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Online Encyclopedia is a Gathering for Internet Predators

Today we were sent the following "Press Release" from the Parents for the Online Safety of Children group. Since they do not currently have their own website and because we believe the quality of this release is high, we have decided to post it on our PeeJ Opinions page. Please note that the writing regarding Wikipedia was not authored by us, though we wish we had noticed it ourselves.

UPDATE: - The press release we received below contained one factual error and two claims that we wish to clarify after doing research into the issue ourselves. We have added notations to the press release with links to the updates based off the information we have found or been supplied with.

RESPONSE: - This article has caused quite a bit of controversy. Wikipedian Administration has authored a response that we have posted on this page. You can read both the original release and their response to make your own mind up.


Online Encyclopedia is a Gathering for Internet Predators

by the Parents for the Online Safety of Children (POSC)
12-12-05 you can find links to it everywhere. Online forums, scholarly journals, blogs, high school research papers. Wikipedia is an "open source" encyclopedia with the philosophy of democratic contribution. This encyclopedia differs from other more established encyclopedias by its editors; Wikipedia is composed of anonymous people contributing, deleting, and voting on various aspects of articles. Wikipedia is the frontier of online information distribution, with over 830,000 articles in the English language.

It does have many criticisms, but there is one very important question that goes ignored by the mainstream media and wikifans alike.

Who, exactly, edits wikipedia?

It has come to the attention of the Parents for the Online Safety of Children (POSC) that there is a underground cabal of pedophiles who edit wikipedia, trying to make wikipedia a distribution center for pedophile propaganda.

One user, who goes by the name of Zanthalon, writes on his profile, "Many of you have commented that the majority of my edits are on pedophilia-related articles. This is an area of interest for me since I am myself a pedophile, a girllover to be specific." He then goes on to add the standard disclaimer that is echoed by many convicted child molestors, "I would stress, however, that, I am not a child molester, having never broken the law or engaged in any intimate physical activities with any persons under the statutory age of consent".

Zanthalon is a frequent editor of the Pedophilia article, ensuring it is written from a pro-pedophile standpoint. It seems that wikipedia's administration supports what he is doing.

One wikipedia admin, by the name of Ta bu shi da yu*, who is a self-described liberal marxist, goes on to commend Zanthalon's contributions.*

Another wikipedia admin, by the name of Schissel, thanks Zanthalon for uploading an image.* Schissel also has a curious looking red star on his wikipedia profile.*

Zanthalon is not without fellow pedophiles at wikipedia. LuxOfTKGL shares pleasantries with his friend Zanthalon, and says that it is "nice to see you here." You see, Zanthalon and LuxOfTKGL keep in touch on a frequent basis outside of wikipedia, as they're quite familiar with each other. They're part of the pedophile underground that has infiltrated wikipedia.

LuxOfTKGL is a self-admitted "girl-oriented childover" and a "born-again Christian." Quite clearly one can see the recent scandals of pedophiles infiltrating the Catholic church for easy access to children, and there is no doubt that LuxofTKGL is following the same pattern. Especially when one reads what LuxOfTKGL has to write about sexual relations with children. Keep in mind he is a friend of Zanthalon, who claims to not have had any sexual relationship with children:

"I would like to see child-orientated pedophiles, openly allowed to be around children, without having to keep the issue of their sexuality a secret. I would like to see the public, come to accept that such peoples are not dangerous, and that having them around children, or even trusting them with the care of a child, is not a risk.

"We have a long way to go before such goals can be achieved, but I try as I may, whenever I can, to open the eyes of the ignorant on this matter, and ask for their understanding.

"I live as a GOD worshipping, child-lover, Blessed as long as I long as I put him first". But I put children second."

LuxOfTKGL is also the administrator of a community of pedophiles.

Once we visit Zanthalon's discussion page, we see one user asking Zanthalon to vote for a user named "Lucky69*" to the admin team. This example of pedophile nepotism shows that a vulgar name of "Lucky69*" does not deter pedophiles from putting sexual degenerates on the wikipedia staff. Lucky69* is now an admin at wikipedia thanks to the efforts of the pedophile underground at wikipedia.

Clayboy, an exposed boylover, says that, "There is no conspiracy to enslave your children. There is no attempt to sweet-talk our way into your hearts and homes. We are simply social outcasts because a part of what we are triggers a moral outrage. Yet we have never violated neither laws nor children. We hide that part of us all our lives, many living in shame and isolation, many in complex webs of lies and half-truths and secret despair."

Such sentiments were echoed by Joseph Duncan, a convicted pedophile and murderer. According to Joseph Duncan's blog, sex offenders are deserving of forgiveness and deserving of compassion.=20 He said this before he kidnapped two children of 8 and 9 years of age, and murdered their mother.

