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The biggest lie ever told about us

There are times when you don't even know where to start addressing a lie about you. When you're a highly-visible organization in the news, in the public eye, you're always going to have some people in the general public tell lies about you. We've seen it over the years, any organization sees it. Still, there are some lies that you look at, you blink, and you go "wow."

Today, we went "wow."

Recently we told our readers about how the DA's office in Collin County would not explain their decision not to prosecute 24 internet sex predators. They had stated "inadequate evidence", which is vague, silly and wrong. We called out the prosecutor's office because we knew they could not defend the claim that the evidence was "inadequate." Point blank, we knew they could say nothing that would appease the public on it, because the evidence isn't inadequate. However, we honestly expected to be ignored. Instead, we were hit with the biggest lie, the biggest piece of well... out and out bullshit, we've ever been hit with. Ever. Ever is a mighty big word, but it's accurate in this case.

The following email was sent out to all who had emailed Doris Berry wanting an answer about the "inadequate evidence" line.

From Assistant District Attorney Greg Davis
Thank you for your email.

No one despises sexual predators more than John Roach and the prosecutors who work in the Collin County District Attorney’s Office. We’ve seen first-hand the damage they’ve done to children and families, and it sickens us as parents and as prosecutors. As a result, many of us have devoted our professional careers to fighting these predators, putting them in prison, or putting them on death row so that they will never harm another child. And, I’m proud to say that we’ve been very successful in our efforts. Predators that faced us recently have learned a hard lesson – don’t commit this type of crime in Collin County unless you’re prepared to go to prison for a good chunk your life – because we show no mercy to sexual predators.

As prosecutors, we are sworn to uphold the law and apply the same legal standard in every case – no matter how much we despise the crime or the criminal. Otherwise, the law loses all meaning, and no one can have any confidence in the criminal justice system. In this instance, we reviewed the Murphy cases multiple times over several months to see if we could find a way to legally accept them for prosecution. We applied the applicable legal standards, and ultimately found that the cases were legally deficient. In many of cases, we found that we had no legal jurisdiction to prosecute because legally the crime occurred outside Collin County . In many cases, we could not prosecute because Perverted Justice refused to answer our questions, refused to participate as witnesses, or refused to turn over potential evidence. We could not accept cases that lacked jurisdiction, necessary witnesses or necessary evidence.

Before this investigation ever began, we advised all concerned that we were in the law enforcement business - not show business. We advised them that we would apply legal standards to all resulting cases. Perverted Justice chose to proceed with the program anyway. They achieved big ratings and favorable publicity. We chose to follow the law. It was the right thing to do. We will continue to do so in all future cases – no matter how much we despise the crime or the criminal. You and the other citizens deserve nothing less from John Roach and the prosecutors who work on your behalf.

I know this email may not lessen your frustration, but I hope that it helps you better understand the situation. If you wish help in the fight against child abuse, you can call the Collin County Child Advocacy Center in Plano . They are always in need of more volunteers and private donations.

Gregory S. Davis
First Assistant District Attorney
Collin County , Texas

And as stated, we said "Wow, now THAT is a lie." Or rather, a series of lies. Remember, in the original article we asked for them to explain how the evidence was inadequate. You will note that in his email, he did not explain how the evidence was inadequate. No, instead the story changed... rather than the evidence being inadequate, a vague charge they cannot defend intelligently, they chose to spin up a smear job full of lies against us. We've gone from questioning the competency of the Collin County prosecutor's office to questioning their sanity.

Let's deal with the three big lies about us right in a row.

Lie #1:
we could not prosecute because Perverted Justice refused to answer our questions

On what planet. As we stated in the original writeup, we received ONE, a single... solitary phone contact from the Collin County prosecutor's office. It was on May 22nd. There were two questions, one, was there a contract between ourselves and the Murphy Police, I.E., did the Murphy Police get paid by us. The answer was "No." Which was followed by an unspoken, silent, "duh" in our minds. The second was about our contract with Dateline, which we referred them to our agent for so they could get a proper copy from him, as we don't have one ourselves. Those were the two questions they ever asked us, both of which received answers.

Two questions, both answered. No questions of us before that, no questions after. A statement which doesn't even mention the fact that the two questions were extremely ridiculous to even be asked, to advance the notion that we're paying police or have some sort of contract with them is just idiotic. You can ask any police we work with, they will all say the same thing on that regard. My question is, how does such a question even advance a prosecution? It doesn't. It was the Collin County DA's office looking for ANY reason they could to not prosecute 24 internet sex predators.

Lie #2:
refused to participate as witnesses

And there's the mother of all lies. The lie every single department and prosecutor's office we've worked with knows is absolutely, 100%, completely false. It is a lie so large that it's hard to even know where to begin to address it other than to say that Greg Davis is the biggest liar we've ever dealt with in our lives. That sounds very "Liar liar pants on fire" from us, we know, but that's literally what the situation is. The very idea, the very suggestion is such a ridiculous lie that it's hard to even start addressing it.

