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PeeJ Opinions: How Fairfax County dropped the ball

UPDATE: - Before reading this piece, please note that it is not needed to contact Fairfax County or anyone else in Virginia regarding this, as positive contact from Fairfax has been received.

Recently as most of you know, we completed a "bust house" sting of 19 individuals in Fairfax County, Virginia. The results of that sting aired on Dateline NBC November 4th, 2005 and on MSNBC over the following weekend. These individuals chatted sexually with what they thought were minor boys and girls, arranged a meet to have sex, and then showed up en masse for Chris Hansen and the Dateline cameras. The chats and pictures are vile. You can see an assortment of them by visiting the following link: Links to Dateline Busts.

Additionally, we have partnered with police on 38 different convictions since June of 2004: Our full conviction archive

What we did with Dateline NBC is nothing new. It's called a "Group Media Bust." It's where we as an organization flood an area with fake profiles, get hit on by adult males sexually, and send them to the house the media arranges. The media then confronts them, records the evidence and airs it to educate the public. We have done "Group Media Busts" in Portland Oregon, Detroit Michigan, Kansas City Missouri, Las Vegas Nevada, Tucson Arizona, New York City with Dateline NBC, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and the most recent in Fairfax County Virginia.

Group Media Busts in Detroit Michigan, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Milwaukee Wisconsin, New York City with Dateline NBC and Tucson Arizona have resulted in arrests and/or convictions. Even during the recent "GMB" with Dateline NBC in Fairfax County Virginia, a conviction has already occurred. Chatter "Usnavyrules2005" was arrested in Virginia by NCIS during our trolling for the Dateline "sting" operation. He has pled guilty, as evidenced by the posting on the website.

After the taping of those who arrived at the Group Media Bust in Fairfax County, we contacted Fairfax County detectives who asked for all available evidence. We shipped all available evidence to Fairfax County police. Two months went by without them contacting to ask questions about the evidence, discuss the evidence or arrange for arrests. Many phone calls to Fairfax County detectives inquiring as to their needs went unreturned. Fairfax County, in essence, did nothing for two months before the show aired. Now, we can understand if Fairfax County didn't want to prosecute. Budgets are tight and manpower low. However, they never indicated one way or another nor gave the courtesy of a simple return call.

Remember, the men who arrived at that house solicited and made arrangements to have sex with minors in Fairfax County.

On Scarborough Country, Fairfax County spokeswoman Mary Ann Jennings said that because of "Jurisdictional issues" and that the chats occurred at " headquarters", they could not prosecute any of these men. Additionally, she went on to attack our organization's evidence as "not being up to their standards." We're going to deal with all claims one by one and illustrate just how incorrect they really are. Whether this is a stance of Fairfax County detectives or the Fairfax County DA, or both, there is literally no legal or logical backing to these statements.

Issue #1: "Headquarters"
There is no "Headquarters." Our organization has chat-room contributor operatives in 25+ states. We are not a fatcat organization that gets thousands of dollars in grants. We do not have an office building. Our volunteers are trained, but unpaid. We are volunteer in every sense of the word. Why Mary Ann Jennings believes that any chats took place at some "headquarters" simply illustrates how little information Fairfax County has regarding these cases. If they are under that kind of mistaken, outrageously false impression... how much else do they have wrong? Communication from either the prosecutor's office in Fairfax County or from the Detective's of Fairfax County would have been essential to them having all the facts. However, all calls went unreturned for two months. It is only after Dateline aired that they have wished to speak up regarding these predators.

Issue #2: Legal jurisdiction in Fairfax County
Let's pretend that Mary Ann Jennings is correct. Let's pretend that "travellers" cannot be arrested by Fairfax County and warrants cannot be issued for their arrest. Let's also pretend that the chat-room conversations have to occur by agents in Fairfax County itself. Let's pretend that all of this is true.

It doesn't explain va_breitling. Mark R. Baggette arrived at the "bust house" in Fairfax County on two occasions. He missed his original scheduled appointment to meet and have sex with a 13 year old girl, instead showing up late at 2:15 AM. He ran into the owner of the house who told him to go away. Baggette then went online the next day, talked to the person he believed to be a minor at the bust house and arrived again with beer, condoms and admitted, on camera, that he had been talking to a minor he believed to live in that residence about having sex with "her." The claim by Mary Ann Jennings is that the volunteer who had the chat with Baggette was "outside of their jurisdiction." Blatant falsehood.

