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05/21/10: Man, 31, lures girl, 13

11 Alive News

Reported by: Kevin Rowson

A 31-year old Valdosta man is in the Cherokee County jail after investigators said he tried to lure a 13-year old girl to a hotel room for sex. Cherokee County Sheriff's investigators say the two met in an internet chat room under false pretenses.

Corey Hubbard, 31, and the 13-year old girl met in a chat room, according to investigators. She told Hubbard online that she was 16 years old. Investigators say Hubbard also told her that he was 16.

The girl also gave Hubbard her phone number and address in Cherokee County. Early Saturday morning, shortly after midnight, Corey Hubbard drove all the way from Valdosta to Canton and picked the girl up at the end of her driveway at her home. Investigators said she snuck out of the house without her parents knowing.

Hubbard drove her to the Days Inn on Riverstone Parkway in Canton where he had rented a room for the night. Apparently the 13-year old immediately knew she was in trouble because Hubbard looked a lot older than 16.

Sgt. Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff Office said “She began to get a little bit nervous as he goes into the room, she tells him she needs to go make a phone call and fortunately she calls a friend whose father tells her to run to the manager’s office and call 911," said Sgt. Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff Office.

Piyush Patel was the manager on duty and he called 911. Hubbard was still at the hotel when police got there and was arrested.

“She really was scared, she was very scared,” Patel told 11Alive News.

He said he tried to comfort her.

“I tried to talk to her, you know ‘just don’t worry about it, you did the right thing by not going in the room’,” he said he told the girl.

Patel said he also gave the girl some advice before she left.

“I told her make sure you don't do this again. Maybe you might want to tell your friends about it so they don’t get into this type of trouble,” he said.

Sgt. Chris Haffner works with the Cherokee County Internet Crimes Against Children’s unit.

“You need to know where your kids are going; you need to know their passwords, what sites they’re going to,” said Haffner.

In the trunk of Hubbard’s car, police found rubber gloves, some rope and a knife. Baker said none of those items are illegal, but you have to wonder if something worse could have happened to the girl.

Hubbard was charged with Enticing a Child for Indecent Purposes and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. He is still in the Cherokee County Jail held on $6,600 bond.