I don't know what to want just want it to feel good lol 10:18 PM
DB Phone: Haha well if you suck on my yoi know babe then I promise to make it feel really good (; 10:19 PM
Me: You know lollllllll what will u do 10:21 PM
DB Phone: Fine lol if you suck on my dick lol ill make it feel damn good 10:22 PM
Me: Haha but I still don't know what u will do And yeah I can do that for u:) 10:23 PM
DB Phone: Im gonna lick on you so much and then im gonna stick it in you and fuck you for so long 10:25 PM
DB Phone: (((: 10:25 PM
Me: Haha that's a lot but sounds pretty good 10:26 PM
DB Phone: Oh yoi just wait it'll be alot better in person baby 10:27 PM
Me: Well geeze I sure would hope lol It's even more exciting for me cause I can't even think what it will all feel like. I think about it a lot 10:30 PM
DB Phone: Ohh do you really? 10:31 PM
Me: Yep I do 10:31 PM
DB Phone: Like what about 10:40 PM
Me: I want to know what it feels like to do all the stuff in your stories I want to know what it feels like to have an O lol 10:44 PM
DB Phone: Lol you will (: 10:52 PM
Me: I really can't wait to feel all that awesome stuff in my body 10:53 PM
Me: Lol I keep passing out Night Donnie <3 10:56 PM
DB Phone: Night (: 11:22 PM

Me: :-)* 6:10 AM
DB Phone: ((: 6:46 AM
Me: Lol hi 6:48 AM
DB Phone: How's you (: 7:05 AM
Me: happy:) u 7:06 AM
DB Phone: So so tired ) 7:10 AM
DB Phone: ): 7:10 AM
Me: Aww go to sleep 7:11 AM
DB Phone: Im fine for now hun, once I shower ill be awake alittle lol 7:25 AM
Me: Oh ok:) 7:32 AM
DB Phone: (: 7:44 AM
Me: ;) 7:45 AM
DB Phone: Hey now hey now 8:09 AM
Me: Huh? Lol 8:11 AM
DB Phone: Lol huh (: 8:13 AM
Me: idk u said hey now and I got confused haha 8:16 AM
DB Phone: Lmao cuz you winked at me silly 8:39 AM
Me: Oh yeah haha ;);) 8:52 AM
Me: How about that mister haha 8:52 AM
DB Phone: Haha just a tease (: 6:29 PM
Me: Lol:) 6:29 PM
DB Phone: Lmao you know it huh (: 7:11 PM
Me: Well u would know u r the biggest of all;) 7:12 PM
DB Phone: Lol I am not (; 7:13 PM
Me: Oh no u so r!!!!! 7:15 PM
DB Phone: Shh lol 7:16 PM
Me: See u know I'm right hahha 7:17 PM
DB Phone: Shud lmao 7:17 PM
Me: Don't make me hurt u lol 7:18 PM
DB Phone: Mmm (; do it 7:18 PM
Me: I will find u O_O 7:18 PM
DB Phone: Mmm you dont have too 7:19 PM
Me: I don't Y 7:19 PM
DB Phone: Lol cuz imma come get you 7:21 PM
Me: Well I triple million dog dare u :D 7:23 PM
DB Phone: Oh do you (; 7:26 PM
Me: well yes yes i do 7:27 PM
DB Phone: We're gonna have to go somewhere so you can do me in my car(; 7:28 PM
Me: lol u r teasing me again and u involve the mustang too which makes it even worse 7:31 PM
DB Phone: Lol whys it make it worse 7:36 PM
Me: cause when u combine my fav person and car well lol.... 7:37 PM
DB Phone: Lol well what 7:49 PM
Me: its like putting a bunch of yummy apples in front of me and saying you cant have any lol:) 8:00 PM
DB Phone: Lmao true (: but im letting you have me (; 8:01 PM
Me: haha cool:) i'll take it ;) 8:09 PM
DB Phone: Lol oh you'll get it (; 8:21 PM
Me: ok DB:);) 8:23 PM
Me: or no candy haha 8:23 PM
DB Phone: Lol I dont need candy I just need you (: 8:25 PM
Me: Aww that was really sweet Big hug for that:) 8:27 PM
DB Phone: Yayy (: 9:24 PM
Me: Lol :) I think I will keep u 9:43 PM
DB Phone: Oh really (: 9:54 PM
Me: Is that ok:) 9:55 PM
DB Phone: Of course (: 10:03 PM
Me: Yayy:):) 10:13 PM
DB Phone: ((: 10:19 PM
Me: <3 10:20 PM
DB Phone: <3 10:26 PM
Me: Sigh:) 10:29 PM
DB Phone: (; 10:37 PM
Me: Lol 10:38 PM
Me: DB u r killin me over here 10:41 PM
DB Phone: Aww lol why 10:42 PM
Me: Just r:) 10:43 PM
DB Phone: Oh yeah (: 10:47 PM
Me: Yep:) 10:48 PM
DB Phone: ((: 10:49 PM
Me: Donnie:) 10:50 PM
DB Phone: Maddie (: 11:38 PM
Me: Hmmm:) 12:03 AM
DB Phone: What ya thinking (: 12:17 AM

