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    Chat lines are inviting because they offer a person the chance to talk to others behind the shroud of a computer screen. Since these are just "people on screen," sometimes it is easy to forget that what starts out as simple entertainment can become reckless and risky quickly. I crossed that line Wednesday night.

    The computer provides the false security that participants in conversations on-line are not real and the charade can end at any time. However I quickly found out that the line between the fantasy and reality is not a definite one. I want to aploogize for my actions, given the intent they suggest. Furthermore, this experience has made me realize how reckless this chat room behavior can be, and the boundary between make believe and reality isn't as defined as I foolishly believed. I was able to convince myself that this "harmless fantasy" could hurt no one. Now I know better. Sometimes we think we're so smart, but we are dumb, and I couldn't feel any dumber right now.

    I am willing to provide signs of good faith for my indiscretion. First, after a long discussion with my wife and a recommendation from Frank, we are going to counseling to address this computer bravado I dabbled in. Secondly, I would be willing to become a participant in your organization to support your cause. I can assure you that your organization has sent me a strong message. I have severed any connections with chat rooms forever.

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