A user named "Klaive" on wikipedia roots for Zanthalon's struggle to plant pedophilia in wikipedia. Klaive also admits to viewing cartoon child pornography on a frequent basis.

Clayboy's talk page shows us a fellow pedophile telling us that children need protection from society, and that there is nothing wrong with adult men having sex with children.

Rookiee, a boylover, says, "I'm an activist in the Childlove Community. I am a pedosexual and boylover. I host a podcast titled Pedologues which aims to objectively look at the issue of multi-generational relationships and how it relates to child sexuality, western society and law. I'm a self-admitted pedant." He then goes on to add, "I do not plan on 'spreading propaganda' as many claim our side of the issue likes to do." Of course you wouldn't, Rookiee. Of course you wouldn't.

On the pedophilia talk page, we find a probable pedophile named "Rainbird" defending pedophilia and complaining about sex offender registries.

Bias works its way in from the pedophile community; one admitted supporter of pedophilia by the name of 24ip is a constant contributor to the Childlover page, and enjoys changing semantics to portray pedophilia in a desirable light.

A pervert named Sweetfreek complains about the "western" attitudes towards child molestation, and dismissed a murder-rape case of a seven year old girl as only a murder.

Neural, a supporter of pedophilia, complains that the treatment of pedophiles mirrors that of the treatment of Jews in nazi germany. Neural has an admitted interest in "erotica", but avoids specifying the type and form of erotica.

Perhaps the most disturbing element is that wikipedia allows anyone, provided they have an IP address, to edit and change an article without registering. This means that wikipedia does not check for credentials at all. Any pedophile can edit any page to promote a deviant agenda, and-- as the talk and history pages for the pedophilia pages show--such is the case, with IP addresses of random visitors strewn everywhere.

The Parents for the Online Safety of Children (POSC) organization is worried about parents letting their children into a website that is a known gathering for pedophiles. Any pedophile can easily obtain a child's IP address and use it to locate the child's place of residence outside of the internet. Pedophiles may also solicit children for sex or attempt to contact them through using wikipedia as a medium, or even find out their e-mail address or instant messenger screen name.

Since wikipedia allows pedophiles to edit wikipedia pages and view the IP addresses of children freely, we recommend that you use filtering software to block wikipedia from access in your household or school.

The internet is already a dangerous lurking ground for pedophiles; statistics show that about 1 in 5 children are solicited for sex online, and with the growth of the unregulated wikipedia, that number can only skyrocket.

Pedophiles are dangerous people who constantly insist that they are no harm for children, despite the overwhelming evidence against such claims. They tell us there is nothing to worry, that western attitudes are incorrect, and that there is nothing wrong with having sex with children. Such stratified claims show us that the pedophiles are too impulsive, and attempt to promote pedophilia in various contradictory ways, doing so to parrot out whatever argument will further pedophilia at the given point in time. Since wikipedia refuses to address the issue of pedophiles within its ranks and the allowance of random editing to pages, we can only recommend parents to withhold access to for the time being.

About the Parents for the Online Safety for Children The Parents for the Online Safety for Children (POSC) was created in 1997 by an organization of concerned citizens who felt that enough was not done to stop online pedophilia by the mainstream media and politicians. The POSC currently holds weekly meetings in three states and actively campaigns politicians for action regarding the Internet and pedophilia.


The PeeJ take? Well, a lack of surprise would sum it up. Wikipedia's "free form" editing has recently landed them in some media hot water Due to anonymous libel posted about a famous journalist. Anyone who avidly reads Wikipedia knows that they have no real ability to police their entries - we've learned that from experience ourselves - and have actually been attacked by one of the individuals quoted in the Press Release sent to us.

A lack of surprise is also due to the fact that we ourselves know how organized online pedophiles are. It's hardly shocking to us that a ring of pedophiles has concentrated itself on Wikipedia, it's just shocking that Wikipedia seems just fine with this development. Pedophiles online will do anything to try to advocate their agenda, from attacking message boards, to setting up fake "civil rights" front groups to attempting to harass and threaten those that work against them. Before was ever mentioned in any news report anywhere, our site administration was receiving death threats from organized pedophile groups. That's right, when the website was little more than one page of HTML with less than a hundred hits a day, organized pedophiles already knew about it and were trying to attack it.

