Michael wants to take Brandy to a nude beach
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Perverted Justice mark: Michael Robert Garcia, 30
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Location: Casmalia, California
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit caffinatedboredom, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Email Exchange 7/24/12

Michael Garcia: hey i saw ur ad on craigslist how r u doing?

Brandy Kennedy: im good bored... im Brandy im 14 and live near santa maria... u?

Michael Garcia: ur 14 year old? im bored too

Brandy Kennedy: yea im 14 what about u?

Michael Garcia: well im way too old cuz im 30 but i can talk to u and be ur friend

Brandy Kennedy: haha 30 isnt old but whatever its cool if u want to

Michael Garcia: what do u mean 30 isnt old? and what exactly r u looking for with ur ad in craigslist?

Brandy Kennedy: 30 isnt old 80 is old my grandpa is old lol just whatever to not be bored anymore

Michael Garcia: ok so what do u do for fun?

Brandy Kennedy: pretty much whatever doesnt kill me lol u?

Michael Garcia: can u elaborate on that cuz being 30 and a military vet i know of a lot that wont kill a person

Brandy Kennedy: haha that sounds interesting and basically that if its fun and doesnt kill me id probably try it

Michael Garcia: i saw on ur ad it said ur near santa maria. what town r u in cuz i live near santa maria too in a small town called casmalia

Brandy Kennedy: im in orcutt

Michael Garcia: what r u thinking about doing just cuz ur bored and it seems fun and wont kill u

Brandy Kennedy: idk ive only been here like 2 weeks and dont know anyone or anything around here to do so im looking for ideas

Michael Garcia: ok give me some ideas on what u like to do for fun and i can give u ideas on a few places to go cuz the way u put it says u will do anything as long as it doesnt kill u

Brandy Kennedy: yea cuz thats what i mean lol i used to chill with my friend and we do stuff like break into hotels and use the pool and stuff

Michael Garcia: How late do you stay up?

Brandy Kennedy: pretty late usually i think my sis wants help painting tonight again tho

Michael Garcia: what r u thinking me and u can do for fun that wont kill u? cuz i know a few things but they r more grown up than anything

Brandy Kennedy: haha nmore grown up? like what?

Michael Garcia: what some grown ups do like me is we take a friend up to the cross which is a pretty good hike then we see what happens

Brandy Kennedy: hiking is cool what usually happens when u get there?

Michael Garcia: idk i have always taken the hike alone, but from what i hear there is some romance that happens but idk yet cuz ive never taken anyone up there. im curious what do u look like?

Brandy Kennedy: im like 5 4 and brown hair blue eyes what about u?

Michael Garcia: im 5'8" dark blonde hair and my eyes change color can u send a pic or 2 and if u can i can do the same

Brandy Kennedy: i did send a pic didnt u get it?

Michael Garcia: ok i justt didnt check for an attachment but i got it. this is what i look like. what do u think?

Brandy Kennedy: kinda fuzzy but looks like u got a nice smile :)

Michael Garcia: i hear that alot, but what other kind of things do u do for fun?

Brandy Kennedy: i like baseball but not on tv like playing or bein in person me and my friend used to break into hotels and use the pools and jacizzis and stuff

Michael Garcia: sounds fun i just got done coaching baseball at my churches mega sports camp and the pic u sent me looks a little old so whene was that pic taken

Brandy Kennedy: a few months ago

Michael Garcia: can u send something more recent and send it too me and im curious when u broke into motels to use the pool what would u swim in?

Brandy Kennedy: like before i moved here and id swim in my suit

Michael Garcia: since ur here now u can go to the beaches and swim for free and not have to worry, but whene ever i broke into the motels for the pools i would be what they call skinny dipping cuz if i was risking getting caught i went all the way, have u ever done that?

Brandy Kennedy: haha no havent tried that yet

Michael Garcia: i am planning on going to the beach on the 4th or 5th. if i ask u to go what would u say? and since thee other pic was blurry heere is another pic

Brandy Kennedy: nice lol sleepy? i love the beach

Michael Garcia: would u have to get permission?

Brandy Kennedy: nah its kinda a long story lol but my sis is chill and leaves me alone or i just leave when shes workin and leave her a note lol

Michael Garcia: ok now my curiosity is getting to me. Can i ask u a few personal questions?

Brandy Kennedy: sure

Brandy Kennedy: if u havee yahoo i do

Michael Garcia: it sounds like u r a rebellion, what adult stuff have u done?