The contributor who had the chat conversation with Mark Baggette did so from inside the bust house itself. Contributor "Frag" who was shown on the Dateline special inside the bust house chatting had his entire chats with Baggette from inside the house, which is located in Fairfax County. Jennings claims that all chats were held at some mythical headquarters. This is a blatant falsehood. Baggette's chat was with someone who was in Fairfax County at the time. Additionally, Baggette sent nude photographs of himself to what he thought to be a 13 year old female. These photographs and his chat-log violate Virginian law.

Va. Code Ann. § 18.2-374.3. Use of communications systems to facilitate certain offenses involving children.
A. It shall be unlawful for any person to use a communications system, including but not limited to computers or computer networks or bulletin boards, or any other electronic means for the purposes of procuring or promoting the use of a minor for any activity in violation of state indecent liberties with a child statutes, or state possession and dissemination of pornography statutes. A violation of this section shall be punishable as a Class 6 felony.

B. It shall be unlawful for any person over the age of 18 to use a communications system, including but not limited to computers or computer networks or bulletin boards, or any other electronic means, for the purposes of soliciting any person he knows or has reason to believe is a child less than 18 years of age in violation of state sexual offense statutes. A violation of this section shall be punishable as a Class 5 felony.

Remember, the claim that the chats did not take place in Fairfax County? False. Baggette's entire chat-logs took place with a Perverted Justice volunteer who was in Fairfax County at the time. Baggette is on tape in Fairfax County admitting his intention, brought condoms and alcohol and the naked photographs of himself were sent to a computer in Fairfax County. Jurisdiction issues stopping his arrest by Fairfax authorites? Positively zero.

Issue #3: Perverted Justice evidence does not meet Fairfax County standards.
Blatant falsehood. Let's continue along with the case of Mark Baggette. The full and unedited chat-log can be found at the following link. First, let's talk about how this chat-log is archived. It was archived as an encrypted .dat file on the Dateline computer in Fairfax County, Virginia. It was also archived, at the same exact time, on a secure server via the use of our in-house "proxy server" which the contributor himself could not access at the time. That means two pristine versions of the chat-log were archived at identical times. One archive in Fairfax County, the other archive in another state. Both archives are identical. It is as solid a piece of evidence as can be created. Additionally, the self-pornography Baggette sent was archived and saved in Fairfax County. Lastly, the evidence of Baggette arriving can not only be proven beyond any measure or standard of doubt by Dateline's cameras, but additionally by the house owner who answered the door at 2:15 AM when Baggette first arrived. Remember, Baggette arrived with beer and condoms.

The above means that we can prove beyond any shadow of any reasonable doubt that Baggette had the chat-log in question and that Baggette arrived to have sex with the person he thought was a minor. It also is iron-clad evidence that the chat-log is whole, unedited and demonstrates Baggette's intent. This leaves Fairfax County with just one claim, should they choose to make it... that the lines typed by Baggette don't rise to meet the level of an offense under the quoted 18.2-374.3: use of a communications system to facilitate certain offenses involving children. For those that don't feel like reading the entire Baggette chat-log, here are some quoted lines of the log in question.

va_breitling (3:20:42 PM): pretty girl ;)
va_breitling (3:20:46 PM): how old?
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:21:24 PM): 13/f/herndon. u?
va_breitling (3:21:43 PM): wow
va_breitling (3:21:45 PM): 34
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:21:58 PM): kewl
va_breitling (3:22:38 PM): haha why like older?
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:22:54 PM): i dont care bout age. ur really cute.
va_breitling (3:23:12 PM): ya what would you like to do? ;)
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:23:26 PM): lol i dont no. what u wanna do?
va_breitling (3:24:04 PM): fool around haha
va_breitling (3:24:12 PM): you?
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:24:49 PM): lol thats kewl. i havent done much though
va_breitling (3:25:04 PM): ya?
va_breitling (3:25:11 PM): what would you like to try?
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:25:26 PM): i dunno. lol
va_breitling (3:26:05 PM): what have you done? ;)
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:26:41 PM): made out and felt up mainly lol
va_breitling (3:27:15 PM): haha cool
va_breitling (3:27:22 PM): youre pretty sexy
va_breitling (3:27:32 PM): what would you let me do? ;)
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:27:45 PM): i dunno. what u wanna do lol
va_breitling (3:28:23 PM): kiss... nibble on you ;)
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:28:33 PM): tahts kewl
va_breitling (3:29:05 PM): would ya strip for me?