Me: Good stuff :):) 6:04 AM
DB Phone: What kind? (: 7:07 AM
Me: It's a secret ^_* 7:25 AM
DB Phone: Aww plz 7:38 AM
Me: It's top secret info:) 7:59 AM
DB Phone: Plz tell me babe 8:25 AM
Me: I'll think about it:);) 9:45 AM
DB Phone: Plz babe (: or else! :zp 10:12 AM
Me: O_O yikes 11:00 AM
Me: I'm so bad haha:) 11:00 AM
Me: Y u wondering so much lol 11:05 AM
DB Phone: Cuz lol wanna know how good it is (: 11:09 AM
Me: Haha:) I just can't stop thinking bout our texts :) 11:58 AM
Me: Like the stuff u say to me 12:02 PM
DB Phone: Ohh really (; what stuff babe 12:03 PM
Me: U know:) 1:06 PM
Me: What do to say to me? 1:10 PM
Me: U* 1:10 PM
DB Phone: Haha I want you telling me (: 1:33 PM
Me: I can't say it!!!! Lol 1:50 PM
DB Phone: Lol plz 1:51 PM
Me: I'm no good at it like u 1:53 PM
DB Phone: Lol 1:55 PM
Me: It's true 1:55 PM
DB Phone: Its all good but hey imma get some sleep 1:55 PM
Me: Bye 1:56 PM
DB Phone: Hey (: 8:41 PM
Me: Hey 8:43 PM
DB Phone: Wassup 8:44 PM
Me: Home from dance just showered. U? 8:45 PM
DB Phone: Just made spaghetti lmao 8:47 PM
Me: I want some I am so hungry lol:):) 8:48 PM
DB Phone: Come get some babe (: 8:56 PM
Me: Ok I will be there soon:) 8:56 PM
DB Phone: Ok (: 8:59 PM
Me: Lol leaving now haha be there soon:) 9:02 PM
DB Phone: Hurry (: 9:02 PM
Me: Lol what would u do if I showed up at your door for reals :D 9:06 PM
DB Phone: Kiss you 9:38 PM
Me: I would love that:) 9:40 PM
DB Phone: Me too 9:56 PM
Me: Yummy 9:57 PM
DB Phone: :P 9:58 PM
Me: ;) 9:59 PM
Me: I would give u a super big hug 10:01 PM
DB Phone: (; 10:01 PM
Me: U know what else I would give u 10:04 PM
DB Phone: What babr 10:09 PM

DB Phone: Hey 10:04 PM
Me: Hey 10:05 PM
DB Phone: How's you 10:07 PM
Me: Little tired lol u 10:07 PM
DB Phone: Me too and I got a headache 10:08 PM
Me: That's no good:( u have To work 10:09 PM
Me: Missed u D 10:10 PM
DB Phone: I know hun ): and I missed you too 10:14 PM
Me: Can't u take something for your head 10:15 PM
DB Phone: Already did hun 10:26 PM
Me: Aww can u lay done or put ice on it. Maybe u did too much thinking today? 10:27 PM
DB Phone: Im already on my way to work dear 10:30 PM
Me: I hope u feel better babe 10:31 PM
DB Phone: Thanks babe 10:33 PM
Me: Hugs 10:34 PM
DB Phone: Aw thanks (: 10:35 PM
Me: Yep:) 10:37 PM
DB Phone: ((: 10:39 PM
Me: Headache be gone is my only wish tonight:) 11:37 PM
DB Phone: Aw thanks love (: 11:39 PM
Me: Yep <3 11:42 PM
DB Phone: Mwah (: 11:48 PM
Me: :* :* 11:51 PM
DB Phone: :* 11:54 PM
Me: :) 12:01 AM
DB Phone: ((: 12:04 AM

