Another RSO on probation, back on-line, soliciting multiple children
Bust by Irish Rose @ 5/12/2009 12:19 AM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Christopher Lynn Lord, 31
Yahoo and MySpace: notjustanotherncguy
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit jensbirdss, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 10:57:56 AM): hi jen! jason here, you busy?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 10:58:16 AM): hey
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 10:58:22 AM): i see you like birds (he did his homework, checking out my decoy's interests before making contact)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 10:58:28 AM): i used to have several parakeets
jensbirdss (12/27/06 10:58:38 AM): yea? cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 10:58:43 AM): one named petee, one named sicciro, and the other named butter cup, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 10:58:58 AM): awww
jensbirdss (12/27/06 10:59:01 AM): awsome
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 10:59:07 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 10:59:11 AM): what part of nc you in?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 10:59:32 AM): kinda by winston salem
jensbirdss (12/27/06 10:59:34 AM): u?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:00:08 AM): that's cool, just west of charlotte here,maybe a little over an hour or hour and a half from you, who knows, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:00:15 AM): so, you enjoying your Christmas break?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:00:25 AM): yea its ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:00:28 AM): kinda bored
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:00:33 AM): u go to school?notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:01:05 AM): i'm out of school, but not working this week, actually will be going near Winston Salem on Friday to pick up some stuff near Raleigh (4 minutes into the chat and he asked where she lives, estimated the distance, and mentioned that he will be nearthere)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:02:05 AM): you there jen?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:02:28 AM): sry got booted
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:02:41 AM): did u say how old?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:02:52 AM): oh, how old are you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:03:00 AM): im 14 u? (she is14)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:03:27 AM): oh, that's fine with me, but I'm older in my 20's, is that cool for chatting? (he is really 31)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:03:32 AM): i still know a little about birds, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:03:57 AM): yea thats cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:04:02 AM): ty
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:04:06 AM): its cool u know bout birds
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:04:24 AM): you never know, some girls freak out if they're your age and I'm 27, but we're just chatting, i'm not stupid or anything
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:04:43 AM): i know u seem ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:04:47 AM): i can tell
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:05:00 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:05:11 AM): we gave two of the birds away but one died
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:05:27 AM): we took him traveling too much and the change in temeratures got to him after a few years
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:05:28 AM): aww sry
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:05:30 AM): thats sad
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:05:34 AM): awww
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:05:45 AM): yeah, it's been a few years though, so I'm ok you know
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:05:49 AM): just have a dog now, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:06:14 AM): cool wat kind?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:06:29 AM): golden retriever, full blooded and full blonde, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:06:35 AM): oo cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:06:40 AM): wats his name?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:06:46 AM): her name is Lacey
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:07:14 AM): thats a cool name
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:07:51 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:08:01 AM): she's a great dog, loves to run around outside and in the woods
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:08:07 AM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:08:35 AM): you have any pets besides birds?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:08:53 AM): nope i wish
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:09:01 AM): a dog would b cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:09:13 AM): i saw your my space, but it has users blocked? wish I could see your sight sometime
jensbirdss(12/27/06 11:09:13 AM): i wanted a parrot for christmas lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:09:24 AM): o its cuz ur over 18
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:09:33 AM): if i add u u can see it
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:09:38 AM): ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:09:59 AM): u got myspace?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:11:11 AM): yeah
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:11:58 AM): u can add me if u wanna
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:12:03 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:12:14 AM): how do you do that and how do you add me? sorry a little new at this, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:12:41 AM): um wats ur myspacename?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:13:24 AM): it's under jason, but I guess it's the e-mail?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:13:30 AM): oh k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:13:32 AM):
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:13:35 AM): lemme look
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:13:41 AM): ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:14:43 AM): cant find u by that
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:15:02 AM): i pulled up your page again and it still said it's private?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:15:12 AM): hmm, I'm jason smith and my e-mail starts with
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:15:17 AM): notjustanotherncguy
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:15:17 AM): i didnt add u cant find u
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:15:19 AM): try that
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:15:22 AM): k
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:16:19 AM): lol thers 813 jason smith
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:16:32 AM): no, that's not me, hang on, sorry
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:17:17 AM): how do I find out what it is?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:17:36 AM): if u go ther u can copy the link at the top
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:18:54 AM): i just entered a URL so it's like yours until the / mark and then it is
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:18:56 AM): notjustanotherncguy
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:18:59 AM): try it now
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:19:54 AM): think i got it
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:19:59 AM): new london?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:20:00 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:20:06 AM): what is new london?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:20:52 AM): isnt that ur town?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:21:00 AM): its wat the prof says
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:21:10 AM): no, i didn't put a town, this is weird, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:21:20 AM):
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:21:23 AM): that u?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:21:28 AM): yep
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:21:49 AM): don't know where New London came from, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:21:56 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:22:03 AM): i know right, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:22:16 AM): so, how do I see your page now?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:22:30 AM): i added u but it said u gotta accept
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:22:37 AM): oh, ok, hang on then
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:23:32 AM): just accepted, now what? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:23:45 AM): now ucan see my page
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:23:57 AM): i should b on ur freinds
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:24:03 AM): so u can clik my pic
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:24:10 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:24:53 AM): i'm trying to find you, what would I type under search to see you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:25:20 AM):
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:26:29 AM): ok, found you now, lol, sorry I'm so dumb!! haha
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:26:32 AM): :D
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:26:56 AM): you're really pretty jen
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:27:05 AM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:27:36 AM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:27:44 AM): i'm sure you have a nice and sweet bf right?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:28:16 AM): not actully
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:28:21 AM): how come?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:28:34 AM): sorry, none of my business anyway
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:28:51 AM): i see you like to play poker in one of your pics?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:28:57 AM): or is that a different game?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:29:05 AM): was tryin to play poker lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:29:35 AM): oh, lol, i'm not that good either, I'm the guy that would get talked into a game of strip poker and end up freezing if you know what I mean, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:29:45 AM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:29:49 AM): never tried that
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:30:35 AM): well, you'll have to one day, I'd play with just your gf's first so you aren't embarassed in front of guys you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:30:54 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:30:59 AM): you can always make your own rules so you can at least leave your underwear on, I should have done that myself, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:31:09 AM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:31:13 AM): u lost?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:31:45 AM): what you mean lost?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:32:01 AM): poker lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:32:21 AM): oh, sorry, you're one step ahead of me again, see, maybe that is why I do lose a lot! lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:32:28 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:32:36 AM): yeah, just had to lay the boxers on my lap since I couldn't wear them, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:32:58 AM): the idea was that the girls lose to you know, but oh well :D
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:33:20 AM): ther was girls?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:33:26 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:33:36 AM): of course, I would never strip for a guy, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:33:46 AM): hey, when I click on your pics, it says you are private again??
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:34:05 AM): hmm
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:34:08 AM): shouldnt
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:34:16 AM): i know, what happened?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:34:21 AM): want to check it again?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:34:23 AM): try again
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:34:26 AM): ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:34:29 AM): its funny sometimes
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:34:41 AM): r u signed in to myspace?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:35:00 AM): i think I was kicked out, sorry
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:35:02 AM): trying again, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:35:15 AM): I was going to make a comment on one of your pics since no one else has yet is that's cool with you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:35:30 AM): sure
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:36:04 AM): i'm back in now, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:36:16 AM): hey, do you play the piano?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:36:25 AM): im tryin
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:36:27 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:37:06 AM): good for you, I've been playing for 20 years
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:37:15 AM): i could probably teach you a thing or two
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:37:29 AM): omg rlly?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:37:31 AM): wow
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:38:09 AM): yes, I started playing in a band recently and I play for my church too
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:38:36 AM): wow thats awsome
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:38:46 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:38:51 AM): wish I could play for you sometime
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:39:02 AM): wow thatd b cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:39:05 AM): bet ur good
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:39:32 AM): i am pretty good, guess you have to be after 20 years you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:39:39 AM): yea i bet
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:39:42 AM): do you have a piano at your house?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:40:45 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:40:55 AM): same here
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:40:57 AM): that's good
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:40:58 AM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:41:19 AM): i doubt your mom would want me playing the piano for you there though (i doubt any mom would)
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:41:37 AM): y?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:42:31 AM): hmm, she'd wonder where you met a 20 somthing year old don't you think? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:42:40 AM): yea true lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:42:44 AM): id b in dead
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:43:10 AM): wish there was a way around that just don't know why people freak out about ages, I'm not asking you to the movies or anything, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:44:15 AM): i mean, you're very pretty and I'm sure a lot of fun, but i wouldn't want to freak you out that way you know
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:44:18 AM): :\">
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:44:31 AM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:44:40 AM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:45:15 AM): so, have you been on dates before with guys?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:45:26 AM): kinda one guy
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:45:53 AM): that's cool, what happened?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:46:08 AM): nothin rlly were still freinds
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:46:25 AM): that's good
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:46:44 AM): i do wish I could play for you sometime though
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:46:51 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:47:23 AM): maybe i could give you a ring sometime and play a song over the phone or something, not nearly as good as in person, but better than nothing you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:47:35 AM): mayb lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:47:55 AM): just an idea, please stick to learning to play, you'll really be glad you did one day
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:48:05 AM): k ill try
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:48:19 AM): yep, try your best, it's worth it, I'm speaking from experience
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:48:31 AM): so, you live with your mom and aunt and uncle?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:48:33 AM): any siblings?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:48:40 AM): na i wish
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:48:52 AM): i have a younger brother but he lives in TN
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:49:30 AM): do all 3 of them work?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:49:35 AM): yea
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:49:45 AM): u miss ur bro?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:49:55 AM): i do, wish he lived closer
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:50:15 AM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:50:18 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:50:24 AM): want me to call later and play you something?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:51:01 AM): what kind of music you like on the piano?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:51:27 AM): im just learnin so i do lotsa scales n easy songs
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:51:33 AM): id b embarrased lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:51:40 AM): id like to hear u tho
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:51:54 AM): no, I would play something for you first at least, it would be up to you to play for me, no pressure you know, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:52:09 AM): wat kind do u like?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:52:38 AM): most any really
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:52:43 AM): the easy ones, just kidding
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:52:56 AM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:53:47 AM): ty for the pic comments
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:53:50 AM): i can play the old rock songs, a little beach music, some of the newer stuff, elton john, eagles, and stuf
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:53:51 AM): yw
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:53:56 AM): oo cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:54:00 AM): thats good stuff
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:54:05 AM): i can play the theme from the Titanic movie too and some gospel
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:54:20 AM): awsome u must b good
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:54:33 AM): well, I'm decent at least, good is an opinion, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:54:40 AM): you can let me know when I play something for you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:54:52 AM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:55:19 AM): what would you like for me to play for you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:55:33 AM): anythin is cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:55:42 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:55:53 AM): when you want me to play for you? ;)
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:56:28 AM): i gues wenever
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:56:41 AM): ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:57:10 AM): u dont have a pic?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:57:34 AM): i can find one for you though, give me a sec
jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:57:41 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:00:42 PM): i have a good one but I'm holding my niece, is that ok? (he showed a pic of himself, an RSO on probation, with a toddler girl on his knee :( )
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:00:48 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:02:06 PM): let me know what you think
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:02:13 PM): awwww shes cute
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:02:16 PM): u to lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:02:38 PM): u look rlly nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:02:49 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:03:17 PM): do you mean it or just trying to make me blush? i already said I'd play for you, no need to butter me up, lol :\">
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:03:25 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:03:32 PM): no u do
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:03:38 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:03:52 PM): well, let me know when you want me to play, just give me your # and I'll play for you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:04:12 PM): um mayb i could call u first
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:04:31 PM): i dont give out my cell number to quik
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:04:43 PM): i understand, glad you don't, there are some creeps out there
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:04:51 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:05:34 PM): i just have a cell here and it's actually not mine, so you can call it if you like, but just don't call it back if we're not talking since it's not mine, cool?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:05:52 PM): i wont
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:06:00 PM): whos is it?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:06:11 PM): a friend of mine
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:06:24 PM): i dropped mine and have to get a new one this week,
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:06:33 PM): i'm just using his for work today, that ok with you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:06:36 PM): o bummer hate when that happens
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:06:43 PM): yea its cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:06:47 PM): i know, and I never buy that stupid insurance either
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:06:55 PM): (*EDIT FRIEND'S NUMBER*)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:07:01 PM): i'll answer of course
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:07:04 PM): you're jen right?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:07:19 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:07:41 PM): you liked to be called jen or jennifer?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:07:47 PM): jen is cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:08:04 PM): ok, jason is cool here, lol or sexy, sweety, whatever, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:08:06 PM): i gotta get my phone
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:08:08 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:08:11 PM): u r sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:09:04 PM): let me know when you're calling
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:09:08 PM): ty, you too
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:09:10 PM): k
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:10:01 PM): just a sec i gotta plug it in
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:10:05 PM): lol, ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:11:18 PM): \"plug it in plug it in\" lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:12:44 PM): k its plugged just a sec
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:12:47 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:15:03 PM): charging?? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:15:13 PM): yea
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:15:21 PM): i think its almost got enough
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:15:34 PM): ok, you might have to leave it charging while you're talking
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:16:28 PM): guess it can
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:16:33 PM): up to you
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:18:24 PM): i'm warming up my fingers for the ivroy for you, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:18:30 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:18:38 PM): you going to call me?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:18:43 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:18:46 PM): when?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:18:49 PM): wat u gonna play?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:18:51 PM): i will now
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:18:58 PM): hm, we'll discuss it over the phone, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:19:27 PM): it's not ringing :(
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:19:31 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:19:41 PM): i am lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:19:46 PM): ok sweety
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:21:35 PM): still not ringing?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:22:59 PM): had to go back up ther n find the number now lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:25:00 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:25:10 PM): i'm getting lonely now, :(
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:36:51 PM): you there?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:37:26 PM): hey
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:37:29 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:37:41 PM): i love your voice! it sounds so much sweeter than my playing, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:37:54 PM): no way lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:37:58 PM): u play awsome
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:38:00 PM): i feel like an idiot, i hope you know I don't just play for anyone
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:38:02 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:38:05 PM): :D
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:38:08 PM): ty for playin for me
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:38:18 PM): you are very, very welcome
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:38:28 PM): it is 100's of times better in person
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:38:41 PM): it sounded cool tho
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:38:46 PM): i'm glad you liked it
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:38:52 PM): if its better must b rlly awsome
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:39:06 PM): see, you need to keep it up girl, so i can call you and you can play for me
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:39:19 PM): ill never b that good
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:39:25 PM): that' what I said
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:39:33 PM): don't sell yourself short though
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:40:03 PM): i wish I could come play for you in person, but i wouldn't want to get you in touble, that would be a lot of fun though, I could even help you learn a really good song possibly
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:40:16 PM): yea it would b fun
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:40:53 PM): i would play for you tomorrow or friday, but that would be completely up to you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:41:12 PM): wow
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:41:30 PM): is that a good wow or a you're crazy wow? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:41:36 PM): cool wow
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:41:46 PM): i mean in person, is that what you thought?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:41:57 PM): remember I'm slow, see, if I can play like that, I know you can, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:41:59 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:42:28 PM): i do look a lot younger than I am, would it helped if I dressed more like 17 or 18? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:42:38 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:42:43 PM): i might could pull that off for you
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:42:44 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:42:44 PM): yea u look kinda young
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:42:49 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:42:57 PM): that's a good thing though right?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:43:18 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:43:25 PM): ty well, I think you are very pretty and sweet myself
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:43:32 PM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:44:02 PM): so, did you like talking on the phone with me? i'd love for you to call back and we could just chat instead of all that \"noise from me\" in the background, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:44:20 PM): wasnt noise
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:44:23 PM): it was cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:44:33 PM): my aunts home now
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:44:37 PM): ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:44:39 PM): she had a baby doc appt
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:44:48 PM): gotcha, cool, does she go back to work today?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:44:55 PM): dont think today
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:44:59 PM): oh ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:45:06 PM): so, you can't call me then? just wondering
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:45:24 PM): mayb i could if she gets busy
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:45:38 PM): that's cool, tell her she nees a long nap for the baby of course, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:45:44 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:45:47 PM): good idea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:45:54 PM): i'm full of them, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:46:01 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:47:08 PM): so u got a gf?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:47:20 PM): no
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:47:36 PM): are you interested? jk, i know you wouldn't go for an older guy right? :D
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:47:45 PM): but I have such white teeth, can't you tell, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:47:56 PM): idk lol doesnt matter how old
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:48:24 PM): that's cool, I like you already, we could play the piano together, hey, finally, someone to play chop sticks with right! lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:48:39 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:48:46 PM): i do have pretty good teeth in all honesty, that is important you know unless you only kiss in the dark, lol (notice how after working up to an innocent sounding meeting to play piano, he is starting to gradually work in kissing)
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:48:55 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:49:18 PM): so, on a scale of 1-10, how do you rate yourself as a kisser? that is so important you know if you're dating, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:49:25 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:49:43 PM): idk only kissed my exbf
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:49:52 PM): but he rlly liked it
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:50:03 PM): well, hmmm, i would say you're really good then if he really liked it
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:50:13 PM): did you like his kiss?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:50:19 PM): most younger guys have a lot to learn, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:50:21 PM): yea it was nice
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:50:30 PM): yea i gues lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:50:31 PM): good for him, hey, I'm jealous now, jk
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:51:23 PM): i'm sure you would be wonderful to kiss, but i don't want to scare you away, I'm not weird or strange or anything, just funny, and an occasional weird sense of humor, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:51:36 PM): ur not scary
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:51:48 PM): no, not even when I dress up on halloween
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:51:53 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:51:54 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:52:02 PM): wat did u dress up as?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:52:15 PM): actually, I didn't this year, so sad huh
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:52:40 PM): i was going to go to a party and ended up out of town with a sick grandmother, she's much better now though
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:52:53 PM): aww glad shes better
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:52:55 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:53:24 PM): so, if you will, be honest with me for just a sec, how big of a deal is age to you really? as in myself for an example?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:53:48 PM): doesnt matter thers creeps my age
