Welcome to the quotes of Bizarro, Texas

People have seen the news stories with selective quoting of the Mayor of Murphy Texas stating that he was not in favor of having 21 predators arrested over four days, but what we want people to see is the real complaints of a small cadre of Murphy citizens. First, for the nation, this isn't the entire town. Vast majority of emails we've received from Murphy citizens are positive, happy and supportive. However, those who are emotionally immature, angry, or just plain ignorant are always the loudest. I want people to see what the actual "angry citizens" of Murphy are saying. This piece is going to be very simple. We're just going to quote them. You can decide if those complaining in Murphy are laying down sane statements or not.

The parade of screaming and ignorance begins now... our question is, do the following statements reflect the actual opinions of the people of Murphy Texas or just the select ignorant people who made these comments?

A Murphy citizen who calls himself "Big Guns"
Coming soon: another black eye for Murphy

(This one on NATIONAL TV)

Everyone be sure to tune in to NBC's Dateline "news" show so you can see a) the scum you never knew existed in our fair city and b) how the Craig and Billy Show are saving you from the aforementioned scum.

Special thanks to Chief Billy "Hollywood" Myrick for inviting child molesters and sexual pedators into our community. I can't wait to read the press release tomorrow, although I'm more interested in seeing what the DMN has to say (if you'd bother to return their call)... live bait you had in the cleverly disquised sting house (lit up like Disney World on the 4th of July). Always nice to see a 10 year old girl hanging out in a house where you've invited child predators.

More coming soon!
Your Pal,

(Note: He's referring to our hired actress playing the decoy who was over the age of 18. Nice to know she looked ten though, we obviously picked a good one)

A Murphy Citizen who goes by the name "R Bogdan"
Yes, I too would like to Thank Cheif "Hollywood" Myrick once again for putting my children in harms way. How much do we pay him for doing that? I'd also like to thank Criag Sherwood for allowing it. I'd like to offer my vote to have the next child predator sting right next to Craig's house and see how his family feels about it. He too has a young daughter, make sure she isn't out front riding her bike at the time arrests are going down. Hope his daughter doesn't find the Cocaine on the sidewalk. Make sure his wife isn't in the way of "escaped" suspects speeding through our town. Oh ya, we can't tell anyone it's an undercover sting. Sorry Craig! Too bad, but you'd understand, we're getting the "bad guys" off the street right? I'm just trying to make my point. I don't wish them any harm. Nor do I to ANY of Murphy's citizens. Our community leaders need to THINK about how their decisions will impact it's Murphy Citizens not benefit their own agenda. I begged them to stop these stings in Murphy a couple of months ago and I again ask them to stop these stings now.

But why did this woman beg them to stop the stings back then? Let's take a look.

I am begging you to stop the Murphy Police Department from being involved in these Internet Child Predators "Stings". I DO NOT WANT THESE CRIMINALS BROUGHT TO OUR TOWN ON PURPOSE! These arrests statistics are now on file for our town. When anyone researches these statistics, they will find Murphy to be a haven for these types of arrests. The unusually elevated numbers is NOT the reputation that we need. I don't want people to think "Child Predators" when they hear the name Murphy. The police response that "We are getting them off the street and they now should know not to come to Murphy or be arrested", is crazy.

That's right, misguided belief that a reputation for arresting internet sexual predators is bad.

A Murphy Citizen that goes by the name MDaniel:
Ditto that!

Thanks for bringing this to my town, my neighborhood, and most especially MY STREET. Who needs cable when you can watch the predator parade from your front yard?

Hey, looks like we just got another one ... from Louisiana. Great!

Note: No individuals from Louisiana came to the sting house. However, at least ten came from within half an hour of Murphy Texas not to mention the three individuals from the Murphy/Plano area.

But why are these people truly angry? It's very simple. Half of the complaints are that this happened in "my neighborhood." As in, "We like arresting people but please don't do it around us or in our town." The vast majority of complaints though are something of a more insidious nature.

Murphy citizen Stevemr2t:
What is sad is that if you do a search for Murphy and to catch a predator you get links to newpapers and website all around the country talking about the city being overrun with sexual predators.

If I was going to move a business or live in a new city and I did a web search and came across this well.... I think I'd be looking elsewhere...

Maybe we need a class action lawsuit against the city for the drop in property values...

Murphy citizen Murphymatters:
How many more bad decisions and lapses in judgment is it going to take? Itís unlikely all the BAD PUBLICITY is going to be a good thing for our Community. How many potential residents, business owners, developers, etc. will look favorably upon this story once those buggers at the Press take note.

Murphy citizen "Abba":
I'm just curious because in the eyes of all the children who witnessed this event that house will always be known as the "bad guy house".

I feel sorry for the unsuspecting homebuyer who does eventually buy it and hopefully they won't have any children because they might wonder why no one wants to come play at their house!!!!!!

Oh, and by the way, we wanted Murphy to be special and be known for something well way to go! We are famous for something now!!

I've had friends that live in McKinney and Plano calling me this morning about what happen.