DB Phone: Hey (: 11:19 AM
Me: Hi there 12:14 PM
DB Phone: How are ya (: 12:15 PM
Me: Not bad u 12:21 PM
DB Phone: Helping my sister move once they bring the uhaul back 12:22 PM
Me: Aww that's nice u Did your headache ever go away? 12:22 PM
DB Phone: Yes it did (: 12:23 PM
Me: Oh good:) I felt bad for u that's the worst. When I get a headache like that I use ice or if I can find a really cold can of soda and hold it on my head. It works every time lol 12:24 PM
DB Phone: Oh really 12:25 PM
Me: Haha yeah 12:25 PM
DB Phone: Haha (: 12:26 PM
Me: Genius I know 12:26 PM
DB Phone: Lol yes you are 12:26 PM
Me: It's not easy being this smart and this cute all at once :D 12:29 PM
DB Phone: Lol thats very true 12:29 PM
Me: I am glad u agree 12:31 PM
Me: How is everything else 12:35 PM
DB Phone: Haha what you mean 12:36 PM
Me: Lol I am a dork they were separate thoughts haha 12:37 PM
Me: Funny 12:37 PM
DB Phone: Uh huh lol 12:49 PM
Me: Haha ok 12:51 PM
DB Phone: :P 1:12 PM
Me: ^_^ 1:13 PM
DB Phone: (: 3:31 PM
Me: Hi! What r u doing 3:32 PM
DB Phone: Helping my sis move you :p you 3:33 PM
Me: I have some friends here just hanging out:) 3:34 PM
DB Phone: Oh sounds fun hun (: 3:35 PM
Me: It's a house party can't touch this lol 3:38 PM
DB Phone: Lmfao 4:53 PM
Me: As Britney says.... Oops I did it again lmfao 5:04 PM
DB Phone: Lol goober 5:23 PM
Me: Hehe that is me 5:26 PM
DB Phone: Lol oh I know 6:24 PM
Me: Hey hey hey 6:25 PM
DB Phone: Hey hey hey 6:28 PM
Me: Lol how was moving 6:32 PM
DB Phone: Done finally lol (: 6:43 PM
Me: That's good :) 6:43 PM
DB Phone: Absolutely (: 6:44 PM
Me: I'm sure u r tired lol 6:45 PM
DB Phone: Im very tired im having a couple drinks now lol 7:54 PM
Me: Watch out lol 7:58 PM
DB Phone: Haha it'll be all good im home drinking 7:58 PM
Me: Lol u could get in trouble anywhere ;) 8:07 PM
DB Phone: Haha nit at home tho (: 8:15 PM
Me: Oh I bet u could lol I have seen your texts lol 8:25 PM
DB Phone: Lmao what I say 8:35 PM
Me: That filthy language of yours;) LMAO 8:39 PM
DB Phone: Shh lmao 8:39 PM
Me: U know it's true :D 8:40 PM
DB Phone: :P 8:52 PM
DB Phone: You like it tho (: 8:59 PM
Me: Yep 9:00 PM
DB Phone: ((: 9:01 PM
Me: Lol;) 9:02 PM
DB Phone: Lmao ((: 9:44 PM
Me: U behaving yourself? haha 9:49 PM
DB Phone: Yes haha im grouchy lol 11:43 PM
Me: U r ?? Ok Oscar:) 11:44 PM
DB Phone: Yeah lol just cant get the volume on the t.v. to work lol 11:45 PM
Me: U sound like an old man lol 11:46 PM
Me: I bet u need sleep 11:47 PM
DB Phone: Lmao i so do 11:56 PM
Me: Go to sleep lol 12:13 AM
DB Phone: You coming lol 12:15 AM
Me: Yes but no snoring ok 12:16 AM
DB Phone: Cant promise that lol 12:17 AM
Me: Well damn that's too bad lol 12:18 AM
Me: I am so tired 12:18 AM
DB Phone: You and me both 12:19 AM
Me: Go to sleep u nut 12:20 AM
DB Phone: Lol ill give you my nut 12:20 AM
Me: How many lol 12:21 AM
DB Phone: Lmao no no I mean my dick :p 12:23 AM
Me: Hahaha ok 12:24 AM
DB Phone: Haha yea silly 12:25 AM
Me: :) 12:35 AM
DB Phone: You want it huh (: 12:36 AM
Me: Haha u offering 12:36 AM
DB Phone: I sure am 12:37 AM
Me: Ok I accept the offer lol 12:38 AM
DB Phone: Haha come now (: 12:39 AM
Me: Lol it will be morning by the time I get there lol 12:40 AM
DB Phone: Haha I do have a car :p 12:42 AM
Me: Come get me I will jump out a window lol 12:43 AM
DB Phone: Lmao can I come get you 12:44 AM
Me: Haha I wish 12:45 AM
DB Phone: Aw you cant 12:48 AM
Me: Would u really come if I could 12:49 AM
Me: Or r u faking the funk? 12:53 AM
DB Phone: Yes I really would babe and im seriously no messing around love 12:54 AM
Me: Well crap next time tell me cause u know I can't just walk out the front door lol 12:55 AM
DB Phone: Sorry baby I will (: we definitely could of had sex tonight if I would of said something :P 12:59 AM
Me: U were too busy boozing, being grouchy and trying to fix your TV! Lol 1:00 AM
DB Phone: Well you could of fixed it all for me :P 1:02 AM
Me: Yeah had u told me pfft 1:04 AM
DB Phone: Sorry dear 1:05 AM
Me: Lol it's fine I don't look so cute right now anyway haha 1:06 AM
DB Phone: Haha you dont need to look cute babe (: 1:07 AM
Me: Look DB after texting u for like two months when I see u I am gonna be looking F I N E and not all scrubby lol 1:09 AM
DB Phone: Haha but when you get here your not gonna be looking fine babe lol 1:14 AM
Me: Haha that's okay as long as I do for a few mins 1:15 AM
DB Phone: Haha we may not even make it all the way to my place with you looking fine lol 1:17 AM
Me: Haha lol u r a rebel:) 1:18 AM
DB Phone: Lmfao 1:18 AM
Me: U r and I still have your candy:) I haven't really eaten it and won't. 1:26 AM
DB Phone: You better not lol 1:31 AM
Me: I won't I swear boss:) 1:31 AM
DB Phone: Good :p I wouldn't wanna have you do anything on the way here lol:P 1:34 AM
Me: Like what lol 1:35 AM
DB Phone: Force your head down to my dick so you gotta suck on it lol 1:36 AM
Me: While u r driving? That's called distracted driving lol 1:37 AM
DB Phone: Lol no no ita called roadhead baby (: 1:39 AM
Me: Haha sound dangerous 1:44 AM
DB Phone: Maybe alittle lol but ill take the chance(; 1:46 AM
Me: Haha hope u have good driving skills lol 1:50 AM
DB Phone: Im pretty good babe (: you can do your best to me:P 1:56 AM
Me: Lmao there should be a law against that 1:59 AM
DB Phone: Lmao no ones gotta one im getting my dick sucked on the road :p 2:04 AM
DB Phone: Gotta know* 2:04 AM
Me: Hahahaha u r something I tell ya 2:05 AM
Me: One of a kind lol 2:06 AM
DB Phone: Lol you love it tho :p 2:06 AM
Me: How could I not. I haven't stood a chance against your unique charm:):) btw r u drunk? 2:08 AM
DB Phone: Alittle bit hun yes 2:11 AM
Me: Haha what did u drink 2:12 AM
DB Phone: Captain and coke 2:18 AM
Me: Is that rum 2:21 AM
DB Phone: It sure is lol 2:21 AM
Me: Give me some :D 2:23 AM
DB Phone: Ever drink before hun? Lol 2:24 AM
Me: No not really but want to try it lol 2:25 AM
Me: Not a lot just a little 2:26 AM
DB Phone: I can do that hun 2:27 AM
Me: Cool:) that's awesome but I want to try something that tastes good 2:28 AM
DB Phone: I got something for you, there good really good 2:29 AM
Me: Ooh what is it 2:29 AM
DB Phone: Forget what its called but its a girly drink 2:31 AM
Me: Cool as long as it tastes good 2:32 AM
Me: That will be fun 2:33 AM
DB Phone: Bet you'd like it 2:33 AM
Me: I'm sure 2:33 AM
DB Phone: Me too 2:33 AM
Me: I don't think I should drink a lot tho lol just a little 2:34 AM
DB Phone: Only alittle yes, maybe a bottle or 2 2:35 AM
Me: Ok lol whatever u think:) 2:37 AM
DB Phone: Lol (: 2:37 AM
Me: This will be some kind of party lol I can't wait!! 2:38 AM
DB Phone: Yes it will lol 2:39 AM
Me: Well let's get the partay started!!!!!! 2:40 AM
DB Phone: I so agree 2:42 AM
Me: Tick tick lol 2:43 AM
Me: More than all that I really want to hug u. 2:44 AM
Me: Soon? 2:44 AM
DB Phone: Yes hun of course very possible for next weekend (: 2:45 AM
Me: Cool cool and I will save my very best hug for then 2:46 AM
Me: I need sleep zzzzzzzz 2:47 AM
Me: Night night 2:47 AM
DB Phone: Night babe 2:49 AM