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:53:53 PM): n nice older guys
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:54:04 PM): n nice my age n older creeps i gues lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:54:20 PM): doesnt matter much how old
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:54:46 PM): gotcha, so like 27 is ok really? I'm not asking you to date me ok, don't think I'm crazy or anything, just using myself as an example
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:55:01 PM): i think ur cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:55:13 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:55:17 PM): i think you are too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:55:39 PM): i wish we had met on here sooner so you'd be cool with me stopping by for just a little bit tomorrow or friday and playing for you
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:55:55 PM): you seem like you'd be a lot of fun to hang out with even for a short bit
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:56:06 PM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:56:08 PM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:56:47 PM): i hope you get to call or that I can call you later, that would be cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:56:53 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:56:56 PM): would your aunt care who you were talking to?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:57:09 PM): better not to explain lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:57:14 PM): she mite not care
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:57:27 PM): gotcha, I know what you mean, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:57:31 PM): i dont wanna get in trbl
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:57:45 PM): not supposed to chat with guys lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:57:50 PM): me either, i don't want to get you in trouble
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:57:53 PM): least that i dont know
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:57:56 PM): are you serious?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:58:13 PM): hey you know me now, I've played for you, we talked on the phone and chatted online right? (typical groomer - convincing her that he is not a \"stranger\", because they \"know\" each other now)
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:58:32 PM): yea ur cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:58:37 PM): feel like i know u
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:58:38 PM): u 2
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:58:39 PM): ty
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:58:47 PM): i know u now
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:58:59 PM): hi, we know each other now! cool, let's talk, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:59:08 PM): yea lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:59:24 PM): i could even teach you to play poker, at least you'd have a good chance of winning playing against me,k lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 12:59:57 PM): k lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:00:00 PM): its fun
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:00:15 PM): it is fun, we could place bets of who has to play for who
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:00:36 PM): you sounded like you'd like for me to come by sometime, were you serious?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:00:56 PM): sounded kinda nice
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:01:03 PM): better than bored lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:01:15 PM): well, I hope I rank better than boredom, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:01:27 PM): way better
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:01:50 PM): hey, I'm decent to look at right, and I would play for you, I wouldn't even have to stay long just to make sure i was gone long before anyone would get home you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:02:44 PM): yea good idea lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:02:56 PM): see, told you I was full of them lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:03:06 PM): what time are the 3 of them usually gone during the day?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:03:17 PM): mom gets home like 5
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:03:21 PM): yeah
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:03:25 PM): they usully get home later
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:03:43 PM): do they ever come home for lunch?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:04:23 PM): na
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:04:25 PM): that's cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:04:50 PM): would I be able to stop by like mid or late morning?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:05:08 PM): um mite b cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:05:16 PM): just asking
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:05:48 PM): u seem ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:06:04 PM): i hope so, you too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:06:30 PM): i hope you think I'm better than just ok when you meet me, i do'nt like to settle for average
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:06:38 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:06:41 PM): u probly r
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:07:02 PM): im not good as average at piano
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:07:07 PM): well, you can judge for youserlf
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:07:18 PM): well, I mean all around you know, and I'm sure you're far better than average
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:07:28 PM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:07:35 PM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:08:09 PM): so, what all do you care to know about me? anything?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:08:23 PM): umm
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:08:46 PM): wat kinda work do u do?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:09:01 PM): i actually am in advertising for publications
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:09:11 PM): that sounds fun
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:09:45 PM): it is pretty cool, that's why I said i could stop by cause I'll be near you for the next 2 days
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:09:50 PM): or at least could be for you, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:10:23 PM): thats cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:10:43 PM): glad you think so, anything else you'd like to know? anything at all
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:10:56 PM): i don't like to hide anything, that way people get to know the real me
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:11:06 PM): thats cool i like honest
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:11:31 PM): good, we already have more things in common, see it would be a tragedy if we didn't meet you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:11:52 PM): yea ur the first guy ever liked birds n plays piano
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:12:03 PM): least that i know lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:12:04 PM): well, there you go, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:12:24 PM): i think we'd get along just fine, besides I woldn't be there long enough to wear out my welcome anyway
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:12:38 PM): wat were u thinkin of doin?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:13:14 PM): well, whatever, we could just talk and get to know each other a little bit, we could play the piano, I'd love to see your birds, and then I can leave if you like
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:13:59 PM): sounds k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:14:07 PM): what would you like to do?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:14:11 PM): i'm not hard to please
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:14:20 PM): idk lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:15:06 PM): i wouldn't stay long and make you get nervous on someone coming home you know (sure, don't what to make HER nervous about getting caught ya know)
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:15:22 PM): thats a good idea
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:15:34 PM): i mean not to b ther when they get home
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:15:49 PM): no kiding right
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:16:15 PM): if we hit it off, I'd love to stay a little while, but I could be gone in a few minutes if you wanted me to, I don't stay somewhere if I'm not wanted you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:16:39 PM): gues thered b a while til 5
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:17:01 PM): that's true, but it's up to youl, we might have a great time and want to throw a movie on or something
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:17:11 PM): yea mayb
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:17:29 PM): just thowing out ideas
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:17:40 PM): u got lotsa good ideas lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:17:45 PM): how long would you like for me to stay if we click well?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:17:49 PM): that's true, see I told you, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:18:03 PM): gues as long as u want
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:18:15 PM): that's cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:18:22 PM): i hope you're not just teasing me cause you're bored right??
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:18:34 PM): na r u messin with me?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:18:43 PM): not at all
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:18:46 PM): why would I?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:19:00 PM): idk lol guys do that here sometimes
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:19:12 PM): yeah, that's why you're not supposed to chat with them, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:20:05 PM): i'm not looking to get a date or anything, I just think it would be so cool to meet you and play for you in person is all we might hit it off and want to see each other again or not, don't know, but that's not the reason I'd like to meet you, you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:20:17 PM): no?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:20:26 PM): what you mean no?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:20:45 PM): idk lol just sounded a lil like a date but its k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:21:09 PM): oh, did you kind of want it to be a date? since we're being honest here
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:21:40 PM): its k just sounded like it with watchin a movie or watever
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:21:42 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:21:51 PM): im kinda dum i know
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:22:31 PM): no, you're fine, i should be honest with you, i would love for it to be a date, but i don't want to freak you out since we haven't met you know, but if you just wanted to meet and hang out a little bit, then that would be fine too
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:22:57 PM): ur not freakin me out lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:23:01 PM): id have said
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:23:15 PM): ok, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:23:23 PM): well, on a date, I like to kiss at the end, do you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:23:37 PM): kissin is nice
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:23:39 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:23:46 PM): hey, something else we have in common, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:23:51 PM): but do you kiss on the first date? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:24:10 PM): idk only went out with one guy
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:24:16 PM): how old was he?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:24:18 PM): n i knew him already
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:24:21 PM): 14
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:24:23 PM): gotcha
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:24:36 PM): well, i certainly would not kiss you if you didn't want me too, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:25:03 PM): gues its k if u wanna
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:25:10 PM): u seem nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:25:17 PM): well, I try and ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:25:29 PM): where's your aunt?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:25:41 PM): umm downstairs i think
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:25:53 PM): can you call me again, tell her it's gf or something? can you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:26:23 PM): gues mayb lemme see wat shes doin
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:27:15 PM): ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:30:04 PM): k shes in the kitchen
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:30:08 PM): gues i can
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:30:12 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:30:16 PM): (*EDIT FRIEND'S NUMBER*)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:31:01 PM): phone charged better, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:31:57 PM): you able to call?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:32:49 PM): trying to ad you
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:34:07 PM): cool, we are truly friends now, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:34:13 PM): can you call me now?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:47:28 PM): is it ok to say i like you yet? ;)
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:47:49 PM): yea lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:48:21 PM): thanks
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:48:26 PM): don't want to be too forward
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:48:38 PM): hope I'm not buggin you about calling me, just like to talk to you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:48:48 PM): its nice talkin to u to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:49:01 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:49:28 PM): do you have any other plans tomorrow at this point other than hopefully me getting to stop by? you know, for our date :D
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:49:53 PM): na dont think so lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:50:11 PM): that's cool, do you mind a guy in a pair of gap jeans and a nice shirt?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:50:21 PM): sounds nice lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:50:27 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:50:37 PM): what do you like to wear for first impressions?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:50:59 PM): idk gues like jeans or watever lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:51:05 PM): wat do u like?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:51:32 PM): cool, well, i know we are supposed to be honest with each other so, I do like jeans but I love skirts, well not on me of course, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:51:38 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:51:42 PM): skirts r cool to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:51:48 PM): you have some?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:52:12 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:52:29 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:52:38 PM): don't guess you'd care to wear one for me?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:52:47 PM): of course, you can wear anything you like
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:52:47 PM): gues i could
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:52:57 PM): k
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:52:59 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:53:17 PM): it's ok, whatever you like to wear
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:53:38 PM): i bet you look really hott in a skirt though, am I right
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:53:46 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:53:51 PM): idk mayb lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:53:56 PM): i'm sure you do
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:54:14 PM): here's the thing, you have any short ones? jk, sorry, shouldn't ask that, now I'm just being stupid
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:54:21 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:54:30 PM): na ur not stupid
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:54:35 PM): i hope not, ty
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:54:36 PM): guys like em i think
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:54:40 PM): yep, we do
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:55:08 PM): honestly I like a short skirt and a fairly tight shirt on a girl, but not where she looks slutty or anything, still tasteful you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:55:33 PM): thats cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:55:52 PM): how about the blue top in your pictures? oh, I think that is supposed to be pj's? not sure, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:56:04 PM): you do have the short skirt and tight top don't you?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:56:12 PM): every girl has one outfit like that right? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:56:29 PM): yea probly got somethin nice lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:56:34 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:56:45 PM): well, I'll try my best to look good for you too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:57:10 PM): maybe my piano playing will make up for anything I fall short on, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:57:34 PM): u seem cool ur not short on nothin lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:58:00 PM): no, haha, but hmmm, what are you referring to?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:58:14 PM): idk wat did u mean?lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:58:30 PM): not sure either, hmmm, oh well, thought you might know, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 1:58:38 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 1:59:39 PM): i like the pic of you and your friend, your in a blue top/gown,not sure, and she's in the green both of you are laying down with your head propped up on your elbows
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:00:12 PM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:00:17 PM): you're gown or whatever is stretched kind of tight over the front of you, just an observation, it's a good pic though, not trying to be creapy
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:00:25 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:00:28 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:00:31 PM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:01:20 PM): you know which one I'm talking about?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:01:31 PM): the one layin on the floor?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:01:40 PM): yeah
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:01:47 PM): in front of the fire place I think, is that your house?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:01:54 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:01:58 PM): it's nice
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:02:01 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:02:04 PM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:02:22 PM): must have been a sleepover? are the pics recent?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:02:34 PM): the one you saw of me is about 1 month old I think is all
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:02:40 PM): those r from summer yea a sleepover lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:02:44 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:02:53 PM): cool, have you changed any? in appearance?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:03:06 PM): umm the one on the couch is newer
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:03:10 PM): oh
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:03:26 PM): i like that one too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:03:34 PM): how tall are you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:04:15 PM): im like 4 10 or 4 11
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:04:22 PM): cool, good height
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:04:28 PM): kinda short lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:04:33 PM): i'd ask other questions, but way too personal I'm sure
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:04:42 PM): i like petite girls though, you're very pretty
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:04:53 PM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:04:57 PM): yw
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:04:59 PM): u can ask
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:05:34 PM): no, i don't want you to not want me to come over and stuff, cause i really would like to meet you, tomorrow would be good because i know you have to go back to school soon right? (he has been pushing hard to meet very soon)
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:05:49 PM): i go back on the 4th
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:06:25 PM): u can ask n if i dont want i wont answer lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:06:28 PM): cool, so if we are able to see each other tomorrow and we click, i could possible see you again next week before you go back right?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:06:37 PM): ok, sounds fair
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:06:42 PM): sure
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:06:54 PM): what size bra do you wear?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:07:15 PM): like 30b but i think i mite get 32 soon
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:07:19 PM): i know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:07:22 PM): lil
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:07:29 PM): nice! moving on up, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:07:48 PM): know, i love a b size honesty, as long as youre not you know like 150+ pounds or anything, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:07:58 PM): no lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:08:09 PM): im like 90
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:08:20 PM): cool, well a b on you is a great size, don't complain
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:08:37 PM): sorry i'm asking about your chest though, not very much like a gentelman here, sorry
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:08:44 PM): its k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:09:09 PM): here's a crazy one, what size shoes you wear, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:09:45 PM): i wear a 9
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:09:49 PM): not that you care, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:10:21 PM): small too lol like 4 it depends on wat kind
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:10:36 PM): that's cool, so do you think you like me any?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:10:53 PM): i bet you look really sexy in a bikini right
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:11:26 PM): idk lol kinda been told so
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:11:31 PM): i like u
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:11:35 PM): ur cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:11:40 PM): good, i like you, something else in common
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:12:04 PM): you like me even though i want you to wear a short skirt and asked you your bra size? that sounds so sleazy, but I'm not like that really
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:12:54 PM): its k i know ur not
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:13:01 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:13:07 PM): is your aunt being cool yet? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:14:09 PM): yea she was just lookin for somethin
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:14:14 PM): shes ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:14:21 PM): oh ok, be nice when they are all at work tomorrow, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:14:27 PM): yea
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:14:37 PM): lots more peaceful lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:14:54 PM): i know right
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:15:01 PM): and i could come over right?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:15:17 PM): gues mite b ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:15:32 PM): i know, I'm bugging you, I'm sorry
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:15:33 PM): or friday mayb
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:15:37 PM): ur not lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:15:40 PM): sounds nice
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:15:46 PM): ur not buggin
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:15:56 PM): what day would you prefer or do you think would be a more definite?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:16:17 PM): just wanna make sure my aunts goin to work
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:16:30 PM): she usully does
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:16:35 PM): i bet you could find out in casual conversation now
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:16:40 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:16:52 PM): say someting like, \"so, did the doctor write you out of work yet\"
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:17:01 PM): could lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:17:21 PM): she would say yes or no, if yes, she's not going tomorrow or friday to work, if she says no, either day would work for us
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:17:34 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:17:45 PM): you'll have to let me know what she says
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:17:50 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:18:21 PM): at least you would know, i need to know so I can iron my shirt, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:18:27 PM): aww lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:18:33 PM): u dont have to for me
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:18:44 PM): i don't do to well at that though, awe ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:18:58 PM): well, if it looks really bad, I'd have to take it off, jk lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:19:04 PM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:19:18 PM): i'm sure you wouldn't want that, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:19:26 PM): y not
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:19:28 PM): unless i lost the hand in poker, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:19:33 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:19:46 PM): u mean u wanna play that kinda poker? lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:19:55 PM): i would teach you the strip poker game, but didn't think you'd want to play that, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:20:08 PM): is it fun? lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:20:43 PM): it's a lot of fun, you just set your own rules, if you want to make sure your bra/panties/boxers and all that stay on then you just make that a rule and when you get down to that, you lose and you get dressed again
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:20:54 PM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:21:02 PM): it is fun and funny though
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:21:13 PM): you might be fully dressed and there goes my jeans, lol haha
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:21:18 PM): or the other way around
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:21:31 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:21:45 PM): i would never ask you to play that unless you wanted to though
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:21:57 PM): idk sounds kinda funny lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:22:03 PM): it is
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:22:23 PM): so, you would be cool in your bra in front of me though, if you lost a couple of hands? in all seriousness?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:22:36 PM): idk lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:23:00 PM): sounds kinda interestin lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:23:13 PM): it is, and then there's the infamous truth or dare, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:23:27 PM): see, we could find all sorts of things to do if you like me being around you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:23:37 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:23:43 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:24:01 PM): we could play spin the bottle but that would be pointless, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:24:04 PM): haha
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:24:13 PM): never played that
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:24:32 PM): only played it once here years ago
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:24:37 PM): what about truth or dare?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:24:40 PM): played that much
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:24:47 PM): not much
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:25:00 PM): me either, the poker would definitely be more fun for sure
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:25:06 PM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:25:16 PM): do you have cards?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:25:21 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:25:30 PM): well, that and clothes is all you need, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:25:40 PM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:26:16 PM): i'm glad you like me too, i think that's really cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:26:42 PM): yea ur cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:26:45 PM): you don't think you're mom will be redialing the number you called from her phone do you? if so, just go to the number and delete it off your phone and she'll never know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:26:58 PM): k ill delete it now
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:27:09 PM): unless you can call me again
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:27:13 PM): ;)
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:27:22 PM): mayb sometime i can lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:27:28 PM): ur nice to talk to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:27:31 PM): sure, you too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:27:36 PM): will you have her phone in the morning?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:27:51 PM): i can
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:28:21 PM): please do and we can talk on the phone first and then hopefully you can tell me where you live so i can some see you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:29:08 PM): u gonna b online?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:29:22 PM): i'm looking on mapquest at winston-salem and it's like an hour and a half from me but since I don't know your address, it's hard to tell how long it woudl take me to get there
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:29:25 PM): when?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:29:37 PM): is it far?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:30:04 PM): i can't tell, what town you live in then, what's that called
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:30:19 PM): king
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:31:39 PM): i will be going through greensbor and the map says that you are only about 40 minutes out of the way
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:31:42 PM): not far at all for me
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:31:47 PM): you're worth it
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:32:01 PM): aww ty
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:32:23 PM): thats nice ur goin so far for me
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:32:35 PM): i know, i'm sweet like that well I try to be
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:32:41 PM): u r
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:32:56 PM): if it's ok with you in the morning, i could come by around 11
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:33:10 PM): i gotta see for sure k?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:33:33 PM): sure, i would have to leave around 2 to get to my appt near raleigh, so we could have 3 hours if you wanted to
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:33:47 PM): sounds cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:33:53 PM): same here
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:33:59 PM): sure hope she's working tomorrow, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:34:10 PM): did you ask her yet about being written out of work?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:34:17 PM): you should right quick and see what she says