He acknowledges the age, asks if she likes older men and immediately gets to the sexual talk. But he doesn't stop there.

va_breitling (3:39:26 PM): ever given a BJ haha?
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:39:52 PM): no. my friend says she likes it. lol
va_breitling (3:40:12 PM): ya? haha
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:40:16 PM): lol yeah
va_breitling (3:40:28 PM): want to try?
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:41:01 PM): lol i guess.
va_breitling (3:41:15 PM): haha
va_breitling (3:42:18 PM): what else?
va_breitling (3:42:20 PM): haha
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:42:43 PM): i dunno. what else u wanna do?
va_breitling (3:43:04 PM): sex? lol
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:43:24 PM): wow. i never done that. my friend says it hurts.
va_breitling (3:43:37 PM): have to go really really slow at first
becca_rox_ur_socks (3:43:48 PM): oh. lol
va_breitling (3:44:12 PM): and get you nice and wet with my tounge first ;)

It doesn't end there.

va_breitling (4:03:02 PM): so going to let me lay you down and dive my tounge into
your pussy? hehe
becca_rox_ur_socks (4:03:16 PM): lol if u want 2
va_breitling (4:03:44 PM): maybe push the tip in? haha
becca_rox_ur_socks (4:04:08 PM): i dont wanna get pregnent
va_breitling (4:04:23 PM): no long as i dont cum in you
becca_rox_ur_socks (4:04:43 PM): kewl lol
va_breitling (4:05:26 PM): so address? or cell ?

Baggette continues...

va_breitling (5:02:14 PM): what do you want to see? :)
becca_rox_ur_socks (5:02:28 PM): whatever u wanna show me lol
va_breitling (5:02:47 PM): my cock? haha
becca_rox_ur_socks (5:02:58 PM): sure lol
va_breitling (5:03:59 PM): there ;)
becca_rox_ur_socks (5:04:54 PM): wow its realy big
va_breitling (5:05:06 PM): haha ya
va_breitling (5:05:23 PM): what would you like to do with it? ;)
becca_rox_ur_socks (5:05:45 PM): i dunno. what u want me 2 do with it?
va_breitling (5:06:08 PM): stroke it and suck it ;)
becca_rox_ur_socks (5:06:25 PM): lol k
va_breitling (5:06:53 PM): what about sit on it? :)
becca_rox_ur_socks (5:07:06 PM): we can try i guess
va_breitling (5:07:49 PM): haha ok im headed out

Let's remember Virginian law: for the purposes of soliciting any person he knows or has reason to believe is a child less than 18 years of age in violation of state sexual offense statutes.

So what do you think? Do you think Mark Baggette solicited a child for sex? Of course you do. The answer is in front of your nose. The man willfully groomed what he thought was a child for sex. He arrived twice. His conversation fell, by anyone's estimation, into the jurisdiction of Fairfax County. The conversation was double-archived by our organization in an encrypted format, was observed by more than four individuals, partially filmed by Dateline NBC and he was filmed admitting to his intent after his arrival, which was also, of course, filmed. He arrived with condoms.

This case falls into the jurisdiction of Fairfax County, his chat violated Virginian law and the evidence is airtight, as our evidence always is. The individual he had the chat with "Frag", has already been responsible for numerous convictions, including that of Ryan Hogan from the previous Dateline. He has also already testified under oath against a predator, who was also convicted. Still, don't just take our word for it, take the word of those we have worked with.

The Milwaukee Wisconsin GMB and the Wakeusha County arrests

We worked with Milwaukee station TMJ4 to set-up a Group Media Bust similar to Dateline NBC's Virginia GMB. The same kind of arrangement. The media got the house, we sent the predators. They were filmed. Evidence was turned over to authorities in Wisconsin. The house was located in Waukesha County in Wisconsin. Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher looked ove the chats. Based on the chat-logs, our evidence and the footage from TMJ4, he charged three men who showed up for attempted child enticement and use of a computer for a sex crime. In speaking about the cases to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Bucher was quoted...

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Sept. 20th, 2005:
"They have an agenda, but everybody has an agenda," said Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher, whose office is prosecuting Periathamby, Kinney and three other men suspected of falling prey to an Internet sex sting put together by Perverted Justice and an investigative team for WTMJ-TV (Channel 4). "I think we have to be very careful in dealing with them.

"I'm not criticizing them because I think they can play a valid role. But just like any other citizen group, we have to be very careful when we look at how they go about their work."

Witnesses must be prepared to vouch for the integrity of the evidence they present, including transcripts of cyber chats.

Bucher said that in his dealings with Von Erck's group, he has been impressed.

"The log sessions (of cyber chats) that they gave me are very good," he said.