Me: U any better today?? 10:56 AM
DB Phone: Yes (: 11:31 AM
Me: Aww good I was worried lol 12:02 PM
DB Phone: Aww dont be 2:19 PM
Me: Well u had a very serious prob :) 2:23 PM
DB Phone: Lol well you never came and checked me lol 2:33 PM
Me: That was wrong of me:( 2:36 PM
Me: Please don't sue lol 2:36 PM
DB Phone: Oh I might lol 2:41 PM
Me: Haha noooo 2:42 PM
Me: I will pay in u in hugs and candy lol 2:44 PM
DB Phone: Hmm ok (: 8:02 PM
Me: Haha what r u doing? 8:03 PM
DB Phone: Just woke up you 8:13 PM
Me: Giving myself a Facial haha 8:14 PM
DB Phone: Oh my lol what kind of facial :p 8:17 PM
Me: Lol I put some brown stuff all over my face and let it dry then I wash it off with this special soap and then put some face cream on it. It's awesome:) I can give u one too haha 8:20 PM
DB Phone: Haha only if I can give you one (: 8:43 PM
Me: Sure u can haha and u will like it I swear lol 8:44 PM
DB Phone: Oh you'll like mine too (: 9:14 PM
Me: Lol what r u up to now? 9:15 PM
DB Phone: Lol what you mean 9:22 PM
Me: Your text sounded like u were up to something lol 9:23 PM
DB Phone: LmAO maybe I was :p 9:28 PM
Me: See I knew it ^_* 9:30 PM
DB Phone: Haha :P you were right lol 9:32 PM
Me: Do u miss me? 9:32 PM
DB Phone: I miss you lots! (: 9:35 PM
Me: Aww I miss u lots and lots 9:36 PM
DB Phone: You better (: 9:37 PM
Me: Oh I know better than to mess with U;) 9:38 PM
DB Phone: Lmao quick learner you are (; 9:39 PM
Me: Yes yes sir :) 9:39 PM
DB Phone: LmAO smart girl (; 9:40 PM
Me: Hehe yep 9:41 PM
DB Phone: :P 9:47 PM
Me: How is your car;) 9:48 PM
DB Phone: Would you like to find out? (; 9:50 PM
Me: Lol yeah! U know I love your car:) 9:53 PM
DB Phone: You wanna make love in it dont you? (: 9:54 PM
Me: Lol:) umm do u 9:56 PM
DB Phone: With you yes (; 9:58 PM
Me: u r sweeeeeeeet:) i bet it would awesome to ride in that car with you and do whatever we wanted to do :) 10:00 PM
DB Phone: Oh really? (: anything huh, (; 10:01 PM
Me: With u yeah! 10:02 PM
DB Phone: Hmm (: 10:03 PM
Me: Yesss 10:06 PM
DB Phone: (; 10:09 PM
Me: :3 10:18 PM
DB Phone: :P 10:49 PM
Me: I like u 10:51 PM
DB Phone: I like you too (: 11:08 PM
Me: :) 11:10 PM
DB Phone: ((: 11:20 PM
Me: <3 11:21 PM
DB Phone: <3 11:32 PM
Me: Nite:) 12:03 AM
DB Phone: Night love(: 12:07 AM
Me: ;) 12:07 AM
DB Phone: (; 12:12 AM

