Press release: Portions of three Laguna Beach chat-logs

We at are proud of the work we were able to accomplish with the cooperation of the excellent and pro-active Laguna Beach law enforcement that worked with us to arrest 13 internet sexual predators in 11 hours. After the completion of each case, full chat-logs and other forms of evidence in the way of webcam screenshots will be posted on our website. Until then, we have arranged a medley of three individual's chat-logs to illustrate just some of the disturbing words and actions of the Laguna 13. They will include techniques and practices we've noted common to internet predators. The three use very different verbiage and techniques, all working towards the same result.


#1. Robert Carlos Alarcia, 29, Los Angeles, pharmaceutical tech

Alarcia turned out to be 29 when arrested, however he, like many predators, dropped his age in order to try to entice what he thought was a thirteen year old girl.

westwoodkush (10:49:47 PM): oh how old do u think I am
Decoy Name (10:49:48 PM): lol
westwoodkush (10:49:52 PM): send it
Decoy Name (10:49:53 PM): i dunno.. maube like 20
Decoy Name (10:49:59 PM): how old r u?
westwoodkush (10:50:40 PM): 21
westwoodkush (10:51:29 PM):
westwoodkush (10:51:40 PM): want to see me i have a cam

Within six minutes of approaching our minor decoy, Alarcia not only lies about his age but also offers up a viewing of his webcam. On Yahoo, anyone can send a webcam invite to any Yahoo user, whether that user be over the age of eighteen or under. Robert then uses his recreational pursuit of snowboarding in order to build trust with the minor.

westwoodkush (11:04:33 PM): last i checked mammoth has a 8-10 feet base
Decoy Name (11:04:37 PM): i like watching the people do tricks
Decoy Name (11:04:40 PM): kewl!
Decoy Name (11:04:43 PM): i wanna go
westwoodkush (11:04:51 PM): yeah and break their backs lol
westwoodkush (11:04:54 PM): me too
Decoy Name (11:05:00 PM): lol
westwoodkush (11:06:04 PM): yeah so how long have you been going
Decoy Name (11:06:10 PM): bording?
westwoodkush (11:06:16 PM): right
Decoy Name (11:06:23 PM): i dunno a few yrs
westwoodkush (11:06:31 PM): oh is that it
westwoodkush (11:06:37 PM): cool
westwoodkush (11:06:49 PM): you sound like ur getting pretty good

Within fourteen minutes of offering up a shared hobby, Robert gets down to the nitty gritty and his true motivation.

westwoodkush (11:19:51 PM): so u have a bf these days
Decoy Name (11:20:05 PM): no
Decoy Name (11:20:09 PM): not nemore

Sounds innocent, right? Robert starts off cautious until he feels comfortable with the minor decoy. Once he gets comfortable, he no longer wants to talk about snowboarding and being a boyfriend, but instead hardcore explicit sex acts.

westwoodkush (12:45:15 AM): thats what it seems but its easy for a woman to get a bf though so i doubt unless you think otherwise
Decoy Name (12:45:30 AM): no i never thot about it
westwoodkush (12:45:42 AM): so cuddle and doggie
Decoy Name (12:45:58 AM): cuddle AND doggie huh?
Decoy Name (12:46:05 AM): like....
westwoodkush (12:46:05 AM): umm
Decoy Name (12:46:11 AM): ruff ruff?
westwoodkush (12:46:24 AM): something like that
westwoodkush (12:46:31 AM): hehehe
Decoy Name (12:46:34 AM): lol
Decoy Name (12:46:38 AM): ur funny
westwoodkush (12:46:46 AM): like always
Decoy Name (12:46:52 AM): yup
westwoodkush (12:46:56 AM): :o)
Decoy Name (12:47:44 AM): lol
westwoodkush (12:47:49 AM): can u leave your apt just like that or wouuld you call to tell your dad right
Decoy Name (12:48:10 AM): well, no i wuldnt tell him
Decoy Name (12:48:16 AM): wat do u want to do?
Decoy Name (12:48:38 AM): i can leave bu haf to be back before 2
Decoy Name (12:48:46 AM): or liek 1:30
westwoodkush (12:48:55 AM): i c
westwoodkush (12:49:42 AM): well i just want to do it doggie
Decoy Name (12:49:58 AM): like all the way?
westwoodkush (12:50:05 AM): sure
Decoy Name (12:50:15 AM): i dont wanna get preg
westwoodkush (12:50:25 AM): well that is what condoms are for
Decoy Name (12:50:29 AM): o
Decoy Name (12:50:32 AM): do u have those
westwoodkush (12:50:37 AM): of course
Decoy Name (12:50:39 AM): u can bring them?
westwoodkush (12:50:44 AM): right
westwoodkush (12:51:13 AM): should we do it at your place or a hotel near by
westwoodkush (12:51:59 AM): hehehe

After that, he makes arrangements to meet and was arrested by Laguna Beach.


