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    Inxs00 [6:31 P.M.]: you want me to take pics of you
    NoOneZero93 [6:31 P.M.]: like naked?
    Inxs00 [6:31 P.M.]: do you want me to?
    NoOneZero93 [6:32 P.M.]: what if u put them on the net?
    Inxs00 [6:32 P.M.]: i wouldn't do that, cause they are of you
    NoOneZero93 [6:32 P.M.]: if we were like real bf ok
    Inxs00 [6:32 P.M.]: cool
    NoOneZero93 [6:33 P.M.]: but just 4 us
    NoOneZero93 [6:33 P.M.]: u swear?
    Inxs00 [6:33 P.M.]: yes, i swear

    Deciding to post Louis Conradt Jr's chat-logs and phone recordings was not a decision taken lightly. Fact is, posting him was a call we internally debated for some time. How do you tactfully and gracefully do something like this? So we waited. And we heard the stupidity in the media.

    We heard his sister call us, literally, murderers...
    We saw his death called tragic by hack print reporters...
    We heard his buddy and boss try to use his position as a DA to attack our evidence...

    All the while, the sister, the buddy and the hacks had never actually seen the evidence. Calling this man's decision "tragic" is an insult to the word. Unfortunate? Sure. Tragic? No. Louis Conradt Jr. killed himself because he knew he was facing an outcome more certain than the sun rising the next day. He was facing being convicted for being a sex predator. This district attorney knew he didn't want to deal with that, so he spent his time not answering the door for police, holed up in his apartment, trying to delete even more evidence.

    At the end of the day, we don't mind if someone thinks that sex predators shouldn't kill themselves... hell, we think sex predators shouldn't kill themselves either, we like to get the convictions. But don't call the man's death tragic until you see what the man killed himself over, what he did that he didn't want to live with facing the consequences of.

    Notes from Contributor, Jay Alternative
    Louis William Conradt was a textbook case of what I continually warn my friends with children with who have Internet access about.

    Conradt found my character while surfing a gay bisexual site intended for teens. Posing as a 19 year-old, Conradt grew aggressive as my 13 year-old character, Luke, showed a lack of interest in him. During chats, he sent additional pictures, hoping to groom and entice what he believed was a 13 year-old boy.

    This is a prime example of what these people will do to gain the confidence and trust of our children. Someone the age of 19 can be viewed by a confused, lonely 13 year-old as someone "safe" to talk to. Over time, a trust can be formed and as, we have seen and heard an unfortunate number of times, the end result can be devastating for the youth.

    Predators such as Conradt lurk sites intended for teens. They infiltrate on line games with chat capabilities where they know children are. Any access they can find to youth they will establish themselves, like Conradt, at an age they know children could be comfortable establishing a friendship with them. This is why no chat is safe for children, period.

    Conradt chose his end of existence because he knew the fate he faced when incarcerated with those he fought to prosecute. He was a coward by preying on our children and left this world a coward, escaping the justice system in which he himself practiced.

    Notes from Contributor, Don Pedro
    INXS00, a.k.a. Louis William Conradt, Jr. What does one say about something like this? First off, it's a shame when anyone loses their life. However, I hold the firm belief that innocent people do not eat bullets. Had this case gone to trial, he would have been convicted, just like everyone else.

    Conradt had all the signs of being a serial groomer. He hit on Jay Alternative's kid first; he then hit on mine. He told Jay he was 19; he told me he was 21. Right away that discrepency sent up red flags. I backed away from him and let Jay chat with him some more, and Team PeeJ went digging for his identity. We discovered that we were actually talking to the 56-year-old Conradt. Jay was unavailable to chat during one of the nights of the sting operation, so I took over Jay's name and chatted with Conradt. After talking to the decoy on the phone and seeing the decoy on webcam, Conradt turned disgustingly sexual and met the criteria to violate Texas law.

    Conradt had told me that he was going to come to the house, but he did not show. We then noticed that he was wiping some of his profiles off the web. Concerned that Conradt had the knowledge and ability to completely destroy any evidence that he may have on his personal computer, the Murphy Police Department decided that they could no longer wait for Conradt to come to them. After that - well, you all know how the story ends.

    It cannot be emphasized enough that Conradt had characteristics of a dangerous predator. After reading the chat logs and hearing the phone conversations, it is hard to have any sympathy for the decision that Conradt made to end his own life. The Murphy Police were only interested in bringing Conradt to justice for the laws that he violated - the decision to have it turn out the way it did was Conradt's, and only Conradt's.

    Much thanks must go out to the Murphy Police Department. Working with them was a pleasure, and they handled this situation with absolute professionalism. Their hard work and dedication will help ensure that whenever a predator hears the location "Murphy, Texas," the predator will immediately run (not walk) to the nearest exit.

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