DB Phone: Hey (: 8:51 PM
Me: Hi! 8:51 PM
Me: So weird I thought of u right bfore u texted me:) 8:52 PM
DB Phone: How are you hun? (: 8:52 PM
DB Phone: Aww really 8:52 PM
Me: Just got some from dance so good . How r u? 8:53 PM
Me: Yeah I am psychic:) 8:55 PM
DB Phone: Im doing good just cooking lol 9:01 PM
DB Phone: Haha are you now 9:01 PM
Me: Ooh what? 9:01 PM
Me: Yes I am 9:02 PM
DB Phone: Meat loaf noodles and corn 9:04 PM
Me: Wow I'm impressed 9:06 PM
DB Phone: Haha are you now 9:07 PM
Me: I really am 9:08 PM
Me: Lots of guys can't cook 9:08 PM
DB Phone: Haha this guy can (: 9:10 PM
Me: That is so coolllll 9:11 PM
DB Phone: ((: 9:15 PM
Me: :):):) 9:16 PM
DB Phone: (((: 9:20 PM
Me: Haha 9:20 PM
DB Phone: ((: 9:30 PM
Me: That's it haha 9:44 PM
DB Phone: Lol what 9:45 PM
Me: U r just so silly it's fun 9:48 PM
DB Phone: Lol your silly 9:49 PM
Me: Yes I am that's we get along so good:) 9:49 PM
DB Phone: Very true (: 9:50 PM
Me: But u know I'm cooler right ;) 9:57 PM
DB Phone: Psh lol nope 10:02 PM
Me: Oh yessss 10:04 PM
DB Phone: Lmao 10:08 PM
Me: Haha what what 10:10 PM
DB Phone: Your butt lol 10:16 PM
Me: Your face lol 10:17 PM
DB Phone: Between your butt cheeks (: 10:21 PM
Me: Hilarious 10:22 PM
DB Phone: Lmfao you'd like it (: 10:26 PM
Me: Hehe:) 10:26 PM
DB Phone: Plus the licking (: 10:29 PM
Me: Haha u nut 10:29 PM
DB Phone: You know you'd like it baby 10:31 PM
Me: I bet u could make anything fun:) 10:32 PM
DB Phone: I definitely could (: 10:37 PM
Me: U know how u can be somewhere and something really funny happens. It's like impossible not to laugh and there is always one person if u see them u won't be able to hold it in anymore?!! U r that person lol 10:43 PM
DB Phone: Aww (: 11:10 PM
Me: :) 11:13 PM
DB Phone: ((: 11:22 PM
Me: Night my friend ;) 11:24 PM
DB Phone: Night hun (: 11:29 PM
Me: ^_^ 11:30 PM
DB Phone: :P 11:31 PM
Me: Text me sooooon 11:31 PM
DB Phone: I will (: 11:32 PM
Me: Kk 11:32 PM
Me: What's 12:18 PM
Me: up 12:18 PM
DB Phone: Just woke up hun you 3:36 PM
Me: Well then good morning! 3:41 PM
DB Phone: Its bad when you wake up hard lmao 3:48 PM
Me: LMAO 4:07 PM
DB Phone: Its not funny babe lol 4:09 PM
Me: I think it's the funniest thing I have heard all day :O 4:11 PM
DB Phone: Lol ughh 4:13 PM
Me: :) 4:14 PM
DB Phone: Now you gotta come help lol cuz you were laughing at me 4:18 PM
Me: U need help? Lol 4:21 PM
DB Phone: Yes lol you putting your hand down my shorts and rubbing it 4:23 PM
Me: OMG haha 4:25 PM
DB Phone: Oh yes you lol 4:28 PM
Me: It's an emergency !!!! 4:43 PM
DB Phone: Definitely babe! 4:43 PM
Me: Shorty call 911 4:59 PM
DB Phone: Your 911 lok 5:01 PM
Me: U need an appt lol 5:01 PM
DB Phone: Your my doctor (; 5:02 PM
Me: Dr Maddie lol 5:04 PM
DB Phone: I love it lol 5:10 PM
Me: Me too haha 5:12 PM
DB Phone: (: now come check me out lol 5:23 PM
Me: Hehe 5:25 PM
DB Phone: :P 5:28 PM

DB Phone: Hey 2:43 PM
Me: Hi 2:45 PM
DB Phone: How are you 2:47 PM
Me: im ok how about u 2:53 PM
Me: its been so long since i talked to u i thought u were DBnapped 2:53 PM
DB Phone: Lol no dear I wasn't DBnapped lmao silly:P 2:54 PM
Me: well i could see how that might happen lol ^_* 2:57 PM
DB Phone: Haha definitely :P 2:58 PM
Me: i have thought of stealing u a few times haha 2:59 PM
Me: but really where did u go???????? 2:59 PM
DB Phone: Do it lol steal me and keep me for yourself, and sorry hun did house work all weekend and helped my brother go pick some stuff up 3:02 PM
DB Phone: Now working overtime for work 3:02 PM
Me: house work haha and i might do it for real you can make me laugh all day and make food for me when i get hungry lol 3:09 PM
DB Phone: Haha and what do I get from you babe? (: 3:10 PM
Me: duh :) 3:21 PM
DB Phone: Ill take it (: 3:27 PM
Me: thats the right answer:):) 3:28 PM
DB Phone: Lol shush (: 6:57 PM
Me: Oh bite it haha 8:23 PM
DB Phone: Ok lol :p 8:35 PM
Me: O_O 9:13 PM
DB Phone: :P 9:26 PM
Me: So what r u doing? We dont talk like we used to. Did u get a woman??? 9:28 PM
DB Phone: Nope I sure didnt hun 9:36 PM
Me: Ohh ok I hope not I will beat her up lol 9:45 PM
DB Phone: Lmao dont worry hun im not 10:02 PM
Me: I will use my apples as weapons LMAO 10:05 PM
DB Phone: Ill use my thing as a weapon towards you lol 10:17 PM
Me: LMAO!!!! 10:18 PM
DB Phone: Lmfao 10:28 PM
Me: U r so funny :D 10:48 PM
DB Phone: I try hun (: 1:06 AM

