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Article updated - 9/19/2006 - Cafepress section updated. They've removed the content requested. Great job to our volunteers and readers.

Article updated - 9/21/2006 - Wikipedia section updated, they have now blocked Rookiee for "advocacy" violations.

Call2Action update - 9/21/2006 - We're now focusing mostly on Blogspot/Google who have attempted to claim that they do not "control content on their servers" despite the presence of a "Terms of Service" agreement that specifically disallow the promotion of illegal acts (Each of their over 29 pedophile or pedophile advocacy blogs encourage adult/child sexual relations) and who have not yet responded to complaints regarding this. We are now going to focus on alerting Libsyn's userbase to their support for Rookiee and his "Pedologues" podcasting which encourages the rape of children by adults.

Call2Action update - 9/23/2006 - We've decided to expand this Call2Action into a full-time permanent campaign by creating our Corporate Sex Offender registry that is updated with new information on the companies listed here as well as new companies found during our research. This Opinions piece will no longer be updated as the movement against companies that support Pedophiles has moved to the newly-created registry and our special forums organizing volunteers to help with this important task.

As always, you can further aid what we're doing and get up to the minute updates by joining our forums and visiting the General Discussion forum area.


One leader of the pedophile movement, four companies that support him.

We've talked before about companies that support pedophiles in vague terms, but today we're going to speak in specific terms. Last year we raised a furor when we reprinted a press release by a group condemning Wikipedia. We learned from that mistake, which was that we should not reprint press releases and research by other individuals. So this is an original writing and research done by us.

There's very little society can do about pedophile websites and organizations hosted in European countries. Very few of those countries take down servers which, in our opinion, engage in a conspiracy to commit crimes, specifically, molestations. But there is a different problem when large internet businesses allow pedophiles to run rampant on their services. Tonight we're going to be focusing on four entities. Wikipedia/Wikimedia foundation,, Cafepress and Blogspot/Google. We're going to focus on their utter lack of action regarding one pedophile online, one of the leaders of the organized pedophile movement we've spoken so much about. To allow pedophiles to use their services to advocate child-rape is to be an accessory to organized pedophilia.

His online handle is "Rookiee Revolyob." He is an anonymous college student in California. This Call2Action will be focusing on two issues. The first, making companies take responsibility for the sort of content they will host. The second, urging people to try to ascertain the identity of Rookiee Revolyob. We would much urge individuals to do some research on him, attempt to find evidence of his identity, and then prove his identity to us so we can publicize it and alert his community to his quite dangerous and conspirational presence.

Corporate offender #1: Wikipedia and the Wikimedia foundation
We've been critical of Wikipedia prior, when we found that they allowed and encouraged pedophiles to edit their articles. Not only encouraged, but openly defended their presence. After we posted our article, a hailstorm of criticism caused Wikipedia to ban most of the pedophiles editing the internet's foremost user-edited encyclopedia. But as with most companies, when the criticism dies down, they go back to their old ways.

Wikipedia now has reinstated one of the internet's most notorious pedophiles as an active editor to the service. A pedophile whose Wikipedia userpage (PeeJ-hosted screenshot) denotes him as a member of official Wikipedia groups, such as the "Pedophilia Article Watch Project" and the "Pedophilia Project." Again, to reiterate our previous criticism regarding Pedophiles editing pedophilia articles, it is a clear hypocritical stance to take on Wikipedia's part. A pedophile cannot lucidly be NPOV regarding pedophilia. It is impossible for them psychologically.

Furthermore, the Wikipedian userpage is even more disturbing considering that he openly pines for a "boyfriend" on the Wikipedia page. In other words, using Wikipedia as a pedophile to openly solicit for an underage boyfriend. If he were to meet a minor via that request, Wikipedia itself would be the conduit. Is it possible? Sure, quite possible. Let's say you're letting your child research a historical topic on Wikipedia. Rookiee, the editor at Wikipedia, edits historical-based article. So now your kid sees this in the history tab and clicks on Rookiee's name, which takes him to Rookiee's user profile, advertising pedophilia and soliciting for an underage boyfriend. Or, perhaps your 13 year old uses the "discussion" page to put in his two cents regarding an article on oh, biology or culture. He will then be interacting with a man whose stated intent online is to rape children.

