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Sandeep Hiebettu Kamath

Yahoo ID: kamath_manipal
Date of Birth: 04/16/1984
Nationality: East Indian
Arrest Location: Meriden, Connecticut
Last known home: Stamford, Connecticut

Sandeep Kamath was arrested in July of 2008 on two felonies, an attempt to commit risk of injury to a child and an attempt to commit misrepresentation of age to entice a minor. He was released on bail awaiting future court dates and, unsurprisingly, fled. Kamath had only been in the United States for a relatively short period of time, according to the chat he had with the Perverted Justice contributor, and he was working for a New York investment bank. Upon arrest, Kamath gave a full confession and told police that this was not the first time he had spoken to underage girls online while having criminal intentions.

It is most likely that he returned to India after jumping bail, which is unfortunate for India due to his admitted serial problem with contacting young girls. However, if you know of his location within the United States, please contact the Meriden, Connecticut police department.

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