Yet, we'll try. How about 194 convictions over three years where we didn't refuse to testify. How about nary a single prosecutor or law enforcement official we've worked with in those three years ever making such a statement. How about this article filled with quotes by law enforcement across the country talking about how we hand over pristine evidence and good testimony. How about calling up the other sting locations we've done, how about Darke County, Ohio? How about Riverside, California? How about Long Beach, California? How about Petaluma, California? How about Harris County, Georgia... in fact...

Recently, there were a TON of cases lined up in Harris County to go to trial. They contacted us and told us that we needed to have ALL... and we mean ALL of our contributors and staff who worked on that sting available to testify in case the predators wanted to go to trial. But not just lined up, lined up to go at a moment's notice in a four day period. We even had one staff member who had to fly to Georgia that got stopped in Chicago and turned back around because all the predators that showed up to the court proceeding plead guilty. Our entire staff put their lives on hold while they awaited word if they were going to travel to Georgia on a moment's notice. That's how committed we are to testifying in our cases.

How about Fort Myers, Florida, how about the dozens of jurisdictions we've done Information First cases in... how about the trial of Rabbi David Kaye, a federal trial where two of our people testified? Here, download a .pdf file of the federal judge's opinion where he talks about our people testifying.

The very idea that we refused to testify or would ever refuse to testify is absurd.

Is the Collin County prosecutor's office so corrupt, so inept, and so incompetent that they believe the general public will buy such nonsense out of them? Are they so out of touch with reality that they think such a colossal ridiculous statement would fly to the public who knows of our track record of convictions and successful court cases? Are they on something to even attempt a lie of that magnitude?

Lie #3:
refused to turn over potential evidence.

The only evidence they asked us for was their fantasy obsession with a potential contract that we had with Murphy, Texas that purely and simply does not exist because we never make contracts with police. The following was the order of importance when Doris Berry, the intake administrator for the Collin County Prosecutor's Office, contacted us the single time that their office contacted us on May 22nd.

1. Contract between ourselves and police
2. Contract between ourselves and Dateline

Notice what's not on the list? That's right, evidence needed to put away 24 internet sex predators. We weren't asked for any from them. We did however submit on over 20 separate occasions evidence to the Murphy, TX police department who put together our evidence with their evidence and forwarded it on to the Collin County Prosecutor's Office. Anyone can call and ask the Murphy, TX police department "Hey, did turn over all evidence to you?" and they will say "Yes." They're probably even polite enough not to add a silent, unspoken "duh" after answering too.

Overall, we really don't know what else to say. We have never in our three years of getting predators arrested and convicted, dealt with anyone even peripherally associated with law enforcement (Davis was a defense attorney before being a prosecutor) capable of being so purposely deceitful. Sure, you hear from conspiracy theorists and defense attorneys in general how law enforcement is capable of this, and prosecutors are capable of that... but in our experience, law enforcement in general are typically really good guys. Even the ones that don't want to work with private citizens, it's not typically because they're say, "evil, terrible people", it's just an old-school mentality. In our experience, working with police and prosecutors has been a very positive experience.

Until today.

It was not until today that we finally had a true experience of such statements we formerly looked at as "half-crazy" in the example of conspiracy theorists or "motivated by money" in the example of defense attorneys. Assistant District Attorney Greg Davis, and whomever ordered him to spout off such unbelievable garbage, is an unrepentant liar. An amazingly bold and ridiculous liar. It's not often that we would ever take the side of convicted criminals, but we strongly hope that defense attorneys and their ilk take a long look at any case prosecuted by this man. If he'll lie about something like this, so publicly, so boldly... what does he do in a court-room?

We cannot stress enough how disturbing it is to be lied about in such a fantastical manner by a prosecutor. It is literally mind-blowing to see such corrupt and untrue statements coming from someone charged to serve the public and prosecute criminals. It is not merely disturbing, it is to us, world-shattering of our positive perception over the last three years of the law enforcement we've worked with.

We've forwarded the letter from Greg Davis on to our attorneys. We have no idea the feasibility of suing either he or... well, whomever, on this matter. Literally, this is not a scenario we ever ran by our attorneys and we have no idea on the civil torts that would come into play or even if it's possible to sue in this case, but we're sure as hell going to find out if it's possible. There are some lies too big... some too egregious to let stand without attempting every response possible.

They went from their indefensible statement that the evidence was "inadequate" to a completely different story that we refused to turn over evidence, refused to testify and refused to answer questions. We're not quite sure how "inadequate evidence" later turns into such allegations... actually, we're quite sure... it's when you look at your original statement and realize that you have no way to defend it, so you desperately lie to change the subject to a smear attack. Yeah, that's how the term "inadequate evidence" changes into something else entirely so quickly.

We have no idea what to tell you to say to the following people, but if you'd like to raise this issue and/or the issue brought up in the original article, you can do so with the following people.


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