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Regarding the Collin County prosecutor's office

Recently the Collin County District Attorney decided to forgo prosecution of the 24 internet sexual predators we aided the arrest of in Murphy, Texas. This decision came out of left field and we've taken some time to try to track down what the story is with this decision on their part. The Collin County prosecutor's office is not being very forthcoming with information, merely stating that there was "inadequate evidence" to the media. This claim of course directly attacks us since we are the individuals who gather much of the evidence, from chat-logs to phone recordings.

First, the back story. In late 2006, 23 predators went to Murphy, Texas after communicating with our underage decoys. Those communications outlined and detailed the predator's wish for sexual contact. Later, another predator was arrested who lived inside of Murphy, Texas. Each case was built in the same exact manner that we build all our cases. The vast majority of arrested suspects then confessed their intentions to Murphy, Texas police investigators. This means that not only has our evidence, which has so-far stood up to scrutiny in every single other case we've had, been ignored by the Collin County prosecutors office... but the fact that many of these people out-and-out confessed to the crime itself is being ignored.

The Collin County decision was mostly made by one person, prosecutor Doris Berry. Berry was assigned the task of intaking these cases for a grand jury, however, they never even saw a grand jury. Our organization was only contacted by Doris Berry one single time. On May 22nd, she called our organization. Now, one would think that if there was a problem with "inadequate evidence", Berry would have had questions regarding our evidence or requests for more evidence.

There were...
No questions about a lack of evidence.
No questions about needing additional evidence to prosecute.

The only reason for her call was her wild pursuit of her theory that there was a "contract" between our organization and the Murphy, Texas police department. She asked us for a copy of that contract. Such a contract doesn't exist. She was informed of this. However, she continued to state her theory that there was a contract between the Murphy, TX police department and our organization. In essence, she's calling both ourselves and the Murphy, TX police department liars. In no sting we've ever done has there ever been payment from our organization to a police department. Nor has there ever been a "contract." We submit evidence, police review it, they choose to act on it. Now, we want to know... why on May 22nd was she not looking for actual evidence if said evidence supplied was, as she vaguely put to the media, "inadequate."

We especially want to know how such evidence is/was "inadequate." No answers quantifying such statements have been given. Under the law, a prosecutor does not have to explain or defend a lack of prosecution. They can say whatever they wish, no accountability is had. If they wish to release no comment, they release no comment. If they wish to release a vague comment, they release a vague comment. We want to know, specifically, how there wasn't enough evidence. We wish for them to put their cards on the table, to back up their statement, because it's a weighty allegation.

We would very much love to know the supposed inadequacy of the evidence in light of the following facts...

In Summer 2006 we partnered up with the Murphy, Texas police department in order to get four arrests. Of those four, two have already gone through the criminal justice system. One case, that of Dr. Ali Vagefi was picked up federally. Now, this is a case where we did the chat, we set up the meet, Murphy arrested the predator... and Federal prosecutors looking at that evidence took the case away from state prosecutors, wanting to prosecute the very same style of case, the very same level of evidence, that Collin County deems "inadequate." How is the evidence "adequate" enough for federal prosecutors but not for Collin County? Again, we seek answers.

We additionally provided a case against Mark Adameck with the same evidence and the same modus operandi. Worked with the Murphy police to get the individual arrested. This individual was then prosecuted in Dallas County, convicted and sentenced. Is Dallas County simply ten times better at prosecuting cases than Collin County? Do they have a magic prosecutorial wand that allows them to pull the wool over the eyes of defendants with "inadequate" evidence? Because the same evidence Dallas County used in the prosecution of Adameck is the same evidence Collin County is now eschewing. How is the evidence "adequate" enough for Dallas County but not for Collin County? Again, we seek answers.