The pedophile subversion of Wikipedia is just another "front" where they try to advance their "lifestyle" as normal online. It is disgraceful that Wikipedia would allow pedophiles to edit entries on pedophiles... not simply because they're pedophiles (though that should be enough of a reason to disallow them) but also because each Wikipedia article is supposed to be NPOV. Neutral Point of View. Pedophiles do not have a Neutral Point of View, and the fact that they're allowed... and encouraged by those elevated to Wikipedia administration just illustrates yet another failing of the Wiki ideal.

We echo the call for Parents to block Wikipedia from their child's research resources until they implement a better system of authoring.

*Factual note: We were contacted by Lucky 6.9 (Car reference) who contested the validity of the portion of the release by "Parents for the Online Safety for Children" about his modding at Wikipedia. He supplied the link to his deletion regarding the Danish Pedophile Association (A long-time foe of this website, numerous death threats from them towards us over the years) attempt to spread propaganda on their site. Link: Deletion note here. Pedophiles actually tried to ensure that he was not voted in as an administrator as evidenced at the following link: Pedophiles express alarm at possibility of lucky 6.9 being an administrator. Additionally, the previous link will show you just how organized they are in their attempts to subvert Wikipedia.

*Factual note: Wiki admin Ta bu shi da yu contacted us with links to his attempt to get the "childlover" Wiki article deleted. As this is probably the most pro-pedophile article on Wikipedia, written by pedophiles, the idea that Ta bu shi da yu is in favor of pedophiles doesn't hold up in view of his edit history. While he did thank for sourcing, that is a common "polite" practice on Wikipedia. It does not mean someone is pro-pedophile. Additionally Ta bu shi da yu states that he is not a "liberal marxist" but an evangelical Christian. His editing history shows that he is not a pedophile, not in favor of pedophilia and has done a great job in the past of editing pedophile-related articles.

*Factual note: Wiki admin Schissel's "thanking" of the uploaded picture is "script." Meaning that it is done automatically on a different page that outputs to the page in question. Additionally the "curious red star" is a Wikipedia medal for editing accomplishment, not anything akin to a suspicious symbol.


*Wikipedian Response: My name is Alex Schenck. I am a Wikipedia administrator and I go by the username "Linuxbeak". You may find my user page at I would like to discuss this issue on behalf of Wikipedia and Wikimedia.

We at Wikipedia are dedicated to providing you a high-quality pool of information that stems from community effort and participation. Quality of articles stem from a neutral point of view, which means that both supporting and opposing viewpoints are brought to light. It is not Wikipedia's goal to promote any one said stance, nor is it our goal to serve as a basis for propaganda. We strive to be as neutral and unbiased as possible.

Concerns have been raised in the past regarding neutrality of topics. This press release is obviously critical of how we allow alleged pedophiles edit articles on pedophilia to the extent of allowing them to push an agenda of pro-pedophilia To this concern, we do not have any major objections. Pedophilia is one of our less-monitored articles, and it has been pointed out that there are a number of editors who have declared themselves pedophiles who also actively edit pedophilia-related articles. This brings up three issues.

First: Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation does not endorse any type of illegal activity, including sexual activity with a child or person that is under the age of consent. Wikipedia will not tolerate child-grooming or "fishing", and those who do this and are caught will be banned as well as information being handed over to the proper authorities.

Second: Wikipedia's policy to maintain a neutral point of view is not so much as an end as it is a path. Certain articles such as pedophilia must be pointed out and identified as being of a non-neutral point of view, and as such fixed to be such. This does not mean. however, that we will tolerate an anti-pedophilia point of view to an article, just as much as we will not tolerate a pro-pedophilia point of view. The point of an encyclopedia is to provide facts. To this, we pledge that we will strive to do just that.

Third: Although this is only conjecture, the majority of humanity finds pedophilia to be taboo and/or immoral. With that said, Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation are not responsible for the viewpoints of individuals which use its services and resources. It is not our job to tell our users what is right and what is wrong; instead it is our job as administrators and editors to ensure that nothing illegal is being committed, which includes trolling for children. As previously stated, we will not tolerate illegal activity.

Our main objection with this press release include the targeting of three of our administrators: Lucky 6.9, Ta bu shi da yu, and Schissel. The press release is hostile and incorrect towards these three people, and we wish that this be understood.

Lucky 6.9, who was incorrectly identified as "Lucky69" in the press release, was cited as such:
"Once we visit Zanthalon's discussion page, we see one user asking Zanthalon to vote for a user named "Lucky69" to the admin team. This example of pedophile nepotism shows that a vulgar name of "Lucky69" does not deter pedophiles from putting sexual degenerates on the wikipedia staff. Lucky69 is now an admin at wikipedia thanks to the efforts of the pedophile underground at wikipedia."