#2. Benjamin Alan Taul, 27, Placentia, Former bartender

Ben Taul found one of our profiles on the popular teen chat website "", a website that is rife with internet predators looking for actual teens. Taul is just one of many men on that website who are actively trolling for actual teens. Fortunately, Taul found one of our decoys while we were working our Riverside, California group sting. However, he was not able to come over during the January weekend we had available. Ben was not scared off by the press and the mass arrests though, and quickly found himself available for the Laguna Beach sting operation when he hit on ANOTHER one of our decoys. His chats span a period of two months with two different decoys. Ben was so focused on our decoy that he actually downloaded Yahoo messenger just to speak with her. He then used that account to hit on our second decoy while we worked the Laguna rooms in February. He is a classic example of a hardcore pedophile.

hello child, i live in southern cali and you
Decoy Name: i'm in riverside
cool, i live in fullerton, not that far from me, how old are you
Decoy Name: 12
Decoy Name: u?
27/m is that to old
Decoy Name: boys my age r dumb
My name is Ben nice to meet you Child

Once Benjamin got Yahoo, he went from "hello child" to a different refrain.

ben_taul2000 (5:09:44 PM): hey baby
Decoy Name (5:09:55 PM): hay!
ben_taul2000 (5:10:05 PM): hey sexy did you miss me
Decoy Name (5:10:10 PM): lol
Decoy Name (5:10:39 PM): how old r u again?
ben_taul2000 (5:10:41 PM): do you want to chat on this honey
Decoy Name (5:10:48 PM): ya i like this messnger better
ben_taul2000 (5:11:26 PM): which one is you honey
ben_taul2000 (5:11:29 PM): in your pic
Decoy Name (5:11:35 PM): im the 1 in the white flower dress
ben_taul2000 (5:12:02 PM): how old is that pic baby
Decoy Name (5:12:17 PM): it was taken just a couple mos ago at my old schoo
Decoy Name (5:12:18 PM): l
ben_taul2000 (5:12:36 PM): so are you looking for a b/f
Decoy Name (5:12:51 PM): well boys my age r dumb
Decoy Name (5:12:57 PM): im only 12 u kno
ben_taul2000 (5:13:01 PM): are you into sex
Decoy Name (5:13:05 PM): never had it
ben_taul2000 (5:13:12 PM): yeah, does my age bother you
Decoy Name (5:13:13 PM): how old r u again?
ben_taul2000 (5:13:17 PM): 27 is that ok
Decoy Name (5:13:23 PM): kewl
ben_taul2000 (5:13:38 PM): i want sex with a young girl like you is that bad

Benjamin would not arrive to meet that young female despite nearly a week of active trolling of her as his schedule did not work out for Riverside. He would, however, hit on one of our other active decoys for the Laguna Beach operation where he would be available to arrive. This time he would solicit and groom a thirteen year old he found on This just illustrates precisely how active he was on this teen-chat website in order to hit on two of our profiles within two months.

February 2006
ben_taul2000 (8:38:58 PM): i like you so far, i hope you feel the same way
Decoy Name (8:39:06 PM): u seem kewl
ben_taul2000 (8:39:17 PM): thanks honey, what grade are you in
Decoy Name (8:39:37 PM): 7
ben_taul2000 (8:39:59 PM): did you just turn 13 baby
Decoy Name (8:40:13 PM): nah last sept

He quickly shifts the conversation into overdrive, making sure the coast is clear when he arrives and taking precautions so that he would not be arrested by the police. Despite knowing the dangers, Ben moves forward quickly.