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:34:22 PM): not yet lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:34:23 PM): then we'd know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:34:24 PM): i will
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:34:26 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:34:36 PM): i'll be right back in like 5 ok?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:34:39 PM): 5 minutes
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:34:43 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:34:47 PM): maybe you can find out during then, up to you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:34:51 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:48:56 PM): you there jen?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:49:38 PM): hey
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:49:57 PM): i missed you, you miss me?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:50:15 PM): yea
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:50:20 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:50:30 PM): don't tease me now, lol :x
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:50:37 PM): awe, I can be sentimental too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:50:43 PM): so, what did she say?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:50:54 PM): shes on the phone lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:50:58 PM): oh, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:50:59 PM): ill ask then
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:51:32 PM): that's cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:51:43 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:52:02 PM): so, did you really think bout me any when I was gone?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:52:11 PM): yea lots
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:52:20 PM): awe
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:52:48 PM): so, does it take you a while to really like someone a lot or does it come pretty quickly for you if you click with the person?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:53:06 PM): idk guess i like to quik sometimes
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:53:47 PM): same here, it all depends on when I actually meet them, it's like WOW, i really like this girl, or nothing really clicks, we hang out and that's about it you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:53:56 PM): yea
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:54:03 PM): u have alota gfs?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:54:17 PM): no
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:54:34 PM): none right now
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:54:49 PM): how do u know if u like somebody?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:56:00 PM): good question, a lot of it depends on the way they seem to feel about me too, if i'm attracted to them physically, they have a good personality and then if they really seem to like me back a lot and we flirt a good bit, then I find myself really liking them a lot by then usually
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:56:30 PM): u like me?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:57:09 PM): i do, i can't say how much cause we haven't met in person, but you seem really sweet, you're pretty, and seem to have a great personality and a good sense of humor, you also are learning to play to the piano, that's cool too
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:57:22 PM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:57:26 PM): sorry that was so wordy
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:57:33 PM): its cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:57:47 PM): how do you feel about me so far?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:57:52 PM): be brutally honest now
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:58:11 PM): i like u i think ur cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:58:26 PM): that's a good start then, ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:58:34 PM): do you think I look good?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:58:41 PM): yea ur cute
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:58:53 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:58:59 PM): that helps i guess, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:59:05 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:59:10 PM): you don't want to be kissing any ugly guys you know, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:59:18 PM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:59:34 PM): didn't mean to insinuate that we would be kissing, sorry
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:59:48 PM): u already said lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 2:59:54 PM): i didnt get mad
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 2:59:59 PM): that's good
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:00:11 PM): so, do you like for the guy to make the first move to kiss or do you like to do that?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:00:27 PM): i never rlly made the first move
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:00:29 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:00:57 PM): that's cool, I think guys are nervous about making the first move because they think the girl might push them away and that would crush their ego and embarass them, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:01:09 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:01:11 PM): oh
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:01:39 PM): if we were watching a movie together at your place and sitting close and i wanted to kiss you i might try, but I would be nervous, you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:01:58 PM): awww
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:02:15 PM): are you making fun of me now? lol :\">
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:02:29 PM): na its sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:02:33 PM): ty, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:02:42 PM): i just don't want to get slapped you know
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:02:44 PM): ouch
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:02:48 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:02:55 PM): id say
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:03:17 PM): you wouldn't slap me would you? lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:03:47 PM): i would hope not, I'll have to be on my best behavior, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:04:20 PM): i wouldnt slap u lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:04:33 PM): that's good, except for the lol you added haha
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:04:46 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:04:51 PM): im just smilin
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:04:58 PM): am I making you blush yet? lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:05:05 PM): you have a pretty smile too
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:05:16 PM): mayb blushin lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:05:26 PM): nice, I like that
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:05:40 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:05:58 PM): so, do you not hang out with your friends during Christmas break much?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:06:08 PM): usully went to dads
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:06:16 PM): oh, where does he live?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:06:17 PM): my freinds r busy today
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:06:20 PM): in pa
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:06:25 PM): used to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:06:27 PM): wow, long ways away
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:06:36 PM): he doesnt now
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:06:44 PM): oh, I\"m sorry
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:08:04 PM): its ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:08:06 PM): sorry, did i mention something you don't like to discuss, I'm sorry
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:08:21 PM): na part of life like mom says
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:08:34 PM): yeah, but still sucks
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:08:42 PM): my parent's are still married, I'm lucky I guess
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:08:49 PM): cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:09:03 PM): mine split long time ago
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:09:09 PM): how old were you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:09:10 PM): now he died tho
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:09:19 PM): oh no! wow, so sorry
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:09:31 PM): its k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:09:39 PM): >:D<
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:09:45 PM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:09:45 PM): i'm reaching out to hug you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:09:48 PM): aww
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:09:55 PM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:10:09 PM): i guess we could hug on a first date anyway, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:10:13 PM): ty
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:10:23 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:10:53 PM): do you like to french kiss when you kiss?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:10:58 PM): sorry, just changin the subject, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:11:02 PM): its nice lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:11:15 PM): i like it too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:12:02 PM): do you like to kiss with your eyes open or closed and where do you like for the guy to put his hands? on your back, waist, hair, or.... where?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:12:29 PM): umm idk lol usully had eyes closed mostly but not always
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:12:38 PM): cool, me too
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:13:02 PM): he used to put his hands werever
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:13:07 PM): oh, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:13:16 PM): surely not on your butt or chest though right? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:13:28 PM): he didnt lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:13:34 PM): ok lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:13:45 PM): didn't know if you liked that or not
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:13:58 PM): course it helps if the guy knows what he's doing and is gentle you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:14:01 PM): he was kinda shy i think
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:14:05 PM): oh
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:14:19 PM): i'm not that shy, but can be a little nervous I suppose
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:14:20 PM): dont think he knew wat to do
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:14:26 PM): oh, lol, probably not
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:14:44 PM): would you mind a guy touching you there if he did it the right way and all?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:15:04 PM): kinda wondered bout it
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:15:21 PM): wondered what it would feel like for a guy to rub your chest and all?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:15:27 PM): over or under your shirt?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:15:35 PM): kinda lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:16:11 PM): that's cool, i think you'd really like it but only if you liked the guy and he was gentle and knew what he was doing you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:16:21 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:16:57 PM): i really like for a girl to touch me, just you know, rub her hands on my chest and stuff too, it's really cool and feels good, unless her hands are freezing cold, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:17:07 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:17:16 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:17:28 PM): sorry, getting too personal i know, hmmm, so, what's on your mind jen?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:18:00 PM): idk
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:18:10 PM): wats on ur mind
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:18:24 PM): hm, what i need to practice on the piano to play for you
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:18:41 PM): well, of course thinking about you and hoping we really get to meet and all
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:18:55 PM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:19:16 PM): i have to wonder, maybe just cuz i'm a guy, what it would be like to kiss you though, but i'll probably have to wonder that forever huh?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:19:20 PM): you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:19:34 PM): y forever?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:19:47 PM): ok, maybe a little to far out there
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:19:54 PM): when do you think then?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:20:07 PM): idk lol when?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:20:24 PM): when i see you maybe? well after we talk and get to know each other better and all?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:20:37 PM): and if you really like me and me you right
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:21:13 PM): sounds nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:21:20 PM): sounds nice to me too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:21:22 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:21:27 PM): i'll be sure and use mouthwash, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:21:56 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:22:24 PM): i want eat any garlic or onions before I come over either, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:23:04 PM): hey, we could play strip poker but wear your bikini under your clothes or something, what you think? just another wonderful idea from jason! lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:23:13 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:23:19 PM): u got lotsa good ideas
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:23:30 PM): do you think so honestly?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:23:39 PM): i do try
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:23:59 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:24:05 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:24:36 PM): we could always play spin the bottle, but you'd need your friends over or something for that, not fun with just 2 people, 3 is ok, 4 or more is better I guess
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:25:06 PM): oh lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:25:23 PM): how does that one work?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:25:23 PM): otherwise we would just be kissing each other the whole time, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:26:03 PM): well, we all sit in a circle and someone spins the bottle, whoever it lands on has to kiss them, or if they don't want to, sometimes you can make them do a dare or something, but they usually just kiss
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:26:17 PM): wow lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:26:26 PM): you can make your own rules about what kind of kiss, how long and stuff like that
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:26:38 PM): wat if it lands on a girl?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:26:46 PM): that is good for me, lol haha
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:27:08 PM): well, usually the girls will have to kiss but maybe just a pec on the lips or something where they have to french kiss the guys or something
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:27:31 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:27:41 PM): wat if its 2 guys?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:27:50 PM): good question, depends on the rules
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:28:04 PM): they might have to do a pec on the lips too or do a dare or something
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:28:18 PM): wow kiss?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:28:51 PM): well, that's the chance you take with the game, of course they want to kiss the girls, but you never know if it will land on another guy or not, so you take that chance so you can kiss a girl
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:29:23 PM): oh lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:29:32 PM): what do you think about that game?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:29:43 PM): sounds kinda fun
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:29:54 PM): it's pretty cool, but you just have to have more than two people is all
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:30:16 PM): oh
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:30:26 PM): strip poker is a lot easier with two people and the fewer people you have to get naked in front of the better, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:30:33 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:31:02 PM): we should try that one, but I'll let you make the rules so you're comfortable with it
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:31:13 PM): ur sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:31:16 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:31:49 PM): i wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable, but as pretty as you are, you shouldn't worry about it honestly
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:32:29 PM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:32:31 PM): are you kind of busy?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:32:43 PM): or maybe I'm bugging you now?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:33:00 PM): no way
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:33:05 PM): ur not
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:33:14 PM): ok, sorry, you seemed a little preoccupied is all, it's cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:33:21 PM): nope
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:33:32 PM): just thinkin
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:33:38 PM): do you think you'll really think about me any tonight? or about me coming over hopefully?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:33:40 PM): what are you thinking?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:33:49 PM): bout u
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:33:58 PM): oh, what about exactly?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:34:05 PM): cant believe we just started chattin
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:34:10 PM): i feel like i know u
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:34:29 PM): oh, well that's really good then, i feel like I know you pretty well too, it's weird you know, but a good weird
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:34:40 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:35:03 PM): i wish I could just drive up now and take you to dinner and a movie, sure wish it would work out that way
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:35:11 PM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:35:13 PM): well, of course, you'd have to want to go, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:35:49 PM): sounds sweet to but dont know wat id tell mom
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:36:05 PM): oh, I know it want happen right now, it was just a thought
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:36:10 PM): i really do like you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:36:27 PM): aww i like u to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:36:31 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:36:35 PM): :\">
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:36:43 PM): :D
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:36:52 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:36:57 PM): can I say you're sexy instead of just pretty or is that too much?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:37:09 PM): sounds kinda nice lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:37:21 PM): well, I think you are then, hi sexy!
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:37:33 PM): you're the pretiest girl in all of your pictures
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:37:44 PM): wow ty :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:37:57 PM): you are very welcome, I\"m sorry, the sexiest girl in all the pics!
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:38:03 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:38:20 PM): you know what I think?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:38:36 PM): age is only a matter of the mind, if you don't mind, it sholdn't matter
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:38:38 PM): wat?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:38:47 PM): yea me to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:38:56 PM): we are so much alike for real
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:39:01 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:39:12 PM): don't guess you can call me back for just a few minutes can you?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:39:29 PM): umm mayb
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:39:39 PM): if you could even just 5 minutes would be cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:39:43 PM): it's okay if you can't
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:39:51 PM): i just love to hear your voice
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:40:03 PM): i gotta go to the bathroom n ill see were everybody is
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:40:11 PM): ok, cool, I'll be here
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:40:14 PM): let me know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:40:25 PM): k brb
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:40:25 PM): you should find out about your aunt with being in or out of work too if you can
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:45:08 PM): you back yet?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:45:09 PM): back
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:45:11 PM): ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:45:19 PM): miss me?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:45:24 PM): jk
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:45:26 PM): a lot of course
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:45:39 PM): well?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:45:42 PM): what did you find out?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:45:49 PM): ther eatin
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:45:52 PM): without me lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:45:58 PM): oh, I'm sorry
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:46:08 PM): na mom just walked in
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:46:13 PM): oh
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:46:15 PM): she brought chinese
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:46:19 PM): nice, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:46:22 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:46:28 PM): save some left overs for me and you tomorrow
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:46:31 PM): her freind came home with her again
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:46:34 PM): cool lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:46:37 PM): hmm who is that?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:46:40 PM): another good idea
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:46:44 PM): a guy
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:46:49 PM): oh, you like him ok?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:47:03 PM): what time does your aunt go to work in the mornings?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:47:11 PM): like 8
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:47:40 PM): is there any way you can get online about then? i'll be on by 8 and you can let me know if she's going or not? i sure hope she is though
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:47:48 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:47:59 PM): i really do hope I get to see you, I hope you feel the same
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:48:17 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:48:48 PM): i'm not sure if I'll have my friends phone after 6 today, so just find each other in the morning online and I'll give you the number if it has changed if you want to call me too
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:49:08 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:49:14 PM): make sure you deleted my number out of your mom's phone ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:49:20 PM): yea i did already
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:49:23 PM): and don't let her see this chat window, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:49:24 PM): cool
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:49:31 PM): no way i wouldnt
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:49:36 PM): that's good, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:50:03 PM): i'm glad you like me and i hope i'll see you tomorrow or by Friday anyway
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:50:17 PM): i'll come up both days if you want and I can work it out
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:50:25 PM): mite b cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:50:42 PM): you might have had enough of me in one day or you might want more, who knows, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:50:51 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:51:00 PM): more like wat?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:51:19 PM): oh, more of my piano playing, humor, kisses? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:51:54 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:52:07 PM): i would hope the kisses part, :\">
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:52:19 PM): i know, shouldn't get my hopes up to high though
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:52:36 PM): y not? lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:52:54 PM): i hope you are being a little serious maybe?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:53:03 PM): ya
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:53:14 PM): i would love to kiss you, but I know I'll just have to wait and see
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:53:40 PM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:53:51 PM): how do you feel about it at this point though?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:54:20 PM): i think ur cool n it sounded sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:54:26 PM): oh, ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:55:00 PM): do you need to go eat or can you still chat?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:55:11 PM): i don't want to get in the way of dinner
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:55:17 PM): mom said itll keep when i want it
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:55:23 PM): shes busy with her freind
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:55:26 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:55:31 PM): oh, what kind of busy? lol sorry, haha
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:55:44 PM): idk lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:55:50 PM): hes been around alot
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:55:59 PM): do you like him ok?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:56:11 PM): i gues
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:56:18 PM): he got me a dvd for christmas
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:56:24 PM): that's cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:56:30 PM): sorry, I forgot your present, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:56:36 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:56:42 PM): can I bring you one tomorrow?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:56:52 PM): u dont have to lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:57:01 PM): i'll think of something maybe
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:57:33 PM): i know, a sexy matching bra and panty set, just kidding ok, sorry, i'm not really perverted, but you would look so sexy in it
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:57:44 PM): aww thats sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:58:08 PM): it wouldn't do me much good unless you wore it for me to see though, so i guess not a good idea huh?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:58:31 PM): gues could wear it if u wanted lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:59:03 PM): would you really consider wearing it long enough for me to see you in it? kind of like a mini fashion show or just waer it on the couch or something for a movie
jensbirdss (12/27/06 3:59:24 PM): idk lol gues if u want
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 3:59:58 PM): to be serious for a sec, what size panties you wear then and would you rather have a 30 or 32 B?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:00:41 PM): it kinda depends wat kind
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:01:08 PM): oh, well, what kind you normally wear? you like bikini, thong, lace, satin, cotton, what?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:01:26 PM): usully like bikini like size 3
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:01:45 PM): cool, any color preference?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:01:48 PM): red, black?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:01:58 PM): idk lol u pik
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:02:35 PM): ok, i would seriously buy a set for you if you wore it for me, maybe for just watching a short movie or something, you can always get a blanket, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:02:46 PM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:03:02 PM): i know, I kind of went overboard there, but I really would buy you that
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:03:12 PM): wow ur so sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:03:19 PM): i try
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:03:25 PM): what kind of bikni you have?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:04:08 PM): i got a cpl
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:04:18 PM): oh, are they skimpy? lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:04:24 PM): tie on the side or anything?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:04:27 PM): idk kinda normal lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:04:32 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:04:39 PM): still hot on you though I'm sure
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:04:44 PM): not real skimpy
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:04:47 PM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:04:59 PM): i'm sure it would be really skimpy without the top, lol jk
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:05:11 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:05:27 PM): that would onlyhappen in strip poker though right, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:05:52 PM): idk lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:06:28 PM): i can't wait until the morning when we find each other on here, i'm getting excited about being about to meet you jen
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:06:40 PM): u to jason
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:06:59 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:07:05 PM): don't make me blush now, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:07:09 PM): :\">
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:07:14 PM): see you did it, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:07:20 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:07:40 PM): what is your thought on long distance relationships?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:07:56 PM): idk never had one
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:08:20 PM): i had one a long time ago and it worked for a while but neither of us could drive then, at least I can drive
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:08:34 PM): yea ur lucky
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:08:50 PM): only if I get to see you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:08:59 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:08:59 PM): when is your bday?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:09:12 PM): august 14
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:09:18 PM): cool, mine is in June
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:09:28 PM): cool wen?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:09:52 PM): 13th, happy late birthday, how about birthday kisses instead of the spankings? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:10:01 PM): k lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:10:06 PM): ill get u a present
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:10:19 PM): really? a kiss from you is more than enough
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:10:22 PM): wat u want for a christmas present?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:10:24 PM): :x
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:10:41 PM): hm, to see you in a sexy bra and panties, sorry to over the top I know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:10:49 PM): aww lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:11:14 PM): a maybe aww??