Me: :);)))) 7:56 AM
DB Phone: ((((: 7:59 AM
Me: Lol 8:00 AM
DB Phone: Brb shower time 8:01 AM
Me: Have fun:) 8:01 AM
DB Phone: Oh yeah (: 8:28 AM
Me: Lol:) u all clean now? 8:29 AM
DB Phone: Yes (: 8:44 AM
Me: Thank god lol 8:45 AM
DB Phone: Lmao bite me 8:45 AM
Me: Pfft I might! I have sharp teeth haha 8:46 AM
DB Phone: LmAO sure 8:47 AM
Me: I will do it DB lol 8:47 AM
DB Phone: LmAO will you now 8:48 AM
Me: Yep haha I'm hungry too 8:48 AM
DB Phone: I have something you can eat lol 8:49 AM
Me: Is it an apple? 8:49 AM
DB Phone: Lol nope ill give you a hint its on my body lol 9:01 AM
Me: Haha I think I know:) 9:02 AM
DB Phone: Say it (: 9:28 AM
Me: Haha lol 9:29 AM
DB Phone: Say it chicken (: 9:31 AM
Me: U r talking about your thing aren't u haha 9:32 AM
DB Phone: Lol what's thing 1:04 PM
Me: Your man part haha 1:16 PM
DB Phone: Just say it you puss lol 1:16 PM
Me: Lol. A penis haha right? 1:17 PM
DB Phone: Haha say the other word :P 1:18 PM
Me: Which one lol 1:18 PM
Me: D 1:18 PM
DB Phone: Lol either one 1:19 PM
Me: A Dk 1:21 PM
DB Phone: The whole thing lol 1:36 PM
Me: Nooo 1:52 PM
DB Phone: Lame 1:56 PM
Me: :( 1:57 PM
DB Phone: Lol 1:58 PM

DB Phone: Heyy 12:19 PM
Me: Who is this??????? Lol 12:20 PM
DB Phone: Donnie 12:21 PM
Me: Lol I know:):) 12:34 PM
DB Phone: Lol do you now 12:35 PM
Me: Yes just giving u a hard time:) 12:39 PM
DB Phone: Im gonna give you a hard something lol 12:40 PM
Me: Haha oh yeah? 12:40 PM
DB Phone: Lmao yes 12:41 PM
Me: No u won't 12:44 PM
DB Phone: Not this weekend but next im coming to get you 12:45 PM
Me: When? U better not be joking 12:48 PM
DB Phone: Saturday and im not, your gonna feel something hard that day, prolly be on the way here 12:49 PM
Me: So not this Sat but next Sat u will come get me????????????? 12:50 PM
DB Phone: Yes babe 1:00 PM
Me: I hope u really do!!!! 1:01 PM
DB Phone: I am and your gonna be rubbing something on the way here lol 1:03 PM
Me: Oh yeah what? 1:04 PM
DB Phone: My dick 1:05 PM
Me: Lol:) u better not let me down I have been waiting forever 1:06 PM
DB Phone: Im not hun (: 1:12 PM
Me: Ok well I am so excited I can't wait for real! I will start working on a plan to get out of the house 1:13 PM
DB Phone: Ok sounds good (: we're gonna have fun 1:17 PM
Me: Yes I can't wait:):) 1:17 PM
DB Phone: Its gonna be Saturday night tho babe, im gonna work friday night next week then after I sleep imm come get you 1:19 PM
Me: Okay like what time u think and will I stay all night or are u gonna bring me back before then? I will see what I can fig out 1:20 PM
DB Phone: If yiu can stay that'll be good but if you gotta be home that night then its all good(: 1:22 PM
Me: Okay cool. I will get it straight. Like do u know around what time u could come 1:23 PM
DB Phone: 6-8 1:23 PM
Me: Ok ok :) 1:24 PM
DB Phone: That ok hun? (: 1:26 PM
Me: Yes I am gonna work on a plan. I can't wait I am so excited I might explode 1:27 PM
DB Phone: You should be (: and your gonna work on me (: 1:39 PM
Me: Haha lol:):) 1:40 PM
DB Phone: Lol well you are tho (: 1:42 PM
Me: Donnie I would sing yankee doodle if u asked me to;) 1:45 PM
DB Phone: Lol so your saying you'll do whatever I say 1:48 PM
Me: Yes lol 1:52 PM
DB Phone: Hmmm really (; 1:52 PM
Me: I just wanna see u and make u happy! I'm up for anything :) 1:53 PM
DB Phone: Aww (: 1:56 PM
Me: So what do u want to do? I got the candy! 1:57 PM
DB Phone: Im up for anything (: 1:59 PM
Me: I know...hang out, eat candy and watch dance movies lmao 2:00 PM
Me: I'm gonna tell my mom I am spending the night at a friends cause I want to stay as long as I can 2:00 PM
DB Phone: Aww (: as long as we have sex once ill be happy (: 2:01 PM
Me: Well then u will be happy:) I am so ready 2:02 PM
DB Phone: Me too (: 2:03 PM
Me: Super yay 2:03 PM
Me: Don't let anyone move in your place in the meantime haha 2:05 PM
DB Phone: I wont haha 2:16 PM
Me: Ok;) 2:16 PM
DB Phone: (; 2:24 PM