ben_taul2000 (9:03:17 PM): what will you wear when i come over
Decoy Name (9:03:22 PM): wat u like
ben_taul2000 (9:03:36 PM): i want you to tell me, then i will tell you if i like it
Decoy Name (9:03:56 PM): how bout a short black skirt an white midriff top
ben_taul2000 (9:04:19 PM): do you have a pool at your a or a juczzui
ben_taul2000 (9:04:25 PM): i cant spell lol
Decoy Name (9:04:29 PM): got both
ben_taul2000 (9:04:41 PM): should i bring my board shorts
Decoy Name (9:04:52 PM): its an apt so have to wait until late
Decoy Name (9:04:59 PM): sure bring em
ben_taul2000 (9:04:59 PM): oh ok
ben_taul2000 (9:05:02 PM): k
ben_taul2000 (9:05:23 PM): will you come out front so i know it is you and not a cop honey

He also makes sure the mother will not be around.

ben_taul2000 (9:05:48 PM): so your mom trust you home alone
Decoy Name (9:05:59 PM): yea she goes on biz trips a lot
ben_taul2000 (9:06:07 PM): where does go
ben_taul2000 (9:06:17 PM): where does she go
Decoy Name (9:06:28 PM): seattle, san diego lots a places
Decoy Name (9:07:05 PM): shes a vp for big drug company
ben_taul2000 (9:07:27 PM): oh wow, so what made you like me
Decoy Name (9:07:38 PM): dunno wat made u like me
ben_taul2000 (9:07:51 PM): your young and sexy, and a good personality
Decoy Name (9:08:12 PM): well yur mature an sexy and nice personality to
Decoy Name (9:08:23 PM): guys my age r dorks
ben_taul2000 (9:08:33 PM): cool
ben_taul2000 (9:08:53 PM): i cant wait to fuck you baby

Benjamin then gets about as explicit as they can get.

ben_taul2000 (9:10:49 PM): are you going to be wearing panties or no
Decoy Name (9:10:54 PM): wat u want
ben_taul2000 (9:11:05 PM): no panties so i can feel my girl pussy and ass
Decoy Name (9:11:13 PM): how bout a thong
ben_taul2000 (9:11:27 PM): that is fine baby, is your pussy wet thinking about me
Decoy Name (9:11:34 PM): gettin there
ben_taul2000 (9:11:48 PM): your the youngest i have ever been with
Decoy Name (9:12:00 PM): ya
Decoy Name (9:12:05 PM): u like that?
ben_taul2000 (9:12:14 PM): yeah, do you like that i'm 27

Of course, he knows he's lying to her about that, since he had attempted to solicit and have sex with a twelve year old the month prior. The ending portion illustrates what his base desire is.

ben_taul2000 (9:25:21 PM): are you falling for me
Decoy Name (9:25:25 PM): mebbe
ben_taul2000 (9:25:30 PM): so that is a yes
Decoy Name (9:25:41 PM): u come find out k
ben_taul2000 (9:25:47 PM): i want to cum in you
Decoy Name (9:26:13 PM): gotta use a condom dude
ben_taul2000 (9:26:17 PM): i know
Decoy Name (9:26:18 PM): dont wanna be preggerz
ben_taul2000 (9:26:25 PM): i wish we didnt have to though

Benjamin Taul arrived at the Laguna Beach sting location despite getting horribly lost in bad weather. That is how strong his desire was to have sex with our decoy. Conversations with two decoys over two months meant that Taul is one of the most dangerous predators. He wasn't looking for a child on one day before getting caught, he was looking for them everyday on that popular teen chatting website.


#3. Stephen Robert Deck, 51, Carlsbad, Lieutenant of California Highway Patrol

Stephen Deck was the most shocking of the predators that arrived as he was an active law enforcement Lieutenant. In all our years of working chat-rooms across the nation, he is the highest ranking state law enforcement official to solicit any of our profiles. Most shocking regarding Deck is that he, of all the predators that arrived at Laguna, would have been the most in the know about our sting the prior month in the neighboring county of Riverside. Despite all this, the lure of an underage sex partner was too strong. Deck's intentions are stated in the very first line of his chat with our decoy.

south_calif_46m (3:27:20 PM):Hi Bean! Older for younger here.
Decoy Name (3:27:38 PM): hi
south_calif_46m (3:27:59 PM):Hi there!
south_calif_46m (3:28:20 PM):Great day! What are we both doing in doors?
Decoy Name (3:28:27 PM): bored
Decoy Name (3:28:28 PM): lol
Decoy Name (3:28:29 PM): u
south_calif_46m (3:28:37 PM):Same
Decoy Name (3:28:43 PM): asl
south_calif_46m (3:28:53 PM):Into older guys, bean?
south_calif_46m (3:29:01 PM):47 in San Diego'

