• Conviction - Jimster7 - Palm Springs, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 12/21/2007 1:55 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/21/2007 1:55 PM PST

    Jimster7 [11:55 PM]: hey.. I'm worried about u....
    LBninja92 [11:55 PM]: y?
    Jimster7 [11:56 PM]: u know... LBninja is in reality police..... UGH
    LBninja92 [11:56 PM]: HUH??
    Jimster7 [11:56 PM]: u know what I mean.... a police person pretending to be a 13 yea rold
    LBninja92 [11:57PM]: Wtf u talkin about
    LBninja92 [11:57 PM]: i aint no police?
    LBninja92 [11:57 PM]: wha the hell u smokin dood?
    LBninja92 [11:58 PM]: what make u think that??
    Jimster7 [11:58 PM]: geezus...haven't u heard how police offciers go on the internet and pretend to be young kids...
    LBninja92 [11:58 PM]: uhmmm okay...
    LBninja92 [11:58 PM]: wow i thought u wuz my friend...
    Jimster7 [11:58 PM]: U seriously have nooooo idea what I;m talkin about?
    LBninja92 [11:59 PM]: well cops do shit but i aint no cop
    Jimster7 [11:59 PM]: cool
    LBninja92 [11:59 PM]: why u think im messin w u?
    LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: :(
    Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: pays to be carefull
    LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: ya tru
    Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: shit happens in life

    Oddly enough, James, when gay adults try to meet each other, they don't worry about one of them being a cop posing as a 13 year old.

    James Philbrick is a lying asshole, let's just get that right out of the way quickly. Philbrick showed up at our mini-sting with the Palm Springs police department, thinking he would be meeting and having sex with a thirteen year old boy. Philbrick's log is explicit in both sexual content and the knowledge that he thought he was talking to a thirteen year old kid. Constant references to being young, experimenting, and of course the \"paranoia that he's talking to a cop\" thing.

    End of the day, Philbrick knew he was soliciting what he thought was a 13 year old boy. It excited him. He wanted to have sex with a young male. Since his arrest, Philbrick has decided to slur the gay community by attempting to paint himself as simply an adult gay male who wanted to go hook up with another adult gay males. He and his scumbag defense attorney have taken to the media and literally tried to associate the gay community with internet preying on underage minors.

    Philbrick, despite all his trash-talking and all the trash-talking of his high-priced \"plea bargain specialist\" attorney, ended up having to plea guilty to two misdemeanors. They are as follows:

    - Attempting to distribute harmful matter to a minor over the Internet
    - soliciting a lewd act in a public place.

    Philbrick, through the media, is attempting to convince his community that he didn't get convicted for attempting to have sex with a young boy. Unfortunately for Philbrick, we'll be sure to let his community know the truth about the charges he was convicted of and the chat-log he had.

    He was sentenced to three years formal probation, ninety days house arrest, 100 hours community service and was ordered by the judge to not visit any chat-rooms where minors can enter and not to have any sexual conversations with a minor.

    End of the day, having money may get you a good plea deal, but it's not going to get you off the hook of being convicted. And it certainly won't help change the fact that James Philbrick is a disgusting individual who wants to have sex with small boys.

    Contributor notes from Don Pedro
    This is a case that has garnered quite a bit of local media attention in the Palm Springs area. The case started when Maxwell House approached me and asked if I would be interested in helping her and another contributor conduct a sting with the Palm Springs Police Department. The Palm Springs PD was having the television show COPS ride along with them and they wanted us to find predators in the area to send their way. I agreed to help out and hit the Palm Springs chat rooms.

    When Jimster7 hit me up in IM, I had no idea who he was. As far as I knew, he was just another potential predator doing what they do. Jimster7 eventually expressed interest in meeting the young boy for sex, but he was paranoid - he insisted on meeting outdoors at a public place. I had no idea why Jim was being so paranoid at the time; later on, the arresting detective told me that the man I was chatting with was a well-known former TV news anchor in the Palm Springs area, James Philbrick.

    Fast forward to the preliminary hearing. I traveled out to California twice to testify for the preliminary hearing that kept going on and on and on. His defense attorney put forth a myriad of defenses: He didn't think he was chatting with a real kid, he didn't stop and there's no such thing as a \"drive-by sex crime,\" questions as to whether or not a penis picture could be legally defined as \"harmful material,\" and resorting to attacking Perverted Justice and myself were a few defenses used. Philbrick kept maintaining his innocence throughout the preliminary hearing. However, during the preliminary hearing, Philbrick was offered a plea deal; he accepted the deal.

    I want to make it perfectly clear: James Philbrick is NOT an innocent man. If he were innocent, he would have rejected any plea of guilty to his crimes and gone in front of a jury of his peers. Philbrick and his lawyer John Patrick Dolan should not be arrogantly trumpeting the fact he pleaded guilty - pleading guilty is not a \"victory,\" it is GUILT. In fact, I feel that it is professionally negligent of Dolan to advise his client to be dishonest to the court and plead guilty if, in fact, Philbrick maintains he did nothing criminally wrong. By pleading guilty, Philbrick is admitting that he committed the action and guilty of the charges stemming from that action. Yes, the charges were less severe than the original charges, but they are charges stemming from his perverted actions nonetheless. Only a completely clueless and arrogant moron would still be maintaining innocence and claiming that he did nothing wrong after pleading guilty.

    Am I disappointed overall with the sentence he received? Of course - he deserved to have the book thrown at him. But it is impossible to overlook the fact that, instead of going in front of a jury of his peers, he pleaded guilty. I know that if I were innocent of a crime I was accused of committing, I would fight those charges to the end. I would not be able to stand in front of a judge and lie about my guilt. Innocent people don't plead guilty; guilty people plead guilty.

    One of the pleasant aspects of attending court is meeting all the great people that work the police and the prosecutor's office. Many thanks go out to the Palm Springs Police Department and Det. Mike Kovaleff for working hard on this case. Also thanks are due to Riverside County ADA Jennifer Beerman from the State Prosecutor's office for her hard work and Aimee Rangel for being so incredibly friendly, helpful and accommodating.

    This is our 254th conviction since June of 2004 and our 133rd conviction for 2007 so far.