Welcome Dateline 2005 Visitor!

We're glad you checked out the special done by Perverted-Justice.com and Dateline NBC on Friday, November 4th. We are very proud of the one-hour special highlighting the dangers of internet predators and exposing them to the world. As you likely already know, the results were shocking even for us. We have compiled a easy to use list of everyone we have currently posted that arrived at the "bust house" and met the cameras. Some individuals have not yet been posted for various reasons, but we will update this page when they are.

Sweet_richmond_guy - Phillip, 31 - Richmond, Virginia
the_sphinx59 - Aladdin, 45 - Alexandria, Virginia
Crazy4theNATS - Steve, 54 - District of Columbia
evinem78 - Evan, 26 - Arlington, Virginia
vamillionaire - Artie, 37 - Charlottesville, Virginia
REDBD - David, 54 - Rockville, Maryland
imagine_me7 - Arpit, 24 - District of Columbia
va_breitling - Mark, 34 - Ashburn, Virginia
zoso23117 - Amir, 26 - Richmond, Virginia
danikulu - Yonas, 25 - Alexandria, Virginia
Gbabbnsp - Jeffrey, 51 - Edgewater, Maryland
SpecialGuy29 - John, 29 - Falls Church, Virginia
nofreeknclue - Timothy, 40 - Linthicum, Maryland

Just from looking at the list, it reveals a truth we've been illustrating for over two and a half years now. Internet predators come in all shapes and sizes, unassuming looks amongst all of them. This group media bust is unique in that so many respected professionals were uncovered arriving. Rabbi, doctor, teacher... supposed pillars of the community revealed for what they actually are and attempted to do.

We hope the above chat-logs are enlightening and eye-opening, as we are proud to be the only place on the internet where you can see the exact M.O. and verbiage of sick internet predators. Thanks for visiting, and make sure to sign up for our Perverted-Justice.com forums where we organize our volunteers. If you have any questions about the site or how we operate, please read our frequently asked questions page.