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:11:15 PM): for me?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:11:32 PM): a thats sweet awww
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:11:55 PM): didn't know if the awe meant you would do that for me for Christmas or not, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:12:14 PM): gues mite if u want
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:12:36 PM): cool, well then, I'll buy the set for you and then you wear it for me, cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:13:02 PM): did you want a 30 or32 and do you like padded or not? just cuirous don't want to buy the wrong thing
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:13:23 PM): i guess 32 lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:13:27 PM): ok
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:13:30 PM): idk never had padded
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:13:45 PM): ur rlly sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:13:51 PM): it just makes your breasts look a lot fuller under a shirt and all, more like a large b or small c
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:13:57 PM): unless you are a large b??
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:14:09 PM): na im not real big lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:14:14 PM): ok, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:14:29 PM): any more than a handful is a waste, and that's not just a cliche'
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:14:37 PM): rlly?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:14:44 PM): not that I would find that out though would i?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:14:46 PM): yes, really
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:14:57 PM): thats nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:15:14 PM): yep
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:15:18 PM): some guys seem like only like big
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:15:35 PM): i like them to fit you, if you are petite, they don't need to be big
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:15:48 PM): im kinda skinny n small
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:15:52 PM): gues thats y
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:15:55 PM): i will buy you something pretty and sexy though
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:16:07 PM): i like that about you though, it's sexy on you, works for you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:16:13 PM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:16:21 PM): i like black or red, you have a favorite?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:16:25 PM): you like lace at all?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:16:37 PM): either is cool n yea lace is cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:16:55 PM): i'll look for that then
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:17:09 PM): you have to promise to wear it though or I'll feel really bad
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:17:37 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:18:01 PM): nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:18:35 PM): i'll try not to get any that are sort of see through unless that doesn't matter to you, sometimes lace kind of is anyway
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:18:48 PM): its k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:19:23 PM): cool you are really so cool and sweet, i hope you aren't teasing me about the bra and panties though :\">
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:19:42 PM): na lol u seem cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:19:53 PM): i try
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:20:07 PM): been kinda borin lately
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:20:14 PM): sounds like a adventure
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:20:16 PM): yeah, it gets that way, I know
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:20:27 PM): well, I hope it's something and me that you like though
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:20:39 PM): we can just hang out and whatever you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:20:45 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:21:20 PM): what do you think about touching, as in like chest and butt and stuff? when kissing and all, how you feel about that?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:21:46 PM): heard its cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:21:55 PM): ever wanted to try it though?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:22:11 PM): kinda wondered bout it
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:22:36 PM): yeah, well, i could show you some things if you ever care for me too, up to you though of course and it's really fun
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:22:50 PM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:23:05 PM): so, hm, what all is on your mind now sexy?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:23:12 PM): u
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:23:14 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:23:23 PM): serious or seriously kidding? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:23:29 PM): serius
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:23:37 PM): what all are you thinking about me?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:23:55 PM): never knew anybody like u
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:24:04 PM): oh, gosh hope that is ok???
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:24:12 PM): yea way ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:24:24 PM): cool, well honestly, never met anyone quite like you either jen
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:24:31 PM): and that's a very good thing
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:24:36 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:24:40 PM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:24:57 PM): what else? think at all about meeting me, or maybe even a first kiss?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:25:07 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:25:17 PM): we think a lot alike then
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:25:22 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:25:27 PM): u thinkin that to?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:25:42 PM): yep, wondering what it would be like to kiss you and just feel you close to me and all you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:25:53 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:26:46 PM): i know I shouldnt but I wonder a little what it would be like to be kissing you with our eyes closed and letting my hand gently follow your hair down to your neck and then gently rubbing over your chest
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:26:55 PM): sorry, smack me now, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:27:05 PM): kinda romantic
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:27:10 PM): you think
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:27:20 PM): even rubbing my hand on your chest?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:27:31 PM): sounds romantic
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:27:36 PM): good I like romance too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:28:15 PM): maybe you have a button shirt and I slowly unbotton them one by one while we are kissing and my warm hand rubs over your chest and bra slowly
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:28:31 PM): wow lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:28:46 PM): sorry, want try to go that far, my bad forgive me :(
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:28:58 PM): its k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:29:02 PM): ty sorry
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:29:10 PM): sry y?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:29:19 PM): oh, didn't know if you like me thinking that
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:29:40 PM): idk kinda cool u like me like that
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:29:55 PM): really? you don't think I'm weird or anything? I hope not though
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:30:05 PM): i think ur nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:30:16 PM): ty, i just didn't want to sound so you know, forward and all
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:30:23 PM): didn't want to turn you off or anything
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:30:39 PM): u didnt
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:30:46 PM): where would you like to put your hand on a guy if you could and were curiuos?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:31:11 PM): umm idk how it works rlly
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:31:14 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:31:32 PM): oh, well, hmm, any part of a guy you'd like to touch you never have before?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:32:05 PM): didnt touch much but like arms or face or hair i think
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:32:11 PM): that's cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:32:29 PM): that would be nice though, I would really like that with you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:32:38 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:33:41 PM): i tell you what, if we are kissing and enjoying that, you can touch anywhere you want to that you might not have before
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:33:59 PM): like were do u like?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:34:17 PM): hmm, do you want me to be honest though, don't want to make you feel weird or gross you out
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:34:31 PM): ur ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:34:43 PM): i would really like for a girl to rub on the front of my pants where the zipper is
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:34:48 PM): sorry, you asked though, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:34:54 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:35:06 PM): u want me to?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:35:25 PM): i wouldn't ask you to do that unless you wanted to try though,but yes i would like it from you of course
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:35:36 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:36:07 PM): i could always gently take your hand and place it on me there where it feels good and all so you wouldn't have to guess you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:36:20 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:36:27 PM): but, anyway, don't want to make you think i just want to fool around you know, i like you for you
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:36:36 PM): i know
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:36:40 PM): good
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:37:04 PM): i'm just saying if you ever wanted to experiment some you could with me and not feel embarassed or anything
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:37:14 PM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:37:24 PM): ok, what you thinking now?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:37:32 PM): lots lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:37:38 PM): be honest, i can take it, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:37:47 PM): ur rlly interestin
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:37:52 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:38:20 PM): hope that's ok, guess I'm going to far with stuff, I'm sorry about that, I really want to meet you and don't want you to feel at all weird about it
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:38:33 PM): i dont feel weird
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:38:42 PM): good
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:38:44 PM): ur easy to talk to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:38:48 PM): ty you too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:38:57 PM): probably why I'm saying so much stuff, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:39:11 PM): ty lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:39:30 PM): just hope you still really want to see me, presents and all, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:39:36 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:39:40 PM): i'm glad
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:39:46 PM): you made my day jen
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:39:53 PM): u to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:39:56 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:40:01 PM): :x
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:40:48 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:41:04 PM): >:D<
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:41:24 PM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:42:02 PM): i feel so loved
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:42:05 PM): awe, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:42:11 PM): me to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:42:12 PM): i like hugs
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:42:32 PM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:42:39 PM): more more, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:43:16 PM): >:D<
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:43:19 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:43:23 PM): you're too sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:43:45 PM): i will miss you and be thinking about you tonight :\">
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:43:54 PM): u goin?
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:44:22 PM): i need to really soon, I need to go get a bite to eat
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:44:27 PM): oh ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:44:35 PM): don't be upset with me
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:44:40 PM): no way
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:44:46 PM): we chatted a long time
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:44:48 PM): i'll make it up to you as soon as I see you, extra hugs and kisses just for you
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:44:52 PM): i'm glad we did though
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:44:58 PM): me to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:45:06 PM): i feel like i met a great girl, sweet and very pretty too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:45:08 PM): ty
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:45:12 PM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:45:29 PM): yw
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:45:43 PM): ur romantic to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:46:04 PM): thank you, i hope you like romance, if so we'll do well together you know
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:46:12 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:46:43 PM): i hope we get to see each other tomorrow or at least Friday
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:46:48 PM): me to
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:47:12 PM): don't worry about cleaning up for me, I'm just coming to see you and play for you, not for a tour, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:47:18 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:47:26 PM): our house is usully clean
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:47:44 PM): nice, need to work on this one a little, not too bad though
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:47:49 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:47:55 PM): are you pretty easy to find? your house?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:48:03 PM): ya
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:48:13 PM): that's cool, I'm good with directions
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:48:18 PM): my rooms kinda messy lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:48:26 PM): clothes
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:48:30 PM): oh, it's ok, is the bed cleared off for kissing and all? just kidding
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:48:40 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:48:48 PM): i wouldn't get that lucky I'm sure
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:48:57 PM): how
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:49:03 PM): what you mean how/
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:49:10 PM): lucky how lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:49:15 PM): oh to kiss you on your bed
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:49:25 PM): oh lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:49:32 PM): mite b romantic
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:49:39 PM): i think so, but up to you sexy
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:49:40 PM): didnt do that
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:49:56 PM): might be worth a try then
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:50:01 PM): :D
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:50:07 PM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:50:16 PM): just hope you want to kiss me too
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:50:26 PM): yea u seem cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:50:32 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:51:14 PM): i need to run for a bit, might be on later, i won't have the phone tonight so wait to call after we chat in the morning on here ok?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:51:21 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:51:26 PM): i'll miss you jen
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:51:32 PM): miss u to jason
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:51:46 PM): promise to thnk about me?
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:51:51 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:52:03 PM): i'll think about you too
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:52:12 PM): make your aunt go to work now, lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:52:16 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:52:37 PM): i'll talk to you later or at least in the morning around 8 or so >:D<
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:52:49 PM): k miss ya >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:53:15 PM): hugs and kisses
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:53:18 PM): xoxoxoxoxox
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:53:24 PM): aww :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:53:39 PM): bye sweety
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:53:41 PM): see you soon
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:53:54 PM): cya ill b here if u come on later
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:54:04 PM): ok, don't make any other dates ok? lol
jensbirdss (12/27/06 4:54:12 PM): i wont lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 4:54:20 PM): haha, miss you girl, see you later on here

notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:00:27 AM): hi jen, you're up early
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:00:46 AM): it's jason
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:01:38 AM): hey
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:01:49 AM): good morning beautiful
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:01:57 AM): how r u?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:02:16 AM): i'm pretty good, did you sleep good or think about me too much? lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:02:21 AM): :)
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:02:28 AM): i slept good
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:02:34 AM): but i thought of u
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:02:35 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:02:40 AM): good answer, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:02:47 AM): so, is your aunt going to work?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:02:54 AM): :( no
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:02:58 AM): no, why not??
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:03:08 AM): she said she didnt feel good
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:03:13 AM): man, that sucks
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:03:14 AM): im sry
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:03:17 AM): not your fault
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:03:24 AM): mayb tomorow?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:03:47 AM): yeah, i can move my appointment in raleigh to tomorrow anyway, that would still give us a chance to see each other tomorrow
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:04:00 AM): im sry
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:04:07 AM): i sure hope she feels better, you know she's not off of work though right? just doesn't feel good is all today?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:04:24 AM): yea she got up to go then said shes not
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:05:01 AM): well, that's good though, she'll probably go tomorrow then, she won't want to miss to many days before the baby is born or she'll have to go back to work sooner afterwards
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:05:13 AM): i'm sure she'll go tomorrow if she feels even sort of ok
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:05:31 AM): yea she cant miss to much
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:05:35 AM): true
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:06:08 AM): just know none of it is your fault and I'm not upset with you at all, but.... if you want to make it up to me, hopefully tomorrow, you can with a kiss :x
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:06:29 AM): k lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:06:33 AM): i feel bad tho
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:06:41 AM): you're not sick too are you?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:06:51 AM): na
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:06:53 AM): good
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:07:10 AM): i felt bad u were gonna come so far n now shes here
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:07:29 AM): well, hm, do you live near a mall, theatre, store or anything?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:07:43 AM): you could meet me for a while, but it's ok, we'll make plans for tomorrow
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:07:51 AM): you still really want me to come over right?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:08:00 AM): yea sounded nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:08:05 AM): good
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:08:14 AM): are you at least a little excited?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:08:19 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:08:24 AM): me too
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:08:32 AM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:08:40 AM): what's the first thing you'd want to do when I get there tomorrow?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:08:53 AM): u could play piano lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:09:06 AM): good idea, can you sing?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:09:25 AM): i can try lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:09:35 AM): there you go, we might make a good team, you never know
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:10:07 AM): that other stuff sounded cool to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:10:20 AM): what other stuff you mean?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:10:32 AM): wat u said lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:10:46 AM): oh, the kissing or touching or poker?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:10:51 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:11:05 AM): is that what you meant? sorry, still waking up here, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:11:25 AM): yea lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:12:12 AM): im still wakin up to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:12:13 AM): oh, ok, i was going to apologize for saying some of that, I mean we just met, and i was already talking about french kissing, playing strip poker and touching you and stuff, i'm sorry if i went too far with that, I'm really a good guy you know
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:12:28 AM): i know ur a good guy
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:12:43 AM): so that stuff really didn't bother you? or you even liked it?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:12:52 AM): sounded kinda cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:13:10 AM): well, that's cool, because it is a lot of fun
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:13:20 AM): is it?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:13:39 AM): of course, why wouldn't it? we'll have to do all of it tomorrow then if you like
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:13:44 AM): :)
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:13:49 AM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:14:23 AM): do you think you would ever consider going out or steady with me if we clicked and really like each other when we meet?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:14:33 AM): wow rlly?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:14:50 AM): i'm just thinking outloud, but what do you think about it at this point?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:14:52 AM): yes really
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:15:07 AM): wow thatd b awsome
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:15:18 AM): wow, ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:15:22 AM): you really think so huh, cool
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:15:29 AM): yea
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:15:39 AM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:16:24 AM): here's a stupid question for you and sorry cause it's so early in the morning but, have you ever thought about sex? like do you want to wait until you're married or just when you find the right guy or what? just curious is all?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:16:52 AM): didnt really think id wait til married
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:16:57 AM): nobody rlly does
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:17:02 AM): that is very true, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:17:14 AM): kinda wondered bout it
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:17:15 AM): do you think you need to wait until you're older or what?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:17:40 AM): idk kinda been wonderin bout it
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:17:57 AM): who do you think you'd want to be your first? any certain person or time?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:18:21 AM): i gues somebody nice
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:18:46 AM): wen it feels rite i gues
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:18:57 AM): good answers, you don't want it to be with just anyone
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:19:54 AM): i am just curius is all, I'm a lot older than you, but i have to say there is nothing like sex, it's awesome and being with someone for your first time who knows what they are doing and can be very gentle would be a good thing, if you really like them of course
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:20:10 AM): that makes sense
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:20:19 AM): heard its cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:20:30 AM): have any of your friends done it yet?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:20:34 AM): your gf's
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:20:37 AM): a cpl
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:20:48 AM): what did they think?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:20:58 AM): that its cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:21:33 AM): sex is really only as good as the person you are with so if they were both with someone good, then they would have really liked it, if they were with someone who didn't know what he was doing, then they may not think it was all the great
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:22:09 AM): yea sounds true
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:22:55 AM): well, i don't want to talk to much about it and scare you off, I'm not asking to have sex with you or anything anyway, i'm just curious about how you feel about it and all
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:23:08 AM): its cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:23:10 AM): i didn't say that I wouldn't love to do that with you, but i'm not asking you or anything
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:23:11 AM): ty
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:23:32 AM): u would?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:23:46 AM): yes I would, how do you feel about that though?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:24:12 AM): gues u know how like u said
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:24:19 AM): that is true, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:24:57 AM): mite b cool if u wanted
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:24:57 AM): sorry, didn't mean to put you on the spot so early this morning
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:25:15 AM): you would actually think about sex with me? really?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:25:37 AM): ud b careful?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:25:55 AM): if it did happen with us, I'd be very careful with you
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:26:07 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:26:27 AM): :\"> you're really making me blush here you know
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:26:34 AM): me to lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:26:53 AM): lol, hey, still got your pj's on? is it still about 30 degrees there?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:27:00 AM): it is here but suppose to warm up to like 60 or so
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:27:17 AM): yea still got pjs lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:27:23 AM): what kind you wear?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:27:38 AM): i got like a nity on now but its warm
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:27:43 AM): nighty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:27:57 AM): oh, do you mind telling me what it looks like? sorry is that too creepy?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:28:10 AM): na its sweet lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:28:13 AM): lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:28:33 AM): its blue with like lacy design on top
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:28:36 AM): kinda long
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:28:51 AM): that's cool, panties? lol of course, sorry
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:28:57 AM): yea lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:29:03 AM): good girl, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:29:12 AM): i'm sure you look very sexy in it though
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:29:28 AM): see, if I was coming over today, you wouldn't even have to get ready, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:29:45 AM): k lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:29:49 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:29:52 AM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:30:10 AM): i guess you'd rather have more clothes on with me coming over though right?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:30:20 AM): i gues lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:30:29 AM): wat should i wear?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:30:37 AM): hmmm your bikini? jk
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:30:50 AM): short skirt and and tight top you have , lol it's really up to you jen
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:30:52 AM): lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:30:56 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:30:57 AM): i just want to see you
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:31:03 AM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:31:28 AM): do you have the cell phone again today/
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:31:48 AM): umm yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:31:56 AM): think you could give me a ring anytime soon?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:32:01 AM): i'd love to talk to you
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:32:08 AM): me to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:32:43 AM): any chance you could call me now? is your aunt laying down maybe so you can have a little privacy?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:33:18 AM): i can see wat shes doin
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:33:23 AM): ok, I'll wait
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:38:02 AM): you there yet?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:38:03 AM): missing you
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:38:06 AM): :)
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:39:11 AM): hey awww :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:39:22 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:39:40 AM): well?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:39:51 AM): shes up here was just talkin to her
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:39:58 AM): oh, ok
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:40:06 AM): shell go down in a min i think
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:40:11 AM): shes out of bed lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:40:11 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:40:25 AM): oh, she needs to go to work then, better late then never, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:40:32 AM): i wish lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:40:44 AM): yeah I know
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:41:32 AM): i'm trying to get on myspace to see your pics again, but the site is so slow, almost not running this morning
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:41:43 AM): wow
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:41:51 AM): i didnt try yet
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:42:15 AM): yeah, not working it says, a technical error oh well, I still remember how sexy you are though
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:42:49 AM): geez
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:42:52 AM): what??
