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Gaurav Goyal

Yahoo ID:
Date of Birth: 10/14/1981
Nationality: East Indian
Arrest Location: Wayne County, MI
Last known home: Auburn Hills, MI

Gaurav Goyal was arrested as part of our March, 2008 sting in Wayne County, Michigan. In his very long chat with a PeeJ decoy (pretending to be 14 years old), Goyal took only 20 minutes to bring up meeting, and 25 minutes to bring up having sex with the girl. From that point on, he brought up sex nearly consistently throughout the month of chatting between he and the decoy (02/09/08 - 03/06/08). Goyal described himself as a software engineer/computer programmer for Chrysler, and he is an Indian national.

Goyal failed to appear rather early in the criminal process against him, absconding during the early preliminary hearings, and a warrant was issued. It is possible he has left the country, but if you know of his location in the United States, please do not contact him, harass him or his family, or do anything that could put yourself or anyone else at risk. Instead, please contact the Wayne County Sheriff's office if you are certain of his location.

Gaurav Goyal
Agency Case #: 08-900331

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