The following is an answer from the contributor: Spank This: Occasionally, readers of the PEEJ busts get the baffling impression that because some contributors engage in provocative or explicit chat with the busts the experience is somehow sexually arousing for the contributor. That has to be the most absurd assumption/criticism I've seen, but since it has cropped up more than once I suspect those readers need some clarification:

There is nothing arousing about knowing some disgusting adult man wants to molest a child and thinks you are that child.

If that isn't clear enough, keep reading:

During my busts I will occasionally enage in explicit chat with the wannabe pedophile. There are several reasons for this, none of the sexual on my part. Some reasons may include:

1. Making sure there is nothing ambiguous about the wannabe pedophile's intentions.

2. Allowing the wananbe pedophile's own sexual arousal about molesting a child cloud his judgment so that he is more likely to convey information about himself.

3. Keeping the wannabe pedophile "on the line" so that another contributor or follow-up support person can verify information about him.

4. Assessing the type of wannabe pedophile I am dealing with (i.e whether it is more a situation of circumstance presenting itself or whether he is skilled at and primarily interested in the responses of a child as opposed to just any female).

It is genuinely baffling how anyone could think a PEEJ contributor is getting off to the chat with the bust. If we had that particular kink it could be indulged in chats all day long without ever providing the information to the public.

The potential excitement in a bust is knowing you nailed a slimeball and interecepted his hunt for a child. Every time I bust one of these pigs I think of my underage account as just one child in a string of children the wannabe pedophile approaches. The child he approached before me I can't help, but I hope the one who would have been next is off doing normal kid things and never runs into one of these assholes.

If any reader wants to post some "debate" type questions on this subject, by all means, feel free. I could write a book on how UNarousing it is to have a sexual conversation with a wannabe pedophile.