Murphy citizen "maqsoodalam":
Why have you guys not considered at the least about renting some other home than one in an upscale neighborhood like Rolling Ridge?... If you people are strategists for the community and know what is best for the society, why did you not consider the consequences? In my eyes, you have messed it up big time PJ.

I am sure the current owners of that home did not think thoroughly on the consequences of renting it for the sting operation. Because if they did, then they are really stupid to see their home just fell $100k in value in matter of days.

I will seriously think about suing PJ if my home value depreciated because of this sting.

Murphy citizen "Chalbert":
You slam the people who are concerned about property values. But it's a valid concern. It shouldn't be a main concern but it's still a concern. Our homes are major investments. We chose Murphy because it was a safe, family-friendly community. But now we've got the very real long term repurcussions of an inflated crime rate. This time next year, you will be able to look at the crime stats while looking to buy a home here and will see that "Boy, no one will murder you there, but gosh they sure are home to a lot of sexual predators for such a tiny town!" Because there's no asterisk next to the numbers to explain that we aren't just a predator friendly town where Sex Offenders run rampant and we invite them to day care parties instead of it being a sting operation.

More from "Chalbert":
And keeping the crime rate low isn't going to happen when you have 20-22 felony arrests in one weekend. That's an artificially high number. And there won't be an asterisk next to it explaining it was in conjuction with a TV show.

Murphy citizen "Murphytaxpayer":
Are we jeopardizing our Crime Rate Statistics too much as such a small town with the per capita impact, or is it worth it to get at this pedophiles?

Murphy citizen "jgeorge":

I guess we can just give up Murphy being in D Magazines top ten next year due to the increase in crimminal elements being lured into the city. Was this approve by Craig Sherwood?

Murphy citizen "magarf":
Yes! Great job Craig and Myrick!! Let do a hitman for hire sting next, how about a gambling sting, or how about an underage drinking sting. Let up all those numbers on our major crime indexes and let our property values go down. Great great job. I'm so glad we got rid of the old City manager for you. Kudos!

Yes, don't arrest criminals in our town, our property value might fall! In actuality, this shouldn't even be a concern of these people... having a proactive police force is a good thing when it comes to the outside world. What makes property value fall is having your citizens and mayor make fools of themselves to the national and local media. Then again, these people don't even want a proactive police force. I've never seen a community dislike their police to this level. It's amazing.

Murphy citizen "Big Guns":
Maybe, if the Murphy PD had ANY credibility WHATSOEVER, we would be more supportive.

Murphy citizen "LaRock":
The last thing I want to see are city officials who think they know what better for me than I do and seem to believe that they have the ability to make such a decision with no degree of accountability.

Back in September regarding the July arrests without Dateline, Murphy citizen "Murphite":
new home to sexual predators or uninvolved parents?

Neither, it's an attempt by the Police chief to pull the proverbial wool over your eyes and divert you from all of his misdoings as of late!

Murphy citizen "Stevemr2t":
The MPD don't look too understaffed everytime I see thenm sitting for hours on end on Herritage in the hope of snagging a stop sign runner...

Murphy citizen "Abba":

I don't think we've ever been more disgusted than we have been by the writings of some Murphy residents. We've done stings across the nation, in various cities, towns, rural areas and suburbs. Never have we seen people be more concerned about their property value than having sexual predators arrested. Never have we seen a community be so against their own police force in the way that these select people are. These are the people that WHILE the sting was going on, tried to take and use their children to march around across the street from an UNDERCOVER POLICE OPERATION while people were arriving to be arrested. Then, after the fact, they throw up their hands, scream about property values and various "What if" scenarios about their children. Ironic, when these individuals are the same ones that tried to use their children to form a sort of bizarro-world "protest" while the operation was occurring.

However, by far, the biggest moron of all those screaming emotionally is a man named Eric Barna. Eric Barna is a city councilman in Murphy, Texas. He is also a liar. We will show his lies methodically, as he is the primary individual whipping up his "friends" in order to exercise what is really a local town grudge match between Barna/Baldwin and the City Manager/Police Chief. They don't like the city manager and police chief, this is their attempt to make local political hay by distorting, lying and trying to divide their community over the good end of predators being arrested.

First, let's quote Barna from a recent email to a sting supporter...

Eric Barna in email:
I'm not as against PJ as you think I am. I do disagree with "To Catch A Predator" and Dateline. I appreciate the work PJ did with our police department in July.

Now to quote Eric Barna to the Murphy community:
Just FYI for everyone. I and at least Mayor Baldwin had no idea this was happening. Back in July I was initially wanting to bring this up for discussion and then thought it was better to keep quiet and let the "perps' decide if we were going to keep doing them or not. In effect, trying to let it die down slowly.

I was critical of these types of stings in Murphy back in July as I am now.

Eric Barna in September:
I've had a problem with the whole sting from the beginning and I was hoping it would just die down and be part of history. But the story in the DMN changed that hope.

But wait, at least he said he supported our efforts back in July, right? He can't be THAT bad a guy!