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:42:54 AM): it does that sometimes
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:43:11 AM): ty tho :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:43:17 AM): i know right, sucks though, but not nearly as bad as not being able to see you today :(
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:43:18 AM): yw
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:43:25 AM): im sry
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:43:44 AM): it's all good, just hope your aunt feels really good tomorrow though
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:44:01 AM): i'll be coming within 40 minutes of you either way since I have to go out to Raleigh
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:44:20 AM): as long as she's at work, I could come by around 11am
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:44:21 AM): wow thats cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:44:52 AM): wish you could get out of the house for even 30 minutes or so if she was home and we could still meet each other for a few minutes, we'll just hope she's at work
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:45:50 AM): wish was a way
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:46:09 AM): well, i'm sure tomorow will work out just fine
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:46:20 AM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:46:22 AM): how long is your hair?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:46:33 AM): is it more blonde or red?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:46:33 AM): kinda shoulders
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:46:37 AM): lil past
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:46:39 AM): nice
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:46:46 AM): blond
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:47:23 AM): i love that, i thought so, but it looked like it had a red tint to it in a couple of your pics is all
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:47:38 AM): its mostly blond
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:47:43 AM): i like that
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:47:48 AM): it's sexy, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:47:52 AM): actually it is
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:48:27 AM): has she gone back downstairs yet?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:48:56 AM): not yet shes in the bathroom
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:49:12 AM): oh, wouldn't she just think you were talking to a gf maybe?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:49:14 AM): just wondering?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:49:41 AM): mayb
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:49:55 AM): i bet she would or just wouldn't care since she doesn't feel good
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:50:09 AM): mayb
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:50:37 AM): up to you, just would love to hear your voice
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:50:45 AM): me to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:50:52 AM): really? ty
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:51:37 AM): yea i like talkin to u
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:51:51 AM): i think we'd love talking in person even better, what do you think?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:52:07 AM): yea sounds nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:52:15 AM): sounds really nice to mee
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:52:18 AM): me, oops, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:53:06 AM): me to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:53:39 AM): i have to warn you though, if we sit really close, my hands my wander a little, jk
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:53:49 AM): aww lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:53:58 AM): would that be so bad?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:54:12 AM): kinda romantic
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:54:24 AM): the touching?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:54:33 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:55:21 AM): how do you feel about touching uder the clothes though?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:56:16 AM): kinda romantic to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:56:23 AM): i think so too
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:56:48 AM): have you ever been touched well you know, \"down there\" sorry, not too good with terminology here, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:57:26 AM): no lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:57:50 AM): sorry, shouldn't have asked that
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:58:40 AM): its ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 7:58:57 AM): that can feel really good though
jensbirdss (12/28/06 7:59:57 AM): yea?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:00:24 AM): oh yes, you would love it I know
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:01:10 AM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:01:33 AM): i'll change the subject, sorry, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:01:41 AM): its cool
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:01:50 AM): ur easy to talk to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:02:20 AM): ty, you are too sweety
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:02:38 AM): ty
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:02:59 AM): wish she would go down lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:03:09 AM): me too
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:03:23 AM): you don't ever just call your gj's and get a little privacy??
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:04:26 AM): yea just didnt wanna take a chance
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:04:49 AM): i understand, i'll try not to talk about sex on the phone then? lol jk
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:05:13 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:05:24 AM): what would you like to talk about? anything that is on your mind
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:06:14 AM): umm idk
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:06:35 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:06:43 AM): i'm sure we can think of something, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:07:14 AM): :)
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:08:10 AM): somebody just imd me
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:08:15 AM): idk who it is lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:08:25 AM): oh they can't be as important as me, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:08:34 AM): idk were they came from lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:08:41 AM): im not gonna answer
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:08:47 AM): ok, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:08:52 AM): i wish you could call me now
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:08:56 AM): or try to
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:09:50 AM): umm
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:11:07 AM): umm??
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:11:09 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:11:22 AM): ok
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:11:45 AM): im thinkin if its safe lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:12:13 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:12:16 AM): i'm sure it is
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:12:31 AM): it's a cell phone so it's not like she can pick up the house phone and hear what we're saying, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:13:04 AM): thats true lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:13:37 AM): it should be cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:15:22 AM): you there?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:15:40 AM): yea i was lookin for her lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:15:45 AM): oh, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:16:31 AM): so wat r u gonna do today now?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:16:50 AM): not sure, hopefully chat with you, talk to you on the phone but wish I was on my way to see you
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:17:32 AM): aww me to sry
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:18:08 AM): so will you call me now?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:18:48 AM): in a sec i think shes almost done
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:18:54 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:19:50 AM): i hope she is, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:20:03 AM): gues got all day :(
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:20:04 AM): if she's still in the bathroom, I wouldn't go in there after she's out for a while, lol jk
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:20:10 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:20:14 AM): yep :(
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:22:34 AM): mayb shes sick
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:23:06 AM): if she's still in the bathroom, I'm sure you'll be fine in calling me, just listen for her and all, if you have to hang up and call back, you always can you know
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:24:16 AM): makes sense
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:24:31 AM): yep see more great ideas right, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:24:42 AM): *EDIT FRIEND's PHONE* still have the same phone today, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:25:28 AM): u get ur phone fixed yet?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:25:49 AM): no, i have to get a new one I found out, it will be the weekend before I get it or later, they are mailing me one
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:26:18 AM): cool
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:26:50 AM): brb im gonna chek on her
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:26:53 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:26:58 AM): don't be long, I'll miss you
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:27:01 AM): :)
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:27:05 AM): aww miss u to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:30:04 AM): is she ok?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:31:27 AM): back
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:31:34 AM): yea she says shes k
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:31:41 AM): that's good
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:31:47 AM): i was wonderin if shes havin the baby early lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:32:03 AM): oh, that wouldn't be good, is it her first?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:32:16 AM): the first one usually comes late, the 2nd and so on usually come a little early
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:32:16 AM): yea
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:32:29 AM): k thats cool lotsa time then lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:32:40 AM): yep, when is her due date do you know?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:33:57 AM): um like 3 monts
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:33:59 AM): can you call now? for a few minutes? i'll pretend to be a gf from school if I have to, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:34:05 AM): oh, she has a while to go then, that's goo
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:34:07 AM): good
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:34:10 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:34:51 AM): *EDIT FRIEND's PHONE*
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:37:07 AM): ?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:38:04 AM): you there jen?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:38:25 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:38:29 AM): ok
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:38:32 AM): sry lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:38:34 AM): it's ok
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:38:38 AM): i rlly wanna talk to u to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:38:41 AM): i'll wait for you always
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:39:09 AM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:39:12 AM): well, just call me, I'll pretend to be a gf and if she acts weird just say, ok girl, I'll call you later and then get back online or something
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:40:05 AM): lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:40:23 AM): would b funny to call u girl
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:40:29 AM): haha, no kidding right
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:40:49 AM): hey, if it keeps her from being at all suspicious, do it you know, at least we'll get to talk
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:41:53 AM): gues ur rite
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:42:03 AM): i wish she was at work
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:42:14 AM): me too, but we'll have to make the best of it you know
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:42:30 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:42:39 AM): i think it will be fine for you to call, don't be so nervous, act like is just a friend and she won't think any differently
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:44:28 AM): im not nervous just figured got time
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:44:36 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:44:57 AM): i have to leave soon to run some errands, love to talk to you first even for 5 minutes you knowk but I understand
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:45:27 AM): o ur goin?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:45:38 AM): in a little bit
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:46:00 AM): not this sec though
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:46:30 AM): k
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:46:39 AM): ill miss ya
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:47:04 AM): i'm not going yet though
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:47:12 AM): i'll miss you too sexy!
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:47:19 AM): aww :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:47:24 AM): :\">
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:47:28 AM): >:D<
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:47:45 AM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:48:04 AM): awe! kisses too?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:48:10 AM): :-*
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:48:13 AM): :-*
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:48:25 AM): you're so sweet, making me blush again :\">
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:49:24 AM): na ur sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:49:49 AM): you're sweeter
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:49:56 AM): :-*:-*
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:50:14 AM): extra kisses for you
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:50:19 AM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:51:08 AM): 8->
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:51:15 AM): daydreaming thinking about you
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:51:18 AM): awww
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:51:21 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:51:47 AM): let me be honest with you, I'm really starting to like you a lot, isn't that weird since we havene't met yet?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:52:00 AM): its kinda sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:52:03 AM): ty
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:52:05 AM): i like u ro
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:52:06 AM): to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:52:16 AM): do you think you could like me a lot though?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:52:27 AM): yea i like u alot to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:52:43 AM): really? wow, that is so cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:52:53 AM): enough to kiss me when we meet?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:54:05 AM): no? huh? where are you? i miss you already! :\">
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:54:07 AM): yea
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:54:22 AM): enough lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:54:28 AM): i think kissing you will be so awesome!
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:55:14 AM): sounds kinda nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:55:19 AM): i haven't french kissed in a while though, out of practice maybe, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:55:34 AM): u didnt?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:55:55 AM): not for a while no, but I do remember how very well I believe, you can always be the judge, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:56:07 AM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:57:04 AM): you know what they say though, but not that I believe it, kissing leads to touching, touching leads to more touching under the clothes, that leads to taking off the clothes, and that leads to sex, lol like I said, not that I believe that though
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:57:33 AM): lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:57:42 AM): didnt hear that one before
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:57:52 AM): first for everything right? lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:57:57 AM): yea lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:58:11 AM): of course, that happens more often I guess when it's the right time, and place and all
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:58:40 AM): i still want to buy you a matching set of bra and panties if you will still wear them for me?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 8:58:50 AM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 8:59:00 AM): would you really though or just kind of kidding?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:00:13 AM): i think itd b k
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:00:41 AM): kinda romantic to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:01:32 AM): i think it could really be romantic, what would be even better is if you put them on and came out of your room and we starting kissing and all
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:01:50 AM): wow romantic lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:02:28 AM): ok, one better, brace yourself, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:02:35 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:03:50 AM): we meet, we talk for a while, I play for you on the piaon, we hug and maybe have a quick kiss, then i give you your gift, you go to your room and undress and put the them on, just them, and then you call me, I come to your door and knock and you say come in and you're sitting on your bed in your sexy panties and bra, i sit down next to you and tell you how pretty and sexy you are and we start to kiss again
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:04:35 AM): awwww
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:04:41 AM): thats so romantic
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:04:56 AM): do you really think so? would you be up for that?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:05:05 AM): it sounds sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:05:35 AM): i think so too, it wouldn't be fair to ask you to just have on your bra and panties and me be fully dressed, would you want me to take anything off to make it fair?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:06:38 AM): guess it would b fairer lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:06:47 AM): so, what would you like me in?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:06:57 AM): i'm a boxer guy just in case you care, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:07:06 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:07:30 AM): ?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:07:46 AM): i gues thatd b cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:08:00 AM): me in my boxers? hey, that would be fair I suppose, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:08:10 AM): yea lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:08:44 AM): you could always put on the set I buy you and then get dressed again, we could then play strip poker until we get down to our underwear anyway, that would ad a little fun to it, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:08:57 AM): have you ever seen a guy in his boxers?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:09:04 AM): no lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:09:09 AM): really? cool ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:09:48 AM): i do have to go in a few minutes, could you call for like 5 minutes maybe? please? :x
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:09:56 AM): >:D<:-*
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:10:16 AM): k ill call now
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:10:22 AM): ok got the #?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:10:49 AM): yep i see it
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:10:51 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:12:07 AM): :-*:-*:-*
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:12:36 AM): :-*
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:12:50 AM): mmm, i like your kisses jen
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:12:57 AM): are you dialing?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:13:08 AM): yea got the phone :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:13:11 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:13:16 AM): can't wait to hear it ring
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:15:11 AM): hmm, not ringing?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:16:56 AM): jen, you leave?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:18:02 AM): :(
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:18:58 AM): i think i dialed wrong
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:19:09 AM): oh *EDIT FRIEND's PHONE*
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:19:15 AM): thought you had left me there for a minute
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:19:30 AM): :-*>:D<:-*
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:31:09 AM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:31:10 AM): omg, i just love your voice, it is so sweet and sexy! :\">
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:31:15 AM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:31:20 AM): i really do love talking to you on the phone
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:31:38 AM): me to u sound nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:31:42 AM): i'm glad you're excited about me coming and bringing you a present
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:31:43 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:32:04 AM): i'm sure you don't wear something like that for just anyone so it makes me feel special, really
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:32:24 AM): u make me feel special
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:32:32 AM): ty, i'm glad I do
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:32:34 AM): never knew anybody like u
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:32:48 AM): i cant say that Ive ever met anyone like you either
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:32:55 AM): but that is a really good thing!
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:33:17 AM): i'm just glad we can talk about stuff, personal as well as other you know
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:33:49 AM): yea
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:33:53 AM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:34:14 AM): is there anything personal you want to ask me or anything about what we can or want to do when we're together? just asking
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:34:27 AM): idk lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:34:38 AM): just wondered what all your thinking
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:34:44 AM): about me/us?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:34:51 AM): yea lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:34:54 AM): lots
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:35:07 AM): me too, any details to the thinking about us?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:35:28 AM): idk just sounds romantic
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:35:35 AM): i think so too
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:35:49 AM): do you want to try anything new when I'm there? you know with me?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:36:48 AM): gues its all kinda new
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:36:50 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:37:09 AM): that's true lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:37:36 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:38:21 AM): i hate to run, but I have to get some errands done
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:38:30 AM): will you be around at noon or so?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:38:40 AM): an hour and a half at the most and I should be back
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:38:41 AM): its k
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:38:46 AM): k cool
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:38:49 AM): ill try
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:39:07 AM): I hope so, if not, send me a message as to when you might be on so I can look for you, cool?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:39:15 AM): k cool
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:39:19 AM): cya :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:39:35 AM): cya miss you lots! >:D<
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:39:50 AM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 9:40:08 AM): bye sweety, talk to you soon though
jensbirdss (12/28/06 9:40:50 AM): cya
jensbirdss (12/28/06 10:39:53 AM): hey ill b on in a lil im gonna make some soup for my aunt :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:07:32 PM): are you there jen?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:07:32 PM): i didn't know you cooked too? WOW! I like that! :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:07:32 PM): I miss you >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:07:32 PM): i miss you jen >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:07:32 PM): where are you? still making soup? lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:07:32 PM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:07:32 PM): :-*:-*
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:07:32 PM): don't leave me
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:07:32 PM): where are you girl?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:09:37 PM): you there sexy? please be there
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:09:46 PM): hey :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:09:54 PM): was the soup good?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:09:56 PM): what kind?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:10:12 PM): chicken noodle its ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:10:21 PM): not bad, so you cook?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:10:31 PM): thats easy lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:10:44 PM): u just open the can n put it in a pot
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:10:46 PM): do you cook anything other than soup though?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:10:47 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:10:48 PM): i know right, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:10:51 PM): yea some
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:10:59 PM): i can make tacos
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:11:05 PM): n spageti
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:11:17 PM): i like tacos and speghetti what's your favorite dish to make?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:11:30 PM): umm tacos mayb lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:11:36 PM): you will have my heart now if you cook too, wow, you're too good for me, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:11:41 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:11:43 PM): awww
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:12:11 PM): i looked for you a gift when I was out, but didn't get anything yet, still trying to decide what to buy you
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:12:28 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:12:38 PM): ur sweet u dont rlly have to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:12:51 PM): you're not changing your mind about wearing it are you?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:12:54 PM): :(
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:12:56 PM): no
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:13:02 PM): ok, good
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:13:05 PM): its sweet of u
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:13:06 PM): :\">
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:13:12 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:13:15 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:13:20 PM): i really do like you jen
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:13:29 PM): aww i like u to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:13:37 PM): aww, thank you sweetheart
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:13:43 PM): so, how's your aunt feeling now?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:13:54 PM): she seems better she ate
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:14:02 PM): ty tho
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:14:13 PM): good, feed her early in the morning so she'll feel good enough for work, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:14:20 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:14:20 PM): make sure she goes now, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:14:28 PM): start the soup at 7am sharp, haha
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:14:33 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:15:10 PM): so, did you ever change or still in the nightie
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:15:21 PM): i changed lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:15:32 PM): aww, darn, jk, what you wearing now?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:15:45 PM): jeans n sweatshirt
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:15:51 PM): nice! lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:15:57 PM): what size jeans you wear? ones?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:16:18 PM): do you know what waist size you would wear?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:17:23 PM): you there jen?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:17:55 PM): back
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:17:59 PM): she was callin
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:18:10 PM): oh, ok, be nice if you were callin me!