Make no mistake about it, Stephen Deck wasn't looking for just any female in the rooms that night, he was looking for a younger female in the San Diego Yahoo Regional Room. He even shaves four years off his legitimate age. Deck was subtle, trying to work his way into the friend position before launching into explicit talk. Look at how Deck drops the idea casually about him visiting his target in Laguna.

south_calif_46m (3:39:13 PM): Moved here recently?
Decoy Name (3:39:21 PM): yea
south_calif_46m (3:39:29 PM):From where?
Decoy Name (3:39:38 PM): hunstville ala
south_calif_46m (3:39:45 PM):Wow, what achange!
Decoy Name (3:39:50 PM): yea!!!!11
south_calif_46m (3:39:58 PM):Liking it so far?
Decoy Name (3:40:13 PM): yea
Decoy Name (3:40:18 PM): i luv teh bch
south_calif_46m (3:40:38 PM):And it's right there for you in Laguna
south_calif_46m (3:40:45 PM):It's nice there
south_calif_46m (3:40:57 PM):I like to go down there
Decoy Name (3:41:06 PM): where u from
Decoy Name (3:41:10 PM): im amy btw
south_calif_46m (3:41:17 PM):Steve here
south_calif_46m (3:41:27 PM):I was born and grew up in San Diego
south_calif_46m (3:41:35 PM):I'm about 45 mins from you
Decoy Name (3:41:38 PM): kewl
south_calif_46m (3:41:45 PM):and work about 15 mins from you
Decoy Name (3:41:50 PM): wow
Decoy Name (3:41:51 PM): kewl
south_calif_46m (3:41:55 PM):yea
Decoy Name (3:42:03 PM): u know im 13??
south_calif_46m (3:42:08 PM):yeah
Decoy Name (3:42:18 PM): kewl
Decoy Name (3:42:28 PM): most peeps dont read my pro
south_calif_46m (3:42:45 PM):I did and checked out your mySpace profile
Decoy Name (3:42:50 PM): kewl
south_calif_46m (3:42:54 PM):Rocky Road ice cream ruks
south_calif_46m (3:42:56 PM):rukeas
south_calif_46m (3:42:59 PM):rules
Decoy Name (3:43:02 PM): lol
Decoy Name (3:43:05 PM): ur funny
south_calif_46m (3:43:09 PM):lol
south_calif_46m (3:43:27 PM):I just share you love for good ice cream
south_calif_46m (3:43:30 PM):yummm

Not only did Deck seek out his underage prey, but he did his research beforehand. He viewed the girls profile before he messaged and not only was undeterred, he then used a profile link to her myspace profile to research more about her for his grooming purposes. This is a high-level and dedicated attempt to try to befriend and exploit an underage female. This wasn't some random approach to any female in the room. Deck plotted out his approach. Deck then starts in with compliments about her looks.

south_calif_46m (3:44:59 PM):Get a nice tan this summer?
Decoy Name (3:45:06 PM): a lil
Decoy Name (3:45:17 PM): i got light skin
Decoy Name (3:45:18 PM): lol
south_calif_46m (3:45:27 PM):Yeah, that's hot
south_calif_46m (3:45:42 PM):I love your look, dark hair and light skin
Decoy Name (3:45:52 PM): aww ty

Deck wastes no time after getting comfortable to bring up the "mom element." Once he's assured that the child knows all about discretion, he moves in to try to bring up the idea of a romantic relationship. Deck's conversation is textbook grooming 101. This was a man with a plan and he carried it out in the typical fashion of slow and methodical of internet groomer predators.