We have once again come up against politics in Texas. Doris Berry doesn't want to prosecute the cases. It's personal preference. She started with a bias against the operation and she is now using any excuse she can, any fishing expedition possible, to try to undercut our efforts towards getting internet sex predators arrested. While Murphy Police will be attempting to re-submit some cases to other counties, we really want people to have a look at the individuals Ms. Berry and Collin County are allowing to walk free. Some of these people have already confessed under questioning by police, all of these individuals have at least the same level of evidence against them, if not more, than the two cases previously mentioned.

Stanley Allen Kendall: A Mesquite, Texas teacher, 54 years old, who arrived at the sting operation in hopes of having sexual relations with a 13 year old boy. Stanley Kendall stated on camera that he "learned a lesson" about trying to meet underage males for sex online, and repeated that statement to police. According to Doris Berry, this 54 year old teacher doesn't have adequate evidence against him. Our question is... does this now mean Stanley Kendall, since Collin County has chosen not to prosecute... get to teach children again?

Inadequate evidence. Read the following transcript, just a partial transcript, of the statements Kendall made to Chris Hansen and later police.

Kendall: I’m sorry.
Hansen: Sorry for what?
Kendall: I thought this was a joke.
Hansen: You thought what was a joke?
Kendall: Well, I should have known better.
Hansen: What did you think it was?
Kendall: Truly, truly a setup.
Hansen: A setup. And why would somebody try to do a setup on you?
Kendall: To catch people that shouldn’t be talking to teenagers.
Hansen: People like you.
Kendall: Definitely. Well, no. This is the first time I’ve done this.
Kendall: With a, you know, underage person, yes.

Oh, the lack of evidence!

Chat-log transcripts, phone recordings, video-taped confessions, their arrival at the stated location in the transcript... oh yes, such a lack of evidence. And this man may get to teach again, and why? Because Collin County has a bias against cooperation between law enforcement, media and private citizens? That's why this guy may get to teach again? You have got to be kidding us.

Alan Chernnay: 58 years old from Plano, Texas. Here's another case of an individual arriving to the location and being arrested. Of course, it's one thing to say "arrived at the location and was arrested." It's another to show you part of the conversation.

alan32042000 (7:45:09 PM): u ever have your nipples sucked on
14 year old Decoy (7:45:36 PM): no not yet
alan32042000 (7:45:53 PM): u ever give head
14 year old Decoy (7:46:14 PM): nope
14 year old Decoy (7:46:16 PM): I'm borin
alan32042000 (7:46:27 PM): u want to change that
14 year old Decoy (7:47:05 PM): is it fun?
alan32042000 (7:47:28 PM): your friends have told u
14 year old Decoy (7:47:47 PM): they told me bout sex
alan32042000 (7:48:08 PM): its all about sex
14 year old Decoy (7:48:16 PM): oh
alan32042000 (7:48:31 PM): would u like to try
14 year old Decoy (7:48:43 PM): with u?
alan32042000 (7:48:58 PM): maybe, any interest
14 year old Decoy (7:49:22 PM): u gotta pic?
alan32042000 (7:49:44 PM): sorry no
alan32042000 (7:49:46 PM): 6'2
14 year old Decoy (7:49:48 PM): an u still didn't tell me how old u r!
alan32042000 (7:49:50 PM): 210
alan32042000 (7:49:52 PM): brn
alan32042000 (7:49:54 PM): hzel
14 year old Decoy (7:49:59 PM): ooh ur tall
alan32042000 (7:50:22 PM): so u can give me a bj without getting on your knees

That's the start of the conversation. It goes on, and on... and on. Chernnay was arrested at the house after showing up. His arrival matched the logs, the evidence against him? Overwhelming.

Sajjad Mohammed: 43 years old, from Murphy, Texas. Shows up at the house with his own children in tow. The following was filmed and aired on national TV.

Sajjad Mohammed: I think this is the first and last mistake I did.
Det. Sam Love: Well, I hope so.
Mohammed: Yes, sir. I didn’t mean to, but this happened, you know. I’m human.
Det. Love: When you started talking to her about sex, you had intentions of going to have sex with her, didn’t you?
Mohammed: No.
Det. Love: Well, why would you talk to her about having sex then?
Mohammed: In a chat room, everybody’s do that. So—I mean, it’s not a big deal.