We would like to clarify the following:
1.) The user who allegedly asked Zanthalon to vote for Lucky was in fact asking Zanthalon to vote against Lucky 6.9, not for.

2.) Lucky 6.9's user name is, in fact, Lucky 6.9 (as in Lucky 7 minus one tenth).
2a.) According to our user name policy, accounts with user names that are suggestive in nature will be blocked from editing.

2b.) Lucky 6.9 is not a sexual degenerate. This claim is based off of flawed logic and incorrect research.
3.) Lucky 6.9 was voted in as an admin by a multitude of normal, respectable, and intelligent people, not by the alleged pedophile underground at Wikipedia.
3a.) 24ip, one of the users that the press release cited as a pedophile, voted against Lucky 6.9's adminship bid.

3ai.) The rationale behind 24ip's vote was because Lucky 6.9 voted to delete the Childlove movement article. Specifically, this is what Lucky 6.9 said:
"We have sunk to an all-time low by allowing this "article" to be posted, complete with its image of the cover of a child porn magazine. Let's get off the POV/NPOV bandwagon and just speedy delete this. No redirect, no nothing except for maybe reporting this pervert to the proper authorities. If this stays, I go for good and I hope that others will consider doing likewise as well. Sysops, take note. If I blank my pages over this, I demand to have my history removed as well. I've never been so nauseated in my life. - Lucky 6.9 02:43, 3 Aug 2004 (UTC)"

As such, the statement that Lucky 6.9 being a sexual degenerate is not only skewed; it is indeed totally incorrect.

Moving on to Ta bu shi da yu, the press release cited him as follows:
"One wikipedia admin, by the name of Ta bu shi da yu, who is a self-described liberal marxist, goes on to commend Zanthalon's contributions."

This is a twisted statement. First, it is a non-issue what political affiliation or viewpoints Ta bu shi da yu has. The statement "commending" Zanthalon's contributions is flawed. This is what was said:
"I appreciate you clarifying sources for the article. Good job. Thank you. - Ta bu shi da yu 12:07, 31 Aug 2004 (UTC)"

As you can see, Ta bu shi da yu was thanking Zanthalon for providing sources to an edit that he (Zanthalon) made. Providing sources is a way of maintaining encyclopedic integrity and is highly encouraged. It is unlikely, even false, that Ta bu shi da yu was commending Zanthalon for any edits besides providing sources. Additionally, Zanthalon responded to this statement:
"Thanks for this. I appreciate your efforts on this article as well and your ability to approach this article objectively despite your distaste for its subject matter. --Zanthalon , 18:07, 1 Sep 2004 (UTC)"

As you can see, Zanthalon himself acknowledges that Ta bu shi da yu finds the subject of pedophilia distasteful. That should be enough for anyone to release Ta bu shi da yu of any accusation.

Continuing to Schissel, he was cited in the press release as follows:
"Another wikipedia admin, by the name of Schissel, thanks Zanthalon for uploading an image. Schissel also has a curious looking red star on his wikipedia profile."

First, the "curious red star" on his user page is what is called a "barnstar". Barnstars are akin to awards or trophies that one may receive from another editor for a job well done or a particularly high-quality edit. I myself have several. There is nothing suspicious about displaying these badges of achievement, and in fact they are rather common. The mere fact that the barnstar was even mentioned in this makes us feel that Schissel is being directly targeted.

Schissel did not "thank" Zanthalon for uploading an image, if one knows about image templates. This is what was said:
"Hi! Thanks for uploading BLogo. I notice it currently doesn't have an image copyright tag. Could you add one to let us know its copyright status? (You can use {{gfdl}} if you release it under the GFDL, or {{fairuse}} if you claim fair use, etc.) Thanks! Schissel 23:53, Dec 8, 2004 (UTC)"

Schissel used a pre-fabricated template that one may use in order to save repetitive writing. The template contained, besides the rest of the body, the words "Thanks for uploading x", x being the image name. It is most likely that Schissel saw this being uploaded or came across it in our category "Images without copyright status". At Wikipedia, we must abide by law and ensure that copyright-protected images aren't used without the explicit permission of the owner. Schissel was merely upholding this rule.

In conclusion, we at Wikipedia find this press release to be biased and unfair. It has caused our administrators concern, which is in a sense a good thing. However, it has also caused Lucky 6.9, Ta bu shi da yu and Schissel unnecessary grief and attention. While we pledge to uphold all the laws of the United States government, we do not believe it is fair to accuse our administrators of being pedophiles without concrete evidence. As such, we respectfully request that Parents for the Online Safety of Children retract their press release and issue an apology to Lucky 6.9 as well as the administrators at Wikipedia.


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