Also, I'd like to know the reasoning behind using a secondary group with really no legal standing in US Courts to gather and present evidence. Rarely does a PD do this. I'd like to know why the PD is comfortable in doing this.

Well, nevermind, he lied about that too.

Really, let's be clear about his position:
For the record I was against the stings in July. Ya' just got to read this very forum to see my opinion of it.

Good for you, Eric Barna. Stop lying to people that you were in favor of sexual predators being arrested in July, stop pretending that you're only against it because of Dateline NBC's involvement filming the operation.

But that's not the only thing he's lied about. Consider his attempts to lie and stoke the fears of his constituents regarding this recent sting. Most of the "claims of harm" have come from Barna. Let's see how consistent he is with his allegations.

In an automated email response to emails of support he states:
I am concerned about the resident, who during the sting, called 911 to report someone beating on their front door trying to get in their house and waited 10 minutes before a police officer showed up. A resident that lived less than a mile from the sting operations staffed with the majority of the Murphy Police Department.

In a public posting to his citizens he writes:
During the "sting" a Rolling Ridge resident called 911 because a man was beating on her front door and would not go away. She was home alone, her husband out of time. It took the police over 5 minutes to arrive at her house (Murphy is only 3.2 square miles). The officer, a motorcycle traffic officer, showed up not a patrol officer I've heard we dedicated to each "zone" in Murphy.

The man is a liar. But he's more than a liar, he's ridiculous on multiple levels. More quotes from Eric Barna that he won't send out in email, I'm sure. What does Councilman Barna think of America looking at him and his cadre of complainers as some of the most odd and disturbing people they've run across?

Eric Barna, City Councilman of Murphy:
To tell you the truth, I really don't care what the rest of the country thinks about my town.

I only care what my friends in Murphy think.

Let's punctuate that, what does he refer to people criticizing him as?

Eric Barna
Ah.... look at all my fans.

Fans that don't know Murphy from New York City or our residents and really nothing but what has been spoon fed by PJ.

Sorry for the two typos in my e-mail. But I'm an auto-generated bot and my programmers couldn't spwel.

Classy, professional guy, isn't he? A liar, arrogant, the worst kind of politician only caring what "his friends" think. Against any form of sexual predator sting operation done in Murphy, unrepenting in his hatred of the police actually arresting individuals trying to molest what they think are kids in his town. In truth, he's simply playing local politics, trying to play the "Murphy Populist" and "defender!" to his friends in the neighborhood where he lives. During the sting operation he was hopping around on crutches trying to disrupt a police operation because he feels he should be informed about it. Why he feels that he, as a part-time councilman, should be overseeing police undercover operations is beyond me. Then again, it's beyond him too.

At the end of the day, what's his real concern?

Eric Barna
To the children of Rolling Ridge it will always be the "house."

I'll be really curious to see if the person that owns the house (and thus rented it out) sells the house and neither the real estate agent nor the owner informs the buyer a sting operation took place in the house.

Then once they move in, the neighbors fill them in.


The property value of that house probably dropped 100K in the past week.

What a sad piece of work.

In a way, the histrionics of some of these people is truly fascinating to observe. Bereft of facts, questions or legitimate concerns, they sputter angrily based on being whipped up by the Mayor and a lone city councilman bent on a power trip. Now they're taking to publicly attacking any Murphy citizen that speaks up in favor of the sting operation, trying to squelch all dissent for the benefit of their local politics and their property value. We've never in our lives seen so few bring so much shame to so many. The quotes above are now how America sees Murphy, Texas. That's unfortunate, because there are many good citizens there now being given a black eye by those more worried about property depreciation than good police work.

We're very proud of the Murphy, Texas sting despite all this. Dangerous predators were taken off the streets from all of North Texas. Predators from Murphy and Plano hit on us and have been arrested. More should be arrested... unless the crowing blind small crowd of those playing local politics actually are succcessful in getting the police to stop doing their jobs.

Those bringing shame onto their community should be ashamed of themselves... the vast majority of America is far more willing to live in a town aggressive against sexual predators rather than one more concerned about keeping their crime rates low by NOT arresting them. Hopefully those who are in favor of getting predators arrested on a massive scale that live in Murphy are able to take back the initiative and podium from those citizens whose statements shame that entire community by their viciousness, nastiness and out-of-touch nature.

Hopefully those who support their local police force prevail in this increasingly nasty battle of words.

Do you think the Murphy City Council and Mayor are on the wrong side of this issue? Of course you do. Do you think that some local citizens of Murphy should take a step back and stop trying to undermine their police department? Are you a citizen of Murphy who is outraged at the faux-outrage of some of the citizens quoted here?

Hit up council@murphytx.org and bbaldwin@murphytx.org and let them know in a reasonable way how much you appreciate the Murphy Police and their proactive stance against internet predators. If you live in Texas, especially let them know how much you appreciate the professional and proactive nature of the Murphy Police. If you'd like to thank the Murphy Police themselves, email bmyrick@murphytx.org with your letters of appreciation. Good cops shouldn't have to deal with such garbage politics and lies.