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:18:17 PM): yea lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:18:35 PM): im not sure wat my waist is
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:18:53 PM): oh, ok it's cool
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:19:08 PM): kinda skinny sry
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:19:29 PM): why say your sry, i think you're really sexy, don't appologize for being beautiful you know :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:19:32 PM): >:D<
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:19:43 PM): aww ty :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:20:34 PM): i bet you have a flat stomach too right?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:20:40 PM): that is such a turn on for me for real
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:20:40 PM): yea
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:20:49 PM): lol ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:20:56 PM): yw what are some of your turn ons?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:21:47 PM): idk lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:21:55 PM): didnt try much lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:22:09 PM): just wondering is all, lol, so, what you thinking?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:22:22 PM): idk somebody nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:23:03 PM): most girls like the way a guy kissing them, touches them, if he's hot and that sort of thing
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:23:16 PM): thats true
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:23:46 PM): so, maybe you like those things? i'll just have to wait and see I guess, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:25:23 PM): brb
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:25:44 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:26:24 PM): i miss you >:D<
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:28:40 PM): back sry
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:28:59 PM): my aunt went back to bed n wanted a drink
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:29:19 PM): im tryin to help lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:29:27 PM): you're very sweet
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:29:44 PM): i think i like those things
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:29:48 PM): can you call while she's in the bed?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:29:52 PM): what things?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:30:01 PM): that u said before i left lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:30:28 PM): gotcha, cool, nice, hmmm :) i like
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:30:47 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:31:24 PM): i hope you feel as comfortable with me in person as you do on here and on the phone jen
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:31:44 PM): i think i will
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:31:53 PM): i think you will too, I'll do my best so that you do though
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:31:58 PM): feel comfy with u
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:32:05 PM): it's called thinking of the other person, not just yourself
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:32:09 PM): i feel that way with you also
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:33:44 PM): are you too busy to chat?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:33:50 PM): you seem preoccupied
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:34:24 PM): brb again sry
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:34:31 PM): shes lonly i think
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:34:35 PM): oh
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:34:37 PM): she keeps callin lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 12:34:39 PM): brb
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:34:44 PM): tell her to go to work, lol there are people there, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:35:26 PM): slip her a sleeping pill in her glass so she'll rest for an hour or three, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:50:57 PM): ?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:53:42 PM): :(
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:53:46 PM): (:|
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:54:39 PM): :-w
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:55:00 PM): I-)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:55:10 PM): :((
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 12:56:36 PM): #-o
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:00:32 PM): :-SS
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:00:47 PM): O:-)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:02:54 PM): :-S
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:04:02 PM):
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:05:41 PM): I-)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:14:26 PM): are you still there at all jen? hello?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:17:02 PM): u here?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:17:11 PM): yes, almost asleep
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:17:13 PM): dreaming of you though
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:17:16 PM): im sry
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:17:18 PM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:17:26 PM): it's ok, wish I knew you'd be gone so long though
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:17:32 PM): what is she doing now?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:17:36 PM): im sry i kept tryin to get away
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:17:43 PM): to at least tell u
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:17:52 PM): is she really that needy? i feel sorry for her husband, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:17:57 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:18:01 PM): sometimes she is
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:18:16 PM): wow, that will be really bad when the baby is here, man do I feel for him, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:18:30 PM): baby will b kinda cool
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:18:33 PM): i can help
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:19:00 PM): that is true, but makes it harder for me to see you I suppose, will she go back to work a few weeks after she has it?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:19:09 PM): yea
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:19:21 PM): gues can figure somethin out
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:19:33 PM): i'm sure we could, love always prevails, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:19:41 PM): wow
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:19:57 PM): do you think you can call me again later today?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:20:07 PM): probly
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:20:25 PM): i hope so, just love your voice and talking to you on the phone, can't imagine how nice it will be to do that in person
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:20:49 PM): not to mention we can actually use our lips and hands for the kissing and huggs instead of the litlte yellow faces, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:21:04 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:21:25 PM): i will definitley be able to see you tomorrow, so I hope your aunt works
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:21:33 PM): i really hope so
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:21:45 PM): yea me to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:21:56 PM): i hope you're still really excited about seeing me
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:22:07 PM): i won't forget to play for you for sure
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:22:51 PM): yea i am
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:23:00 PM): good, me too
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:23:22 PM): what is the first thing you think we should do when we see each other??
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:23:39 PM): ur story u were sayin sounded romantic
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:23:53 PM): you remember, cool! I liked it anyway, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:23:55 PM): ty
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:24:04 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:24:17 PM): i'll be sure to be on my best behavior too, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:24:28 PM): unless you prefer I'm not, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:24:39 PM): sounded nice
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:24:50 PM): watever u wanna do
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:24:59 PM): don't tell me that now, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:25:02 PM): :\">
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:25:08 PM): :)
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:25:15 PM): wat u wanna do?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:25:40 PM): hmm, lots of things, but we'll just do what you like and are comfortable with
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:25:52 PM): ur story sounded nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:26:42 PM): well, the story ended with us kissing on your bed sitting up with you in your panties and bra and me in my boxers, you want it to end there or keep going a little?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:26:51 PM): like how?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:27:57 PM): well, we could be kissing and then lay down next to each other kissing still, i could kiss gently on your neck and maybe your chest, where your bra doesn't cover and then I could slowly slip off your bra and gently rub your chest while still kissng? I know sounds crazy doesn't it?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:28:23 PM): kinda romantic
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:28:28 PM): you really think so?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:29:10 PM): what would you like for us to do next after that if anything?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:29:46 PM): idk u know better
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:30:20 PM): it's cool, just asking, we can change the subject though if you like
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:30:33 PM): wat comes next?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:31:19 PM): well, i would probably kiss on your chest with your bra off and slowly run my fingers down your stomach to your panties, you want me to tell you more or not? don't want to scare you off you know, I like you too much for that
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:31:37 PM): ur not scary
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:31:56 PM): i just didn't know how much you wanted me to say and all?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:32:26 PM): i just really like you and I don't want to make you uncomfortable or the least bit upset with me
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:32:35 PM): im not upset
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:32:41 PM): so, you want to know more?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:32:48 PM): ya lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:32:52 PM): ok ok, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:34:17 PM): well we would be kissing or I would be kissing your chest and would run my fingers down your stomach to your panties, I would gently rub the outside of your panties between you legs, if you were really liking it, I would then slide my fingers inside your panties and rub my fingers against your skin while kissing you
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:34:39 PM): wow lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:34:47 PM): rlly romantic
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:34:55 PM): glad you like it
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:34:59 PM): should I say more?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:35:04 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:36:00 PM): i would slowly slide off your panties over your ankles and begin running my warm tongue down your chest and stomach to between you legs. I would slide off my boxers and take your hand and place it on me.
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:36:23 PM): you would begin to rub on me a little and i would use my finger to gently massage you between your legs
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:36:35 PM): wow
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:36:47 PM): good wow or bad wow?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:37:10 PM): good lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:37:15 PM): ok, whew, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:38:41 PM): i could then take the tip of my d**k and gently massage you down there with it and then begin sliding it in just a litlte and very slowly making sure you really liked it and that I was being very easy and gentle, as you liked it more and more and would put it in just a little farther and begin sliding in and out slowly and gently and we would be kissing each other passionately
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:39:06 PM): wow lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:39:24 PM): u make it sound so nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:39:38 PM): well, with the right person, it really is that nice or better honestly
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:40:06 PM): u seem so cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:40:12 PM): ty and you too
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:40:35 PM): i'm not trying to talk you into considering doing any of that with me though, don't get the wrong idea about me please, lo?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:40:38 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:41:27 PM): jen?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:42:10 PM): it sounds nice
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:42:21 PM): if u wanted
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:42:32 PM): how do you honestly feel about just trying any of that with me?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:42:50 PM): mite b cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:43:16 PM): glad you think so
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:43:19 PM): can you call me?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:43:23 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:44:25 PM): jen?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:44:34 PM): i was seein were she is
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:44:38 PM): oh ok, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:45:59 PM): shes still keeps talkin to me kinda through the doors
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:46:23 PM): geeze, why is she bugging you so much, if she feels bad, she really should lay down, close the door and try to sleep
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:46:38 PM): im sry
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:46:48 PM): tell her you're going for a walk since it's so nice outside and jut take the cell phon with you?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:46:58 PM): just like 10 or15 minutes or so
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:49:28 PM): mayb in a min i can call
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:49:33 PM): ok cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:50:27 PM): jen, tell me what you're thinking about?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:50:40 PM): bout wat u said
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:51:04 PM): really? about everything or anything specific?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:51:17 PM): all lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:51:36 PM): ur rlly romantic
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:51:41 PM): wow, that's cool, ty!
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:51:56 PM): you don't think I'm being too forward with this stuff with you though??
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:52:22 PM): na i feel comfy with u
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:52:44 PM): i'm really glad you do, that is so cool
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:53:07 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:53:41 PM): i think it's so awesome that we are this comfortable with each other you know
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:53:59 PM): that makes us meeting each other in person so much better and more exciting, don't you think?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:54:05 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:54:19 PM): what do you think you'll wear for me tomorrow?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:55:37 PM): i gues watever u like
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:55:59 PM): really? do you have a short skirt?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:56:27 PM): ill find somethin nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:56:35 PM): that's fine with me, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:56:51 PM): i honestly just want to see you, so it really doesn't matter what you have on to me
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:57:09 PM): ur sweet
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:57:35 PM): you are too
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:57:56 PM): your aunt needs to sleep or you need to go for a walk, lol hey, just trying you know
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:58:03 PM): lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:58:14 PM): she makes me think tho
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:58:28 PM): not ready for a baby yet lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:58:41 PM): i know right, you need to wait a few years for sure
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:59:26 PM): were gonna b careful rite?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 1:59:37 PM): cant believe said that lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:59:48 PM): i would take no chances in getting you pregnant, no way, you don't have to worry about that
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 1:59:59 PM): you must really be thinking about it then and that's a good thing though
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:01:00 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:01:29 PM): so, are you really thinking about having sex though?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:02:01 PM): sounded like ud b careful
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:02:19 PM): i would be very careful for sure you have my word on that
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:02:27 PM): k
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:02:46 PM): you trust me right?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:02:54 PM): you know we don't have to do that though
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:03:00 PM): i trust u
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:03:07 PM): ty
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:03:22 PM): if u wanted
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:03:44 PM): we can just see what happens
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:04:15 PM): i'd be really careful, but you don't want the first time you experience it to be with a condom though, I promise you that, it doesn't feel the same or nearly as good for the girl
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:04:29 PM): oh k
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:04:40 PM): what did your friends do about that?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:04:55 PM): they used em they said
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:05:25 PM): well, we can if you want, but i can always pull out before I finish too
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:05:38 PM): k
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:05:49 PM): i trust u
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:06:04 PM): ty, don't worry, I want take any chances with that ok
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:06:20 PM): k ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:06:30 PM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:06:59 PM): you ever think about how it will feel to do all that?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:07:15 PM): kinda wonderd
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:07:35 PM): it's really awesome
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:07:59 PM): if not with me, just make sure it's with someone you like a lot and knows what he's doing ok
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:08:28 PM): not with u?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:08:44 PM): if you decide not to do that with me tomorrow is what I meant
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:08:54 PM): you know, you can always change your mind and stuff
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:09:28 PM): i wont
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:09:51 PM): change my mind i mean
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:09:57 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:10:19 PM): how much do you think you like me?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:10:32 PM): i like u lots
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:10:43 PM): i feel the same about you
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:11:21 PM): can you try to call me for a few mintues?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:13:05 PM): r u gonna b back later?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:13:16 PM): maybe why? where you going?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:13:25 PM): o i thought u were goin
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:13:35 PM): cuz u said a few minutes
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:13:37 PM): no I'm not, was hoping you could call me for just a minute or two
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:13:47 PM): i meant call me for a few minutes, lol sorry
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:14:54 PM): i was gettin my phone she keeps talkin
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:15:02 PM): i answer her sometimes lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:15:17 PM): oh, lol, you can always call and put me on hold from time to time if you have to
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:15:25 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:16:12 PM): just another idea of mine, lol
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:16:31 PM): u got lotsa good ones
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:16:44 PM): i know right! lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:16:50 PM): i'm sure you do to though
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:17:27 PM): cant wait for my uncle to get home shell bug him
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:17:44 PM): no kidding right, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:18:30 PM): do you not ever talk to your friends on the phone?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:18:48 PM): if you do sometimes, as long as she's not in the room with you she'd have no idea who it was on the phone you know
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:18:50 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:19:08 PM): if she yells for you, just tell me to hold and see what she wants and come right back or something I guess
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:20:11 PM): k gues in a min i could
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:20:19 PM): ok, only if you want to though ok
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:20:34 PM): i like talkin to u
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:20:44 PM): i thought so, lol :x
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:21:04 PM): when you think about me, what do you think about or how do you feel?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:21:16 PM): kinda funny
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:21:33 PM): kinda funny what do you mean?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:21:46 PM): never felt like this
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:22:04 PM): oh
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:22:54 PM): is that bad?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:23:31 PM): no, but what kind of funny?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:23:38 PM): good funny
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:23:44 PM): just eman diffrent
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:23:57 PM): kinda comfy
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:24:03 PM): that's cool
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:24:52 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:25:24 PM): does it make you feel good inside and all too
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:25:29 PM): yea
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:25:31 PM): u?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:25:38 PM): very much so
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:26:37 PM): brb :)
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:26:41 PM): just a min
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:26:45 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:26:49 PM): i'll miss you
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:34:01 PM): :-c
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:34:33 PM): >:D<
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:37:27 PM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:37:34 PM): i missed you so much
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:37:45 PM): oh 1 more sec
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:38:16 PM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:38:17 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:40:30 PM): ;;)
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:42:05 PM): missed u to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:42:14 PM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:42:35 PM): so, what you thinkin now?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:43:07 PM): bout u
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:43:27 PM): about seeing you and hoping you're fixing to call me :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:44:41 PM): ?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:44:48 PM): i guess lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:44:57 PM): please :-*
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:45:26 PM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:47:20 PM): you keep dissapearing? you still like me?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:47:33 PM): yea i like u was gettin the phone
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:47:41 PM): ok, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:47:46 PM): sorry I'm so impatient, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:53:25 PM): jen?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:58:41 PM): that was short, but ty for calling, sorry to put you on the spot about stuff though, you didn't seem like you wanted to talk about it
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:58:59 PM): yea just didnt want her to hear
jensbirdss (12/28/06 2:59:04 PM): said sounds nice lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:59:06 PM): oh, ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 2:59:27 PM): so, when I asked you if you were serious about stuff we talked about and you said sometimes did you just mean sometimes?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:01:18 PM): i didnt get thats wat u meant
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:01:31 PM): i was nervous wat to say if shed hear lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:01:45 PM): sorry, you said you were serious sometimes about all the stuff we were talking about and I wasn't sure if you were serious about all of it or not is all, sorry
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:02:33 PM): i am bout it all
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:02:47 PM): ok, that's cool, geeze i haven't met you and I miss you still
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:02:52 PM): >:D<
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:02:53 PM): i said sounds nice
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:03:06 PM): i think so too but than anything with you sounds nice to me
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:03:41 PM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:04:05 PM): ty
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:04:23 PM): miss u to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:04:37 PM): ty, i think it will be hard to leave you tomorrow when I have to go you know
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:06:23 PM): what do you think?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:06:23 PM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:06:46 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:06:52 PM): how do you think you'll feel then?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:07:08 PM): probly same
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:07:25 PM): that's cool, we'll have to keep chatting a lot until I can see you again, maybe even next week
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:07:34 PM): k cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:07:50 PM): the more the better right?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:08:14 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:08:19 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:08:55 PM): if she doesn't work tomorrow I'll be so sad
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:09:00 PM): me to
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:09:23 PM): we have to get her to go somehow, lol for real
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:10:04 PM): yea lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:10:30 PM): if she doesn't i'll still be so close to you, you'd have to go for a walk or something just so we can see each other maybe
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:11:56 PM): i'd hate to be that close and not get to meet you you know
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:12:27 PM): that would b sad
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:12:34 PM): i know :(
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:12:51 PM): but we will see each other and get to lots of this :-*>:D<:-*
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:13:12 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:13:36 PM): i know we will, i have a good feeling , you?
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:13:59 PM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:14:09 PM): good, makes me feel better
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:14:47 PM): so, when do i get your address? i would never show up though unless we planned it for sure
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:15:07 PM): ill tell u then
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:15:14 PM): im sry i gtg for a lil
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:15:15 PM): i wouldn't drive that far and you not be home you know, lol
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:15:19 PM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:15:22 PM): when you be back?
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:16:01 PM): :(
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:16:12 PM): in a lil
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:16:27 PM): ok, i'll miss you though girl
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:16:36 PM): moms comin home soon i gotta clean up the soup lol i still didnt
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:16:42 PM): k
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:16:49 PM): miss u to
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:16:57 PM): ttys
notjustanotherncguy (12/28/06 3:19:06 PM): ok, look for me later and early tomorrow
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:59:29 PM): back
jensbirdss (12/28/06 3:59:48 PM): aww :(
jensbirdss (12/28/06 5:03:07 PM): miss ya
jensbirdss (12/28/06 5:03:17 PM): >:D<

notjustanotherncguy (12/29/06 10:14:41 AM): you there jen??
notjustanotherncguy (12/29/06 10:14:41 AM): good morning jen, you there, it's jason
notjustanotherncguy (12/29/06 10:14:41 AM): jen, are you there??
notjustanotherncguy (12/29/06 10:14:41 AM): hello?
notjustanotherncguy (12/29/06 10:14:41 AM): jennifer? where are you girl?
notjustanotherncguy (12/29/06 10:14:41 AM): :(
notjustanotherncguy (12/29/06 10:14:41 AM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (12/29/06 10:14:41 AM): hello?
notjustanotherncguy (12/29/06 10:14:41 AM): ?
notjustanotherncguy (12/29/06 10:14:41 AM): ?

(Jason then hit up my persona via MySpace chat 12/29/06:)
Jen: hey
Jen: u here?
Jason: hi
Jason: jen?
Jen: yahoo wont work i tried turnin it off n start again
Jason: it's ok
Jason: how are you? i've missed you
Jen: im k i gues
Jen: miss u to
Jason: ty, is everything ok?
Jen: not rlly
Jen: ur gonna b nad
Jason: why?
Jen: shes here
Jason: dang that really sucks
Jen: :(
Jason: she can't feel that bad
Jen: shes a faker
Jason: I think so
Jason: you can't get out at all? a walk, the store, anything?
Jen: idk maybe theyll go away on the weekend or i dont go back to school til 4th
Jen: :(
Jen: im sry u mad?
Jason: yeah, maybe I could come see you on the 3rd, next wednesday?
