• Group Media Busts - D1: New York

    We had done a bevy of "media stings" across the country prior to the first Dateline NBC sting special in 2004. Dateline NBC contacted us after the national publicity we received in early 2004 regarding the sting we had done in Kansas City. In all, representatives from all of the "big 3" newsmagazines contacted us. We went with Dateline NBC as somewhat of a random choice.

    First, the ABC news division had seen one of their producers show up to our very first "media sting" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the time, it was odd to us that anyone at an ABC newsmagazine would contact us. The idea of doing a sting with them when the producer within their company would be harboring a grudge was simply a no-go.

    At CBS, we were contacted not by 60 Minutes but 60 Minutes II. We have a bit of an ego so THAT was unacceptable!
    So Dateline NBC was the natural selection regarding the news magazines that contacted us. In May 2004, we shot the first of what would become "To Catch a Predator" outside of New York City. All in all, 19 men showed over 3 days. One individual who did not come inside the house, but rather to the house... would become the most memorable "bust" from that episode. He would be the first of the "infamous" predators.

    Ryan Hogan got nervous outside the house because he saw a cop car down the street. Confronted by Chris Hansen outside of his fire station-house, Hogan stuttered and bumbled through a half-hearted series of apologies and denials. What really got Hogan in trouble though, was the graphic webcam show he would put on at the firehouse.

    Hogan would later be charged and convicted in federal court for his graphic chat and webcam transmissions, he would eventually plead guilty despite the best efforts of his vicious mother, who attempted to slur our organization in every way possible prior to his trial.

    The New York Dateline sting we thought was an excellent way to get the word out and it was nominated for a national news emmy. Little did we know that over 12 months later, we would conduct a sting with Dateline that would create a national hit. At the time, we figured that we were going to be doing one show with them and out. How wrong we would end up being.

    Link: MSNBC subsite for TCAP #1, includes video

    Convictions that were a part of this group media bust:

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