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Mohamed Mohamed Abdallah aka Mohamad Abdalla

Yahoo ID: blondy91972 / midos1972
Date of Birth: 09/19/1972
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Nationality: Egyptian
Arrest Location: Flagler Beach, FL
Last known home: Orlando, FL

Mohamed Abdallah was arrested in Flagler Beach, FL in December, 2006. His arrest was filmed as part of an episode of To Catch a Predator on Dateline NBC. Mohamed is memorable for his claims to Chris Hansen that he was just checking out real estate in the area and coincidentally walked inside the bust house. You can watch Abdallah's interview with Chris Hansen here. He's clearly an arrogant person who believed he could talk his way out of the crime he committed, though when that didn't work, he ran instead.

Abdallah failed to appear for the scheduled trial preparations for the charges he faced - attempting a lewd act upon a child, using a computer to send lewd images, and using a computer in an attempt to seduce a minor - and a bench warrant was issued for failure to appear.

If you know of his location, please do not contact him, harass him or his family, or do anything that could put yourself or anyone else at risk. Please contact the Flagler County Sheriff's Department and cite the following information:

Mohamed Mohamed Abdallah
Agency Case #: 06-1135 CF
Date of Warrant: 03/17/2008

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