Not to mention our full transcripts of Mohammed, the pictures transmitted, the arrival... and most importantly the fact that in Texas, just having the conversation online is against the law. Mohammed directly admits he had the conversation under questioning. "Inadequate evidence." Just think about it. He admits, on camera, that he had the conversation in question and sluffs it off like it's no big deal... the very charge is regarding having the conversation, yet somehow, between here and there, this is "inadequate" to Doris Berry and Collin County? You have to be joking.

You couldn't gift-wrap cases any better than these are. There's a virtual bow on them with a tag that says "easy." That's just three examples, we have 21 more examples. Individuals who transmitted pornography via web cam, that sent pornography, that spoke of creating child pornography with what they thought were underage children. Individuals that were shown admitting their guilt on national TV, both to Chris Hansen and to the police during interrogations. The same evidence used in the same manner to convicted others in Texas and hundreds around the country. The. Same. Evidence.

We want answers from the Collin County DA's office. We want to know SPECIFICALLY what they found "Inadequate" about the evidence in these cases. Specifics. None of these vague statements where they can hem and haw in order to not defend their own decision. We want a defense of their decision, we want to know from them why they feel the evidence was inadequate on our part. After all, during their lone contact with us, they raised no issues of any problems with the evidence... all they did during that contact was go on a pointless witch-hunt regarding some wild theory they have. It seemed more like they were interested in attacking the police than they were in actually prosecuting criminals.

- We've not had this problem with any other large-scale sting we've ever done and we've done many.

- We have a 100% conviction rate of those who have had charges brought against them.

- We have cooperated with every single prosecutor that has ever needed information from us.

- The police we've worked with across the country have gone on record speaking towards our high standards for evidence collection and gathering.

Our track record is very clear, so why can't we get the answers we seek? We can't defend ourselves against vague allegations, we want specific ones we can prove false, either in the public arena or privately to the Collin County prosecutor's office. We and the public are owed answers, because at the end of the day it's not our community that is affected by people like Stanley Kendall, Sajjad Mohammed or any of the other dangerous internet predators we helped get arrested. It's the community of Collin County and Texas in general that is affected.

We've tried getting answers. We couldn't get answers, maybe they'll give answers to you guys if you want to try. If you want to try and find out answers for yourself or your community, you can do so by emailing or calling Doris Berry and/or the Collin County Prosecutor's Office.

Doris Berry - (972)548-4323 Ext. 4333

Contact page for the Collin County Intake Division, the division responsible for declining to prosecute - Click here

Contact pages for the Collin County congressional representatives:
House Rep: Jodie Laubenberg: Contact Page

Senate Rep Florence Shapiro:
Contact Page

If they don't care enough to give us specific answers why they feel the evidence is inadequate, maybe they'll give you guys some answers.

- For your memory, here is a list of men arrested over that four day sting operation:
# Eric Rubalcava, age 31, from Houston
# John Baker, age 25, from Frisco
# Stanley Kendall, age 54, from Mesquite
# Timothy Gilliam, age 32, from Flower Mound
# Asif Khokar, age 27, from Houston
# Samuel Tanguma, age 27, from Grand Prairie
# Steve Rosello, age 32, from Kennedale
# Edward Hollingsworth, age 35, from Dallas
# Milan Mehta, age 46, from Richardson
# Sajjad Mohammad, age 43, from Murphy
# David Pann, age 40, from Lewisville
# Alan Chernnay, age 58, from Plano
# William Dow, age 63, from Carrollton
# Kevin Carroll, age 37, from Carrollton
# Jose Soto, age 54, from Mesquite
# Christopher Cothrum, age 23, from Westworth Village
# Justin Estes, age 27, from Plano
# Paulo Deassuncao, age 37, from McKinney
# Timothy Knowles, age 35, from Euless
# Patrick Parr, age 33, from Frisco
# Randall Wolford, age 52, from Whitewright

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