Decoy Name (3:45:59 PM): u got a pic???
south_calif_46m (3:46:45 PM):Is it going through?
Decoy Name (3:46:56 PM): yea
south_calif_46m (3:46:58 PM):k
Decoy Name (3:47:35 PM): ur qtie!
south_calif_46m (3:47:41 PM):Thanks!
south_calif_46m (3:47:48 PM):and available
south_calif_46m (3:47:57 PM):and looking
Decoy Name (3:48:14 PM): 4 waht
south_calif_46m (3:48:24 PM):dating
south_calif_46m (3:48:28 PM):and you?
Decoy Name (3:48:42 PM): yea
south_calif_46m (3:48:47 PM):kool
south_calif_46m (3:49:29 PM):kinda hard though with the age difference we have though
Decoy Name (3:49:37 PM): yea
Decoy Name (3:49:40 PM): tru
south_calif_46m (3:49:48 PM):I don't think your mom would like it much
Decoy Name (3:50:04 PM): we wont tel her
Decoy Name (3:50:05 PM): lol
south_calif_46m (3:50:10 PM):Perfect
south_calif_46m (3:50:17 PM):When are we going out?
Decoy Name (3:50:21 PM): lol
south_calif_46m (3:50:25 PM):lol
south_calif_46m (3:50:57 PM):spent any time with older gusy before?
Decoy Name (3:51:31 PM): no
south_calif_46m (3:51:35 PM):Interested?
Decoy Name (3:51:40 PM): yea
south_calif_46m (3:51:44 PM):me too
south_calif_46m (3:51:58 PM):You're hot

More compliments and more laying the foundation to exploit the decoy. Deck then moves back to the shared interest he researched prior to the conversation on our decoy's Myspace.

south_calif_46m (4:02:54 PM):any good ice cream near you?
south_calif_46m (4:03:17 PM):I want to share some rocky road with you
south_calif_46m (4:03:23 PM):We'l find something
Decoy Name (4:03:33 PM): yea we can find sumthing
south_calif_46m (4:04:09 PM):How long have you been interested in older?
Decoy Name (4:04:39 PM): i duno i alwyas like them i guess
south_calif_46m (4:04:48 PM):Love your makeup!
Decoy Name (4:04:53 PM): ty
south_calif_46m (4:04:55 PM):Really hot
Decoy Name (4:05:07 PM): i luv makeup
Decoy Name (4:05:13 PM): i could do it fr hours
Decoy Name (4:05:15 PM): lol
south_calif_46m (4:05:22 PM):That's hot
south_calif_46m (4:05:33 PM):Ilike who girls who love makeup like that
Decoy Name (4:05:43 PM): for realz??
south_calif_46m (4:05:57 PM):I could watch you doing it for hours
Decoy Name (4:06:02 PM): wow
south_calif_46m (4:06:06 PM):sexy
Decoy Name (4:06:13 PM): ;
south_calif_46m (4:06:20 PM):very sexy
south_calif_46m (4:06:22 PM):Love it

Remember, kids at the age of 13 are developing, they want compliments. Deck plays on this complimenting her looks, makeup usage and "sexiness." Keep in mind, this is a 51 year old man continually using these terms with a 13 year old. He plays it cautious and slow because as a cop, he thinks he knows the approach to take to avoid being arrested. Deck then moves into the "promise realm" where he is promising a reward if she becomes involved with him.

south_calif_46m (4:06:47 PM):Maybe we can go to a mall sometime and take yo to the makeup
counter for a make over and see what they do
Decoy Name (4:06:55 PM): ok
south_calif_46m (4:07:00 PM):if you want
Decoy Name (4:07:15 PM): maybe
south_calif_46m (4:07:19 PM):yea
south_calif_46m (4:07:35 PM):Yours looks sexy in your pics
Decoy Name (4:07:41 PM): ty
Decoy Name (4:07:51 PM): i like it like that
south_calif_46m (4:07:57 PM):me too
south_calif_46m (4:08:09 PM):a lil slutty
Decoy Name (4:08:20 PM): :">
south_calif_46m (4:08:40 PM):I bet you dress hot too
Decoy Name (4:08:47 PM): i gues
south_calif_46m (4:08:54 PM):have any more pics?
Decoy Name (4:09:08 PM): just those on myspace

Kids at that age don't have the money for such lavish treatment, but a 51 year old man does. Promising such rewards is typical of internet predators such as Deck. They try to find whatever chink in the child's defenses to make the approach of a 51 year old attractive. Sadly, in many cases across the country, this works. Deck then starts plotting the meeting in order to make it safe for "her" but check the verbiage and see what he's really planning.