Think that's overreacting?

Consider this: Wikipedia has as an company wormed themselves into the "One Laptop Per Child" project. Read their own press release to get a sense of the issue:

One Laptop Per Child Includes Wikipedia on $100 Laptops
Wikimedia announced today that the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) association has chosen to load a snapshot of select Wikipedia articles onto the laptops it is developing. OLPC is an MIT-based project established to provide every child in the world access to knowledge and the opportunity to explore, experiment and express themselves. The announcement took place at Wikimania 2006, a three-day conference focusing on Wikipedia, its sister projects, and the use of wikis to organize knowledge. Wikipedia is among the first content to be featured in OLPC laptops.

So a company that encourages, unblocks and advocates pedophiles to bring pedophile advocacy and solicitation to their project is also partnering with charities designed to target children. Don't see a problem with that? Then you're in the minority.

Wikipedia itself has dealt with the issue of pedophile editors and come down on the side of pedophiles themselves. Doing an about-face from earlier this year, Wikipedia restored the access of people like Rookiee (PeeJ-hosted screenshot) to editing pages, even over the objection of more intelligent Wikipedia admin who rejected the request. They were overruled and a person like Rookiee was welcomed with open arms.

We were fooled earlier this year when we checked out Wikipedia's seemingly logical and intelligent response to their service being undermined by organized pedophiles, we will not be fooled again. We urge parents to add Wikipedia to their internet filtration block list and we once again call on individuals to lodge their complaints with the Wikimedia foundation, though we doubt that will do any good, they've made their position clear.

Update! - Wikipedia has now blocked Rookiee due to advocacy violations. It will be interesting to observe if he stays blocked (They've unblocked him before) or if they use the advocacy clause to remove the remaining aspects of the organized pedophilia advocacy movement from their userbase.

Corporate offender #2: is a major hub of podcasting. Based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it serves as a center for people to syndicate their podcasting "shows." For example, it hosts things such as "gamertag radio" which discusses major issues of the day in video games. It also hosts the internet sensation "Ask A Ninja" podcast. Ask a Ninja being a very popular video and podcasting series where readers write in mail to "Ask a Ninja." Not only is it very popular and quite hilarious, it also is very popular with teens online. hosts a lot of podcasts.

One of the podcasts they host is organized pedophilia's "Pedologues." Pedologues is run by Wikipedian editor Rookiee. Pedologues as a podcast advocates pedophilia, sex with the underaged and all in all, every kind of child rape imaginable. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself (PeeJ-hosted Screenshot). This podcast is hosted on's URL itself, in short, is being an accessory to the espousing of child rape by the podcast. Some of the "podcasts" feature a supposed minor named "Chelsea" and her "mother."

Now here's a treat. This episode talks about one family's alternative views on sexuality and parenting. It features Chelsea and her mother's viewpoints on the freedom and autonomy of minors, and we also discuss their personal experience with pedophiles and the fear of culture which attempts to propogate further control over children's lives. A very light-hearted episode for a deep issue.

That's the tip of the iceberg. How does Libsyn come into play? Well, they host a variety of podcasts, some targeted at minors. Each podcast points back to the main page of From there, you're just a few clicks away from pedologues. Your kid goes online to listen to a podcast? He's just that close to becoming familiar with pedologues. Possibly even that close to contacting "rookiee" himself online. has a big pretentious comment about how they support all sorts of freedom of speech, even speech they don't agree with. However, their "Terms of Service" do not protect content that advocates illegal activity. As "Pedologues" is promoting child-rape and pedophilia in explicit terms, they are advocating illegal activity. Yet, this popular pedophile podcast is allowed to stay up. Why? Because profits from pedophiles, who pay for their service.

Let's test their committment to freedom of speech, shall we? You as well have freedom of speech. Feel free to exercise your freedom of speech in the direction of the administrative contact for regarding this issue. Here are his personal contact details. We of course remind you that violating laws of the United States regarding harassment may constitute a criminal offense and we as an organization are uneqivocably against any and all forms of harassment. Yet we do support freedom of speech.

