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Chandram Pilli

Yahoo ID: chandram_p / wantdate2008
Date of Birth: 12/01/1977
Height: 5'8"
Nationality: Thai
Arrest Location: Wayne County, MI
Last known home: Farmington, MI

Chandram Pilli was arrested as part of our March, 2008 sting in Wayne County, MI, which was conducted with the authority of the Michigan AG's office. He asked the 13 year old decoy to meet him after only ten minutes of chat, albeit for a church service. However, another 20 minutes later, he described meeting her at her place to have sex. Despite his early chatting about attending Baptist services, his topic of chat changes to meeting for sex consistently - not particularly religious behavior.

Pilli described himself as moving to the Detroit-area from Bangkok, Thailand, and he prior to his arrest, he worked as a network administrator. As with Gaurav Goyal from the same sting operation, Pilli absconded nearly immediately after being released on bail, possibly back to his home country of Thailand.

However, if you know of his location in the United States, please do not contact him, harass him or his family, or do anything that could put yourself or anyone else at risk. Instead, please contact the Wayne County Sheriff's office if you are certain of his location.

Chandram Pilli
Agency Case #: 2008007521

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