Nearly an identical situation. and a concerned media outlet exposing individuals who showed up at a GMB "Bust house." One in Wisconsin, one in Virginia. Men show up, men get filmed, evidence gets collected. Fairfax County chooses not to prosecute, Waukesha County chooses to prosecute and speaks highly of our evidence. The ironic part of all this? State law in Virginia is more strict than state law in Wisconsin. We've already shown how Baggette is easily arrestable by Fairfax County authorities and quite prosecutable by Fairfax County. Yet, he's not the only one.

Other violations of Virginian law in Fairfax County

Pretending again that the jurisdiction issue for Fairfax County is legitimate, let's examine other individuals other than Mark Baggette where one side of the chat occurred in Fairfax County. Like Baggette, these people are ALL easily arrestable by Fairfax County authorities. Their prosecutions would go splendidly, just like all 38 prosecutions we've been involved in since June of 2004 have gone.

Jurisdictionally, the following additional three men are prosecutable in Fairfax County. Because the volunteer for our website was in Fairfax County at the time? No. Because the three following men themselves live in Fairfax County. That means that the following three men had a sexual conversation with what they thought was a underage female or male in Fairfax County, where they live. Not only that, but the following three men travelled from their home in Fairfax County to another house in Fairfax County to meet what they thought was an underage female or male for sex. These three men, according to Fairfax County spokesperson Mary Ann Jennings will not be charged with a crime.

- the_sphinx59: Remember Aladdin from the Dateline Special? The Egyptian immigrant who walked into the house, admitted his intention and laid down on the floor in front of Chris Hansen? Here is a Link to his chatlog. Aladdin Shamoun had the chat-log from his house in Alexandria, Virginia, located in Fairfax County. That means he sexually solicited a minor female from inside of Fairfax County. This removes any of the supposed "jurisdictional issues" brought up by Mary Ann Jennings. The man committed the crime in Fairfax County. Was there sexual content and intent in the log?

the_sphinx59 (5:56:08 PM): i ll tease ur asshole with the head of my cock,lol
lil_angelz_93 (5:56:15 PM):
the_sphinx59 (5:56:32 PM): u dont like that honey?
lil_angelz_93 (5:56:44 PM): never hafdone that lol
the_sphinx59 (5:57:23 PM): u like to try?
lil_angelz_93 (5:57:37 PM): u serious?
the_sphinx59 (5:57:45 PM): yes baby?
lil_angelz_93 (5:58:05 PM): how u gonna do that
the_sphinx59 (5:58:47 PM): u can come to my place honey
lil_angelz_93 (5:58:51 PM): i dont drive
lil_angelz_93 (5:58:54 PM): remember im 12
the_sphinx59 (5:59:47 PM): i know, we can meet half way, u can use the subway

This crime occurred in Fairfax County. This man solicited what he thought was a minor female over the period of 8/7/2005 to 8/19/2005. He travelled from his home in Fairfax County to the bust house in Fairfax County for the purposes of having sexual relations with what he thought was a twelve year old girl. This apparently, to spokesperson Mary Ann Jennings, is not a crime they wish to arrest this man for.

- Danikulu - Yonas Getachew, 25 years of age, solicited what he thought was a 12 year old female over the period of August 14, 2005 to August 17th, 2005. He resides in Alexandria, Virginia, just as Aladdin does. This means that the conversations Yonas had occurred inside of Fairfax County violating Virginian law. We don't hide anything, read Yonas's chat-log. Does he solicit the minor? The following should be helpful for anyone doubting that a crime occurred...

danikulu (7:40:08 PM): leme send u one movie clip (I'm speechless.)
annee_gurl (7:42:41 PM): it wouldnt send cn u email it??
danikulu (7:42:58 PM): sent
danikulu (7:43:01 PM): u got it?
danikulu (7:44:54 PM): am emailing it
danikulu (7:45:26 PM): check ur email
annee_gurl (7:46:10 PM): k checking
danikulu (7:49:24 PM): U GOT IT?
annee_gurl (7:49:34 PM): ya i got it
annee_gurl (7:49:36 PM): it's kewl
danikulu (7:51:02 PM): DAT IS MY DICK
annee_gurl (7:51:56 PM): wow!
danikulu (7:52:12 PM): U LIKED IT?
annee_gurl (7:52:21 PM): ya its kewl!!!!!!
danikulu (7:52:29 PM): u ll enjoy it soon
danikulu (7:52:47 PM): u ll sit and ride it
annee_gurl (7:53:39 PM): it wont hurt?
danikulu (7:54:16 PM): NO
annee_gurl (7:54:30 PM): ok
danikulu (7:54:38 PM): first i ll brush slightly ur pussy
danikulu (7:54:52 PM): then i ll lick ur clits
danikulu (7:55:07 PM): then u ll enjoy it
annee_gurl (7:55:48 PM): oh ok
danikulu (7:56:04 PM): HAVENT U EVER SEEN ORAL SEX?
annee_gurl (7:56:08 PM): no
danikulu (7:56:42 PM): K
danikulu (7:56:47 PM): i ll teach u

This man arrived at the bust house in Fairfax County. This man lives in Fairfax County. This man will be free to continue soliciting minors in Fairfax County. This man broke the law, but this man will not be charged. He is in their jurisdiction and the evidence is airtight.