south_calif_46m (4:16:41 PM):ok
south_calif_46m (4:17:01 PM):I'd meet you some place public
south_calif_46m (4:17:25 PM):where it's safe
south_calif_46m (4:17:28 PM):lots of people
Decoy Name (4:17:37 PM): why
south_calif_46m (4:17:47 PM):so you feel comfortable
Decoy Name (4:18:14 PM): lol ok
south_calif_46m (4:18:22 PM):make sense?
Decoy Name (4:18:28 PM): sure
south_calif_46m (4:18:40 PM):Good
south_calif_46m (4:19:06 PM):Work for you?
Decoy Name (4:19:14 PM): i guess
south_calif_46m (4:19:46 PM):Rather meet somewhere else?
Decoy Name (4:20:16 PM): well if neone sees us and tells my mom im gonna b in hella
south_calif_46m (4:20:34 PM):Oh I knpw
south_calif_46m (4:20:44 PM):We'll have to be careful about it
south_calif_46m (4:21:09 PM):Maybe meet you at the beach or someplace where we might just
disappear in the crowd

Less than an hour after the initial contact by Deck, he's already researched her interests on Myspace, complimented and talked her up, made sure she would be discreet and has already worked out a plan to meet the child and "disappear in the crowd" with her. This way he is assured of relative anonymity for his acts with the decoy. The following snippet illustrates Deck's even deeper and twisted desires.

south_calif_46m (4:23:59 PM):No bf at school?
Decoy Name (4:24:05 PM): no
south_calif_46m (4:24:30 PM):I hope things work out
Decoy Name (4:24:47 PM): me 2
south_calif_46m (4:24:57 PM):I'd luv to date you
Decoy Name (4:25:20 PM): yea
south_calif_46m (4:25:36 PM):mmm
south_calif_46m (4:26:10 PM):Just tell any kids that see us I'm your dad and I'm visiting
Decoy Name (4:26:21 PM): ok
south_calif_46m (4:26:32 PM):or uncle or whatever
south_calif_46m (4:26:38 PM):Wish I was your daddy
Decoy Name (4:26:49 PM): realy?
south_calif_46m (4:26:55 PM):Oh heck yes
south_calif_46m (4:27:00 PM):In a heartbeat
Decoy Name (4:27:05 PM): why
south_calif_46m (4:27:24 PM):I just like that daughter /daddy thing

Of course, there has to be something in it for the kid.

south_calif_46m (4:28:37 PM):I'd spoil you
Decoy Name (4:28:43 PM): (smiley emoticon)
south_calif_46m (4:29:01 PM):Such a beautiful girl
south_calif_46m (4:29:05 PM):Wow
Decoy Name (4:29:10 PM): aww
south_calif_46m (4:30:06 PM):Like to be pampered and spoiled?
Decoy Name (4:30:11 PM): yea
south_calif_46m (4:30:20 PM):Perfect
south_calif_46m (4:30:24 PM):Can't wait

The next day, Deck logs in again to hit up his target. He continues to talk about the beach, inquiring about her closeness to it and if she can walk. She can't, which disappoints him. He inquires about her favorite food, TV shows, getting information directly from his target now. Supplementing his knowledge and -of course- he just happens to love green beans and tater tots too. Note the following snippet where he talks about food... and then drops back in the note about her favorite ice cream along with an ominous note as well.

south_calif_46m (9:04:23 PM): We'll have to find a place to get some pie
Decoy Name (9:04:33 PM): yes
Decoy Name (9:04:38 PM): id like that
south_calif_46m (9:05:03 PM): We'll find a restaurant. Shouldn;t be hard
Decoy Name (9:05:16 PM): yea
south_calif_46m (9:05:29 PM): Marie Calendars has good pie
south_calif_46m (9:05:38 PM): I donlt thgere is one in Laguna though
Decoy Name (9:05:51 PM): I duno
south_calif_46m (9:06:16 PM): If not pie then some Rocky Road!
Decoy Name (9:06:26 PM): yea!!!
south_calif_46m (9:06:35 PM): We're going to get fat if we date each other!
Decoy Name (9:06:39 PM): lol
south_calif_46m (9:06:51 PM): We'll have to work it off

It's that sort of tone that makes Deck a master groomer. He then firms up the details to meet while dropping compliments towards the decoy. Making sure the mother isn't there while flooding the decoy with compliments of "sexy"... remember, this decoy is playing a thirteen year old.

