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    Other Resolution Report made 9/28/2007 9:06 PM PST

    joketer34 (03/30/07 4:29:31 PM): we dont have to do anal
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:29:41 PM): okay, cos i don't want it to hurt
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:29:49 PM): but if u want to, u have to bring the lube
    joketer34 (03/30/07 4:30:10 PM): wonder if my dick goes in and you scream
    joketer34 (03/30/07 4:30:23 PM): that would suck
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:30:28 PM): we have a big house
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:30:33 PM): and if u're careful
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:30:37 PM): i won't scream
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:30:38 PM): u kknow?
    joketer34 (03/30/07 4:31:06 PM): how do i know i wont get into trouble.....i mean you are a minor
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:31:25 PM): how would u?
    joketer34 (03/30/07 4:31:48 PM): areyou playing me.....when i get there a cop is waiting
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:31:48 PM): don't tell anyone
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:31:57 PM): why would i have a cop here?
    joketer34 (03/30/07 4:32:11 PM): duh i am talking to a minor about fucking
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:32:22 PM): duh, u're talking to a minor
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:32:23 PM): not a cop
    joketer34 (03/30/07 4:32:30 PM): oh
    guurly_guurl_1993 (03/30/07 4:32:41 PM): sheesh. but if u rn't serious, then don't come
    joketer34 (03/30/07 4:32:42 PM): where we would meet
    Our decoy straight up tells him not to come, he came anyways.

    People would likely argue that if we didn't post the logs of those that end up dying, more would choose death. So, as a gesture of our tremendous goodwill towards all, we make sure to post the logs and evidence regarding those that die before they can go to trial and be convicted.

    Ernest Timmons is one of those guys, his liver decided it didn't like jail. It failed, he died in a community medical center while under guard from Ocean County police. Since he decided to up and die, we won't get a conviction on him. That sucks for us, but at least we're 100% assured that he'll never re-offend, which is good for people in New Jersey.

    Notes from Contributor, Malibu Breeze
    Ernest was a fast mover, a very worried fast mover. He wouldn't give his location, he wouldn't send a picture. He was vague in everything except his intent to meet for sex. He was sketchy.... soooooooo sketchy. He repeated over and over again how he knew what he was doing and wanting to do was wrong, but it didn't keep him from showing up. He showed up, camera in hand, ready to take nude pics with what he thought was a 13 year old girl.

    Instead, he was on camera, with Chris Hansen, trying to explain himself away.

    Ernest was part of the Ocean County New Jersey busts, the latest of our Dateline collaberations. I think it's important that all of these predators are held to answer, unfortunately, Ernest died before he was brought to justice.

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