Michael Garcia: i have a yahoo messenger account if thats what ur asking

Brandy Kennedy: yea messenger mine is caffinatedboredom

Michael Garcia: ok i just added u to my yahoo messenger

Yahoo Instant Messenger 7/24/12

mg0942 (07/24/12 2:27:23 AM): r u online
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:27:36 AM): lol yea
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:28:13 AM): what kind of adult stuff do u do since ur a rebel
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:28:33 AM): i have drank befor
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:28:37 AM): thats fun
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:29:18 AM): ok have u ever made out with a boy
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:29:37 AM): haha yea
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:29:59 AM): have u ever done more with a boy
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:30:20 AM): ive done lots with boys like what do u mean
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:31:03 AM): like have u ever had sex with a boy
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:31:12 AM): yea
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:32:04 AM): whats the oldest boy u have been with?
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:32:24 AM): 17
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:33:06 AM): what is the oldest one u have thought about being with
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:33:40 AM): idk i never thought about it
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:33:56 AM): i like nice guys i dont care about age
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:34:04 AM): i mean not like 60 or something
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:37:35 AM): i wish i had a webcam so i can see ur facial expressions cuz for some reason i think ur either joking or laughing at me
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:37:47 AM): im not a bitch
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:37:56 AM): if i didnt want to talk to u i wouldnt
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:39:09 AM): i wasnt saying that, i just have had bad juck with women my own age lately and u seem so nice
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:39:20 AM): oh
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:39:24 AM): im sorry u have
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:39:33 AM): u seem nice and not ass holish to me
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:39:41 AM): so i didnt mind talking
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:39:51 AM): i promise im not mean im not laughing at u
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:40:38 AM): yes i have had bad luck since my divorce back in 2009 and i have been single since then too
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:40:46 AM): :(
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:40:51 AM): that sucks im sorry
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:40:59 AM): u seem nice u shouldnt be single
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:41:18 AM): and have u heard of pirates cove yet
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:41:27 AM): no
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:41:34 AM): i wish i wasnt single
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:41:56 AM): it is the beach i was thinking about going too
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:42:07 AM): cool
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:42:11 AM): is it pretty?
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:42:38 AM): just so u know it is a nude beach near avila beach
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:42:45 AM): oh haha
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:42:55 AM): am i even allowed on a nude beach?
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:44:01 AM): i saw someone that looked like they had a 5 or 6 yr old with them so i would think it would be ok cuz it looks like clothing is optional
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:44:12 AM): oh ok
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:44:30 AM): it might be weird to be naked in front of a bunch of people lol
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:45:47 AM): well if u want u can go in the water strip down and then come out when ur ready or stay covered till ur ready to strip down
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:45:59 AM): haha idk
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:46:12 AM): im kind of self consious
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:46:21 AM): like one person is one thing
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:46:31 AM): but naked in a beach ?
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:46:37 AM): well if u want i can work with u on that
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:47:40 AM): such as do u have a webcam
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:48:20 AM): no
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:48:30 AM): how could u work on it with me?
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:49:26 AM): it is kind of difficult to explain
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:49:31 AM): lol
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:49:34 AM): try me haha
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:50:46 AM): well the first step would be seeing how u do with just me and u concidering the age differance
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:51:09 AM): oh ok
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:51:19 AM): the age difference doesnt bug me
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:51:34 AM): but its cool if it bugs u
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:52:51 AM): it doesnt bug me and if u want i can pick u up tomorrow around noon so we can talk in person
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:53:18 AM): my sis will be home tomorrow but i think she works wed
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:54:27 AM): ok what time wed
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:55:02 AM): and if u want i can talk to u at home unless that would be akward for u
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:55:19 AM): no my house is cool
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:55:40 AM): but do u mean just talk or like work on the being naked
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:56:39 AM): we can talk first cuz when i was in texas i was an unoffical stripping coach helping strippers get used to the crowds
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:58:08 AM): haha that sounds cool
mg0942 (07/24/12 2:58:43 AM): if u r sure u want us to meet at ur house all i need is an address and a time to be there that is good for u
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:59:17 AM): u just want to talk?
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:00:07 AM): at first and we can go from there when ur ready
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:00:16 AM): lol ok
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:00:26 AM): cuz talking isnt very fun haha
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:01:23 AM): well then we will see where it goes from there and can i tell u a secret
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:01:35 AM): oooh whats the secret?
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:03:12 AM): it is a little embarressing and personal, r u sure u want to know
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:03:19 AM): yea totally
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:03:25 AM): i wont laugh i promise
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:03:54 AM): sitting here talking to u gave me a hard on
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:04:17 AM): :"> is that a good thing?
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:05:17 AM): idk did u get excited or put in the mood
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:05:51 AM): not really we were just talking about u comin over and talking
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:08:29 AM): ok then whats the address and time that u want me there
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:09:02 AM): but like i totally take it as a compliment u know
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:09:14 AM): yeah i know
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:09:22 AM): im like a malnourished chicken so its sweet that that would happen
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:10:12 AM): i have seen malnourished chicken and trust me u r not one
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:10:19 AM): haha thanks
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:10:33 AM): but u might say diff when u see me
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:10:54 AM): even my last bf told me that
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:11:17 AM): then ur last bf was an idiot
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:11:52 AM): thanks
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:12:23 AM): to help get u used to being naked, have u ever sent naked pics of urself to someone
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:12:38 AM): haha no way im not stupid