Jason: i'm off that afternoon
Jen: thatd b cool
Jason: god i wanted to see you today though really bad
Jen: aww me to
Jason: i'll be traveling with my friends phone, can you call me?
Jen: k
Jason: don't guess you could call now for a few minutes before I leave could you?
Jen: she rlly cant ever know im talkin to u id b dead
Jason: why is that?
Jason: and how would she know?
Jen: gues she wouldnt
Jason: oh, i sent you 2 messages to myspace, you might want to delete them since one has my # in it??
Jen: k i will now
Jason: she shouldn't find out I'm even a guy, but if she did, i could be your age your know and she'd never know
Jen: i saw em tho :)
Jason: ty and yw
Jason: lol
Jen: i was glad u got my msg i was worried ud b mad
Jason: why were up at 5:30 this morning
Jen: u wasnt
Jen: i wasnt
Jason: i'm not mad at you cause it's not your fault, just hope you're not backing out on seeing me
Jen: i left my comp on
Jason: oh
Jen: im not backin out
Jason: you know we don't have to do the stuff we talked about even though it would be great
Jen: i got a secret work on my screen saver its k
Jen: its k
Jason: ok
Jason: i got up early
*** Jason is away from their computer
Jason: ooops, sorry
Jen: k
Jason: i was up at 6 to get ready to see you
Jen: i got up to get ready
Jen: wow
Jen: im sry
Jason: i look nice and everything, lol
Jason: went to the store last night and bought you something too
Jen: wow
Jen: wow
Jen: bet u look nice
Jen: u rlly got somethin?
Jason: I did
Jen: :)
Jason: you didn't think I would or you didn't want to wear your panties and bra in front of me
Jen: just kinda cool that u rlly did
Jason: ty
Jason: they are kind of see through though
Jason: even the panties
Jen: k lol
Jason: you still model them for me?
Jen: k
Jen: lol
Jason: don't tease me now, lol
Jen: im not lol
Jason: ok
Jason: can I ask you a crazy maybe sort of weird question, it's kind of sexual though?
Jen: k
Jason: what do you think about masturbation?
Jen: never tried
Jason: really? how come?
Jen: idk didnt want my first time by myself
Jason: think I might could help you with it?
Jen: when u come u mean?
Jason: yeah maybe up to you though
Jason: i could tell you some things to try while we're onlin, but didn't know if you'd want to or not
Jen: gues mite b k when u come u probly know alot
Jason: i think so
Jason: you don't think it's gross for a guy to do that do you? it's pretty normal for most people
Jen: kinda heard that
Jason: yeah, well if you like the feeling you get from sex which you'll love, and can't have sex that often, then you learn to take care of it yourself, lol
Jason: you there?
Jen: yea
Jen: mayb sometime could try
Jason: i'll be glad to show you if you're ever interested
Jason: so,what were you going to wear for me today?
Jen: not dressed yet
Jason: oh, what are you wearing?
Jen: was just gonna take a shower
Jen: jammy t
Jason: oh, could I take one with you? I'd wash your hair for you, I'm good at that
Jen: lol
Jen: ur sweet
Jen: mite b cool to
Jason: i have only taken a shower with one girl before and it was so awesome
Jen: rlly:
Jen: i never did with a guy
Jason: you just have to imagine yourself in a nice warm shower with me the water hitting your back and my fingers running through your hair
Jen: wow
Jason: doesn't it sound good?
Jen: romantic
Jason: it is, you can even have candles lit in the bathroom with the overhead lights off or dim and just let the room steam up as you press against each others warm wet bodies and passionately kiss
Jen: wow
Jason: sounds hot doesn't it?
Jen: yea lol
Jason: it is we'll have to try it sometimes if we ever start dating maybe?
Ken: k
Jason: i sure wish your aunt would leave
Jen: :(
Jason: can you call me for like 5 minutes?
Jen: ill try wen it looks safe k
Jason: ok
Jason: i'm not at all mad at you, but i just wish I was on my way to see you instead of just going to work, I'll be 30 minutes from you and can't see you, man
Jen: :(
Jason: we'll have to plan for next wednesday for sure, ok,
Jen: yea
Jason: i can't tuesday and you go to school on Thursday right?
Jen: im supposed to
Jason: oh, would you skip once for me?
Jen: gues could lol
Jason: well, lets try for wednesday then
Jen: k
Jason: if you skipped, would you just stay home or would you have to leave and then come back or what?
Jen: could stay home i gues
Jason: they wouldn't know you skipped? or you could pretend to be sick too I suppose, not sure if that one works on your mom or not, lol
Jen: i could lol
Jason: we just need to meet soon before she has that baby or gets written out of work you know
Jen: tell her i got a heachache
Jen: yea
Jason: you could do that maybe just once a month and I could come see you each time
Jen: cool
Jason: so, what's running throug your mind?
Jen: u
Jason: mmm, what about me?
Jen: ur cool
Jason: ok, what else?
Jason: anything else about me?
Jen: want me to call?
Jason: please, can you now?
Jen: think so
Jason: ok
Jason: you calling?
Jason: hello?
Jason: i have to leave, sorry
Jason: i'll be gone a while, but you can try the phone
Jen: k
Jen: miss ya
Jason: it doesn't get good service everywhere, so if you get my friends voicemail, just hang up and try again later, you can try me until about 5 or so though, ok?
Jason: i'll miss you to girl
Jen: k
Jason: i know you don't just meet people online all the time, but i'm glad you took a chance with me. I think we'll get along really well and like each other even more. Just be careful out there
Jen: k i will
Jason: there are some creeps you know and you're too sweet, nice and beautiful to get involved with any of them
Jen: i wont
Jason: i like you and care about you, that's why I say that
Jen: aww ty
Jason: i'll really miss you today and every day and night until i see you ok
Jason: i'm sure we'll have at least one chance next week sometime
Jen: met to
Jason: i hope you have a good day though and think about me a lot
Jen: i will
Jen: u to
Jen: b careful
Jason: i'll be thinking about you as always and don't forget to practice the piano so you can play for me too
Jason: i will, bye jen
Jen: :)
*** Jason's IC window is closed

(// end MySpace chat)

jensbirdss (12/29/06 4:01:06 PM): hope ur havin a nice day
jensbirdss (12/30/06 3:52:57 PM): hey im goin to my freinds soon for a while ill try n b on later if ur here miss ya

(Jason then hit up my persona via MySpace chat 12/31/06:)

Jason: jen, you there
Jen: hey
Jen: i was just answerin ur msg
Jason: oh ty, lol
Jason: do you miss me?
Jen: yea
Jason: you're not just saying that are you? was hoping you hadn't forgotten about
Jen: my yahoo works now
Jason: that's good
Jen: is urs broken?
Jason: i'll chat here with you for a minute then I have to go son
Jen: oh
Jason: no, it works I think, but not on right now
Jen: k
Jason: still want to see me later this week?
Jason: or I should say next year, lol
Jen: yea
Jen: lol
Jen: id never forget u
Jason: really? cool! i wouldn't ever forget you either
Jen: miss ya tho
Jason: i miss you too, just think how much we'll miss each other once we've met
in person and all
Jen: yea
Jason: i'm sure we'll want to see each other even more after that don't you think?
Jason: especially if we love kissing each other and all
Jen: sounds cool
Jen: yea
Jason: you'll have to turn the heat up at your house when I come over cause you
might get a little cold wearing what I bought you, lol
Jen: u have a party tonite?
Jen: lol
Jason: no, you?
Jen: yea gotta go with mom
Jason: oh, what kind of party?
Jen: her freinds
Jason: i hope you behave, don't be kissing any guys now, lol
Jen: i wont lol
Jason: save the good ones for me anyway, lol
Jen: lol
Jason: still think you'll want to fool around and all when I come over? after I play for
you of course, lol
Jen: k
Jason: i'm really excited about it though
Jen: me to
Jason: i'm glad
Jason: anything you want me to teach you on the piano or other stuff??
Jason: you know, the making out stuff?
Jen: gues watever lol
Jason: ok
Jason: anything you're the most curious about?
Jason: don't be shy now, lol
Jen: lol
Jason: i'm still thinking wednesday to see you
Jen: k
Jason: how much time you want to spend with me?
Jen: how long can u stay?
Jason: as long as you want me too
Jen: k
Jason: anything for you girll
Jason: mmmm
Jason: i'm going to go eat lunch now,but maybe i can find you on here later ok?
Jen: k
Jason: bye sweety
Jen: cya
*** Jason's IC window is closed

(// end MySpace chat)

jensbirdss (12/31/06 5:17:25 PM): happy new year!

(Jason then hit up my persona via MySpace chat 12/31/06:)

Jason: hi again
Jason: :)
Jason: *** You've been KISSED!***
Jen: awww
Jason: th
Jason: whatch wearing? i mean doing, lol
Jen: lol
Jen: my marapets
Jason: your what?
Jason: i see, lol
Jen: lol
Jen: somethin to do
Jason: would you rather be doing me, i mean something with me?lol
Jen: yea
Jason: don't tease me now, lol
Jen: watcha doin?
Jason: just thinking of what we'll be doing when we see each other
Jen: k
Jason: what whould you like to be doing with me?
Jen: gues was u said lol
Jason: you still remember? that's cool
Jen: yea i remember lol
Jen: u got romantic storys
Jason: what sounded like your favorite part or the most curious one? be specific
Jason: ty
Jen: idk lol all
Jason: really? do you think you'd really like to go all the way with me?
Jen: seems cool
Jason: i just want to make sure you want to, but if you do, i do too
Jen: k
Jen: wow lol
Jason: wow what? a good thing?
Jason: are you surprised that I would want to be with you?
Jen: kinda mayb
Jen: u seem so cool
Jason: ty, but you do too
Jen: u probly got lotsa gf
Jason: i have had several, but i have none right now but would like to have one
Jason: are you interested?
Jen: :)
Jen: wow lol
Jason: well?
Jen: thatd b awsome
Jason: really? you would consider going steady with me maybe?
Jen: if u want
Jason: cool, guess it would be a secret from mom right?
Jen: oh yea
Jason: lol
Jason: wow, maybe i could even pick you up from school sometimes if we are dating?
Jen: wow cool
Jen: only
Jen: somebody mite see
Jason: like who?
Jason: how do you normally get home?
Jen: if u came to school
Jen: usully get a ride
Jen: gues could walk someplace
Jason: i would just wait down the street and you could walk to my car you know?
Jen: cool
Jason: we could go straight to your house and have some fun before I had to leave I guess
Jen: k lol
Jason: what time you get out of school?
Jen: 3:11
Jason: we'd have at least an hour then
Jason: cool
Jen: k
Jason: you can do a lot in an hour, lol
Jen: lol
Jason: i have to warn you, once you have sex, it's easy to kind of get addicted to it, you might want it all
the time you know
Jen: oh
Jen: wow lol
Jason: that's not a bad thing though
Jen: k
Jason: do you like being a virgin though or not?
Jen: idk gues figured would happen sometime
Jason: true, lol
Jason: do you think about it much?
Jason: sex and all? with me?
Jen: yea lol
Jason: does it make you a little tingly inside when you do?
Jason: *** You've been KISSED! ***
Jen: aww
Jen: kinda lol
Jason: that's good
Jason: multiply that by a 1000 and that's how sex can feel
Jason: maybe i'm saying to much about it, sorry
Jen: na ur k
Jen: wow 1000 lol
Jason: sure? didn't know if you liked to talk about it and all
Jason: yes a 1000! at least
Jason: it's awesome
Jason: if the person you are with knows what he's doing though, lol
Jen: k
Jason: i need to go for a while, I'll look for you later and for sure early Tuesday morning on messenger
Jason: promise to miss me?
Jason: *** You've been KISSED! ***
Jason: i'll miss you girl!
Jen: miss u to
Jason: bye sexy
Jen: cya have fun
*** Jason's IC window is closed

(// end MySpace chat)

notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:30:58 AM): hi girl, new pic??
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:31:14 AM): :) hey
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:31:25 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:31:38 AM): nice, any more?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:32:18 AM): did i send u any?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:33:08 AM): no
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:33:23 AM): just loooking at the one in the little window in our chat box is all
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:33:28 AM): nice!
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:33:33 AM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:33:37 AM): no full body shots huh?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:33:37 AM): i got more
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:33:42 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:33:44 AM): can you e-mail me some?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:34:40 AM): is your aunt at work today?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:35:16 AM): are you uploading them yet?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:35:24 AM): yep i found em
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:35:26 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:35:33 AM): i'll try to be patient, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:37:26 AM): did u get it?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:37:57 AM): got 3 I think
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:38:38 AM): nice, any more of just you?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:38:48 AM): umm k
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:38:59 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:39:21 AM): the first one of you laying on the floor is already in your pics on mysapce, but I really like it, the way you are laying down makes your chest look bigger, nice pic girl
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:39:51 AM): lol ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:40:33 AM): i like the pink shirt
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:41:03 AM): is that your room your in?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:41:09 AM): yea
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:41:11 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:41:17 AM): nice, which bunk is yours?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:41:23 AM): both lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:41:48 AM): nice, which one can we kiss on tomorrow?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:41:59 AM): whichever lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:42:09 AM): i like that you're showing a little stomoch in the pink shirt pic, nice
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:42:15 AM): hope I can see more of it, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:42:25 AM): did your aunt go to work today?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:42:45 AM): moms home tho
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:42:48 AM): how come?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:42:50 AM): she took vac
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:42:56 AM): just today?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:43:00 AM): yea
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:43:03 AM): for sure
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:43:10 AM): so, they should all be working tomorrow
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:43:13 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:43:26 AM): nice
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:43:26 AM): u have off?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:43:37 AM): i do
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:43:59 AM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:44:01 AM): are you excited yet?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:44:03 AM): I sure am
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:44:48 AM): yea
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:45:04 AM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:45:12 AM): :-*
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:45:16 AM): >:D<
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:45:24 AM): >:D<:-*
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:45:28 AM): awe thanks
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:45:39 AM): when can I get your address though?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:45:58 AM): i'll look it up on mapquest for directions
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:46:40 AM): can i give it to u tomorrow wen its safe?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:46:55 AM): sure, i'll try to be on here by 8am or sooner in the morning then
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:47:03 AM): cool
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:47:07 AM): me to
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:47:30 AM): so, if I can get there by 11 or a little after and stay until about 2, you think that will be okay with you?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:47:50 AM): sounds nice
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:48:04 AM): yeah I think so too
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:48:12 AM): do you have any sexy underwear already?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:48:21 AM): dont think rlly lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:48:41 AM): oh, lol, hmmm, ok I'll have to be sure to bring the ones I got fo you then
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:48:50 AM): k cool lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:49:14 AM): missed u this weekend
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:49:19 AM): i missed you to a lot
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:49:22 AM): did u have fun?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:49:27 AM): did you kiss anyone at midnight?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:49:32 AM): na lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:49:41 AM): it was ok, but would have rather spent the time with you
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:49:42 AM): was all moms freinds
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:49:51 AM): oh, they were too old?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:50:03 AM): na mostly had somebody lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:50:10 AM): i wouldnt anyway
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:50:21 AM): oh sorry but I'm glad you didn't, I wanted you to wait and kiss me
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:50:24 AM): waitin for u
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:50:27 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:50:31 AM): :\">
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:50:42 AM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:50:52 AM): how old of a guy would you kiss though?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:50:55 AM): just curious
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:51:27 AM): gues doesnt matter long as hes nice
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:51:48 AM): even french kiss an older guy, that's cool though
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:51:56 AM): i'm older, but not old, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:52:09 AM): :-*
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:52:28 AM): u dont act old old
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:52:35 AM): cause I'm not, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:52:39 AM): how old do I act?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:53:05 AM): like u
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:53:19 AM): i dont rlly think bout how old i gues
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:53:37 AM): that's cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:53:48 AM): i think we might be just right for each other though
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:54:02 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:54:09 AM): once you learn some things to do in the \"bedroom\" we could have a blast all the time you know?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:55:01 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:55:12 AM): sorry, I talk to much about sexual stuff, I'm sorry
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:55:18 AM): na its k
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:55:24 AM): ur cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:55:30 AM): picked out what you're going to wear tomorrow for me?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:55:37 AM): not yet
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:55:39 AM): ok
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:55:44 AM): somethin nice
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:55:46 AM): make it skimpy, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:55:47 AM): ok
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:55:51 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:56:06 AM): you know, like a short skirt with no panties, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:56:10 AM): :\">
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:56:16 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:56:31 AM): i know you'll look hott in whatever you wear jen
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:56:39 AM): aw ty :)
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:56:43 AM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:56:57 AM): so, what were you thinking when you thought about me this weekend?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:57:15 AM): missed u n wondered wat ur doin
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:57:22 AM): that's sweet
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:57:39 AM): well, I was mostly thinking about you and wishing we could have kissed each other at midnight you know
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:57:43 AM): anything else?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:58:12 AM): you know, i've never made out on a bunk bed before
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:58:24 AM): me either lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:58:27 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:58:31 AM): wanna try
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:58:40 AM): k if u wanna lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:58:47 AM): of course I do with you
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:58:52 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:59:07 AM): i still can't wait to kiss you though you know
jensbirdss (01/02/07 7:59:20 AM): ur so romantic
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 7:59:27 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 8:00:03 AM): brb
jensbirdss (01/02/07 8:00:11 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 8:01:07 AM): sorry, phone
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 8:01:12 AM): i really have to go though
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 8:01:24 AM): i'll miss you today but I'll look for you first thing in the morning, ok?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 8:01:30 AM): k
jensbirdss (01/02/07 8:01:36 AM): dont work to hard
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 8:01:43 AM): i'll try not too, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 8:01:46 AM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 8:01:50 AM): :-*
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 8:01:53 AM): >:D<
jensbirdss (01/02/07 8:01:54 AM): >:D<
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:10:25 AM): you there jen?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:10:36 AM): hey
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:10:42 AM): hi, came home for lunch
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:10:43 AM): what's up?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:10:47 AM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:10:55 AM): you been missingme?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:11:01 AM): nothin just hangin out in my room
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:11:05 AM): n missin u
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:11:15 AM): your pc in your room?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:11:33 AM): my laptop
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:11:35 AM): that's cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:11:44 AM): wish you had a cam
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:11:54 AM): i did and it quit working, need to get another one
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:12:37 AM): i asked mom once she said no way
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:12:43 AM): ther cool tho
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:12:49 AM): oh, i understand though
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:13:04 AM): guess I don't need to see you on your cam since I get to see you in person tomorrow
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:13:14 AM): in person is always much better anyway
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:13:24 AM): ;)
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:14:24 AM): are you kind of busy right now?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:15:26 AM): you there??
