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One night in 2006, I was surfing the television until I landed on Dateline: To Catch A Predator. I was amazed at the work these people were doing and after the show went directly to to learn more about what they did. I found a group of passionate and hard-working people that were determined to protect children from the online perverts in this world. I signed onto Peej and haven't left yet.

I'm a stay-at-home mom of four kids and I completely understand why PeeJ does what it does. I could not be more happy to be a part of this well-oiled conviction machine! It takes many volunteers in many positions to have a 100% conviction rate, and there are no small parts. We all strive for one goal: to put online predators behind bars.

Common folk, not statesmen, nor generals nor great men of affairs, but just simple plain men and women, can do something to build a better, peaceful world. The future hope of peace lies with such personal . service.

~ Henry Cadbury