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:12:52 AM): my friend did that and her bf showed um to all his friends
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:12:57 AM): i dont do that
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:13:34 AM): well im not that way and maybe thats y ur self concious about urself
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:14:17 AM): nah im self cosious cuz im skinny lol
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:15:18 AM): well can u send me a naked pic and to me how skinny u r and u have my word i wont show anyone
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:15:27 AM): no
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:15:34 AM): i told u i dont send um like that
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:15:42 AM): no way
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:15:54 AM): ok understandable
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:16:04 AM): i thought u were gonna help me with it in person?
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:16:14 AM): i will
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:16:36 AM): i still need a time for wed to be there
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:16:49 AM): idk i gotta see when she works
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:16:52 AM): but shes in bed
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:17:00 AM): ok
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:17:21 AM): im gettin tired though
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:17:48 AM): ok what time will u be on tomorrow
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:17:53 AM): idk
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:18:07 AM): im helping my sis finish painting
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:18:21 AM): i can email u if ur not on here when i get on
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:18:38 AM): what kind of painting r yall doing
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:18:48 AM): just painting her room
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:18:48 AM): ok
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:19:09 AM): well do yall need help cuz i can help with that too
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:19:25 AM): hahaha nooooo not with my sister here lol
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:20:09 AM): ok np well wed sounds good cuz im free all day wed
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:20:26 AM): cool
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:20:33 AM): ill let u know what time :)
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 3:20:36 AM): gnight
mg0942 (07/24/12 3:21:16 AM): goodnight and ill talk to u tomorrow
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:02:58 PM): im online and awaiting u to come online too
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:33:26 PM): hey im here for a few minutes cuz im goin to dinner in a few
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:33:54 PM): ok i was just about to email u to ask how ur day has gone
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:35:44 PM): how has ur day gone
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:35:57 PM): ok
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:36:15 PM): just hangin out watchd a movie and cleaned up
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:36:31 PM): me too
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:36:55 PM): do u know when ur sis goes to work tomorrow?
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:37:20 PM): she said noon
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:37:34 PM): but idk if shes leavin at noon or has to be there at noon
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:37:56 PM): ok what time does she work till?
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:38:31 PM): 8
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:39:24 PM): ok then i can show up there about 1 so we know the coast is clear
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:39:55 PM): ok
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:40:15 PM): what is the address i need to go to?
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:40:56 PM): ill tell u like when she leaves cuz i dont want u to just show up befor or something lol
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:41:35 PM): ok
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:42:19 PM): i am so tired of bein bored here lol
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:42:50 PM): i am bored today too
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:43:42 PM): so what are we gonna do so im not bored? lol
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:44:32 PM): we will figure it out when i come over tomorrow
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:45:21 PM): i just like to know what im gettin into lol
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:45:28 PM): so i know i wont be bored
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:47:22 PM): i dont know what all u want or are willing to do, but i know one way or another we wont be bored
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:47:45 PM): lol im game for pretty much anything
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:47:50 PM): what are u game for?
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:48:23 PM): im game for anything
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:48:46 PM): lol coollike what?
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:49:18 PM): anything u want to do i can do
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:50:00 PM): haha
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:50:15 PM): what do u want to do
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:51:34 PM): whatever as long as im not bored
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:52:04 PM): so if one thing leads to another ur up for it
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:52:42 PM): yea im up for whatever lol
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:52:49 PM): i just like to know u know
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:54:12 PM): yeah i know, do u have a deck of cards
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:54:26 PM): yea
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:56:04 PM): then we can start by playing some strip poker and see where we end up from there
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:56:44 PM): haha im really good at poker though
mg0942 (07/24/12 9:58:48 PM): me too if i give u my word that i wont show up before 1pm tomorrow after noon, would u give me ur address then
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 9:59:39 PM): why?
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:00:09 PM): my friend did that befor and the guy like showed up to her house and sat and talked to her parents and it just freaks me out u know
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:00:42 PM): i ask so i can get it put in my gps, i wont show up early
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:01:34 PM): no ill give it to u then
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:01:46 PM): im in orcutt u can put that in to figure out how long
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:02:11 PM): how far from orcutt burger r u
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:03:29 PM): idk
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:04:06 PM): is it close enough to walk to for u
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:04:23 PM): i never have so idk
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:04:52 PM): i think its too far though
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:07:07 PM): ok then i will wait for the message, that tells me ur address
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:07:23 PM): lol ok
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:09:24 PM): what ideas do u have that u want to do so we wont be bored
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:09:40 PM): strip poker sounds fun
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:10:39 PM): but what about when the game is over?
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:11:02 PM): how dark can ur house get when all the blinds r closed
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:11:59 PM): pretty dark but like some light still comes in
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:12:08 PM): but u cant see in or anything
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:13:27 PM): ok cuz i also know a game of hide and seek in the dark with a stripping rule unless u wanna play it nude
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:14:06 PM): if we are playing it after poker we would be nude lol
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:14:13 PM): at least u cuz ur gonna lose
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:14:15 PM): haha
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:14:38 PM): ok sounds fun lol
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:18:32 PM): :) cool\
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:18:43 PM): so what does the winner get?
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:19:30 PM): idk if u win what do u want?
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:20:17 PM): its ur game haha u tell me
