Internet peadophilia in the news.

Credit: Thanks to forum member and net-abduction monitor Cyclona for putting this together

People often wonder if the people we run across would have been threats to children. Often-times, we deal with skeptics who believe the problem isn't that large, nor is it a big deal. The following links are just a snapshot of events over the past eight months. They are not all the cases and news stories, but a few to give you an idea of the problem at hand.

December 13th 2003
New laws implemented for child grooming

December 12th 2003
Pedophilia flourishes on the net

December 10th 2003
Peadophile jail term 'not enough'

December 10th 2003
Web 'sting' works to perfection

December 8th 2003
Man jailed for child abduction

November 26th 2003
Teen lured by internet 'buddy'

November 19th 2003
Cynthia Lee Lamb case hits dead end

November 9th 2003
Sexually abused 'to order' by net peadophiles

November 3rd 2003
Marine denies child internet abduction

October 31st 2003
10 weeks in jail for 'grooming' schoolgirl

October 24th 2003
Man denies child abduction attempt

October 21st 2003
An interview with convicted internet 'groomer'

October 16th 2003
Probation for sex with schoolgirl met on net

October 9th 2003
New UK sex law targets peadophiles

October 9th 2003
Internet groomer jailed

September 27th 2003
Mothers plea for missing child

September 24th 2003
MSN Closes chatrooms

September 3rd 2003
15 year old girl raped by chatroom 'friend'

August 11th 2003
Student jailed for 'grooming' 9 year old girl on net

July 15th 2003
'Web pal tried to grab me' - Undercover news agents story

June 23rd 2003
Peadophile uses internet to lure children

June 20th 2003
Seven years for net child abuser

June 7th 2003
Chatroom peadophile jailed

June 6th 2003
Internet abduction victim returned home

May 27th 2003
Online child abuse revealed

May 8th 2003
Two arrested for internet grooming

April 22nd 2003
US Prosecuters appeal jail term for net peadophile

April 9th 2003
Man jailed for sex with child he met on the internet