• Group Media Busts - D2: Fairfax, Virginia

    After our first Dateline sting, Dateline contacted us to do it again the next year. We ended up wanting to set-up outside of Washington, D.C. as previously we had set-up outside of New York City. We chose the location of Fairfax, Virginia for a variety of reasons, most notably it's central location to Maryland and D.C. itself.

    Over a three day period, nineteen individuals arrived at the sting location to be grilled by Chris Hansen. Viewers who saw the show likely recall David Kaye, the Maryland Rabbi that showed up with a dramatic confrontation. He would later go to trial and be found guilty, with a sentence of five years handed down.

    John Kennelly likely is also very memorable to those who saw the show. He literally entered the house naked, was confronted by Hansen, then, just when people had a little sympathy for him... we spot him online again and he showed up the very next day to a McDonalds where Hansen and he had a unforgettable confrontation.

    U.S. militaryman Joe Wunderler had one of the most disgusting chat-logs in our site's history. The sting also resulted in convictions for two other predators and there is still, to this day, some pending legal action going on.

    Of course, none of this seemed certain after the sting aired. Controversy arose shortly after the sting operation, as Fairfax County, VA law enforcement representatives went on a long spree of lies and spin about why they didn't wish to arrest the predators that arrived to the house. We went on the offensive, publishing an article illustrating the shenanigans and going on national TV to defend the quality of our work while placing pressure on those spreading misinformation. At the end of the day, we prevailed as arrests and convictions followed our offensive.

    This instance would make us scour the country even more diligently to find proactive law enforcement who would step out to be the first jurisdiction to arrest these predators when they come out of the house. Luckily, as you will read with TCAP #3, that worked out perfectly.

    Link: MSNBC subsite for TCAP #2, includes video

    Convictions that were a part of this group media bust:

     photofrog1962 [Conviction] [Chat Log]
     Crazy4theNATS [Conviction] [Chat Log]
     REDBD [Conviction] [Chat Log]
     va_breitling [Conviction] [Chat Log]
     SpecialGuy29 [Conviction] [Chat Log]
     vamale_692005 [Conviction] [Chat Log]