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:23:00 PM): normally i let the winner choose what they want. but the main thing adults want is sex so ill let u choose if u win
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:23:34 PM): haha i was thinking candy or something lol but that could be fun
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:24:35 PM): ok the only candy i have is butterscotch
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:24:43 PM): ew
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:25:02 PM): but thats cool i said u get to pick so i guess ill take that
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:25:12 PM): if that is what u want the prize to be
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:26:06 PM): ok
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:26:57 PM): haha so what if ur the winner?
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:27:40 PM): if sex is the prize do u want condoms used or r u on the pill, or the female protection
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:27:57 PM): im not on the pill
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:28:06 PM): and i dont want to be preg lol
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:28:28 PM): but like if u didnt want that as the prize its ok lol
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:29:38 PM): that a problem cuz im all out of condoms but i have had doctors tell me im sterile if u still want that
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:29:50 PM): are u sure?
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:30:00 PM): id just be scared of bein preg
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:30:07 PM): my sis is and it freaks me out lol
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:31:09 PM): yes im sure
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:32:21 PM): cuz that sounds like a funner prize then candy lol
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:33:06 PM): ok lol
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:34:09 PM): wait if? lol u mean if its the prize? like what other prize did u want?
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:35:10 PM): idk what the prize could be
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:35:57 PM): i mean if u win u said the winner picks
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:36:03 PM): and im down for anything
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:37:07 PM): ok sounds like we will have some fun
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:38:10 PM): brb
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:38:17 PM): brb
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:38:26 PM): ok
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:38:33 PM): ok
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:42:56 PM): im back
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:43:03 PM): im back
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:43:04 PM): wb :)
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:43:11 PM): wb :)
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:44:08 PM): so whats on ur mind
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:44:15 PM): so whats on ur mind
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:45:25 PM): so whats on ur mind
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:45:32 PM): so whats on ur mind
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:45:45 PM): hmmmm strip poker and hide and seek and what the hell the prize will be lol
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:45:52 PM): hmmmm strip poker and hide and seek and what the hell the prize will be lol
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:49:25 PM): if ur willing to have sex without a condom we can have sex as the prize
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:49:31 PM): if ur willing to have sex without a condom we can have sex as the prize
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:50:26 PM): if u really promise ur sterile then thats cool
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:50:33 PM): if u really promise ur sterile then thats cool
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:52:22 PM): ya im sterile
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:52:32 PM): ok cool :)
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:54:09 PM): so poker are u good at it?
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:54:17 PM): cuz i am :P
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:54:34 PM): ok so sex is the prize and i am real good at poker
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:54:47 PM): nice
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:57:00 PM): do u know what time u will send me the address so we can have fun
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:58:12 PM): lol as soon as she leaves
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:58:44 PM): ok sounds good to me
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:59:31 PM): damn
mg0942 (07/24/12 10:59:46 PM): damn what
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 10:59:48 PM): shes ready to go to dinner
mg0942 (07/24/12 11:00:06 PM): ok we can talk some more when u get back
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 11:00:09 PM): i was havin fun chatting :(
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 11:00:12 PM): ok cool
mg0942 (07/24/12 11:00:47 PM): me too but we will talk again as soon as u get back
caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 11:01:14 PM): ok ttyl :)
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 12:52:54 AM): hey im back
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 12:57:26 AM): hi :)
mg0942 (07/25/12 12:57:36 AM): hi
mg0942 (07/25/12 12:57:49 AM): so how was dinner
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 12:57:56 AM): ok lol
mg0942 (07/25/12 12:59:10 AM): i am about to watch a movie with my son, it is called thats my boy
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 12:59:28 AM): ok cool
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 12:59:34 AM): is it a good movie?
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:00:02 AM): it is loading now on the laptop
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:00:22 AM): oh sorry
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:01:06 AM): its ok im talking to u while it loads cuz the laptop is slower than molasses lol
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:02:17 AM): haha cool
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:04:01 AM): i cant stop thinking of a way that we can have alot of fun, but to finish the thought i would need to know what positions u like and what all u will do sexually
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:04:38 AM): like i said befor ill try just about anything that doesnt kill me lol
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:05:32 AM): ok have u ever had ur pussy eaten or done a blow job
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:05:41 AM): yea
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:05:44 AM): they are cool
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:06:57 AM): i like it
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:07:35 AM): ok cool, thenim thinking in between each game haveing the prize in a lot of differant ways
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:07:51 AM): hehehe sounds fun
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:09:03 AM): what sex positions have u tried, and which one do u like best
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:10:03 AM): i like just regular best
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:10:14 AM): its actually the only one ive done lol
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:10:51 AM): then i guess i can teach u a lot on that subject too
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:11:36 AM): haha nice
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:13:13 AM): ugh
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:13:21 AM): my sis wants me help her clean up
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:13:26 AM): her paint stuff
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:13:32 AM): :(
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:13:54 AM): i might come back tonight tho if it doesnt take forever k?
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:14:46 AM): ok i may be invisible but i will be on
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:15:02 AM): but wont u be watching a movie?
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:15:37 AM): my son told me it wont load all the way so we will watch it tomorrow
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:16:56 AM): oh ok
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:17:11 AM): does he live with u or something?
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:17:34 AM): he is down here visiting me from fresno
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:17:46 AM): thats nice
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:17:50 AM): he is 18
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:17:56 AM): cool
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 1:18:40 AM): ok she wont stop bitchin ill ttyl :)
mg0942 (07/25/12 1:18:51 AM): ok ill ttyl
mg0942 (07/25/12 2:05:11 AM): im going to bed but i will be up early waiting for ur message