But he is not the worst example of Fairfax County dropping the ball.

- Specialguy29 - We all remember specialguy29. Real name? John Kennelly. This is the man who not only arrived naked to have sex with a 14 year old male in Fairfax County, this is the man who, the next day, arrived at another location in Fairfax County to have sex with a 13 year old male. This man had both chats from within Fairfax County and arrived at both locations, in Fairfax County. Arrived completely nude, the first time. Admitted his intention. Fairfax County is refusing to prosecute. Obviously he's in their jurisdiction, so is it because he lacked sexual intent? Let's find out...

From the chat with who he believed was a 14 year old boy
SpecialGuy29 [4:52 PM]: I am into Sucking, French Kissing, Getting Sucked, Suckeing Nipples and Balls...
Marlboro 20170 [4:52 PM]: dude, i am eeeeeezzzzzzzyyyyyy
SpecialGuy29 [4:52 PM]: ME 2 BABE
SpecialGuy29 [4:52 PM]: ;-)

He then arrives naked. We need not say more about obvious sexual intent.

From the chat with who he believed was a 14 year old boy
SpecialGuy29 [12:46 PM]: can you get HARD 4 me.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:46 PM]: when i meet u
SpecialGuy29 [12:46 PM]: ok.
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:46 PM]: u sign off and go
SpecialGuy29 [12:46 PM]: do u have to wear underwear.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:46 PM]: no i guess not
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:47 PM]: i got to go
SpecialGuy29 [12:48 PM]: cool... please do not wear underwear.???

He then arrives at the McDonalds seeking his prey. Please, read both chat-logs. Read his sexual intent. Watch the Dateline footage where he gets nude before entering the house. Watch him at the McDonalds. You have read and observed a crime, which emanated from John Kennelly's house in Fairfax County, Virginia. This information was turned over to Fairfax County police two months before the airdate. John Kennelly was on his "specialguy29" AOLIM name each and everyday after. He was on that name, everyday. We watched him. He was on that name right up until the point we posted him on our mainpage. Suddenly, he's no longer on that name. This man arrived twice. Lives in Fairfax County. The evidence is irrefutable by any stretch of the imagination. This man should be behind bars.

We have worked with police in twenty-three different states to bring prosecutions. Our evidence has held up in thirty-eight different court cases that resulted in conviction. Many more predators are still awaiting trial, as you have seen, some of them arrived at Media houses and were turned over to authorities who chose to prosecute using our information and even released statements to the media stating how impressed they are at our evidence. Mary Ann Jennings wants you to believe that the same evidence which has held up in twenty-three different states, twenty-three different counties... under twenty-three different statutes is not good enough for Fairfax County. She wants you to believe that the same practices we used in Virginia twice, that have led to two convictions in Virginia already are not good enough for this specific county in Virginia.

To this, there is little more to say than "Bullshit."

We have presented four men where sexual intent is clear and jurisdiction is Fairfax County. Now, it is up to you the public. Please send this Opinions article to the following two individuals. Send them your comments. Send them what you think of this decision. Send them exactly what you think about John Kennelly, Aladdin Shamoun, Mark Baggette, and Yonas Getachew being able to solicit what they believed to be teens in Fairfax County's jurisdiction without prosecution. Be respectful, but let your feelings be heard.

Updated: Removed contact information due to Fairfax having positive contact with us now.

Let them know what you think of the decision of Fairfax County and direct them to this article. There are too many falsehoods in the argument of Mary Ann Jennings as to why they have chosen not to put away sexual predators in Fairfax County that it is nearly unbelievable.

In the words of former federal prosecutor Matthew Yarbrough on MSNBC's Abram's Report:
"But this, for me, is a slam-dunk as a federal prosecutor. When you're able to go in front of a jury and put the sordid tapes in front of the jury, talk about the conversations, you'll be able to get in the computer logs from the chat room sessions, this is a slam-dunk."

Fairfax County just has to pick up the ball.

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