south_calif_46m (9:10:33 PM): Did you say maybe this weekend?
Decoy Name (9:10:36 PM): yea
south_calif_46m (9:10:38 PM): ok
Decoy Name (9:10:40 PM): mom works
Decoy Name (9:10:44 PM): how bout Sat??
south_calif_46m (9:10:47 PM): Ok
south_calif_46m (9:10:50 PM): Perfect
south_calif_46m (9:11:09 PM): You'll just have to tell me where
south_calif_46m (9:11:32 PM): and I'll be there
south_calif_46m (9:12:17 PM): Does she work all day?
Decoy Name (9:12:27 PM): yes
south_calif_46m (9:12:32 PM): Great
south_calif_46m (9:13:05 PM): We'll have time to do pretty much whatever we want
Decoy Name (9:13:14 PM): yep
Decoy Name (9:13:21 PM): ;
south_calif_46m (9:13:29 PM): )
south_calif_46m (9:13:59 PM): Going to have your makeup on for me?
Decoy Name (9:14:11 PM): yes
south_calif_46m (9:14:18 PM): Nice!
south_calif_46m (9:14:42 PM): I love it. You're so sexy
Decoy Name (9:14:46 PM): aww ty
Decoy Name (9:15:11 PM): we will b all alone
south_calif_46m (9:15:17 PM): mmmmm
south_calif_46m (9:15:18 PM): yess
south_calif_46m (9:15:45 PM): I lke that

Deck then goes back to promises of lavish gifts while finally putting in exactly what he expects in return. Note just how delicately he puts it, how he warms her up first before launching in to his motivation. This is the approach that works with real kids as we've seen across the country. While some of the chat-logs here are more explicit, none are more chilling than Deck's approach. It is cold, logical, and methodical. It is the definition of a prepared and cold-blooded internet predator.

south_calif_46m (9:19:28 PM): I'd like to see what kind of clothes and stuff you like
Decoy Name (9:19:32 PM): ok
south_calif_46m (9:19:48 PM): and makeup!
Decoy Name (9:19:51 PM): lol
Decoy Name (9:19:52 PM): ok
south_calif_46m (9:20:24 PM): I wish I knew how to do makeup. Would love to do yours for
south_calif_46m (9:20:29 PM): Wired, huh?
south_calif_46m (9:20:34 PM): Wierd
Decoy Name (9:20:38 PM): no
south_calif_46m (9:20:39 PM): Oh well
south_calif_46m (9:20:59 PM): I just think it would be cool and kind of romantic and
Decoy Name (9:21:08 PM): we can if u wanta
south_calif_46m (9:21:12 PM): ok!
south_calif_46m (9:21:34 PM): Deal
Decoy Name (9:21:43 PM): kewl
Decoy Name (9:22:00 PM): i luv romance
south_calif_46m (9:22:04 PM): Oh good!
south_calif_46m (9:22:09 PM): Me too
Decoy Name (9:22:11 PM): candles
Decoy Name (9:22:13 PM): music
south_calif_46m (9:22:16 PM): mmmmm yesssss
Decoy Name (9:22:16 PM): kisses
south_calif_46m (9:22:26 PM): Scented candles and nice music
south_calif_46m (9:22:33 PM): kisses and cuddling
Decoy Name (9:22:40 PM):
south_calif_46m (9:22:46 PM): holding each other
south_calif_46m (9:22:55 PM): passionate kisses
south_calif_46m (9:23:05 PM): touching and caressing one another
south_calif_46m (9:23:10 PM): mmmmmm
Decoy Name (9:23:13 PM): yum
south_calif_46m (9:23:43 PM): sounds wonderful and delicious with you
south_calif_46m (9:24:23 PM): I would to hold you and kiss you
south_calif_46m (9:24:33 PM): Would love to hold you and kiss you
south_calif_46m (9:24:47 PM): sooo sweet
Decoy Name (9:24:59 PM): me 2 with u
south_calif_46m (9:25:06 PM): awesome
Decoy Name (9:25:27 PM): ur gona b my bf!!!1
Decoy Name (9:25:28 PM): lol
south_calif_46m (9:25:35 PM): I hope!
Decoy Name (9:25:43 PM): thats what bf n gf do
south_calif_46m (9:25:50 PM): mmm yessss
south_calif_46m (9:26:10 PM): all that and more, sometimes

At this point, Deck starts feeling bold. His chat devolves further before he catches himself. Deck's fantasies pour out as he reveals what would be even better.