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:18:39 AM): hey sry mom was talkin
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:18:46 AM): i had to hide u lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:18:59 AM): oh, ok, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:19:12 AM): good, make sure you can hide me tomorrow in case someone comes home for lunch ,lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:19:34 AM): lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:19:41 AM): nobody comes home once they go
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:19:57 AM): that's good, I can even park a couple of houses away or something if you want me too
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:20:04 AM): don't want either of us to get in trouble you know
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:20:08 AM): yea
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:20:14 AM): good idea
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:20:21 AM): see, another good one, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:20:27 AM): do you live in a neighborhood?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:20:29 AM): u got lots lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:20:33 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:20:52 AM): i'll just park on the street or something a few houses down then
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:20:57 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:21:15 AM): it will be fine I'm sure though since no one comes home, I will leave by 2 or so anyway so you want get caught
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:21:24 AM): it will be hard to leave you though, you know
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:21:30 AM): k
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:21:35 AM): aww ur sweet
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:21:39 AM): ty, you too
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:21:54 AM): do you think you'll miss me a lot more after we're together than you do now?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:22:33 AM): yea probly
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:22:42 AM): will u?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:22:55 AM): i'm sure I will
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:23:14 AM): i miss you already, just think after we spend time together, and kiss and other things, I'll miss you a whole lot for sure
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:23:28 AM): awww
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:24:00 AM): do you dream about us kissing and stuff?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:24:29 AM): kinda lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:24:36 AM): cool, I like that
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:24:52 AM): u gotta go back to work?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:25:00 AM): in about 20 minutes
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:25:04 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:25:07 AM): do i need to let you go?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:25:13 AM): not now
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:25:27 AM): mom was just sayin mayb well go shoppin but shes not ready
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:25:39 AM): ok, hey, buy some sexy lingerie, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:25:44 AM): lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:25:51 AM): i thought u got some lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:25:52 AM): not too be so personal, but you aren't on your period this week are you?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:26:00 AM): i did, but they don't look that good on me, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:26:10 AM): na that was like over a week ago
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:26:14 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:26:23 AM): cool, sorry to ask about that
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:26:44 AM): its k lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:27:15 AM): doing things are a lot easier and better when it's not that \"time\" you know, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:27:29 AM): k lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:27:43 AM): do ppl do it then too
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:27:54 AM): they do, but some girls don't like to
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:28:13 AM): you can't get pregnant then, so you don't have to worry about that, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:28:22 AM): o lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:29:08 AM): seems like that would b weird
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:29:23 AM): yeah, kind of, better when you're not cause you can do other things too
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:29:48 AM): like wat
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:30:13 AM): well, someone could finger you then or go down on you
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:30:27 AM): k lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:31:00 AM): r we gonna try that?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:31:08 AM): if you want
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:31:26 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:31:28 AM): i'm sure you'd love it
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:31:36 AM): is it cool?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:31:40 AM): oh yes
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:31:45 AM): but you can decide for yourself you know
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:31:52 AM): do some of your friends do that I\"m sure?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:32:00 AM): think so lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:32:16 AM): are you good friends with crystal?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:32:29 AM): she seems sweet from what she says on your my space page
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:32:47 AM): i don't know her though
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:32:54 AM): yea
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:32:58 AM): shes great
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:33:09 AM): has she done some of that stuff? you could ask her about it
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:33:15 AM): she's pretty too, but not as pretty as you
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:33:21 AM): aww ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:33:39 AM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:33:59 AM): i love the great smile of yours and the blonde hair
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:34:07 AM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:34:41 AM): i hope you think I'm hot when you see me in person tomorrow
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:34:48 AM): i will
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:34:54 AM): aww, ty too
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:35:34 AM): please don't get nervous about me coming over, like I said, we don't have to do anything you don't want to, but we can try anything you want as well, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:35:54 AM): its k ur not scary
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:36:00 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:36:07 AM): you ever met any scary people? lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:36:17 AM): umm not alone lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:36:32 AM): that's good
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:36:39 AM): mayb in a store or somethin shoppin
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:36:41 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:36:52 AM): yeah, there will always be weird people out there and all though
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:36:56 AM): yea
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:37:03 AM): just don't get locked in your closet with one, lol haha
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:37:08 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:37:14 AM): i'm just too funny, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:37:20 AM): yea u r :)
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:37:31 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:38:05 AM): what's on your mind?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:38:09 AM): r u eatin lunch?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:38:17 AM): that and chatting with you
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:38:23 AM): thats good
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:38:44 AM): yeah, don't want to starve you know
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:38:54 AM): hey, you gonna make those famous tacos for me? lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:39:01 AM): k if u want lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:39:06 AM): another good idea
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:39:10 AM): i know right, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:39:33 AM): well, that or I can go get us something to eat and bring it back, i'm sure you won't want to leave the house
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:39:49 AM): its k i can make somethin
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:40:06 AM): i could take you to victoria secrets and let you pick something out
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:40:14 AM): aww
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:40:16 AM): that's cool though, just want to spend time with you
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:40:21 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:40:31 AM): would you let me in the dressing room though? lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:40:36 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:40:53 AM): hey, doesn't hurt to ask you know ,lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:42:05 AM): you feel pretty sure everyone is going to work tomorrow? how is your aunt feeling?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:42:11 AM): shes good
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:42:26 AM): that's good to hear
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:43:02 AM): your mom just took today off for sure?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:43:08 AM): yea she said
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:43:51 AM): does she wonder what you do all day by yourself for so long?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:44:09 AM): she calls sometimes
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:44:16 AM): she knows im ok
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:44:35 AM): that's cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:44:45 AM): guess if she calls tomorrow, I just want say anything, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:44:55 AM): good idea lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:45:00 AM): yeah I know right, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:46:01 AM): so, you'll answer the door tomorrow right if I drive 2 hours to see you right?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:46:13 AM): rite
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:46:16 AM): i promise
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:46:33 AM): it sounds cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:46:41 AM): yeah, that would so suck if I drive 4 hours round trip and you don't answer
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:46:48 AM): omg i wouldnt
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:46:58 AM): i know
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:47:30 AM): i won't leave in the morning until we talk and everyone has gone to work for sure anyway, you'll have my number while I'm on the road if you need to tell me anything too, ok?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:47:47 AM): k thats good
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:48:16 AM): getting nervous and excited yet? for real?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:48:22 AM): yea lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:48:31 AM): more nervous, or more excited?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:49:14 AM): more excited
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:49:18 AM): ur not scary
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:49:20 AM): that's good, me too
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:49:21 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:49:39 AM): hey, do you have a digital camera?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:50:06 AM): na sry
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:50:12 AM): oh, how do you get your pics online?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:50:21 AM): my freind sent em to me
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:50:28 AM): oh, that's coo
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:50:29 AM): cool
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:50:38 AM): yea she has one
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:50:45 AM): just thought we could take some of each other together maybe, but it's ok
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:51:00 AM): would you tell your friends if we started dating or had sex or anything?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:51:06 AM): no way
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:51:14 AM): i dont wanna get in trbl
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:51:40 AM): dont think like chrystal would say but i still wont
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:51:42 AM): that's cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:51:51 AM): yeah, I wouldn't advise it
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:52:00 AM): maybe if we're together in a couple of years right
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:52:03 AM): i wont
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:52:06 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:52:48 AM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:52:51 AM): me either ok
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:52:55 AM): our secret I guess, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:53:54 AM): yea kinda cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:54:17 AM): like I said, we can do anything you want tomorrow, I'm yours for 3 hours
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:54:28 AM): k
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:54:39 AM): wat u were sayin sounds k
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:54:45 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:55:27 AM): sounds great to me too
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:55:33 AM): k lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:56:08 AM): i'll try to look good for you too girl
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:56:22 AM): you could always wait to take a shower when I get there though, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:56:57 AM): k that sounded kinda romantic
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:57:01 AM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:57:17 AM): are you being serious though?
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:57:24 AM): you would take one with me after we meet?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:58:14 AM): if u want
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:58:37 AM): wow, that would be so awesome, you really don't think you'd mind taking a shower with a guy right after you meet him?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 11:59:03 AM): feel like i know u
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 11:59:13 AM): it feels like I know you too
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:00:32 PM): you don't mind me seeing you naked then?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:00:49 PM): i feel comfy with u
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:00:58 PM): cool, want to see me naked too? lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:01:15 PM): if u want lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:01:39 PM): well, kind of have to in the shower, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:01:54 PM): yea thats true lol ud get wet
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:02:08 PM): right, i think you'd even be sexier wet
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:02:52 PM): aww ur so sweet
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:02:56 PM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:03:08 PM): ever wanted a guy to wash your hair for you and kiss you in the shower?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:03:29 PM): didnt think bout it but wat u said sounded romantic
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:04:23 PM): cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:05:12 PM): so, what's on your mind now? your mom bugging you today yet?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:05:36 PM): not alot
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:05:59 PM): that's good, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:06:12 PM): she said wed go shoppin
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:06:31 PM): that' cool, you going to get anything sexy? new skirt?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:06:40 PM): idk yet
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:07:00 PM): shell probly let me get clothes
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:07:16 PM): nice
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:07:38 PM): lucky you then, tell her you need some new 32B bras and buy some matching panties to go with them, mmm
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:08:00 PM): lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:08:08 PM): u already got em lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:08:25 PM): yeah, but do you think she'll wonder where you got them when they end up in the laundry?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:08:38 PM): ill do em when shes not home
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:09:10 PM): oh, gotcha
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:10:14 PM): just don't get caught with them, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:10:44 PM): i wont lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:10:50 PM): i could say i got em
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:10:58 PM): when i shopped with my freind
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:11:12 PM): that's a good idea, see you have some good ones too, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:11:18 PM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:11:28 PM): well, how soon after I get there do you think you could put them on for me?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:12:18 PM): idk lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:12:28 PM): hmm, just wondering
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:13:02 PM): ur sweet
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:13:21 PM): ty, I try, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:13:32 PM): kinda nice u think bout me
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:13:47 PM): i do a lot
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:14:01 PM): hope you don't mind me thinking about you in good ways and naughty ways, lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:14:10 PM): lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:14:46 PM): so, is that a \"you don't mind\" ,lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:14:54 PM): yea lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:15:17 PM): lol, nice, cool yeah, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:15:36 PM): wow, look at the time, you need to go shopping and I need to go back to work so I can see you tomorrow
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:15:44 PM): will you be on for sure in the morning by 8 or sooner?
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:15:49 PM): for sure
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:16:03 PM): ok, miss me a lot and think about me more
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:16:03 PM): have fun at work
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:16:07 PM): miss u
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:16:13 PM): fun only cuase I'm daydreaming of you
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:16:20 PM): >:D<:-*
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:16:24 PM): cool lol
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:16:30 PM): >:D<:-*
notjustanotherncguy (01/02/07 12:16:37 PM): bye sexy
jensbirdss (01/02/07 12:16:44 PM): cya
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:07:43 AM): jen, been missing you girl
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:07:51 AM): hey
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:08:39 AM): we're on for today right?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:08:41 AM): u there?
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:08:52 AM): yeah
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:08:57 AM): we're on for today right
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:08:59 AM): missed u to
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:09:08 AM): im tryin to see moms in the shower
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:09:17 AM): shes usually gone by now
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:09:17 AM): oh, thought she went to work by now?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:09:28 AM): she does idk if shes late or wat
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:09:54 AM): just go ask her what's up?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:10:09 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:12:08 AM): you back yet?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:12:28 AM): hey
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:12:35 AM): shes not answerin me yet
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:12:40 AM): hmm, ok?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:12:47 AM): how r u? :)
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:12:57 AM): i'm good and you?
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:13:11 AM): just trying to schedule my day and waiting to hear from you is all really so I can see you
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:13:12 AM): im k but wish shed go lol
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:13:27 AM): im sry to hold u up
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:13:33 AM): no, it's not your fault
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:14:32 AM): any news yet?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:14:43 AM): no im sry
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:14:52 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:15:03 AM): did she shower this early yesterday when she stayed home?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:15:12 AM): dont think so
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:15:16 AM): she slept late
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:15:31 AM): that's good, maybe she just running behind, does she seem to be rushing any?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:15:45 AM): kinda
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:15:51 AM): long shower kinda tho
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:15:56 AM): hmmm
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:17:02 AM): got new pic
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:17:18 AM): ok
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:18:12 AM): brb im gonna go see
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:18:15 AM): wait k?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:18:19 AM): sry
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:18:19 AM): ok
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:24:17 AM): welll?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:24:35 AM): hmm
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:24:41 AM): yes?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:24:41 AM): moms out now
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:24:48 AM): that's good finally, lol
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:25:06 AM): she said that shes goin in late somethin bout no mail yesterday
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:25:17 AM): thats y she took off yesterday she said
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:25:24 AM): oh yeah, that is true, post office closed yesterday
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:25:34 AM): so, when is late cause it would be 11 before I can get there anyway
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:25:37 AM): she said they gotta get her mail in from the mail room so shes got work
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:25:50 AM): she said she took mornin off :(
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:26:04 AM): wat should i do?
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:26:59 AM): hmm, well, when she says morning, she might go in at like 10 or so still though, you never know, we need to find out about when she's leaving, ask her if she wants you to cook some lunch later since she's home? then she'll say no cause she has to go in at such and such time maybe? try that??
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:27:09 AM): she said shes gonna have to work late to make it up
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:27:18 AM): ok
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:27:26 AM): k ill ask
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:28:23 AM): ok
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:29:18 AM): ohh she said sure we can eat lunch before she goes
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:29:29 AM): what? that sucks, sorry, now you have to cook, lol\
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:29:38 AM): its k
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:29:43 AM): what if i come at 1 for lets say about 2 hours then
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:29:46 AM): was gonna make tacos any how
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:29:53 AM): oh, cool, save some for me, lol
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:29:56 AM): k should i call u first?
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:30:30 AM): how about I plan on coming at 1 and if I don't hear from you I'll be there about then, if she stays any longer which I doubt she will, call me and tell me to wait a few more minutes, cool?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:30:41 AM): k
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:30:52 AM): i got ur phone today?
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:31:19 AM): heck no, they have to mail it and the post office has been closed for 3 days so no, still have my friends though you can call
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:31:29 AM): k
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:31:33 AM): miss u
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:32:01 AM): i miss you too, i'm going to get to see you though! maybe a little later then planned today, but still see you!
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:32:15 AM): hope
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:32:46 AM): i can call in a lil make sure
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:33:07 AM): what do you mean hope? if she's leaving after lunch i can still see you right?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:33:29 AM): i know just dont want u to b mad if somethin happens again
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:33:50 AM): i will be upset, but not mad at you ok, as long as she goes in by 1 or so, it will be fine
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:34:00 AM): k
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:34:08 AM): i got butterfiles lol
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:34:18 AM): :)
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:34:38 AM): me too a little, but good ones, lol
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:34:51 AM): yea lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:35:13 AM): hey, at least we'll no noone will be home for lunch if I'm not there until 1 it won't matter, lol
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:35:36 AM): k n shes workin late
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:37:00 AM): that's good, lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:37:11 AM): want to send me your new pic?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:37:19 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:39:21 AM): when was that taken?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:39:30 AM): new yrs eve
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:39:33 AM): it's a good one
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:39:37 AM): ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:39:37 AM): wow, that's recent then, cool
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:39:39 AM): yw
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:39:46 AM): you are a very pretty girl jen
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:39:50 AM): aw ty
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:40:51 AM): i'll be leaving by about 9:30 this morning or a little later, can i get your address? don't worry, i'll be there around 1 unless you call me first and I'll adjust the time if I need to so no one is there but you, i promise
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:41:24 AM): mayb i should call u before then
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:41:37 AM): um, like when?
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:41:45 AM): you can call me with your mom home?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:41:50 AM): just wanna make sure so ur not mad
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:41:59 AM): if im careful
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:42:35 AM): i understand, but i'll be having to leave by 10 at the latest anyway cause I need to run some errands on the way, we know she's going to work so everything should be fine, just relax ok, it will be fine sweety
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:42:51 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:43:16 AM): i won't just show up, the last thing I want to do is show up and you not be the only one there you know, that would be as bad for me as you, so i would never do that
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:43:21 AM): you have my word
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:43:38 AM): k thats wat i was woried bout lol
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:43:46 AM): you don't need to be ok
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:43:50 AM): k
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:44:09 AM): you trust me right?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:44:26 AM): yea i trust u
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:44:56 AM): moms comin
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:45:00 AM): call u soon
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:45:01 AM): then know that I mean it when i say i don't do anything to get you in trouble, you know when you called me the number came up on caller id, but i never once tried to call you back
notjustanotherncguy (01/03/07 7:45:05 AM): you have the #
jensbirdss (01/03/07 4:10:01 PM): hey r u here?
jensbirdss (01/03/07 4:10:05 PM): :(
jensbirdss (01/03/07 7:23:33 PM): hey r u home yet??? :(
jensbirdss (01/03/07 10:15:16 PM): u werent here all nite u mad? :(
jensbirdss (01/04/07 6:02:21 AM): miss u
jensbirdss (01/04/07 7:03:38 AM): hey r u here :(
jensbirdss (01/04/07 7:03:47 AM): i gtg to school now
jensbirdss (01/04/07 7:04:22 AM): gues ur mad

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