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    There is one way, just one way, to beat Perverted-Justice.com evidence and escape conviction. That is to die.

    That was what Charles Harding chose after being arrested during our Dateline 3: Riverside sting operation. Harding, who was dabbling in molestation and child pornography for decades, faced the rest of his life in jail. Rather than live in prison, Harding chose to stop taking his medications in order to induce his own death. He was successful in his gambit prior to his trial date even coming close. Harding's death left us with a question: He wasn't acquitted, he wasn't convicted... what shall we do?

    We've created this Other Resolutions area to bring the Harding case to light and have a transparent record regarding our Riverside operation. To not post it would have made people assume that he beat the charges... which he did, by dying. We as an organization are not particularly opposed to Mr. Harding's decision, it certainly saves the state money, saves our time and saves society from having to suffer a person like Charles Harding in their midst.

    Goodbye "hardchuck", it wasn't nice knowing you.

    Notes from the Contributor, Jay Alternative
    Charles Harding remains in my mind one of the more disturbed pedophiles I have encountered during my contributing with Perverted Justice.

    First, let me say, his death is deserved and welcomed on my behalf. For long time PJ followers, such a statement from me might come as a shock. I have always wished for rehabilitation and encouragement for such individuals to seek professional help. Knowing Hardings involvement in child pornography exchange rings, and materials found in his apartment dating over 35 years old, makes his self induced suicide justified. This man was to cowardly to engage in relationships with adults. He was equally as cowardly to face the punishments for his crimes. Since this deranged individual will never face our justice system, we will not know the depth to how far he spread his perversion for young boys.

    Harding died while in custody of the Riverside County Jail. He chose to discontinue taking prescribed medications which caused organs to fail resulting in his death.

    If there truly is a hell Mr. Harding, I hope you are in the lowest rings of it.