Yahoo Instant Messenger 7/25/12

mg0942 (07/25/12 2:09:59 PM): good morning! how did you sleep?
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:07:05 PM): hi :)
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:07:14 PM): i slept good
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:07:26 PM): how about u?
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:08:17 PM): sorry i didnt get on earlier i was talkin to my sis
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:08:58 PM): shes leavin now tho
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:11:02 PM): u here??????
mg0942 (07/25/12 3:17:13 PM): yeah im here
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:17:18 PM): hey :)
mg0942 (07/25/12 3:17:39 PM): hey r u ready for me to come over?
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:17:56 PM): yea but i cant find my cards :(
mg0942 (07/25/12 3:18:11 PM): its ok what is the address
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:19:45 PM): i gotta hit a shower too do i have time?
mg0942 (07/25/12 3:20:57 PM): yeah by the time i get there u should be done
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:21:02 PM): ok cool
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:21:26 PM): *edited*
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:21:29 PM): in orcutt
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:22:12 PM): its the one on the left with the driveway u just park there
mg0942 (07/25/12 3:22:47 PM): ok ill honk when i get there
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:23:00 PM): ill just be in the bathroom gettin ready
mg0942 (07/25/12 3:23:50 PM): ok im leaveing to head there now
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:23:59 PM): its the side door and the bathroom is like right by it
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:24:24 PM): :)
caffinatedboredom (07/25/12 3:24:27 PM): yay

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