DB Phone: Hey (: 10:51 AM
Me: Hi! 10:51 AM
DB Phone: How are you 10:52 AM
Me: Good u? 10:55 AM
Me: Going to my friends soon 10:58 AM
DB Phone: Aww nice! I would of asked you to come over since im off tonight now, yeah I didnt find out till last night we was off 11:09 AM
Me: What? Are U serious???? 1:17 PM
Me: Well next week for sure then:) 5:10 PM
DB Phone: Yes for sure (: 7:50 PM
Me: :):):) 8:51 PM
DB Phone: ((: 9:53 PM
Me: :3 10:04 PM
DB Phone: (: 1:53 AM

Me: Peep:) lol 8:21 AM
DB Phone: Bloop (: 9:23 AM
Me: Haha funny boy :) 9:31 AM
DB Phone: Haha how was your night ? (: 9:32 AM
Me: Good! U? 9:40 AM
Me: Miss me? Lol 9:43 AM
DB Phone: Yes (: you miss me? :p 9:44 AM
Me: :) how could I not ^_^ 9:50 AM
DB Phone: Aw (: well now you gotta kiss me (: 9:50 AM
DB Phone: So get your ass here lol 9:51 AM
Me: I want to sooooo bad 9:52 AM
DB Phone: Do it 9:54 AM
Me: When I see u I will!!!!!! 9:55 AM
DB Phone: You better 9:58 AM
Me: It's a promise;) 10:01 AM
DB Phone: Good (; 10:03 AM
Me: Yes I am gonna give u the biggest hug evvvvverrrrr 10:06 AM
DB Phone: Aww good babe (: 10:07 AM
Me: Yep what do u want me to wear? Something nice like a skirt or something cute like shorts and converse lol 10:12 AM
DB Phone: Nothing to nice hun (: you can wear like short shorts and and a tank top I dont mind (: 10:20 AM
Me: Ok cool I just wanna look cute :) 10:26 AM
DB Phone: Im sure you will (: 10:29 AM
Me: I will make sure I do! 10:30 AM
DB Phone: ((: 10:35 AM
Me: <3 10:50 AM
DB Phone: <3 2:30 PM
Me: :)) 2:39 PM
DB Phone: ((: 2:49 PM
Me: ^_* 3:03 PM
DB Phone: :P 3:12 PM
Me: I love ice cream:) 6:21 PM
DB Phone: Me too (: 6:24 PM
Me: And whipped cream 6:25 PM
DB Phone: Mmm yes (: 6:54 PM
Me: :) so good 7:04 PM
DB Phone: You yes 7:40 PM
Me: You too lol:) 7:41 PM
DB Phone: No no lol you (: 8:29 PM
Me: Noooo It's u for sure;) 8:31 PM
DB Phone: Nah lol i doubt that :P 9:00 PM
Me: :P 9:09 PM
DB Phone: (; 9:42 PM
Me: Goodnight DB:) 10:08 PM
DB Phone: Night (: 10:23 PM

Me: good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:32 AM
DB Phone: Morning (: 11:01 AM
Me: Hi:) 11:02 AM
DB Phone: Sorry babe just got off work 11:03 AM
Me: This late?? 11:04 AM
DB Phone: Lol yes :p 11:11 AM
Me: Wow that sucks :( 11:13 AM
DB Phone: Its ok hun (: but come have sex with me plz (; 11:16 AM
Me: Lol:):):) 11:16 AM
DB Phone: Plz lol I want some bad 11:17 AM
Me: Lol Saturday! 11:23 AM
Me: Can u wait??? 11:25 AM
DB Phone: Lol I guess I can wait :P 11:32 AM
Me: OMG u better lol 11:43 AM
DB Phone: Lol or what baby huh 11:44 AM
Me: Idk yet lol! 11:46 AM
DB Phone: Lol you try anything I swear ill cum in you lmao 11:46 AM
Me: What??! That would be crazy to do 11:47 AM
DB Phone: I know lol but I love you enough to do it (: 11:48 AM
Me: To have a baby? Lol 11:48 AM
DB Phone: Yes baby 11:48 AM
Me: U really want a baby? 11:49 AM
DB Phone: With you yes but if you wanna wait awhile we can 11:51 AM
Me: Really??? That makes me feel good :) 11:52 AM
DB Phone: But when we are having sex and I accidentally cum in you cuz it feels to good to stop im sorry 11:53 AM
Me: But seriously what would happen if I got preg lol 11:54 AM
DB Phone: Id take care of you and the baby 11:54 AM
Me: Wow u would for real? 11:56 AM
DB Phone: Yes I would but it wouldn't be to good having your parents me and you at the hospital tho lol 11:57 AM
Me: No lol. That would be bad haha. Well like maybe if u keep liking me we can in a few years cause then she might not be as mad haha 11:58 AM
DB Phone: Lmao true, ill just pull out quick and cum on you lol then imma stick back inside you 12:00 PM
Me: Ok that's safe right? 12:05 PM
DB Phone: Yes 12:37 PM
Me: r u sleeping? 12:38 PM
DB Phone: I am baby 12:39 PM
Me: Ok lol 12:40 PM
DB Phone: Lol 12:43 PM
Me: text me later and dream about me haha 12:45 PM
DB Phone: Oh I will lol 12:49 PM
Me: ^_* 12:49 PM
DB Phone: Mmm 12:50 PM
Me: ;) 12:50 PM
DB Phone: Could be sucking me off right now (; 12:52 PM
Me: Lol:) go to sleep haha 12:53 PM
DB Phone: Suck me off first plz baby (: 12:53 PM
Me: I'm not there lol 12:54 PM
DB Phone: Well get here lol 12:55 PM
Me: I will be there Sat I promise and we can do whatever then 12:56 PM
DB Phone: Baby I'm extremely horny! Really need your pussy lips around my cock 12:59 PM
Me: Omg haha:) I'm sorry it's so bad:( 1:00 PM
DB Phone: I can wait tho babe 1:02 PM
Me: Ok pleasssse wait for me don't start looking for somebody else please 1:03 PM
DB Phone: I wont 1:46 PM
Me: Okayyyyy 1:51 PM
DB Phone: (: 1:53 PM
Me: :)) 2:05 PM
DB Phone: Bed time for me hun 2:13 PM
Me: Nighty lol 2:35 PM

