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    justinawashcock (05/07/08 7:57:03 PM): so you gonna tell me where ur from
    im_not_just_a_girl (05/07/08 7:57:37 PM): maybe LOL
    justinawashcock (05/07/08 7:57:55 PM): where do u go to school
    im_not_just_a_girl (05/07/08 7:58:12 PM): LOL I'm not tellin you that then you'll know where I'm from LOL
    justinawashcock (05/07/08 7:58:23 PM): lol
    justinawashcock (05/07/08 8:00:05 PM): columbus huh
    justinawashcock (05/07/08 8:00:12 PM): im from new albany
    im_not_just_a_girl (05/07/08 8:00:43 PM): LOL hey how'd you know
    justinawashcock (05/07/08 8:00:48 PM): i just looked at ur myspace
    im_not_just_a_girl (05/07/08 8:00:52 PM): LOL oh
    im_not_just_a_girl (05/07/08 8:00:54 PM): hahaha
    justinawashcock (05/07/08 8:01:27 PM): i kinda wish u were closer id like to hang out with you i think
    im_not_just_a_girl (05/07/08 8:02:14 PM): thatd be cool
    justinawashcock (05/07/08 8:10:46 PM): sorry i had to smoke
    im_not_just_a_girl (05/07/08 8:11:15 PM): itsok
    justinawashcock (05/07/08 8:12:11 PM): so what u doing
    im_not_just_a_girl (05/07/08 8:12:31 PM): Jus lookin at vids on youtube
    justinawashcock (05/07/08 8:13:35 PM): my x is 15
    Well, unless you were at most 17 or 18 since you had that girlfriend, that is wrong. But hey, you admit later that it's a recent ex, making you a messed up person.

    Justin A. Towery was arrested as part of IF work done in Lowndes County, Mississippi in the summer of 2008. He ended up pleading guilty and was sentenced in February 2009 to a sentence of exploitation of a child for sexual explicit purposes. He was sentenced to 5 years prison (no chance at early release), five years probation, fines, and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

    The contributor for this chat was Olive Garden. Great work, Olive!

    This is our 483rd conviction since June of 2004, our 178th conviction for 2009, and our 6th conviction in Mississippi thus far.