Dave Chekan
513 S Mathilda St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

The man runs a company that supports pedophiles who conspire to and advocate the raping of children via his services.

Corporate offender #3: Cafepress

Update! - Section on Cafepress removed as Cafepress has taken out all the pedophile-related content we found, including the Pedologues cafepress shop.

Dear Phoebus Apollo,

Thank you for contacting with your concerns. We appreciate you bringing content to our attention via your website, As you may know, provides an automated service and unfortunately, because our service is automated, sometimes content that is not appropriate is posted on We appreciate that we have a concerned community of users who assist us in identifying these types of content so that we can take appropriate action. We have addressed the content in question, and the shop has been removed. Please be assured that if you come across content like this in the future, you may simply contact us with the questionable shop, and we will take action immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.



Kudos to Cafepress for being the first of the four companies to respond to this and take the appropriate action. There is no moral justification to making money off organized pedophiles.

Corporate offender #4:
We love Problem is, Google has bought a lot of companies. And unfortunately, those companies sometimes support pedophiles even when the issue has been already brought to Google's attention. is a VERY popular blogging portal. It, unlike other blogging websites like and social networking websites like, has no age restrictions or verification. It also does not remove pedophiles from their network, even when these individuals have already been brought to their attention.

Wikipedian editor Rookiee, the owner of Pedologues, also has two Blogspot pages on Upon finding these blogspots, we were shocked at what else we saw. First, Rook's Corner Square (PeeJ-hosted screenshot) is disgusting enough, as it's the rambling child rape advocacy of Rookiee but look at the right side of the screenshot at all those other Blogspot-hosted pedophile blogs.

One pedophile blog stands out, called "Paiderastia: Take Two." The URL is literally "" which... doesn't get much more blatant than that. Remember, is a company that allows minors to host blogs, and acts as a central hub for every blog on their network. That means that if your kid gets a blog, he's less than five clicks away from this one. We've all seen the public criticism of and their practices, and nothing they host is anything close to as overt as this.

Other names of blogs on blogspot:

"The Ministry of Boylove"
"Little Girls in my Heart - (A Girl Lover's Life)
"Defending the Paedoerotic"
"My Pedo Attraction"

...and well, dozens more. Blogspot is crawling with pedophiles and Google doesn't seem to want to do anything about it. They even obscure the TOS violation form to make it incredibly hard to find. I, a hardened hardcore internet user had an easier time finding 20+ pedophile blogs than I did their Terms of Service violation report page. That's disgusting.

Again, exercise YOUR free speech against companies that host pedophiles and pedophile organizations who, day in and day out, conspire together to commit legal activities.

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View

Feel free to let Google, the owners of Blogspot, know that you're not going to use the services or support companies that support pedophiles and those who conspire online to rape children.

What prompted this Call2Action

This was prompted by the fact that Rookiee made the mistake of attacking our organization online. When pedophiles do that, they bring themselves to our attention. Rookiee is the integral link between all of these companies, these companies aid and abeit the activities of Rookiee on a daily basis. At the end of the day, they are aiding child rapists and pedophiles. While it's very important to exert tremendous pressure on people like Rookiee, it's even more important to let communities know about people like Rookiee. If you are an internet user with tangible, real evidence relating to the personal identity of this child rapist and pedophile, please contact We are very interested in whatever tips you may have to share with us regarding his actual identity.

Pedophiles online are organized, in many cases, more organized than law enforcement. What you're looking at is a snapshot, nothing more, a small window into the world of organized pedophiles online. All of this is just one pedophile going by the nom de plume Rookiee, and his advocacy online of child rape and the companies who are supporting him.

Do not forget, he is just one pedophile. There are thousands out there using companies such as this. We, advocates of a responsible internet, are not asking or advocating government intervention. We want YOU, other responsible internet users to hit these companies where it hurts. Hit their pocketbook, hit their public image. Publicize these issues, because the more consumers that are outraged will mean the more responsible companies are in the future.

Show them your voice and speak up at the contact information listed. We will also be opening up a thread in our Call2Action forums where volunteers can open up new avenues of pressure on this issue. Help us organize the campaign that closes these avenues to the organized child rape community.

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