The PeeJ Tour for Parents and Teens

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Welcome to the PeeJ Tour for Parents and Teens. The following pages are quite disturbing and a must-see for anyone, parent or teen, that looks at the internet as harmless or trustworthy. People online are not trustworthy, as the following pages illustrate succinctly.

What follows are pictures of men we've received along with the reality of the man who sent the image. Don't quite understand yet? That's fine, because all will become readily apparent as you begin our tour.

Each year, millions of kids, teens and even adults "take the plunge" into meeting someone offline that they first ran into online. Countless numbers of those millions end up being tricked in some way or another by someone who is an internet predator. It's easy to create a profile online, to fill it out with details that seem attractive... internet predators do it everyday seeking to take advantage of your child or even you. Hundreds of internet users are robbed, raped or even murdered after meeting up with someone who seemed great online... but turned out to be something far different offline. has had years of experience in seeing this duplicity first-hand, right in our faces. For the first time, we bring that duplicity to you in the guise of this tour. So sit back, click the arrows and see exactly what we're talking about. If you're not even more concerned about the dangers of predators on the internet after seeing this, then we simply have to wonder if you have a pulse. These are all real pictures sent to us and all real men who showed up to meet what they thought was a 12 or 13 year old boy or girl.

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