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- All About General Tso -

Why am I here? I am here for two simple reasons:

1. If a predator is talking to me, I will offer the evidence to the authorities so that he can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and/or be brought out into the light of day for all of his friends and family to know exactly what addiction he suffers from so that he can get treatment for it.

2. If a predator is talking to me, I can handle graphic chats, images, and descriptions without suffering longterm damage. All the time they spend talking to me is all that less time that they are talking to actual children, harming them.

I only hope that as time wears on, Perverted Justice accomplishes the mission of chilling the chat rooms. I wish this work was not as necessary as it is, but I am glad you are here, and hope that you are willing to help. Step on into our forums, feel free to look around and jump in. We always welcome newcomers.