south_calif_46m (9:26:53 PM): and we have all too
south_calif_46m (9:26:56 PM): Nice!
south_calif_46m (9:26:59 PM): all day
Decoy Name (9:27:11 PM): we dont hafta go ne where
Decoy Name (9:27:12 PM): lol
south_calif_46m (9:27:18 PM): yess
south_calif_46m (9:27:40 PM): your room would be fine!
Decoy Name (9:27:45 PM): kewl
Decoy Name (9:28:14 PM): u bring the pie!!!11
Decoy Name (9:28:15 PM): lol
south_calif_46m (9:28:20 PM): hehehe
south_calif_46m (9:28:41 PM): I think you have all the pie I want to eat! lol
Decoy Name (9:28:45 PM): lol
Decoy Name (9:29:14 PM): i never done that
south_calif_46m (9:29:30 PM): No? I bet you'd really love it.
south_calif_46m (9:29:38 PM): I mean REALLY love it.
Decoy Name (9:29:42 PM): kewl
south_calif_46m (9:29:59 PM): I love doing it
south_calif_46m (9:30:07 PM): makig you feel so goood
south_calif_46m (9:30:09 PM): mmmmm
Decoy Name (9:30:13 PM): yum
south_calif_46m (9:30:25 PM): Pure heaven for you

And it simply continues as he finally comes full-circle. Remember the portion about the Rocky Road? It was all intended to lead up to this following point for Deck.

south_calif_46m (9:35:19 PM): I'm very affectionate and love to kiss and touch
Decoy Name (9:35:33 PM): omg me 2
south_calif_46m (9:35:39 PM): mmmmmmm
south_calif_46m (9:36:03 PM): It's going to get hot
Decoy Name (9:36:15 PM): lol
south_calif_46m (9:36:35 PM): which is good!
south_calif_46m (9:36:38 PM): yummmm
Decoy Name (9:36:41 PM): yea
Decoy Name (9:36:43 PM): yum
south_calif_46m (9:37:21 PM): I'll be eating the ice cream off you

Deck is a classic pedophile, there's no doubting it. The following snippet is textbook pedo-speak that we've observed in other chat-logs and on pedophile websites online. He is the definition of a pedophile with his next quasi-rant about how people don't accept such older/younger relationships.

south_calif_46m (9:57:01 PM): Nervous about meeting? I am
Decoy Name (9:57:11 PM): yea
Decoy Name (9:57:12 PM): i am
south_calif_46m (9:57:19 PM): Same
south_calif_46m (9:57:45 PM): I wish people didn;t make such a big deal about older/yuounger
south_calif_46m (9:58:07 PM): Nothing wrong with us liking each other and being together
Decoy Name (9:58:14 PM): i know
south_calif_46m (9:58:37 PM): They just don't get it
Decoy Name (9:58:46 PM): crazy
south_calif_46m (9:59:06 PM): Not much we can do about that

And this is just day 2 of chatting. He continues with another full day of chatting on February 14th, yes, Valentine's Day. The logs are so long that they all cannot be reprinted here. Deck talks about expensive hotels, spas, and grooming regarding how he wants her to kiss him, "deep and passionately." They talk about meeting and the dangers of it, he inquires whether or not there is a park nearby. Deck would turn up at that park, approaching a decoy the Laguna Beach police set up. Unlike the others who came to the house, Deck would insist on a public meeting. Again, as an officer of the law, he knows the types of stings that can occur and tries to take all precautions, making sure he sees the decoy before approaching.

Stephen Deck is the worst type of predator, calculating and intelligent, he spends days prepping our decoy for his meet and affection. His log, once posted after the case completes, will be included in our training material for new chat-room contributor volunteers we bring on. It is a case study in patient, methodical predatory behavior. The fact that we teach children to always respect and obey police works in Deck's favor both online and offline. If upon consummating such a relationship, the minor threatens to tell... Deck has all the power in the world to a thirteen year old. This is the type of man who molests a child and gets away with it as he has the power to silence a young, impressionable child.

The thirteen men who arrived have chat-logs that, as you have seen, vary in tone and attempt. Internet predators are not all the same. Some are direct and throw caution to the wind, others know of law enforcement stings and try to press on regardless and some are law enforcement trained themselves and know the types of conversations that work. This is just a snippet, a small view into their world and tactics. We will of course be posting full logs on all thirteen predators once the cases against them complete.

This press release was published in February 2006