Me: hey 12:16 PM
DB Phone: Hey (: 12:23 PM
Me: Hi 12:30 PM
DB Phone: How's you 12:31 PM
Me: Ok how about u 12:33 PM
DB Phone: Im good babe 12:33 PM
Me: I miss u 12:34 PM
DB Phone: I miss you too baby 12:34 PM
Me: :))) 12:35 PM
DB Phone: Almost Saturday (: 12:37 PM
Me: I know:) I can't wait 12:37 PM
DB Phone: Me neither 12:37 PM
Me: Yay what will we do????? Candy lol 12:42 PM
DB Phone: Lol yes (: 12:51 PM
Me: even more exciting 12:53 PM
DB Phone: That and me slapping against you (: 12:56 PM
Me: Lol:) huh? U r gonna slap me lol 1:36 PM
DB Phone: Not slap you my body is gonna be slapping up against you (: 1:42 PM
Me: Ooooo lol haha like a mosh pit lol 1:58 PM
DB Phone: Lmao I think you so silly 6:01 PM
Me: I am:) just like u!!!! Lol 6:08 PM
DB Phone: Lol it was supposed to be I think you know silly :P 6:13 PM
Me: Ooooo haha that's so funny:) maybe I do;) and I can't wait! 6:16 PM
DB Phone: Is that so (; 6:30 PM
Me: Yessss 6:32 PM
DB Phone: So you want me slapping up against you huh (: 6:35 PM
Me: Only in a nice way:) 6:38 PM
DB Phone: Well its when im humping you hard (; 6:38 PM
Me: Lol:) 6:39 PM
DB Phone: And im gonna babe(: 6:39 PM
Me: I want to. I am ready:) 6:40 PM
DB Phone: Are you sure? (: 6:41 PM
Me: Yes I am. I have been thinking about this for sooo long and can't wait 6:42 PM
DB Phone: Lol (: now I hope you dont say stop halfway through babe cuz I doubt I'd be able too 6:44 PM
Me: I won't I promise I like u and I want to be with u:) 6:45 PM
DB Phone: Aww good (: 6:46 PM
Me: I am so serious I want u to be my first and I am excited 6:47 PM
DB Phone: (: ok baby 6:48 PM
Me: Are u excited?? 6:49 PM
DB Phone: Yes I am (: 6:49 PM
Me: Good u better haha 6:51 PM
DB Phone: Or what lol 6:52 PM
Me: I will get u lol 6:53 PM
DB Phone: Get me how 7:00 PM
Me: Hmmm not sure I will surprise u 7:01 PM
DB Phone: Mmm make it good (: 7:02 PM
Me: Ok! 7:03 PM
DB Phone: (: 7:04 PM
Me: :) 7:25 PM
DB Phone: ((: 8:15 PM
Me: Good night DB:) 10:49 PM

DB Phone: Hey 11:41 AM
Me: Hi! 12:01 PM
DB Phone: How's you 12:02 PM
Me: Good u? 12:03 PM
DB Phone: Tired got off work a hour ago lol 12:15 PM
Me: That sucks!:( 1:04 PM
DB Phone: It's ok hun 9:43 PM
DB Phone: Just woke up lol 9:43 PM
Me: Lol u going to work again? 9:44 PM
DB Phone: In about 45 min 9:45 PM
Me: Not again lol 9:46 PM
DB Phone: Lol I know babe 9:47 PM
Me: :( 9:50 PM
DB Phone: Its ok babe 10:02 PM
Me: Ok! 10:02 PM
DB Phone: Lol yeah (: 10:25 PM

Me: Hi 9:09 AM
DB Phone: Hey hun, ill text you after work, I stayed over again lol 9:10 AM
Me: Oh ok:) bye 9:10 AM
DB Phone: Your fine babe (: I do miss you tho 9:11 AM
Me: I miss u so much. U still coming to get me tomorrow? My mom is going to her boyfriends 9:12 AM
DB Phone: Oh haha yes hopefully my sister can come get her dog by then, I'd be worried with him around you 9:13 AM
Me: Why I love dogs? 9:18 AM
DB Phone: Well he's a big ass rot and he doesnt like new people 11:21 AM
Me: Will he bite me? Put him in the bathroom or maybe I can feed him cheese maybe he will be nice then. U said u weren't gonna let anyone move in lol and now Cujo is there :/ 11:25 AM
DB Phone: Lol he's been there with me this whole time hun 12:27 PM

Me: I can't believe today is finally here :))) 9:02 AM
DB Phone: Yes it is (: 9:05 AM
Me: I can't wait :)))) 9:06 AM
Me: Do you know what time you'll be here? 9:12 AM
Me: DB? 9:41 AM
DB Phone: Sorry haha was in the shower 9:41 AM
DB Phone: Depends when I get up silly haha 9:42 AM
Me: lol oops sorry too excited I guess 9:51 AM
Me: I'll let you sleep. Don't want you tired tonight. Text me when you get up. 9:57 AM
DB Phone: Ok babe I will (: 10:10 AM

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